The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1930
Page 7
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.030 BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER-NEWS CUSSSFIED ADS 'live. (;ents a \\ p orU ror first Insertion and one cent a word tar each subscqutnt Jiiser- tion. No advertisement takou lor less than 5l)c. Count the worcl and. send the v»sh. •I L'hone 300 $ PAGE'SEVEN,. ORAUII STANTON and MTATU -UOSKEK . COPVDIGI-1T IQ3O W CMELSE1A MOUSE. ••X)K SALK l-'Oli SALE— Baby Chicks. C»sto:n halchins cadi sveeic from now 0:1. Marilyn Hatchery. 26ck-!f Special Bargains In Used Cars laic .Ki2H Slodcl A Coupe New 1'alnt, Good rtubbcr, Motor A-l— Just tin; Car for lliisliirss or Traveling Man. Only ........ ^' ................ IJKt.lX lli:illO TODAY .II'DI I'll CHANT, nrllhl'ii niot'.c-l, lnv.-» AI.A.N STI-;VXi:. iinlntor, ulni I* !..\ t J hjr CHUMMY .110KI.i:v. JuJiilr. ntommnie ntid IJC-A! trlenJ. Cniunniy had luvfrt seemed too uood, too wonderful, too | fore, fclic njct Judy as sho was go- blessed, even to tasUic. "I ought ||, tg out or her door, on her W to JiliMlli, (litt) l itic'niur) Mlu-ii lie \^ciil ntllllilt^tt Sd'JIif 'trM-^ ulirlj liulM. thai It It iiiurrf C'hainuij , uhnnr , tin- ij.-il i'hii:. Juilill) liua il 3| l.alc 1929 Wilpiwl Coach, . fine, only driven I?,COO ihilcs— Will «ivc complete salisfiietion. Only ... ....... S285 1929 Modi'l A Hcadster, Humble Scat, Side Shields, Mo- tcr ill rcrfcit Sliape. A Very nifty job. Only ............ $375 One :!8 Star Sedan, Good Uubber. I.odis and Huns Good, i Very Cheap to operate. Triced right. Only .... §175 In, I , received !-alc 1W8 . t'hryil'cr Coach. Ijjok-i and runs like'.neiv. friced tor Immediate Delivery .......... $2T5 Above Cars carry our 30-Day Guarantee. Weelily, Monthly or Fall Terms. Call 811 TODAY. 1'HILUI'S MOTOU CO. Autlicrized X-'ord Uealers <:E:li-uii*.-< Itiicii uralilc. .]III)IHL' i:lrt.-.' ltir lirr III II inu^k'nl K|II,M, tiV tKH Ktf)jic uarnx lu-r ILnl i-uii*.-< Itiiciitifjnn nrc no! luiii- ihiiirln? Imc-hrr, ll.'S, K Mllrnl Jti tl ulii- kl. Slc-vtii- vimlrs Id Ilic irliiiL-nl, BiiJ* Jiidllh iiiinif,. nrd llL^IdA iirr In hln [irui.i iini) U[K>I-X Itrr. CEiuiiiiny hcca thrni, 1x3 [ ,:ni'n I1DI Irt Ilirm know hl:r fuis H'l'n. NOW uo u?; vvrni - i'iu-: a'roicx CHAl'TEH XXVII \VO r P\VO niorti!::gs Inter Sleync re ccfvu! a Jiltlo tiulu f"otn Clarissa. riHlJiig lih:t lo cumc to -'Co her at her liomc. Site <lu' no! name any lime, and BEoync waheil until noon, thinking ulio might «r.nt him to tul;c hsr out to Lnticti. lie found tier drCeiscnl for the Blrocl. Lor Tair hair cstaplng p!c- liii-esnucly trom ur.cler a soft, black tint. Her littfli-lH'Ct!. sensitive face v:a3 very [tale, but her eyes lit up to liavo told you this before," slic a (hioil. | "Cltivlssn, 1 don't 1 liuilorfitaiirl. La 1 it niiylMng ].icl:iiLf; in me? llnvo.l jdouo anything lo liuvl you?" I ' • • • OH I 1 - smiled imaln. with all that "••* v.