The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 14, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NFAVSPAPRR fro Nrm'i'iiUAKT »!,„,„ •*•"*" " » K—' VOLUME xxxvr—NO. 7:?. Bly'hovllle Courier Blythevlllc Herald Mississippi Vnlley Leader nij'lheville Dally News AND SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U ARKANSAS. Japs Forbid Taking Of Vegetables Into Foreign Concessions TIENTSIN, China, June down a progressively isli and French vegetables to the area am! i or who From a comparatively minor dispute between the Japanese and British the Tientsin situation had become the first move in a determined big scale Japanese campaign to force the western nations lo cooperate In the fight of against China. Pour hundred American civilians and 223 United stales were involved in the blockade nlong with (MOO other foreigners' and 100,000 Chinese. ° Vegetable prices soared as the Japanese imposed Uieir food ban Earlier, a Tokyo foreign office' spokesman had expressed belief that eulry of foodstuffs into the isolated concession would he milted. mm TRIP ner- But the blockade tightened steadily. For the present individuals were permitted to enter and leave the concessions only alter the most minute search from head to foot by Japanese soldiers.. Britons, particularly, were sought out for special attention nnd some of them were forced to remove their socks as the Japanese searched them. E. C. Peters, a member c British municipal council, .,.,., forced by the sentries to stand In line with Chinese coalies to be searched as lie returned to (he concession area. At G a.m. today, one hour behind schedule, Japanese infantry pickets pushed- barbed wire barricades into position at the seven entrances to the concessions under orders to permit no normal contact between the foreign areas and (he outside world. Ostensibly the Japanese imposed their blockade because the British refused to hand over four men whom they suspected of having assassinated a Chinese official in ^ the Japanese-controlled city. /.But a few hours after the block- a'de was started a Japanese foreign office spokesman announced at Tokyo" thit't the assassination issue .was,, relatively .unimportant '"and that Japan wanted guarantees Kal Governor Will Leave Hours Behind W o r 1 Fair's Special Train IjlTrLE IfOCK, June H <UP>A special Irain, bearing the state delegation to the New York World's Paif to observe Arkansas Day June 17 will leave tonight without Gov. Bailey it was learned today. The governor explained that his departure would be delayed 24 hours lo enable him to attend the. meeting of the state investment board tomorrow when $830 000 worth of general obligation bonds and other state bonds and revenue certificates will be sold. James O. Ooff, state comptroller and member of the Investment the board, said the bonds ami certi- was ficates would be sold to bidders and would bear three per cent interest the British would not Japan's Chinese policy. hamper New York Cotton -'NEW YORK, June Colton closed steady. open high July ...... 927 930 Oct ....... 837 84G Dec ....... 813 820 Jnii ....... 803 807 Mar ....... 797 802 Mai' ...... 790 704 H. (UP>- low close 921 92D 837 844 812 803 797 788 820 810n 801 794 Spots closed nominal at B97, up 5. New Orleans Cotton .NEW ORLEANS. June 14. U)P> —Cotton futures closed steady 10- day, unchanged to six points higher. July . Oct.. . Dee. . Jan. . Mar. . May . Spots closed changed. open high 929 931 847 825 8l4b 801b 801 855 830 820 810 802 low close 928 939 847 85-1 823 820 dull at 810 801 945, 820 820 810 Council Asked To Make Service, Bus Stations Use Storm System The Blytlieville city council last night heard a plea by F. c. Douglas, attorney for Sewer District No. One, that tlie city requirevthe use of .sanitary sewers to ,be co'i- fmcfl_ tty<th,eJr.orig!ii'{U purtfoje 'and' ' _ , the suggestion that 'the o wners of Stock Prices NE WYORK, June 14. (UP) — Automobile and allied shares led a rally on the slock market today after the list had been depressed T AT&T Anaconda Associated D G Belli