The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1942 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1942
Page 2
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r AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS S IN PEN ATL.ANTA; Ga., CUP)—The uto- ptni center of war work, where extra hours' are given freely by workers, where product ion' has been Co-Eds Spread Their Wings • •» * c • *** ** Missouri Girls Take Course in (Campus "Airline"'Office THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1942 COLUMBIA, : Mo. (NEA)— The airlines need girls for responsible out front positions, do they? They can get them here soon— S h ' ls ready with college-trained brains and beauty. Stephens Col- Ie S e has just put in a special course in commercial air trans- .-Itspped; 'Up SevsralV -hundred per jportation— first of its kind in the cent.'antf^Vh^ Iu it. lasses learn every- j ' thin from airline eorah to unteers: is oversubscribed, has been found/:':; This almost nfylhical place is the!".United States federal peniten- tiarv in Atlanta. Of the more than 2,S30 prisoners here, only a hand- fnl are hot working on government n?ur pjrojects. These workers, thing from airline geography to airline charm. Stephens' President James M. Wood, who travels about 50,000 .mile.s by air himself every year, inaugurated the course. It runs with the active cooperation of twelve 'major airlines. The lines upon their own request, are now^ an d. the methods of training. toiling:' 12 hours a week extra to , and the method of training, further, speed uu production. ] "Women's services will be more Buy- Slumps, Give Blood (and more in demand," Dr. Wood The annual Red Cross roll call (believes, "not only during the piv- 'drive came to Atlanta. From with- sent emergency but afterward as in the walls of the penitentiary came practically' a' 103 per cent response. "Buy Defense Bonds" be- carae the watchword. Now hun- well." ACCENT IS PLACED ON CHARM The new course seeks (.o grad- dreds of, these prisoners are hav- uate young women directly into ing regular suais taken out of maintenance and passenger re- their small . wages . to buy bonds, lations jobs— therefore, the accent They are offering now their serv- . is on teaching how to have a way kp.s to the army, their blood to with people as v.'ell as a way with the medical corps, their free time a flight chart. to work on defense inventions. j Center of the student's activl- Kere. locked away from .society, ties is an "airline corporation" any more than 2,033 men who long right on the campus. There, ,';hp before the war broke out—in April learns theory and gets practice in 1£ 11— turned their full effort to an "airline office" which IULS been :»vnr production. The prisoners set up on the campus and affords asked that an extra eight-hour experience pretty close to the mil shift b<i added in the mills at thing.. -.night. -And when this was put in. | The girl studies intensively in were more -volunteers than three fields: general aviation. could be used. commercial air transportation, and Triple Output basic airline tralfice procedures. There's little left of the old She learns some history of avhi- system here. The backs how planes are built, and the prisoners are bent, yes— but . something about navigation mete- over looms, dralting boards, and weldina: torches. And ''since Pearl Harbor", they have increased production by two 10" three times the previous record. You have to see it to believe it. You ask a guard about a group of men working at the looms of the textile mill. You're astounded to learn these men 'have already put orology and radio. Also the practical business of personnel and operations practices and the civil air regulations and airline organization which govern them. In addition the student develops skill in handling a teletype radio sending and receiving in- Gtrum.ents, and airline charts, schedules, tickets and cargo and in a full day's work and have vol- >assenger regulations. unteored to help out in the mill at night, . • ICO Study Courses .The tremendous jump in pro- dufition of war items—uniforms, materials, .tents, mattresses, shell cover- knapsacks, canvas bags— haS;- been realized through extra volyntarv won;, and extra shifts a tided at the suggestion of the inmates. Between working periods and sleep, the prisoners study some of the: more, than 100 courses offered in Classrooms. Despite these studies ths^ have foun>1 Ume to advance their work-week from 44 to 56 hours..