The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 23, 1938
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VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 290. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOOT11EAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier Blythtville HenUd Blythevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader RLYT1I1-JVIU-K, ARKANSAS, WKDNHSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, J.OS8 SINGIJJ COPIES FIVE CENTO LEVEE FIGHT I CHINESE PLIES Island of Formosa Raided In Surprise Altacks Today TOKYO, Feb. 23. (UP)—Chinese! airplanes took, the war to Japanese soil today with two raids on Formosa. Hie ijreat Japanese island and troop bast, off the China coast. r ln:> colonial ministry here estimated Hint .10 persons were killed and 30 wounded in the raids, during which Chinese planes bombed Tai- hokn, capital and chief city of the island and two other cities. It was admitted tliat property d- T -"i»e "'as considerable. The colonial ministry said there were eight planes In Die Chinese squadron, first to attack Japanese territory since tile start of the war. Train Victim's Identity ! Has Not Been Established L,_,_^^_. MEMPHIS. Feb. -a (UP)-^Shrals ol a polka dot dress were the only clues to the identity of H B ray- bnirrd woman u-lm was struct- and killed uxlav by u Frisco train u few miles south of here The mangled body 'was fomi;l along the tracks near o.'ikvlllo .sanitarium but i, check or the patients there showed none svas 'Adolf Hitler "On Stage AT FULTON, ARK. An Miss Airport Target official communique of the Formosa army headquarters said that "one or two Chinese planes i'-rjtarecl at great height, over Tikhku airport at ll;05 a.m. and drcmwd 10 uombs but missed the airport." Some bombs, it was said, struck private homes in the village of MaLsuyama and caused "several casualties" among women and children. "An nndiscernible number ot Chinese planes appeared at one p.m. and again bombed, causing casualties at the town of chikutoh. "In both cases the air defense repulsed the planes which escaped." the communique said. Asks Appropriation For Agricultural Research WASHINGTON. Feb. 23. (UP)-- Representatlve. Claude A. Fuller iCem.. ( Ark.) today asked 'a;'house sub-committee to 'favor -a- $l;OfiO,- r-OOC appropriation for ' agrlc'uHurRl rxtxonsion and research next year. Fuller, appearing before the agriculture sub-committee of the house appropriations committee, . i aid the money was "necessary for improved farm conditions." The appropriation was author- i/fd in 1935 by the Bankhcad- Joncs act but was not included in next year's proposed budget. Says 1,300,000 Lost Jobs Within Month Ministerial Alliance Completes Arrangements for Joint Undertaking Arrangements for the city-wide religious census were completed today when the Ministerial Association met at Hie First Baptist church at 10:00 o'clock this morning lo hear the report or the Rev Alfred Carpenter, director of the census. Approximately 210 people from the seven churches represented in the association will be enlisted at the different cliurcb services Sunday as census takers. An instruction class for this group will be held -"I the First Methodist church Thursday night, March 3, and on the following Sunday, they will •>°aln meet at the Methodist church for a luncheon lo be served by the women of the seven churches under the direction of the ladles of the First Methodist congregation.' The census takers will be given their Austrian Chancellor Reveal His Side Of Conference With Hitler B.v United IVess The smoke of Hitler's Austrian explosion having settled a little, Europe waited -eagerly today to lenni whether Iho extent of his threatened domination of Austria may have been exaggerated in the • Ilrst shock of his surprise move. | The answer may conic tomorrow when Chancellor Kurt Sclmschnlgir gives his side of the slory to the Austrian parliament nnd nation— In fact to the whole world. Hitler having Imd his sny and Neville chnmberluln his, Schusrh- nlgg now is expected to reveal to what extent ho has yielded lo Hitler and how tnr 1m will go in resisting Nar.l penetration Into Austria. The French viewpoint will bo represented to