The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 12, 1930
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•:\ Served by the United Press BLYTHE\ILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEl OP NORTHEAST AEKANBA8 AND BOOTHKABT MISSOURI ffiRNEWS : 5:^1 VOL XXVII—No. 100 1 Bhrtbevllle Courier, Blytherllle DtUy News, Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leade BMTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY VI, 1930 SINGLE COPIES nyiii csS PROBE DEATH OF NEGRO FARM CONVICT Bobby Jones Takes Lead in Open Tourney Protest Beauty Too Well Displayed OF FIELD; Atlanlan's Total Score Now! 212; Horton Smith Six ; Strokes Down. ; INTERLACHEN . C O UN T R Y CLUB, MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July i 12 (UP)—Flashing the most bril- ! llanl golf yet seen at Interlachen 1 and one of the greatest rounds of i his career, Robert Tyre Jones, jr., gained the lead in the national open • championship tournament today; with a third round score of 68, four ' under par. and an aggregate of 212 ' Determined to take the heart out i ot his opposition which thus far ' has kept him in second place, the . ies which had the gallery of 3,000 Atlantan reeled off a string of bird- i persons hoarse with cheering. * ! . Tt was another master stroke for j Bobby who started two strokes be- j hind Horton Smith. Not until the last two hcles of the amazing round 1 did the defending champion yield ' a single stroke to par. He carded six birdies before reaching the 17th i hole. I Jones' aggregate of 212 for the j Missing Mponey Witness'Found Local Man Makes Announcement Today; Time for Filing Closes Tonight A contest for the Democratic ncnilnallon for representative from Mississippi county In the stale legislature developed today, the last day for filing,-with the announcement of the candidacy of W. Haul 1 Marsh In opposition to E. E. Al- I exander, who lias filed for reelection. • Mr. Marsh filed his corrupt prac- j.llce pledge with the county clerk's office this morning, and left for i Osceola this afternoon to file with I Bruce Ivy, secretary of the Demo- ! J °hn McDonald,' above, waller, who | cretlc county central committee, i Favors Reapportionment | Reapportibnment of the stale leg- I Islalure on the basis of the 1930 -| census, in accordlnce with lhe state i constitution, Is one of the prlncl- i pal planks In Mr. Marsh's platform. He also 'expressed himself as favoring adequate sChcSl leglsla- I wns a witness at the trlalof Tom j Mooney for tho.1010 San Francisco preparedness day bombing, has been found in Baltimore by friends of Mooney who .believe he may be the means 'of freeing Mooney from prison. McDonald at one lime admitted he testified falsely In Mooney's trial. j Present Heal Wave Reacli- ! es High Mark This After- i noon; No Relief in Sight. I » — = ! fio hot that on egg was tried on I Main street, pavemeal this ofter- j noon, the ofllclal government ther- I momcler registered '101M at 3 | o'clock and Francis Carpenter, observer. predicted that It would be 108 by 4 o'clock as the mercury hur climbed swiftly since 1 o'clock when 11 was 105K, . Although n breeze abated last night's heal, the thermometer began rising early thl morning and 'has now broken n! records.- IOC at Oweola ; OSCEOLA, Ark., July 12.— The government thermometer here rcj- Istered 100 at 2 o'clock ycstcrdaj afternoon the, ith p: tion and to the elimination of un- Earl Carroll, produced of Broadway's' annual "Vanities," here is shown in the tiiird revival of his 'f'r"' . <1 CC , roul Vk was a "' asterful ! famous court rcom sqene—surrounded by fully -dressed members'of his cast as he appears to answer ''««sary expenses In state govcrn- fhtfleUor P « ° ! Chari " ° E Slaging an "' n(f '- mit ' S " OW '" Uft to right ln hte front ™ «™ »«» Bacon, who danced In 1 Tnl.cunc-mnnt or' Mr Mnr h'J His card: - a cou P le of ostrlc » «"*• Earl Carroll, Noami Ray and Eileen Wenzel. the latter pair, with six others,I candidacy did not come altogether! having been "mcdels" hi the act that brougiit police action against the show. ' ' ' Par (out) ... 443 534 445—30 Jones (out).. 443 433 345—33 : Par (in) .: 455 344 43* —36—72 j Jones <in) .. 4«4 . 