-ondcrful fldciliy ot deveiloii [In her eyes. I ",\'o. At:i]!, ro. 1 nri os fond ot l;.on as evcr--£u a way. x You have everylliUiy that Is diar and KiiOd —f Imply cvcryilihii!; uinl I KhouLd hate to liilnlt thai I was hurting you—" "Hut, of course, you ore hurting me!" he InHTrniikd. Tho words were purely median: leal, lie was "laying a nart, just as Eho was; only ho did not know that she knew the truth. "Please, Alan, don't ho angry with me," she went on Rently. "I'm awfully eick with myself, hut I really want to settle down to work more than I want everything else In the world.' "Von care for your career more than you do tor iiieY" Her liiis trembled a little. He believed that she had changed her ieeli another lodging. The time iad come when Bho must not some l:lml of a studio, where E!IQ could work. \Vhcn she Imd found It, slio was liny lo riovo her few LiclotiKlnus lulo It and then go awny for two or Ihreo weeks. Sho had written to 8 tiny fishing hnnilel on the scuconst. Sho wanted to bo near Hie ocean. Uut, lor tlio llmo being, tdio coulrt do nothing but wonder. A tow i!aya later Bho received uole from Clmnnny, Hiylm: that slm had found n convenient fittullo and unolhor nxnu near llaslleu's. Sho bad moved her tilings, and aho waa otf to tlio Bcncoast the ncsl day, From Sleyno Judy heard nutlilng at all. A week later sho received n let- tc.r Unit excited her very ninth, nl- Then Blic was coining bach: to work Hionijh iholUllo guessed wlnu hear—to work harder than any woman «» " wt| s dcnUucd lo have on tho 1-rcsh Mjlch cows I'c-r sale. Jerseys 'terms n diMrcd. Live 6'LCcn !•!- nance corporation, uijiKuvinc-, I'lIUlK; -'Ji or iS-lV- '(C-ti l-'OU SAt,K ^r 'IKAQi;—-One. Slict- kinu pony. I'houe UK. Ui>i:lf) FOK BALU—Jersey co-,v, baby calf.. C. D. Hcd^e, hutitJ 3. flykH | 1-OR KALE—135 pcund refrigerator lu perfect condition. S'-0. Paul rcsEuluai,' Grand Leader. U)ckl3 .UENT FOR KENT—Furnished rooms lor light housekeeping, 7CO West. Wal- uut. Call CW. a3ck-ir I'OR RE.NT—i'ive room bungalow on Dougan avenue, '.vith hot and cold \valer nltachnientft. Partly ne,vly decoratcri. Vacant July 1. Ike Miller. Telephone 839. 2tic-tf. FOR RENT—Modern Stucco residence, G rooms and baili, newly uainttd. Dr. J. A. baliba. 5ckl2 her features with the amazing vMwere inlity ihat she had l:cr recovery. "Ahui," she lic^an at once, "1 arK'rt you Here t>;i-nu<-c 1 \vuni to I.:H: lo ^olt alone. I'ai iifj-aid 1 shall cr.mnl very -jilly and as If 1 didn't !-:nmv my ov.'n niintl. uui I've — \vc!l. I've conic to the conclusion that 1 don't uiini ni bo niarrlcil." Tl-.a yoiins man caught nl the Fu:4"p:i:ion ns a drowainj; man mind. lie \vas iilad, oh. hut she kni'v; how glad he uasl 11^ lovciJ Judy. Ilo imiEi have learned lo love Judy while .she was out o her senses; and when she recov ercd, he fell himself. In honor j bound to her. U was such a sininlo story. had ever worked beforo. lier work-must justify what she Ijii'd said jo Alnn. • Her work wr-.s her sheet anchor. uo\y. It visa nit ihe had. . ' ' . Judy held out a i;real bunch ot lowers wrapped lu Ussuc pniier. "I wn's just bringing iheso lo roil," she said, "t want to kies you ntid say goodby! Tomorrow's ;ho real dav—and you're off Into Hie big world! And Illllo Jiuly will be all alone," "No, Judy—it's fll! jff." Bahl Chummy cheerfully. SIio felt uneasy. This was not like talking to a man. Ofi!" gasped Judy. "You mean you've been so silly—you've nul U oft again because ol me? 