The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER-15, 1930 BLYT1IHVIU.E, (AUK.) OUMUEK NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS •fwo ccou t w«d lot 0rt t la- ierUoa tod OM <*ot » wort lor Mcfi tubMQOtnt Insertion. No Miv«rtU«n*nt taken (or lew thjm He. Count the words uid tend tilt 80» FOR SALE APPLES—At Fisher's, across from City Hall, $1.25 per bushel. no-xn FOIl~SALE—New- Royal Portable Typewriter:' $47.M. Terms. Phone 405W. •• 12C-K17 SPECIALS In Repossessed Used Cars 1020 FOR» SI'OKT BDSTEK 5235 1928 CHEVKOLKT COACH . ?150 1023 FORD TOWN SEDAN §335 1D2D FOKI) IVt TON TUUCK $333 1030 FOKD FORD OR SEUAjN $»&!> 1928 FOltl) TOURING $195 PHILLIPS AlOTOK CO. Phone 811. * ,—_ — FOE"SALE—Sacks for cotton seed and -coal. Junk Dealers, opposite Frisco Station. 14P-K18 FOR RENT FOE RF,NT--Five room house in 1000 block ori Ash St. Call M. G. Goodwin. 4C-TP FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. Oarage. .305 Dougan. 14P-K21 FOR RENT — Furnished collage. Very attractive. Rent $23.50. - Thomas Land Co. 10C-K18 FOR RENT— Furnished apartment. 108 . Kentucky. Phone 683. 10P-K17 FOR RENT—Ftont or back bed- rcom. 809 Cliickasawba. 11P-K17 FOR RENT— Wont room. Reasonable. Mrs. J. H. Roberts. Phone 500. 11C-K18 FOR RENT-9 rcom house, two baths, all newly painted and papered, located on corner Highway Gl and Highway 18. Ideal location to rtourist rooms. $40.00 per month. Call L. L. Ward, 968 or 650. 12C-TF . "One~monUi rent free."GH H'cahV. ' ' 13P-K20 FOR RENT— 2 rooms, furnished lor light housekeeping. 625 Wai 1 lint St.. Phone 521. Mrs. S. P. Cavcndar. 14p-kl8 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent, white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 B. Lake SI. "<*-" WANTED — House-keeper. Apply Frisco Rooming House, opposite Frisco Station. KP-K1Q MAKR $125.C<I OR MORE a week •without investing a cent. Act as our district manager in your town. Sell delicious non-competitive quick repeating new food product. Write, wire, RALLS, 2525 W. Washington, Los Angeles, Calif. THE BEST HOT PIG, CH1M COFFEE AND RUSTIC INN WERT tic Makes 'Ein Set LAURA LOU BROOKMANI AUTHOR HE "QASU ROMANCE.* 1930 NEA OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^VOU CAM ^WuU3~-G/LdP J ni:ci.\ HKIU; TODAY 4V.i.i\ MH'UifKi,!*. 17, leave* w'lili lirri-.»rnl»»lrr»» wulliir, MAU(:4lt1?r UOKKHS,- tu-Jvln htrr: uru'lliy tutltr.JOU.V MLVCHl' !j l.> lu SPIT York. Tk* »:irMii« «te iHmrrrri tlftd firm. Itoerm 'U n. jU-Juvv .foHmUatf. «• Mtruitd i^ur-". H.U'IM:V «iin'-i.'" : i>«"'"K"""- u:iwr' 'iiLlHosjrnvlifr, U In Inve i.Illi lii.-Klrl'jHtrlicll null. i:VK- I.V.V I'MISMNS, iK-nutlflll uldnw, :in ImrciiJiirr hU JauKlifrr lu odirr jnunir i<rnvlr. Jim. Vnr- >imx nErcc*, rmihldtrlittf OU:i a mrJiiiN In \lln .lllli'lii-ll'!! llirt-i'Uulm. Slu- I.IIIHI licrnmcjt-Jr.iluiiM nf tltu ukl mid m-lipiiir* Co (,'rl rWr»! lier liy piu'ciurnkliiR n hminin-r . lu- CiM-rr. Olla-mill TOII JO11I)A\. rnxi-llia'lliiu: liu( of diililoim cbnr- ntlcr.. JlilrhHI tin» furtjIJJen Ul» d: tiKlilf r in ftt Jurdnn. SMel«N Vmncn In Ne\v lork !o work null mri-n i:t'lln. Skt'' tvllx Mm «hr «-:ir<.» fur;. Jlll<]b> . lull Inler rrnllirK II li S»I»W«'-wliimi >kp IOVI-H, >1r«. r:irkim«,ari)U«<:« MKflicir* nn In towurd ' MtlrldK nnrt tbr fnlher imp unuf 'Icr iiunrp*'!. Ci-Hr\ dclirtrlN Inr nillHuiiiri* only tn find Ilint IUT 'iv rloWM (n IJPT ivherrnlim ' JIUrlifil "Arrive*, iifrrrl* n rcr t'Klnlltin null tnli<^ Crlla luu-k ti Xi-r Yurli. I'rlilinhtlr Mm. riiT»nm hni 1"- Inrnn-il Slilclils Hint Olla l> -larrr .Inrdiin. Wlit-u l>lln 1111 Ihc ullnjr nnd ()ir IHI.T. i-iiils ullli Ilir affnlr Ilirin linikfti olT. 