The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TW0 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS s Social Calendar H r M! 1 - '< TITORSDAYS EVEK^S Mld-Wae|f j. Bridge club meeting ulth yfa tVf L Hornen i^rs >Edgar Borum entertaining Thursday Contract- club, Mrs Ma\ V'ooten havuig Thursday Afternoon club. Woman's Foreignvjvtlssionary So- clet) of jTfot ChuYch of the- Nazi-, rens meeting with Mr J L Ty-. ronfc 7 >rt -z ' FRltfAYS EVFNTS Stated meeting! of O E S nt Hall atJ7?Ooc!ty-k , " t CbaptWs D and N of P E O. sponsoring blrW party at citns- llo H;\l"at 7[30 ocjoo); , \ { }~ r- ' Has Club Part; All of.the members attended the Tuesday Bridge c|ub when it met- nt the home 01 Mrs Elton W Kiiby for Iunche9n jestcrdaj •A Wo'course luncheon was serve;' nt small ta.bles arranged irt HIE .Hv Ing room." Jonquils decorated th room and. wero,itse-i as the centerpieces of the (ablcs Jn the bridge games which foi lo^ed M*3 Barry &U;bv,, hljl and >Irs C, I? Babcock s"cori; Wgh < v , ! Daughter Born VVjda^ghtflriwas born to Mr, and MiVf H, mornm.. at their home, on the Barfleld roat The- bab ( >*ho nolghcd nin pounds flt.tbirth,-hns,-rbeeiv namo Nnncj Claire ', ." * c Club Has Guest ;Mrs.-^y, D,:^Vpod Jr., played card vylth ! - members >6f the .Young -Ma; Bridge club yesterday ^he .. A. ttie home of Mrs Ma\ L rfor an afternoon party BgEric was given Mr* Llov ndn for high score ln< th games A salad pht« \vi Society. Jleets f'Ttcelve "members of the Altar S6' cietv of the Church of the Inirnac- u c.i. \jOniepnon met Mondaj afternoon 1 at the iccto y for i Ghor business meeting - ; l\Irs C Modingei ne^ly e^cte president of the group who Euccear". Mrs W-V Alexander of Osceol presided over,the business sassio; 1 V -« * lea«ue Has Kid Part} L With evenone dressed as chll dren the Epviorth I'ljue of th Ij Jw«i JvJethodist chiirclt lia; a. kid party for members of th church ,«nvregatSon Monday nigh at the church -j- Amusement was proUded bj, tVu jouthful games which \\eie playe * t i^ eur sho« unlcli was presented Eu«ene Johnston was master of ceremonies for the \aiiec program^at the end of which thr prize for the best numbei union? I the girls, went to Yselda Crockett,' •who sang and the bojs prltc v\on' to Clyde Young nho played »n harmonica k EOlo The dessert course -was sencd c a long table which had as its cen j -terplece a bowl of mlscd flowers • Tvliss rjteralcUne" Rjlec Mlsa Hel- c -" Miss Dorolhj c isl p were Ihe committee In charge o! Daily arrangements * » * Have Anniversary Dance • Approximately, 125 p-ople attend' PC! tee inniHl nnnher arj dance o' the Ho(ei)Noble in the Blue Roair last night when Clrarle^ NithoV and his band from Al-mplilb fvir- nlslied the music Since (he U'h annhwirj ob- Eerv-ance of the; hotel was held 01 George »Wa c hIn<»tons Wrthdnj favors carrying out the W8"hin lo: scheme '..were given to the sucsts Redi.whlt^ and blue hats and confetti nude the dan e a colorlu: aHflir. .•Ainprig the out of town guest- •n'ho" attended were:.Miss iiarth- Jane Carlwrlght, Miss yirainia Smith. Miss Pearl Cailwrisht, Jfis' Mai^y ^Virginia...Cromer. Miss Clem enbne 3 wen, and ^Iiss D xie Ls 1 Quirin, ill"of O$tx:oIa,.'Miss,Juanit? Smith of Ci.uthersvillc Mis3 J»r ioufs Bowell of Holland Mis- J.iarloii Johnson of Helena, Mr. anr' Mrs;> Do)iald .\Vertz. : of. Oiccoia Charles Blackwood BMh Bnck-\ood Jap White, LeRpy. Owens.