parliament Friday and Saturday anil Mussolini's presumably made known after Ihe pending negotiations with Orcnt Britain have started. Schuschnlgg's speech Is regarded ns so important that It will be al- Pershing Is Showing Improvement Today TUCSON, Arl/,., Feb. 23 (UP) — Ociu'ral John J. Pershing, Buffering from lilgh ulood pressure and r. rheumatic condition, was reported "very definitely Improved" today. Tlu> announcement was made nflcr nn nxHiiilnntlon of (ho 17- year-old general, who commanded the A. K F. dnvliiK the World War. RnoirtPPrq Aclmir >y Doclor Roland Havlson and Lt- UI1 J; !neie iS . rt( ™ U Jol. Kholly u. MnrletlA of tho army ucillcal service at Fort Sam Houson base hospital. This first pholo. radioed directly from Berlin to New York and rushed lo Courier News, shows Rolchs- most ZiniSJry for Austrlans to fuehrer Adolf Hitler (standing, In foreground) .delivering the speech for which the whole world had been UslcM to the broadcast ol It, marking time. In a theatrical setting, with Hermann Goerlng, Germany's No. 2 strong man, on the vos- trum above him, Der Fuehrer delivered a bristling speech In which he reiterated Germany's demands for her pre-war colonies, derided the democratic powers, said Germany's army would be increased, as- WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. (UP) — Kccrttary of Labor Prances Perkins estimated today that 1,300,000 •workers in non-agricultural pur- Miits lost their Jojtss between inld- nertmber and mid-January. assignments and team mates at this time, and begin work immediately after lunch. It | s honed that they will complete their work in two hours, and the association is asking the public to cooperate with them by remaining at home until 3:30 o'clock on the afternoon of Marcli 5,..)he ministers said. Beginning Monday. March 7. cards .will he tabulated at the First Baptist church by 1 voluntary workers from all churches. These cards •vill be turned over to the different ministers. The activities of the previous -••ceks will be brought to a climax Wednesday, March 1C. when a mass meeting of the congregations of all Churches will be held ot 7:30 p.m. at the First Presbyterian church for 'he purpose of launching an cn- 'ir-cinent campaign which will bring into the church , people who ~^re "discovered" In the census. With life campaign launched it Is ''Oped that the Sunday school and 3hureh attendance of the various •*Miwhe<; will reach a new high on March 20 and 21. A budget of S100 serted the trl-parlite bloc ol Germany, Italy and Japan would be a powerful factor in the Pacific and pledged Germany to "defend" political "freedom" of Germans living beyond the borders of the Reich. Tomato Youth, 19, Dies From Pneumonia Attack Jesse Elopper, 19-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hopper, died at his home at Tomato at six o'clock yesterday evening. He had been ill for ten days from pneumonia. The Rev. J. K. Holt, pastor of the Tomato Metliodlst church,- officiated and burial was made at Sandy Ridge cemetery. The young man. who had lived in that community all of his life. is also survived by three sisters Mrs. Violet Steps, Lettie Mae and Margarine Hopper, and four brothers. Charles, j. W., Theodore and George Hopper. Holt Funeral home was In charge of funeral arrangements. Elected President of Corporation Which Will Conduct Weekly Sales C. P. Tucker was elected president of Ihe Missco corporation In a meeting last night of 30 farmers, who completed plans for the organization of a group which will conduct weekly auction sales here of livestock and other products of the farm. Other officers named were: C. C. Langston, vice president; Russell Greenway, secretary; J. H. Smart " census and publicity" has been Jr - treasurer. Other directors are: Henry Lutes, John Smotherman made. Revivals will be?in at the churches in April 3 and continue through 'be nth. Some of the churches have, ilready announced the minister who will :spcak at their services. The others will be announced later. The Hev. G. P. Bell, D. D.. of Montreal. V. c., will speak fit the First Presbyterian church; the Hev. E. V. Boston. Th. D.. Of the Temple Bap-' Hst church in Memphis, at the First Baptist church; TJie Rev. Otis G. \ndrews