The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1942
Page 6
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/ PAGE SBC BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1942 Local - Men To Journey there for Blind Bogey tournament -May 17 , -In)' a '.continuation *of the ancient rivalry that exists between the local" sporting element and tliat;,.: o£:;; Jonesboro, '.' Blytheville golfers will' journey there for a BliuoV Bogey Tournament starting at one o'clock May 17, it was an- nomiced tpday by Howard Wilcockson,-pro at the Country Club here. According to present plans, sonic 15 or. '20 local golfers will make the trip. Several weeks after this-' -tournament, the Jonesboro players will invade Blytheville for a return game. Much interest has been displayed in this tournament, Mr. Wilcockson said, because of the fact that the' tire problem will probably make it impossible for . the Blytheville players to do much out of town playing for the duration. All players wishing to compete in the tournament, are asked to get in touch with Mr. Wilcockson sometime early this week. Practice Is Only Key To Improved Start By Putting and Work Back To Te DLAY GOLF w,, n , I ^^£^7: faa»«3s^ Today s Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis, at Nasjiville.. . BirmirigMm at Atlanta. New Orleans 'it Chattanooga. Little Rock at Knoxville. BY BYRON NELSON Master of the Masters There is no easy way to golf success. It's a tough, laborious job involving practice and more practice. There are .short-cuts aid aids which a professional can impart to a .student but unless he works on t h e m, he might as well grab any club, hold it any way and just hack his way around. Practice Ls not pleasant. Few find as much e n joy m e n t in hitting 100 balls as they do in playing 18 holes. But the i cl e a that you 1 e a r n as yoi play is b u n k. You must concentrate on the Clan on a" Horse ^^ ,,./.'>, ' •?' , , ', ,/,, ,r/j ^ ' . //i' $,?#'•/ YOU CAN'T PRACTICE TOO MUCH. * Then do it often enough :.o that LANE SCOTTS * Bp&tdl Atena I've about come to the conclusion that the guys who are always cracking these lousy jokes about their mother-iu-laws have the wrong slant on things. I don't believe the gals can hold, a candle to the pappies when it comes to son-in-laws. Take the case of handsome Billy Conn for example. Billy is a whale of a prixe fighter. Spotting Louis over 20 pounds in a scrap, not so awfully long ago, B.illy licked the champ to a standstill 'till along; about the 13th round when hi§ Irish blood got best of him and he tried to out- addition to sundry bruises and cuts, the young Irishman came out of the fracas with a broken mit. So, the June classic with Louis will have to be postponed. For my part, I can't see why they don't just call the thing off altogether and match Billy's pappa- in-law against the champ. That would be a scrap! See where St. Louis baseball fans have gom; all-out in their approval of Vernon Decatur Stephens, young Brownie slugger who is almost single-handedly NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati at Brooklyn. Chicago at Boston. Pittsburgh at New York. St. Louis at Philadelphia. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York at Cleveland. Boston at Chicago. Washington at Detroit. Philadelphia at St. Louis. Read Courier News want ads. Jiyron Nelson various shots. The first thing I do when a pupil comes to me is to take him over on thc putling green. Then we move back from there. The tee comes last. ...... j Learn putting first. Then master those essential short chips. You may be a low 80 shooter u . inning , Vi" victory over youn- without ever having mustered the HowRrd pol]eL ami \ he • Car ' dinft f s driving game. , st LouLs The knuck!cr ls Golf involves a grooved, natural swing. Obviously, in touring a course, shooting over hazards, behind trees and from bad lies, you cannot groove a swing. Get a bucket ot balls and work on a few clubs at a time. French Uses Knuckle Ball After 17 Years NEW YORK (NEA)-L:m-y French offers evidence that, it is never too late for a pitcher to learn. French broke no fcwi'r than 15. knuckle balls in his brilliant slug the Bomber. Joe, a badly \ keeping the cellar door from clos- beaten boxer up until then managed to catch Conn coming in and socked him with one that shook Brooklyn. However, in losing that fight, Billy established himself as the only contemporary heavyweight family at Pinchurst «i ,i| |LI || ilBMIiM^^^^Mai^aa ' \\ \\\ *—mmm\mmm "•, Vouni'is the motto-of Trainer Mickey Walsh, who goes for ride with hve members of his nchurst. : Left to right, Father Walsh; Kathleen, 12; Hannah, 11; Sheila, 10; Mickey, Jr., 9, nnd MAnr^pn 5. _ First learn what to do and how get year-wise about your whiskey 1 get the advantage oi extra mellow. . . the whiskey of the "flavor years" ewly developed as far as the Irooklyn southpaw is concerned. 