341 345--35-68; I total agsregate 212). • • ! Hpr.tfin Smith.of Springfield, Mo., • threvy'-'away his twp strokes lead] •^today and r fmished-7G-for his third j rouridT"HIs"aggregate for. 218'"left; him G behind Bobby. j William Farrell had 73 for his' third round. Craig Wood, the New [\J ew V 0 rk Police Mav Jersey pro, had a 12 and Tommy ' ™ 1C " i€ V Armour of Orchard, Maine, slipped '• back with 15, his aggregate being ! 221. - ! Charley Lacey, the young Eng- • lish pro. cracked today after being tied with Jones yesterday. The boy took 11, coming home in 35 after a bad slart. Poor Judges of Art But Understand . Rough 'Stuff BY BILBERT- SWAN NEA Service Writtr . NEW-YORK, July 12. — Police Captain 'James Coy, Broadway's most recent mop wielder, is going to continue to disagree with Producer Earl Carroll, or anyone else' Police Save Grocer's Cash; He Insists They Meddled ' for tnot mater, en the definition of ' j "sophisticated entertainment." OMAHA, Neb.,' July 12. (UP)- i Broadway, as he'll point out on Meddling of Omaha police in his , l £ e ™, ap ' '^ Quite a long walk from _._ = _ „.. „...„„„..., „, get-rich-scheme cost him $20.000, • M 1 * ™ on ' Marte . *n°- "« ways of i to permit the passage of a tug. R. A. Robinson, retired Ottawa, the Moulin Rouge are not. at least • Kans.. grocer, insisted today, but r*' et ' fcr Forty-Second Street. the police contended they really i A CO P wno rcams the theater belt Over 60 Die as Car Falls Thru Bridge ' .V BUENOS AIRES," July 12. (UP! —A "street car carrying 62'workmen fell through an open section of the Barrancas drawbridge today and was completely 'submerged In tht- Rio Chuelo. The bodies of « of the worker's were recovered by divers and i was believed 20 or 25 bodies remained in the submerged street Escapes. Across. Line Into Oklahoma With Negro Killer of White Woman.' as a surprise, as there has been talk for several days of an effort to bring him into the race. "I am making this race." he said In his announcement, "only after careful consideration and upon the advice of many of my friends.who want to see a change. ' t d'l stand 'Squarely -for the rc- apjporttonment, so that 1 Mississippi county, which Is trie second lafgest In the slate, can have at least three representatives, one from the south torrid weather that Jins pre valldp for the past few days culminating in Hie hottest twenty- four hour period experienced here yet. Tho lowest figure recordci during the night last night was It degrees. end of the- county, one the' SHAMROCK, Texas, July 12. . _ ,., (UP)—Jesse Lee, a negro,, captured j legislation" which west side, and one from the north part of the county. T will not only .vote for this reapportlonment but 'will work for It, feeling that this would only be fair for our county. "I am strongly In Javor of all will help the C • j ,'r> : -: ' f ii '-'' t I reported sines :-the suffocat r nendS •>. base Hope_ ,. tor { weati>er*btgkvr« week'ago. rlfl_ . * * T^ 1 : ~- • Ii . "' ThiHn»1r>rc.lnrmk Htvmrrhfc c CHICAGO, July 12.. (UP)— Thru, out thft parched mid-west ' aiy south the summer's worst bent wavi continued today with relicl comlni only to a few scattered sections. More'than'100 deaths have been reported 'sine*" :-the suffocating lie His Discovery.'' -A persons in addition to the group i. laborers were' on the car. The car was traveling-at a hig!: speed when it reached the drawbridge which TBS momentarily open by officers after he had attacker 1 | schools of Mississippi county, and killed Mrs. Henry Vaughan, a j "I will do all I can lo see to- It how many white woman, at her farm horn?! that all unnecessary expenditure had saved an ungrateful and gulll- ! P™'«"ng the theater-goers from ble man that amount of hard - "necessary vulgarity may not rep- earn"d cash '• "sent the last word in "sophisli- Robinson's home town banker i cation'," but he knows "dirty stuff" had asked the police here to protect Robinson afttr the latter hurried home and obtained $20.000 with whic hto "beat the market." Robinson ^explained that lie ha-J met three men at Hot Springs, Ark., and gained inside information on advancing stocks. They agreed they would "cut in" with him for $20.000. He attempted to withdraw tha; sum from his bank in Ottawa but police Interfered on the advice of his bankers. when lie sees It. . Third Time in Court Wherefc-re Carroll, accompanied by "eight of the most beautiful M'S OHIETII T R. L. McKnight Announces for Justice of the Peace! girls