The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, May 7, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XXXIII—NO. '14 Bljrtherlllt Oourltr Blyths»ille D»11y New Blythertll* BtnlA MlnlMlupl V«Jl«j TOE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKASr ABKAWSA8. ANn BOD'VHBASV MISSOURI liMTHICVIU.lO, AUKAN'SAS, TIHJIiHDAV, MAY 7, G SINGLE COPIES F1VR CKNTS v <> o£IZE MAHAN AND CAMPBELL TODAY ETIPIfl'S FMi Anglo-Italian Trouble Spots Italians See Their Country As Heir to Great Britain's Power By niOKUIS GILBERT NBA Service Stair Correspondent PARIS.—While young Fascists in Rome are singing, "After we've won tlic gucrra, "We'll swallow Inghilterra," informed circles in Paris arc remarking thai as the defeat of Ethiopia seems nearly complete, the rivalry between Great, Britain and Italy over the Mediterranean grows clearer and more definitely menacing. - i Italy is being taught -by all the pressure of Mussollnian propaganda that the British Empire Is finally loitering, and thai Home is to succeed to a new empire greater than in the days of the Cas- sars. Prenrti observers who have studied British Jiistory through the ages cynically remark that thc same prophecies have been made for centuries, but that nol'ning has happened. Rudyard Kipling, prophet of Empire, forty years ago recognized this political idea when spoke of "The falling house that never falls." Still, even if young Italy is being deluded about her capacity to tip over the hated Inglese, one vital fact always exists which makes the idea serious—the Mediterranean. Ins and Outs of Matter Tile Mediterranean is not only the British Road to Empire, the gale to India and the whole East : -I'nat sea also was once, and might \ be again, an Italian lake! Here are two conflicting notions of dominion. And Ihere Is a third notion namely that even If Italy can't win herself, sbe.cnn !\Vill Oppose Lifting of League of Nations Sane- lions Against Italy l>ossibly 'prevent Britain from it as a thoroughfare. If the British are firmly ^ ifstrig trenched at Gibraltar, months hnve given Italy lots of recent trenches too at the olher end the Bed Sea. Naval bases for submarines already exist in Italian African territories there, an increasing menace to British shipping should a "menace" conditions rise when would have weight. The Suez Canal is principally owned by French capitalists, so that the possibility of Britain's closing It is subject to considerab'» doubt, particularly since Prance is more and more irritated by the one- way street which Britain wants h-r to follow— assistance of France against Italy for Britain, but no iielp at all for Prance by Britain against Hitler. The British naval base at Malta is admittedly indefensible from air attack from Sicily and Tripoli. All of which means that Britain might find herself some day able to walk into the Mediterranean through Gibraltar but unable to get out fhe other end, -without a lot of trouble. Italy Can Dominate Traffic But there is another element in this terrific problem. Paris hears, which hitherto hasn't been publicized and which, if true, has Immense importance. That is the reported fortification of two other Mediterranean strongholds, the one by Britain,, the other by Italy: Smack between the western tip of Sicily and the north-eastern tip of Tunisia lies a tiny rocky Island, almost uninhabited. It is called Pantellaria Island, and it belongs -•«. ••— • .