-and Bill- Nicholson, all of Osceola, Bob'jone- < " "romf of Wilson. Jimmle HU1 of Marie, Roy Hat)W of Carulhersvllle, and R. B. Fandler of ISaiiUa. FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia I ...;—L.. ; .•; co'?fi.i9)8GV KtASEflvicc.iN;! i,«. Rtc.y, 5 r/T.orf.- • • l.r-^>H> Bits of News Mostly Personal Helen Louise; who iiave been ill for H- week, 'from'. 1 , influenza .at their home, 201 East Missouri averme.'are much Unproved today. . . The Rev. F. D. Whitely was in Jonesboro yesterday wlierc he al- teiidcd Jhe-Bible and Stewardshiji School, he.ld at the First Baptist church there. lie «-as in charge of the meeting. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY M, 1938 Notes Club Mrs. Uiin orrell has been ill' nt her home. 311 East Kentucky avc- me, tor two week:;, "ob Chiles, who lias been 111 from Demonstration '. , • . i .' • •• '•'"'• \ '• Club Iflews Notes Nino members an<l two visitors uttende;! the meeting of the Shady Lane Home Demonstration oliib at '/'lie Arinorel 4-11 club met Mou- iluy tiiglil, February 2), will) Eileen Hagen, president, presiding. There wore nine members, one leader mid 0)13 visiioi 1 present. Tile group .sang Calumbln the Gem of the:Ocean." wilch wa'j led ,by Vlrginin Merrill, iOJif captain.,- ; : Miss Uella Purtlc (iiscuraed and B«ve the rules lor ihc Ml Club Flay Tournament: Miss Cora Lee Co!pi»a>i, home demonstration ngcnl, gnvr a lalk on the raising factur'iiig plaii't which bore his name and made him well known throughout uouthc'ast Missouri and northeast Arkansas. He WHS for nearly CO years owner of ia drug store and confectionery hero and was one of the most widely known and beloved of olrt residents in Cape county. Hold Riles Sunday "<1U u-lllira, wrra /las OCeil H| Iroill •-«""• numr ixmuuaa^ian <:i«u «i, . ( . r™.,.,.,. nVvh malaria for Ihe - jm),. week',At Uie-.tiomc . of Mrs. Jlmmir ,lc!ms ill , V^H™, ' , , ,_,_ .._.:__.. „:", ' . r . v ^ r ^v-, ™..:_...i.;.. ..,,,. . - HJ.SOII,; vocational agriculture -instructor in Elylhcvilie high school, his home on Davis avenue, Is'.iuiim- ; T llurslii 'Vi aflc ' rn00 " proved today. *...... ;Wrs. ,). T. Hipp jircsided ;tl (lie Miss Florence chambers went- 16 mooing- The iipullry chairman led Memphis yesterday to ;« with ,her Ihe', discussion on .."The I'pultry i : . ,. chambers .-who..'is Outlook for 1938," U was reported seriously ill nt Ihc Buptlst hospital I 'hut several members toak Mdvun- thcre. Mrs. Chambers is with, hhn, 1 tagc\ ol ihe recent, good, prices (o but Dr.-Paul L..Tlpton, who'ap. Sell the cull birds,from .their llo:ks. companlcrt him liqin.c] ; rotiiriicj Mrs, .1. Norrlr, Moori'ic'fC today for Forrest City where thef will; make .their home. Mr. : .Mqon will be connected with a furniture company there,-- . ; ' ,. •The Rev. and Mrs. W. F. Coolcy Miii -*j -, ijavid. of Joiner, returned to their hcme iii .joiner last .night.- They cnme Sunday so thai the, fley. Mr, Coolcy might be with his grand- fnt.hhr. W,,W. Hollineter, \vho.died Moiidpy • -/iiorning. /while here. they. were.- the guests, of their,, parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T, Moon and, Mr. and 'Mrs, Paul E. Coaley. , ..,;';. .:;-.;>• Marian Johnson, who arrived Monday 10 be-thc guest, ot Miss Allyce Nelson and family, -returned hogr, and hog houses. At Ihe close of Ihc meeting eirts parsed lioine marie ludso and divinity candy \vhich they had mnde under t^ic super^ i-irlon-.of. Miss Purtlc. . .During the socia) meeting, -Mrs. E. Lane was showered with many (jifls. A; sandwich plate was serve:! \ \ \ Fi»al Riies Held For ; Parken, 66 HAY'll, Mo. — funeral .services were held Sunday at the Melhodlsl church at Bragg City for W. M- Parkcn. who died Saturday follow- in" » short Illness, neat!) was al- trlbule;!; , to Services , were conducted by thn Rev. Margrave. ,'.