The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1938
Page 7
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;TUESDAY, 1U38 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' CQURIBK NEW? PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consecu (ivc Insertions: One time per line ...lOc. Two times per line per daj' ...Me Three times per line per day ..U6o Six time.! per line per day ....05c Month rate per line tiOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge SOc Ads ordered (or three or si' limes and stopped before expira lion will Uc charged for the num . ler of times the add appeared ami adjustment of bill made. All" classified Advertising copj submitted by persons residing out side of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above luble Advertising ordered for irrcculai insertions takes Ihe one lime rate No responsibility will be take) for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Husiness Directory For Rent For Sale Hour room house. 1107 Call next door. Furnished apartment, newly dci.'o- ralcd, 1C8 W. Kentucky, pUoiK a, il2-pk-3-l _____ t ___ apartment,' 122 E. Davis, mid Cull -—-——-'TWO year Jerseys. •* licuvy .sprins- .,n° i ., ,'l cls ' Ollc [icsl) - Crimes, /.-PK-J-I M0 Ma|u Clll | 8 . 22 . lf)-|)X-33 room Private bath. Private wutcr light meter. Servant house. 308. Mrs. C. S. Patterson. 22-pk-25 Furnished Mrs.. .0, A. Tanl. Call 428-J or 545-J. ^1-ck Well airansed, newly decorated, 4- room Apartment. UnfiirnisurJ. Private Until. 1120 Wcsl Ash. phone Q82-M. ComforliiWc bedroom, nut, Cull 102. 1017 Wal- 10-ck-if 5 room house with hull ami rnitlt. Kill and Hcarn. $1200. Terms, Jimi'ccliiUc possession. U. Hammock. Tom LIUlc Chevrolet Co. For Sale l r or Sale—1000 yards good eiirlh, Used brick, Lumber. K .v. nirrt Construction Co. New Kress Bids. Good ItooriiiB and lumber elieup. Mrs, Henry Rcldman. 15-pk-3-15 Living room, bedroom ami kitchen furniture. Stoves. Plione 312-J. Airs. Belvle Morris Jr. H-i-k-3-5 Furnished or inenls. Call lips nt 84C-J, imliirnished npart- Mrs. Wendell Phll- 13-ek-23 2 furnished Phone B7-J, rooms. Kensoiiabk'. 313 No. 6l)i. JV-pK<! liurke Box Hardware (ixlui'C.s for sulo. "B", Courier News. ViuMiil Lots («i Sslc Under Hip m\\- Federal Housing plan yon Ciin buy ono of these Vcnutllul lols and build yaw ionic. A nice corner lot on Mlh & M.UIII i'tc 75 front, 1UO feel long 51000 1'wo beautiful lols corner 'Jn;l >Si Kentucky Sts .............. $750.00 iiic lot 65 by 100 N 2nd St S-IOO.UO 3UC lot ill- NO. 110 13. UiU'ls $45<J.GO I'wu Ucaullfnl Shaded l-<ols cor- • Madison ft Jlofly ..... StiSO.oo Two lots on Park St, neur. H-W til, cuch ................... $2JD. for terms, W. M. Bums W. M. Burns, Agency I'lionc 2C! (ilrneuu Hold Hide. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good Prices AH Kinds Se;i Food Fresh Crappic Cigarettes 2 for 25c HAKRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones 5-F-4 & 878 Comfortable bedroom for selUlc- niaii. Plione 277-J. Ciill at (M5 W. Main. 17-ck-3-17 Sleeping rooms furnished. Plenty hoi water. 110 s. Division St. W-pk-24 Store building. iTbod repair. So'itli biily. Georgia Fnmk, Box 33. atcole. n-pk-24 rhrcc-rconi furnishcil apartment, 713 cluckascuvba. E. M. Eaton, * 10-ck-tr. Coal My C.ul Is Black But 1 Treat You White. LOCAL HAULING Join] Buchanan Blythcville, Ark. rhonc 101 Radio Service EXPERT. RADIO SERVICE Complete Line Of 1'ARTS, TUBES, B'TEKIKb ' Hardaway Appliance Co. HENRY WEKNEU Main & 5lh Phone H personal Cicely furnished bedrooms. Steam heat. Convenient to balh. Cai: I lay—Soybenus—Otits Heed Corn—Milch Cow:; And Tractor Work. Kci- W. L. Tale, Annorel, Ark, Complete 10 volume sel of Slan dnrd Reference Books \vllh loose leaf binder. Call 239 or 792. 15-la-fa r_.'