The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1930
Page 2
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AV. JULY 12, (AJ&) J>AQE Livestock Feed Crops Cotton A PAGE FDR THE FARM AND THE FARM FAMILY A weekly Mature rt ihe Bls'tnevllle courier News, prepared with the cooperation of the agricultural committee of the BlythevHle chamber of Comrwrce «nd tht county »|fI cultural and horns demonstration agents. Farm Home G^rdeiiirig Poultry E n«r SeriousDama£eiV!?yBfiDon<- to cr'oos by Wronp Methods; Plan Cotton School BY J. E. CR1TZ County Agent Every farmer Is cautioned es- rict-lallv with reference to cultivation of young corn. The past week I met a farmer in Hi* Manila territory who asked me if tliere was anything thai could have: killed his corn overnight. I qucsli'iicd him hut could not get "<r desired information, so 1 asked i more families than ever before will him rhere this particularly piece of i lake advantage of the free camp- corn was located. On arriving at' ingr facililies furnished by the Uni- Ihe farm I visited the corn field and found that a large majority was knee high, or a little better. • in ihe family car and camping on the other had been replanted and the cool, inviting grounds furnish-*- wi« 6 to 8 inches- high. Of course, ed by the University makes the irip ' tins :i<5ll was very sandy and lie hail ! a delightful vacation In the Orarks plowed this corn with sweeps dirt- as well as furnishing the opportun- ing It up as usual,- Due to the ex- • Ity tor gaining the fund,ol inform- | cl|«ive heat during this hot weoth I ation provided on the Farmers' I er the sand had scalded- the corn : Week program, participating in Ihe i as if. hot water had been poured : entertainments, and mingling with I on it. I dug down to the roots of! other Arkansas farm folk from ev- I the ccrn and found (here was no: cry section of the state. ! ' moisture whatever, annti the sand j Upper: Two typical scenes on the was almost blistering to the hand. I campus here at Farmers' Week. Every farmer is cautioned to be ! Tenis will be furnished by Ihe Slate careful about cultivating too close • National Guard through the cour- to the growing crops this hot-dry . tesy of Adjutant-General Charles weather—running the cultivator in Oarretl. August 5-6-1-8 will see the middles preventing the drying . hundreds of these tents spread on Dclcgatc penscs Have All F.x- Paid to Short FAYETTBVILLE, Ark.—Tills year vcrslty of Arkansas for Farmer?.' Week visitors. Touring to.Farm-' Proper Gare Will Add to Service of Oil Stoves By CORA ).EE COI.EMAN Home Demonstration Agent Course at Fayetteville. OSCEOLA, Ark.—Al Hie annual 4-H club rally held here Friday the I Elowah club won first prize offer- I cd- for percentage of membership allenilnucc and person-mile.* traveled. I OI the 150 club uoys mid glrlr i who registered ut County Agent S. j D. Carpenter's office at 10 o'clock 1 in the morning for (he day o[ iiilx- ed work ami ploy, twenty were I members of the Etowah club am I represented a full enrollment thol club. They were accoinpanlei | by Miss Gcaslln, their sponsor. Tin ' prlit, n. trip to the annunl boys ! and girls' short course In Fnyetie- i vllle, Ark., during the first \veck ii | August, with both railroad (arc um i bL'jrd and lodging paid, will b 'enjoyed by a representative mem • ber o! this club. j Railroad fate lo the state slior ] course will be awarded a membe | of Red Line club, who also hud I hundred }:er (ctiit attendance ! tl'.eir twelve members, and were ac- j companicd by their sponsor, M. R. —. j Sisco. Third prize, which' will be jliie oven. Silver plate is excellent I b° ar<l and lodghig for a reprcsr-n- ' lo use fo r the grates above Uie I lallvc> '"ember at the state short For Irnproving Light Soil Now that the weather is so warm chimneys but too expensive for the course, was awarded the Hatcher and the canning season is just in, inside of the oven. It is fireproof I clllu wl '-° nlso had all or their in the offing, the hovsewlfe thinks'and withstands tb.