Steel Boeing Air Chrysler Coca Cola General Electric . General' Motors ... In I Harvester ... Montgomery Ward N Y Central Packard Phillips Radio Schenley Simmons Soccny Vacuum 116-8 Standard Oil ft J 43 1-4 Texas Corp 38 3-8 U S Steel 47 1-2 a bus 'station under construction here not only be refused permission lo tic drainage tile lines Into the snmlary sewer line but that service stations be required to disconnect their drainage' lines from the sanitary sewer line. The council indicated that permission to use the sanitary sewer for such purposes would he refused the bus line but made no definite committal on Hie plea that service stations be required to disconnect. their drainage lines from the sanitary system. Mayor Marion Williams said he thought the council made a mistake several months ago when it allowed service station proprietors "lo talk us cut of our order to disconnect." Mr. Douglas explained that the sanitary sewers were overloaded by turning into them large volumes cf water which they were not originally intended to handle nnd said service station connections' as well as connections he said the bus company proposed to make shculd be made to storm sewer lines. City Attorney Roy Nelson siur- gested that the city refuse btiild- inj permits for the construction of "shacks" along a Holly street area now being developed by construction ot new homes. Hu said vigorous complaints had been made and that certain properly owners would probably try court action to stop such construction and that the city Poland's Allenlion Called To Problem Of Its German Minority WAHSAW, June 14. <U1')— I'o- Innd'.s German minority entered the Increasingly bitter Pollsh-Oer- uuin dispute today. Senator Kiwln Ifa-sbuch, minority lender, handed he government a memorandum de- laulnjf alleged grievances of Germans hi Poland. t'ftirportlug io speak for the 740 COO Qcrmun-speaklng people aiiioni; Poland's populatt'on of 32000000 Hasbach submlUed the memorandum to Gen. Fcliejan Slawoj-Skla- dowski, the premier, It was learned thai the memorandum, covering aliened incidents of the last few months, was more than 70 typewritten pages in lenetJi and thus served lo put the case of the minority on record. Numerous cases of alleged uiitt- Qennai) outbreaks by Poles such FCC Requests More Power To Control Bell 'Phone System • WASHINGTON, June M. (UP)I/n 10 Kc(lmi rations Commission nsk'ed congress ( 0( \ ny ]•„,. over (lie imiUi-bilJioi). dollar Bel) lelepliono it t'haj'j, r eil is milking "twu.siwl Tim commission submitted to*, congress . 14, 1<J39 SINGLE! COPIES FIVE CENTS', . pub- those which have been gained of In German Nazi 'ications, were cited. Wliat view Ihe government would nke of this development in Ihe dispute, based on Germany's dc- nancts for Danzig and the Pom- orze area, iho so-called "Polish Corridor" which lies between Ger- iinny proper and East Prussia vas uncertain. Polish quartprs, however, described iho memorandum as one of "purely propagandist!^' char- icter. However, the memorandum served lo emphasize the extent to vhich , Poland and Germany have loiiy report, cavcrln Its Investigation of the $G',Cca,OGO, ODD telephone Industry, dominate ">' the •American. Telephone :im Telegraph comjmny, the operating associates of which mnke mi the Jicll .system. The Investigation' found that UK Ml system averaged profits n seven per cent per year on Its In vestment from 1913 to 1035. This Hie commission dim-god, appear!, •immiiully high for n system CH- sagcil in rendering public service.' Other charges cited included expensive cultivation of public BHX will, Improper Influence on Icglsla- tlve anil regulatory bodies nnd Uie withholding of patents capable of improving service and decreasing costs. president Walter P. Glfford of >een alienated since Poland cast. lot. with the British-French nti-aggresslon bloc. There were thousands of Czech efugces In the country, Including in estimated 4,000 men of the fov uer Czech army who have' been Jill into special en mps near Ora- ow.' formerly of 163 Copper 24 3-8 77-8 .. 56 1-2 .. 