Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 18, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1896
Page 6
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ALL THE WORLD; Knows that the Peerless Remedy; for Diseases of the Liver, Kidneys and Bladder is Dr. J. H. MCLEAN'S ^^^ LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM It has Cured Thousands of Desperate Cases. Try It AT AH. DKUOGISTS. Pmct, $1.00 PIR HOTTH THE DR. J. H. MCLEAN MEDICINE CO. ST. COUJS, MO^ ft^aMMijaidifl^^ This is the very best Smoking Tobacco made. Blackwell's Genuine ULL DURHAM ANOTHER BUSY DAY William J, Bryan Talks to a Big Audience at Charlotte, N- Oi will iiml one coupon Inaldo onoh 2 ounce bog nnd two Speaks on the Volume of Money- Quotes Sherman and Henry Clay— His Future Movements. Charlotte, N, C., Sept. 17.—Half-pan', eight Thursday morning was the early hour set by William Bryan in complying with the request, of his Charlotte supporters to make a speech here. The Special train furnished Mr.Bryan by the North Carolina slate reception committee arrived from Asheville at a late hour Wednesday night and was side-tracked, while the candidate slept. At'eight a. in Mr. Bryan left the train and, under the escort of. the local Knights of Pythias, the Hornets' Xest riflemen aiul numerous horsemen; .proceeded to the post office park, where he addressed several thousand people-at 9:30. 1 He special train left Charlotte for Durham 'at ten o'clock. Uryitu'oo Volume of Blonny, Mr Bryan addressed his audience ou the conditions in the volume of money und quoted Senator Sherman .in his speech delivered in the. senate on the :,Ui of June, 1800, when hu declared that with the increase of population (then three per cent.) $5-1,000,000 increased ..irculation each year should be mainlined to keep pace with the increased 1 ^.C'^adcthavlncSM.OOO.OOO of new money .'ach'yen' 1 . we have been decreasing |n our ^ ""ver^en t%^3SXJ£ n M&s^^sir^« ruUUlon amonc Vho people. According to ;, KailthccoupoanndavruliowtogetyoiirAhantofjnt . . jj3j38J5$g$g$!W>WIW!3^^ IISI THE WOf=^L^PL! v «^ A T *,....>..: - .- • - •."• ~'. iS A FO:.:.T\J;•;::.."• COMPLETE YQUR EDUCATION/WITH IN MEMORY OF DEAD HEROES. Monumopl at Antlutum Unveiled ttnd Ilectlcated witli C«roiuoiilc'». Hagerstown, Md., Sept. 17. — The monument erected Ijy tho rhilnclelphi;) Brigade association ro the memory o< the 545 men of the old Philadelphia brigade who fell at Antietam, was unveiled and dedk-a;ed Thursday afternoon. The exeri-isea were participated In by the governors of Pennsylvania nnd Maryland, a brilliant escort from Philadelphia n:id Baltimore and by other hundreds, many veterans coming from a distance. After the exercises Gov, Lowndcs'en- tertnined Gov. Hastings and his staff officers in a tent, which had been erected near the monument. The Second brigade was organi/.ed in 18B1, under ' President Lincoln's call for three year troops and was composed of the Sixty-ninth, Seventy-first, Seven- ty-se«ond, and One Hundred and Sixth Pennsylvania volunteers. It , took part . in all iho principal battk's of the nrniy of the Potomac from P,all's Bluff to Appomattox and came-out of the wnr with n Joss of 3,015 men. WILL ENTER THE BOSPHORUS. JPrenlclopt Clevelnnd'n rian-< for the Cruldor Uaucroft. London. Sept. 17.—Thi: St. James Ga- /ettL 1 pnWishes a special dispatch from -Washington, in which it is asserted t'.iat President Cleveland is determined that the United States cruiser Bancroft-, now on her way to Turkish wa- The din- A WORLD-WIDE STEIKE. Contemplated Move o " " men •and Seamen: •Tine Their Pl«w t« inaugurate • Co* 1 uil 8t«k»-B»ll«™ It Will B« N«o«limry to Attain Bet-" ... t«r -Wage* . It'la'reported lit San-Francisco-that preparations are being. made for a fjongshbremen'p and Ecaiocn's strike.alJ ' • '" Andrew iSirus'eth, of 'San _. secretary; o* .the Pacific Coast SeaJnen. a .