_c each. Jen M. 2. Smilhvillc, Ark. Glass Ei A V E The Top ol Your Furniture With Glass- All designs cut & llnblied. CALL, UH Hlytliciillc I'uiiti £• U'iilllwjKT Phone 880 111 S. :!nd watlicr "Tills tnlraeo t'K.ulled frcin rc- [lecticn ul tlio upppi 1 Iwiiudiu-y of n fitill, cool ]i\yoi- of air tha.1 lny over tlie lake surface, with dcllnllely warmer air above." Vagrant Prefers Cold, lives in Rocky Cave M.ONTRB.U. lUl'l-Yvnn \',M chuck. 53-yi'iir-old R'lislnn, pie- lus his Kuta rock cave on ll.u .side o( Mount Royiil to :ii\ !hc- llali'ii lulu court mi a vuBiuncy eliarne, Verneliurk vvus lodwrt in n cell :U iKillcc heiulciumieiK. lie loinplnliu'd atom Ilio wiivm U'li' ixrattirc in the rcll and lold olli- csr. ho imd sli'in In ills unliculed (•iive in itollilnij but his ui'cluv- \Vl\H. 'Hie Icallicr-skluncd .said lie Ininu his ninned clolllinii on a lire limb outside his rave rai'h niclil. and slept in Hie cave in- could not stand llvlna, ii'i the oily hostels. FOWLER DRUG CO YOUR I'KKSCRJPTIQN DRUGGIST Main * hi Fhpnc HI WANTED COHN SOYBKANS Ki>. UK. SI. Hlylhevlllr, Ark, Maiden Grain Co. Vi, 0. llceves, A|cnl Hi DIVB 999 Cedar I'cwls. Jones, Hi. Weather Man Didn't Foresee Mirage He Saw Wantea iBO, 15-ck-'J-15 Nicely furnished stciimlicalcci bedroom. 603 W. Main, call 042. M-ck-3-H Cojiifortable bedroom atljoining baib. Gentleman only. 713 W. Main, phone 80G-W, 7-ck-tf "J or •! room furnished apartment, rent reasonable to permanent parly. 2C9 W. Kentucky Phone 465-W. 29-Ck-2-29 40 Acres land. Require stock, fccJ, tools. U.' R. Garner, Annorel. DUPLEX—3 & •! room furnisher apartments. Private baths, call Man with car, Good Job.. .ALso want Musicians. Apply 1013 W. Main St. 22-pk-?.-l Room and Board Sleam healed room with board 803 W. Asli, phone 151. I2ck3-12 Batteries J. Ben Clune Phone B at Tom Jackson's N1!W ORLEANS IUPI — ». J. Waiie, Slur.han alrpovt weather c'jscrvcr, a<lmlltc<1 today lie lu<l fulled lo include a mirage in his forecast. Upon looking from the airport, administration building ndjoiniii; i-^ K poiidianrain. Waitc saw (he opposite shoreline of the lake in an upside-down position, despite lh= facl the .shoreline ;vus 30 miles n way, Hie l'!k<> surfuLie was sni")Ui :iud the shoreline, normally In-low llr. 1 liorizon. wits visible IK-: a {•cntinnoLij; line above thn water, with Irncs jutliutr downward iiom it. The in- •.•itlent lasted nn hour and ifi minutes. , / Ovluiiy .cKpluine;! M-?lcovcl03i!i! W. P. McUonuld, lieml of the local Soil woods are obtained Iroin •trees cl the conifer class, such n.s the pine. FARM LOANS 1500 wid HE Arkansas and Hbtootl rattif—lowest czpeiue Also i'Uy iiropcrllei BON H. KASSEltajAN Tlioiua.'i Land Co. Olllco P. O. Box 470, Phone 527. USED TRUCKS &CARS M,l, TRUCKS (JDAHA.N- TOKI) TO I'ASS STAl'h INSPKCTION. Phone 802 Delta Implements, Inc. * «OETXim WELD 1 116 AT BMT PRICW PROMPT BWVlOt Hemorrhoids-Piles CURHD WITHOUT SURGERY. & (JUAUANTKIiil) Site, lure and with It-is dbcomlort. All dlwmcs »nd conditions oj ntryom ruied »t our clhilo. ' (oul allment.i and iikln c*nccri UoUd and peciai rnces Are Now Being Offered on All Winter Auto Accessories Visit our modern parls & uvccHsorks store. Hero you will find cwi'.vthlnn on display (o cimblv you lo nmkc easy selections of your particular needs. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Dry. W«rt & Wert onotamun Ow Joe>KMoc Btort "W* MAKE TO BET MO , . J; c, EVANS , .Box 804 BlythQVllIe, Ark. . Rtelrlct Man»fer 1UMII.10N TRUST HIND Sponsored By -, Hamilton Depositors Corp, All Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe Leading llrands of Beer, And Cordials l)EAI,Kll IN Itay — & -, Oulns I'll 1 1.1,1 1'S (id AX PAID CIOAHKT1KS 'I |ik. 3.1t or {1.15 per .Carlo) 24 Hour Service II.W. 01, 1'hono H llollaiid, Mo Now L«caltd kl 101 North ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, FroprltW* Oltrlnlors—Itcpaltlm—y»ns_KiDJjoin ot Rebuilt TyptnTlUr*,'Addlnr Muchlnn u>( Culeuln(ois—Hepiiliiiig:—PKrisi—Kfbh'ons 280. 