The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, • FEBRUARY 22, 1938 Big Snow-Ancl-Ice Man Visitors Seek Thi Straight; T. \Varring- ton, Godwin Out iiy J. V. 'VKlKtiO Tlie season's biggest crowd is jjccted lo witness the third meeting of •,the. Blyllieville Chicks and the Monclte Biitlaloes. tonight at the national guard armory. The two clubs have clashed twice this year, the Buffs weeping the set. Early in the season they snapped an eight game winning streak of the Tribe. 43-35. Then in the finals of Iheir own'invitation tournament, Cbaeh Jimmy Dimlap': • proteges turned on the heat in lln final four minutes of play to break a 35-35 deadlock and bree?.e throng! to a 50-40 triumph. Despite the fnct that they wer barely able to qualify for the dis trict .tournament by virtue of thlrc 'place, being eliminated by Bay. wh in turn was soundly thrashed b the powerlul Jonesboro clan. 80-'JO the Buffaloes have tbelr best cage team in recent years. Fairiv tall j and extremely shifty with s|>ee<l lo burn, Ihey fairly burn up a court for Ihe entire forty minutes. They linve .scored consistently In the flO's and better nil year and utilize their olfcnse as a defense, Dopestcrs class them next to Jonesboro in the district nnd expect them to furnish the most opposition. Their record showed 30 victories and only two defeats prior to the county tournament. They won two and lost one there, giving them 32 • ^wins as compared to but three reverses. . PROBABLE LINEUPS—14 BOX ' Blytheville P os, Monelle i Wanlnglon P Adams ... P P. Reid ... C Ii. Reid ... G- Fisher ... G....' Hamilton The chances o( Ihe Chicks to break Moneltc's "spell" received a startling blow yesterday. Tommy Warriiigton, regular guard and one of the leadinf co°s in Coach Joe Dlldy's smooth working machine, withdrew from school nnd will be lost not only for the remainder of - the basketball season, but football as well. "Wild nil" Godwin, stai center and the team's eadin« point maker, went to bed yesterday will' a severe bronchial ailment nnd wil be unable to play against the Buffs He, however, may be ready for th county tournament this week em at Shawnee. Jack Jenkins will probably go lo center and Hugh Harbert at' Tommy's guard. Danny Warringion and "Daisy 'Man" Hughes will start at their reaular posts at forwards, with the'diminutive Russell Mosle.y leam- in» with Karbert at guard. When Coach Dunlap wrote the Chick big chief a lew nays ago lie said'his probable slartinc; lineup would largely depend on their outcome at Jonesboro, but he likely will start his five aces In an effort lo make it I lire e in a row and also break back into the winning column. Bill Adams and Paul Reid, an >fz< 1 • . , '• i?i >< • <f *!<v/'**••',, *,&<! ^.^''.•'•" LITHE TO UPSLT . Hughes Jenkins Mosley Harbcrt ... Bh ,-«vT* : ; ,^::. :-: :i •lore's "the biggest snowman In the world," according to claims ol Grayling, Mich. Standing 30 feet high, this Paul Bunyanesque figure s the big feature of Grayling's Winter Sports carnival. Some idea ol ilie Icc-and-snow statue's size may be gained by comparison with the six-foot man standing beside Ihe figure. Sees Little Danger ot Champ's Opponent Upsetting Future Plans BY HAItltV OKAYSON Spoils Kdllcr, NEA Service NEW YOKK, Feb. 22.—It is sale cLslon to .say that less l.s known aboul older, Nathan Mann—real name Natalino Menchcttl—than anyone who ever fought for the world heavyweight ly now championship. Indeed, the show was right on top of us before anyone heard of Mann's is-round fight "with Joe I,oiils at 4 MadLson Square Garden, Fob. 23. This does not mitigate against Mann's chance, however, althougl 1 can't see that there is any uieai danger of his knocking- the million- dollar June meeting between Louis and Max Schmellng into the ash can. Mann has confined his operations to his nntlvc Connecticut und New York, and did not attract wldc- prcad attention in Manhattan un- 1 lie dropped Bob Pastor to one n«e and poked the Bronx boy round no little at the Garden in ale November. That was no mean ccompllslnnent and the feat that s putting him in the inclosure with jOUlS. Built Like Boxcar , Mann, whom the boys in New laven call Boxcar and who looks Ike one, has tlie weapons with which to beat Louis. Certainly he s better equipped and a more pol- ;hed workman than Tommy Parr. He'll stir up plenty of trouble i[ it urns out that lie can take it as veil as tlie Welshman, who was still chucking- punches nl Louis In the Uleenlh round. We'll know more about the Louis- I(Y HARRY (JRAYSON I 'Sport* Editor, NEA Service NEW YORK, Feb. '21.