|«iion;;:JE.»D. Eldriken, Setrb-tary-MTtlW- Wotioual Seamen's .union,- and. ±A. x,Barker, secretary of ^International TLoDgBhoreroen's union, have been, corresponding with seamen of- diilerent eotmtries about arranging for a uni- ''•ntK* strike. Thoy believe -chat a rtrBke aJT seamen and 'longshoremen, to Ueouccessful, should be universal. The leacTia-s here have been corresponding -with seamen's unions in England, Trance, Australia, Germany, Italy and ^ne^of .the leaders of the Atlantic Coaiit S"amen'» union said that the big dock strikes in England were only a -prelude to bigger Etrikes, and the time waa nearly ripe for a strike of seamen *nd longshoremen everywhere. Conferences were being held in Great Britain and other shipping centers, and th«e was a general feeling that a great struggle was near. Demands are for better wages ana conditions, and for guarantees that sailors will be protected against tyranny <rf unjust captains and shipping *nas- wj' have become"alive ,oncl in a way vegetable, and tohave faded and shrunk like autumn leaves ; . One Sunday niorning they were sang- Ing soine fugne' composition, by Iknow 'not whom. -How well that music suit- 'ed : St. Mark's! The constant inter- leha'nge of .vault on* vault, cupola and Icnpola, column. c.nd column, handing on their energies to one another; the (springing up .of 'new .details gathered 'at once into the great general balance 'of Hues and forces; all this'seemed to 'find its natural voice in that fugue, to .'express, in that continuous revolution of .theme chasing, enveloping theme; Hs own grave-emotion of .life everlasting: • Being, becoming; becoming, being. * OYSTER FAMINE PREDICTED. A Wealer Say» the Beds Are So« to Be •Bxhftnsted. "Oysters will be a very rare delicacy in a few years," said an oyster man of Kew York to a Washington, Star reporter. 'Tor -many years the beds v^re preserved to a large extent by .having an oyster season and keeping alive tha I popular idea that'oysters were not good except from September to April. This g-ave four months during Which the oysters were left alone and allowed to increase. As a- matter: of fact, I think they arc a little better during those four months than at any other time. This'was first discovered by the seaside m ST. MARK'S. JJttect at Fueuo Mmlc. Any old and beautiful church gfve us •n ihat is n:ost moving and noblest- Vgnnism, boauty, absence of all thinga momentary nnd worthless, exclusion <rf grotwnexK, of brute utility and mean 'compromise, equality of all men be- jtore God; moreover, time, eternity, the ;pa-st und the great dead. All noble 'chwcbcsgivc us this; how much more, 'therefore, says the Contemporary Ke- Tiew, St.. Mark's, which Js noblest and most venerable! It has, like no other building, been li'anded over by man to nature;'time. ' molding and tinting into life this structure already so'absohVtely or<yanic,'sp litfck cupolas mutually.supported, the i-weiglit of ciwh ciii'i'ied bynl-1; the very -color.' of the moi-bli-s. brown, blond, liv- 'iEg-ooIors nnd the irregular symmetry, flower-like, of their natural patterning, arc- all seemingly organic and ready for • '-vitality. -Time has added lhat, \vt-ththe "^"Vlish '•iMirt'd'innsins' a'lt'emately of the '^marbl-s. the hillowirigbf the pavement, "{tfce sTiinf/ti.r-'f^lji.' eplnmns. nntllns.t. JiVCt-i «Jl^*Jf »•'»•" "J ing the. summer months. The guests demanded bivalves when they returned to their homes, and now in all eastern, cities the signs of 'Fresh Oysters' are as numeroiis in July and August as in January.and February. The new demand is being supplied, and at no time ore the beds left undisturbed. It is now only a- question of a few years before the oysters are gone, and all because the summer resort hotel men disabused the minds of the people ox to their not being'good to ea.fc from April to September." ( . American Sent to Jail In Germany. Berlin, Sept. 17.—W. H. Bowers, alias Moore, ••' alias Burton, of St. Ijouis, Mo., was - sentenced in court here Thursday to five years' imprisonment a,t hard labor for robbing the Berlin Cass«n Vereinof 5,000 marks. Bowers, in 1881, tried his hand at. bank robbery in America, he;bciag known at that time as George Eb'bens. nequext for Coo College. Cedar Rapids, ln-.,':Sopt'. .'17.