The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1934
Page 3
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, JANUARY 16, 1934 MLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)_COUIUER NEWS PAGE THREE Romance Stirs Anti-Semitic Feeling Born Dead" ... Lives "Iron Guard" Movement j Believed Financed by I German Nazis. BV MILTON BRONNER NKA Scrvife Staff Correspondent LONDON. Jan. 15-From Bucli- BK-SI cmiin hints that even more sensational ihnn the assassination of Premier Ion Duca will be pa- pcis thov.'in? that the whole nu- niniiiaii Nazi movement, known ns 1)10 Iron Guard, has been largely financed from German Nazi sourc- If this proves lo be the case, added to known German subventions of ihe terroristic Nazi gangs In Austria, it will add one more country to the lisi of those where German propaganda and German money have been active In upsetting the ruling governments. This has not escaped attention in England, where there is bitter feel- Ing over Germany's action in bilking her foreign private creditors o f a large portion of their inter- esi on vast loans made to Germany and Germans. No Monty for Debts Recently Dr. H. H. Scharht. head of Ihe German Reichsbank. told Germany's creditors that the country was so "busted" it could only play its private creditors 30 cer cent of their interest. The balance would be paid in. script and held in Germany. This principally affects the United States and Great Britain. The other two main foreign creditors. Hollant and Switzerland, got an agreement to be paid practically all their interest due by accepting a plan to purchase more German goods. The comment is freely made in London that Germany seems to have plenty of money with which to foment trouble in Austria and Rumania, but HOUR to pay its just debt. A sinister light Is cast upon the crime, because while Chancellor Hitler was doing the correct and formal thins of sending a message of sympathy to the Roumanian government, German correspondents in Rumania were sendine to _ their papers dispatches rather eu-' logizing the patriotic Iron Guard. rccking to palliate the crime of Dr. Duca's death, and bitterly dc- Tivlnp thai German influence had any hand in it. Growth of Iron Guard Rtnrt»nts of Rumanian affairs have lontr known that (nines were heading to a sensational crisis in that Balkan' country-. Out of a nooulation of'some 18.000.000 about SAn.OOO' are Jeivs and there has always been a strone anti-Semitic feeling in certain classes of (he nronle. Fuel was added to the fire ri!H:lis. n : i .UI>>—The day .-i.:iit lar-jr prolllj, by exicn- .:.i'.ii:" up- r.:'..i>iis is past und (m' n HI'A- will iipinl'.-n uf Dr. Join) if] r. thi' -Venue 1 lini: ;:c, in ihc Kinnll pill !;i pr.ii-lk-nl op i 13:-. J'uimv in Ihc 1 tit a Cl.'JOU.OOO 1'unn I In UVUL-;; Y O .|\, . .„ :i'!ii-d Ihe expulsion. "Firi'iiiim. j.;ivc : |):''7'i'",K-,'', 1J wl:d 'for'"" r- r 'yTOrs '"a"" 1 ' "• <-'" whe " Mrs ' J0lll> H '" '"' s b: "' y ' OrovfiHi has . of( t'. ' my child!" Wdl, Hint's Just what they dld'ln Wash- Mils !;orn without breath and heart beat. Dr. lli-nvy Dudley, fanned ;i spark of life by blowing into the baby's II.HKS; then the fire rescue squad's -ii Links did tin; rest. And tu-a- llnby Suiuicr U-lls (lie world lungs nre functioning dandy. ! !lu:lll<l '"' >'i'|K-nli'<( I-I S *W!IITI- Tin.' I ^Mi-'^i'^'^TOHl^oi! lll:l1 , "S'.rlriillnVs will I* rehubiii-i vho : . nl;-..,' ; i:-il :oi:' ll:,- !ci trrcl building SIOCOIKIU 1 '' will oul lo the HOC people j Old I.uun l>ars Frull Imvc. alrciid, applied foil HYANNIS, Mass. (UP)—There tilled nil OUT, hi' behoves. Tlii'| uime.