The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1936
Page 2
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f AGB TWO : BLYTIIBVILLE, (AUK.) CQUltlM NEWS' Won 1 cl • Not- Forget Fa 111 c rs (Conllinidd fixftn Page 1) ijcnUcnUary was icleiscd In ordci ( [Jhc next record federal nits swvi OH Campbell is a luls'v arrest on a burglary charge in. 1932. Hf"»as released on bond and the ca& Will Is ji'ilcU ns ' peAdlng '* Wnnl&nu limner Crime .Itc Is listed as ' wauled I" con- iNfctioii with the Brcmer kldnfin- ijl'lrt St Paul til Janunrs, )934 Ws is b*l!e\cd to )n\e Kcli one of- iVifc first crlincs In Wilcli nc pWUclpatcd, as a member o( tlit! kupis-Birkci g»rig 'jn January, 1935, \\t\sn (he g-inf I)ad broken i,p nnd Mi .ilicl Dop Barker .• were in hiding In Okln- tfSna, fin., Campbell >and 'kmpis \p31crl tlifr Florida hideout .JTliey bceamejhed of llict)>licc ^JJ taking Uo u'oiucn v,ho luid bffn trtuellng \\ith them (or iomo c, riic f«o desperadoes went to aiHif, City The (hy after tlicy , federal ngqi)ls raided the eoirt, and killed both Barkers Jim-battle ilad Karph nnd Dcll rtelajed their departure owe d^y more, or iiad Uic niil takr dn> corlicr, TOupIb inj jnpbell Jjrobably would mvc suf- }tcd the same fate as did tin: BMkers '^Meanwhile, careful search of ua' hidpoul gave officers Intoima- Uori leading them to the coned Bglef Uiat Kaipls and Campbell ^jpjc staling in Atlantic citj v 'lhc\ peompllj notified the resorts po- Jiee department. U' Both <>ukk on Trigger 'Atlantic City police officers jHomplly visited Ihc hotel room *tthout i-itiking any xmusunj iir- jJSigements tor tlic inld Seisins dinger, Ka'rpls and'Campbell begun shooting as trie raiding pailj tmptcd to ciitcfflhe r6onl.. ruitlj w ndoning tlic female companions both escaped ;yiic hunt received added Impetus, however, when AUoinej den dfa) Homes S Cuimiilngs nimun'nc cd ie«ai(ls of $5000 and ^Bo fm Information leading to Vne ariesl tfj^Karpls and Cimpl>ell reipcctu"- Ju This yds onlj the second time liic Justice .deprirlihenl had inadii nse of (he 520900 fund voted to it fy ( congress tuo >eais ago for use as rewards In attempts lo capture criminals The first time MIS Mien a $5,000 reward \ias olfcred Vjr Inf6rmatlon leading to the in»e*l of Jcfnn Dtllingfei or $to(lOO tor t his capture THURSDAY. MAY. 7, 193C Ihc children .of their less prosperous neighbor*. Stich children i'noiitd be kept from vanity by u sane appreciation of tills fact on Ihc parl of tlicir parents. "I inn nn old-fasliloncd mother In many ways. I believe in stress- Ing the old-fashioned virtues in •training I'ixlldren, In tfcacliln« them the simple virtue of honesty, the dlirercntc between 'thiiw and 'mine', n .sense.of propriety and an acceptance of responsibilities. .'