-,.. Mr. Pnrkeii WHS born in I'otosl. Mo., on Feb. 26, 1812 and ut.lhc time o( his death lie was Cii year: old, Interment was held at Hie Kennett Cetnclei-y. of , hls ,ro, will IK- at -the homo cl Mrs. W. A. j Scott on March 17. . . ,,,, ,, ,„, , , . .,. . ,- - .. : . i.i.:, , . to her home in Helenu today.,: \v "Very well, I'll tnke a-dozen for evening wear.- And be sure . . Mr . and M rs, ; Lawrence corn, there're no knotlioles in them." Qsceola 1 r-- ':-" i'. '. Society — Personal lo'(ar}""IItar» High •:!IKI| Stuilcats Nine members of ' the Osceola of St. Louis, ,-who have, been vacationing > In Florida, slopped : here on their v.'fly l(orae yesterday •,'to iiie" Driver "iiotiie "place" south" of | ll! ! tlie'-Biiests of Mr. and .Mrs, Wal• " 'tor Rosenthal. • - . -'• .Miss Ruth Bull and Mrs! W. D. Chambllp arc spending : today In i with Mr. nn.1 Mrs. Jnmes Diver at Bud King and Mi-, nnd . , _ . , _. .. . . daughter. .Pecgy Ann, oi,.TaU«li\U, ,,,,.„„(,,.,(( Lu,, mo here, for n. visit with, MIT., j Ml . n '.. ri ' Mr . parents, M, «nd Mr, J, . c. n ,*fVr *P»«S*. -'• ••' • ' W. Brownneld, of Datto, Ark., left Dr. .\V, .1. Siieddnu and Mrs. t ],| s morning for Detroit. ' They Memphis Baptist hospital Sheddan were . Memphis., .visitors | wcro accompanied to BJoomingtbn, At the Hospitals Loicn Robertson, ol Avmorcl, im- denvctit iui operation for appetuli- ycsterdu.v at the Blylhcvlllc hospital. 'Tom A. Little, who iias iicr.n recuperating -fiom a serious illness ul'yhis home here, was returned Ipjthe. Memphis Methodist hospital tqdoj'i for a routine examination. He ;|s continuing to Improve and will probably be brought home again-within a few days. Mrs. Little, and hfs nurse accompanied him down in a Cobb ambulance. 1 .Mrs. C. A. Hovcy went to Memphis .yesterday where she underwent an operation for the removal of :i tocth. Her sister. Mrs. Henry Humphrey, and Mm. Christine Webb .-mm took her down and the opcr- *»'-.- "•«.•; »erfnrmed today. Mrs. J. T. Johns was taken to I'm yester- Fimeral Services Held ForMrs. C. SMCirkpatrick Mo,, Hcl) 23—Funeral .scvvjcqs for Mrs. Eliz atcth jane' Crow kirkunlrick. 64, — ...- _,.. were, held here Tuesday mqrni»g —1-uncral services, .were held here hit eleven o'clock, at the first Bap- snday Afternoon for I. Ben Miller. J list Church, the Rev, D. K. .Foster . founder ol (he ice cream inarm- i conducliiig Hie services-. Intermenl Cape ' . U C.1RARDEAU. Mo.. l-'ol>. a;i. 'as Iii Little Pialilc cemcl«ry. Mrs. Klrkpatrick died Monday aflernon. She had lived near here lor 27 years. Surviving BIC her husband, C. S. her daughter, Mrs. Eunice Cook; four grandchildren, Mrs. Orbin Kellcy, Mrs. Earl fiankston. and Bennett nnd Joyce Cook; one brother. John crow; and one great grandchild. All reside In this city. > , (t Is Dangerous ft is dnngci-oiis lo sell a SUBSTITUTE for 66C. Just to make tluvc or four cent.'* 'more. Customers aio youi;, best, assetij; lose them mid you, lose your.,, business. 