-,»u:uls. Twenty-five families! ,, lny \ 1{ . Koiiictlring in n name, nt smnll i:u-itis Is not n I ;;JT to b- H-lrclct! Irom tlu-sc utltlial. George Economos, rcstau- l|:i- diiani bm lw: bi-i-n irli-il out| this tiim-. It is li-|xx«lblc to Ret, mm chef, has discovered thai a i-k ;ind machinery in tithiT MI-MOIIS. Or. I'riinei 1 said n-arty any moio hi'iie.s In time lo I $:too loan he made 20 years ago l-c-i- tin-l i:; to b'.' plll 1 :le- pTclmont rc-i'lu:i. i\iied (o icn-ir of piixli.:r|iv<. murki-ling -.'. Ill bv Kr'u C.iirn- l-ar.l lliivi: inmlc ••;isiw program lincl their ia'.d, in ex- nks tile fiutn to I'l 1 !. colony. ;- ll:l < M W"" ,"K' '-•'- Inn I'xby ma- Hie Is one 01 und piosiwrous ihc iiiii-l ol u tomi'biu'k dirtied iliroiiKli small farms op- u:.tcd by Ihc owners. Will 'iJrn Whal They Gel "i'l-ople ivliu have n k'dlm: that tin- KuvenimciH 'vunts to give l!i:-m M:IIU thing lii.vr nu buslm-s-s il> tills ciilosiy. !T-lr!l ll(jllltiU.M(l- ii- I; in i.ay lor v:lial hi- f;cts In :'el corn and fi'i"! crops pliiulti'. | was sound economy. It has been iu Murch. I'l-rha;---: 100 fomllU's- icpaid In the form of an $18.000 vill in- milled by i-cii'i'iuber and' bc(|iiesi in the will of his uncle, I7fi iin- rullGM-lng yi-iir. A home-i John Shinos, who died at Hock •:c-udi-i- should be able lo bring, Island, III. Economos had not. n'cim his own mrVs. ivnyon and I heard from hts uncle since . the Iced cnouijli lo Icsl him unlll. loan was made. 1-ancst. 'Opportunity to work lilj ci-nlnil plants will allord him The robin Is far from depcnd- l!ic: v.ny lulls, tr market ins 1 , of [jnccs. stock, iiu iiiiic-.- to feed his liimily dur- noli; as n harbinger of spring-, tin- llrsl ycnv. many of lliesc birds do not go- lie plan Is lu have a (ypicnl j • r oulh for the winter, provided . ....lii'rn iitlllemcr.. lirjth nctji-u I they tan find plenty of food nnd " !1 ' J mil whites miihi. be iehab:lUulE:l. i '•<• well-protected shelter. wi:;ild IKIvc K; pay. This Is to The internationally limelighted s-omimce of dapper King Carol nipper right) and till!<:i-halrcd. Jr. Madame Lupescu (upper leftl reportedly influenced the formn.tion of the anti-Semitic Iron Guard Rumania. Below: Excitab'e citizens oi Bucharest liold n political mass merlin?. The Editor'i Letter Box ~ -Tl.i '.:•.:!.:.• -t.i ,„ ! I viih-. raii.e ; v-!:i-iv A:-III:I'. : be i.-.-t iiji. • ••ni'.cr.-::!(d ex-.pbli. thn ol : uci> i;nri : d M' birii r. iL'pe,uau:i.. i; past. Noliinc-- .-•[,,,. htmuslmiler will rent his lo maki:. | ;1] ., n lrom ,j le i.j Venl mcnl each for the first nvc years. II III! A srrlion of this l:.iiil Kill be Icl! • I'tixico News Mr. und Mrs. Will Slerllin; grive t-lli/en anduja party Siilurdny nlyhl. Thank Mr. Roosevelt 'To the editor:) 1 am engaged in the shoe business in Blyiheville. Since the CWA has been employing men here and in the surrounding community my business has been so much belter that I am wriling Prcsidenl Roosevelt a postal card, lhankinp; him for giving our people work, I am doing this through a seme of gratitude, for if it ;had been left lo Hoover r euess we v:otild have been starved or fighting by this lime. ! cu5Kd. Also the curriculum will, vhitr.