• to Italy, only 60 miles from Sicily June, 1933. and 50 from Tunisia, it looms up in through -which aU jSemmeaii shipping from Gibraltar to Port Said must pass. If. as Paris hears Is the -«*» Passage Would Assure Continuance of WPA Program Afler July I WASHINGTON. May 7. (UP) — Staunchly defending President Roosevell's work relief policy in tnc face of a sharp Republican attic* against "political, control," the house appropriations c'ommlUcq to day favorably reported a $2364 229,712 relief deficiency bill cam Ing $1,425,000.000 for-the WPA. .The , committee cut $75.000,000 from Mr. Roosevelt's $1,500,000 OM work'reJief request in order lo add $62,000,000 to continue Civilian Conservation Corps camps at a strength of: 350,000 men. The controversial bill was brought up in the house as Democratic Insurgents forced' a party: caucus Snow down tonight on:ear marking part of the relief fund for i Public Works Administration projects , Coincident with favorable report is -al th,. last major - bij, at • U| ( e ,, as maor bill orth •jessloA, testimony brwPA-Admin writer Harry Hopkins was made Public revealing that the president was prepared to seek additional re- •lief funds next congress if industry fails to speed up jobs. . Hopkins estimated that the relief appropriation plus present available funds would make $3 H6 000 000 usaable for the next.fiscal'year —sufficient to give work Jobs to 2.843,500 men at less. project cost than during the present tyear. First Foreclosure Suits Are Filed Here By HOLC The first foreclosure suits to be instituted In the Chickasawba district of Mississippi county by the Home Owners Loan corporation, the agency created by the federal government through which At Addis Ababa LONDON. May 1 (UP)—Great Britain will advocate the con-t llnuance of penalties against Itnlv tcfoi-e thc League of Nations council next week despite UIL sweep- Ing Italian victory in Llhwpla it was understood today ' Anthony Eden, Urllalns jouiij foreign minister, who has' told the house ol commons "tin Ua jjie must BO on." will 1 be glun wide lattilude in determining his nation's course. j It was understood, however, that he would press for maintenance of sanctions only in the i\eiit that olbcr tending potvus aj,iee Authorities here admit that nny aggressive attempt to peipctilate penalties might meet with move difficulties and possible defeat, U. S. Slay ItTOill KnjjiTl WASHINGTON, May 7 (UPl— A temporary working ariaiiBemeii between the new Ilallan ton ' Qiierors of Ethiopia and foielj/ legations under which thc It 0 n tlcns would enjoy nil (iistom-u diplomatic privileges has been siig Bested to foreign legations bj Marshal Pletro Badoglio, Minister Cornelius Van n. Engcrl today advised the stale department. ; ' Stale department • officials \ic- fused lo predict whether -Eng'cri would be kept al his post aftei Italian authority in Ethiopia flriii- ly was established.- .Observers, • Recalling the "Stlmson doctrine' 1 , by which this country 'declined -'to recognize ' any territorial ualns made bj force In \lolitlon of the Kellogg pail were Inclined in Mlievc - lhal •Eivfrt 4nlghl b) withdrawn. Ringside Figures at OARP Probe ..Ben'Amei, (above) United Press .staff correlpondcnt, who with James j|L.« Rohrbaugh * (below), another liOnltcd Prt«» tuff correspondent ' i.were the only American newspaper. ; men'In • AUdli t Ahabj when the' i Amerlcan-Embasty was under jeloo ' b M>I»~ ' ' -' . ,, , "..«u & n »villl,ll • hu Etl to aid home owners In danger bf <_-__ losing their homes because- of i ~ heavj'building and loan and mort- ]\J P)I , V nr jf gage payments, have been filed in I .**'"' * OlK chancery court, here in the last 1 few days. Two suits have bee nftled by the HOLC through Reid and Evrard, local attorneys, one against the executor of an estate of a person who had had his indcbtcd- NEW YORK, May 7. (UP)—Cotton closed very steady. open high low close May July Oct. ness on his home refinanced Dcc ' through the HOLC and the other Ja "directly against the mortgagor Mar - 1155 1117 1027 1028 1031 -1031 under an HOLC loan. An accurate estimate of the number of HOLC loans made in the Chickasuvba district of Mississippi Is not available but it is be-' - - lleved In the neighborhood of 300 mldtilin « cotton loans were made by the HOLC r ""^" 1 ' l ~ 1 -" 1157 1154 1155 1124 1112 1124 1036 1025 1035 1038 