'JlrK. I hl^lm IflU ''l-lln Klll^ 14 UOillR mnrry Illlvliull. • i\n "iiril nf <>lln'« liinllu-r. Tin mlMTMlili' il"J lunplr il Kltl I II-T M ilIl lilli tt I* UJ-S rl! llir crirl l» nilxklOB. Tliv In N ,U>tr.-iiiKlil. !!<• Bi" «« "I"' nli^rltnrlTt. KO\V GO <l\ WITH THE STOUT CII.U'TER LVt your name Jordan?" Milche askeil Hie scowling youth l[ic doorway. The corridor • dimly lit f-ml 'lie 'acea of all till lutin were shadowed. "I'm Ted Jordan, yei. What fon waul? 1 John .Mitchell suddenly liecanio ixcllablc. "I want my rtmiKhter!" ho exclaltnerl. "Cella! What have you clone with her? If she's iierc—!" "Jus! a minute! Just a minute! 1 don't know v;lin you arc or anything auont your ilauahler. What's the idea of lireakinB into a private apartment In the middle of the nlKht? You'll better get out!" Mitchell's face was livid. He would havu struck at Jordan lint llarncy Shields stcnneil uelwcen llio Iwn. "Kxcusc me," he said. ".My name is ihields ami Iliia is Mr. Mitchell —Celia Mitchell's father. Slie didn't come home this evening nml left a note sayini; she was going awuy .to slay. \\'c have iuforma- liou that die left Ihe apartment in your company. Where'is'she?" -•'rivEyft-^y ' ns l ; me? -1 dou't. know --. anything auout St.- If anybody sayi 1 was with her It's a lie!" Ho would have slammed thciloor but Shields was too iiuick for hjm. Unrucy's right arm caught Jordan by surprise. There was a Inssle In which Jordan Inst his balance. He jraltal back, piishtui: the dooc do oiwn. Another Instnutf'pind threo wero Jnsldc. / ;-V Jordan cursed loudly. Barney d plnnccl tho other's arm back id' wa^ lioldlng hiui helpless:' . "C«lin!? Mitchell cried, -Telia,' o' you'liere!" In tlie subdued light objects In e room were vaguely outlined. It ns a largo room, illuuilmiteii )iy HKlo lamp on a tnble. A'•t} 1 * J> S n ' ero two doors through' -'oaf; ol hlch a light was slllu^ns. ^J,v"j Tliero was no one clso In ith'e.flrj.t 09111. A swift glinice aridV thioi [itchcll sprain; for Ihe Inpe? chamber. 'Let so my arm, you,;.,devil!' onlan snorted. • -,i'. "Not until you tell, us •': where Cclia Is!" ':•'•"'. "IJut I don't know! 1'swear haven't seen licr.',£o,. dami on! You're wrenching my shoul Uer!" They were stniBHllns had: an orlh when Mitchell icappeajeil. 'She's not here." he taltl. "Joi Jan, where d|il you leave her!" * • • C AUNEV relaxed his hold, ijutcl: movement and Jordan ha freed himself. -"I tell you I haven ;ccn the girl!" he stormed. "Wh do you come to mo a!>oui It If si 1 isn't home 1 .' Onco and for all, ar you soins lo set out o>- do I ha- to throw you out?" Jordan's words wor« menacing but he mado no effort to carry out . ^tlint i building. It you renorl fi' to po(l^o ( lt's suru to rcacli the oW'simner'B. 1 A imblle Imo arid dry t'olng to hdi) any and I liould tliink it wou\i\ bo tilnlily Istftsteful.!' Iloro'a what I hrxvo.ln itnd—" i , Tiisy wcro tWAiiliig near tho en- rajico of Uio' apuyt'nient Shields liesan'• to Bpeuk Iltclicll Eeojnqrt skeiiticnl at llvst. or .1 i \v nioineiiia nnd then, with no.!, tlio younger mun wa!!;ul • his threat 'Listen," Barney sail calmly, "yon loft Mrs. 1'arsons' aiiarlmcnt wllh Ccliu at four o'clock tills afternoon." "I tell you 1 didn't!" Barney looked toward Mitchell. 