The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 16, 1934
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Served by the United Prefix THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKA ST AUKANSAB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOWl ~^~^ ^"^ JCK' •:''••. • '"V^ VOL. .XXX—NO. 2f>8 Ulyllierillv Dally News Blyllievllle- Courier _Mississippi Volley Lender UlythevlllK Herald -I i. AUKANSAS.jri)KSL)AY, JANUARY 10, SINGLE COPiES FIVE TWO MEET DEATH AT YARBRO CROSSING Machine Gunners Free Texas Convicts HP KIMM Clyde Barrow, Notorious GuiVmah, Believed to Have Kngineerecl Break. CROCKETT, Tex.. Jan. 1C. IUP> --Two men manning machine guns, one 'of them believed to have been Clyde Barrow, notorious .southwest gunman, liberated Avc convicts from the Eastham prison farm near here today nnd wounded two guards. An ally of Darrow. Raymond Hamilton, former Dallas desperado, under sentences totaling 20' jears. was one of the five men v/ho escaped. The delivery was made as the men left camp p.bout 1 a.m. to elino wood. Two men in a small black sedan tiejran firing with machine gun; os Hi-: line of convicts reached liie open, dropping the guards Then, as if prearranged. Hamil ton and ills four companion; broke ranks and fled to the car The machine rcmred away will a hail ol builels pouring fron guns of the two deliverers am weapons issued the live men win joined them. Major Crawson, one of til guards, .was taken to the priso hospital In Huntsville in a critics Condition. Olin Bozcman, the oth el' guard, was tnken to Huntsvill with less serious wounds. Barber Fined $50 " for Liquor Possession C. J. Speck, proprietor of Iccal ' barber -shop, was fined 55 on a charge of il'egal poise f.f intoxicating liqi'-r-v by Municjpc Ji:dge C. A. Cunningham her yesterday. Four cash bonJ.-: one post- liy a woman, wer» forfei'tcd whc defendants failed l.o appear answer public dniukennr-ss elm 6es. A charge of driving a car whi under ' the influence- of intoxica in'i liquor was docketed Ltg fjcccita Martin. Hollis Ruck wa'; fint 1 /! S5 f fi. c sault and batte:y. )ne Slain, One Wounded in Paragould Argument PARAOOULD. Ar:(.. Jan. lli iU ! — Le:- Uurton. 32. native ol ., was >:lio'. lo death in I n argument I'.cix- !alc lust ni'jhi C. B. Martin, friend of Burton, a. 1 : wounded in '!.<• shoulder. He as in n hospital here today. .Charles Hopper. W, was detained t iwlicc heailquu! tc-rs for qu-js- ianiii 1 ,'. No '•liar'^es were iilr-.i i/r.inst him, \wv:n',r.r. Officers said icd-i;- they liad nol Bai-bara Sails Wilhoul H tarned the inotlvc for neither Inid th';y learned lit 1 circumstances fully. Burton )s suivittd by his wife, wo sisiers, and four children. SUITE E. B. P. •'ill Fight for Restoration of Benefits to World War Veterans. WASHINGTON, Jn. 1C (UP) — fenale Republicans in forma! con- 'trence today valid unanimously 10 wage a determined fight for n-5lcialion of veterans benefits at K prcs:enl session of convress. Twenty of Ihe thirty-five Republican senators altendc-d the conference. It was decided clso lo attempt estcrclion of so\crnmenl pay euts and to foiuL-. if passible, ?A\c h:arings on.ihc administrji-j lion's gold re-serve bill, proposed by President Roo^tvelt yesterday It was the first'Republican conference 1 of the fiesenl .session. 11 represented 'th/ 1 , firrf. attempt of the minority narly. lo seize upon an issue in cu-position lo the Pf.oscv?lt administration. Her honeymoon interrupted, with her husband sailing from another pori for Ihc- same destination, Princess Alexis Mdlvi'ni, the former Barbara Huiton, was indeed a poor little rich girl vhen, as shown here, she .sailed !rc:u Ban Francisco for Yokob air [.