• "Many parents loday leave cv-. crythhiK lo the schools, which Is not fair to tile schools or. to the children.' Frequently when 'children yo wrong It is Ijecnuse parents haven't done their duty. Often when a child gets Into trouble, It Is the parents rather Mian 'he who should he punished..'' Dull Headaches Gone, Simple Remedy Does It Dcaduchr.s caused by. cdnsllpa- (li i] arc (jo'io lifter one dose 01 Adlerlkn. This cleans jjolsons out of no'l'll ii|i|:cV nnd lower bowels Ends bad slcr',i. nervqi'wicsj Kliljy Drew.'Drug Co. -—Adv, : ; Mrs. James Roosevelt. In latest portrait, ; posed especially for NKA Service nnd Courier News, * — | arrogance, fa!s6 pride, crop up most { easily III well^lo-ilo hollies und • Ij.wia: parents • ivlll 4(ikc exti'nor;!!- ' nary precautions to safeguard | ftgalnsl llieiii. ' | "I learned n very impressive lesson filoiur, tnis line from my own mollicr, who had 11 .children. , .. , <- pyoVor wliat I'lliaiighl \v:is cxccp- ICSlclcill S iVlOHlCl'-I'i'OVVUSj.tlolinlly good,.bclmvlnr on iny son's . I pail, I snid to iicr; "Uon'l yen Ihlnk 10 "fninklln is n' rcmhrkiibly good• 1111.15 boy?', to which my 'motlier replied: 'Wily shbiildn't he IjcV He has nn brothers or aistcvs .to bi>lh?r. lilm. Tnc ctiastonliig Instcd for the rest of my life. Ever since then I Ije- llcvc my prldii ill his achievement? • T 1 , Tl i Oil 11 IDUlCS; I OiVl Iiicluclc Both NKA. Kcrvii-o SlalT CorrtspnililHlt NEW YORK.— America's . lips famous liiolliev doesn't. believe ttiaC Mother's..Day ccjiiehls family ties] orv , half us well iis .1) Parent's bayj uould Mis Jnirtcs' lioosevelt. luis been je'm'penkl hy this mem- Mother Will/ Appreciate A, Gill of New Shoes whose biogrnpliy. "tirncions Lady," written b) Hlln Hnllc'Klecman, lias inaiic .her n fnmUliir 'and well-loved /perKonallly froiii . coast- 'to, holds- that "lirlnglny up children , of Dog Puzzle Professor j Ls a cPoueuitUc hnsliiess 1)1 which , !]jJ^|lio;Snd >IotHe,;, s'nould^ • A {gSANTA tfflh n ANA Cnl (UP)-SpllL '< 'If Vc' i' IppmS dtsco\ery by 1'aul Christ, student at the tmntn Am Junior College cleaning tlic bod\ of the dife for an experiment In his eol Icge zoology course Christ found. tttes split tcetli nnd reported the i.RICIlES INCHEASIS rAHt'N'rAl, BUlit'U'liN . ' •. ' ' ! "Well-to-do parents everywhere coufd '^Vbbnbly' profit by rtiy motlier's words. . They should remember that ' t'helr .son.s : . aijtl daughters have- exlraorinai-y. ad- \Vi: suRRCst n smart In't comfortable pair of our new White Arch-" Support.' slippers. All sizes and widths. S'1.95 $2.95 |3;95 FIN 10 I''KATI!KUS r HOSIHllY FOU , «cif. Httc fir Other llosc lo ffJu ZEtJ^NE.i:<'S SLIPPER Sllt)i 'c' c'oilld-' haVe'-' a : 'P,ifcnl3' Dij iin]ili!isi/ln; I Ills twin rcspMi- _... _,.... .s.ibility.'l sliould like II fur bctler." 