The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1938
Page 3
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WJiDNRSDAV, FKRRUARY 23. IMS T> ! P.2f(»S''i'll i- «m> (lie guests of Mr.! lefl Momluy lifter siii'Mllnz a few [>n<l Mrs. Ii. 11. Harkovltz Sunday. I dn.vs ivlili Mr. and Mrs. 11. w. .11- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Society *'ll Persona! ..._,,..... ,.*.^ ,,,i (^n.-n.-, ui nii.,ii'ii ftioiuiuy liner s]H>n Biwl Mrs. Ii. 11. Harkovliz Sumlay. I dn.vs ivlili Mr. and Mrs . Miss Uister Goelmian niul Stun '-- «rtl .(olmiile Goehmiui of Jncksim. iMo.. were guests of Missf.s Jewel ^ntl Annie Hii.vnie Saturday. ; Miss Carolyn French, uf si. l/iiiis, i mnrneci home Friday after speiKl- l)ury. Coiisliiu'llon committee—II. ' II. Crawford. R. L. Wlllliuns, M. M. ' cn ' lilnesley, Slsliiev Hosier, E. A. IJiU- Tl'.o Kr\: 1) .n, Seger is »t-• Ifnilne, I'ele ttulliml, W. L lltige.- 1'iKiliM! n melting lit .loneslwro (ill try, mul Alfred Oosstai. Equipment lllis Wf <*- I'oiiiMltle* — MISS Mfiliiel Tnylor, Mr. unti Mrs. W. P. Wilson lifid ' I'mdcrgrass-Adcork 'J'lie mnirlage of Miss LOII Ann 1 Pcndergrass of tliis city to Mr, Raymond Ade.oek of 1'onagcvillc wa.s- solemnized Monday morning ut elglil o'fioek iu the. Culholic Church nl Cnvulliersvllle bv Fa- thei- Doyle. ' , The bride wore n of ilii.sllc] crepe with black accessories mul :i corsage or lilies of tlie valley. Tiir: coujilt was attended by Hie {.'room's brother uiul wire, Mr. and Mr:; tilenmm Adcocl; of Campbell. KoDowJiig Hie oHcmony Mr. un'.l Mrs. Adcock were honored with n wedding breakfast by Mr. and Mrs. H. I,. Ward, sr., in C;iiiithersvil!e. Following tlie lirmkfnst Die young couple lelt on a wi-ddint- trip. They will ,nial:t uieir nomi: Inn a week with her Joe Tnj'loi 1 , Miss KiiUiteeo Spanieling, n.s their week-end guests Mr. n'mt Mali::ews, rflnmed home Simiiuy alter ypemllntj Ihe week wlih M ,-s MSii(;niin. of dou of Memphis. Miss Muiy filtabelh Crawford, Miss Helen Mrs. R. L. Wll. n.m niin-ii,M (JUIOS1 nil. ilml miSS III'IPI! blltlW, MI'S. H. lj. \YI1- Irs. Drnton Onrrplt anil son. Jim- limm, Mrs. Wnltor Matlock Mrs ly, ol l.cpanto. and llnrold Sid- Almo:; Overtoil. Mrs. U. C. 'i'liroll- fill (if Mi'miitifi; ^ LU \r-*- IIP t» T-I..U i . . • .. . _ _ Wilson Socidv Mr. and Mr.s. Wilbiirn n ::ni ol ll:e WI'.'Tjn liign sr.-.'in'j) '' ' :i:i :i six o'cliick ilinner. :d the' '!• ithua«'|- :-:n.H : av, Kth. 21). The • '"'I- >-:iri a cwit-roii-c;- of y.-ilo'.v. jonquils in a cry>.t it | b:;v.l. ;m<j ', yiiiu'.v cuiKlli's iii (.-iysiai ho!<ii-rs' MJH, and Mrs. Irene Hargrove'' alui ! ".' ' 1lt! /'' 1 ', f! '!',': ? ): " :: '' '"''""'"' v '''"'! son, Kenneth and (juiiKhter. Uods •":, , ".• ''• K Mi-'Rae, \v. • iKintitil Sunduy from Orlando!' .X ., """I',, lJl "," Cr(Jfs ' '- ul " s Ma., wli.