The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1934
Page 6
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fAGE SIX BLTTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER MONDAY. .JANUARY ]fi, lW m IN Look Out For Thai Left- Orphaned By Hold-up : Man's Bullets, Fought Way to Top. Editor's Nctt: This is the first of i series of arllrlrs oii llir romantic rise of Champion Barney Ross, world's llfrMu-rlghl cliam- plon, vlio soon will lir flKhtin? Billy Peirollf, Tony Canionfri ami othfr rhaUennm. Thin slcry tflls of the champion's youthful days. BY B1U, IIRAI'dlKR NBA Serurr Sports Editor CHICAGO.—The life drama of world's, lightweight chnmnlon Barney Ross began in New York where ht was born anil where he scored I wo Important rliu; victor- IPs—over Al Srmlora nnd Tony Canzonerl. . But most of his 24 years have been lived In Chicago, nnd It was here that lie. won the greatest victory of his life when he fought his way up from the slums where hi* father was killed hv n robber's -bullet. It was here that the yoim^ Jewish boy knocked out Poverty and Crime, Iwin eanpslcrs that dominated hts boyhood envjron- ment. In Chicago he led his' widowed mother, four brothers nnd slsl'rs tn new anrt happier hclchts. The chamnlonsliip he won hist year from Tony Canr.oncrl meant for the family's leader a new suit for himself, a new home for his i molher, educational opportunities .for his younger brothers. The championship did not chtniEC him. He remains clean and unpretentious. A strange champion I Th" champion wni born Dec. ?V 1M9, In a r-'ifnp street on New York's F^st RW".. His .wnaeo? Pi'me Is Barret Hnsofskv. He was 1R months nld when Papa Ra.s- nfskv rtTidcd tn mow tn nhl<-n<*n wrn>«! he ooenert a ijrccerv store at Bunknr nnd Clin'nn streets. 7n a nitv famous throughout, the vwld for touphiyvs. the district ."-mint! Harncv's home—Xuown ns Dip Vfi'tpv—was rated one of the n'wt sinister. . The neighborhood was a totllc- prnurid of nntious. Immlerants or ' the descendants of immlBrants f r om one Kuronean countn' re- fi'ted the chnmnions of another. There were alliances that, chane- Pd from dav to dav. In this wel- tT of violence the Jews wnre alone. TJjev had to fiehl the other* without hope of help. There were small ranes. accfipt- InT recruits with redoubtable rcp- utatios. Then there was the great-; er mob -the Vnlley Gang—Into which the touehf-st. by elimination, were graduated. -Little Baniet TZasofsky—whose name became Barney Rasof when }-« .'tiar'fd to school—sow Hie (mm he went to and from his classroom. A crowd around a man filled in an alley. Violence a la fists and clubs in the streets. Battles, between schoolbovs hurling rocks, bricks and bottles. Housewives 'eternally callins the police. The screaming sirens of squad cars sweeping along the bumpy pavements. "When I was about 12 years old." sava Barney, "mv father got a bieger store a couple of blocks • up the street. We had been living back • of the store at Bunker and Clinton streets. When we got the bigger place, we lived in an nnartment across , the street from the store. Times were belter but the neighborhood got tougher and tousher. "There was more money in the district. Holdup men who lived around there didn't have to BO to some other part of the city lo do a job. Hooks and Slides Braucher Must Train, Too .One of (he greatest left hands tin Is tlmt of Barney Ross, champion . shoot l, as shown above. HehUi'clijht ranks ever saw . lie appears about ready to U'lul 'fhi-y t'csllluly Arc Not Sayll ; , Crrrie Tuimey—A bum bunch o! j bl';ki>,s. them . licavlF.s: i coiutl ' bin Camera's r:n-j down. Biu-i 1 / Aw, iierlz! i l!ill •nidcn—llcai Vinre? A bjbvi (oukl brat. Vines, but l },uve l<i li't him win now and then' lo' kii-p up inl'-i-psi ii, our coast-in- ! ro:isi tour. Ui'leii Wills—Down In my licaiil I Uiliik lleicn Jacobs t.s just ab-m'. ; tile .swHIc'.st iriinls plnyi'i- in iin ' i- urlii. i tlnn'.s Thai? j Max Uiu-r—No, '. can'l mnke i. I dau- will] you lunUjlil, Ijrauli-l In]. My iniiiuim'r ha.