'Chummy, you make mo angry. Didn't I lell you 1 \vas perfectly well nblo to look after myself/" both loyal to her—he ami acquired since]Judy. They would have remained! (loyal to the end. She read Slcyce aright. lie thought she \vas speaking the simi'le truth. Ilo was loo much overjoyed to question what she sahl. He was free—that was his iiara- mount thought. lie was not to be asked to ente-r Into an unnatural union that would have destroyer] ills soul. He would not have to ncr- iiive himself every day to u woman who loved him. "I suppose I do put my career FOR. RENT-Fin nibiicd up.iunr.'n'. Apply Jimmic L:db:?Uer, Saunders Ktore. 9i:l:-tf FOR RENT—August 1st One apart- itK-ni, One office Injram Building J'lquire Parlmrst Company. 9c-tf. "nut ini'Lin yon v.'am to post- j;rmc it ji^aln. Clarissa? 1 suppose it's (in account of Judy. You're not quite hapiiy about her. are yon?" "Xo. Ainu." she ans'.ve'.'cd slowly. "I iliiii'i mean that. I mean that, 1 dont v.-:int to Le married al all." "You tiun'l—want— 3 ' He. broke off in sheer amazement. "Yes. I kaov; it sounds nevfectly rldlciilojrt 1 .. I (initc expect you to ciiiuk" l':n niad." -••'"Bui. Clarissa, is there any rea- "Xo: any reason that sounds Good said, forciny her- .iisl." Clarissa said. Then Alan Slcyne made masculine remark. "You're making me look very foolish, Clarissa! Alan after all." "Iluhbishi" cried Juily tompcslu- onsly. "\Vhcro Is he'.'" "Alan has jjonc away. You see, I left U so late. He said ho couldn't iiclp feeling a little foolish. Men are like that- 1 think. 1 expect ho thought he'd get laughed at." Judy suddenly laughed uproariously. 'Oil, Chummy, how ridiculous you arc! 1 suppose- U means thai you and Alan have had a tiff?" "No, Judy—no." Chummy was desperate. "I don't care for Alan enough lo marry him. I find • care more for my work. We'ro go very Ins to be great fricmls, ot-,courso, all the same. He quite understands He doesn't, want a—a wife who icxt few months of her life. « • » 'PUB Idler was from a stranger A to Jmiy. It was typewrltien on plain, llii.-k nolo inper, with tho address "17 l.lmlen lj»ne," slaiaped on It. She could not make out tho slcnatiire. .She could read "Itidiitrd hnl of the- lust na.mii she could only decipher the first k-llcr, a W. The letter read thus: Dear Mndaiii: Having known (he late Vladimir O.uum-:itnp, nnd bclnj; awnro of his Interest lu your career, I venture lo ask wbc-tber you would lio enough to call on mo liero any afternoon between four and nix o'clock, ns I have a proposition to idLico before you. Yours respectfully, Thc:i came the signature that Judy coubl not read. She determined to BO In Undea Lane on tlio very sumo day. The nine of lier dead master w«a no nuiodh'.c passport to her Implicit mtidciice. It .entirely ovorcamo <c inslinctlvc susplelon Uiat town- red pco;ile luirhor ot all strangers. Hho diessed herself in deep lack, tlio outward slgii of lier y to tho inuu who had failed er only In Ills death, mill who bad lughl her everything iilie knew. Klic rnarlo tho journey lu a tax*, nd found Linden Lane a hroad nd busy Lhorou^hfnro which cu- Ircly helled its name. The ier she so^iKht proved lo be. In a andiumc urcado. In tlie ball sho met a liveried iHciu'.aiit, and showed him tho Icier. Ilo informed her that the viilcr'.