-c.oHnr el[>.ss, Ihc first !bc analyzed to determine the val-: ample of ihe tatcier :,y:,t-in | ue of the various tubjeci mailer." education. The UILMII.' ;.,nui:n'.:-. . "For Ihe firsl lime in llus na- ihal anyone caul I l:e piv.sidenl. ot r|iia!iiv. lions history it is possible to ob-!ar.d lhav, anyone cuii'd l:c cinrtor, limt- ?.:M a widespread hearing Jorj-fnvycr. ca]>tai!i o: indi!s::-y. or. l'rov:.-::<m truly basic educational recoiiftruc-l | cliticai leadtr. s;:. thr- 'jcr,l. I.u- lir.nn-slc:aii lion. Some prugvcssive business: t-rary education, HOOK LBARM- tnd political leaders are joining ;2NO was to \K !_>• nnn<;.'' \iith educational workers in dc-' Zt-ph O'n : :c'n, Ilomur. Annie l.ois Dwlson ol Hufl'man JHMII Saturday night wllh Hctlic Ulythevilli 1 . Ark. uni manding Ihal Ihe national tmnal system b? re'juil:." "America provided Ihe niachln-! A barrel of flour contains 1DU cry for developing ihi- top-:u-uvy pounds. u mi'ii can malic a; j. , |r ,,, r | 1( ,~ w i]| ijo allowed to buy | Mrs. I,. A. floberson and Mrs. a !!-/i'.I family, and i [)lls ]rillll fro[)1 thn guvernmi-nl at 1C. L. Hobeison of No. 20 spent ••[J'li-'i calf will iu'-; (| lc , ,,| l( j 0( (| it ij..i s(; |) C |-|od nnd | Thursday iifternooii with Mrs. E. .ihc li'iil lit has paid will bc'~ farmln 1 ; is u reason-; cvedi'.nl lo him fn tliL- puvuhase | . Uiehu |iio(l-| i.rlri', '-ince Ihe rent paid Is Ins:• pi.;iii"-i.d in mlL-;|u:itc. tiiir.rti/illon chnr".c- col-trine in-1 >:-h :.<!'-::iate sliiiiil.iH!:; • iinaiicf. Intcivsl on investment and i (i-i,v-'-cn al n ^iccHIm ,,:-iiii.ip:il. 'ihu p-.;.vmtiu fur list: .Stmihy w ; lih their aunl. Mrs. ..-. .1 i-(..isonribli- pntc. : i.\\m v.-j'l L-c mad-.- over c pcncd. i,. Robmson of No. 21). :.i:: -;:ir., miidu o!i lias i.f irai 20 to .10 yi-nrs. Thi; cor-i M re . will Slcrlini; Ls sick Ibis ',:•:•.<: ;r ,cl Inr prucus.s-1 petition is a tlC.L'.n and a tax- v;cek. Inu p'.niiti :!..'! ':: ii-kctlny iaelli-1 jaur. ;is Ihu lar.d will not be' . . tun, so as ID n:ii : i. this ixiislblc. .lakin oil the lu;: books. • The full uT.c ol Khij George r,f rt Is- tlr-i-f-fon iic'.cssary lo bc-i '-['i-cn-FSiiiB plnn;:, are la serve jSnglnnd Is Ocfrrge V, by Ihe Oract Cluvu anu ijuci.ce uicc I u the prevention of common colds it Is highly important that normal elimination be maintained. THIEFOBD-S BLACK- DRAUGHT 'FAMILY LAXATIVE P:I;:n u:-(ii-r If I^L The program ;iu-ni!s canvu . , 'ii! M communilies j r.utlyiuy itrrllory i._ well as this! of God, of Great. Hrhain. Ireland! : i!ils .-iurvltc." • ctmiminiiy. so that thu indi'pcnu-i nn';| the Brlt'.i.i Dominions beyond tlisi Dr. l'rj<icc]rnt Iiirmtr may b:; able to rehab- ;]]._. Snas; King, Defender of Hie o:it in CJebreln i ii.Taii: liiiiisjlf. Qi'eblionnaires arc ! pjHIi. Emiivror of Indlu. l!AR<iAlNS IN NEW iti USED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 353 K. Main Phone 1M ^n r ^ S ^mfl^s^. W °- - llc S,r nkS !m >™ ***»German aeents nnd German- fcc ^^iiion. money ?ot busv. One of ihe re-- ^ Ve ought to rto this to show r -iu '«•!••; Ihe formation of the an-1 ollr apprefiotion. so everybody ti-Semitic organization, the Iron | '' nw . bolh white and colored, wrile r-mrd. Its German leanings wcre' Mr - Roos 5*°J. tm . a . card of_ thanks. shown by its haired of Dr. Uucn.l "" well-known for his friendship wi'h , France. The firsl signs of the! erowin? power nnd daring of the; Iron Guard were manifested about, SIMON P. Blytheville. LEE Ark. . Thr .if tdur.itmn Probkm Prof - Harold Rrag. B. S., Plv ( two weeks ago when students who . D - of Columbia