in the world." appears in a third revival of his now famous court room act. Carroll was so certain that there was a definite demand on the par^ of the American public fcr the aforementioned "sophisticated entertainment" he went out to meet it while preparing .his eighth annual "Vanities." "I guess he got on the wrong trails 1 is Captain Coy's laconic commentary. Whereas Carroll, who now breaks ._. south of here, is being held in jail i shall be stopped and that the ta>: at Granite, Okla.. Sheriff Claude \ burden shall be lifted, from the McKlnney announced today. The negro was taken there for safe keeping late yesterdav. The sheriff said Lee confessed that he assaulted the woman then beat her to death. :, Md., July 12. (IIP) n held here is John Mc- and has been positively Identified as the missing witness who perjured himself during the trial of Thomas J. Mooney and Warren K. Billings In California, It was announced by authorities i here. ' ! Charles Ruzicka, an attorney who Interested himself In McDonald, said the man did not fear perjury charges which might be invoked against him In California. Under the California laws. Mc- toought.some."c lief *in 'Ka'.tfred. -[Jnrtkms ''but... i most places the'heat Wave cbrltln I ued Into Us sevcnlh day with n i Indication of abating. | At Sikcston, Mo., yesterday th was establi climbed the 112 degree mark. • Suicide was the avenue of escap< which John R. Rlngwalt, 73, Omaha, Neb., chose. ieek to Determine Caiise"p{ Walker ClarkV.!»•':.;| Claim Heat Exhaustion;,'. ;•• Seeking to determine the mariner; n which Walker Clark, 52, negro ;cnvlct at the Brlnkley; brothers •:';,,I :ounty farm met Ills'-dsath'.-yes7.!>] erday, a coroner's jury was ^holdh ; ng an inquest at the county .'court-'. .* louse while a. crowd ; of. several .'•] Kindred people packed the 'courj^. ; •oom this afternoon.--..•<;•' .-,'..£-\i The body .of. the. negro 'atmylct.->{ was brought to the..morguei 'bi =•• teasley and Cobb, local-negro>ml- ; { i ilertakers, 'early Oils' m'orrirnY--ti- : ;-5 cr relatives of the dead rijiri"wereV ^ called to the county, farm last night to remove his body. Whether the negro met rom heat exhaustion, as maintain- -1. ed by the operators of ^the' county .-| 'arm, or In some ' other manner : j- was the question .for, the jury- to'.V ilcclde, Tom ' Hendrlcks, . coroner,. ' ; stated In his charge to ! 'the;yury : ..-(.'• this afternoon. -. ' . Wlille-tlie inquest 'was 'In p'rogrtu "'!- Ihts afternoon County Judge'' Geb. .[' W. Bnrham and Nelll Reed, assljt-' -! ant prosecutor, stated • that. ;they-J! would Insist that 'an autopsy be ) made to determine 'whether .trie : .• negro's neck . had been' broken. .;.-_ ! Lciiis Cooper, negro,. brothcr-jS'- i law of the dcatf'.man, : -was ; . the. i first witness to -take ''tha 'stand :at .'.'1. lhe Inquest this afternoon'. He told ; j' of being called to the cpurity form,:. ;'• ,west of Oscecla, 'to receive ' triiil" {-. .body ot. his -kinsman.- He" tesUHea ''.:.' ' th&.t when,),-? llrst \exirhlrwd' trie'yi bodyipf'Clarlc he noticed" that the; ' *". dead':mBn'»iie<-irit11i ajid »l-;' : '-- '; nces, sighs frequently and , _., , . ., . . , „„..., the hurt look of one who is peace of Chickasawba township „<,„,„,„,, y misunderstood .He speaks since the summer of 1928, when he ot thc ,. dlsplav 0{ be!luty ,, and the was appointed by Gov. Harvey Parnell to fill a vacancy, today authorized the Courier News to make anouncement of his candidacy for reelection, subject to the Democratic primary. August 12. Mr. McKnight was elected justice of the peace in 1928, and after completing the short term to which ipprecl(lUo lrue alt But Coy counters with the commentary that his raid was staged less or the nude than for the crude. It is Item No. 12 in the "Vanities'' program that bolsters his case, he points out. • Burlesquing Burlesque This Is the scene which caused flee for the term which expires at the end of this year. McKnight came to Blytheville in 1917 and was with the Bertlgr Store company for ten years. Although never a candidate for public office until his successful race for Justice he was appointed continued in of-1 Jiramy Sayo _ the qu | ck . eycc , cloml] „„, ... „ „,„»„.. „ (o be yanked in along with Carroll and "eight cf 'the world's most beautiful girls." Savo appeared as a window trimmer, new