-t name was- Wyon. lie took ier np to the third ISoor, and £ho puts her painting first. He's gone At that she laughed. She won- to Paris, ami I'm going to the sea dercil that her laushicr did nol sound wild to him. "I'm sorry, Alan; hut I hopo we shall still stay friends." Something ' in lier voice and glance seemed to pierce bis denseness. "Arc you perfectly 51110?" he ask«d with a feverish earnestness. "I can't help thinking that I've jdonc something." i'You'vc done enough." the ai stOf to smile. "Tlie fact is, Alan. WANTED DISTRIBUTORS WANTED — For new soap—sells to garages. Work mar home. No previous expericneo r.ccdcd. Exclusive ierrituiy, No cash required. The Connecticut Can Co., Hartford, Conn. 11-H-i.G PKuSONAl. I'm awfully afraid I'm still a little r.ueer ut times. It's been unreal to mo for a Ions limo, the thought 1 that 1 v.'aa gciny to be your wife." That nas true criouga. U had nothing. Alan, nothing—believe me." Ho looked iijto her clear eyes, which were smiling in order lo hide her broken heart; and ho Iielieved her because ho wauled to believe. T v\VO days later was to have been. Chummy's wcddins d:-'-, On tho afternoon of the day be- and when we come hack we'll al ho jolly again together, ;usl as we used lo be." Judy Blared at Clarissa vcrj liard. "Well, I'm Mowed!" Bho said. Chummy must have been a won derful actress. For tho momcn she quite deceived her friend. Jud was thunderstruck. She lost th iiower of K[icccb. She left ho llowers in Chummy's hands an went away. But Judy was not really, con vinced. "There's something in this!" sh ?aid to herself, an hour or so late "What can it he? If Chummy dldn worship tlio er?>jiul he trod tiiou I ought te l>e in Uedlauil" saw all around her evidences ivealili and prosperity, such as dcc-p [die carpets, much polished woodwork and iflato glass, and glided )ron7.e linings. On a mahogany door she saw a small brass plate hearing the unmo "Ulcliard S. Wyon." Going In, K fonni! a larse oHlcc lenaiilcd by four clerks—two men and two very smart young wymcn. Her Imiuiry proilnccd nil older lann fit-i:i ,.n inner room, who disappeared for a moment, and then ushered her through two smaller offices into a large, handsomely fur- nishct! apartment that might have been a lilirarv but for.mapa ot South Africa and the United Stales that bur.!; on one of Ilia walls, and somo letter-tiling cabincto ai^d Stock Kxchange ticker. (To Uo Coiiliuncd) • LIST your rontal property with me. Have a number of gcod tenants wailing Bill Yauwinklc, 213 X. Fi:^t St. Tpkll \Vc Fay Cash for used furniture. Call 147. Hulibarcl Furniture Co. llc-tf. First public demonstration of the ielcphutiu was at the Centennial ExucsUlon in I'hihuleluhia in 1870. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sea?od bids for the recapping or ( eijrhteen miles of levee, from Big • Lake Norm to State Line anil along Etatr Line East six miles, will be received until 10:00 a. in. July 15th, 1930, al'\vliich time bids will be publicly opened -by the Board of Directors at its olJice, Lynch Building, Blytheviilc, Arkansas. Approximate estimated quantities | are as fellows: Improvement No. 28 62,072 Cu-Yd s Improvement No. 29 3S,500 Cu Yds Total 98,572 Cu Yds Plans and bpccificalions covering New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July It. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Mar '1314 1320 1314 131-1 May 1351 1351 1351 1351 July .... 1274 1274 1272 1272 Oct 1302 130ti 1263 1209 Dec 1322 1322 1285 1285 Jan 1319 1310 1290 1291 "Spots quiet, 5 off, al 1260. NOTICE From Hay 1 to September 1 nir dental oflices will he closed ;ach Thursday ciilernoon. Dr. I> H. Moore. Br. H. A. Taylor. Dr. H. S. Davis- NOTICE • Why wait until co!d wcalhcrj Boo-: your coal orders new, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money- See or call JOHN BUCHANAN 10S N. «• R. Office. 