1028 1037 1039 1029 1039 1040 1031 1040 Spots closed steady at 1105, up 2. By United .Press Italy consolidated :hcr of Ethiopia todaj with annoiuia ment of the capture of the stral- egic town of Jljiga and was expected to proclaim..on , Saturday her sovereignly over the entire country. Italian troops were ordered to patrol and protect the FYcuch- owned railroad from Addis Ababa to the. sea, Italy meanwhile hav- fdc aiiMOUsjluUusI with wlntli kkioris of f^umcml ulhnenh iiX'./o'ilowiiVg InvesMgiillons Into Mile plan which promised' them i200 monthly pensions nt GO sccrns mirrored in Ilic faces of these two spectators lit Ilic con- gi'essioniil p'rohe In .Los Ancelos. Kormcr Califoi'nia Congressman Charles IliiiKtnll gravely watches the proceedings ;i.s Hie \voninn bcliind him strains to calcli the testimony. Delays Fixing Death Dale for Carruthers, Clayton . •• e-° LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Governor Futre!! announced yeslcrdny thai he will, nol set new dales for cxc , - ing given assurances that. French rights to the, road would' l>c respected, as well as Brillsh rights in the Lake Tana region. Reports from Rome indicated that Italy would seek an international loan to facilitate the commercial exploitation of the newly acquired territory. Addis Ababa, under Italian nmr- tlal law, was fairly Ben Ames, United quiet. Press Te mar ing to The first loans were made here in' lllg to the Blytheville Board of June, 1933. . | Trade. Producers are entitled to n Spot Average Is 11.55 average price ol 7-9 Inch the ten spot today was 11.55, nccord- the Blytheville Board of respondent, reported that 150 persons, inch-ding some Europeans were killed during the rioting and looting which preceded (In- occupation of the capital. Council (o Meet Saturday ROME, May 7 (UP— The capture of Jijlga, key oily on Ilic southern front In Ethiopia, was announced officially by the Italian government today. The occupation of Jijiga occurred Tuesday, it coincided with ihe I cutlon ,of Jlni x. Canufnijr.'i and Bubbles Claytbn, Mississippi county negroes, and Roy House of Garland county until afler cnurl action is complcten In the of Ayliff Drayjier, Indicted with House for the robbery-murder of Tom Menscr, aged we, Brcmcr Kidnaper Caplw- ctl Without 'Resistance at Toledo Today ST. PAUL, Minn., May 7. (UPl -Harry Ciiiiipbell, last principal of tlic Kixrpls-narki'r gang, \vii« bustled out of n C'hnvtered air liner to- D. Leigh Colvin Named Prohibition Candidate NIAGARA FALLS, N, Y., May 7 (Ul>-—Dr. I), U.| B |, Colvin' of New Yovk clly was selected loduy in thc imlloiml Prohibition pni-iys lfl:i(l presidential candidate. Colvin was one ot four candidates nominated and hi.s selection was almost iinnnlinous, 'I'liu others nominated wore Hurley W. Klddcr, of llarre, VI Holnml C, Cnsiul, of Callfornlii, unit Hurry U, Wlllevcr, of Wash- liiRlon, The Ohio doH^utlon later withdrew ll.s nomination of Willever. Colvln's first second uimc from Wllllnin P. Upshaw of day aftor a swift flight from Clove-] In HM'J land, O. • I . . The big ship landed nl .11:55 a in. <c. s. t,). J. Ed»:u- lloov-r. chief of the federal bureau of Investigation, who personally mnite |-,, 0 „,-. rest at Toledo early this morning, was nol aboard, lie returned lo Washington from Clcvcluud. Ihe imity's prcsldrnllul cniidldato Hoover Slakes Ancsl TOLEDO.- O., Wuy 7 (Ul')-llui'. ry Oninpbel), only remaining principal ,of the Karph-Darker BIIIIK, wns capinred at, dawn Initny iwr- sonnlly by J. Edgar Hoover, chief ol fhe federal bureau of Investigation. . , • Hoover ami his aides loaded bound" for St. I'nul, where he Is wauled for his part In the kid- naping of Kdwiird a. Urcmcr, wealthy. St. Paul brewer, "In January. m:n. TOM TERnflll TO Hits Sccurccl-Comipl Practice Pledge Blunk; Fiting Fee Ready lilTTIjE HOCK. Mny 1. (UP)— -..