The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY IS, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE,- (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ClASSIf I ED SECTIN- 's Wants CLASSIFIED. ADVERTISING INFORMATION . Dally rate r*r in* »r consccu- Ihe Insertions: (Five average "orda to a Une) One time pe.- Hr.e ,.....•. ..... we Tivo times per Itae per day .. We •inree times per Ilm per day ..We Ms times per line per day .... Me Moath rate per Una .......... 60c charge Ho CARPENTERS B. J. PttfTWD—«« N. 21 St. Carpenter work-of all lUMs. llcki-ll miles'west of Blythevllle. Conay & Houclilns. IScklf Ads ordered for three or Hi limes and stopped before expiration will te chargec tor the number of times tte ml appeared and adjustment o! bill made. All Classified Advertising copj in emitted by persons residing outside ol tie city must be' accom- l nnied by • cash. Rates ma; be easily computed from above Uble No responsibility wiU be taien lor more than one Incorrect insertion ol any cUwalfled ad. /itlvertisinc crdered lor Irregu inr taseiliom take Uie one Unn rate. Phone 306 or 307 Cwie In, tkt TOW n*l e(tate S«w what we ban U Mil E, it Terry UceoMd Dtata Ttrrj-Wortblujtcm Title Co. BlYlbetUl* Pkone II 23c fcl-2 USED CARS Clunse Yuur Old Or for Belter Usi-il One •3D KOK1) TUDOll SEDAN '30 FORD TUDOR SEDAN 'UO FORD TOWN SEDAN . . $13 ook seed with, us how for March delivery. They are sure to be Btl'.er. Huboard Hdw. Co. ck25 KKAL ESTATE OR SALE. 40 «n*i all In culU vation. Or* mile toulh o( Cos (U. RoUcd Gran. SckU iBierkan "Play Times" Shorten Span of Life CHICAGO. (UP)—Too strcmi- iis methods of rccrcnllou ami playing" which cause undue •ear and strain on Hie Rdnlt or- anlsm, are Warned ihe failure of man lo Incrcusu n-; longevity in Ihe higher HBCS. o-. "The nvn.iijo longevity ot lin- ;.i man beings in A'l.n'lcu," ho saidU" "1ms risen hum V> years in 1880 j h, to 54 years for tl:i! male and 6*i!t. ;.tDi.i lir llu Kiiii'.lr ill (hi; pies- iiH thru. 1 . Hut for nl! [he life saving insusmvs Unit silence lias ile- »<: have not '.ruined lo. play. holidays uro too Infrequent cur recrciUliiu nwy be of I'haratti'i- tlul Hie physical L*t is increased rather liu\n MM'll." Smulay Si-houl llrcord HI1KLTOS. Conn. lUI>) — Miss longevity h,« increased but D'.u-i O. Smith lius completed her ...... ' n iriicllun over Hi; age of CO, aiHl in the higher decrease 113;<nl jriir of perfect tuicnclance at sl&md.-iy School, believed unequalled POULTRY & EGGS WANTED POtLTRV HIGHEST PRICES PAID Cash Feed Store IK East Main 10j*2-ll Fresh e«a daily, direct from hen- nery. Pickard's grocery, 1M* Chickasawba. 6plk2-6 FOR RENT MGELY, Furnished t-edroom, 303. 310 W. Wa!i>ut Street. TWO furnished rooms, lights, lights, bath, garage. Reasonable. 1G01 W. Ash. 12-19 TWO furnished light housekeeping rooms. 619 W. Main. Call 332-j. 8 OAKLAND SEDAN. Clean, Good Motor .............. $ 95 ATTRACTIVE steam heated bedroom adjoining bath. 603 W Main. Call 6*2. 10ckl7 '29 FOllI) COUPE '30 CHEVROLET COACH $1!"> STEAM HEATED BEDROOM. 51* W. Main. Phone P8. 2c tt2-2 TRUCK SPECIALS '33 FOKD l!i TON TRUCK, Closed Cab, Uunl Wheels. A-l Condlliou § '32 CHEVROLET TRUCK TON $335 '29 FOIID DELUXE PANEL Special ..;..;..... '$ ' '30 CHEVROLET 1'i TON TRUCK. Closed Cab 5 "3 Miny Olheri To Select From. All Cats Over SI00.00 Guaranteed PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 2 200 East Main Slreet" I'hone Sll-810 Blytaeuilc, Arkansas. FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin after 5 p. m. 29-ck-tt. Furnished Apart««nt in Ward Apartments, 1031 West Ash. Will be vacant January 1. Call 650 ck-'t! MODERN Three room Apartment with bain, unfurnished', Phone n-tk-ti, Mrs. L. M. Burrwtle announces the opcnln; of short hand, typewriting ana bookkeeping classes. Special Prices. Call MI-W. IckZ-l WANTED BUSINESS DIBECTORY NEW DEAL TRADING 1'OST Furniture^ Tools, Clothes, Etc, Lcl's trade. 