° intense heal j members present Jaul were uuac- up of the crops by the hot, sands, i the campus housing visitors to the and soil. Much damage can be done : J2th annual Farmers' Week, to the crops by cultivating too close : to them during this dry weather. : Cotton Classing School : 1 wish to call the attention of the farmers, ginners, in act any one that may be interested to at- : tend the Coiton Classing School, which is to be held in Little Rock frrm July 21 to August 1. Four j hours a day will be devoted to proper instructions of grading and I ] ' v ~ ' Hr stapling. -university A registration fee of $10 will be ' charged, and there will be no other [ charges in connection wit hthc Cot- j trn Classing School. The only oth-1 er expenses-which are necessary are ' By NEA Service rooom and board and can be ob-i .MADISON, Wis—In 10 years tallied at a reasonable cost in Lit- , farm lands have changed from tie Rock. | good to unstabilized investments Two periods of two hours each aRd now " the so-called farm prob- day. will be devoted to insiructlon lem « nothing more nor less than and "practice in grading and stap- i <° 8'™ stabilization to .agriculUir- ling cotton. This will be under the : al P rlces and * alu - es ' " ' : iirection of a cott'n classer to be] That is the belief of H. L. Rus- :iJrnished by the United States D2- sell, director, and K. L. Hatch, narlment of Agriculture with the , assistant director of .the College ,ot help 1 ' of other classers licensed by : Agriculture, University of Wiscon- the United States Department of sin. Agriculture. ! "When the investor, in farm about getting out the oil stove and having It ready for operation. TJie life of a stove can be prolonged several years by refinishtng. Equipment needed: sand paper Steel woo! Soap Sal soda j Gasoline or 1-aint Brush Lacquer thinner Aluminum paint-', I Duco or lacquer Salt 'Vinegar Water Cloths; First, remove burners, tah out wicks, and place in pan of hot soap suds. Take a bunch of fine of Wisconsin Experts See Better Times for Agriculture. Eight, remember, the success ancl| col ! 1 P anlC(1 b i' thelr appearance of the finished stove depend. In a large measure, on. h^w thoroughly and well the cleansing operation has teen done. """" Pantry Self Exhibit Several club wome who are preparing worried preserve the fruits and vegetables called for in the exhibit. The drought has cut short our The boys and girls were guests of the Osceola Civic cluu for the day and were given a formal welcome by J. B. Bunn of the Civic clubb upon their arrival yesterday morning. They were" also welcomed by A. S. Rogers, mayor of Osce- alui wc „„„,. ____ .„ ........... _______ , steel wool, rub In soap until there ! r '- s and rhubard and other things is soap in the steel wool- Thenj ror our fruits. Panlry Shelf Exhibit are | ola, nml County .Judge George W. over not being able lo Barnaul of Blythevllle brought greolings from club members in the noilh end of the county aj.d made a short talk on club work in the county. W. H. Woodley, slat" dairy specialist, was preseni, representing the extension division of the University of Arkansas, and made a short talk on the use of gardens and we have no peaches have to substitute ber- of the If the number of jars l s preserv- Wash ed in the class of fruits and vtvr- rub the burner until all ~. — , -- — ..... u , j,,.j Ja PH.JL**- . . . • black coating Is removed. Wash ed in the class of fruits and vege- ' S 'V. T e \,, JV V 8TelU burners and polish with a mixture tables it will be accepted and prem- J ' fc ' Cntz and •' Mlss Com Lee of vinegur and salt which is rec- rmmended for brass-and copper. Wash wicks, rinse in clear water, and dry them. Second, clean stove thoroughly Lectures en Marketing j lands can feel that his investment Special lectures on cotton mark-! is secure, and that 'the return 1 ; eting will be given. In these lee- from it will be reasonably certain. tures there will be a discussion cf then and not til! then, will agri- factors affecting grades and staples culture regain Us former stability." of cotton the ginning of cotton, tn >-' me" MIJ-. country buying of cotton., exchang-'• But while farm land values and es and future ccntracts, .export and farm Prices have been down io, Ut-reli>n practices, interpreting i some time; several - factors arc price and production reports, fin- bringing them slowly up, Russell jrclne