--alone. The piince left their private car at Keno. Nev.. lo;- an airplane Might around California, lo avoid being served a summons as a witness in a trial of his brothers. He sailed for Yokohama from Vancouver "Dry" Solons lo Drink No More Will, M;ij. Lillle L1TTI.E ROCK, Jan. 10. (UP) — Meinliev.s of ihe leBlsliiture who drink one way and vote another irritate Major Curtis J. Little, MIs- Bli'slppi county representative, but he has in mind for them a pun Jihinent which seems lo lit Ihe crime. !. "H makes me mad to see folks who drink more liquor than anyone In die house vote against such n resolution," he said fol- loivlng defeat of a r-reolmlon to osk Governor Futrell to supplement iits call for ihe present ses- ion for the purpose of legalizing M .sale ol liquor in Arkansas. "And I will odd." the major con- inucd, "they will not get any nwre of mine." The resolution, which staled that rkansas voters have asked for repeal, that bootleggers seem to ie flourishing, and that the schools of Arkansas nre ''in dire need of revenue." WHS defeated by n vote of C2 to 23. MILL GUI by Rudy' in Divorce Suit BIG LE LEVEE "Stagger" System Will Be \ Conversions too Few Evan- Applied to Spread Work gelisi 'Says'-'af' First-Bap : Among More Men. tist Church. . The "stagger" system of employ- "Broadway lo Bowery" was tlic mcnt. recently authorized by Har-i ,'imject discussed by • Uie Rev. ry L. Hopkins." federal CWA di-j Carl Easselt in lits evangelistic rector, will KO into effect Thursday | campaign at the first Daptia ffi nnn !jrnninT, this ccimtv ' und JllfflCI "'::::;„: | this county, under instructions Dyess, state riirec- Court Orders Judgment in Suit Against Cooter Gin Co mpany. New York Cotton ers and the Atlantic Jute' against the Cooler (Mo.) KFAV YORK, Jc.n. 1C (UP) — CRtton closed steady. o]>en high Jan 1121 1121 March May July Ocl Dec 1128 1144 llliO 1181 1I3D !154 116!) 11H7 1HJ8 1203 low 1115 1124 1139 1133 1174 1187 close 1121 1130 1144 1159 1178 1191 Spots closed steady at 11CO. oti New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 10 lUP>— Cotton closed steady, open high Jc.n March May July Ocl Hr-c 1132 1129 1144 11GO 1117 1198 H32 1135 1151 11QG 1184 '.133 low 112G 1110 1135 1154 1170 lisa verdict in favor of Max Mey' Mills Gin company for SI .386 was instructed bj Circuit Judge;G. E. Keck here this morning. The court also instructed, however, dismissal of a garnishment against Ihe Blytheville Cotton Oil Iiflll and judgment in favor of n number of in- (ervenors in the suit. The plaintiffs had tied up several bales of cotton, a truck and trailer, nnd a load of collon seed here to satisfy a debt, claiming the proixrty to be thai of the Cooter gin. Undisputed evidence showed nil the property except the Cotton seed to te property of the j intervenors and the cotton seed plan hours of labor of CWA workers on projects outside the corporate limlls of towns of 2,503 population or more will be reduced to 15 hours per week, except on road jobs, where it will be 20 hours. Employment quotas will be increased 80 per cent to provide (he additional men necessary to carry on the projects, and under the instructions these new men will be chosen 50 per cent from lelief rolls and 50 per ccnt[cieck of cards 'In his sermon In- said in part: "Jesus is cotinli". 1 ; on the Chrls- lians in. this cltv to save the spiritual outcasts here. If. every Chiistian in the country brought I wo souls to cin!''t. all America v.-ould -be saved. But today the average conversion in pur churche-a amounts to . one convert for each church member in Iwenty years. "Jesus said. 'Fx>l'cw me'. Some women read the Bible and 'toll:>\v society', and .there is many a woman tonight with a flea bitten poodle in Government Is Now Dning District 17 Flood Protection Job. Announcement was made Washington yesterday of .;the B! jotment by. the .war. departrnent p an additional'$«,619''td conipJet levee repair and reconstruct^ work on Big Lake and Little RU cr, in Drainage District 17. The . (government has taken ovr this job from the contractor an the .war department: Is doing th work. Eight, or nine dragline ma chines arc on the job, but pro gress has been siou 1 , due to diff! culty with slides. The project Is designed to ellm inate the most serious danc spots on District 17's Big Lnk and ' Little River levee system. Is believed that the sections new levee which are being bul will.hold any volume of water tha may be expected, and it is hope that eventually the entire levee may 'be built to the same grade and section. SEEK RELIEF IHROUGH flCT Legislature Nearly Ready to