The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1930
Page 6
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iPAGE SIX HL.Y'tiiEVHI,S (AUK.) The King and His Servant Srnilb tElID ON FIRS1 lESlllllLt Veteran Stylist and Lanky Scot Scores 70s; Jones; '• Hagen Are Close behind INTERLACHEN COUNTRY • CLUB, MINNEAPOLIS. Minn', Tommy Armour, the lanky Sox and MacDonatd Smith, the veteran stylist, le: the golfnij hcr- • des over the sun baked Interlach- cn course today In ssarch cf the National Opel: title. The twc eased in ahend of Bobby Jones late yesterday le lake the lead nway from Uie chnm- pion with 10's lor the first rouiv! }f the 18 hole course In tlie 72-holc •iiedal play championship. Armour ant! Smith got rlqht on the final nine a f ter scorin? gocd but unimpressive 3Ts on the outgolm- nine. Smith, who tied for the .Open chaihpioh- Ehlp 20 years ago only to lose it in the play off. h a d n fine chance for a C9 „, — .- - to take undis- lonmj Armour - pulcd , eB(J Qvcr the field but a five on the 18th hoh :ulned his chance. For a long time yesterday It appeared that Bobby Jones, tlie Open title holder, and golfclom's greatest hero, would lead the field jiisl as he has so often in the National championship. His 11 shared by Whiffy Cox, appeared the best low until Armour and Smith came in, literally scorched by the hoi sun. Horton Smith, George Smith Harry Cooper, John Rogers and Walter Hagen finished in 72 strokes in a dangerous challenging posi- • lion just behind the leaders. Anc 1 not far-behind were other golfing greats, Leo Diesel, Ed Dudley. Johnny Farrell and Jim Barnes. It is believed that a total of 150 will ' sa'fely qualify those who finish 32 holes' today. FRIDAY, JULY il,..19'30 BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer Senators Trim Red Sox; Macks Takr Final From Shaw'key's Yankees. NEW YORK — The Washington Senators got back on (heir winning Halt yesterday with a decision over the Boston Sox while Ihe Macks ki-pl step behind them with n vle- f.ry over the Yankees. The lirook- . lyu Robins and other Nnllonul , li-ague entrants with (he cxccpiicn 1 (.1 the Giants mill Phillies were Idl'i. j Tlie Senators galloped elf with a 7 10 2 tiiumph over the Hed Sox , ii-:iliiioil inuslly by suine hard ant! I is;i:ely hlllnj; vn Ihe part 01 I nii-uiic, third baseman, ills homer ] and two il'.uble:; drove in four men i ..:u! he .scored twice himself, Ilad- hy cased through for u victory. ' '1'lit 1 Athletics and Yankees end | «l their four game serie: even in i v.hi-n the Macks lo:ik Ihe fina 1 cMilcsl il to 1 at New York. Earn I sliaw pitched brilliant bull nllow- ; nm the Yanks but three hits while : I'i'nuct: was forced into retirement, i Tlie St. Louis Browns opened Here is the team thai somebody will have to defeal to win thc U, S. U;rlr hcnie stand with a 7 to 0 vic- Open golf championship at Inlerlncr.on, Minm'.ipolK. licbhy Jones, | tury over ihu- Chicago Sox, ICfmsey right, probably is more v.ldely known than Donovan Dale, left, but liic tiimcd out to be Ihe wining piteher latter is Ihe happiest kid in Minneapolis at being selected to cal ' ry ' JVtl^ihe'defeal the golf eiupcrcr's p:ecicus sticks around Inlcrlachcii'.s Ircchcroas I „.,, j nn | n! , s v ,.ji], -f e<i "ouVllc's fairways- bit Dots a -low Blow Hurt? Interesting testimony comes from the Ehlnelarid where the French army 'of occupation has just evacuated ami Maxle Schmeling has moved in. Herr Doktors have examined '-the -Hambcrg Hammerer and discover he ts suffering a varl- cocele as a result of that low blow of Sharkey's. Tnls ccmes on the heeVs of as rertions by some of the country' most expert boxing writers to th effect that a low blow does no hurt a