^ ^mbraued llu 1 ' tlii'uy ilmt, Ihwplan and otlii-i-'. :.divitic.s may thu-nrl'my pni/llls-; lie ciiri-r-r, :;o I miisl hi;' nl>cii 10 o'clock. • I'lltno Camera — If it hiuln'i | Lten for ilu- diplomacy, not i"i .-•uy dupliclly. of my board » majiag(-rs, 1'it mm- \ K chuinplrn Unrnho 'C,'hi;v:ilii?r tviild havt; l>4 ; at! I'll me if Iht-y lind turned ]ti:n i .o. l .e. : "iforue Lou—Really llic rsnsmi keep 0:1 playing; tennis yi :; u- i'i- year i:; Uiat I have nu plat.- lo gii. Cicim Sariiwn—1C had bctn qninwhilr: since I've won n louriid- lent. Giii'.« I'll KiveHo proixisi ome silly idea lo BUI my mm:-- nto UK: ncwspiiiiiirs. liab; nmli .Piny, hell! I'm lo Ir, Tun! Jim I/>iiilos-Tlilr> wrestling rac .et is such n lot tf baloney Hi;. .sometimes have to laugh elf. Elmer l.aydcn — Of course, if >!otre Dame should go undefeated nexl fall, most of the credi! night to be t'iven to Hunk Andison who left such a line team or us lo start w-lt.'i ' Max Schmeling — My By NBA Sen-Ire Joe. Ferguson, termer sparring partner of Slunlcv Kclchcll, once managed Kid Fredericks. . Thu Kid met tougli Pal Bradley at, Plillailelphia. The neht was hot ami heavy, the Kiel kept going upland down: 'On one or i»> trips to the floor he looked over at Joe and asked: "How'm I goin'7" To which Joe replied: ' "You're way ahead." Alter Fredericks had hit ihc canvas several (lines, Joe sllll insist Ing he was wiiy nlisod, the Kid staggered to his comer afler die tiiu round and repented his .question. "Kid, you're way ahead!" Joe yelled, -you've got him tired out' "Well," the Kid returned. "I'm miitlhr riant now. Joe, while i ahead." THQOUGH THE OQP H "One day in the full. 11 years ofio. right after Thanksgiving, my brother Morrle and T wer In? rach other one momi school Just for fun. I looked of the window and snt<- n toughkxAins: guy standing in front ol the • store. "A minute or so later we henrd a'commotion in the street. Yells and shouts. We ran- down to see. There wts a crowd in. front of the store. We pushed through nnd there was my father lying in the doorway. When I saw blood running but of his mouth I knew. T had seen people shot before. I knew my papa was going to die. He said, 'Don't let mama come down. I'll be all right.' but I got very weak when I saw the blood." • . * * Shortly after'that. Barney's mother suffered n nervous collapse. There were hospital bills. The boys tried to fceep the store going. Pfnalry the two younger brothers. Sammy and George, had to be s*nt to a Jewish orphans' home. B*rn«y got a job as office boy. He had learned typing and bookkeeping, but his commercial advancement was slow. Six years }go he was taking orders for one of Chicago's big mall order houses. One night one of his friends In the neighborhood invited him to "go and see the amateur fighters In Kid Howard's gym." BY EVERETT S. 1JEAS liaskftlrall Clench, Indiana University "Hliog" Allen. wiskeLball coacl :it the University r.f Kansas, 1ms no doubt drmo move for basket ball in the state of Kansas, thai uny other man. Pimsi; voter to t!ir accompany 'L P v!If«r« - n ° clia S' i ''>'" to see ouo of (lie piny Mkcd out \" f . li:>s " 5C(I '" vvl "™'gJ8fi"ts n M Tnr A»o Today — Jockey L. Humphries rode four winners at Aguk Callente, taking the U. S. Grant Hotel Handicap on his fourth mount, Up. plow worms administer an anesthetic to their HIM* (Mini. victims before .He-ins Hie new Ijav. fif ilu 1 Detroit uiil uf any Irainiu:; Gi'inil. He ijui-s clOL\Mi'[,!pt Mickey Cochram is shown gnttmg inlo condilior mv-M.iiniw n girl. I 1 i'.lfn In That! Cecil Smith — T:iis polo lough: I'm i;oii]g lu (jiiit. .Max Rosenlilnon: — A do/en Buys can heat me. hut I'm not go- i:.f; to fight 'cm 'vlif-n the lij^ht iieavyweight lillc't [it slake. Dizzy Dean—I'm r-scain I won't , Tcr) Years AB« Tr,d:ty — Case j Elen^ei and Joseph Ria^eri signe to'" | contracts to play v.