of Memohis, general evan- 7elist of Methodist church south, at the First Methodist church, assisted by a special slnser. Eugene Britton of Republic, Mo.; The Rev. A. S. --"-imi. D. D.. of Kansas City, Mo., national Sunday school worker, at the First Church of the Nazarene. assisted by Mrs. London, as singer. At today's meeting, plans were made for extensive newspaper and r adlo publicity. III W€U T€Lt YOU I BOB -1 - BURNS _ NEW YORK. Feb. 23. (UP) — Motion closed very steady, open high low No matter how hard a person gels, you'll nnd that they have a soft side to their nature it you can just reach It. I know a woman oul here In Hollywood who has a reputation for havln* the "stoniest' heart In town. The other day she went to a law yer and told him she was gonna sue her husband for a divorce and for $23,000 a year alimony. The lawyer says "How much money does your husband make a year?" She says "He makes $25,000 a year —you see I'm not as heartless n people think I am—I wouldn't think of siiin' him for more than he' makin'," New CoMon Vfar May •uly Oct. Dec. /an. 920 932 938 947 949 951 921 933 940 948 950 951 919 9 20 933 942 942 945 close 927 931 933 948 947 250 and C. M. Abbott. The 35 farmers present, all of whom have purchased stock in the corporation, were enthusiastic in their plans. Although the entire amount of stock has not yet been subscribed, the amount taken Is sufficient to start the project. The exact amount needed will depend upon the physical equipment of the location decided upon. It Is estimated that a total of $2,500 will S. Parker Gilbert Dies In New York Hospital NEW YORK, Feb. 23. (UPjir-S. Parker Gilbert, financier and for- mor agent general for vepara'.iiris, died In Doctors nospltal today from rdic-nenhr.lls—a combined kidney and heart condition. He WAS a partner in J. p. Morgan nnd company and director of several load- Ing companies. Five Take Off From Santiago; Sixth Behind Remains SANTIAGO, Chile, Feb. 23. |UH) —Five United States bombing olanes look off today for Limn. Peru, on the return trip from a visit to South America. A sixth bomber remained. It was "Giving Entire Time" To Philippines Says Ex- Govemor Of Indiana WASHINGTON, Feb. 23, (UP) — High Commissioner Paul V McNutt of the ' Philippine Islands boomed by Indiana supporters for the 19W Democratic presidential nomination, today declared "I am not a candidate for any public of- Favor Aid To States To Combat Venereal eases Dis- STOPHIlllEI Carried In Shirt Pocket, Credited With Man's Life Saving A picture ho carried over lih Doubtful If Predicted Cvest Is Reached FULTON, Ark., Feb. 23. (DP) —Townspeople this afternoon I-'—.1 UH>\ ,,-n^nr, | n (rallllO. efforts io prevent the protective •• -i| -., rtc'l nivcr from collapsing before the rampant stream. Army engineers (old the United Tress they had advised the people In the iown lo evacuate, but they lind nol ordered (hem lo, as some reports said. Extensive prontrty darnui-c was expected if the emer,- Kcnoy dike protecting this small Iown dl<l nol hold. . -'•• PULTON, Ark., ; Feb. 23. (UP)—, Feverishly rc-enforclng levees :ienrt probably saved the life Inst.' against a record high Hed River, of Johnnie Prince, 30, whoso clothes were pierced by n bullcl which was deflected by the nta cover of the photograph. Elmer Jones, who Is In Jail on a charge of assault with intent to kill, E!\ys tlmt ho did not mcnn to flro nt Prince. OlTccrs say he admitted being Intoxicated when the shoot- occurred In front of Ohadnd Abraham's street. cute on West Ash (ice: "I am giving entire time, energy and thought to American affairs In (he Philippine Islands" McNutt said. Asked If he would return to the United States this fall to launch his campaign, the handsome former Indiana governor said: "I am going back to the Islands and stay there as long as I am needed." be sufficient. Thursday has been reported that there was some dl(- McNutt steadfastly refused to liculty with one ot Its motors. j discuss possibility of a third term The first plane left nt 7:46 a. m.' for President Roosevelt, (e. s. U and the others look olf "That Is a question for the WASHINGTON. Feb. 23. (UP) — The senate commerce commute today' reported favorably a bll nronosed by Senator Robert M LaFollctte (Prog.. Wls.) provldln for federal aid to states to combat venereal diseases. The committee approved the bill after eliminating a provision for nn expenditure ot $12,000,000 In fiscal 1841 and $25,000,000 for each succeeding fiscal year. The approved bill orovidcs for allocation of $3,000,000 to ths states during fiscal 1930 and $8,000.000 during fiscal 1040. Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg (Rep., Mich.) was supported by (lie committco In his contention that the amount should not bo pcclfled after fiscal 1040, hccauso It was Impossible to determine the need. Under provisions of the bill Ihe public health service would be given broad powers to study venereal diseases anil assist states In combatting them. . Jones was held to circuit court, after a hearing In municipal court this morning, and his bond fixed nt $1,600. Tlio state offered Prince's bullet-i pierced clothes as -evidence that 1 Jones aimed at hla heart. J. U Arne testified that ho attempted to Jerk Princo out of the way of Jones, who said ho was going to shoot I'rlncc's heart out. Prince testified that Joe'.' Reynolds, an employe of the. cafe, told.Jones to leave and that Jones asked' him to go out in' front ",1th him. He did so . and accord- Ing to Prince's story, Jones 'told 'ilm ho believed he would , "shoot Im heart out" and ho replied: "I don't believe you have the nerve to do it." Witnesses said | nt two minute Intervals. president of the United States to tentatively., The , fllgnl to . Llma Is expectedWswer." said McNutt. decided upon as the day the sales will be held In Blylhevllle. The seven directors and J. Mell|Man On Relief Wants to require seven Hours. Brooks, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, which is sponsoring the project, went to Paragould today to observe the methods used In a similar project there In which auctions arc held each Wednesday. A committee of Mr. Abbott, Mr. To Sell Eye To Science ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP)—William D. Eddy, 68-yenr-old relief client, has oflered his right eye Just for a little home and hnp»!-| J ness for the few remaining years LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 23 — Council, 'Peeved' At Mayor, Rename Li tile'Rock Park Greenway and Mr. Smothemum ' of life—and he really means It. I The city council, apwirentlv'-Wn- £ Jf^i 1 ! 1 " ext meetln B. to i " IVe Bought It all out," Eddy nlng" for Mayor Overman for his be held Friday night, upon the lo- said, "and I know that If the sin- advocacy of a city manager plan of rnftnn rtpn HoH nn/\rt TM,- . ,1 *..._«.. ~..L _..i .,... ~ . . ... . i*ti>n wi cation decided upon. This meeting will be at the city hall. Spots closed steady at 937. np 14. \ew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 23. (UP) —Improved feeling over International relations led cotton futures lo gains of two to 11 points at the close today, open .. 933 Mai- May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 042 949 959 961 962 high 9-10 943 951 961 9(52 9G2 low 933 939 946 953 »55 056 close 939b -940a 943 047 058 956 957 Stock Prices NEW YORK, Feb. 23. (UP)—Wall Street today concluded that the latest European developments augured well for peace and that the administration's price policy was favorable. Consequently traders bought stocks more aggressively and prices advanced one to more than three points. AT&T H() ,. 2 Anaconda Cop 35 1-4 Assoc D G 7 5-8 Beth Steel ............... 60 j. ; Boeing Air 30 Spots closed steady at 953, up 7 Chicago Corn May Jul open 60 high low GO 3-8 60 close 60 01 1-2 61 3-4 61 1-4 61 1-4 Chrysler E8 7 . 