cotton, and cooperative • and Ha ' ch P° lnt out - One of thesl -' marketing cf cotton. • ' I « the ™ ceai stock m3rkel crasl1 These lectures will be given by. With the cash of Industrial, min members of the faculty of the Col-' fn B. railroad and other \ew of Agriculture of the Univers- fftrm land values and prices pe Hy of Arkansas, and representative "P * llltle : . ci the United States Department Competition Lowers Value of Agriculture. Any further in-1 Another factor which aided the formation desired will ue gladly' skld of fafm valuers l ° the bottom furnished on request to the coun-1 was the return of Europe lo its ; pre-war condition, somewhat, re| moving a market which mad'j ! farmers of the United States rlci | during the war. I "But much of this has already | changed," the men say. "Investors ' are again seeking more stable and less risky outlets lor their funds. "The Investor has an opportunity right now, to take lands at prices greatly-to his advantage." Farm Prices Rlslnj While events are occurring to stabilize farm land values, farm prices are being improved by other factors. "Expanding Industrial activity. increased numbers of consumers in WALTON N. V., July 12. (UP)— I cities, due both to natural increase John Beers' awaited in jail today 1 and lo the migration of population for his home community and the ly agent. with soap, water, using steel wool, by washing and sal soda, sand paper, and.a knife to scrape. Be sure the'stove is perfectly clean. It is nrt always necessary lo remove all of the old paint if It is in .good .condition aiid will not blister when new paint is added. Third,', a final cleansing bath, is given' by going over the entire surface with a cloth dampened in faEoltne or.lacqu.3r thinner. Clean the oven in the same manner. . Fourth, do not try to reflnish the heavy.'coated.enamel blue chimney These will, clean up very well, and the finish we use Is not able lo withstand the intense heat. Fifth, reflnish the stove and oven with a lacquer. Duco or Rogers Brushing Lacquer can be used on th£ parts that do not come in direct contact with the heat. Black stoves can be done in light colors to harmonize with the color scheme in the kitchen. Sand or a light French gray are good natural colors. Sixth, finish top of stove dark for use with a separate oven as wh?n oven is placed on top of light colored store, the concentrated heal will cause it lo turn dark although 11 u-ill not chip off. Seven, use aluminum paint for the tcp grates and the insides of iums offered as the catalog offers. Be cure to ure the standard containers. Colemun, home demonstration agent of Blythevllle-, made short talks on the value of the correct keeping of record books. I Organized plays and games were D iL 11 I i ii- ¥11 ' ^rganizen piays ana gomes were dOtn naWKS and HlS Plane j directed by Rev. Orler Davis, pas- Are Recovering from Crash ! tor of ihe church, and First Presbyterian following a picnic WICHITA, Kansas, July 12 (UP) ! lunch the boys and girls svere guests —Captain Frank Hawks and his of tne c ' v ' c c ' u b at lm! Osceoln speed.plane "Mystery" were both under repair .today. . Virtually on the eve of the not- i sented at the day's rally Included lift MfflfflLEEI.. i -rolalaria Will Prove of .. Great Value Throughout South Is Belief. A stand of crotalarln, showing how It measures nearly six feet. Hanger-Type Farm Building; ed flyer's .planned transcontinental flight he was being. treated for natatorium and the Gem motion picture ,t|ieatcr. The club represented at the day's rally Included the organizations at Keiscr; Red u . _______ ___ Line, Hatcher, Etowah, Stillman, cuts antl bruises sustairiecTwhen "he w ? st R Wge, Hightower and Bur- crashed into the ground from a j delte - l"w altitude yesterday in a test flight. Hawks had planned a transcon- 1 CONNERSVILI.E, Ind. lUP)— So tinental flight, and return In an ' faithfully did Clarence -Hall's bull- attempt to regain his speed record I d °S gu^rd t llc contents of his lost to Captain Roscoe Turner and I wagon which had been demolished Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh.' OBLIGING WIFE SALEM, Ore. (UP)— When the v This building isn't, g_ hangar for a baby blimp. It's