Confess Failure of Refunding Program. LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 10. (UP) — A resoiiulon asking Governor Pu- trcll to call a special session im- medlalrly to enact a moratorium law for Arkansas, stating "that It Is useless for the present legislature to stay in session to consld- 11 bond refunding law which 111 become unnecessary as soon s a proiier moratorium law Is ended," \vns passed today 'by the nuse of representatives. Tile vote was 48 to 37. Written bv • Representative Dick ii^on of Ciunden. tlic resolution Id: "A moratorium law will remove le ghnstiy specter of the rond mprovement district taxes going nek on the lands." ftetter Times Ahracl The resolution said that the cco- lomic condition of Arkansas - is inprorlng and "thnt by 193S 11 nossibk 1 that enough revenue may !e nvallable- without raising addl.- lonal revenue for refunding." Soon after passage of the morii- orium resolution by the house a esolullon providing for opiwlnt- ment of a committee to study nnd recommend to the legislature a 'solution of the problem of our :itizens for relief from foreclosures" was adopted. A moratorium law similar to the Minnesota .law, recently upheld by the United' States supreme court, which forestalls foreclosures three years, has been suggested for Arkansas. Governor Futrell has said he will call n special session soon after the present session to. enact such a law. Senalr Reconsiders The senate vend down the ho'jsc n;aratorlum resolution. to 12, but after Gov. Futrell is- sred a statement tV.e upper house reconsidered and passed Ihc resolution. In his statement which served In his attempt lo fight the scpar s(e maintenance iictlon of his | wife, Fay Webb. Rudy Vallce re ! leased phonograph transcripts o purtwrled telephone conversation between his wife and Gary Leoi inbnve), adagio dancer. Miss Web vows she'll fight this charge I the last ditch. INKQE HUEH&f he. purpose of celling c.te to concur in ihe governor said: "f lafce it that scn- tlie resolution the defeat of from any ployed. men who are uncm-|anrt she Ls whist, while off her one fist and the other fist playing bridge- j children go to "Some men read it. 'Follow the close was held the only property sub- Spois closed steady at 1I2G. otf 1126 ject to the judgment rendered. 1125 ! F. C. Douglas, local attorney, 1143 i represented Meyers and the At- 1158 Inntic Jule Mills, while C. A. Cun- 1177 ningham was counsel for the other 1191 litigants. Application of this plan to Mis- ] sissippi county projects, however.! apparently will result in no actual, a 0 n ar ' and there is. many a man, net increase in number of men; j-.^ight exceeding all speed limits I employed, as It lias been learned i on t ) 1( , ron( j t n Hell Rome girL-J Hint the last CWA payroll for' this county showed that the county's (jiioln of CWA workers had been exceeded by a wide margin. Rcnresenialives of state CWA; ]iberthlc , headquarters lave been in the j Tnc b]ic |s im ., t( . rt , o n|1 f( , r . county a number of days under, 1;i cndl cvcllj nl 7:30 o . r](H . k orders of Director Dyess to purge ' the payrolls, and Instructions for the removal fro:n the rolls of a considerable number of men may read it 'Follow wn-l<1ly pleasures'.] and there is many a girl tonight j with her head 1-ollow, whirling to Hell in Ihc arms of some This evening [he Rev. Mr. Bns- preach •?•! "Wild Ani- irals". There leople's service at l>e a voum rlO o'clock. H Chicago Wheat May July May Julv open M 88 1-4 hi»h 9! 1-4 B!) 3-4 tow 80 7-8 83 1-4 close 68 1-2 Chicago Corn open high S3 5-8 53 1-s , r )5 1-2 55 3-1 low S3 54 7-8 A verdict for $232 against Lloyd Mooney was rendered in favor of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bishop by a jury yesterday afternoon. The -riut had previously instnicled a verdict as lo J. P. Mooney. dismissing the aclion against him. The award was for damages growing out ol an accidental Manila. The court also instructed a ver- ,dict in favor of J. Q. Lane, irus- ' tec. against Fate Marlin. in a minor suit, involving a pair of mules. close . 53 1-BI ss ;Garwood's Appointment forthcoming. Up lo January 12 Mr. Dyess and : n^o^d"?