'You'll not deny," tho older man ho nijddgd his head In agree. iVcienftj; lie' got Into hla ar and drovo away, leaving Uar iby. Tho yoniiK man ylanccd at hi; vatch. H-was alter four o'clock Jawi) was only an hour away bu l:u sky was sllll dark and tlie II nmlnallon of ilie street lamps was i feeblo contrast. Uarney lookci up and dowu.tho street. Two din a h)o:k away worn, tho only signs ot life. Ho begun to Biiunte carelessly, At ihe Intersection, he turned nml crossed to Ihe opposite sldo ot tlio street. Tlio onliro block was mailo up of ancient residences, most of iliom fallen now to humble eslale. liarney strolled slowly, ccmsideriiii; each house. Wlicn ho had gone Iho lull leiiBth of Ihe block he retraced Ills steps, stopping just opposlto the apartment in which Jordan lived. * • • 15 minutes nothing lisip- eil. liarney kopt his eyes on (lie doorway across the street. He ilid not hear anyone. npproachtr.E. Suddenly something touched him. narncy started. Tho esehimatlon died on his lips «s ho saw the cause. A-large-black cat was rubbing against. Ills leg. "Miaul" th« cat cried plaintively. "Mian!" Tlie young man grinned. "Hello, said, eyeing Jordan, "that you've Ijecu seeing my daughter repealed- 1 ly of lato though I forhiil her (o have• anything to ilo with you?" "Well, what arc you going to do about ill" Again Mitchell looked as-tlioush ..rind n Imlf."- —.jied u nlgur 6t( 'Ii":u t.ootb anil called .tilV Mil. ell n -hloiivc. •?' A iiiaH'u voice numvoi'cd., "Mr. .MUclicll it not lii'k, sni.l. -liu led ubouf 15 "1 f.t. This h Hlile.Ws _ i >uu knuw H liu'lett nny" uioS 1 KO for me!" •' "D-A you say Mr, HlileUla'i sir. Mr. Mitchell mid -lo lell yu'.i you cuiild reach him nt Mm. I'ar- btins' liainc." 1'arney iljaiikf 1 !! tiio^'niiui liuni! up. Ton minutes laUT !io calkil Kvclyu I'ar.sons 1 iiparlincni. Mitriiolt tunin 10 the telephone. "Tiiat you, Slik-hlst" hd bi'nsnui;ly. "l)|ii iniytliliig liappi'ir.' "XiUliliiB. Mr. Mltelu-ll. i:iviy llihu;'.s Iwen qulol." "I)W tins ?cltnv, r •—• jironiiMi lo si-:iil Khow uv:" "Vcs. I Just u-lt him." "I'l'.tn you'd U;U']- eynie l':iria'y ngiccil nnd ilcruirtotl (IKIA tl:e f\iav. He hnlli'il roi'.i: (o Kvclyn's aimlnuMil. I'velyn hciht-lf opi'ncil the ilcor lu nnswor to lili riiif. "Ciiwl morning. Mr. Shields! Oil, wh:it a terrible nlsht Ilils li:i» hi but i.^. I'arsonb' tono wan i fur all ihnl her chcolt3" cat," he said.- "Is this your bent'! Hope yon don't mind It I stick around a while." It was a long vigil the pair kept. A few vehicles passed, nnd ono or two peileslrians. but no turbc-d Ihe young man. ono dls- No one would nttnctt tho young ma! entered or left tho apartment he and onco more ISarncy Shields Interfered. "She Isn't hero— that's clear." Shields said. "1 doubt if you'll get anything out o? him b'y asking questions. Maybe we'd better go." ' "You If you know what's gooil for you!" Jordan threatened. John Mitchell hesitated, thought better of it anil followed Shields lo Hie tloor. The door snapped shut. Mitchell and Shields went downstairs and out ot Ihc building. The father launched into Incoherent lives. "I'll handle that inve young scoundrel!" be concluded. "I'm solng to find an officer—" ..."You.mean have Jordan, arce^f-. "I certainly