666 Is worth three or four times as much ill a SUBSTITUTE. yesterday. Hi., by- Mrs. Jake ilopp who has : ' Mrs - •'- Adair. of Caruthci-j- admitted to the . Mre. B. W. BrngK returned yes- been the guest 'of her parents,' Mr.' vill °' lms })Cm lgh'.:'SChooV-.wevc guest speaker.-, tcrdi^y from ii business trip to New and Mrs. II. B. Oakcs,''iUKl family i Mem V h ls Baptist hospital, efcre -the,- Rotary Club nt"their Crl6nl , s ;,.., sh;) , ,., r e lurnrf - . trim ,„,.. the past Ulrce weeks. '•'•'- ' A 6on ™, s lborn to Mr - an <' Ml " ; - •ecUly meeting yesterday, .setting Ncv>v p r i enns - <0 Memphis by nlnw., Clyde Wilson and;. Frank Grcar By , r .°". Rob!nson of "Wilson, yester- hos- .Jlstpry class during• Constitution /eek. Thosa.taking.part-were Bar- .ava Clinton, -'Betty -Ann \Vlilt- varth, Lou Ellen Stephens.. Pearl Jartwrlgrit, Marie Mayo, Charles Jroen, Ralph ,\Vil?pni Julian >Fnlr- .sy, nntj f Charles'-Bawen. - jGuests int.. Ue meetiiiB were W. Scliool Children A Inrgr mmibcr of school chilrimi k,'Tuesday;, Among, (he out of town people here T : uest)ay for jtlic , funernl services^ of'W. W. : Hollipetcr. \verc:' J. •}}. '. Zellner, • iof - Prairie,, Grove, Ma..j t S. ;L. blndish, Mr. nud Mrs. are cspeplcd to attend Ihe n;arion-| toth\ir-L. \Vebb,,J. T. Ccston/Mrs' ">(e shofr Thursday- afternoon at \y. li.'.Mbbrc, 'all of Osccbla, Mrs. the city hall because of .the work, Albert Gicenwelt, and Afr. and 3. Payne,- and .A. C. -Spellings PI that !ms-been clone with wooden | Mrr, W T Beale all • of \VilsDji /larked ' Tree; Sam Owens and ;C3 ;n '.. thc s=h - n , I00ms this , l|l(] Sam c to ; Mcmp i lls ' 7/i™S f™^* 1 ™* 1 ^/ JT ^:...::... :•...:.;.. -.'... :: ••*'• "'«MU ^^ to^nns Paul, Mluti.', lEh 'Sncnkir A travel talk.on ^Mexico by Mrs. j. i L, Glsdish Illustrated- with John W. Edrlngton, H. F. Chlcn- Thu troupe appearing here is the j n Memphis Tuesday and Dr.'Hugh Beals of St. Rnfus Rose. Company, which last Dr;'and Mrs. Frank L, Roberlfi year toured llic .-soulliwest. • with O f Memphis, were- Ihe week end success, v • .••! •. . - j guests, of; Mr. and Mrs. 0'. A; Cun' iiingham! Df. Roberts .is connected with; the medical division of the University of Tennessee at Mcm- ph,ts,, •>-,• ... .....•.:',. Ucrnuin Curium spent Tuesday in-Osceola.. : .It Is said that this played (o audiences of. from WO ta ! .:..., •••.' average Single perform- ' Huffman. News iyrs. Kloyd Green and Mrs. Mat- I'ciwhilohmstwere guests^of. Mrs. R. fit -Green, of Tyler. Wednesday. ...apis's Mary LucyiEaton.-.ot'.Blythc- ville. is th.o (juest, of Mrs. Jiimuie i. . 'vs vteek. . •-: ; • ,-M ...... \)r.s. Fannie Copeland and A. S. MlUerl of Cooler,.; visited ; friends here Sundav. ,. .-. jhotographs taken nn her recent ancc aiullencc is .800,. which Includes rip, v.'iis trie principal fealiun of engagements in itawns that have Ji« Literary Department . of (he but 2000 population. .-rcigressive Club, meeting in thn' ' Hansel and Qretcl" will be prc- aome- of -Mrs. -B.-H.-Burns Tuesday sented here at 2:30 o'clock tomor- .Hcrnocn. -Mis. R. C. Movehenrt row tinder -the- auspices -of -the city .•eviewed brieflv the life of. the Coxmoil -,bf ,thc Parent Teacher : as- hm-, Santnys.™ and gave JV'n Ions.. The cast for the produc- of his took "The Ua " . Illdll(ie5; Peter.-« poor broom .