man;and that he can go o with 'a bout after a short res And It Is most interesling In vie of the recent decision of the New Ycrk Boxing 'Commission to abo' ish the Soul as a cause for stop p'.ng a -fight. It Had to Be Done I do not believe the protecto has been invented that absolute protects a fighter from Injury a low blow. It is true, of cours that many boxers claim fouls wl are net hurt at all. They lea\ the ring on ihei r own power few minutes after they claim fo It was with the idea of protecting the public against this type of un. satisfactory ending to a bout that the Commission legislated so sternly against all fouls. It was a long step but something had to be done. In this regard I asked Paul Swiderski, the Sad-Eyed Pole of Syracuse, the other day if he had been" struck low in many of Cils ftehts and how it felt. Paul is ,x light-heavyweight, but hi has been bixfiirig' ii»ayl;s for same time and - his - rousing'' ~kncck-down-drag-out fit Louisville the night before the Kentucky Derby was a spectacle I'll never -forget. • )II) YOU KNOW THAT— When Washington held n Joe Judgo day recently in honor of he "veteran's 15 yenrs of service, Uncle Frank Navln of the Tig- eib and Foxy Clark Griffith of lit Senators waived all Intake at the gate over OMn admissions n favor of Jce . . . The at- endnnci! was around 18,000 and J:c got a nice check for $7442.15 ... which is belter than lowers and speeches . . • Buckey Harris, looking ahead, is jiving Jimmy Shclvin, first, base- nan 'from Holy Cross, n taste of the big league sauce . . . e DeSautcIs, the new Tiger catcher, also Is n Holy Cros? joy . . . Muddy Ruel snys the dd will bo a great catcher . . . Roger Bresnalmn, coach of the Tigers, has been giving Gene a few tricks he learned when 5i.? was ditching Mnity.Sallce Marquard and n few of the other Giant hurlers . . . Uncle Frank Navin seems to have the Inside track at Holy Cross. Rubber Game Score c leu i providing -the margin of victory. : Cleveland took Its third straight 1 «;'.mc, yesterday n 0 to 5 de; ci:ilon over the Delroil Tigers. Kach i tram ii:ed three pitchers. A home ' run by Morgan aided the Indians Sho-.ner, although knocked out of : the box was credited with the vlc- ' lurv. The New York Gianls walloped _ (lie Philadelphia Nationals 19 to 8. „ , „,, i pounding three pitchers lor a total LonlCSl Ol 1 hrec ! of ZO hits. A 10 run scoring spree m thc ll:lrcl lllint ' I" 11 thc Glanls f nr nhead. The Phillies failed to f I 1 | o 4 ' Ks< " " rl111 llnt " "' e s!x "'. D:no| hue wns the winning hurler. Upsets Game for Short Time between Cooler, Mo. .and tlie Ma nils Rcscivej. He end tlu pitcher : : : y Injury nnd Schmclfng's are bout alike. But 1 don't think one lew punch will stop a fighter, If. e has the right kind of .a protec- or. And the right kind ui heart." I think the Sad-Eyed Pole's last entence speaks • volume.';. It, wns argely tocause boxers have shown onjlstently the wrong kind of learts that the ruling against loul ilows was enacted. ' The heart, I tliink, Is even more ssentlal than the protector. h? left! three or j ii- ' \'ew Orleans Rather Easy Sunday" for Pace Setters; Pebs Appear to Be Getting Hot MANILA, Ark.. July II.