-The men study such trades n~ "electricity, nut-nine "shop, weld- painting, weaving, mechanical art, and draping;?, ^commercial ra3iio. National IMan Considered lljhder : dozens ol patriotic "Re- posters At the .same :ime the girl adds -0 her personality plus-factors. She makes use of 'a whole scries of clinics which are maintained lumber a5!G th0bUUdinB KGIT minister ° r natural resources,, area are prepared to spend $350,. ' expects oil and gas to be found in I 000 in dee P drilling, .southern Saskatchewan before the The most valuable pearls are ...... if., ' 0 , , . .^».-..w... •^uunui/v.ncwi.-.ll >JL-iUI(,' Ult! Seek Oil in Saskatchewan ,, m? rtf M , 0 t , n J^ A :_g^_..^^_F ^°L^™ no" es r2J2J Thi produced in tropical waurs. Annual Boy Scout Affair Will Be Open At Walker Park Tomorrow In this ' airlines office" on their campus, college girls are training for responsible jobs iu commercial aviation. Here, Kenneth Newland l who organized the course, instructs student Enid Nock, right on arranging a schedule for her "customer." ' Take A Tip From This Culm Dad II! Your Son Doesn't Write.Home Judges for the annual Mississippi County Boy Scout Camporee to be hold at Walker Park Friday and Saturday were announced today by Bancroft Terry, camporec chief who has completed arrangements for the affair which more than 100 scouts are expected to attend. The following will serve as judges: L. E. Old, Clarence H. Wilson, Joe Dildy, Felix. Rvals, D.jyle Turner, Charles Brogdon, James Terry, W. L. Craftonl Joe Hughes, Robert A. Porter. Frank Whitworth and Melvin Downing of Manila. These judges will be expected to assemble not later than 4 o'clock Friday for canv.j inspection. Patrols will bo judged on: use of camp site 90 points; shelter and bed, 50 points; preparation of food, 2CO points; equipment, 110 -points; safety and sanitation, 90 points- craftsmanship, 50 points; organization and leadership, 2UO points; final inspection after breaking camp, 150 points. j Patrols must receive a D or bet- Uer rating in order to qualitfy for the Robinson Crusoe trip tins Fall, those in charge .stated-. Scouts will set up camp tomorrow afternoon after checking in at 2:30 o'clock. Tomorrow's activities will be climaxed with -a campfire at a p.m. under the direction No wrote bers present to enjoy the occasion, of Ward Akers, scout executive of By HUTU M1LLETT father ever actually WI-UIL- Miss Mary E s monds presented ' Jonesboro. If present plans are tins letter to a son who was can- ; Mr .- Fl . axi ^. wilh \ l m . m , s kit j worked out> a mock ak . mkl with Joe B. Gwyn, who Ls now sta- 'Percy Wright in charge will close about writing home. But one,. father wishes he had written such ' Uoned at New ' Orleans with thei"* Campfire program. written is included in a new book 'jy James Lee Ellenwood, "It Runs in the Family," a reading of which is sure to make you tackle 1'amily problems with more common sense and lightness. Here's the letter: "Dear Jud: "We missed your letter a lot. T don't suppose you can understand it fully, but your moUur and I on the campus for that purpose. nnve been working twenty-five First, she gets advice about her needs. That determines how much time she puts into improving herself personally and professionally in the clinics. One girl may concentrate on perfecting her usage of English or her shorthand and typewriting. Another may devote her clinic efforts to enhancing her diction or her vocal charms. Or, she may practice, with the nid of penonnl grooming counsellors, a whole scries of routines to increase her appearance assets. She 'comes oui cleft with tickets swl manifests and definitely prepared to please the customer's eye Pearl Harbor" 1WJVk .,., f;3 teredl " throu § h th e work shops, rnhvke"" tho whip's t.nrnins: w G:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. six