22 1-4 .. 70 .. 128 1-8 .. 35 7-8 .. 44 5-8 .. 58 1-2 .. 50 1-2 .. 14 5-8 .. 31-4 ..' 35 1-8 22 7-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., June 14 (UP)-Hogs 7,000. Top 6.40 170-230 Ibs., 6.25-6,40 140-160 Ibs., 5.50-5.75 Bulk sows 4.50-5.25 Cattle 2,000 Steers 7.75-9.85 Slaughter steers 7.00-11.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers 7.75-9.00 Slaughter heifers 7.00-9.75 Beer cows 5,75-0.75 Cutters & low cutters 4.25-5.50 Taurus, the "Bull," is believed 10 be the first named sign of Ihe Zodiac, Gen. he Czech nrniy, lias been in Po- and for some time ami has visited he army camp. Two other Czech geiierals arrived in Poland in iealccl,, railroad _ freight car with fo'ja". Belies,-'elder, brother of for- ner 'President Eduard Benes of 'zechoslovakia who is now a refu- ee in the United States. As regards reports emanating rom Prague that 18,000 former Czech soldiers had 'been formed i)lo an anti-German "Legion" In 'ollsh territory, Polish quarters denounced the reports as absolutely untrue. More Women Carry Mall WASHINGTON <UH>— The postman is giving way to the "post- woman." A compilation of the Civil Service Commission shows that more than 200 women work as rural mail carriers in the United SlnUw. Hepburn Sister In Bridal Gown the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, fn u statement mode public as the report was III- ed, said the findings were based on n one-sided Investigation and milst 1)0 considered In that light. The report criticized the operations of the Western Electric Company, wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary of (he A. T. and T, company, whose net earnings it was said, averaged over 21 per cent annually. Tlie A. T. and T. company management controls prices of telephone apparatus and equipment purchased by Its operating subsidiaries through its ownership of Western Electric, tile . report • said, adding that "this may be repugnant to (he spirit of the antitrust laws." fractions lo more than three points, might help by refusing to issue Trading^ continued light. building permits until forced by court action to do so. It developed, however, that cue structure of the type criticized was already practically completed without a permit having been sought. City Engineer Jce Carney was ordered to have construction stopped immediately The council registered ccmplalnts with a representative of the Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation ever missing light bulbs along the street lighting system and' with a Kiwanis Club representative over the purported ccllapse of a while- way standard to which a street! banner had been guyed. I Tlie council agreed to reduce i from $23 to $18 city auditorium rental, pending a permanent revision cf charges. The reduction came after n request by the Bachelors' CInb .f:r reconsideration of the rental schedule. It developed that the $23 rental had been in efTect for some time subject to waiver of the whole or part of the rental by the building committee at various times. ''Hie new schedule will apply to all who want lo rent the auditorium, the council said. Family Idea Called Infanlilc PASADENA, Cal (UP)— Largely ns a result of the economic rcvc- lution that Is going on in the iforM. People of ^ ,\* e 'in "infantile and Hollywood" Idea of the family, according to Dr. Paul Leachville ' Store.k'e'd'p'e r . Sued;-Verdict For Dg, fendanl In Injury Case- Trial of Jim CrlUcndcn's $2.503 siiil against Hnrlan Shaver, Lcach- viile store proprietor, and Mrs. Shaver, for alleged slander was underway In circuit court here this •ifteiiioon with prospects for a jury verdict before court, adjourns today. Crlttcmlcn charges that the defendants publicly , accused him of he then of articles from Shaver's store and asks- compensatory and nmltivc damages, claiming their charge was unfounded. The trial ipencd this morning and witnesses vcrc still being heard early this iflernoon. | Howard Mayes of Leachville and 'ercy Wright represent the plain- lit and Claude P. Coapcr and Guy Vails, the taller of Manila, the dc- cndanls. The Liberty Cash Grocers, defendant, won a jury's verdict In the first, damage suit trial of lhc current term yesterday. The jury refused Mrs. N. J. Humphreys' alle- giiticns of negligence on the part of the defendant as the cause ot her Fall in a local grocery store last spring. She had asked $5.000 damages, charging that the store company had negligently allowed surface oil to collect on lhc store j floor, resulting in a fall Inlwhicli she injured her leg, back am! neck. Hekl and Evrard represented the st:re company and C, A, Cimiiin?