^ 1 °cwV projccu tor this Rider Escapes When county, calline for Ihe expendi- of Marvin Robinson Home Affirmed by High Court Action. of S55 0.000. Auto Hits His Mule Standard Oil First | rirepilc the foct Oil Code Defendant LE PANTO. Ark. —Here was mule lhat just couldn't take It. A re-hearing in 'lie case of Alfred Fairbanks and others against Mrs. Lois L. Douglas, decided In favor of Mrs. Doi'glas, wife of a tccal attorney, by the supreme i court several •veeks ago. was denied by the high state court yesterday. A petition for re-hearing hnd been filed on behalf of Ihe plaintiffs. Transfer of the Marvin Ucbinson liome properly, on which that his master Fairbanks, xs a church board di- i rector, lieid a mortgage, to Mrs I Harry Hatcher, farmer living. Douglas through purchase at at '' Jin 16 (UP)'"™ 1 ' Wcst Ritl i c ' was returninc improvement dislric:. lax ssle. \va: ' I Closing Stock Prices A. T. nnd T 117 Anaconda Copper IS Bethlehem steel 423-8 Chrysler 52 1-2 Cities Service 33-8 Coca Cola 98 General American Tank 38 General Electric 221-8 General Motors 3G 7-8 Tnterr.ailonal Harvester « Confirmed by Senate WASHINGTON. Jan. 16. (UP) —The senate today confirmed the ! nominations ot Sterling Marion Garwood of Arkansas as produc-l 0 '. New J, cvic L,rini tion credit commissioner of the h" 1 "™' T. 1 . 10 J, 1 .?" ?£ his home astride a mule when upheld by the courts. The ILLNESS FIHL Tfl Dies a». His Home Here Alter Being Sick Only Since Saturday. Funeral services will be .held his^ afternoon for. Walter Husk, V for- -many -years >o)frire'nStfih^eJ for the Creamery Package com- )-ony here and a resident of Bly- Iheville for 23 '"rnrs, wlto suc- rumbed at his home, 1108 Wesl Ach slreef, al six o'clocl: yesterday afternoon. Cole and Vernon Mcrtin Victims of Accident Yesterday. final rites were to be held this llernoun and tomorrow for Harley ;ol3. H2, and Vernon M'jrtin, :•;, Burdette farmei p .. who were In- luntly killed wnsii Ihelr car col- idcd with a southbound Fftssio aer truln n' the Yarbro ji, four milfs north.of Biy- .iievllle, shortly before *ar o'clocl'. yesterday afternoon. No actual eye witness to the Ungedy had been found today, die and Moilln wire driving east en Highway 81 In an old model Chevrolet roadster The engineer ol the train did not see Ihe collision and was unaware of .the. accident until he icnch'ed here, he itporlcd. Wreckune cllngV.4) to the train is said lo have indicated that the car stiuck the tender. Buildings .conceal trains ap- j-rcachlng (he Yartro crossing from :hc north, but (Jie crossing Is (.quipped with a ba'l warning slg-. Nut Identifled at Once The bodies of C^e and Mortln v.'erc mutilated nnd their heads ipllt open by the force of : the impact. They we:e not •immed- lalely identified. A deputy sheriff resigned to the Investigation by Sheriff Clarence Wilson and a Courier News reporter obtained positive Identification 'about an 1'our later when llrey visited the home of Cole's mother, west of Hurdelte. The inscription, ''Lee Ccpps, Sandy Rid^e, Ark.,"' written on the unc^rrlrie ;bf th^'i'dar lop, and a prewrip'ttop fpr-medl-. Cine, Issued to' "H W.'. ~" »^*,Vn.* > ^U.«-'*4rjk^3VM^7H1^..^^'-'Ai to have betii Mr. Rusk was-tSKcn 111 sudden- to Missouri, seekin clues which lafef"' led 1p "estab^ llshment of- identity of 'the ! »fc- t'ms. Cnpps, who' formerly owned (lie roadster, sold 'the machine lo Cole. The two -fat-niers'. were be- lj Saturday nnd his condition Crew rapidly wor.-c. His death was attributed to pneumonia. The Rev. E. K. Latlmer, pastor til the :ClirIsllnn church, will of- fieints at the serv:ces to be held ni the family hoint 1 . L. L. Ward, J. W. Shouse, E. M.- Terry, Z. A. McQuiston, Gcorg? Cra?x and Dr. on their way. a new farm for Cortln, ^i-hen the accident oc-,'_ c'ltrrc-d. No Inquest ' Is planned, [, C'ornncr. W..H.':ato-;n!l said.