—By the lerms of th'e will of 'the late President Marshall,: of Coe college, that institution will ' receive .a bequest of $5,000. Deceased was; head of, the; college for nine years. The rest of his.estate ii divide'd among his, relatives. Coinage for AuifUst. Washington, Sept: 17.—Mint Director Preston ma.de-publicThursclay the coin- ,ag? of silver dollars for August. There •were coined $2,050,000,'-the seigniorage 'on ' which amounted:j to • $822,027.03, :(> mosn.ic.into'J which was Weduesday. paid into the lyiKT.iipcinmiy^ 1 treasury. , ., -.-\ :'.•-. • . •' ' ^n the 30th day of Juno a year afterwa ?" IMS It had fallen to W.oni.000.000 o. tall of $f»5,6oO,000-ln' the .circulation in one year wucreas Senator Slierman said It ought to UiCM-nsa JG4,00(i,onO in that lime, so It vou will i-ilv- A" actual cJt-ilcit nnd add o hit he amount we' ouehi to have had vou will Unfl actual deficit of over $100,000,000 In circulation In one yeur. -By the 30th of Juno, IMC, this >ear, It had fall.>n from 51,t>01,UOO,000 to Jl.OT.000,000, a fall cf'tM 000,000 In the amount of money In actual'circulation amor.fr. thu people In it single year. Vou add to that the $54,000;000 we oun-ht to have had as an -increase' and there waa a deilclt in one year of more than $150,000,000. In two -years there has been a decrease In the amount at money In circulation of J250.000.000, according to the testimony of-John Sherman only six years ago. Now, my friends, those are not vain Imaginations; these statements are not evaporating of-lunatics and cranks. [Applaus-i.] There are the statements'made upon the, testimony of one of our opponents, -so short a time ago- that ever, they themselves have forgotten that the truths thty'stated arc still alive. [Applause:]'. 1 ' - ' • ' ' ' Henry Clay ,\vas :also quoted -by Mr. Bryan on the dangerous consequences of a contraction oft he currency. •," . ,, , Mr. Bryan »t Other poliitn. In company with Gov. Carr, ex-Senator Ja'rvis, Col. Julian Carr, of 'Durham, Mnj.-Hale, of -Payettevillc,-' -aiiij other prominent North Carolinians, William J. Bryan reached. Greensboro, on his .special train -via;the _ Southfinn railway, at 12:43 o'clock in the.after- noon. A great crowd at the station, including hundreds of excursionists from near-by -points, shouted vigorously an Mr. Bryan stepped to the station platform, and as he was driven .through the dusty main thoroughfare of the quaint old town several thousand people, yelling loudly,, followed his carriage, conspicuous by its red, white and blue doc•orations and four horses that drew it, to the Benbow house, where the candi- datc"a.nd his party had dinner. After- dinner Mr. Bryan' was taken to Blandwood, a'residence, on. the outskirts of town, where he delivered a speech, after being introduced by Clement Manly, chairman o£ the state democratic committee. His audience numbered between 6,000 and 8,000 nud was one of the most enthusiastio-gath- erin"s Mr Brvan has .addressed in the campaign. -Mr. Bryan left Greensboro for Durham and Raleigh at three o'clock p. m. Mr. Wrya"n'H Future Movement*. Chicago,-Sept. 17.—The following additional' dotes, arranged for William .T. Bryan, were given out at national headquarters-Thursday: , ; . -- - ' Leaves-New York Jnldnl K ht of September 29T Washington. ». C., -early morning: of September 30: Martlnafcurjr. W. Va., at 11 a. m.; Kcyser, W. Va., at three p. m. October 1.—Clarksburg, Vf. Va., at ten am- Parkersbmg, W. Va., at two p. m.; Wheeling, W. Va., at night. October 2.-Charleston, Vv. Va., at 10.30 a. m.; Himtlngton. W. Va., at one p. m.; via Chess peaka & Ohio to Cincinnati, taking O.' & M. train to St. toula, where he addresses Democratic, clubs October 3. October 5. - Memphis, morning; Nashville, evening. Mr. Bryan will spend most-of October in Illinois. Michigan, Indiana nnd Ohio. Wntnon ftt Brywn'i Home Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 17.