-1-e I hey .spent two weeks'/.^ , r ' V . 1 ," ! " ri "-"" 1 v/ith relatives jV,,.!i-. Jerom.-. 'I. ,j. A ven. kill, Mrs. w, II. PrltU;, Mrs, Joo Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Wilson of ; Wilson nncl Miss llatlle Hudson, lirntomu, MLss., and Miss I'et lli'ijlnnlng Monday night l-vij l-:oover cf Ya«>o city. Miss., ye"e as, the llyess Sunday schools nrc v.-eek-eiid guests In tlie C. W. lino- Mnrtlnn a monthly workers con- vl ' r '"Jine, ference for teni-hers nnd oflkrri. Mi. i.iid Mrs .Tom Hudson had The four Sumliiy schools on the .•is (Heir week-end eiwst, Mrs. r. colony will send their workers lo M. Hudson of Maiden, Mo. •uieet in the owmnimlty building itl Mhs I'littf Kvans ol Meniphls, Hie center. Miss Helen Sluiw will s|ient the week-end in tin direct the conference. Rev. llavi-ey 1,. Wl'son lioiiii'. I Gray Is uastor of the Dyess l)np- I.ew^ llorlon, who lias list sraiip. Hiilkllni; malerials are ill the |X.M week, is cn Hie ground for the erection ol Hie Metliodisl chtucli of which Mr. and Mrs. Ouwson Wells and ' Cardv:c)l. Mo., spent the week em!; M Jcuiella '•''I 1 ;-: Mr. i.nd Mis. llus.sell Chllc.s, of !ilmil, Mem]il'.ls, sf.enl Hie \veek-end -.vilh :.-.'in'j| j )„,/,. [jnreuH.' Mr. and Mrs. V. C ''"' \:ann, ai Marie, F-irsi Baptist Church To Build At Dyess DYESS, Ark., Feb. 21—Tne First Btll,i Uaptist Church In business session Wai- i lusi nl g ht jnixli; plans for an iide- '• Ark., .Saturday where he will be employed on the government fleet. Mr. and Mrs. Angela Mouhalis were in New Mudrid Sunday with William Hans])ire. They all motored (o Hector. Ark. and visited friends. Mrs. Lena Hudson of St. Louis, arrived Saturday for a visit willi her sister, Mr.s. Opliia Slieparcl. < Mose Dni-kovlty. and .son, llol> of I lou'dnle churcli in Die south of I Me . Colony voted lo join Die First, I church ifi (lie erection of a churcli plain al Die Colony Center. The following people were pill on committees: Plans committee— Q. A. Billiard. K. U. Craiy. W. II. Anehlin, Merrill Crawford, Mrs! A. 0. Oossien, Mrs. J. H. Bass. Mrs. John McKaskle. Mrs. Oscar Matlock nnd Mrs. Harvey Gray. Finance committee—Garland Scotl, Dewey McCone. B. P. Runyan. O.' and altendrd t!)f Rub cut at the auditorium l-'I'Js Friday night. A. H. .Sharon left last week on a business I rip to Chicago <.l;icr noilhern cities. Miss Beth GnlbniKh of Little here for a lew days visit .