-- ' Funerals Tod/j and Tomorrow Funeral services v ere .to be held this afterncon at Sandy Ridge, cemetery for Cole, with the Rev. , Stunflcld officiating He Is survived by his mother. Mrs. J. B. Cole, A. M. Wnshburn will servo as m'o brothers, Elmer and VefndiC peillxtircrs. imeipirnt be he resolution of tr.c house In the ; enate wilhout offer of any amendment, to have a committee to nvestisalc and report us lo the Hh lability of en::cling an addi- lonal moratorium Inw. means that [hat body does nn| look with favor 'unon nnv additional legislation of this character. "If this is the unalterable position of ihe senate, no Ihlrd spec- session of Hi* 1 legislature- wil called for the pirinsr of en- icting n moratorium invr. Norflett Sfes Danger Meantime In the senate Senator Brooks Norfleet of Forrest City expressed entire dissalisfaclion with Ihe provisions ot the refunding hill. In a resolution introduced today he moved to uostpone the special session 120 davs until a committee ot senate officials could devise a bill "giving ample protec- llon lo the state's road improvement districts." "If we no on with this bill." Norfleet said, "we will irrevocably pledge away enough revenue in the refunding of the stale's open ac- made at lilmwood cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking comjimy Is in charge of funeral rrrangeinenls. Mi\ Rusk was wol) known he^. lie was 'born In Shelbyvlllc, Ky., nnd traveled exIcnMvely before lie finally carhe here in 1911. He was at one time private secretary to the late C. P. J. Mooney. editor of the* Memphis Commercial Appeal. Mr. Rusk was associated vilh the Creamerv Package coni- cnd two sisters. Mrs. C.- L. Morgan, ot West. Miss., ami Miss Ola Cole. Rites for Mortin will be held.., tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, and interment. vfll 1 . be made at-' Maple Grove ceriietery. Definite" . announcement of t'-e place of' the". Iv-r.eral has not yet been made, according ip the Cobb Undertak-. The deceased is survived by his widow. Mrs. Grace' Mortln, three children. Elizabeth, . L 'ue Ellen and J. W.. his mother,' pnny during most (.1 his residence Mrs. Julia Mortin. 11 brother. Rob; In this city. Attr- the company-c:I. and four slstevs. Mrs. Jennie closed out its in'.tiests in this city Mr. Rusk nujagcd a retail coal business and was also associated with Sam Hall hi a groc- iry business for ;pilie time. He had worked recentlv in the FETIA cfflcu here, wher; liis wife. Mrs. Mildred Rusk alsi worked. Mrs Rusk was before her marriage Miss Mildred Howard of this city. The FERA ofTlcr. was to be c'osccl this afternoon while em- ployes attend tlic funeral rites. Municipal Light and count bonds to forbid forever our| Water Rates Reduced giving amole protection to the Norflcet said Ihe open account bonds would surely Iw while "the 3 per O. (Up-For the fifth tj|nc , th t ( ( _ f cipal light, power and water rates the refunding bonds would not effect an exchange for the mort- goge on the lands—the road 1m- code oi. '» ViT'id ' as filed nmn * stali ° n ' demolishing the sidi W tr ? 1(!u . m ... 1 . nd " 5 '. .?"S,.T^ <>f 'he station. The man In tlv ide, , •-— —"„: „, th . I..!..,.,, "i sne station, me man in tlie| bv (he government at the Instance car | n j urlcs , but the poor 1 of Oil Admlnislralor ickes .^ } ^ ( . The government seeks to en- ^.^ mcn -,,,„„, nbo m thel ,<n I!IP Standard un company stat(on were scattered lnto nnr .-. J. T. Coston of Osccola repre- cnted Mrs. Douflns and Reid. r vrard and Hend^ison th? p'aln- ifTs in the action. fnnu credit administrallon and of tion ( ° r nl j Homer M. Adklns as collector of ! Internal revenue [or Arkansas. trj'lng to escape i Dennis Wolford. Middicwest Utilities Montpoinery Ward . Nc<v York Central . Packard 3-10 26 1-8 37 5-8 43-8 Phillips Petroleum 16 1-4 Radio ..'. T 5-8 Simmons Beds 19 3-4 SI Louis-San Francisco 3 1-4 Standard of N. J 45 3-4 Texas Co 25 U. S. Steel 63 3-4 onslnuclit n!' lJ ^ n °iS!l Sifv ™ C >™th. f««=iwd severe lacerations company will be held January 30. . , Ickes said the action was based aoouv nli> c>c ' inpon -numerous complaints. 1 " that the Standard oil Company "re- I fused 10 abide by provisions ot the code prohibiting the giving of premiums or prizes or olher free Mrs. Leona Dildine Falls Dead Suddenly . STEELE. Mo.