„«, It was learned from usually rellii- Cmupbell on n cliartcred plane, >>lo sources lixliiy'llinl former Cloy'- Term II, according to the Infor- lloover mid his Investigators 'limit, has posted a check for file llnnivi in ..mi „,,! „, ,!..,,„., ---- ,., amount, of HHI clccUnii fees \vitli Ilic secvclnry' of slate . Democratic ' In and mil of Toledo qulcl- ly. They encountered little resistance when they broke Into Campbell's apnrtmcnt un the second floor of n .store building. l>oulils Wife Knew Ciilll With Cuihpbcll was attractive 22-ycnr-old . brunette] She was held ' lor quc-stloulnu In Clevclaiii 1 '-•• .-.-.. dcr lure) Iloou-i orrupt pracllce pledge to file May 'i'lie former governor refused to Ills wife, confirm or deny 1.1ml lie 'iuul iiost- , -.. ed the cledlou to but admlUo:! -. but.wus not plucitd un• ' *nld lie doubled Ihat vt J'M husbands Idnitllj .. ii'o jrtnijlj.^ a. yeai agp In the name f 5f Bob Mllki "tlu s line/muni, mulct which In. Ilvul here Half an hour attei Campbell was captured Hoqvoi-arrested Barn Cokcr, Oklahoma convict nnd associate of Alvln Ka'rpis, Who was inkcn In New Orleans': r-Yldny nlplil. ' •• !, Hoover disclosed . after rlhi' tin 'l'l« lhal Dr. Joseph >iorari pf rcnscr, aged farmer Hvlii" In Ilic , Dr ' Josc l >1 ' iMonin' pf cslcrn part of Garlnnd county cl ' leil e«. who altered . (\\,e flngcf. Drayper's death sentence was af- ', "^ ° r llle Ksunls-Bhrkcr 'eang- rmod bv the sunreme murt Mm,. slm - " nci Iwfonncd'plnStlc siirij- nnnc<l by the supreme court Monday, but U Is expected thai a petition for rehearing will he filed within two weeks. Final action 01 such a petition probably would fo'l low in two or Ihrec weeks. Tlic court alllrmed House's dcnth sentence several ceks ago and denied a petition for rehearing three weeks ago. . Clayton and Carruihcrs were convicted on a charge of rape a year ago and sentenced to be electrocuted, but the case has been pcnd- convictcd. Thc time allowcd^for filing an appeal to thc .supreme court of the United Str.ies c.xpircd recently without the appeal belni- "led and a mandate lo carry out Ihe death sentence was issued by the slate supreme court Monday. " Governor I\trel] indicated yesterday that 'ne will fix the same dale for execution of the four men ..-.., plcijtlc surg'- cry on. their faces, - Is believed to be "al the .bottom .-'of ;L'iike Eite." "We are nol chebktitg. him off our list yel," Hoover remarked. "bill we believe gangsters killed him In. fear he would ,'squeal.' ". Offers iN'o [lislslniu-e Hoover revealed that Campbell bad been living here-tile lasl five months and had been In' nnd out of Toledo for the last year and 'a bnir. He said Campbell .and Knrpls I parted aflcr the Oafrctsvllle. O., bcr. Karpls went south and Cnmp- Plaster Paris Urged As Seal For Dust Bow) NORMAN, Okla., (Ul'j-seallnu the < Southwestern tliist bowl.wllli plastei- of parls has been advanced ns n scientific method for controlling wind erosion and conserving rainfall. '•'•':•• ', ' The lde.i_ was promulgated by 1'aul B. -Scars, ; botflnist al- Ihe Unlver.slly of Oklahoma, who Is reported (o be seeking federal funtb for experimentation. Sears, authoi- of "Deserts on the March," Is a forcmosl conscrva- lionlsl and has expressed concern over Ihe loss of fcrllllty In parts Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 7. (UP)— - ... ...^ v.,^, Good demand for spot cotton which Pantellaria has been strongly for- fie government is turning loose lined by the Italians it would boosted future prices on the New serve as the hinge of a great steel Orleans exchange today, closing "ate capable of closing the Medl- prices were four to eighl points irrancan. higiier. Middling spots closed up Pantellaria is. If reports arc true six at 1155. subsidy of .45 of a cent per pound on 1935 crop coton sold by them re of Addis Ababa. It was announced that the Fascist grand council and the cabinet already a "stationary battleship," a rock dreadnought." it