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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi • Page 2

The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi • Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
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I DelU i Greenville. cm ocrnt-Times Sunday. AMR. 1934 Area ARC Approves Delta Council's Disaster Program Plans for (he formation of a Delta Council aster Preparedness Committee Mies receive 11 1-2 minion and its program of work havej, froln atc (unds an been approved by area repre- get ng bu( Mayors Seek (Continued from Page 1) crease would be distributed to cities on a per capita basis ar.d used for street construction and retirement-of street bonds. Amount of the proposed increase was not specified, he said. Caraway said 50 per cent of the stale's population lives inside mu nicipallties. "Despite this," he said, "coun- jlies receive 11 1-2 million dollars cities of the American Hed Cross, according to Hen F. Mit- donations. That's taxation without representation." rC re 5 PnIa i lon of Cleveland, cha.rman ofj Mavor Sim ie of McrMi 1 1 tbe new Council group. Volun- Vtcer lied Cross leaders and chap- Jtei secretaries met Council a member of Ihc IS-man executive committee, said Highway Commissioner John D. Siniih had agreed to in agree -leaders at Cleveland recently to go wj(h lhp ax illcrcaso "endorse plans concerning the ''Council committee. The committee will serve as an area-wide bndy which will pro- the completion of detailed 'plans to meet emergencies created by natural disasters or other Though only 18 Delia and part-Delia counties now have disaster relief plans, it is hoped every county such emergencies, portion of the Wiley: Chinese--- (Continued frcm Page 1) shek's government. Meanwhile, Ihc Nationalist China- lono News agency said today Communist China has organized tho first contingent of a "Formosa boration army," An estimated 100,000 Communist infantrymen together 1 ra i ed a ra 1 roopers with and that eventually will have them. new Delta Council committee will work closely with Red Cross leaders throughout the area to accomplish our Mr. Mitchel said. "In addition, we feel that the committee can be a medium through which each of the counties may coordinate their disaster relief activities." Mr. Mitchell said that the Delta would be divided into three areas. A vice chairman of tbe Disaster Preparedness Committee will lead activities in each of the areas. The vice chairmen are A. Sanders, Greenwood, W- K. Anderson, Cl.irksrtale, and! representative for the Red Cross 12,000 shock troops have swung into position along the Fukien coast facing For mosa, (lie news agency said. Nationalist quarters feared pos sible Hcd attacks on Nationalist held islands off the coast of thi Chinese mainland in accordance with Chou's statement earlier today that tho Peiping government plan; to "liberate" Formosa. LELA.ND GETS Jaycees with the volunteer assistance of other citizens raised the Washington County city's Emergency March of Dimes Quota of $1500 in a single dav Saturday, accepting donations to a "Mile of Dollars" at three different locations. Here Jaycee Sam Allen, acting Lciand ano R. J. Landers pin some the polio foundation dollars on the Highway 82-S1 intersection line. (Staff Photo) Greenville Honored! Firsl Mississippi Rice Crop Of Year Harvested, Bolivar J. J. Newman, Vicksburg. Among those endorsing the Delta Council plans was Clayton L. Perreault of Jackson, district coo! colorful Mildew Proof Fabric Awnings That Can Be Lowered And Kaised. AWNINGS pr Call For Estimates On Installation or Repairs Greenville Awning Upholstering Go. Dial 7083 Highway 8Z WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE Oliver and Cobuy Trailers in ami 2 Ton capacity. Some of them with flat tops and Grnin Bodies. 10 offset-up 2 and 3-bottom Oliver Mouldboiml Plows with big 14" and 18" bases and Raydox Shares. Slightly used. New Oliver TNT 2-bol(om Subsoil Plow on rubber, adjustable for stibsoiling up to 4" extra depth without throwing the subsoil on top of the ground. of New Oliver 3-blade Disc Plows with 24" or 2fi" blades. Off. Medium weight Roderick Lean Disc Harrows with IS" and 20" Disc Blades. WE have other bargains at a fraction of their cost. Come in anil see. Gee Tractor Implement Works 502 N. Broadway Since 1U32 Greenville (Continued from Page 1) vehicle safely check. The 25 original cities checked 268.395 almost three times as was originally expected. A terrific boost came when Governor George North Craig oJ Indiana decided (o make a statewide campaign of the Look safe- auto program, and Indiana cities checked a total of 223,780 vehicles. In addition, seven cities in Connecticut voluntarily joined in the campaign to Safety-Check a total of 36.308 vehicles. Individual Drives 'other cities, such as Little Rock, individually took up the drive