•mteoph wite; .Hansel,, their, • son; GrcU:!, S'WS w^°^en°by Mr S "'a £hSr S^"V T'^" Everything for T| your cnlei Miss jessnlyu Blouieyer returned .'taiitrnent and comfort. loday from Memp.ns \ where she j Admission Matinee I0c '& 2Ge visited Air. and,,Mrs. Wilson Head l •Admission''Night liic £ 36u and Aliss Lavernn,e. Flyiui. Scout News is : '{(ir-a•-'Citcu? to 'Do given Tuesday ni?ht Vieie nnds by the ."equola t pitrol ot-CrtH Scout tvoop tvyiit aVa- iri'octi'ns-or t'lc entire troop at- th? - Pro-AyUrian church list, night. - •'•• -." •-. The troop gntlicre'd far u genenl iTicetinj-'aroi Lhcn -divided liiio the ))atro!3 < for i sepnrate '-.sessions, at which lime tlw.Sequoia,group rie^ elded lolspompr the: circus. An invitation to the public war,-extended to attend••tlif:-,, ; funcUion nt the church a 7:00 o'clock .luG.'xiav»l!;l)t. NE\V-SPRING: YARNS" ' ' AMD' FASHIONS ' '«/Hcirnat' 1 ' \f\i\Afi ' SlrS. Leslie k , Phone 1 iOZ The Rev. and Mrs. John Sclmcdl, WElor of the Christian cnurch, are he parents of son born enrly Tues- -ny mDinlng at Ihe Baptist hos- jiti'l In Memphis. The baby \veigli- d seven - pounds - and i 1 fourteen ,-jncc;" FiomiiiEjiC Minister Hcii' Dr.-.RebelI W, Gcotlloc. piolessor rf cbuicli history in tne School of .53'iigion, southern Methodist Unl- .'CKity, Dallas, Texas, ij lieic for j i time days Biijle conference a' - :hc Methodist chuicli Services will legin at, two-thirty this 'niteinoon met ccntfmie through FilJay uisht. Jr. Goodloe will speak each affci- icon on some book o' the Bible, ind at ulaht on the Aldeisgatc ex- , .criencc cf John Wesley. These :£rles of Bltle ccntsieivces belns • •Eld In February an^ Maich vrc a feature,of tie second"phase or the Bi=hcu's Crusade begun lasi! /far. !rr the Southern ,-Mathodlsl' -hurch. J. E. Bunn, Claud? ThoraiSDn "id Dr. E-.-R. Bogan of Lnxora'at- .ended the ijaiked Tree Masonic -dgs. last night as the gurst. of J. T. (;jrpcnter, J,fi. anrt Mrs. Jcltic Ditver. wl-of.n inarri.ijir nrriurrd oii'Tct'- tuaiy u, rrlurnnl \K\. niptii from tlittr wcriding tilp ^ncl iiir at home FOR SALE Wcclric Hot Waict Ilcatcr, comrarallvrly n e \v ,1 n 0 In pcrlccl cciidilioii. \vill sell ;il ;t fc.irgain, , • - Call (ilS-.T Aflor C, I'.M. which take place In Peter's home, In the vvcK:ls, and'in the gingerbread lioiisr. The. cast of "Hnnscl nml Gretcl" will be .assisted by n clown, a scsl. '!Sonja Henip," "Fred Aslalrc," an;l "Ginger Rogers," nnd ninny otbor !S wlio v.-ill.ilo specially ,. . Mrs. Louis Ar'gcnd nnd duughter, Fiiittf'«••!.« ',«& ffiiftAPPElDl SKIN •'Jh !{ : f^ / Chapping and roughness I 1 Vl'illqulcMyiub.idc : If Menthplaturri, ,, Is promptly applied. 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'»'"•''•' -SAVE' C V MONEY.. AT MINES MKT. 118 W. Main rtioue 'M 'IV OT thai American women ;irc - ,. larly fond nf ' . V : ' btit every spriiin- one sees thousands of (h'cni donning 'the'"t'0dlish'''u'eatficr nnifot-'ni';' , . the ! mdistiensiblc' suit." And iiV Blyllu'viUe hundreds arc .choosing from' Whitsitt'iV <lis- (inguishcd icolicctiori 1 nuinnish' suits'; 'Casual su'its/i wardrobe suits/- costume siiils that -coniplejcty -fit 'their requirements -arid bijcl- ! Kcl8'.'J-"' ' i ; -" : i . '':••...' "F.QLLQW SLUT In Whiidtt', Cstuni Suits to VEILED HIiSlTS No matter how severely (aiiovtt! Minr.stiil this spring, your luit must; be charminifly feminine in Ihe-approved styles-of-Vogu c \vith loads (>!'• vc i i i HJJ ( ( , | tw j < s Uirry-e y o U thruugh. .50 Glove : •{*',Fashions 1ANSEW lo ^ W $35.0. 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