- KILLS SELFJ HOTEL •mnk G. Tinker Of Span- isli Civi Suicide War Tame Is urr-LK ROCK, jmic H. (up)_ Frank O. Tinker Jr., 29, who shot down eight Nationalist planes as a war pilot for the Loyalists In Spain Iny dead lodny-a victim of own bullet. his A bellboy found the body of the Arkansas soldier of fortune In a hold room here late yesterday it •vas lying on a bed and nearby was a .22 caliber pistol. Tho radio was going and Iho telephone receiver was out of its cradle. Dr. John N. Doboits. deputy coroner, said It wns suicide. The bullet had passed through the heart. Tinker (lew a plane for the Loyalist army In 1937, came back, to the united states and wrote n series of articles for the Saturday Evening Past on his war adventures Lust year he announced he was ilng back lo Spain. Meantime iho slate department had refused lo ESIIC him another passport. Tinker said he was going anyway and innounccd he and iwo companions would fly llircc ships non-slop from some point on the Eastern seaboard lo Madrid. But the proposed flight icvcr cnmc olf. Tinker was a graduate of the J. a. Naval Academy and received its military pilot's license at Kan- dolph Held anil Pensacoln. 3hioan, 85, Enjoys Patchwork Quilting House Receives Relief Bill; Is $45,890,00d HEN M III UnderF.D.R's.Request King Expresses Mope Me Can Rclurn To America With Them CI1AULOTTKTO WN P i? 1 June 14 (Ul')-Ilopo ihal the k'liu; mil queen might v | s it Canada iignln, accompanied by (heir dnugli- lers, Ihe Princesses Rllrabeth and Margaret fiosc, wns expressed by George Vlf here lodny. He foreshadowed tin. possible family revisit lo Canada and Ihe United Slates In his wrlllcn reply lo the address of Premier cump- Jcll, who extended Die Invitation In :ils address on behalf of tho province of Prince ICOwnnl Island. The king's wrlllcn reply lo lhc address said: "Wo share your hope Ihal at some future time we may be able accompanied by our daughters, to visit you again," In lib reply to Premier Camp. ell the khi(f again stressed the blessing of nemocratiu principles. "It has been good to sec the enviable conditions In which members of different races dwell here ns citizens of Canada and the " cctv«U Urltlsh ic said. commonwealth of nations' ' "Their life exhibits the blessings vhlch abound W hcre Democratic Ji'lnclplcs nourish In an atmos- >hcrc of tolerance mid goodsvlll " Campbell emphasized the fact hat prince Edward islanders arc descendants mainly of sturdy pioneers tram Ihe Brills!) isles and rom France, engaged principally » the homely pursuits of iisrl- ciiUure and fishing." Gladish Appointed By Bailey S. L. Gladish of Osceola Appointed county Judge, by Give Carl E. Bailey at- Little. Hock this Is Shoaling Star patch qulil "I started quilling last, ChrlsU -ms." lie said, "to pass awtiy the '", %'" Ime.Tliis Is my second nulll, and ° <ta t will be. a wedding ] lecc." Judge aincfl.shV; certificate (of nomination was nullified by a court, at Osceola last week in con- present for my ^ C ,"°" *«." «» "KcUon conleal ' , .Mill of Doyle Henderson who was declared (he legal nominee, licn- :li- Ich to ifnce. P. E. 0. Stages Water Carnival At Walker Park Pool Tonight ham and W. Humphreys. 