is better than -•--., a dreadnought, because It can't be Jul y sunk. In terms of war it could be Oct. . Dec. Jan. Mar. Spots closed steady at 1155, up <;. Chicago Wheat as efficient as a dreadnought b°- cause—unlike Malta —there is scarcely any civilian population to panic, or to be protected. Britain Also Acts Even more interesting are the reports now i-cartiing Paris of what Britain seems to be doing to strengthen her position in the Mediterranean. Tills involves nothing Jess than magnificently fortifying two ports in Ihe islands—Spanish i Islands, these—of Majorca and Mi< euns and "sound-detector" aiitl norea and of rendering the Harbors I aircraft guns. Rocks and shallows of palma, on the one island, and of i in Port Mahon have been dvna Port Mahon, on the other, nt to! mit«d and dredged, so that hi/ receive a modern fleet cflle lu * n '*-- "—' •• - - open 1148 1111 1022 1023 1024 'nigh 1151 1115 1031 1032 1533 low close 1148 1110 1022 1023 1024 1150b 1115 1030 1032 1033 1034b May July open 96 1-4 87 5-8 high low dose 96 3-8 95 3-4 95 7-8 88 , 87 3-8 87 1-2 To bslieve the reports, there are eight secret batteries surrounding Palma harbor and nine around Port v. •* aiunnea inai mere an. ™ Mahon splendidly buried in rock | provisions in SpanlsJi budgets for formation, equipped ivltii 12-Inch!such works In the Baleiu-ics .,.- like the Rodney, the Hood, and the Nelson could maneuver in them comfortably. It U affirmed that there are no Closing Stock Prices NEW.YORK, May 7. (UI'l—De- velopment of air pockets in a few relatively high priced slocks In thc last hour of trading today unsettled the stock market and brought prices down one to more than two points in the main list. A. T. and T 153 1-2 Anaconda Copper 33 1-4 Beth. Steel -19 3-8 Chrysler 04 Cities Service 45-8 Coca Cola 86 1-8 Gen. Am. Tank 43 1-2 Gen. Electric 35 3-4 Gen. Motors 63 Int. Harvester 80 3-4 McKesson-Robbms .... 91-8 Montgomery Ward .... 39 N. Y. Central 33 5-8 Packard 9 3-4 Phillips Pel 42 1-2 Radio 10 St. L.-S. P. 21-8 Simmons Beds 24 3-4 Standard of N. J 59 1-2 Texas Co 34 1-2 U. S. Smelling 91 U. 3. Steel 5G 1-8 Warner Bros. 97-8 Zorilte ,;,....i 6 1-2 manuc! emperor of the dominions In 'Africa. Selassie Passes Haifa PORT SAID, Egypt. May Flood Control Survey — „.- WASHINGTON, May 7 (UP)— qnr',.,-U! \ Venlce ptll( "' c on ! A mi| nl>e"r of bills providing for of £ h y a !,', d u lhat the <l«*'0'«l no <*i Control examination of riv- 01 oom win i™ announced at ers nnd streams were signed lo- ot' both once. It was believed .the meetings tiny by President Roosevelt. Among them: ~ .-. , i_-, t vi . vi 1C im'LHJIJg.'l •«•••£> HIV II I. Z,' ,l, P '' Mhlm King Vielor Eln - An act to aphorize preliminary manucl rmr^rAr nr M,~ T,«H^.. ' flnmj -_^i.__. . .. - bcll remained In Ohio. A revolver, .six clips of carl- rlityrs. and $2.900 in cash were found In the apartment, Campbell had no chance to reach his gun and shoot It out with federal agents. "lie was yellow, -Just like nil Ihe of them," Hoover .said. "As soon ns Ihey sec you mean business they will." mm T. ^6JHi. »iiij • (UP) — Emperor Halle Selassie, fleeing inlo exile wllh his family and 117 followers, passed thc port of Haifa, Palestine, today aboard the Brillsh cruiser without slopping. Italian flood control examination of the Chlckasawba river and tributaries Mississippi; the Cosatot river In Arkansas; the little Missouri I'iver. the Pctil Jean river, Big Karpis Gave Tip ST. PAUL, May 7 (UP)—Alvln KnrpLs, cringing Imprisoned gang lender, gave the tip that brought about capture of his chief lieutenant. Harry Campbell, In Toledo, n G-man indicated today. The federal man was walling at SI. Paul alrjwrl for arrival of the plane bearing Campbell and Ills captors. - . - ' The federal agent was asked: "Is Karpls going to get the $2.