107 rhonc. Kcs. 717 I i 1'ians ihc woik are on file at the District's office. A certified check for ten percent of the amount bid must accompany each bid s'.ibmilttd, The Hoard cf Directors reserve right Lo reject any or all bids. For further info'macson sec or address J- W. Meyer, Engineer, 201 Lynch- Building, Ulyttevillc, Arkansas. Board of Directors,' Drainage District Number Seventeen, of JIi;rj?lpp: 'County, Arkansas. 5ckl5 V. K. 1VASUAM—Transfer Daily; (rips to Memphis. Will pick up -and deliver freight and ti.-iCiv.igvA,', anywhere. Special rates-on c.irload Jots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 CATCH ALBINO GOS'HEI! PHOENIX, Ariz, tun—Tho only Albino gopher in captivity was port pibt's license. Kceslhig wo the distinction al Dreiser fluid her when he look flying tests under tli caught during a recent "swat the I supervision of a department gopher" campaign conducted by the U..S. Biological survey. The rod- cr.t is bcins; kept in the offices of D. A. Giichrist, Phoenix, and soon is to gain lame in motion pictures. pilot in Indiana holding a irans- Robert Kc-eshng, ;^. .-.nderson. today w;is recognized as the younjCjt commerce inspector. YOUTIirtJI. INNOCENCE SON: Dad, I got In trouble i school todny and it's your fault. DAD: How's that, son? SON: Well, 1 asked you ho much $1,000,000 was and the lead cr raid that "a helluva lot" wasn the right, answer.—Til-Bits. KKECKLES AND HIS FJUIitfJDS Closing Stock Prices WERT He Makes 'Eui Sec Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Spcci.ilb.lng in Income Tax, C-.-oSfeceplr.; Sjitems Phone 51 Ingram Uldg. Blyt'.-.eville, Ark A. T. and T Aviation Citir-s service ... Chrysler Coca Cc-la Fox General Klectri'c General Nfctors . Grigpby Grunow I. T. and T 437-8 Montgomery Ward 3-11-2 Packard 131-3 Radio 363-4 Simmons 231-4 United Gas 30 U. S. S!ccl 1573-4 208 5 2U3-4 28 - 403-8 073-1 415-8 131-8 New York Cotton • NEW YORK. July Cotton closed steady. Open High 11. (UP) — Mar i May .... ; July .... i O.-t. old i Oct. new ; Dec. old j Dec. new I Jan. olJ Jr.n. new 1340 135S 1:123 1330 1304 13M 1313 1341 1S21 1311 1357 1323 1330 1301 1343 1319 1341 1322 LDW 1313 1335 12SO I:DG 1205 1310 12f3 1341 1390 1315 1345 12<X) 12D'i 12C5 1312 1287 1341 1232 Spots 20 oil. Quiet, at 1310. ! Germany invented rifles In 1498. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Moul, -rtlArr tHe SMACK "tew, PUT M&R&'SttOLJUDER AMD Mof So ! *x. MV GQSlU A MAM 'Like VoU, lUSP AS STIFF AS 1 A SU^PAW CUFFS / )F I'M UK£ YOU, , I'LL CRAWL. UP A WHARF AMD BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES T1I10 ItIG DAY By Martin f;, AT \ \ WOMDEK. "•/DO NEMER UEWZD OF GEITW war ' THROUGH FIELDS. ? AS \(I6 kEEP 003 EV£ OM ROAD viE'ce o.V..- CW-1 SUM OiEti US u£n£ E1TH£E — < THWS A. COCO TR7CW3M TVE FIELOS...SO J \)iE DSM'T WWJT TO AUTOS on THIS A. 6^T ROM cxsfi, ',ss spo A-PE Ott OviR. TO VOUC. VJMCV.G UKfc I COULD V1AL14 MILES Too- V3U SM IF VZ on "ruiS co^o COME To W,S emeu. HCUt.XOU'VC GOT - ON VOUR UP OO'aM.YLUlE. TNEUtV- MtltT MC^iTH - TBU M3V B'.Pl VM Ti.\l&\NG S H Mf\v<.e GOOD BV MONTH XOU'U. DO Bv Cowas

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