clavs a - week. Tlie * unprecedented accomplishment of these prisoners mav have nngonwide significance. Already ofycialV" of the" war production hoard have visited the peniten- tisjy and .studied; the results of their ' patriotic production drive. Because of the success of the campaign here, it is considered hkgly ; that all state and federal prisons soon may be turning out war material for Uncle Sam. ^lilies en Teacher "Conchies" j SACRAMENTO, cai. < UP>—Attorney General Earl Warren has ruled that school teachers who are conscientious objectors to war do net; violat? their oath of loyalty to the constitution, provided .they are willing to perform work of a *nonmilitary character under government direction. and ear as well as to manage liis traveling needs. 'HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS years to put this family together. Sometimes it knocks and rattles like our car but. as yet, we have not lost any parts. You were the first to shove off. for any length :f time, and your letters keep the old folks from becoming lonely. Besides I think a spirit of family unit is a swell help for each of us." There was some more to the letter, but the rest doesn't matter, except th.2 P. S. which was, "Here is your check." A letter like' that wouldn't antagonize any son. And it would make almost any young man understand, at least in part, why it is that parents set such great store bv hearing from their children. IT'S Ai TIP FOR ALL PARENTS • ''the entire camp taking part will W. E. Purncss of Oxford, Miss j be concluctc d Saturday afternoon, spent last week end with friends! Plirents and ° Lhers interested in Mr. Purness was a former member seeing the camp are mvitecl to visit of the Wilson high school faculty |Camporee during its two-day session. and is now teaching at the Uni-1' versity higlr school. Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Gwyn will 1 ,\rktlllSclS NOW Til Area Commanded By Gen. Donovan arrive Wednesday from New Orleans for a 10-day visit with Mrs. Gwyn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carpenter. Mr. Gwyn is with the Naval Reserve in New Orleans. Mrs. R. T. Davis is improving at< Having been iransferred to the Methodist Hospital in Memphis. .Eighth Corps Area, the state of She will return home in 10 days. Arkansas now fails under the coin- Mrs. Winston Hoover Sr. has re- mand of Maj. Gen. Richard Don- turned home from a week's visit in ° van - who maintains headquarters Yazoo City, Miss., and Columbus, at Fort Sa ™ Houston, San Antonio. Ga. i Other states in the Eighth Corps Mrs. W. W. Driver II spent a Area Arp a are Texas, Oklahoma, few days last week with Mr. Driver , New Mexico and Louisiana. who is attending the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Justus Edrington who Born in Paclucah, Kentucky, Dec. " 2. 1885, he was appointed from is sta-.that State at the age of 18 to the tioned at. Maxwell Field, Ala., is United States Military Academy. the guest of Miss Mary Hill. Mrs. C. B. McLemore of Jack- Upon' being graduated at' West Point in February. 1908. he was rr .1.1 Oil M Navy Worker Is Inventor I MARE ISLAND. NAVY YARD • ( i Cal. (UP)-William J. Lindsay, a ij- member of the supply department's carpenter shop, has invented a gadget that will roll wire*onto a spool h and count its footage at the same 'j tmie. Formerly the wire had to be '•• hollcd onto a spool by hand and its '•; icotage counted by the "roler." Read Courier News Want Ads. She accepts with love and kisses. An Arctic Trip Yon (Ian Enjoy The north is a place where you can cover in 30 minutes by plane what might take 30 days by dog slsd.The north is that and more, as Arthur C. Twomey, Carnegie Museum wildlife expert, found and atiy reports upon in "Needle to the Northj" (Houghton Mifflin: S3.50). * Here is an unusual travel book. Hotels, transportation agents, travel agmcies and such will find little in it with which to boost their business. Armchair adventurers, however, should find it an easy and delightful way to buck the snowdrifts and Arctic gales, and g«t on speaking terms with some interesting Indians, Eskimos and strong but so silent men of the