- 5CO reward lure?" Mulberry creek in Arkaasas.' A bill authorizing preliminary examination of the Red and Llt- ue Rivers In Arkansas to deter- "j •'•"' : — -vi,vi.-> in /^riuinsas 10 ueter- Enterprise | mine feasibility of erecting levees , | n »d the cost of repairing and had been expected the em- strengthening existing flood con- pcror would stop al Haifa and go lro1 from Ihcrc to Jerusalem. Livestock EAST ST. LOuTs, III. <UP>- "ogs 7,000. Top 1015 170-230 Ibs., 995-1015 140-160 Ibs., 925-1015 Bulk sows 875-910 Cattle 2800 Steers 675-810 Slaughter steers GOO-900 Mixed yearlings, and heifers 700- Slaughter heifers GOO-350 Deef cows 525-600 Cutters and low cutters 350-450, construction. Sets Ai r Record from England to for Campbell's cap- "Well," the G-man replied, "he Is entitled to it." \Vilh Karpis- at Atlantic Clly Campbell was a minor member of the Knrpis-Bnrkcr gang. His IXJlicc record date.<; back to 1020. bill he did nol actually join thc gang until shortly before It was broken lip by the <leath of sonic members and imprisonment of others. Campbell's chief claim to notor- j iety rested on the fray In Atlantic I City in January. 1935. when he and 1 '•'—"- shot their way to freedom I Knrpis snoi uieir way 10 trccaom ."-" " ll: '*v uiiicnra cultures al- OAPETOWN, Soulli Africa, May \ when cornere<l in a hotel-room r eady Isolated, several are' hi the r- 7 (UP)_Mrs. Amy Johnson Mol-1 hideout by local police, ami on his to "ndesciibcd,' according to Dr. llson, British flyer, arrived at 4:301 participating In the Brcmer kid- Chester A. Darling, honorary bac- p. m. today, creating a record for nnpin;. lerlologist of thc Byrd expedition. m today, creating a record for the night from England to South Africa. Chicago Corn open high May G3 1-8 G3 3-4 low close ..-,--- -63 63 1-2 July 61 1-2 G2 1-8 61 1-2 61 7-8 nap::)?. lie was 36 years old, a native of McCllntocvIIIc. Pa. His police record began, when, at the age of 20, he was arrested in Tulsa. OkUv, find fined $19 (Continued on page two) .Tiior Tom Titmill .will bo n inm-.ll itntw for thu nemocmtlo nomination for governor In the August url- committee nml . nllcd out' his „ obliiV.ii'd u corrupt practice acl pledge blank some time ago from HID secretary o( stale. Ills entry would bring the number of candidates lo elnht. Political obsci' opinion tlwl Hpwara'Rced, foyi|ier slatt cWn|Hi'6)li;r,">'and:' stiird"-Scii- ator Arthur julihspn of star "city ,,H-A ...„.„, ,. -ft noimcc( | criml| . also would be' dales. of Ihc: Soiilhwesl, particularly regions of scanty rainfall. The plnsllc material would Ohio Restaurant Men TOLEDO (UP) — Dr. Blatne' I. Crow Hunters' Association seen - - ' rlcd. Shortly Avrcslccl at San Francisco Today; Part of Ransom Money Rccovciccl WASIIINOTON. May 7 (UP) — Federal a-M> n lo,lny »rrn/cd Wlllliini Ma ha n, \Voycilni6iiiiCr klilnaper, at Bail" Franclscoi clt- nxliiK tin anuulng wlililulml oundup that look tliroe of'lliu nallon's leading publjc enemies Into Ihe haudi of olflccii ' 'Two '.of tha three criminals were captured tcdtiy within the M>-vbe of IHtle more Ihan six 'hours,'-; Public enemies arrested; Alvln Kniplb No I enemy, wanl- cd In at Paul kklnniilnci, cau- U'vcd ui New Orleans. > Havry Caili|)lJc.ll, nlde ol Knrpb, sclieO ut.i'soimlly by J EdBar Hoover, director of Ihe OrMen, ill Toledo uuly today Wllllnin Mulmn, kldnnpoi of llltls Clcorne Wejeilmeuscr, seU- cd al Sun ' Francisco; Cullf., shortly afler noon. The ancMs K lcft only 'llionina Cl. lioblnson \Mii)iccl foi thr kid- naping of Mis Allu- Sloll In Louisville In I!) 1 1 on the JinU^c- department list of majoi pilbllo enemies ,11111 uncnunlil. H:. vlilunlly wiped clean Iho Justice ilepui Imcnts iccoul of M>- lullon of klilimnlng cases Hoovci said Mahans taptuic wai effected by rm ugeuls rttitl that Mulmn was Minna sliecl In n house oil liclwecn SKlh Seventh avonui's, ; al 13:30' -o'clock Hoover said Mahnn wm;: nloho when caiitmcd and Uwl ho lead tly iidinllled his Identity, •Hoover snld Uml .Mnhan Is being taken to lucoina, Wahli, Ihe home of the Weycrhuou ci Uilld . umsirteiablc- cilrrenoy wj>i found on M^haii' at [ho time of lih nncjl nnd that II had been tdciilffleil a 1 ! pint pf ; Ihe $200,000 rhiisbm, paid'- for yonig We)cihaeusoi <i ictuni •U'eycrhiiciiser, nine jeais old, wns kidnaiKd on May 24, 193 1 ! ulillc retuinhig home fiom the lx)well;Biamumr school In Tacomn Several days of negotiation;, even- ti!a_lly resulted in pnviucnl of $200.