a new type farm building appearing In the middle west for storing grain and large farm machinery. It h supported by fabricated sl.?et .trusses 15 feet'apart.'It Is 40 by 9p feet, and is said to provide the largest storage space with the least expense andwith the greatest strength against wind strejsiif.': DOG GUARDS WRECKAGE Killed Invalid Daughter But Too Weak to Carry Out Suicide Plans. judge asked Lucas O. Vogt to pay up back alimony to his first wile wife number two assumed the obligation. She a(so said she would help him keep up future payments. NEWUfWED TRIALS "This meat is not cooked, nor is the pie." BRIDE: 'l did it. like the cook book said, but as the recipe was for four people and wo are only two, I took half of everything and cooked it for half the time it said.— Hummel. Hamburg. law to decide the degree of his guilt In killing a 27-year-old invalid daughter, Frances, for whose well-being he feared in the event of his slowly approaching death. ll was a mercy murder thai stirred the community which knew cityward, are slowly but steadily strengthening the domestic demand for food products," Russell and Hatch explain. "We arc gradually approaching the time when our present volume of agrcultural production will be consumed almost entirely within the 15-year-old white-haired farm- out borders, with the exception of «i and knew the care he had min- one or two products like cotton and Istefed over his mentally delinquent wheat in which this nallon has a rtanuhtor world-wide dominance. daughter. The community was divided in lls compassion for the father, Its sorrow at the tragedy and its disapproval of the murder. 'At the same time agricultural efficiency Is being Increased and. as a result, the cost of production continually lowered. All these are JUIVVCLI VL Hl\- 11»««****«- \.u..»il.MW J Beers today In hU cell would not j tending to make agricultural price- talk of the crime. It was known h- more stable and agricultural prof- had given the girl a quantity of | Its more certain.' _ arsenic. That failed of death. He — — ~ " ~~ gave her parts green and that fall- ed. Then he plunged an ice pick into her heart, beat It down with a wrench and killed her last Wednesday. He had planned his own death but was too weakened by his efforts and emotion to commit suicide. eH went to an undertaker's shop and confessed. "I had an Irreslstibla Impulse to kill her." lie tol dauthorities when he willingly submitted to arrest."! could not control myself." A sanity commission probably will be appointed to exnmlne Beers; for Farmers With Autos Every farmer and small town resident and merchant fears flre. We will train you lo become a fire prevention expert and to.sell fire protection during your spare time, thus adding a thousand dollars or more to your Income. Write today lo Farm Department, 1974 Fyr- Fyter Bldg., Dayton, Ohio.—Adv. It is only good sense to give Gristo a trial The Scott County Mfg. Co. Miller's Supreme Every Substantial Product of Grain that police were unable to removt the goods to protecl Ihem from rain. Four persons had been hurl in the wreck and blankets and other articles were strewn along the road. WISE SAYING MOTHER (to small son who has just been given a chocolate bar by amiable grocer): What do you say. Hnrold? HAROLD: I've got two brothers at home.—Passing Show. REUNION OF I'SO CLASS OLIVET. Mich. (UP)—The 1880 class of Olivet college assembled here recently for alumni"day.'Five In number, Dik Is the first year the 1 college has had a full class the campus after graduation,'and the fact that it was their golden anniversary, they w.cre given special recognition at all assemblages throughout the entin three days of commencement. two . distinct heads was -recently liori m Seller's farm.. It. lived.Only n short, time. . -..,.. , Hy NKA Service ' WASHINGTON, IV C. — Crolal- ; aria, a rank growing, legume brought from Africa to Ihe United Stales by the Department of Agri- ' culture 21 years ago, has finally bi'en given Its citizenship papers by ."