—The Lansing theater was crowded- to the , doors Wediiesday'afternoon, tbe attraction being Hon^ Thomas'E. Watapn'a address on the issues of the campaign. Mr, Watson was introduced by State-Chairman Edmiston nnd spoke lor an hour and'a' fialf. Mr. Watson's speecli was;ade- feuso of the populist national platform and in no sense did the vice.presidential candidate refer to Mr. Scwall or to; the election in Maine. He waa particularly emphatic in •• declaring ,that under no circumstances would he^vithdrawfrom the race, -. • , • '• '' ; Rlo« Crop Not -I>Um»»ed; Washington, Sept. 17.—Consul Stang writes .the department of., state from Saigon, Cochin China, that,the Chinese, i-ice crop did not.suffer froin iriunda- '•tion;' 'as'wo's,thought -probable a fe'w weeks ago. The Hong Kong market, has declined, while the Saigon market remains firm. Exports from January l to July 23 this year amounted to'SSU,- 114,7e2'.pounds as compared 'with 933,104,60-1 ,pounds during 'the corresponding season of last year. .. Danth of u Blgr Man, . : 'incou, ill.; Sept. 17.—Eli Jan. S,. Curtis, • tt veteran of the In te war, died sudcler.ly .Wednesday. He was-n well-known ehar- •ECter,'a'ndvnotea-sis-bein-r.probably the ters, shiill enter the Bosphorus, goverimient at Washington, the patch says, is fully informed of the plans of lord Salisbury, and if the ships of the British fleet force the Straits o< 'Dardanelles, the Amcrir.iiu warships Will follow and preserve order without engaging the Turkish forts. Several of the leading provincial pa pers, including the Leeds Mercury (lib eral) and the Yorkshire Post (conserva tive), concur in the view that the joint 'oetion of the British and American warships at Constantinople would be ,: magnificent nnd eiVective cooperation. AFRAID OF THE SHERIFFS. Woold-Ue lyuchurii In TcnueKgoo Scared Off by DlKpluy of Foru«. REAL HUMAN OSTRICH. Btiaaian Woman's Stomach Pull of Metallic Objects. Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17. — A mob visited the Obion county jail at Unioi City. Thursday morning, and demanded a negro prisoner named Bill Jones, whom it waa the purpose of the mob to lynch. There was a force of ten deputy 'sheriffs on guard'in the jail who bad been placed there in anticipation of an attack. This show of force was too much for the mob's courage, and when the deputies presented their Winchesters the attacking party quietly with-. drew. Jones, the prisoner, with hi* two brothers, stabbed to death City Marshal Jesse Walters, of Fulton, Teinn., some time ago. n nd was capture'! and brought back from Missouri,where he had taken refuge. CHpt. -aeons'* M; «oyt bead. Washington, Sept. 17.-A telegram was received at the war department Thursday announcing the death of Caiit. Oeorge S. Hoyt, quartermaster at Helena, Mont., Thursday "morning from apoplexy. He _ was born in New Hampshire, appointed to the army from Wisconsin in 1867. He served from 1S61 to 1865 in.the-yol- unteer service with the Wisconsin infantry. He entered the quarterma-s- ter's department in 1SSO as a. captain. ,His death creates a vacancy in that department. While In » Hyutertcal State SUo Swallowed JluttonH, Toy Spoons, a Lure* Krj- uuil Similar Article) of Russia has produced a woman os- v.'ifih who ate any old thing with apparent relish. When it came to digesting them her stomach declined, and the services of Burgeons wore required to relieve her from the predicament into which her morbid appetite had placed hc.r. The woman, came from the province of Yalta to a hospital in Odessa for treatment. She wasSufTeringfrorn hysteria a-nd complained of pains in her stomach and an erratic appetite. After being under treatment for some time her condition became worse and the physicians decided on an operation. This decision was made after it was discovered that the patient had nn uncontrollable impulse to swallow various articles which are not regarded as palatable or nutritious. She was known to ha.ve swallowed buttons, and it was surmised that one or more of these objects had remained in .her stomach. Being too large to enter the vermiform appendix they had not caused appendicitis, but they had caused indigestion, and the doctors concluded to oat into the stomach and remove what foreign articles might be found therts. The opening of a. human stomach 13 always aji interesting operati-on, and there were a score of the leading surgeons in Odes.sa present when the operation was performed-on the. woman from Vtilfi. One long stroke, with a knife laid- the way to the stomach open, and as soon as the arrte.ries were, tied that organ wa-sattaeked. Then the surgeons gasped with surprise. The stomach was :i storehouse of curious tilings. 