-ith ihe Bronk ' ; yn Dodgers. , .manager.! Dizzy Dean—1 ce Jacob/i, is alwavs lalkihg about VIJH no guines lercentnsc. what do I-care about Jacl: nnnpscy—I hoiie the? stnrk 1 Hill Terry—Tuc limns probably '..-ill fluisii in ilie .',-cond division. Wallei 1 llajjen—Pn ibrough! G. G. Caudill General Insurance 100 N. Broadway Phone 797 I 11 / fc LAST TIME TODAY —^ 'HAVANA WIDOWS' Mat. 2:30, IO-25C Nile 6:45, ;10-35c Paramount News - .- l.aurel & Hardy Comedy cy Tackles Parker. Dcmi'trolT Takes On Welch ton Clianey and Jlmmle Parker, le big boy who put Red Sieele own nnd out In two straight falls ere lasl week, meet In the iniiiu latch on loniglit's wrestling card I the armory. The match will be for tv.'o out f Ihrcp falls over the iwo hour Itnc limit or less. In ft preliminary match Roy Welch, billed as Hie "Canadian Vildcat," meets Pete DemetrofT i n cue hour, two out of three ill -match. Welch Is ihe wrestler hat l lie riistonici.1 wanted lo get o after he was disqualified for k'king Fioddle Knichel off the dge of liii! ring last wppk. All he performers on tonight,'. 1 : card lave apiiearrd here in ihe TUME CIMS George Saner le 1CA FULLBACK from Univeisiiy "I Nebraska VKIIE STOUMS greatly •.he Rrlllsli lo ilefoai (tit Siian- Isli ariuads. t'ri!'- Tuck was HOBIN UO(iD'3 CHAPLAIN. and the mat fans Vaiow ihem n n Iheir records. Five Years Ago T«>.-iy — Ti, e lioston Bruins clirttkcJ up iiu-ir • cveiKh straight National Hockey I cogue victory bv beating (he iiangen>. 4-1. For Men Only! A Real SALE STARTING TOMORROW SOCIETY BRAND SUITS and TOPCOATS 27 asket. We Hnd mat the far- ilier west we go (he more (rec- nom Ilia teams use in shooting. Eastern coaches art more accustomed to professional baskeLb:ill v;hich means more conservative play. In Kansas as In Indiana the teams shoot long when they ran get set." The diagram shows a well deigned Kansas play wllli main 1 |»s- ROXY MAT. & N1TE—lOc - 25c LILLIAN GISH ROLAND YOUNG to. HIS DOUBLE LIFE NOVRI.TY HKKI, Cnlnrtnnc >t«sicn! Hcvicw "Rhapsody in Hrew" Kansas. Coach Allen has this to about basketball Conference: in the Big "In otir section we use a four man offense with the fifth man alternating with tlir floor guard The guards are usrd a great deal ;n the offense. Missouri uses the double-post system while Nebraska. Kansas, Iowa Pta'.o Kansas Slate r.nd Oklahoma use the post rplvoti l'!ay with variations. "Practically nil of the teams in! our conference use the principal ol the zone as well 6s the man to: man defense. I ust the stratified! transitional zone because the op-j ponents cannot scrrrn you out ol i position for a straight drive to the Tues,-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. anrt NITE—10c-35c RobiMl Monl»omer> and Madjrc Evinis FUGITIVE LOVERS FOX NEWS COMEDY TUESDAY- WEDNESDAY GLORIOUS "42NI> STUgiT"- MAGNIFICENT "GOLD DIGGERS"' ACTUALLY SURPASSED WARNER BROS.! S JiJSz MliSICAI. SHOUT "HOT KKOM PETROGKAD" With HAVE APOI.I.OW and ORCHESTRA t* $9750 Values $40 Values .$35 Hudder Overcoats PARR HILL SUITS Suit $ 19 eft Extra 3U Pants $19.50 Topcoats $14.00 $15.00 Topcoats $9.50 $18.50 Topcoats $12.95 BOSTONIAN SHOE SALE Values (o ?().:">() §7 Values $?.50 V $095 $fl85 $C45 $7 $?.50 Values $735 SHIRTS $1.19 Shirts $1.65 Shirts Fanry Arrows $1.95 $2.50 Shirts $3.50 Shirts 98c $1.35 $1.65 $1.95 .$2.49 Mens Leather Boots S9.50 Boots $6.00 Boots $00 4 Itlnnkel Lined Jumpers $1 CORDUROY PANTS E wn $1,98 LEATHER COATS s Sheepskin I/inert BATHROBES $ S«,$8.50-vSS $4 $7iG COATS SuHlelone W:>terpraof Hat Sale $3.50 $4.50 Tie Sale 50c Ties . . . 75c Ties .. $1.00 Ties . $1.50 Ties . . 39c .. 59c .. 79c . $1.00 MOLESKIN PANTS sizes 2 " tn 54 $1-95 PAJAMAS 'i!L $1.50 S2.9S Values DRESS PANTS One I,o» Stcn's S3.B5 ValMK UNDERWEAR Heavy Rib si HAYNES MEN'S SHOP I

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