—It begins to took as though Jack Kearns, lie man who can talk lo boxing n boxing's own language has omethiiig after all in young Jim- iiy Adamick. The long list of knockouts the Midland, Mleh., youth had chalked up, was merely so much data- in book for the critics who had yet to see him perform In New York. Adamlck'.s rousing Id-round de- UGH BEFM1S "Mech a n i c a 1 Man" No Match -For Veteran; Perkins Wins Over Byrd In spite of the fact that he. was amazingly strong, Jo Jo Pinhead deaf and dumb circus wrestler , was no match for the vetevar I Hoy Welch, who took two-out of -' three falls to win their slam-bung iicut nt the Legion arena here last night. Accompanied by his manager, "Cowboy Jack" PiirdTn, former mat performer who has appeared here on cards in tlie past, pinlica:! showed here lor the first lime. Apparently the pinlieadcd one is no menial giant, as he found it necessary to keep one eye on Purdln who .signalled instructions from a ringside seat throughout the match. Several times Jo Jo bo- lite for Tony Popolino, who was -eporlcd 111 with influenza. Byrd's flying headlocks won Ihe first fall after which Perkins pun ished Ihe Birmingham, bad miu repeatedly with head nnd toil; scissors. Perkins look the secon; in only one minute with flyini head scissors and used the sam hold lo take the third and clccld ing tumble in 16 minutes. Opening Game In 'Grapefruit' Loop March 12 TAMPA. Pla." (UP) — Florida "Grapefruit League" will ope March 12 with a program of moi limn 100 exhibition games booked over Harry Thomas, an much more experienced Imiwler. convinced them lhat Ihe Slavonian heavyweight very sboit- the outstanding challenger for the heavyweight title. Ever since ho parted company with Jack Dempsey, Kearns hn been trying to dig up anotnci champion worthy of the name. Getting hold of Adamick, Kcarn. 1 had lo talk loud and long before he landed Ills boy in Msdtsoi Square Garden against >x front rank foe. "Can he hit?" asked the wise boys. Adamlck'.s knockout record looked like a holdup against sec ond nnd third raters lo them. Look Like Dempsey "He can hit like Dempsey," was Kearns' vehement assertion. "He got Dempsey's early spark. He's go o account for the most coin. The Checker Game club of Jacksonville nd the Wortham Club of Dallas led for second wllli 10 victories and Ive defeats, and cut up $10.000. I'lie purse was close to $20.000. ' It was Orlando's I9lh annual onnjnraeiil, and more money was wagered than ever before. The loyal and enthusiastic cocknghter will bet .he limit on birds of his own brced- ng. Cockflghllng has been outlawed as a cruel and brutalizing, sport in every slate in the Union except Plorlda. When Joe Conrad, one of those who fathered the primitive . in the grapefruit belt, was indicted by a grand jury as an operator of a pit. he set up as his defense that no Florida law prohibited fighting cocks, and won his case. K. P. O. A. ami Fail To Suppi-ess Cruel S|iort But regardless of the law, birds are still being bred and fought from Halifax to Hollywood, and it isn't, always necessary for Die boys lo And a haymow or cellar, where they arc free of the cops. Cockfightlng has been the sport of southern plantation genllcmei for generations, and one authority estimates that 100,000 righting roosters are owned in New England alone. And game chickens are sprinkled around just as thick, or thicker, hi New York. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and in the middle STILL ID PUT Of Lions Believes Team Will Be Short On Experience^ COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. JPJ — Earl (Dutch) Clark, who irnejl All-America backfield honors while playing with Colorado College here and went on to fame as a professional player, denied reports that he is definitely through The player-coach of the Detroit Lions of the National Professional football league indicated that he intended to step on the gridiron next year as often as the occasion demands. ( "I hope f don't have to play next fall," Clark said, "but, It isn't definite by any means. I've had about enough football lo do me, but it's hard to keep out. Last .season played about half the time, should judge. In .some games HOW;tHQ|tfSN GETS HIS SOCK i just as much knowledge of boxing j west. us Jack had when he v,'iis flrti I Tills despite the fact that the ' Society for Prevention of Cruelty Adamich's. to Animals and the forces of the coming up." They had doubted ability to lake a punch. Who, they inquired, Jiacl ever belled him full on the whiskers? What would happen when he really .stopped a fast one? Adamlck's battle Thomas Mann scrap following the Negro youth's opening burst of fire. If Mann weathers the early going, his chance may improve as the battle rolls on. He/is going more than 10 rounds for the, first time, but, as related in a previous article, lie's the type that comes again. To best Louis, a fighter must be able to do two things./He must pack a good punch. He must be able lo move around. Farr movertiand stayed. Schmellng moved ;and punched nnd knocked out the Brown Bomber. Manu has a fine pair of legs and a fast paii- of arms. Louis U sltll a sucker for a right,- and Mann hits sharply with his right. i Mann Hungry Fighter • '. Both Louis and Mann trained well, but Louis hasn't been lo the since he oiitspeared Parr !nst bore out Kearns' reply to that one. For 10 rounds tlie 23-year-old heavyweight look c v e r y Ui i n g Thomas had to offer. Nor can Thomns be classed as a powder- puff hitter by any means. Kearns had maintained all along that the boy could lake it. The Thomas bout proved it. Kearns had stoutly insisted that Adamick could hit hard with either' hand. Jimmy looked mighty yood boring inlo the blond Minn- j esotan with' lefts and rights that packed plenty ot steam. And Kearns, frankly nnd candidly, admitted his protege still had a few rough spots to be ironed out of his boxing technique. The Thomns affair,bore that out, too » ' * * Needs a Little Polish He still needs n little more poise a little more polish, before he cai be called the finished fighter. Bu for the score of major and minor fttl , lt w(ls nrlcr „ protracted lay- league baseball clubs training in a Ulat sclimcling'cllppcd the De- 8 pm. mal. to any high school team, will signed to cenler. with Fisher lamilton in nt guards, orls lo secure a preliminary did not materialize. Coach s Pnckett's Juniors left lliis ing for Jonesboro lo enter tlie r tournament. The high school team has disbanded after n rous season, 'eree Marvin Graves will gel game under way promptly at i. Prayers for Rain Askcil NTA PE, N. M. <UP) — Cac priests and their parishoners urged to Join in prayers for by Archbishop Rudolph A. en following an official re- showing precipitation In New co was less than half of nor- came dazed nnd lost track of Purdin and was practically at Welch's mercy until' lie again located the master mind and got his signals. Welch slammed Pinhead lo the canvas lo win the first fall in tight minutes with tront crotcii and body slam. Jo Jo succeed in getting the second with n crab hold in 11 minutes after an exciting scene In which Releree Mike Meroney wns on the floor as much as either of the grapplers. Welch polished olf the circus man in nine minutes with another body pin lo end the .show. In a match that featured the flying headlocks of Hoyd Byrd against the highly effective flying head scissors hold of Art Perkins, the latter won the decision by taking the second nud third falls. Byrd was announced as a subsll- «M««W*Y^* V9Vft W*l the stale. Four American and four National league teams will train in the state, together with clubs from the Intel-national league, American as- soctalion, Southern assoclatbn nnd South Atlantic league. Several shifts in training camp sites have "been made since last season, one sending the Boston Bees lo Bradenton and the St. Louis Cardinals to St. Petersburg. Only team to move from the tale Is the Philadelphia Nation- Is, who leave Winter ffavcn for Biloxi. Miss. The [ruining season gets under vay late Ihls month nnd tlie ilrst exhibition game is scheduled be- .ween the Cardinals and New York Yankees, at St. Petersburg March 12. Last Florida exhibition games will take place April 