—Mrs. Leona Dil i dine, wife of Jim Dildine. fell . - , . , , dead Thursday at her home near lOr Attorneys Job Steele. Death was attributed to R. R*rry m Line provcment district bonds. "Now Ls Arkansas' most favorable time to got relief legislation ^" £' through the national congress,| ^ l5 ' ££ "••" Senator Joe T. Robinson '• -i~»! nnn tnn;c c ™ w here have been reduced. The re- riuction was made by the board ot public affairs at its first meeting of the new year. Formerly the light rale wa: seven cents for the first 50 klio- MiWead. Mrs. Lalah Clark, Mrs. Nellie Johnson am! Mrs. Mottle Mitchell. • - «i goods to Micola Child Dies STEELE. Mo.-Ralph. year old ._., Eon of Mr. and Mrs. Dewart Dodd ; g as oli: of Micola. died Sunday of mea-1 duels." sles and pneumonia. Funeral ser- • vices are being held today atHol-i • i— -.* •- — --• ; _ Iday,-Tenn., where the body was: A Lansing. Mich., youlh gaikcrrd , pclnttncnt of C. R. Barry of Foil I The Dlldtnes are natives of Sa- to the president." Senator Norfleet told the United Press he would favor the refinancing of Arkansas obligations by the R. F. C. To Fulrpll's Defense Senator Norfleet was attacked ] freely for what Senator Mitchell I termed his "anti-administration" fland. "Governor Futrell has inherited a mess of indebtedness that will rhorten his days," Mitchell said. |20 per cent discount for prompt ' payment. The new rate is five cents on the first 100 kilowatts end all over that three cents, the 2(i per cenl discount being retained. The minimum of SI is (he same. The water reduction Is from -to cente per 1.000 gallons for the first 10.000. to 30 cents for the first 20.000 gallons consumed. The plant, the board reported, has been making sufficient money to He'll Know Better Jhe Next Time SALT LAKE CITY. Utah (UP): —A friendly "holdup" turned from- a "prank" to realistic gunplay when John Winters. 26, was forced to include' two policemen, including the department's champion marksman, In the game. ... Winters entered a lunch .stand and, with one hand In his coat pocket shouted "Slick 'em up." '.... Detectives E. A. Hedman and J. E. Daly, who were Investigating . a burglary at the stand earlier In, the day, pro'mptly backed up against a wall, with their hands stretched upward. " . - .; Suddenly Detective Hedman. champion marksman of the department, dropped his hand and leveled a . revolver at Winters, countermanding the order. Winters, surprised at the sudden turn. in the prank, explained ,o the officers he was a personal friend of Ixwlle Allred, proprietor of the stand, and made It a habit to call 'Stick 'em up" as he entered the establishment. encourage the sale of other petroleum pro- WASHINOTON. Jan. 16 (UP) — Senators Robinson and Caraway hcort trouble. She was 36 years >ld. Funeral services were held Fri- i '.Dem., Ark.) today announced lhe> day with burial at Hopkins cemc- - hod agreed to recommend ap-; ^H'- ^ ^ 200 signatures of fa- Ihc young parents. a~ brother, niidlmous men and w«ncn In less th.m tsvo sisters. [n year, by correspondence. Smillv lo be Unittd Stales altor-|vannah, Tenn. Mrs. Dildlne leaves ney for Ihe western district olilier husband nnd several children, Arkansas. In brother, and tiro sisters. 'Sors Ba^and Nor-rellTlso- ™*°' °™' ,i, n u iho n ^,-^r, n ^-= owiii.v nnrt Interest and lo justify upheld the governor's ability and integrity. "Although," Norrell said. "I am in partial agreement wilh the resolution, I believe we have passed the golden opportunity for oral loan to refinance its obligations. "At one time," he said, "we could have bought all the road solving the road indebtedness! Improvement district bonds for problem." Norrell referred to the failure of the state to apply for a fed- WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, colder, freezing tonight. Wednesday fair, colder in east portion. Memphis and vicinity—Rain and colder tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 63. minimum 33. clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- approxlmalely $18,000,000 and of- ris. official WMther observer, fered them to the government as Rainfall during the night was .10 security fcr a loan of that amount." I of an Inch. ,

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