—The Ma- !.,,, . , . . nlln biisebal! club defeated Schus I Whirl Wind Brothers yesterday by the wl:l21 margin off 11 to 4. Schiuj Urns.. I who hull from a crossroads store nln miles fiom Lake City and about MANILA, Ark. iSpjciaD—"Time" the sumo distance from PnrngMild, cries the umpire hoarsely in the hud won and lost a yame previous-! first Inning of .the baseball ly to the local nine. Ry this victory Manila look tile rubt?r game of thc S3ries. Monk Wright allowed the vis' tors ten hits, which he kept well- scattered. He was never in dim- except in Ihe fifth, when he ha:" lo strike out i couple ot batsman to pilch out of a hole he had vvrtrk- cd Into. He struck out seven r»:n In nil. In the seventh Inning Monk crashed n liner aisalnst field fence Hint lacked four inches of cleiirhiK il. It wen 1 for n double. Thc hitting ot Yonirc and the fielding of Genslin aidiii Monk Wright In making this « easy victory. Young hit a triple, a double, and n single in five officiul trips to thc plnte. Geaslin. n-ycni old shorlslop, conlinueil to field > IMisllion in big league fashion. 1* fast throwing cut off many run- icrs as they started to step ncros:- he initial sack. Two ex-minor league stars. Har ncn Mlnnlree and Jack Wcoten. broke into Ihe^c.ime in the eight .vlien Mnnacer E.' I>. ShDlfner ssu'. them In as pinch hitters. Wootei 1 to right, but Minatrao filed ! out [o deep center. Minatree rr celved n big hnnd from the stands' .'.ho i;ad seen him pitch the locals i to a victory over Trenton. Tcnn.. disappeared. It left fans chattering through a heavy veil of dust, noth TEW ID FBI Takes Blythevillc's Place In League; Minyard Replaces Power Nine. The Ark-Mo Power team which has- ben one of the leaders i:i til? Chickasaw league, junior Sundjv baseball loop, will replace Bly ihevllle team in the Ark-MD l?.i^ir:. ' according lo an armounc:m<>n: b; league officials today. I Tlie Power team, composed of Blytheville men, has been at tin* front o fthe Chickasaw league since it was organized a number of week: ago and when Ihe Blytheville team announced Us Intention of withdrawing from the Ark-Mo clrcui' officials of the two leagues decided to graduate the Pov;er team lo In : older Ark-Mo league, supposed to l;e Ihe fastest of the two Sunday The Power nine will play iis firs' Same In the Ark-Mo loop Sunday against Lutes. Minyard will replace the Ark-.M'. Power nine in the Chickssriw leasu 1 ; The Minyard team has be?n on the waiting list for the Chickasa-.' league for .some lime and ex;>rp=s- id a readlncrs to enter at one • when t'nc vacancy in the league occurred. Doth Minyard and th< Ark-Mo Power team will start iron scratch in their debuts. Games Sunday Ark-Mo League Holiand at Hightower. Lutes at Ark-Mo Power. Wilson at Cooler, i Yflrbro at Gosnell. Chickasaw League Minyard ai Little River. Lone Oak at Dell. Burdette at Howe. Promise Land at Flat Lake. of them lind been hidden from .sight ol the tans when a hug; I ding the pitcher and 1 umpire who I wiiirhuiul had engulfed the entire were wiping dust from their eyes | infield in its twisting. It had start- | and attempting to clear Iheir I Courses Getting Smaller But Profitable ed by small euclrclings around lh r b.ise-liaies. but kept growing until It had included Ihe diamond. In the center of the field, near the plirher's mound, the funncl-shnp end extended up into the si throwing (lust many feet skyward, the visitors canu hiirstinu Scoi: ilie freakish prank of nature threats of the sand they had swallowed. The cyclonic occurrence is prob-1 day were jubilant. VISALIA, Cal. (UP)—Tnree small boys who invented here a miniature, of a miniature golf course to- ibly du; to the hot ivcatiier• that this territory has been subject to Their gross receipts the first day were five cents, several cents more for the past two weeks. The dia- | than expected. They declare they mond was thick with dust, and was j expect the cash "lake" to 'mount an easy prey for the whirlwind. .! as the "putting" fever mounts among Visalia's youngest generation. The course is strictly a putting course, constructed in the back yard of the home of Mr. and M:i. Paul Palmer. Tne three ycung promoters are Paul. 11. and Billy Palmer, 8, and Eddie Pollard, 12. The course