University. New t v-f-c members of that body, in- ; ^ on:, who has traveled widely and j dulfred in wild tumults against the ! studied education?.' mailer Jewish students at the Universities of Bucharest and Jassy. The in- - "Hi rcleps'd his book, entitled Great Technc)o?y." in which stil.utions had to be closed for '-<-' deletes much rrace to schools. I some time. Then came the recent Flease allow mi> 'o quote some j elections for the Parliament. The . i sirrpts frorr. rha* book. l Iron Guard indulged in such aclsi "In addition to abillLy to read. of intimidation and so defied the ond wrile. school; must develop . police that Dr. Duca banned ihe 'definite factual kmiv.-lcdre of the organization. He did so on two modern economic system— how it pTrmiids: first, that their policy. Cicw. the factors which produced was overtly anti-constitutional: ! it. the recent tro.d which prc- tmd secondly, because Rumania was. cipitated the present impasse, and under obligations bv the peace Ilia irsistsnt problems and issues treaty to protect its minorities, among whom the Jews are imm- beved. From that time on he was a marked man. Martial in Effefl The uolicc cloim to have found in the homes of some of the Iron •vich urc ronfrciiMnz us today." "Today 20 milli>,n children am! vr.uih arc being cx-.-n-j-rt to a !op- iit'ed education f.n! has little ,*n •-lo with Ihe real v/orld in which they arc ilvin;. ':he emergence ot th? "Great Technology" ncccs- Ouard a list of other statesmen niites the scrappin" ofthc fo'm- marked for slaughter and also the , rc -- cc i rr . (! u ,, *. tttn , ,.., of a names of tlTfe who were chosen i'-.oiou;hly n--,v on" The co'Hen' to perform the deeds. Up to the. -, H i orjaniMiion of tin '-chooi present. King Carol's name has .:'i,-i cl; i u m a-j we! found the under- . any list of : , -i,,, IJf j. cho , 07y m { b rt , ,_ propped victims, but he is under - •. » no delusions. His intimales fer>! llnl he. loo. is r. marked man. nol onlv because of Madame Lupercii. bill also because he heartily supported Dr. Duca in suppressing ll-c Iron Guard. Wilh martial law In effect nnd a proclamation aeralnst firoaTtns. Rrmonir.ns find themselves in a fcrioils filiation. In most of the btg elites they are liable to arrest If found 'on the slrceU after 8 P. M. withoul a permit. Further- r -t,,, i:t ..... •. irank apprairpl ct the var- department* -i. the education- stcm to determine their valu- MCCS of the b:iiM::i; service and the dep.irtmciit.! =ni. supervHory ir,:e. will be. dis- 1 Llrinirt. 666 I . 1V1. WIUIL^IL n |*VI1UII. 1 Ulntv. _,, more, if they happen to be found, ^"l" l*tM ; ir... in possession of a pistol or other \ frf( dri >'- "—' , lrn] , dangerous weapon they are liable I tu be sentenced to death by a summary military court martial. All over Rumania the army has su- pcrceded the police. King Carol is freely using the iron hand to suppress the Iron Guard. H appears lo be a bitter fight to the finish. COUGHS Don'l lei ilK'tn eel a strangle hold. Fight gtrms quickly. Creonml- J=ion combines 7 major helps in one. Powerful r/it harmless. Pleas- f nt to take. No i t-rcotlcs. Your own druggist Is Jti'horlzed to refund your money on Ihc spot If your rough or cold Is not relieved by Creomulslon. —Adv. B . N'nt d-..-,. nr \^i:t in nn minntre Fine T,TiTf>.ljvc nnrl Tonic Mnsl Sprrdv Rrmrrtir< Known Kindling For Sale 25c attention to large orders. 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