Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 18, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1896
Page 5
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ffiffi%\ffiftyfo Celebrated Hflf" C STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnisher It Will Soon Be Time to Vote. I am a Candidate. Of course you know who you shall vote for, but I want to be eleoted "Your Tailor." My "Platform" discriminates against no class. [ promise Jf elected, to-make a f uit of clothes to your measure that fite and pleases. I recognize no superior in the art of Tailoring but I admit that I sell clot ies cheaper, It don't cost anything to look over cay stock ai.d ask the price, it you place your order with me und I don't suit you I dont want you to take the clothes. Of course you won't order if the price don't suit- I am showing all the latest stj Ies und pat terna In Fall Woolens, H. Q. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. ON COERCION. Mr. Brooks Gives the P|aros a Keen Thrust. The only criticism or Mr. . Brooks' •able lid-dress die Pharos could Uml was (that Tie Journal published •a speech mnde by Jiiui pro viously instead of the one de livercd Wednesday evening. The ,Tour nal gave the speech Wednesday even- Jug- In Ml as fiiras-it was a discussion of the National issues. The manuscript of it was very kindly loaned to The Tourn-al by Mr. Brooks for the occnsion ind It was followed in full. The Jour- nil also took a. complete Hhorthiiiid re ; )ort i'or rectiflearfJoii so Unit no addi- tioual remarks brought out. by the RcbRoy. Rob Roy. The very latest in SHOES for children, Seeour-show windows Full of the handsomest new st, )e shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & Klinsick 403 Broadway. THE NEW -HUB." Grand Opening in Clothing Business by a New Firm. THE FIRSI nATIONAl BANK - OF - LUGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $25O,OOO. \i. M Murdock, Prei, W. W. BOM, Caih. 1. F. Brookmeyer, Ant. Cash. ' ' DIBECTORS: CS. Rice. •-.» w. H. Brlnglmrat, A. 3. MoroocK, •• D«niu» Chi. . a -. Xantls, F. M. Harwoort, W. T. WIIBOD. ••• Ba'r.klntr In al.' Its Departinbnis promptly and carefully done. • • • Safety to Customers and Stockholder! •ought for. • : • • Strong B«Mrv* Fund maintained. The opening of the "Hub 1 ' clothing store on Fourth street last evening was a great success. At 7 o'clock the Military band, secured .for the occasion, m'arehed to.the front of the building, rmd with its first selection the street became impassable. TVheu the doors we.re opened the crowd, surged 'In and It was found.necessary to pla.ce a man at the door to keep back the crush, vrih.ile others passed through -and In- .{Spceted and admired the One assortment of goods. As souve.ni.rs roses were given to the Indies, and small memorandum books and mioia'ture looking glasses '.were distributed among: the mien and boys. Mr. Berwanger showed the reporter thfough his stock of goods which is the latest" in style and first class In every respect. He -has an elegant assortment -of overcoa/ts, fall -and' winter suits, neckwear -and furnishings'. The firm comes from Knb'xvllle, Xcnii.. highly recommended, arid will undoubtedly succeed in their business l-n this city. Th-e room was beautifully decorated with cut flowers and plants, and the people were shown every graceful courtesy. would be missed. "Its ength prevented the use of nny of liese yesterday morning but the fol- owlng thrust at the Pharos in 'his penhig should not go nnpu&Ushcd. ir. Brooks wiJd in opening: I il/b'arik yon .very much for this earf-y welcome,-having heard or read ery innc-h of late of the division which Sfr. Bryan, the Democratic candidate' for President diuws 'between the people of 'the United States, putting the masses on one side and the classes on •= | the other. I ikssum-e 1 ha.t we here as- SMinble'd are the classes, and I-assure you that I feel great pleasure hi being I pcrnj.JW.ed ro face so intelligent an nu- diieiice as n'ow confronts me. I had intended before proceeding ro the discussion of Hie issues of this campaign to refer to a. notice contained iu one of | the newspapers of Logansport a few days ago hi regard to the alleged compulsion exercised by one o-f the prominent ofJIeei's.of the railroad company [ to 'in.flue.nco 'tlio vote of