10 will 1 Brooklyn playing Jacksonville al Jacksonville and Detroit enter- valuing Montreal at Lakeland. After that the teams swing through Dixie, playing exhibltloi games en roule home for Ihe sea son's opening April 19, Probation Officer Finds Women More DiHicul rolt lad. I never saw more savage work- nils than those between Mann and Johnny Winters at Madame ley's famous .Summit camp. WlUl- ers Is a capable Negro heavyweight rom pontlae. Mann has seen every start made by Louis iincc Ihe champion became prominent. Unlike the Louis opponents who ^receded Schmellng. Mnnn is totally unafraid. What is more, he is convinced that Smoky Joe can be beaten . . that he can't shake off a solid shot to the head. Nathan isn't thinking of losing. Mann has everything to win and nothing to lose, and it never pays lo laugh off a hungry tighter, especially when he has the potentialities nnd pluck of this sturdy kid who came from nowhere. aw have been trying to suppress he sport for a century or more, n Massachusetts, for example, it s unlawful even to own a game cock that has been "cut back," that is, one the plumage of which lias been 'clipped to battle condition. Rich Owners Insist on Better Birds and Mains But law or no law, lovers of the sport ore fighting roosters lo n fare-tlie-well. It probably Ls safe to say that there's a main, or maybe a dozen, in this country everj night in tlie week, with a reallj big affair, one that rates with a more important championship ii the pugilistic dodge, about once a week. A great many rich' men become interested in cockfiglitin: In the last decade. By sclentifl methods, they are breeding speedie and hardier cocks. They are insisting upon belle and cleaner locations for main Most mains are pulled off in citie or towns, where they are assurec of protection. These rich men figh n main for nothing save the spoi of it or for $1000 or $10.000. the plowboy, fresh ioft tlie farm, I Making cockfightlng illegal hasn has led a clean life. He has no bad " habits. He trains well ami wholeheartedly. He wants to learn the game and get somewhere! Just as Dempsey did. And Just as Kearn.s knew Dempsey had the stuff, perhaps, Adam- tck will bear out Kearns' faith in him, too. Maybe Adamtck ;is the answer lo the plea for new blood in the heavyweight division. If Kenrns is right. Jimmy will hurdle Schmeling, Fai-r nnd Louis within a year or two. It Ls not merely simple enthusiasm that Jack Keams has been displaying over this latest acid fast-coming while hope. Adamick did a real job of standing up for the Detroit promoter in his New York debut. ayed more than a half, in others ot quite that much.' It averaged p about 30 minutes a game, I" Ail-America Six Times Although Clark played only bout half of each game, he was lie unanimous choice as All- inerica professional quarterback or the sixth straight year. Clark said that Carl Sclilcck- nann, glanUUniversity of Utah ackle, appeared to be the only .ddilion which the Lions would uak'e to their squad from" the Hocky Mountain region. Ill addi- fou to Clark, the region has given he Lions Jack Johnson and Frank ih listens en from the University of Utah; Del Rltchhart, from the Unl- 'erslly of Colorado; Elmer Ward rom Utah State, and Lee Kizzire rom tlie University of Wyoming. "You know tills used to be virgin territory," Clark said, "but now ill the coaches scout this conference and it's a battle for talenl out this way just like it is In the Big Teh and on tlie coast." To Lose Veterans It will require a lot of work to \ put Detroit in the running for the championship in 1938, according to Clark. The Lions are faced with the retirement of many veteran performers. "We ought to add about 15 new men to our rosier," the pluyer- coach said, "and then we'll have a squad which Ls siiort on exper- i '/*t***w~:f"*} [*?/>< • '*?"• ' Jimmy Thomson is the longest driver in golf, and here is where lie gets his socks. Mrs. Thomson knits them. the for- jner Viola Dana of Ihe filmi. Oil j i _£ r Veteran Air Stewardess a Debunks Glamour Stories; SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP)—Miss en Stansbury, veteran stcwardej| of the united Air Lines, dcfiuift" tlie glamour angle of a stewardess* job. "My most exciting experience,"] she declares, "was cleaning up, 10 minutes of time, two twin boysS,' who had smeared themselves fromj< head to foot with soapsucjs so theyw would be ready to meet theur. grandmother." , S stopped it any more than prohibition cut off the entire supply of ONLY 7 MORE DAYS LEFT TO BUY 1938 STATE LICENSE. WE WILL BUY YOUR LICENSE I 1 OK ANY CAR OR TRUCK LISTED BELOW. 