20-ck-U Nicely fnrnislied room entering into bath. Inucrspring maltress. Will eivc a meals a day. Call K'iS. 818 Cbickasawba. 25'da-da Furnished comfortable bedroom ,,..515' Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-tf Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers IloIieTeB bUiOQaotBe, cons tip rit'.on and hf*fl*chM. Retire Lircr I'llJn get at Ihf rt-aJ c»UBfl at. )OUr Blug^lsUneffl ftnn mrte you iotl liXe a new i^rson. Ui-J •our »yatem of •urplait DOIBODI f^& Activ* Llv«r Pilla. £iar[rlee5, Kent It), told al all Ki/bj t)rug Siore*. Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery. Blylhevillc, Ark, H.W til North. Phone 742. pfte' jtomfortablc bedroom. Call ''Mrs.' S. S. HternberB, DB4. 120! Holly. 28-ck-2-28 Found Leather (older wllli 'i keys. Owner can have same by paying cost of this art. Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News. Metal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High School. Ov.ncr can have tame by paying cost of Ibis ad. Father of His Country ?'-'IORIZONTAr. v <5 Answer to Previous 1'iizzle ;f I Fii-sl Prcsl- JplglRlyl, ; rfeiiLoftlie l=t=W--li 1 jU. S. A., . :. George , no Bottom. ' " H Lrauid part; ;r of fat. ( ~ i 15 Money.' *| ISEvcrgvconj •« tree. '"° : iQ Mokes true. 20To observe. 21 Slum " '' America', 'jg •X Skillc'lA 2rtChtst bo'iie" Ml Wedlock. 2VTennis stroke 16Divided., 28 Measure jAi 18Slir. 29PfOphclA W 30 Action.' ^ 32-Inlet. ' , ; -33 Snaky 34 God of war. 35 Insane. 38 Half an .c 49 Blue grass: 50 Furnished witl1 vallan:- 51 Trumpet; , ; , sound. iV 53 He was al - as ;1 \ ( young man' 37 To soak fliix. 54 He became a of . VERTICAL. 1 Grief. 2 Stranger. 3 Withered.' 4 To hasten. •5 Within. 6 To .-.mile ••', I broadly. 7 Gaslropocl. 3 Ronp- 9Slmii JctlerC 10 Crude. IIWar Hycr. 12 Permanently altaclicd. Ki Klcctric imil. Hi Coffee pot. 18 Moor. •JO He gained fame ;is :t 21 Sm;ill 23 He had ;is a 25 Seed hiiir. 26 l-ong grass. 27 Moado\v. 28 To help. 3 1 Scs 32 Rod cut." 35 Threat. 37 To 38 Molhcr. 39 Nose 40 Fright. 41 Thchand..\ 42 To scalier. DRS. NIES & NIES OMtcopathlc rhyklclani rhone 98 BlrthcvUie, Ark. FUNERAL HOME V: T. HAMIJN -THAT/MY DEAR CMJEEH, is ANV WAY FOR. 1H' LIKES'OF * ' R " VOU ' LL COME ^° 'TH'THRCJNIE ROOM, VOU TO ADDRESS , EH? WELL,VOU'RE NOW, WHAT TV WELL,DOMT KNOCK PLACE DOWN.' COME I ANOTHER WELL,7HI5UM'S QOWMA E 3OMB DIFFERENT FROM VES'IE WE'LL 00 INTO TH' QUESTIOW.' AFTER VOU/VOUR HIGHNESS MONARCH OF MQOJ Take It Easy, BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . - BOT TOO CftvM xoo 6000 VOR No Vu\_ Take It, and Like H WASH Turjus 'OBOY, NOW" YfX CERTMNLY 6LA.O YOU'RE VJC CAN TMK.1 OVER OLD FOOUN6; _ ON. BOVH OF YO.I, AND ST^OT.'OUTf (HOE FRei6HT LIVE ftr yOUf. WITS! ENJOV-tHC GLORIOUS, NO WRGUWKMTS5 OUT YOU &OJ • Att>i66NT'you DARE; COME 8ACK : TILL' YOVJVE HAD OP YOUVE COt^E WOTHIMCj BOT 6RCWL MOAN KOfl THE GOOD JLQ DAYS!WHEN YOU WO WA.SH WERE HNPPY-60-LUa.y hat's Plenty Rich -!J Evils. HiLancl right. •16 French coin. •17 Beam. . 49 Postscript. SI To exist. Sif Exclamation. ;L BLOSSER; fy\ S^NUTTY'S UWCLE "X/ w^ v/,is JUST ,'CWATWAW KWEY/-[HAT OIL WELL .1 DCiN'G iT,"THEM,AS tJUTTV HAD V/AS Wo GOOD^ BUT 'VW EXCUSE To !-)E(j LIE HIRED A MAM To PRETEWD'iO ^Tt-IC COOKS } E! I': OPERATE IT sos MUTTY'D ME; GOT SURE 1 ETr" BEGGIMQ ' AT THEIR DOOR , ' ! HE KMEW THE'r' j | V/ERE DESEF^/IWQ I ;'-i PEOPLE ! ^ HE MUST HAVE BEEN TESTIMSTHEM TO, • SEE IF THEY'D WELI COME H/M PDR HIMSELF ALOME, AMD HOT BECAUSE OF HIS

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