the employes of the railroad company in favor of McKinley and Hobart, Hie statement which Iwis been rondo by your Chair- Extra Strong, Heavy Pants - = Extra Well Made Pants - - -• . Made From Remnants ^ 5 Jt ents / or Boys ' Knee Pants -Heavy and tough. Rea! value, and 75 Cents. On ly 250 pair Just the thing for school. -' .'TTV O KRAUS "Of Course" man readers any further staitoment from -mo entirely unnecessary. I do. however, avail myself of the opportunity that Is now offered to assure every pel-son In this audience, every citizen of 'Logansport, every citizen of the State of Indiana, thwt.lt is new, and has ahvaysJbeon, and will always be. 'the policy of -tiho officers of the Pennsylvania limes to leave the widest freedom of judgment in political affairs to every •one o-f .its employes. (Applause) It is not to be wondered at that in. the campaign Tv.M'ch Is being carried on wholly, as we believe, upon fiction and false assertion*, in which the classes so called 'appear to be so numerous on one side -and the masses, sofealled, so RACED AT DELPHI. Logansport Cyclists Bump Into i •' "•' •'•'•• • ' Xif ;..-••; Speedy Company^ ' Delphi lias, had, two days-of bicycle races, -and.from all accounts ihe meet was ;ii- very, successful one. Five Logansport wheelmen were there and they-/report-, a very pleasant time, although thoy failed to bring back any ol' the prizes in <iny of the fow races in which they entered. Dave More- liart, Charles Enyart and Franlj Skinner werelttUUMxices, but Hie company was'too fa'Stil'or-them. ..:,. • Morclmit, for a green ..rjder, made a splendid showing. H-e finished fourth iji the -two-mile race, four- lengths back of the winuer. '• B-lggor of Danville, 111., you tlie rac-o in 4.-17. In ftc half-mile sjprint Morelmrt h«d a good position rtn<l would have linished'-'socond, if indeed. lie had not come first over the tii!pe, had ifntft becu for .Hie ugly work of- one of the riders in the race, who fouled .the Logansport boy repeatedly. The.half was done in l.OG by the win-, ii|er, :SmiMi of Frankfort,'nnd Morehait qu-ished in 1.09 iu spite of the set-back tic had received In the start-of the race. Ui'lils -is More-hurt's first senson oa the track, and 'if the judges "of form are not badly -deceived, • he will prove a RACES AT DRIVING PARK SEPrEMBER 15, 16, 17, 18. $3,000.00 in Premiums. DAILY JOURNAL / SEPJEEMBER 18, I860. FOR SOUND MONEY. fleeting of Sound Money Democrats at the Rink. The Sound Money Democrats of Cass county will hold a meeting at the rink In this city nest "Wednesday evening, September 23d. The meeting will be held under the auspices of the National Democratic State Central committee, wWch was chosen at the Indianapolis National convention. Yi will be addressed by Hon. liufus Magee of this city -and Dr. Charles E. Scholl, formerly representative from Carroll county. Hon. John R.TVllson of indfanapollshas also been invited and is expected to be present. The Sound Money Democrats of Cass comity number five or six hundred, though there has as yet been a organization or effort to increase th number. Most of them live in Logans port, the Democratic farmer not ye having awakened to the'attack on ill interests. • - ' NOTICE RAILWAY MEN. The attention 'of'the members of tin Railway Men's Sound Money club J: called to an Invitat'ton received .-from Tlie Railway Sound Aloney Club of Kokomo, Ind., to attend a pole raising at that-point ;Friday eVening,- Sept-18 .WWle "tlie'invitation 'was liot.'fecelveil . in time to permJt'iui$ concerted action Von the'part.of our club', ft Is respectfully trrged that, as^.inVny.-members as Me attend and ivelp bur Kokomo to advance tifi cause of sound ... .