1*011 Smith, Mrs. Judge Neil Killoiigii of Wynne, presiding, directed a verdict in \ i favor of The Amsterdam Syndicate 1 Company against E. E. Vanbibber, doing business as the Safeeway store Ihis morning for 478, the purchase . price of nn advertising service. Reid and Evrnrd represented the plaintiff and Mr. Cosper was ^1 j counsel for Vanbibber. Punches Hole Through Hand With Ice Pick Catching lightning bugs won't be fun for nine-year-old Mary Ann Parks during the next few days. be remembering how she She'll stuck an ice pick .through her . hand yesterday afternoon while One hundred Blytheville beauties famous " 'f r "' lu J°^l>t_at Iho second. o,a nnd today re' a «PP'y MM for 1940, §46,890,','!' ""* r cosc ,'° 11 nKkc(K The measure' 5' C!i '" rellcf '"''""'islnaior,, including O s ab-' board to run WPA. ~* ''"lie WPA appropriation provides for nn nvcinge WPA payroll of MlShlly more than 2,000,000 work- 01 s duilng Hie 1£HO fiscal year, which will gradually decrease In employment lo 1,500,000 persons by, June 30, 10-iO. Die measure earmarks $125000,000 of WPA funds for use by the Public WoiJts Administration in till eel conflict with Mr. Roosevelt's wishes. Volley changes written ln(o the' measure Include: !. Klimlimtloa of the controver-. .slnl fedeiol theater project as of June 30. 2. Requirement that" all admln- Sees No Serious Impairment By Excessive Late Spring Rains urn''"" f°S l0 " m " '" lllls sccll °" «I11 uol be seriously cut by Iho recent excessive rains In the opinion of D. s. Untrip, county agricultural agent. Although the unusual amount of gross In the cotton will make the crop a lllllc lale mid will make (he crop more expensive lo produce, It Is bollovcd Dial wllh n nonnnl summer thai the cotton will ninlurc rapidly. The first chopping season would have been over lust week had not the frequent rains continued, making It necessary to continuously chop. Despite the extra chopping, which has made lhc crop more expensive, II Is pulling more money into circulation In an otherwise dull sen- son as cotton choppers are as high as $1.60 per day by paid . some farmers who must have thei cotton worked immediately. Some arc paying one dollar and the average price, seems (a be $1.25, H Is said. There Is work for all who wish lo ehtm biiL'lhaso familiar with the situation bellovo that the chopping will bo over In a few days, unless the rains continue, and that workers here are sufficient lo do the work. annual p. E. o. Water Carnival as features ot a program which will also Include exhibition diving imiertube swimming races, ciowii acts, dance speelallles—all of which will be climaxed with Hie crownhi" cf Ihc 1939 Walcr Carnival Queen by Mayor Marion Williams. The show will be held at Walker Park beginning at eight o'clock. In lhc teauty contests—two of them—there will be young beauties for these who like 'cm young, nnd a little older beauties for those who like 'em a little older. The little girl who is declared the pretliesl will be given a loving cup ni Die baby bathing beauty contest for children from Iwo through six years, and senior girls make up Ihe GO contestants lo vie for (he larger silver loving cup. Cay red, uhltc and blue banners nnd flags were being erected this aflemoon over Ihe swimming pool for a calorful setting along wllh the cloudless sky. The warmer weather of today cheered the sponsors along with the news that the advance ticket sale had exceeded that of last year. Seals have been arranged for (lie more Ihan 1000 spectators expected to attend. J. T. Sudbury and J. Mell Brooks, masters of ceremonies, arc expected to get the program underway promptly at eight when a learn of Memphis divers will show the Mis- unching holes in a can to entice 15 5S 'PP I county folks how diving is ne bugs into captivity. d: "L n . a ,.[ I " 1 =y ™y- . . .. The pick aptlvity. penetrated her hand ** flowed by the between lhc thumb and next, finger" I « y b f, alUy conlcsl ln Wlllch Aflcr having been River, emer-1 I'* lrt >cipanls are scheduled gency treatment nnd a tetanus' . 1 ' crfcm >W walking shot at the Walls he relunml lo her home, daughter of Mr. and M.'s. .\frix Parks. lo fCopr. Bacfiracli} A veil in unusual mantilla effect featured the white s nt< mous . Chicaf/o Wfieut urn above Katharine . e c Popenoc, general director of the her marriage to Ellsworth ' Los Angeles Inslllule Relations. of 'Family .Grant at the : Wcs Co,,,,., home of hi July Sept ! July ' Sept open 73 1-4 73 3-4 high 74 74 3-8 CJiicatjo Com open high low close 49 5-8 49 7-8 49 3-1 49 1-2 SI 3-8 51 5-8 51 51 nd a tet.