do." "But, Mr. Mitchell— what good will that do? It's Cella we want to find." "Jordan knows where ehe Is. I'd swear to ill" "Maybe. But yon know she'snot acrn?s the waj. Gradually the sky Brew lighter, failed, leaving a gray world. Biirncy Shields resumed pacliiK up and down Hie block. Ho looked haggard hut not because of lack of sleep. Several times tlie door on which Shields kept a constant watch oiKjueil ami closed but Jordan did not come out. It was nearly S:30 when a middle-aged man slightly overweight and wearing a gray suit and hat approached Darncy. "Excuse me," ho said, "does your iiomc happen to be Shields?" Barney Ecrulluizeil Ihc slrauger, 'Tm- from the.-—- oflice."^ th_e hi(n"' added." "mentioning "a'vly.ell- known private detective "Here on the Mitchell job. Is Unit the apartment over {here?" A T Shields tlntcil as healthily u:nl her in;; roljo was cvcii i.ioi'e becoming than usual. ifcrnoy followed her Inlo the living room. John ?.lilcl:ctl liiMicil frum the wEuiiin,. "No news o( Jordan 1 .'" lu demanded without nri-1'.Klc. ' "Von didn't ECO iinylhlug at all?" "iS'othlng. Any ivuid from Hal- timore'.'" Mitchell shook Me head. "She's not there. 1 talked wllh the wo- mnn who keeps tho dnt." John MllcheU'i eyes wcro lilood- shot. II was erldcnt ho too hail s;ie«i a sleepless nighl. SudiU'uly he launched Into hille'r di'i:ancla- tioli lit Tod Jordan. "If he's to b^aniei lor llii^," lie cricil, "if he'a hairatd Cella I'll seo he gels t'.ie limit!" Tho man was actually shaking with "I don't trust Jordan," |Ult III. "Trust him? The man's n un- :orious rogue. To think iiow C-:lia could even have met such a sconn- .lrc-1 \i beyond me. lie ought lo lie in jail!" llarney Shields looked "pul how—" be liegim. "why dii! you couseul lo let Cella marrj him?" I ''Marry Jnrd:iii? Aru yen ciii?.y?" . Barney tnnud toward Mi'rf. 1'ar- tuna, "ilut y^u lold mo sh golnt; lo mairy Joidau!" Jio declared. John Mitchell's uycs blaztd. "You — ?" he cried, addressing the vrcinan. -'Kvdyi:— Is tbl^ true?" (To l!j «-jatis::i;il> HVW& VaUR C6RK-SCREW '^ N IT'S ALL \lME Wou! •WrlA-r VQUR PAU -fH' ti<y SOME .' V'<3crr% see'..- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES' WONDER WHAT? By Martin CHANCE OF LIFETIME—Reliable, ambilious man to establish 'local business. We finance yon. Experience nnnece.ssary. Make $8.00$12.00 day. Full or part time. McNESS CO., D:v. GU l-'rceport. 111. LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—Pair of black liorsc- mulcs. Weight about 1100 pounds. J. S. Bunch, Yarbro. UP-K18 May July PEuSONAL New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 15. Cotton closed steady. Open Ellgh Low- Dec. new 10SO 1103 ;1092 Dec. old 1097 1100 "1097 1110 1121 1110 1118 1118 1118 1141 1150 1138 11C7 1175 1161 1183 1100 1183 1203 1210 1202 Jan. new Jan. old Mar ..... Oct Spots tiuiet at 1110, ofi 5. TAXI—p. A. MCGREGOR Day or Nizht Service, Phone 1C. 1C-K30 Mothers desiring children cared for morning, afternoon and evening call Mrs. Wynlt' Henley, 335W. •'..-' 13P-K17 V. K. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and uackatjcs anywhere. Special rales on carload lota. Local Phone 851 , Memphis Phone.3-031 GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE Pavinjr ;imj Sower Taxes Uistricf, No. 1. Now Due G. G. CAUDILL, „•' Collcctoi'. Upslalrs in farmers Bank pldg. NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Gco. Carney, we now have (he best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE ; Pickwick Building '• ."We know we know how" IN THK CHANCERY COURT OP CH1CKASAW15A. DISTRICT .OP: MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR-1 KANSAS.