-.._.. . >., ....... ... • -_......, and 'prosperity:, Our' president, arnfcy, will deliver a ^speech on this""" •X: Secrotarj-. TO. EARN THEIR SALARIES, The recent ukase Issued -by the State Board of Health prohibiting the use of slates Jm schools and imposing, .a. dozen other restrictions upon"students Is very h'applly hit by the Indianapolis News wbicb. says: "Riders of the germ hobby, are doing the wildest scorching eyei •known. The world's record has been eclipsed in this city and comes with the opening of the public schools. Appalling germs, these scientific persons have discovered, lurk and linger in all the paraphernalia of the school room. Books, slates and slate pencils are flllve with Them. Even the coveted core of the mellow red apple is laden with deadly infection, though It come from the cherry-ripe lips of a playmate, and the unctuous chewing gum may no more be generously divided •among school fellows. The times are. Indeed grand, gloomy and peculiar. At the germ-made pace the hobbyists are going the unhappy parents of children in our public schools may soon receive an order requiring that.their progeny be disinfected each morning before be-' Ing allowed to.fall Into line to'enter the school and then be .Bhoroughly deodorized <nt the close of each day. • ... Having progressed thus tar the mandate of science may require that eac pupil have a special suit for schoo wear. When the children appear a school in the morning the clothing the have worn at home would.be take from them and school suits furalshe by .the Board of school commissioner would be put on him. Meanwhile the few on the other, that the gi;*'mpion of the latter, and those who support hrai should be disturbed ait any turn which Indicates that'll free-born" 1 ' citizen Is not 'going to vote on their side. There Is no trouble. of tibM: kind felt on the part of it-he employes of the ra-lihvay company; all the trouble is that the people are coming so fast, and to'Sucih multitudes to the side of sound money, Wiait it is difficult to care for them as fast as they come. (Applause) And iltjis to be hoped, no I will not put it that WOT, It 'is possible limit for pur better discipline, In order to promote: a higher degree of, Heal on. our gart, tlia't perliaps oiid or 'Ervo stiould" stay on the other side in order, If for no other purpose, than to show that they have the rJgfht to do -as they please and still be employes of the Pennsylvania company. (Applause.) I feel fike dJsrnlss- •ing this subject now with this further and finol ronm.rk, which being m'side In •ail -sincerity 'ami good faith, will put at rest during the rest of th'fe c'am- poil-gn ocher familiar caarges agnilnst officers of the Pennsylvania company <and thnt is, thmt In behalf of the. officers of the Pennsylvania company aind fts directors, I do now and here constitute the editor of tii-is paper the ngent of the Pennsylvania company to prosecute any employe of the railroad company -who oittempts to Intimidate <a.ny other employe as to how formidable 'a-n'tagom's.t -to the fast ones ,<i!notibcr season. ;Cha.rley Enj-arf'rode'a splendid race io the ton-mile even.t.'biit the pace was too hot for liim..; lie. rode seven niiles, the first five iu 12 minutes flat, and if fie could have kept it up for three miles more ; would haivc put the others out of the business. Frank Skinner was also. In the ten-mile sprint, and dropped out on the sixth mtlc. McCabe of Keutland set a raagnlUcent pace for eight ni'iieSj of the race, but Leonard of Dajivlllc,-Ill.,:Harri.son of Lebanon and Miller of. Indianola, III., had paced each other, and. wore comparatively fresh ; for.the finish, McCnbe being forced back to.fouiMh place, the three ni-enHoned[.,,flnJ.«hing in the order ndmed, time 28.19. Charley.Enyart was also in the five- but, flaishcd back- In the EXCURSION TO KOKOMO. Panhandle Employes There Wil . Paise a McKinley Pole Today. The Panhandle employes at Kokomo while not so numerous as those in sim iiar positions in thfs cily, are not a .-bunch,,Leonard ,of.Danville,, 111., with 250.yard's handicap, winning in r 12.02. • IjThe. winner of the ten-mile ^^je has al' onejiiujiilred-doUar SpaldlugO.i$Fheel, an'tf tie winner of life ITve-mne orc|^ an ejghry-flve-dollnr Ouiting wheel. % 1 iThe boys.say they were treated elc- -gaintiy., ; by the;blcycH.sts of Delphi, but they lui.ve.n.