(JOO ransom by the toy's fathpr,--.l.> I), Weyerhneuscr Jr, a. piomin'ent timber man Lecture Class Announced » By Jules Romains PARIS. <UP) -—Jules rtomaln, Prcncli nulhor most famous ' p tor his serlrs of novel!;,-""Men ofdobd Will." which so faj; fills 10 volumes but still heaves the task' of In depleting .Ihe entire pre-war spcinly: of France unfinished, has lie announced the plan of the course e • ..... u«i,«.v« uiu i>mn 01 me course spread over the ridges ot plowed on the present problems of clvl- liclds. the furrows beinit left oiw'n, ...... '"" ~ ' '" ' - - - - . free to tmji and iilUIze evci-y droj) of moisture. Water would be rc- tnlncd nl the roots of growing plants. - llzntton .and literature- which:-lie will -give Aug. 21, at Mills College. ' The course will be divided. hV. three sections—the first. the- treatment of general problems of contcmimrary civilization; ithe! second, the ; principal aspects- oft • M 1 . t f- l ' lc l' rob lf"i of literary creation," in raarket tor trOWS especially in France, and the third, the personal points of view of',. Romains, his concept of art 1 Tnlbut. president of tlic 'Ohio an( ' " fe ' problems which he him' """ '""" '"'"' '"' "'•" ' ' self has Irlcd to solve. after Introducing u .. u . „,j i»n.ti iiiii(mii<.-illt> lilOW ' is a culinary delicacy nt a ban-I qiicl In a Columbus hotel, he re- Form Club at Barcelona Ikcd'hoW. lire d hotel. "Since your meeting we 'have hud .several requests for crows In our dining room. We shall appreciate II if you' let us know where we can buy crows and about'what the price will be." . •• • • fr0 '" " 10 " BARCELONA (UP)-One of the queerest clubs in the world - is a Germs of Little America Studied in Laboratory MEADV1LLE, Pa. (UP) — Microbes that were brought from the jcy reaches of Little America arc being studied In laboratories 6f Allegheny College here. Also preserved In the laboratories at Ihc crystals, soil college are snow — — mosses .and other minute debris. Of thc 150 different cultures nl- ready Isolated, several are' hither- Husband Asks Divorce TJmrmttn demons has filed suit • - - In chancciy court here against He was next arrested In Lincoln Mozelle Clemens, asking divorce County, Okta.. on a bank robbery on-.grounds of indignities. Claud charge. bir> after six months In the Cooper is attorney for the. plaintiff.- social organization for doctors' in' Barcelona. •• ' ••-."; This is tbe "Society for the Encouragement of .Jcthritis." n din- Ing cilib' composed exclusively of physicians, with the'cynical object of 'giving the members tin opportunity to cat and drink all ttiat they forbid to their patients': The club lias a fixed membership of 35 nnd a. long waiting list. Their banquets consist of nil the good things which the medical profession considers contributors' to arthritis. TWO bottles of still wine and one of champagne are served'to each group of three diners and must'be .emptied. The rules, however, permit t'ne less hardy drinkers to dilute their' wine with mineral water. WEATHER Arkansas— Cloudy, thimdershow- crs and cooler in northwest portion tonight. Friday tliundershow- ers. cooler. . Memphis and .vicinity -- Partly cloudy tonight. Friday -cloudy, showers Friday night. The maximum temperature heM yesterday was 85, minimum 58, clear, according to Samuel p. Norris, official weather, observer.: ••;'" '

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