to bring the grand total to 165 cities and 664,061 vehicles examined. The Look Magazine report points up the need for driver- awareness of car defects which can accidents. More than 160,000 'defects were reported among the total vehicles. Hear lights (which also led In Greenville) were rrtost often defective among tile ten safely checks made. Brakes and fron lights were next. Almost ten percent of the vehicles had faulty rear lights; 8.8 per cent had defective brakes and 2.9 percen had defective front lights. The' majority of the car owners whose autos were found defective in some way under the ten point check had necessary adjustments made at once in order to get Safely Check wind' shield stickers. Special Recognition Greenville camo in for specla recognition for its high percentage, of returnees. The Look Magazine report said: "An outstanding action to correct defects was reported by Greenville, Miss. Of the. 2122 Greenville cars found to have such defects, 1781 or 83 per cenl were rushed to repair shops for correctirvn and then were put through the Safety-Check lane again by their owners to win the safe-car sticker." In Cheyenne, Wyoming, the driver of a car which failed the Safety Check on several counts went straight to his dealer and bought a new car. In Greenwood, South Carolina, a local dealer reported the week's auto safety check campaign resulted in a 465 per cent increase over the average in its sales of auto light bulbs, a 310 percent increase in sales of muffler and tail pipes, a 350 percent increase in brake lining jobs, a 240 percent increase in installation of new auto glass parts and 350. per cent increase in so ico for adjustment and repair of steering and steering parts. Sold Out of Lights In Greenville, several repai Former Red (Continued from Paga 1) country. This grew out of six months of time" secret testimony by Rastvorov. Meantime, Chairman William E. Jenner (R-Ind) of the Senate internal security subconTiiUlee, said "an executive agency" notified him Friday that liaslvo-ov could be questioned by his froup. Jenner said the hearing pi jbably will bo held some lime fall. "We'll try iind out what's going on and what ties there were between So.v let intelligence and subversion li. the United Stales," Jenner said. Sen. Pat McCarran (I)-Nev), senior Democrat on the subcommittee said that Russian i nist ager free world. TOP HALF? 0 of America, families have Savings Accounts are preparing to meet future needs and wants. A few minutes and few dollars wilt openpavings Accounts our bank for all the members of your family. Why not put them, too, in the "top half" this very week. Ben Woodruff, Bolivar County rice fanner, was the first man in Mississippi lo begin harvesting his 1954 rice crop. Woodruff delivered the first toad of his Zenith rice to the Central Delta Rice Dryer in Cleveland shortly before noon Wednesday. The rice was raised on the Allen Grey Estate west of Skene. It was planted on March 29. This first harvest marks the beginning of a reason that is estimated will produce over six million bushels of rice in the state of Mississippi. Fragrance Of Corn Was Give-Away For i Greenville Man i MEMPHIS, (UP) Three Negroes were arrested here because officers didn't like the smell of their truck. The truck gave off an odor of corn whisky, and a search turned up five jugs freshly-made spirits. The Johnson of Greenville, and Jerry Dean nnd Albert Dukes, both of charges of possessing untaxed liquor. French Agree-- (Continued from Page 1) danger chances of agreement the scheduled for next Thursday in Brussels. Gov eminent sources emphasized that any snap reaction might cause i crisis and wreck the Brussels con ference in advance. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, va catloning in the Black Forest, was expected to receive the full text of the Mcndcs-France proposals tomorrow. Adnauer Is scheduled to return to Bonn Monday and probably will spend the next two days studying the French plan In preparation for the Brussels conference. Welfare Depl. (Continued from Page l) of $2098.40 for medical service and medicine for 715 cnscs and S272.44 on 10 cases ot general relief. "Our annual report of local Child Welfare Service reveals' the fact that in addition to focal tax funds received under Houso Bill 512, from botli city and county, our agency received through citizens of Washington County and through court action, as well as voluntary contributions, the sum of 511,281.03," Mrs. Archer said. "The sum was spent on 275 County children." An additional $2848.68 secured special cases from Federal funds was expended. A total of $3273.64 was spent from the Community Assistance fund from Community Chest In Greenville on 179 cases. proxlmalely 895 nersons benefit- ted. "During the year ye have placed a total of 45 children in Foster Homes in the county," Mrs. Archer said. "At this time there are 38 children