1 liKi fad of one or two button.-. UIB- surgeons removed eight of them, four being particularly large and irregular. Then two small toy spoons were found and a table fork. It was found necessary to rnuke the opening hi the wall of the stomach larger in Omaha Bank Falls. ' Omaha, Neb., Sept. 17.-The Midland state hank failed to open its doors for business Wednesday morning. From what, could- be learned on the outsida the deposits in the bank, amount, to about $65,000, while the loans nnd discounts are between $SO,000'nnd $90,000. There has been a constant drain on the bankduring-the last year,'but the immediate cause of the failure : wns the refusal at the clearing house Tuesday to cash tbe banker's checks, some $20,003 worth of this pnper being thrown out. TEE MARKETS. Grain. ProvlBlons, Etc. "Chicago, Sept. '17. A-HEAT - Active, ir.eguln.r, higher. Septcntbcr. MOMWic; December, ; May, C4%@C5V£c. - 'No. 2, 21W»2]%c; Nc.2 Scpten-b'er," 20%<??21c; December, ,21»i©"C; May, 24%<6 1 24%c ; '-' • •' • OATS—Slo;w' and steady No. i cusn, 15^0' October, 15%@15%c; May, Samplbs Wo higher. No Gr S White,. IKStt&c: 'No: 2. White, 20@21o. ... BAHLBY — Demand good and marKet nrm. Common thin goods, l!l«K2c, and poor damaged, 20c,.malting.co-nmon to good, 24®28c choice, 29@31o, fancy above. MESS PORK-Market fairly active and prices higher. Quotations ranged at J5..u (5)5.80 for cash; J5.72%@5.75 lor 13opt.«mber M. 7505.77% for October, ant: »C-.7<XS>6.<7« lor January. LARD - Prices steady. Quotations ranged at $3.37V4®3.« tor cash; $S.*,@3.37% for September; »3.36@3.W for .October, and |3.72 1 /4S)3,7G for January. BUTTER — Market firm at 9@15c for creameries, and lCHgl3o for dairies. LIVE POULTRY - Quiet, Turkeys, GJ 10c; Chickens, -So; Ducks, 8«Z9c per pound Geese, per'dozen, »3.00@s:2IT. WHISKY — Bteidy on the basis of 11.1! for hlg-hwlnes. | _ ' ~New York, Sept. 17. FLOU.R—Steady, nnchan;TCd, WHEAT—No. 2 Red opened excited, am active, advancing %@lo. September, CCc October,- U6 ll-lC@C6Ho; November, «7 J.-16& G7%c; December, 67 9-lG@G8l-16c; May, 711-1 "CORN—No. 2 dull, firmer. No. 2, ZfiSCTc December, 27%@2Sc.- OATS — No. 2 quiet, firmer. Western 1S029HC; .December^ .21H®81 3-16c. PORK—Quiet.' New mess, S7;60(P.25.- LABD—Steady. Steam r ro:ideret), S3.C714. • BUTTER —"Easy. Western dairy. S{ llVic: do;-creamery, ll®10c: do. factory, ,® lie; ElKlns. 10c; ; Imitation creamery, 3VM 12C ' ' CHEESE—Firm: Part'skims.'3@Gc; ful EGGS—Steady. Western. 14@lCc. ,, : Live Stock.' , • •' . - Cb.ie.ifro, Sept. 17. CATTLE—Market steady to 10ft lower clostnu dull...-Fair to -bcsf'Eoevcs/ SS:00® "s5:-stod'.ors and ft-crtcrX K.fS&S.^-.-m Is ei Oo-ivKrJi-d Dulls, Sl.^.OCr; Toxa-., SMi'i&aoO - .ilrjfil-.-W.i.J'lKt -.^.".Jy. U 1 *'*- VfW-M THE STOMACH A STOREHOUSE OP - CURIOUS THINGS. 3 rder ,to remove .a piece of crocheting, and a crochet hook stuck in it. .-Two nails, each more, than one .inch in h were dragged into view, and were followed by four pieces of Class. A small piece of iron was also 'ound and a good-sized key. Altogether "7 objects were removed from the stomach and piled in-an • amazing heap. Since then that heap has been kept on exhibition and thousands of Russian, physicians have seen and-marveled at it.