8 Coca Cola 523 Gen Elec ocn Mot Int Harvest Montgomery Ward N Y Central Packard Phillips Pet (Radio Schenly Dist Slmmoas Socony Vac Std. Oil N. J Texas Corp. geons cut out my right eye so "overmnent. which was defeated in lhat someone eke can see, the February 14 special election, , , strain might cause my left eye to r «llroaded measures, for all nur- go bad. It's a risk, but the gam- »<*>" designed to cnrry out tbeir ble would be worth It to me." i "''"'"n-'e," through at a session here The elderly man, who lives In a Monday night, primitive collage he built 20 years The council took Its "spite" out ngo in nearby Pcnfleld, told of a on Mayor Overman and his ap- desperate struggle to exist in the polnlees by changing the name of past few years. I Overman park back to Its former "You wouldn't call it living- »ame of Fair park; alx>lishin» the what my wife and r hove been Jobs of seven employes, at "least doing," lie sold. five of whom were appointees of the Eddy receives relief from the mayor, one of whom was the may- town, but from his point of view, or 's brother; appointed a special that is not a satisfactory way to committee to study privilege taxes get along. That Is why he safd. be would give an eye for a chance to really live again. 42 3-8 3.7 I G9 3 . 4 ' 37 3.3 19 j. 8 . , . 40 g.j ,, 25 ,_ 2 22 1-8 U. S, Smelt 44 3-8 70 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Feb. 23 (UP)—Cattle: receipts, 7,000. Top, 9.10 Heavy weights, 8.75-0,05 Light weights, 7.25-8.15 Bulk sows, 7.25-7.60 Cattle: receipts, 2,300 Steers, 7.10-8.00 Slaughter steers, 6.75-8.75 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6:50-7,50 Slaughter heifers, 6.60-8,00 Beef cows, 6.00-5.75 cutters and low cutters, 3.15-4.60 Oregon Farmer Hangs For Murder of Two WALLA WALLA. Wash., Feb. 23. •DP)—A crowd of 103 persons to- dny saw the hanelng of Cliifcird Hawkins, 25, of Salem, Ore., vho last December murdered two farm's. The former farm hand dropped through the trap at 12:03 a.m. Hawkins killed Earnest and Floyd Grimm, brothers, because they objected to his Illicit relA- tlons with their Edith. 13-year-old sister, lhat Jones had been drinking but that Princo bad not, Jones, who has served a number of sentences on tho county farm for various offenses, wos ai'- I'csted by city pollco Immecllatolv after slioottng. Also on the docket of court today were two cases of drlvln" while under the Influence of 11 luor nnd two persons charged '"1th public drunkenness. H F Moody was fined $100, being convicted of a charge of drlvlin while under the influence of llnuor. He '•as arrested on the highway last night. The case of Charles Cain, wlv <vas arrested on a similar chare "ftc-r his car ran Inlo a ditch Saturday night, was continued until tomorrow. Two persons charged with pub- 'lc drunkenness were each fine; Major L, Y. Kerr Dies After Long Illness MEMPHIS, Feb. 23. (UP)-MaJor L. Y. Kcrr, retired u. S. army en- °l"eer, died today at Methodist hospital otter an Illness of thrct months. He was 73. Major Kerr was connected with construction o( levees along thr Mississippi river for many years He retired from the Memphis district office of the United Slates engineers In January, 1038. here, hundreds of workmen In,) vicinity today stacked protecting barriers In efforts to I vent flood waters from pouring^ Pulton. : . Further evacuations were bell Imminent when the weather'bu •vodlclcd lhe-,Rcd would or«i£/at' 38 feet tomorrow. .--.,-..•_•".;,-.. With only an emergency dyka protecting Fulton from the muddy, rampaging stream, 200 men stacked^ thousands of sandbags atop the •'"ke here. Officials at the U. .8, army engineers headquarters here said It was highly probable that trie.. ' 'ko would give way before 38 fept- water. , r:; , Admit Chances Doubtful ' Army headquarters, which, were transferred here from ; Ashdowh, due to the edrious situation, said, workmen "might hold out the rlvei:' If It goes no higher than ,37• feet, but^ It li doujjtful that ',$e .could, .This, loivn of approximately,.600 :. Inhablfants-^phis the refugfe'Shel- •'• tered here—hag recorded an all time high water mark' with the current flood, which at nearby points has resulted In Inundation of lands hitherto untouched by 'lood waters. ; The high of 31.5 feet, sot during 'ast year's Hood, was surpassed early today when the g&ugo read 33.2 feet. Rlvermen said the stream had risen threo tenths of a foot since tho reading. Located three miles below the ' point where the swollen Red and MUtc rivers meet, Fulton tonight •nay get the brunt of excess water's '-cm uolh streams. Crests on both rivers were moving down stream. Arkansas Drops The Arkansas at Little Rock had dropped one half of a foot to re^ls- 5r 26.5 feet. At noon the same tvenm at pine Bluff stood at 31.7 "et and wns rising. Tills afternoon •'eather observers said the river at "nc Tlluff would start to drop dur- 'n» the nljht and that a bh drop •vould be recorded from Conway southward within the next 24 hours, -•-d en's ofTHals In Little Rock •oday mailed letters to prominent persons throughout the stats ask- ng for contributions to hero finance 'he care of persons forced from their homes by high waters throughout the state. Slot Machines Seized In Raids At Forrest Citv of utility firms In the city, thus taxing out of the mayor's hands one of his prime objectives and limiting the "pink slip" emergency expenditures to specific purposes instead ot allowing purchases to be made on the mayor's approval. The council session was long and hectic with major legislation being railroaded. Secret sessions ot the council held during the past week apparently had everything shipshape and all Hie proposed legislation, with the exception of an ordinance abolishing the assistant city attorney's position, can-led. The park was renamed Overman park In the mayor's honor several months ago while he was on a vacation, Labor Financed "WPA" Suggested as Possibility TOLEDO (UP)—Arthur G. Howard and C. L. Fling have n big idea they want approved by the workers of the nation. , Both were laid off by a Toledo] manufactory. They conceived the idea of contributing a quarter or a half dollar to a fund with which labor would finance Its own WPA. "We want to find out what the working men and the employers of Toledo think of our Idea," they explained. "We ^vould like to see It tried out In.Lucas county, if we succeed, the rest of the country could take It up." They said the plan actually germinated from an Incident which happened to Howard several years . — . , ago. Misfortune overtook him while, mlles w«st of here, officers found he was a farmer In western New! 811tl seized three machines. Uncle Optimistic At Big Lake The water at Big Lake Is 247.3 feet today after' having r!s?n .6 'oot during the past 1 24 hours. With •,he sun shining and water falling t points now. engineers In clmTC were optimistic today over high water conditions In this section. Fifty WPA workers, added to- lay to 60 already at work, will xmtinue sandbagging weak places In the levees until the water begins to fall at Big Lake. The crest Is expected Friday. There was a fall of .2 foot at Hornersvllle, Mo., during the past M hours. Yesterday an error was tiade in reading the sau<?e there and it was reported tbat'the water had fallen 1.1 feet when the correct fall was .1 foot. Ditches between KennetV Mo., and Haytl, Mo., are continuing to have a fall. Ditch One fell 2.35 feet. Ditch Two 1.60, Ditch Three 1.66, Ditch Four 1.67, Ditch Five .96, Ditch Six 1.09. At Big Laics -bridge, 14 miles west of I:ere, flood stage is 239 v et but there is no danger until the gauge reaches 245 feet, when patrolling starts. Engineers predicted a week ago that. the water FORREST CITY, Ark., Feb. 23. A swift raid by state police on various places within a 10 mile radius of Forrest City and the seizure of around 40 slot machines left Forrest Cltv irasninj today. The raid, led personally bv arnv Albright, superintendent of the state police, was unheralded and the raiders, composing about 15 state „._„ „ „_„ „„„ „„.„ policemen, swiftly covered various i would reach 247 feet but at that roadhouses and other places. ume , said the levee would hold. At the Top Hat, a roadhouse two York. His neighbors planted his crop of oats, Chicago Wheat Jim's tourist camp near here gave up two. Raids also were made at Helh, Hughes, Goodwin and Palestine. Some of the machines were large and bulky and consequently difficult to handle, but they were loaded WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and colder, frscz- :nj toni;ht; Thursday fair, "-mnMe- o^d "Hnltv-Falr and colder tonight with lowest temper^ ».„ .• 3J u> ^i; Thursday fair. maximum temperature here May Jul n2 oloiM ?» •£ Mo the police cars and removed yesterday was 43, minimum 3S, «A , « n^ f; or, » , „; „ „ to headquarters In Little Rock. No cloudy, according to Samuel F. 80 l-j 80 1-3 89 3-jl 89 7-8 trouble was experienced in the raids, jsoms, official weather observer.

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