north. Twomey wsnt to the Hudson Bay region in search of a mysterious freshwater seal, but the seal is not the hero of this volume. The north itself is the hero, unless it be the author who found that the natives "are no heliotropes, but that is no criticism. < 1 V Mothers nn t l dads with sons in' lo j c in Memphis . the servic-3 might remember that ( approach when day after day the postman fails to leave a letter j from Bud or Jim. i Getting angry at grown chil-. dren and writing them nasty let-' ters docsr;; do any good. Neither does saying bitterly: ' "Well, if he can't even be bothered tu write home once a week he can just go without that carton .son, Tenn.. has been the guest of commissioned a second lieutenant her daughter, Mrs. John K. Wood,' of Coast Artillery and has passed and Mr. Wood. j through every commissioned grade John R. Enochs Jr. spent last, in that ai ' m o f service. l\v:(;k i-iul witii Miss Nancy Wise- In addition to many tours of -, cilia '' 1 xlVC .ll/Xtl'il - .. . ('(Mj avor O V MKS. GAYNOR MADDOX NKA Sc.rvice Stuff Writer him." Constant nagging at him in letters won't, have much effect either. ,„. But a letter on the order of the' . w _h»m making iced coffee for duty with troops, General Donovan has been an instructor at the Military Academy of West Point. .He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from which institution he emerged with the degree of Master of Science. He, attended the Coast Artillery School Port Monroe. Va., graduating from the advanced course in 1925. from i.he Command and General .Staff School. Fort Leavemvorth, Kan., and from r>nffi>(> puor. ijoi. oci vcu Ullt, 11)111 cuiiLt even of duty ag a mfimber of the Co;jst Artillery Board. His previous service in Texas was at Fort Crockett, Texas, as Coin- one James Lee Ellenwood published I ^ ur " Okli , er . g " es! f remember _ _ __, iCAWa , a , ,^ um . might work. Anyhow, it's worth a I , y Ilke lneir dnnks nch - Tho 'manding Officer of the Harbor try by the parents who aren't hear-1 :i m>am - s J' ni P ° 1 ' chocolate , Defense, (Antiaircraft), hjivin» as- ing once a week from a sou in i m , en "' s ! ?xtrjl ener ^'- Here ai 'e three siimpd command of that regiment uniform. Tolstoy stink. . says that, to work is to . White man's ways do Wilson Society—Personal of flu-ii' cipe.s. HONEY COFFEE SMOOTHIE The Woman's Society of Christian Service held an nil day meeting on Monday for the Mission study course which is "Christian Roots of Democracy in America" by Arthur E. Holt. Mrs. Rex B. Wilkes was leader for the clay. Th? service opened with the hymn, "O Master Let Me Walk With Thee." Miss Grace Wilson gave the devotional. The Rev. Rex B. Wilkes. Mrs. J. A. Apple. Mrs. John R. Enochs, and Mrs. favorite iced coffee re- in March, .1935, and conducted it on its inarch from Fort McCIellnn, {Alabama to Fort Crockett for per- Aticl ] teaspoon honey to each 'manent change of station. Hdirved •?i cup strong, hot, freshly made in due course from that duty ho coffee, pour into glasses half fil- came to the Corps Area General ltd with ice cubes and add a Staff as assistant chief of staff tablespoon of vanilla or mocha,for supply and on Oct. l, 1910, ice cream. Serve . with sipper was appointed brigadier General. spoons. COFFEE MAPLE CREAIVI On November 11 following, he succeeded Lieut. Gen. Herbert J. Add I 1 ; tablespoons maple sy-jBrecs in command of the Eighth nip to each vi cup strong, hot, Corp Ai-ii and on April 4. 1941, freshly made coffee. Pour promoted to the grade of not fit anyone for existence in an igloo society." The north is a place where Indians will load a tobaggan with 200 pounds of supplies and pull the whole thing with a chest, „. „. nwx , 1V11 , S . J0im tncng. Itts a place where oil is Mrs. G. R. Whiteside «. ,. drained from an airplane and Lassiter gave the different chap- heated the next morning so it can ters of the study course fce poured back into the engine. 1 . After the lunch hour. Mrs. Las- The north is a place where deep siter gave a piano solo after which not thaw untu Mrs _ jQhn R Enochs told - {he T *u n T i story of " Tnc Expolice Plum Tree" In the north. Hudson Bay men, by Amy Brunev Almy without company of white men I A brief business session was held snowdrifts may July. glasses half filled with ice cubes, niajor general with retention of Top with whipped cream sweetened with maple syrup. Dust with !