-: . .- , ' • '• i • State of Arkansas, -plaintiff, i . NO: -nG2 vs! ;•'•''••• Delinqilcilt Lands, Dillard ' &, Cot- _ fin Company. Clear Lake School' District No. 4. S. W. Warien, Cale Biadfovd, Wnrrc-11 Bradford, James Hicks, Curtis Uradford. Jesse Hicks, and Louis Hicks, Ucfcmiams. WAitxixG or.nKit The eiefnulants. .S. W. Warren, Calc Brntlfqrrt. Worrell. Bradford, i James Hicks. Curt:? Bra(H6rcl,JJc.<£c Hici:s .n^id -Louis Hieks. 'arc "vronicd o a;;i:car in Ihe Chickasavvba Dis- :ricl of Mississippi Comity Chancery Cmirl within thirty days and answer .the crof.vco:nplamt of the defendants,' Dillard & Coflin Company and Clear Lake School District No. 4. - -. . Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court, and the icnl thereof, on this 15th day of November, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPKTEK, Clerk, By Harvey Morris. D. C. 15-22-29-6 SI.ECI'ING BABV SMOT1ICKS SYRACUSE, N. Y.. (UP) — A mother's fear ol disturbing Irjr infant's slumber Uxl to., the" death of' five monllis' old--'Robert Stais- fcr. son of ^fr. and Mrs. Frank J. Slcisser. Mrs. Steisscr placed the baby in t. carriage on ihe porch She glanrod at him frr.m ihe window several limes an he appeared to be sleeping, so Flic relralncci from disturbing him. Later sho Iried lo rouse him, but he was dead. He had turned over and had T the same time gray disclosed the man In credentials. They talked JMISSV HAS H1GHT OF V.'AV FOND DU LAC, Wls., (UP) — CO'.v ami Till a Wisconsin highway. Ih-j right ol way— II mvnir want:, lo foul the bill. Alfred Ludwig cullcctcd $-110 wh?n lie brought suil against a niotuiiht wh'^e aulo kilici! two ot his cows and injured two others M. Gnodimj riileil that Wifcotisin ^tatni'.'i give ccws the New Orleans Cotton When a meet on cow has tlie car NEW ORLEANS, Nov. —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low .. 1008 1105 IM'J .. 1114 1121 1112 ... 1142 1150 1138 ... 11GO 1ITC 1103 ... 1184 1193 1182 ... 1207 1207 1205 Close 1005 1037 1113 1118 11-13 11G8 1186 120S Clos 1101 1117 1HG 1170 1IB9 1205 Sjiols closed steady and unchang- Tho toll taken by motor accidents in France last y.jai was ten lives a day. The area of the Red Sea is about 178,000 square miles- 4.; ,SK;HTKI>: MJHAT DO-VOJ S C3OT. MOVJ, " AMY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HW»K-, : ...THE OiJuy THIlJS TO DO MOW IS To R-V To TH6 RANCH AHO FOR A SET Or FLOATS so v«e CAW osl THAT eir LoviEc,GiL6y- IT COULDM'T BE^LES KO. vai«rs THAT tX»N' AOOOMD I C»NT WIWD T6LLIM' YOU 1 OoM'T UliE MgiP^iP WASH .TUB!« JtU M1HO TUt MUSUV STOFF. JUST REMEMBER 'W MtlMCUIKKi NOU- SEE? ^^WE^JTOR MOU MPtf NOT. h \tL WfjHV, uic'Lt- HELP HW, soil! IF ^o'JEMER Mft^;E^CROOKED , OC.-TKV To FRrNME US, OP, US—S'V\tl-p liOMl I FOR&OT. ON6 MOMENT, f RIE.NPS- HEIV1H' ~W ?ROF. A COUPLK TOUGH HWWOOS OON'T CASH HE WiTl\ VM- WOT 5 ST016 IV? W CONFI06NCE vr rovou ts THE PROFESSOR A HUT? 6CN»US? OR M» ESCftP- tO CROOK? f\ND EPv^N BUT THEN NRE.SURE Wt IS BBU6 Ttf KT W\S UFE IS TlRCP IXNO PESPERME THE VOO?- FEUQVJ SEEMS 1 . HOW PVTIFUL WW WELVLESS 1 .

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