* the 1 federal crop specialists who have tested II thoroughly and found it- a valuable addition to Ihe soil-Im-" ' proving cr:pj of Ihe south, Last year, on the sovcrnmenl ex- ;" . [OTimcnt farm at Arlington, Va.. the species of this Blunt known as "spcctflbtlls" grew,five feet high'. •' Under favorable conditions In Florida It has been known to reach,a height of six feet rr more. " Experimental plantings have been : • grown in South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, • apd the *"* -' crop has shown up well In tlie'"""/ states. This year It wll be tested . in Norlh Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, •and a few other states. ^_. Most of the species cf c'rotalarla ., arc tropical or subtropical and in • the Unlled 'Stoles (hey are. com---'- monly Ireated as summer annuals. "' When grown only as a green- '; manure crop, and- no atlempl is made to mature seed, ll Is possible ''.<' to grow Ihls plant as far norlh as"' Virginia, or even further north; '"' Good Soil Builder ' .. The crotalarlas, according to A. J. Peters, who Is In charge of the "' forage crop Investlgalions frr Ihe federal Agricultural Department. .promise to fill the long-fell need for a vigorous legume that can be used for a green-manure crop on ; the pocr soil and especially the sandy • lands of the south. ' "There Is perhaps no green- manure crop that exceeds certain species of crolalarir,"'he ,says, "in ' quantity of nllrogen produced and .. In ease 'of culture. The quantity ' " of nltrrgen In a crop of this legume ••. hai been founc^ to vary from'83 to 207 ponds .per acre.-". . •' '.:'•>• For the last few years'crotalarla' has bee grown extensively as a sum- '' mer cover .crop In Florida 'citrus grcyes, but recent-test^ have, indi-' caied a much; wider fahgerf useful-'ness.' II dots well'.:0n:Ihe: poorest ;'" slnds, where beggerii'eed will-not . thrive unless a'.croft ,yf crotilarta -'has first.been turtiebVVnder. . ' FALL BREAKS JAW COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (UP) — Orvllle Tandy was. picking' cherries. He slipped, fell on an automobile radiator and broke his Jaw. TAKING WAYS i "See that woman?" said the de- 'ective. "She's suffering from klep- 'RED LION, Pa. (UP?—Two tur- [ tomanla." lies with the dates, 18S2 and 1903.1 "Good gracious, why don't .she carved on their shells have been found recently near Red Lion. The names of A. E. Kohr and O. S. Hoffman, of East Berlin, were also on the shells. A.S. Barboro&Co.j Inc. Blytheville, Ark. Wholesale FRUITS — NUTS — VEGETABLES BEANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty years. Phone 920. Second and Roz*. TWO-HEADED CHICKEN PLEASANT HILL, Ore. (UP) — In lliis cas'j Iwo heads were not belter than one. A chicken wi'th Chicago Mill AS£ Lumber Corporation take something for it." "She will in a minute," the detective replied.—TIt-Blls. CONTRALTO: Did you notlci how my voice filled Ihe hall last night? SOPRANO: Yes, dear; In fact, I noticed several people leaving make room for It.—Answers. to Routed . On.the poor sarylsTm Florida a prrfltable rotation':.can be estaby - •'. l|shed after crotalaria,has been al. _ low«d .to.produce'sMd ttefore being turned under: • Corri can then be •• planted in March -and the volunteer : crotalnria allowed to erow after the com is lafd by lit'July. A. heavy growth carrying enough Sted to reproduce'.,*!!!' result and '_' may be turned, under in November. to be followed by a'winter crop of oats, thus giving! two-cash crops In one year with a green-manure errp to-maintain produ'citvlty. In SO to 100 days during midsummer, when all regular farm crops have been laid by, crotalaria will make a heavy growth and add a large quantity of nitrogen to the soil. The hay of crotalarla has been used, but its value is as yet uncertain. . WE DRY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 COAL AND FEED Special prices on car lots— Kentucky, Illinois and Red Ash Coals We Buy Corn C. L. BENNETT & CO. "Take advantage of our cash price" Telephone 64 D. CANALE & CO. Wholesale Produce - - Groceries - Fruits Oldost and largest fruit and produce house in the Soi-tb Memphis BLYTHEVILLE Helena Clarksdale DRUNK--- wr*no« CM/t- wr cwn jpci A FLAVOR YOU CANT FORGE * NuGrape Bottling Co. . rhone $70 311-313 E. Main Golden Drip Products Arkansas Grocer Co. Caruthersville, Mo. Blytheville, Ark,

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