11 both (he uppeiiand ]o«-(P'esldcnt Roosevelt's mother .sakl jaws of R .mongril dog Inve '" in exclusive Interview, "If I fonllilaiui proi'i'isois fol-'hnd anj "iuccc^s in bringing up my 'only child, it is, I believe,-rjecauss' my husband and I vvrrc absolutely nf one in cveryrhlng thiU had to ;do ; \vilh 3iis upbringing. I am Sony '/or children in homes where tiitn'e is not this harmony and iimler- ijuumg to J Russell Brulf collcgt 'Tf we could- hiive a Parents' s«teice head Professors at HID UiV uhlcn vvonld bring home to DWiersIt> of Southeni California both father and mother Iheir joint ^nji the UnUersitj of California responsibility to Ihciv children, ;il wre consulted but no explain.-, might lic.Jp to cement together ' ninny . homes which now show n tten of the .curious teeth foroia- tjotis could te gfven ' (jHe'rcdlly was cited as the came !# Bruff, although he. admitted It'LEADS TO ERROR, xrS-s the first cisc 6f i!s kind to' 'I suppose most people- \voulil ccme to his attention - . .tendency towards disruption. MOTHERLY PRIDE - ' •;The dogs dfftunted for 'cdlege laboratories. , I think tint n Mother's nay, im^skeleton has been sage should be addressed cv-nln- exhibition in .Vthc'Elvtly to mothers in middle clnss (OP) - homes 'rather -than to.tlmse in the nomes of the well-to-do, where the children- have exceptional a;l- vantascs.'I do not agree with tlirm. "i Shirk Dcrlij Tro j.WATSONVILLE, Cnl. ijatifornia's latest proposal for i I he 'poor little rich child' also sur- licdern stiort Is a "Shart Derbv ' fers gieal lundicnCis. Sflftsliue.-.s At double objcct!\e will be to rid Monterey Bay ol sharks and ajvard fcrtvs to the nshemnn who gels Away with the most of Hum '.Explorers In the Yukon territory,' Cfnada, during 1935,' discovered 19 new mountain peaks mon, than NXOOO feet high: DR. SALIBA Eye,.Ear, Nose, Throat Clinic | CLASSICS 1'TITKO ' Room 210 - Ingram lildg. Office Phone -118 - Res. 41o'fl Americals Cicalosl Refrigerator VALUE! I STFAVART- A few of (he fMiurcr, ivtilch ronkc tills tin: Brc.ilr-il l:t>x tor Ih5 Sav-a-!;tcp. SlW-n-liiiy. lill-a-shcir. Illuminated -Cold Control, -Snrc- tv 7ntlc -.Tcmpciaturo Control EMra : l.arg,'; Ice CasJaclty. Diikccl UULiix KxlcVinr,. , .'Por-v cel.iin Interior, D n o SCnlcd Insulation, Twin 'C^'linrlq'i si i- OJ- c,lc Compressor. " . : "COSfS LESS - RUNS FOR LESS" jBROADWAY SALES-CO. S. 'Broadway Telephone 111 111 K.'-Miilh UA luiiiT PRICKS ^VKHY DAY MST MAKlvUT .IN, TOWN :- In OliI '• I 1 . O. ISlils. I'hoiic 231 WE Ucllvrr t'UUK I.AIU), Lh. .. 14c r 1 Mis. 5SC; H Dis. Sl.l/o AUK IVIealv. MUTTON \cnors, or UoasL ' l;l) liahy Honiogini/.ed. Foods Call NKCK , These Have Meat. 71C rM Pure i ,i i N c n . <ir Pimento. IUITTKK, Process i Creamery. Lb. '> ; KAHS, Fresli 7'1 C Cleaned l>crfecl. V.I) <J'. VllUW COCOA, 2-Lb. IJox PII'UK SAUSAtJt';, , Countrv Stvle. 1,1). 15 L ({'KKtiN HfcANS, Blvlhcvillu. Can I-CTTUCK, Nice. 7^ Ik-ad 3 •IS Lb.