is open only to children and the fees range acc-rdin^ to the financial condition of mi patrons. Manila Schur; Bros Balleries: Xfonk .; 10 Wright and 1 Mick Handed Him One "Sure low blows hurt," said Paul "and I Still eafify the effects of one that'Mickey Walker handed me in Louisville.. "The flght, as you remember, was conducted without wry many rules to speak of. Once the p;)ice were in the ring, once Kearns and Lenny (Harry Lenny, .the Pole's manage.) started trading socks right in the ring.' Each of Us bounced off the floor a number of times. I had Walker out- on his feet early ii the bout, and he was fighting In there by Instinct mcst of the time "Well, just as the bell rang end ing the third'round, Mickey-let a wild one go and it took me righ in the groin. I went over on my face and felt very sick to my stom ach, but they /pulled me over tc my corner and after they hac spilled » little water on my" head I felt all right again. ATLANTA, Gn.—The New Orleans Pelicans, though slill in seconr place, were staggering beneath tin blow of three successive defeats j\ ;hc hands of the Southern lengu leading Memphis Chicks yesterday The Chicks walloped thc Pel yesterday G to 4 in another clos game of the type which has tea lured the "crucial series" between :hs two clubs. Walter Beck heir the Pels to nine hits and his boys coasted through to victory although the Pels rallied strongly in the las two Innings lo score tlicir tou runs. The Aiinnta Crackers downed th 'aiiiville Vols C tc 5. A liome ; u; y Jim Poole failed to put the Vol cress. Francis was thc winniiv urler. The Crackers got off to av arly start oft Zumbro aud wer< iever headed. The Little Rock Travelers mad- t three straight over the Motll< Bears with an 8 to 1 decision yes erday. Hughes allowed only nv hits, three of which were made ir he fourth inning when the Bear; scored their lone run. The Birmingham Barons anc Chattanooga Lookouts divided f double header at Birmingham with the Barons annexing the firs', decision 1 10 to 5 and the Lookout the second 1 to 0. Bill Bayne allowed only one hit in the abbre vialcd second game. Roth; Ch.i(nian nnd HcnthcDx Umpire: W. A. Hulchrns. the Mufc "But Tm stUl carrying the mar cf that punch, and it was a pret ly good sock, too, because WaUce can Jolt you wten he lets «M go Southern League W. L. Memphis t'3 20 •Sew Orleans -1H 31 Birmingham 4S -10 Little Rock -13 44 •Ulauta 44 41 3hatlanoogn 43 4-t Nashville 31 fin Mobile 2tf SO Washington — Philadelphia ... Nsw York Cleveland Detroit St. Louis Chicago Boston American I.rajuc W. L. .. W 2G .. 5! ?-9 .. 43 33 .. 39 40 .. 3t> 4G 30 Pet. .GU7 .. r .G5 .536 .511 .SO .404 Pel. .577 .414 .•J39 .337 .3Si I Games Today Southern League New Orleans at Memphis. Chattancoga at Atlanta. Nashville at Birmingham. Mobile at Little Rock. American League Chicago at St. Louis. Cleveland at Detroit. Only games scheduled. National League Ne* York at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Pittsburgh. Only games scheduled, National League \V. L. Brooklyn 45 20 Chicago 45 3;t N'e\v York 42 35 St. Louis 3D 35 Boston 36 33 Pittsburgh 3-i 41 Cincinnati 31 42 Philadelphia 21 45 .480 FOR AN IMPRESSION MR. PEWEE: Why dirt yo'.t me such big shirts? These are ton- j sizes too large for me. HIS WIPE: They cost just th? same as ycur size, and I wasn't ip- ing to let a strange clerk know I ; married such a shrimp as you.— j Passing Show. ! THE TEXAS CO M 1' ANY • Tcxoco Pclroifiim Prodn tlie original + ETHYL nationally famous ANTI-KNOCK COMPOUND ^TEXACO-ETKYL THE "DRY"ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE Read Courier News want nds. il«>. Tilt. TF.XAS COSIP.IXV

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