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Mass. (UP)— Men can be made lo see the error their ways, but most women seem feel thai they know lUall, says 1m A. Cook, probation officer ot Barnstable court, in his annual l»rt. ' x He would ralher (leal, lie asserts, Hi six men Ihnn with one woman. Pottery-Making Plant At University Enlarged GRAND FORKS. N. 13 (OP>— To further the art of pottcry- imiklng. a new kiln, capable of firing 400 average sized pieces, has just been completed a I the schoul of mines nt Ihe University ot North Dakota. Installed under direction ot W. E. Budge, profe-ssor of ceramic engineering. Ihe kilu supplants ime that has been in use. for a quarter 'of a century. The university is one ot ei^ht schools In the country interested in pottery-making. ORLANDO. Fla.. Feb. 21.—Cockfighting isn't nearly us obsolete as most people suspect. The championship just concluded here drew entries from Canada, New York. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky. Georgia, Texas. Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida, sixteen bl(f owners put birds in a mammoth main. Old-timers called Ihe main Ihe greatest in history, and the array of chickens the biggest nnd best in the world. The international tournament drew the largest representation and attendance in history. It \vas tlie world series of cock-fighting. The birds of R. H. Hort of At- Organize Bowling Loop For 14-Game Schedule Organization of an eight team bowling league has been announced liy J. T. Sudbtiry. manager of the Sudbiivy Playhouse. Teams representing the following local business firms and the respective captains Iwve entered: Dr. Pepper Bottling Co.. Bob Johnson, captain; Hudson Tnlloi Shop, E. M. Eaton, captain; Terry's State Line Service Station Jimmy Terry, captain; Hubbai'd Hardware. J. P. Holland, captain; John's Confectionary, Lagronne Whittle, captain; Arkansas-Mis- Courier Newt Want A3i In Germany, it is estimated tha Insects destroy one out of every fiv armies one of every ten grains o I III. UI1V1.> Ul I\: 11. Jlull \,lflt- If- * in nln + nnl. lauta won 11 and lost four matches wheat, and one of every 13 potatoes souri Power corporation, Car Ganske, captain; Palace Cafe Jim P. Harwell, captain; Holi Funeral Home, W. O. Guerln. The teams will piny a fourteei match schedule with a split sea son. They will play twice weekly Wednesday and Friday nights, foil teams competing each night. Tlie campaign will get under way tomorrow night at 8 p. m., will Dr. Pepper opposing Holt Funera Home and Hudson's Tailor Shoi mixing with the Palace Cafe. lence, which counts a .lot, in pvo- fesstonal ball." • ' • • "I'm hoping some oj the older len will decide lo Ftick for mi- trier season, but It's indefinite et. I thought for a while we might SB Ernie Caddel, but I believe iow he's planning to come back, "rank Chrlstensen got hurt last all und may drop out, but v/e still lave hopes of keeping him. Others re in tlie same boat." , ' Believes in Huffman Clark expects Vern Huffman, he former Indiana star who was ils understudy last, fall, to develop nto a great player '.his fall. The majority of Clark's time llus vlnter and summer will be rpent lining up players for next year. The pro star Indicated that he has no intention of transferring to college coaching MI Ihe near future. "r don't know mough to coach a college ^leam," the seven-time All-America performer said. "In this pro business you get players who already know their fundamental football. Then you Just jyhip them into a team. It's a lot diirerent from showing them how and why on fundamentals." Let a New Ford Radio Bring Your Favorite Program To You As You Drive! There is a range of seven and one- third octaves in the 88 notes ol the full-compass keyboard of a pinno. ] In India, white elephants auto- intaically become royal property as son as they are born. 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