- The -woman had swallowed the Miscellaneous colleotioniol-BtufMuring fit* of hysteria. . After-the operation she rallied and her recovery was., rapiO. Being relieved of its unwelcome load, the stomach rapidly healed and soon re- K'ained its normal condition, Tbepliy- Bicians who performed the operation said that many of the objects must ha^e been'in fie woman's-stomach for fonr or five months, and how she. remained alive during that time they are unabl* to- explain. , . . An abnormal appetite is a frequent symptom of hysteria,, and is not m ; it- belf remarkable; But an appetite which will cause its possessor to swa.llow.sucn a, collection, of articles as Mils hussiali woman forced into her stomach is not. related in medical annals. And tne fact that she did not die is fully as re- m-irkable- as the fact that she swallowed n fork-, spoon, nails nnd pointed n.rt.cles, One such foreign substance in the stomach has -many times caused .death, and yet this woman Jived, for months with .her..stonwch.loaded with .metal objects which couia.be removed only by an operatio'n- '_ Gladness Comes £*lills, wWch vaiuoi' «• *"y t ~~ Srto-^eiitle efforts-pleasant efforts r *rt^directed. There is comfort in ihe knowledge, that so many forms pi dckness are not due ta any actual d,s- vaue good health. Affects are Sue to the fact, thot Stw the ™e remedy which promotes internal ^eanUness without debilitating the t™ o^ which it acts. It is therefore Ifimportant, in order to get its bene- effects, to note when you pur- that you have the genuine art;is y manufacturcd by 'the : Cah- Syrup Co. only and sold by - of good health -d the system is regular, laxatives or ,£?er remedies are then not needed. If dieted with any actual disease, am •ow be commended to the most skillful 4vsicians, but if in need of a laxative, ^should have the best, and with the — ll-informed everywnere, Syrup of ^stands highest and is most largely Sand givesm™t general satisfaction. F!»U Almoit Stop » TUB. The sea tng'Tbomas ,T. Smith, of Philadelphia, was rendered almost hcJpless for a time the other day by getting into a tremendous--school of bluefish. She- could nofsteer, and when, her propeller was; worked ahead or astern the blood of the fish slashed by its sharp, blades spouted up, coloring the water all about the tug's hull. The middle of the school was held''together by the outer edffes pushing toward the center. As tbe tug got into the' thickest partof the school she'almost stopped, amd it.was impossible to handle her. Hundreds were ground up by the. propellers. Sudr deuly, as daylight, dawned, they . dispersed, and their fluttering in the water was' visible,for miles. ', Guitrdlnc HU Pigmy Income. The selectmen of New Haven have mode an application to'have a conservator appointed over ^Matthias Welser. Weiser has' a pension of eight dollars a month, and supports himself out of that. Some people, think -that he hardly needs a- conservator, to keep him from squandering his money. At the hearing in tbe probate court the other dav it was found that Weiser has a wife who lives' in- the same house, but in separate' apartments.'- -The cquple--have.no 1, bu t/prefer to live.<»P nl ^ T ' Tnw ' ii!.s ov hfr joing For A i.ake Trip? You'll fully on joy «01 of Its deli«bti •it you t*ko one of too .<"-£ MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S -LEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Saillngi between Chicago uid Isluid lour time* avfty -week. "ho new steel st-et, .,,._ -Lb'nc- ndlace. Travels, ,,... ,',ric5oli, M«rbor Spring.. !na cl S I.n*,eto riw £or our readablE reading matter, froo, or ask yonr nearest agent. • Address Jos. BeroUhelm.- G P. A. LAKE MICH. AN» ItAK* i' SUPERIOR TIl.YNS, CO. Ruth »ni) N.'W*tor St. Chicija IDBO POISON '-• • f^wtr—m^m mm m • w — "-™— t *Z.***-~ A ejrilUIAUl I owtaryorTwt. tSj^WlAJOO^OISQN permtnenUf IcurcO jnl5to35 dayt. You'ciuilietreatedM • '• imepricoutiij8riiMDe|rn"»»««« irofr to como Hero w« i s^T^^^^^SSS^SS:: ^'K^^I.Sln.m^Bo-Thr.rtj . pii*«?a,-or«ior.w ••—••---.i-,,,,, -««rnnd {*« . ISO.- AfterThirty Years'EpriJilM Ihavolbo-bc >n oirth ^01 „ MUSC. Meilicli ir nil K-oakonPfl con'dlUons n)«»nHejtot ' Sli-lnivi slTnt for-full mOOtH's troatinoiH. fv*pSa!4«.ffiSSS«s*ft.W l lS!Sff.. ' Wliv suffer with dyspepsia? , Broome; 850 South 2nd street, -7*" pbia,3a-v6: "It took only two for Braiilinn Balm to cure me of --- pepsia with which. I suffered" oter SO ' 'Vow I have no paia oi- stoinacU -.^.irrier.t M'.vtbittg- 'EraziliMi. The secret it dyspepsia jni«.

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