being cared for in this way. Behind each one of these cases Is the story of hours of work by one of my staff as'our job is one of rehabiliiation, and our objective is to return the child to his own family." The Washington County Welfare Department has worked with and for the Parole Board. Twenty- five special investigations have been made. These Include quests from Mississippi Parole Board, Indiana Reformatory, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Ten nessee, New York, Texas, Cali fornia and tha Illinois Parole Boards. "According to our Mrs. Archer said, "42 persons were under supervision on parole. Out of this number, 5 received honorable discharges, one as pardoned, and one parole was revoked. The majority of these cases were from tha Mississippi State Penitentiary." parole offices were also served. At the same Jinie the local agency prepared 31 Social Admission Histories on prisoners In Tarchman during the year. "Sixteen veterans filed claims through the Welfare Department, and seven special studies were mado for the Washington County Selective Service Board," Mrs. Archer said. "We handled 30fi requests for other counties and out-of-state agencies." In addition to Uiesc requests from Individuals and social agencies within and outside of the stale, records show that services were rendered to 194 other families. These included certification for the Washington County Cancer Society terminal cases, family certification for Vocational Rehabilitation, special studies for the Mississippi Stale Hospital at Whitfield, special studies on Washington County persons making application for medical scholarships, certification for Greenville's Community Assistance Fund, Certification for the Mississippi Society for Crippled Adults. "Our 1953-54 report covers numbers," Mrs. Archer said, "dollars cents and a listing of services rendered, but behind each number and listing is a man or a woman or a child. It's a big business and Important business. A civilized nation does and must lake care of its old and handi- Mnd Motorist FORT WDIIT1I, (UP) W.C. McUniyne, Chamber of Com nwrcG executive secretary, wa sorry but he Just had lo turn dowt (lie request of a Seattle motha who wrote to ask that lie arrangi a lour of the Hnnford atomic plan near here for her and her 12-year old daughter so the girl couli write a composition on how ti make" an atom bomb. capjwd, but its future rests, will the children and they must not neglected." For Sale 3 HOUSES to be moved off of lot on Nelson Street. Make Me An Offer. Ernest Watdauer AGENCX Phone.2-1555 118 S. Poplur Night Phone. 6564 pletely out lights. The independent newspaper Gen- eral-Anzeiger summed up the gen- ral trund of the first unofficial reaction in a sharply-worded editorial. "France's road to the European i if i of lc army is plastered with supplemen- lead more Commu-j lary protocols," the newspaper to come over to thcj said. "These arc fnr from being harmless foolnotes which merely explain Hie conlents of the treaty. The shops reported they sold of bulbs for rear ful To recognize the most success- campaign a trophy was offered. Tho cities of Mukegon, Michigan, and Montgomery, Alabama, were voted co-winners and each city was presented an identical Look "Award for Distinguished Service Safety" trophy. to Automotive supplmenlnry protocols on which friends and enemies of the EDC in the French government have agreed after slormy debate infringe without doubt both the spir- rit and letter if the treaties. The pro-Adenauer Bonner Rund- scltau said the French plan "considerably changes- bolh the spirit a ml perhaps even the heart of the EDC." i -STATE- NewsBriefs -Delta from Page 1) DENTISTS TO MEET IIERK Northwest Mississippi Dental Society will hold its seml-an- ntia! meeting at the Greenville Yacht Club next Wednesday borne 60 dentists, representing 20 counties, are expected lo attend. MASONS TO CONFER DEGREE The Entered Apprentice degree will be conferred by Greenville Lodge of Masons Monday at 7:30 p. with Worshipful Master Hoss and Jerry Thornton serving as secretary. INDICTED FOU KNIFK MURDER Miss. Wesley Roberts of nearby Center Hill was indicted on a murder charge Friday in the death of Howard Hughs of Birmingham, Ala. Officers said Hughes was slashed to ribbons" in knife fight and died before a doctor eoulci be reached. Authorities say they have found no motive for the slaying. FIKE DAMAGES VICKSBURG FIRM VICKSBUnC, Miss. was estimated at $50000 today from a fire that damaged McKay Motor Co. and Sheffield's hero last ni.qht. Firemen said thev were able to prevent the fire from spreading to a nearby warehouse in which a stock of whiskey was stored. WOMAN INJURED IN JACKSON BLAZE JACKSON, Miss. woman was burned and three men were forced to jump from windows as flash fire swept through a rooming house early today. Mrs. Sam A. 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