-imK , ,,; J "urning aiuunu vnu s IUU she w.« n"" anUy "a""* I"»l I" the time ic. sL Is "he ^ 0 «l'«"» «'"• via the nickel- Hugh Harbert Is in charge of the crew of clowns who will attempt to do what they have seen other clowns do at circuses, along with some original acts. This feature, which .was most enthusiastically received last year, is expected to be another triumph. Jitterbug dancing, which has swept Ihe country, will be aptly demonstrated by a group imder an arrangement by Harold Roscnthal who has enlisted .some of the most low close 73 )-< 13 3-4 73 5-3 73 7-B . incers In Oscc- nnd Blylhevllle. i These will show (heir skill in this dance art: Churchill Buck Jr. and Ulll Clmmblin Jr • j en n Hourland and Harold Roscnlhal- Dixie Lee Qiilnn nnd William Bard Rlrlngton; Anlla Pay Reck and iwayneld Lloyd; Kathcrlne Wnlpole find Webb Kcllcy. Ribbons will be awarded the winning team. Another comical dance specially number will be given by Pauline Ulin and L. T. Moore, who will use Hie swimming |»ol as n background for their dance steps lo be performed on lhc concrete promenade A surprise feature of (he aqua- cade will be Ihe limertube swimming contcsl which has been planned by Milton Patterson. Bathing suits oi every hue will be displayed by the contestants in (he final act when judges will cast their critical eyes upon faces anil figures before declaring their 'judgment. In addition to the 50 contestants 1 announced yesterday, these firms have secured representatives: Bonnie Lynn Ratcllff, Caldwell Beauty Ehcp; Mary Helen Moore, LHile's Chevrolet Motor Co.; Alva Greenway, Hlghnil Cotton Co,- Billy Jean Smith, Walpole Electric Shop- Nell Dickinson, Applebaum's Store and Margaret Jane Acton will represent Miss WhllsltL's Shop Instead of Lonjo Hargctt as previously announced. Immediately following the cnrni- yal there will be free swimming for those who attend the show and a dance at the American Legion Hut In honor of the bathing beauty contestants. This affair, which Is sponsored by the Bachelors club Is also open to those who attend the carnival upon purchase of tickets. ; - ; ^ Proceeds of the carnival, sponsored by Chapter N of the P. E. o Sisterhood and the Mississippi County Fair Association, which operates the Walker Park pool, win be divided between the two groups. Tlie P. E. O. chapter plans to use " share for a local cause, and fair association wilt use Its help keep up Walker Park . the summer months, been announced. Governor Will Be Absent Two Weeks; Political Rumors Recounted IIV I'AT WAl.SU United Press C'un cspomlflit LITTLE HOCK, June H. (UP)-' Arkansas Tlmrsdny morning will have mi acting governor when Lleu- lenniit Governor Bob Bailey, Rus- sellvlllc, arrives at the slatehoiisc to become the state's chief executive (luring the absence of Governor Carl E. Bntley. For the next, two weeks Acting Governor Bailey will direct the state's affairs while Governor Unllcy lakes part in tho Arkansas Day celebration al Iho World's Pair hi New York City. Governor Bailey during his absence will visit In Washington, D. C., and Albany as well as In New Vork City. The governor.on his trip lo the fair will be accompanied by more Uian 150 residents of the stale who have reserved passage on the special train which will make Ihe round trip In less than a week. A close friend of Governor Bailey this week expressed (he opinion that within the next nine months the trend favorable Istmllve and supervisory employes taku nn onlh of allegiance to the government. 3. limitation of $25,000 on cost,-, of Individual WPA construction projects. 4. Limitation of $500,000 on all WPA construction projects. 