^klck .coming" at the lona hotel. They., were promised a, rate .of whit less enthusiastic, and they have arranged for a monster celebration on the occasion of a. pole raising in honor of the Republican candidate. The pole •will go up this afternoon, according to tlie Kokomo Tribune, which says: , "The. monstrous big McKinley p»Ic is to be raised by tub Paaliiandle bo^ at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon, and a corps of men are at work making preparations to splice it. It Is feared that some of the stars will have to be displaced to make room for the upper end. Tlie pole is in four sections and will stand about 220 feet out of tlie ground. The wrecking crew from Logansport with their heavy block and tackle wilt superintend its perpendicu- ln.riza.tion,- the switch engine furnlsh- ,lng the motire power. The pole will go up at 3 o'clock and at 7:30 p, m. will be dedicated to SIcKtoley aad Hobart, Protection and Prosperity, Sound Money and Good Government E. F. Kearney, of Logansport, who was formerly a Democrat, will make the principal address. Glee- clubs from ard of Bryan, and Sewall. Sorae (.hint that if there is no other .ticket for them to vole all Populists will be compelled to. support it. In other words, that they will be- driven to Sew.ill for want of something better. It will bo a fcitti mistake .Jo act on. this supposition. Populists can't 'be driven to <5o anything. Tliey may be persuaded, but never driven. In, fact no class of peojSe in this country are so hard to drive ae :he men and women who constitute lie Populist party. Even if you succeed to - oading them to the trough you -can't make them drink. As we ssi'S 'last week, the true policy for Populists at IMS juncture is to stand together in 3e- nianding a cleaning of ithe house "be- . ore they enter it, of the removal of tne y from the ointment before Uiey use t. It is a bold stroke, but boldness' even to rashness is often, found the best policy." ; Ricliimondtind L'ogansport will be present. Let every enthusiastic Republican be present. A large flat car has been placed on the- swljph near the monstrous pole and has been fitted up for the speakers' platform. Oa Friday It wJH Ee handsomely decorated with tlie national colors. Seats to necomodate a. thousand people have been provided. It is the ONE HUNDRED WILL GO. Logansport Railway Hen to bv . Represented at Richmond. $1.50 per day*..but .when they .settled intention to make the afternoon and blll./^hcy. were .charged the full evening a regular gala day. All first of. ?lnA.' 'And it wasn't Barnett voters and glee- clubs arc urged to be house.fflre by any"means. There was' present." a| gootf crowjl' out yesterday and the Will Sp.iugler of. Kokomo was over rate .(ajaiclc wasyji^ftil^conditlon. - Dam Clos- yesterday a.nd arrangements were person and Sam Llspenard nlso attended . footed by which it Is hoped a good The BaJlivay Jfcs's Sound club has been formally ana invited to attend tL'e rally at Saturday, nnaer th'e auspices or Sound Money club of tISat c3iy. Invitation 1 was too late for. Hfe chrt»-*» take any action upon 1 f£ Put there \sJtt be at least a li'nnflred attend from lier^. nevertheless. TEe boys nr« nof gre*t- Jy pleased with. tBe 'Richmona ped^is for failing to appear for ttie LogtnK- port demonstration. Tliey. fBJnS «f- efctaDc? renaerea by tfieBicttmoDSr.aii?B' wonid nave called 'for a refturn'jnitlii Saturday. Under tie circnmstanccCr they will not'soias a club". THE shall vote this fall." CAUGHT THE CURRENT. Al. Haun Knocked Out Trolley Wire. by a the races,' and the.ibu.nch of Logansport crowd will be gathered to go from this night on city. Extra coaches, as many as niay-| bo needed, will be attached to No. 2, the passenger train leaving here nt 2:30 •this afternoon, and every body who can Js urged to go. The round trip rate will be low and the excursionists may at 11:20 on No". 7. riders.,returned' -home last tlielr wheels^-. 1 . WILL HAVE HOWARD. Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. germs -in the borne stilts -having been massacred, by a corn's of janitors, 1 siip ervfe'cd.by rt'liealth officer, their clothes would be returned ,tp the children and wear titem home. As eter oal vigilance, according to science, is the. price of liberty from germs, It would be necessary to resort 'to these precautions at least twice a day in the case "of each pupil. The teachers should also receive like treatment. ^ Yet there are some' persons still" living wio went to school and' 1 , have" .since rown to healthy manhood and Womanhood wholly oblivious of the dead- y germs- that encompassed thelr.-ywhff ives,-and who now read -with; amazement of 'these '.insects which are to old so' important a place in" the public school system of Indiana." 'Yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock, Al Ha.un, foreman at the stro railway power house, met with"-in a oident while repairing the trolley wi at the South end of flhe Third stre bridge. He will be in bed for som time. He dllm.bed upon a step ladde tb repair -the grip,' which holds.,th wire in position, when he accidental] placet! his hand on the big wlr charged wkh electricity, and was im mediately overcome and fell from, tb ladder, a distance of, fl-fteen fee uliglrting upon his headwind shoulders He was .carried jn.fo; Chris . Eekert' jlacfcsmlth, shop. He .was. uncoriciou and Jt W.TS thonjrht for a time'that he was. dead. Dr. Jordan was summone< amd administered relief and tat£r drove Mr. Hann home. At a late hour last g he was,, reported, resting and it is thought that he will recover all riglit, unless something unforeseen sets in. • : The force of the current which passed through Mr. Haun was about 500 oMs, not sufficient to canse.dea.t^. .,,..- . 11 A. C. Foot Ball Team Soon to • • • •...-,:rPlayi-the Pastimes. Fo<it;ball enthusiasm has been growing -sfwl-dlly fob""Hie past few weeks aiullf-'is 'likely that tlie lovers of that s^ortwlli b^'ti-'eaied'to some very good games.this.'seiison. 1 'Mrl'H. H. Howard, tlie'star half ttic'k for the',MlchaeI university .'00 "teani; will pla'y this year Vith th,erL'..i<. : 'iC..-.'.Mr. Ma^hall of Ma- ribiii, wlio formerly-play-ed on a Purdue t^iro,. 'hn_s ,ej}t_crcd M-lchael's university a.^d will arso^plny with tlie team. The inan-ageme'nt s 'oif" .tne" Pastime''Athletic 'tdani ca,lled*on Manager 'L'owis of the L; A..C. yesterday p a.nd challenged him for a. gameJ-;.The challenge was accepted .'and. 'the:.two -ten.ms Svill .meet on tlie grlditoiUn, the.near firture. Mr Lewis tasiwirftten. tb thei'Ma-iiagers oi the.MiiirJon,:.-Peru, 1 ' Kokbnio, 1 Anderson. HuBtington.-=nnd eulvar Miiltarj- aca'd- SEWALL MUST QO. emy teanis,L'nstlhg -therii HepUes .-f rom-: :.the: > ma.nhgicrV of the earns 'namied are. ..expected soon. jit" esterdny m'ass-": Re]>ublican Day/at h'p Poplar Groitefrfir, nnd.a.conserva- :-:; placed -.the crowd at l(|uble that of tlie d.iy lw?fore, Popo- rhit Day. Hon.-BM Bitter -of Indlana- speech. "...' were so;.aj&ny c,Tlls : for McKin- ey.;:pic.tures(; yesterday .at Republican .supply, run out. Populists of the State Will Not Support Bryan With Sewall on the Ticket, The Nonconformist, the Slate organ of the Populists says: " "1C will be impossible to bring about a complete and effective combination or reform forces in support of such a man as Sewall. Many Populists will refuse to support any electors pledged I to rote for Mm, even wben there is a | combination electoral ticket. They 1 >vll simply vote for the recognized Pop- 1 ullst electors and £pra 6eh off the Sewall I "electors. They regard it as a; violation • of thejr principles to support him, and i wpn'-t do so either directly or indirect- 1 ly. As long as he remains on the ticket-' I tliere will l«-d-lstru«t-nnd discord.\It Js said tliat'to bike h'lm' off'-w!rf<cittise.l some goldlte Democrats who were re- 1 maiulag. 'for the ticket' Jn a. half-hearted way, to go clear over to the enemj-. j If so, let them go. " Good . riddjuice. j Their places will be filled by better standard of excellence. .Man> ot tbe "Munson" consider It THE BEST. You will tind It a valuable assistant in jour ot- Bee. Address for pRiticnlara THE MUN50N TYPEWRITER CO SEANCFACTCKEKS. 240-244 WeKt. l.Bk o St.. Chicago. UL STATE NATIONAL BANK JC.OOANSPOBT. JND.3 - *2OO.OOC ..-. . . ' f. F. Jfohnson, T^resldent. S.-'W.-truiry;' •Clci Prta&ut.'~'" ' H. -J. Heitbdnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. t. Jobneon. 8. W. Ullery. J. T. B1IML W. it Elliott: .W. H. Snider. "i,'. Presh oysters In bulk.—Rothermel. ^^^i«f.ti;Vii«'^'iife^w^k^^^ i.^^Vk^t^xttif^S^,^^^ men, be it remembered, who will not come unitll the road- is made clear and the ticket made clean. The whole army of reformers can be rallied to Bryan nnd' Wartson, The entire 1 army of reformers never can be rallied aroiiad the stand-'. Buy and •»'! Government bund*. y on penonul security and' *!«. Issue ipeclal certlncate* of [ s •marine r per cent Interest when left «nt l per cent, per ancum wben t*3 MX MODtha, *§ in Safety Dnwrtt Vautti of tWi •*nk for tb« deposit of deed*. wllelea, mortCMct* and oUior •«nt«I at from K to tU r*r y«ar.

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