to the job, who had to be shown how to undress the window models—these being played by several of the'beaut- ,, rather than by wax flgures.The two years ago, he has always been d i srob i ng m ay have contained all interested in political affairs and , ne cjemen ts of beauty mentioned has been an active worker in the | by Carrolli tut the didoes of the Neither Side Has Comment to Make Concerning Yesterday's Clash. MARION. Ark., July 12 (UP)— Quietude marked today the latest political stir In Crittenden county. County Judge Renfro Turner and County Court Clerk A. B. Carter, principals in personal combat at thc ccurthouse here Friday, declined to I discuss the situation. I Judge Turner and Carter traded fisticuffs after the former charged he clerk with "hiding out the court docket" to allegedly injure he Turner-Cooper political action. Tudge Turner said Carter "locked up he docket, dismissed his deputies 'or the day, and then left town limself to prevent our candidates 'rom filing their pledges for the coming election." "That's a lie," Mr. Carter shouted, and there was a momentary struggle and a bit of fisticuffs 'before Sheriff Claude Cooper pried :he two apart. Other vigorous and unpleasant language continued from the lips of both until the Judge retired from the room. Carter is the reputed boss of the Carter-Curlin - Barton supporters, Influential rivals of the Turner- Cocper clan. SHAMROCK, Tex., July 12. (UP) ; —Somewhere across the Oklahoma i line a negro was held in a secret hiding place today, while officials awaited an ebbirig of the murcTer"- ous fury of a Shamrock mob. To Sheriff Claude McKinney of Collingsworth county was given the credit for saving Jesse Lee. netrn farm hand, from an infuriate"* group of men and boys who want- "I! elected representative I pledge myself to attend every meeting ol the legislature and give all my efforts to faithfully representing ail i the people of Mississippi county." Was Army ChapUtn • Mr. Marsh is a native of Fort Wayne, Ind. He received his education at Transylvania college, Kentucky. He served in the world war as an army chaplain, and since the e<1 lo lynch him for attacking and killing a white farm woman, Mrs. Ing of the San Francisco preparedness parade, for which Mooney and Hillings were convicted ami first -. , -. , „ , . . , sentenced to death can be imme- has ukcl1 " to!1 ot cr01 ' 5 and Ief: dlately arrested and tried on n per- I a P°P" lllcc ln a » r|1 ' Ed condition. No Relief For Arkansas LITTLE HOCK, July-12, (UP)— A sun-bnkcd Arkansas today prepared Itself for a week end In which even more heal records arc expected to be shuttered. Forecasts for today and Sunday were continued fair and warmer with little hope for relief from the prolonged heat and drouth jury charge. Little Rock was set today for an- 'At a recent hearing the govcr- : olnor P" 1 "* 1 of Intense wcatlier at nor of California refused to pardoi- tcr yesterday which was the hot- Mooney, who Is believed to have I tcst day h "° slnce 1901 nml only been the victim of a frame-up but i " fractl °" ° r n degree below an all Intimated that he might do so 1' time heaL recorU - Tilc temperature McDonald could be found and ad- registered 105.5, war has been active in veterans' \ mlttcd that he perjured himself in I Jonesboro was the hottest cily ---••- Henry Vauqhan, 25. affairs. A resident of Ulytheville for the past five years. Mr. Marsh has taken an active interest in civic and community affairs. He came here as pastor of the Christian church, btu has since retired from tho | Sheriff McKtnney led an armed ( posse of 200 which searched the countryside for Lee after the woman's death was reported, The himself found the negrr .' ministry and is now engaged abled veterans of the world war. Democratic party. He has also been j oomedViTn WrVju^U bFmore" than interested injrorjMn behalf of dis-1 one wouW nnd ln the broadest of " " j burlesque numbers. It Is this scene which causes the outstanding argument anent "sophisticated entertainment" — a point, by the way. which raises a new phrase for the legalists tc 1 battle about. When the raid was staged. Carroll had already cut from the show an undressed undersea ada°u>. participated in by a male and female Five Hurt in Little Rock Automobile Collision .LITTLE ROCK, July 12. (UP) — Five persons were injured here