0. Elimination 'of the present WPA prevailing wage nnd substi- , tutlon of a monthly wage schedule fixed by the WPA board. The scale will not change substantially the cunent, labor costs per penult 130 hours employment per WPA worker per month. The reductions placed In the bill icsulted directly from a subcommittee Inquiry Into administration of WPA. They appeared certain to rouse bitter administration' o|]posll[on. • • The measure carries $823,205,000 less than was appropi Sated for relief this year. national average peison and will BarfieJd Ferry May Be Operating By July There will be n ferry operating acioss tho Mississippi river at Bar- Held, eight miles east of here, for the nrsl time by July l, If tlie new gravel road on Ihe Tennessee side Is complcled to (ho river by Ihat llmo.' ' ,,,,*,, -.-- j, , Plans for the ferry, whlclt^were announced some' lime" ago, have" been finished and 'operations will start, the day the road is opened according to E. B. Klssell, owner of the ferry. The road work has been delayed because of the high water ivlilch prevented the obtaining of gravel. Functioning of to feiry wilt make n direct connection between this section and (hat part of West Tennessee for the first time and is expected to cauic a great increase In lialilc over this route. The road to the Arkansas'side of the river has been accessible for n. number'of years but the. road on the Tennessee side was Impos- ' siblc for traveling much of the time before the now gravel road was started. of crcnLs would be so that Women Are Accused Of Harboring Fugitive Trie Precis, 00, and Mrs. Agnes Kinncl, 22, of Blythoville, will be given preliminary hearings Saturday In municipal court'on charges of accessory afler the fact'to burglary and grand larceny in connection with Ihe harboring of Jnmes Edward Klnnel, escaped convict of the Missouri penitentiary, who was captured • at Morehmise, Mo., Monday. An investigation disclosed that Frcels and Mrs. Kinncl, sister in law of the convict, helped to hide the state's chief 1'lm at Mrs. Kinnei's home here, executive would be requested by | following his escape May 28. and political and civic leaders through- obtained clothing he exchanged for out Arkansas to seek n third term In that office. The governor despite rumors that he would seek a third term, has remained silent on the question but at the same lime Indlcaling that If there was enough requests, he might listen to the call and put up his name for re-nomination. Should the governor seek a. third term, one political observer salct Ihat Attorney General Jack Holt and United States Internal Revenue Collector Hcmcr Atkins could be depended upon to oppose his reelection. The observer pointed out that the new run-oil primary law which beccmes effective next year would allow the candidates receiving a minority vote to consolidate their fcrce.s and defeat the man who led the ticket In the first contest. Parents Going to China To Hunt Lost Son, 5 CLEVELAND, O. , (UP)—I-hsuan Kwan and her husband soon will start a search for their 5-year-old son, tost somewhere In China. "We Kwan said. very "It hopeful," Mrs. ' will be several men llts be lore we arrive In the of China by way of Hong— •- - • " do-China. My re somewhere- near Ihe Japanese lines." his prison garb, according lo John P. Relnmiller, ^chicf deputy sheriff, ire is alleged to have remained*In Blytheville for five days. Klnnel, who also formerly lived here but who is a native of Steele, was sentenced to the stale prison on a charge of stealing.a gun.and other goods in Pemlscot county, MD., officers said. Banking Policies Of New Deal Probe Object WASHINGTON, June 14 (UP)— The senate banking and currency committee today approved a resolution authorizing a $100,000 Investigation of New Deal banking and monetaiy policies. The resolution, offered by Chairman Robert P. Wagner (Dem., N. Y.) specifically directs the committee to consider and recommend a, national monetary and banking policy by which the monetary and banking authorities of the federal government shall be guided and governed. WEATHER Arkansas-Partly cloudy tonight nnd Thursday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy and slightly wanner tonight; Thursday partly cloudy, unsettled.

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