-.,.., .... '.vilh her Mster. Mrs. Hugh Mob-1 B. Johnson, Georee Hunter R n A™ V ?:?"','•" " > -" """' ""= HHHIB "'•''• 1 Holland MLss Irene Uarnwetl Miss v '11'° V°fh c . reoniulslo ». nnd Mi's. N, II. Allen of Moriiltonl Helen Shaw.',,,,(1 Mrs.' Troy stansl the relief you wTnt'^Ad™'"' 11 ' nnd Rev. Lyinnn T. IJargcr is pustor. «f«o Oouner N«w« w«nt Am Beware Coughs from commou 'colds That Hang On Ko nmtler how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold, or bronchial irritation, yon can get relief now with Crcomulsion. Serious trouble may ue brewing and you cnnnot allord lo lake n chnncc wllli any remedy potent than Creomulslon, which goes right, lo the scat of Ihe irouble and aids im- lure lo soolhe and heal Ihe Inflamed mucous membranes nnd lo loosen nnd expel the gcna-liulcn phlegm. Even If other remedies have failed don't be discouraged, try Creoimil- slon. Your druggist Is authorized lo refund your money If you arc not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained from the very llrst bottle. Creomulslon is one word—not two, and It has no hyphen In It Ask for It plainly, see that Ihe name Sw? MOSR PLEASURE in Chesterfields milder letter taste Copyright 19JB. liccirrAc Mvrts TOBACCO Co, ^ 40c ^— , Listerine rTooth Paste LMsUrinc for cold.. Aj in tr*»lmern,J r^OO^BlJRY I Face Powder J9c SOc , 'ORHANSl Tooth Paste Ttn of 24 BAYER ASPIRIN POWDER PUFFS 11' r G««(5(ie' IVORY SOAP 13: ANUSOL Suppositories 85c COc i ILb. ALTL MILK Plain or Choc. ,47; DEXTRI MALTOSE • i iiiniiaiiia i [Compound] 98 »^ -* DOAN! PILLS Milk Of Magnesia ^29; CALOX JTooth Powder SOc jgc Uurt'y Ksthcv Cvwim MENNENS BABY OIL iOe ^cl ^ 30c ALKA SELTZER 24^ ^ . PHILLIPS [Face Creams All Purpose DISH wmitcsin . PHILLIPS , I Tooth Paste | r Flos*-T«x TOILET TISSUE 10f SUPER SUDS r x*rir TOOTH BRUSH 23 25' FITCH SHAMPOO Will. to c si,, ITALIAN BALM I"; - IValue -':fit«fe-- '&% ELECTRIC FLAT IRON \M"°. *. . 1— I H.I m>ny loll.,,, of I - Iropi'oVcd'k"l r.M*. I biYilttl rjgn. G\ [ A!i ui "HTm/r !>«><• CENTAUR CARDS rnn ti l four colo Hot Water Bottle 49c Or. Salshury Poultry Remedies S Ib. Epsom Salts ~25c KOLYNOS CARTERS PONDSCREAMSI&23- MINERAL OIL VITAMINS Wain* , , HALIBUT LIVER PAOIL CAPSULES \---">> *''°'» *> OB \f1$> ffoxo/JO .... / £., IV.'/A Vloit.rol OOC l> of CoJ llv*r oil. In addition lh« OFafsen Halibut Liver Oil, plain, !0ec . . 37 C Parke-Davis Irradol A, 8« 97 e Yeast & Iron Tablets, 80's S3 C Abbotts ABO Capsules, 25's .... S9 C Parke-Davls or Abbotts Wiosterol, See '• 53 C Olaf sen Cod Liver Oil with Vlosterol, Boz. 73 C Abbotts Oladol Liquid, 1 Dee S7 C Parke-Davis Tuniver OH, See 53 e Abbott Hallver Malt with Vlosterol, 8oz. 97« "^" A'BDO c»lu;i» Olaf sen ABDG Capsules r Abttalt HaliverOIl Capsules Federal Judge Cigars - 2 for 5c White Owl - Van Dyke - Keep Moving 5c Sjini'li l'lii.«-!{rown Mule, Kisii Himk 6 for 25c Uic "Lilo" LIGHTER FLUID Olafscn Cod Liver Oil Capsules 10 Minum> MIXER' BEATER , M;,.i!B. a ,,t 4 17 VfHp.1 Sltnl 1—j ikl wo/b-i4*<r IH l>!l(l.<n. II., . 4UIII • 1. «r«du.l,J 'nfbawl. PACK THRKK P»" '•• 7Sc BAUME BENGUE GOLDEN GLINT . 