-cr.iped maple sugar. Serve with sipper spoons. COFFEE CHOCOLATE FRAPPE his Corps Area Command. Old Mansion Goes for $445 BEVERLY, Mass. (UP)—Pitch For each person to be served j Pine Hall> a 30-room mansion that combine 3 u\b!espoons chocolat? • cost $250 - 000 wlie » built 40 years syrup with - vf cup strong. hot.! a = 0< nas been P u ^chased by Fred- freshly made coffee. Pour into tall j erlck Gabriel for S445 from the city, glasses half filled with ice cubes. wnich had seized it for unpaid Top with a big spoonful of sweet- ~~ : "— ened whipped cream or ice cream., f-fow To Hold Scrv? \virh sipper spoons. And here are a, few hints in making iced coffe?. If you put your ice rubes in the coffee, make the coffne double strength or else melting cubes will weaken FALSE TEETH More Firmly In Place Do your false teeth annoy and flamingoes to Florida. The north is many things to many men. but to all it Ls big and cold. "Needle to the North" will warm you up to this frigid sub-' ject. dist Church honored its president.. W. O. Frazier. with a steak fry at. Grider Park Friday evening. Mr. Frazier is leaving Sunday for an entrance examination at Camp Robinson. Ark. There were 14 mem- U. S. Census Reunites Brothers CROCKETT. Cal. (UP)—After failing for 29 years to locate a brother, Anton Kocher wrote the U. S. Burean of Census to see if he had registered anywhere in 1940. The Bureau promptly replied- "Yes at Charleston, W. Va." The brothers have arranged a renunion. KILL FLIES months, may hate to see the 1 with the president.' Mrs. Enochs, mailman or a boat arrive because ' presiding epidemics often follow. The north! Delegates were appointed to at-! ™* place where photographers \ lend the district meeting of the their cameras under their society at Yarbro on Thursday. The n they want to keep the j program end;d with a prayef. nlarp S?™ f ^ eezing - And it>s a i There were 12 members present, place where the snowy owl is to! * - the Hudson Bay islands what pen- \ Steak Fry S?S "! ^J! 6 .. Antarctic and j The Choral Club of the Metho- yet. prepare oo^fee . .embarrass by slippin, dropping or • '' wabbling when you eat. laugh or CUDCS :\\\d don't worry about, weak:nod coffee. The added color tasto will make the drink inviting, too. lalk? Just sprinkle a little FAS- on your plates. This alka- (non-acid) powder holds false fortabiy. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Does not sour nor cent of American checks "plate odor" (denture women wore cotton hose 21 years breath). Get FASTEETH today at ago. touay only 4 per cent do so. any dmg store BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise MADE 6Y THE WESSON Oil Liberty Super Market CATSUP M w.. Bottle Corn Jack Sprat No. 2 Can IT PICKLES,!;:! L24 Lihby's Shoestring No. 2 Can Gerber Strained ;; For lack Sprat, Cream o'Crop No. 2 Can, 2 For Standard No. 2 Can GREEN BEANS COFHOti 1 LI). Can No. 2 Can DRESSING, Stewart Quart LUNCH TONGUE No !* Flnur Bother Best P riuul 48 lfes.191; 24 Ibs. 88c: 12 ibs. D S1M5CIAL COMBINATION OFFER 1. Johnson's Blem, 59c value, IjQe 2. Johnson's Cream Wax, for only vSP Karo Assorted &£Q C 1 Lb. Box Red Label Gal. f,9c; '/ 2 Gal. Genuine Mason. Doz Flit Hyswqt. 35c 22c large SOAP med - • . OXYDOL WHITE NAPHTHA CAMAY CRISCO' & 10c 7c '23c 5 for 2,'k 3 for 22c 25c 73c POTATOE RED 10 Pound Sack HOME GROWN POUND CALIF. RED BALL G FOR SNAP BEANS FRESH POUND Carrots 3 Bunches Stalk GRANGES 29 J CABBAGE New Green *|c J> 2 Roi-ml And Loin Pound OUC5CC American Cream OK C AIICE'CC VIICtOL Sliced, Pound 03 Ulittdt VEAL Blade Chops Pound Old Yorke Pound Hl^B^^^KH^K^J^^MM^HMHHIHi^HHm^H^HHB nrnimrl Rppf Al1 Meat UiUUliU PtiCl Fresh and Lean OLEO SUNNYDALE , 16 PORK BRAINS mmmsmmBat 25c 19 c'Chops NECK BONES Lb. «2 8! SPARE RIBS L5>. 1&2 Beef Roast H 25c STEW Brisket and Hi h BACON Sugar Cured Jowls Lb. 19 JSALT MEAT BUTTS ,15 Country Pork Sausage B 32c

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