'erhaps- he got the idea from Veddie Fitzsimmons, long-tim" ex- ioncnt of that form of delivery. S/mf Out Goes /« Mile Honoring Sire CHICAGO — .Shut Out, winner of the Kentucky Derby and 12 of thc 14 which finished behind him are eligible for the $50.000 Arlington lassie and $50.000 American Derby. ihicago's two great mid-summer stakes for 3-year-olds. • Almost equally important, from the sentimental standpoint at- least, is the probability that Shut Out will arrive on the Arlington scene early to 'run in the Equipoise Mile, a handicap in honor of the late Chocolate Soldier, holder of the world record for the distance. Shut Out is. one of the last sons of Equipoise. % The Baseball Standings ,' h SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L Pet. Atlanta 22 13' .629 Memphis W- 13 .594. Nashville' 19 14 .576 Little Rock 18 14 .563 New Orleans 16 15 .516 Chattanooga .. 15 20 .420 Birmingham 13 19 .406 Knoxville .. : 10 24 .294 Today's Sports Parade Ey JACK GUENTIIER United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, May 13.—Deacon Will McKechnie, the spare Scot who ranks as one of baseball's charter and the Chicagoes. indulged himself today in the luxury of one of his rare but beautific smiles. After fumbling about longer than a glamor boy reaching for a check, the Cincinnati Reds finally hauled themselves over the hump. with the ghost of a chance to cop the crown. So, they gave him a return match with the dusky king- in June. 'Twas to be a benefit bout with the proceeds going to the armed forces—both men are I now serving in the army. But, as some wise guy said a long time ago, "there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip." The "slip" in this case was Billy's pappy-in-law. Seems the guy just couldn't learn to like the young Irishman. He was opposed to the marriage of his daughter to a fighter, and never got over it. Well, a couple of days ago, while .Billy was home on leave from the Army, Poppa leLs his blood pres- COLGATE ALUMNI AWARDED sure" get'the best of him with the HAMILTON, N. Y. — Bill Reid result that Conn got the tar lick- | received the Alumni Distinguished ed out of him. Seems the old man was nobody's pushover and, in bestowed upon a Colgate man. H-e is the director of the School of Physical Education and athletics. ANOTHER BOB GROVE ing on his team mates. Yeah, and if he puts the lowly Browns in first division after all of these years in exile, St. Louis, 'always an American League town, will probably want to run him for president. The tuberculosis death rate of North Dakota was 20.2 per 100,000 of the population in 1930. pioneer master, minds, I-Service Award, highest honor to be NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L Pci. Brooklyn ............ 17 Pittsburgh .......... 1G Boston ........ ...... 15 Cincinnati .......... 13 St. Louis ............ 12 New Ycrk ............ 12 Chicago .............. 12 Philadelphia ..... ... 8 —v —- CHESTERTOWN, Md. — Bob The ultimate destination of thej Gl . ovc< Jr son of thc famous left- Reds in the 1942 pennant race is| hanc]L . r is pitching varsity ball as not immediately apparent but on a f rcsnman a t Washington College. this second Wednesday of May the boys from -beautiful Ohio have shaken free of the second division. Primed by eight triumphs in 10 games, the Reds have taken sole possession of bracket No. 4 and^ show every indication of continuing the climb. Deacon Will probably PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Paid for Late Model AUTOMOBILES and TRUCKS. Repair ami Body Work By Wysc Perry and Bob Bracken BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117 E. Main W. T. Barnetl AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. ONLY ONE ACTIVE • 3. NEW YORK.—Only three of 40 names on the Brooklyn roster when Larry MacPhail took charge remain, and only Fred Fitzsimmons Ls active. The others are Manager Leo •Durocher and Cookie Lavagetto, who is in the Navy Air Corps. lew York -17 T levcland 16 9 Detroit 17 12 Boston .. H .10.. Vnshingtcn ... 11 .14 Philadelphia .r ...... 12 16 St. Louis ..11. 17 hicatio .. .•...: "". G .19 Pint . Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off j the bile to rid yourself of constipa- I tioxi! gas pains, and that sour, J punk feeling. Take one box of KIRBY'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS r 5 V> Tint .85 Sales tax included Kentucky Straight Bourbon TT'/aV7:ry 00 Proof. Tliis lrlnsJ;cy ^ w 5 years old. Schcnley Distillers Corporation, AW York City SPRAY PAINTING E. SHEPHERD Phone 2272 Blylhevill .708 .640 .585 .583 .440. • .429 Yesterday s Results S O UTI IE RN LEA G.U E Litth Rock G, .Knoxville 5. Memphis 11, Nashville 0. Allan! a 7. Birmingham 2. New Orleans 6, Chattanooga NATIONAL LEAGUE New York 7, Pittsburgh, 3. Cincinnati 5, Brooklyn 1. Chicago 9. , Boston 8. Philadelphia -3, St. Louis 2. AMERICAN LEAGUE Philadelphia 5, St. Louis 4. would be reluctant to admit it, but the fact behind the Reds' resurrection is a simple one. 'Cincinnati's slow but steady comeback is attributable neither to strategy 'nor to science. It is the product of the ability of certain young and not so yomi men to throw a ball fast and to U:i-cw it with a modest measure of deception. The phrase isn't exactly a new one and I Lake np t credit for its __ ^coinage, but let's just say 'that as 393 ^goes the pitching, so goes Cincin"240 nati. As long as Deacon Will's { hardy group of throwers retain their skill at cutting corners the , •Reds win. But when the pitchers begin faltering, even ever so slightly, all Ls gloom in the beer taverns of the home land. For instance, the Reds played _ eight games this "season before aj starting pitcher managed to win. The gentleman in question was Johnny Vander Meer and the date 'was April 23. This feat proved a I singular one. Overcome by the rar- i ity of such a demonstration, the Reds were unable to match it until May 1. Thus, only one starting pitcher was able to win in Saturday, 1. Washington at Detroit, postponed. Boston at Chicago, postponed. New Ycrk at Cleveland, postponed. You work better refreshed Phone 2047 BOTTIED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY straight contests. At the 15-game mark in thc race, the R'ds were helpless and hopeless. They had won but five while losing 10. And, contrary to tradition, they weren't blowing the duke by one run. They were being beaten by two runs or five runs or four runs. Then, suddenly, thc jitchers began finding their mark. Starting on May 1. Cincinnati's defense suddenly tightened. In the 10 games played since that date eight pitchers have opened a game, finished that game cmd won it. The performances reached a peak on Sunday and yesterday when Ray Starr blanked St. Louis. 1-0; Bucky Walters shut out the same team on the second half of a double bill, 3-0, allowing only four hits; and Junior Thompson let down Brooklyn with one hit, 5-1. The reason the Deacon broke out with his smile today was that the three sparkling triumphs were attained against the league's two supposedly strongest teams—the Cardinals" and the Dodgers. If McKechnie's boys can blow ov^r these power-laden babies, they {don't figure to have too much difficulty with the Bostons, the Philadelphias Fishing Days Are Here! Get Ready To Land The Big Ones! Visit Our Fishing Tackle Department Now is the lime to put your equipment i.u order and get that new ROD, REEL, NEW LINE and a bigger assortment of LURES, FLIES, SPINNERS, HOOKS, LEADERS, -NETS, TACKLE BOZES and other fishing essentials. We have them all! Come in and see the wide selection in our complete tackle department. All equipment is made by nationally famous manufacturers. If You Haven't Registered for Our— FISHING CONTEST —Come In Now and Register! $20 IN CASH PRIZES! CONTEST ENDS OCTOBER 1st! Air contestants must register at our store to become eligible for prizes. Fish must be caught with hook and line, fly rod or casting rod, live or artificial bait. Those caught on trot lines,, in seines or nets will not be considered. Fish must be caught within a 50 mile radius of Blytheville between now and October 1st, 1042 to be eligible for a prize. FITTED BY Doctors J. L and J. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS $5 For Biggest Bass! $5 For Biggest Crappie! $5 For Biggest Bream! $5 For Biggest Goggle-Eye! Weighing of any fish submitted for a prize must be done at our store or in the presence of an employe of Hubbard's on approved scales. j, ,Ark. IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 19ZZ flPTICRl STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912

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