1.00 riRONIZEl YEAST TABLETS I MURINE for the EYES 60c Six* 49 e ot*r,,, d..r<., fl l 3-STAGE MEAT PAD , rr> »•""» 923 rA^rm««Iati A 1 C.iv.i ui>ilori«}i»l , luw or mcdiu tt tloubln thf. HOME NEEDS Combination Ice Bag,' Fountain Syringe and Hot Water Bottle On, tat uu'rn fl. ^ S 0 I Ulilily cf n r .t , . . <3>~~ Finul Rr«d» ol frath, oura rubblr ICK HAG ),.. „„ bj,f n . n . tt SVRINCt campl.l. wllh fl..ibl. ;yl.b.r,..ulpi,,,, tn Ja.fl.tuLl n N*ui "Darky" ALARM s"i,i., , 89 full, (uiriDlnd Mono rth Hot Water Bottle COFFEE MAKER c'/L 1— G-cup ilit. Hkndy Rubber Glove* =ity. An ouUtinJ. low price. BJHHMHM FIRS/AID NEEDS Kreso Dip Pint 45c Quart 65c SAW- STRIPS 19 C Adheilv* Tape Q C O Sterilized Cotton, 4 n. Gauze Bandage, 2 inch wide Surgical Gauze, S yds. . . Gauze Bandage / iVA C FEEL FINE AND FIT! Sun likin, SAYBROOXS Ionic today a>ncl *"»' '^- •*•'- f*rencein your. • •[{. -Sold on . Mon*y -baclc Plnl 98 RELIEF? ,, t Feml WEL-BILT SHORTS ^AoW. 3. $ *J Carton of 50 Book \ Matches 10 C •• .. SL< LINIMENT lM:. 29 el Perfection COLD CREAM 4-oi. Jar Whit to Do lor Acid Indlgettlon *t Biim«din« — itg p]*Ai«. cularPair,,, ( o t that Certain Day CERADYNE TABLETS 35- lectrlc Hair Dryer Con ; I 89 O«r*»«f 1 s2 - .->t,. n "Cod Li Oil PINT FITCH'S D.R. Shampoo] 75C SOe _ 'Williams Shaving Cream ACIDINE POWDER 750 Perfection Cleansfng Tissues %>* 24 i Nicittlly 15x>»lnch CHAMOIS ••<• Wool Sponge BOTH 4 For . .,"» Tasty Treats Carry out ICE CREAM | Quart 25 c VICKS VAPO-RUB I */» T,y O«, Hot Chocolate, 1C _<.>olcc ol lit 10' Sery«J wilh Conk:! I Hot of 200 KLEENEX TISSUES 2 8ox« for2Sc MeJtrnUHc 1-Stlct BREAD TOASTER BURMA SHAVE {ascsvic OTTcl iTubr . . . £, I f • '• 35c LUX FLAKES Colgate^ TCOTH PASTE Dolph LINJMENT *-<>*• AOc _Bott! f *r*f Meyer Pleasant TOOTH PASTE -W10L Mineral Oil . . . J?UI . elolh.t lit! ill.r. T.llor.d loj m, .nj ,bonr Hni.h. l. C..,.n,«J. HARLEM . Oil if A DC I Professional 17 . UI1 - *»Mra.l Hair Brush .—kao-, 27° J'^Jf"- 98 el f:.;.i. ^Bk •• • Vicks Following are everyday deep cut prices for Cash and Carry SOc Hinds Honey & Almond 39c $1.25 Pinkham Veg. Comp. 99c $1.25 Peruna 100 Bayer Aspirin 59c ( 75c Listerine 59c 98c 50c Jergens Lotion 39c UNDERWEIGHT Often Caused By Round Worms nm.ful*' '"•?' ° f ""*',''• """ P^'CHK'. twor nppclilc, slortiacli iHW)nirort. Irrosulir lSm?i >mU5 , M \ broVo " f'"" »nf I*" J rfi l?. ma - v "? ''"f" 1 lo Worm 'n'Klion. nml T y i ," > 1 ''Ti"we lo cspcl \rarm». !!' TS»I<! 'ol'dP restore nnpillio, wflisiii nnd c«lor. All drugglsU. Koniouj 103 j-fora. $100 Wine of Cardui 79c 35c Bromo Quinine 25c Prescriptimis Arc Cheaper at Kirby's KIRBY DRUG STORES Cash and Carry Tlmrs. - Fri. - Sat. 2ml & Main Main at Broadway Main at Division

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