today when two automobiles collided. Crawford McCule, driver of on' of the cars, was arrested on a the persons. L. E. News, riously injured. e °, ( I dancer, and the window scene SG- ! j' (Continued on page two) at a farm near the scenf \ f, f the assault. ' ; Realizing tile mob would try tr ynch Lee. McKlnnev made the ne- gro lie down in the back seat of his ,the radio and music business With the Partchurst and Marsh Music company, with which he became affiliated four years ago. Never hitherto a candidate for public office. in . state but In the south with the exception of Sikeu- ton, Mo. The thermometer at ! Jonesboro registered 111. Other cit- I Ics and town registered as follows: who was -cilled' to~exam!n«; 4 t£e. body of the negro when It'a'f- rived,at a local-rnorgue'thIs.Di6ni-,y : ';V Ing. declared. ; rj?:-'dld : .ribl'.'.befie'ye, JV that the skin, abrassiohs';'.would~V|;-. have .been caused tiy.;hcat'..-.He';^"- stated 'he noticed a bruUed.'jiiw;: {.. and that the negro's .neck .was'/.;, "seemingly broken." ' .'-.•' ."v>;. Dr. L. D. Massey, .Osceola..piy-V i-, islclan, who was called .'to ;Jthe v'|- ounty farm rby officials of; thei arm to examine the body .de'clar- ' d he was of the opinion that'-thei, icgrp had been-sick and met; his '!:': death from heal'eshauslion. 4 ''HB. : '-K explained the areas of skin abrSJIbrT;:^ is blisters that had dried up*«f-V' er the negro's death. •".-=' ;.'' The Oaceola physician wtieri : asked about the condition-- of-the. ;••-' negro's jaw stated that he. could :; ot determine! : other. bruises."^HiT. ; j- explained the areas of red^lind .'; • disturbed flesh on the negro's body-.->!-'. as a result of 'deterioration; that ':! '. lad set In after tiio negro's .arms'•'•]•; lad been folded across" his' -body,' '•'••}.•' At 2:45 this afternoon no'mem; •[; jer of the county farm guard: * H'oup or operators had been called \ '. to the stand but it is generally 'lv understood that they claim; jthe.'.-!'_- negro became exhausted and suc-r 1 i- cumbed to the Intense heat yes-, r. Youth, 15, Kills Father In Defense of Mother WASHINGTON, July 12. (UP)— A slender 15-year-old boy, Henry Frederick Alt was taken before a coroner's jury today to face an inquest In the killing of his father John Alt, 55, a carpenter. The boy stabbed his father ii the back with a carving knife yes terday as the man brandished a re volver and threatened to kill Hen ry's mother. The father was sale to have been crazed by liquor am 111 health. ^,, c ,^-, ^PP° nents °f P acl Refuse j porter of the Democratic party. ! to Woi'k Oil tllC Week , - - h« always been,«„ active .up- I El Dorado. 105; Searcy, 109; Bly- thevllle, 105; Stuttgart, 109'.'; Conway, 108; Camden, 105; Malvern, 109; Harrison. 104. Several heal prostrations were reported, one at Mt. Veraon and three at Cabot. curing car and drove through nrnn-i4 nf Last Day For Filing i OSCEOLA. Ark., July 12—The last day for filing pledges with the End. , — j .- „ , „„ „.,.. ^..^ . WASHINGTON, July 12. (UP)— than 100 gathered > secretary of the Democratic Cen- j Senators who were called Monday * , , , . ° owttlolj Ul me L^r:i,luvlu(.,l; oell- I '-n.n^lvlrt WILU HCrf I.UIUU IMOnuaY ?nf^ ° ,y e .", me ' ron " ' lral n" 11 " 11 "" so far has brought 1 in special session lo consider the inuing across the Oklahoma line I forth no surprise candidates for i London naval treaty rested today , •••- • M h m d' 5 ' 011 '' an<1 so- j county offices in the primary -;lec- because opponents of tl:e pact re- ! wave's :reting the neero before the mob tlon to be held on August 12. am ' fused to work on Saturday. j drownl It had been cheated dot Its j the list of township candidates Is ' ' less than In either 1928 or 1926. attack occurred In the A few pledges may be filed bs- ; An effort to arrange a session I from 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. failed. ] When the White House was in- fore the day is over, according to . formed thc senate had recessed un- Bruce Ivy. secretary of the central : tfl Monday Mr. Hoover altered his committee here. victim. The Vaughan home while the woman's msband was in the field. Wh«n threatened Mrs. Vauehan sent her .... _ .... small daughter for help. Vauaran i Opposition Is offered in fou\ I BO to his Virginia camp. rushed to the house to find his wife j county offices. George