--. Net. POTATO US, While. 10" 1(K I;I)S. -LJ PUACHKS, Libby's llcLux. 2 1 /, Can SAIT. MKAT, • licsl l7'/ji'; -Hoiling 2 C/VNpVA-COFKKB, iJ). .lar Pork Uoasl, Picnic lb 17 1 /'Pork Steak, l,!> ?.OC "spTnuKfiTor ou: I.nin or Uound Slcak K. C. Swift Prcm. l.b ri.OUH, Sf) While Guaranteed. 2-1 Ibs Sbldr, lb 2Dc'; T. ftili CUACKFKS, Fresh' - 1 |TC NliC. 2-1,1). liox U IMG i.ivKi 'I'a.sty, Tender. lc 'VIICNNA SAUSAGIO JTC Can J ^n\';sAisAGKoi: 1 nc Hamburger. Lb. A« r A N DY, TchocolalcT 1 ftC Drop?. l.b. ID l''cj\ Teiin. %. 15 C MOTIIKK'S OA'I'S, Prc'inium. 3-Ui. 1!0\ ;S, Tu'rni|> or r(' Mus'lnrcl. Gallon c). While Ribbon Short- 07^ ; ,', -1 lb -l!lc; S lb til. IKKN ONIONS or 1C HAD1SHKS. Hunch 1 PtiHI'l' COFFKK," iqiC I' (Iruiuul. Lh. i.Li'1 OUAN v (iV;s, Catif. lf(: Seedless, ])n/. U SOCKKYK SALMON or< Del Monle. l.b. Can ^3 GUAI'K FRUIT, 1C( Marsh Seedless. I for 13 Fl.OUIi, Gold Medal 1>0( or Ofti-xii. 20-lh Sii. HANANAS. Fancy (K Yellow. r,i,. 4l> CUiSCO. ;f His. , r i!)c; l.b. Can Creamy. 10 Us. ' LIBERTY GASH GROCERS "311 West Main Street, Blytlievillc, Arl ( . SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Home Crown I'ickcil . I'i't'.sli Daily Set' Them! ay-air. Qt. 12ic GRAPEFRUIT Nc\v 2c Or Otliciiiiis Elicit 2 liest Cream >l Tl *k 2.i-y>. Sack *fr«5O CilANNUL CAT, Pound ....... .. ... 2»c IlONl'JLIiSS CAf, Pound 1 fit New Red U. S. No. 1 Pound 3c Fresh liiiheh LETTUCE Heads Kaeh Jiirnho SiaVk lOc SQUASH Yellow ol- Whi'c . I'oimdl 5c I'i'oet'.ss ronriil 23 CIJCUMBERS 1 ADFl LMW Srtb'iV White Comnnuml '• ...- Ronsf or Chops , U'otmil LIVER CHEESE I'd imil KRAUT I'ound fUUKF' Wisconsin full Cream' ; ^,f|^ Vili-i'llki'iJ : • , " Pound iSii~Kif^> - FRANKS-,. l-'orc Qti'avier. ' For Knas'l "•« .• j ' ' •' ' . . '. VUIIIKI & 3 2" : Kresh, Cvis)) 12tc BANANAS- Sixc '6 ii'i I'd i"'Amsiik •• *' CORN •RliliF Poiiliil 10c 1I7i Mixed . Ih^-'-Po-Mtl' Half or :\Vholc. 4 i -•.'oiiiui *L 2 " i/^ 2^ Spv ing lithe • No. i Cafc 6!C ASPARAGUS Fresh At POST TOASTIES 6c FLOUR 'Uisrtiil 2'1-Lb. Sack 95c HOT ROLLS .Boxen MILK Collage 3 Small or (> Tall Cans liig Itoy l.oaf 5c SHORTCAKE (i Cup Ga1<cs lOc 'RAISIN BRAN SARDINES"" Package lOc S-oz. Tall Can 4ic s - Ltlzianne I,b. Can.... 23 c CRAPE NUTS Vackagc 16c \\\ \ J! ICK CRUAS1 IILLV Kiaxweii House Coffee "Good To The LasJ, Pound Victory Ciiii" BACON ENDS Pound j,i, y Dromedary 'l-0/c. Can ...... (ic 1 Al ; ; 7 : 0/. Can ...... Oc Sliililey's Ht'st i2l-IJ>. Sack lARD Vegelolc •£!l'9 in. 8-Lb. Carton *#*SC HI earn boat Gallon .OVALTIN6 27c •S3c SALAD DRESSING Quart c : .•; • /llcrshcy l.b. Can j lOc Cluiin •' Tall Can ; t Swans Po.vvn ^ES ^v PaekaKC As^V INSTANT POSTUM ^g .an iu n<PTfl' IV-Making Jelly and LKIV1U 1 Prcscn-c-. llottlc Lip ton's Oratifiro. I'ckno ' ,>A Jlib. Can

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