W. Barh&m. j Twice within the first week of' DES MOTNES. Iowa, July 12. (UP)—A burning sun, blamed lor the death of 17 persons in Iowa . yesterday, continued to shrd. its heat on the state today with only small prospect the week-old heat wave wll be broken. Addition of yesterday's dead to casualty list brought the hca; toll to 25 including four ownlngs. One DCS Molnes office was closed, a sign on its door reading: "Closed for the day. It's too dami hot." terday afternoon; The flrst 'jury sworn In by coro- ne r ' Hendricks this morning wa3 •' disbanded when upon Investigation -, It wiis discovered that several of the Jurors were residents of Mb- sourl and others did not have poll tax receipts. v - ;; A second jury was sworn In and proceeded with the Inquest this '»f- ternoon. • I week-end plans and arranged to ft--,,,.|B° to ni s Virinia cam. I VSCBOia unconscious on the floor. She died candidate for re-election as count 1 ' 'he special treaty session the antt- shortly afterward. j and probate judge, is opposed by ! treaty group has threatened to .dc; Zal B. Harrison of Blythevllle. T. I stroy a quorum when it was pro; W. Potter, for a number- of years i Posed to accelerate treaty consld- ' deputy circuit clerk at Osceola, and eratlon. . . . .. . ,, now a candidate for the office of Arrested tor Shorteninir | circuit clerk, is opposed by Bllly ! Oalnes of Blythevllle, who was for LENmORAD,' (UP, - Twenty-! Se° ^^'V^^^ Leningrad Bartenders Despite the majority which the Burned in Explosion • OSCEOLA, Ark.—An explosion originating in the engine room • at i the Barnsdall Refining company'5 :e plant here Thurs- resulted In severe St. Louis Greets Byrd And Two Home Boys ST LOOTS, July 12 (UP)—Admiral Richardd E. Byrd and his party Including, two St. Louis members of his south pole expedition landed at Lambert-St. Louis field today. A downtown parade and lunch with the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce were .other features in the, welcome extended to th noted flyer and explorer and to the two St. Louis men, Capt. Ashiey McKinley and Ensign Thomas B. Mulroy. Admiral Byrd plans to leave tomorrow by train for New York. . jj}, at . 1n , thecourse of ye«s lhe un-11928, and the third man In the diree them for the senate. If the filled glasses netted these manag-1 Jcld s J. w. Watkins of Leachvlllo. senate follows the precedent of 1U ers a neat surplus of several nun-! W. W. Hollipeter, present circuit foreign relations committee it will dred thousand 'rubles. According; court clerk. Is a candidate Cor thr not at to the length ot rejectlnp to the accounting system they' office of treasurer antf Is opposed the treaty on were resp-nsible for a certain num- by J. P. Pride. Both men are cf I ™ <i-ac imrf bcr of glasses out of-every barrel. Blythevllle. " * as lmd treaty ur.questionaly has the pro-' £ ay m ? rni ^,., „ , ,. , , treaty group has not been able to i b , ur ^, l " G11 ^ rt Gou * h ' ?*• local enforce its will on the anti-treaty! electrician who was repairing j minority ' P 1 " 11 ? tn the engine house at thr | time of the explosion. Mr. Gou<?h rushed to a nearby gin where the flames enveloping his were put out, and he was rushed to e local physician. He sustained second and third degree burns on both hands and forearms and on both feet and legs to the knees. Quick work on By short rationing their custom-, Mrs. John Long is running for ers they got additional glasses the re-election as county court- clerk price of which they pocketed. that grounds, understood the British government either made or was prepared to make objection to publication of secret papers In pos(Continued or; page six) j session of Mr, Hoover. the part of the fire department saved the fire from spreading to th" nearby gasoline storage tanks. The engine house where the fire originated, and its contents were a total loss, ' Jasper Youth Sentenced for Murder of His Uncle- JASPER, Ark., July 12. (UP)- ''. Robert Kllgore, 18, was under a 21 ' year penitentiary sentence today '.. for the killing of his uncle, U. 3. [ Kilgore, at an outing here a ye*r i ago. The uncle was killed when ne ;V attempted to Intervene In a quar- J .•. rel between the nephew and »n« > I other youth at a picnic/ • • • ! WEATHER ARKANSAS—Continued f«ir warm. ..-'•'

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