114 Ex-it Main. 6e kl-t> "MArJ OP INTBGBTTY 21-45 PHY- "^SIGALLY FTT INTERESTED IN I ENTERING GOVERNMENT WORK. INFORMATION. WRITE I BOX 66 COURIER NEWS." 12pklG WANTED—Man with vehicle to peddle coal. Ash at R. R. Coal Yard. IDcklS KXI'EKT Typewriter and Addlnj Machine BcpairiiiR. U. S. Blank- cnship, 116 E. Rose. Call 165-J. 21c kl-21 We pay more for pecans, lurs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, leal, batteries. Phone 1V6, Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 23c kl-23 LOST AUTOMOTIVE Auto (>I:lss All Kinds Installed Tlic Ark-Jti> Lumber Co. lOc J-.2-1U Call 30S-K«d's place-118 E. Main For Auto 1'aintin; Body and Fender Sen ice LARCiKST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glu.'a—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 30 k2-3 White bob-tailed large BITLLDOG with brown spot over eye. Win Richardson, Route 3, Box 85. REWARD. I2pkl9 FEMALE HELP WANTED LOW PRICES on winter car needs, heaters, alcoho 1 . GPA glycerine, y.oucl T tci>s & side curtains, ARIAN, 128 E. 23c kl-23 $1.93 up. WOLF Main. HAN Wanted lo supply customers with famous WMklns Products in Blythevllle. Business established, earnings average S25 weekt?, pay starts immediately. Write J. K. Watkins Co., 7C-74 W. Iowa Aie., Memphis, Tern. ISpklli RELIABLE LAt>Y can make cx- ccltcnt connection handling Watkins products in Blytheville. Watkins lady dealers average ?15 to KG weekly; steady work and we uach you how to Eell. Write Mrs Peoples, 70 W. Icira, Memphis. Tenn. i3-(' SALESMEN WANTED Call t's «lien In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-BalteriM - Replacement Part* HUISBAHl) HARDWARE CO. Auiomoiive Dept. Ick2-l HUSTLER '\VITH CLEAN RECORD. CAN FIX OWN SALARY BUT MUST EARN IT. GAY AND BILLINGS. 13-ck-16 CLEANKKi. TAILORS To luck your hcst is always essential. us keep your Clothes fit. Unique Clcaninn Service Oil 171. .20-ck-20 I5ATTERIES New Fn:-d Balleries itcntil - Recharging - Rcpairin? 117 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 26c kl-26 FOR LEASE For tease: 40 acres cut over land. Two year lease. Will build house. RADIOS All Radios, iiicludinj! R. C. A., ate heir? closed cut al cost for CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co. WckZ-li COAL & WOOD I'ilOXE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black JSul We Treat You White" 9c k2-9 FOR SALE L pair rniileb—S200 1 pair mules—$250 I f;irm w.ignus—SZ9 each, iinilj'farni Cniislructlnn Co. 12-ck-16 mntirvillP NO. 1 COTTON SEED, price SI.75 lilinrircd. See F. Black nr c'laronre McDciinoll. at Uly- •l-.evillc Uin. 5c k2-5 FOR SALF, CHEAP: Slecl dumn- ini? bed. Ht any truck, Hi yards. Paul Byrurr.. GOOD COAL IS THE |CHEAPEST2 C O A L t /» «w Thc(T ** no ca.%1, ^**l West of ihe Allegheny MoonUlra, is bi(h in heat and u Iqw. in Mb'.a< Ihe Snper.Hcat Ktatetnent, t»t it ethical; -became ifi tree, have JtitborlUUn aiUlytl nte on all ml vst an this claim. • \ SUPREME Super-Wat is the only coal ol iU UM aad wM only by IhU .compuy. ' 6x3 Mediam ton - S7JO SiTwi »U« Cash A Rich Stan's Coal at A Poor Man's Price Superior .Cc*l & Mining \ 3M W. Walnut •' Fbcoe TN oundation Pbq* U. S.- Canada R«l*t»n« Book ori'AWA, Onl. (UPi—Tho cav- rylf Foundation IG undeilaklhi; :e piibllcatlon of a book dealing Ith ihe relation* WUvcen Can(In untl irak hotwcll the be Uniltd SlaU'R. cdllcil by TIC uncl Prof. R. M, Miic- ?crinor Is « Canadian aiid the latter. while born In acotliiml, s|)*nt ninny ycnrs of hl>; life as a tncin-' l*r of Ihe fncullv of Hie tJnlvci- fily of Toronto. 'llwrc urn lo be n dozen or more chanters dealing \vllh such subjects bis Ihe |X)lit'>;Tl lnlcr-de|M!n- (lonei! of Iho two couiilrlcs, movement of |io)>ulalh'i, irndr, Ihc mid lllerntiii'e, HUMKC, peh- Llnillon of Anicrlcni! cnpllal Into so torlh.../-' .. .'>'.-. . T|ip. Ouil^dlan conlrlbutors number Icn or more oiiWanduig men pi Jonriiiillim,.the \eivil .service.and university 'circles. Freak Cut-Has Short Ufc WEST FRANKFORT, 111. (UP) — E. Levinson, ol this city, displayed n cat born wilh six" legs, Iwb tails and two longUes. The cat lived of Columbia University. The[ (juniuln, branch ptaula, turlll andltwo hours after birth. in I!* UuiUxl BUU«. Each year she lecenvd a gold bar from the Inter- We have foigolti'ii how to rest, medical scljool for OUR BOARDUNG HOUSE HEY! WA//IS? -» : vou >*- N IEAHD THE HEWS? VOW/ ANO\ '° ' SOUNDS ME A5 fAY TLAN ,TO GO APTER < • Wf.LL ! l HEAR YOU GAVE UEW) LOVER QULL'H S-JONOERFUL u DiNO I JUST HAVE ABOUT BUT, ILL TELL VOU WHAT I'LL PUT IN AS A NAVIGATOR] N1CT EACH PERSON Vo PUT TOR BUYIN' A-S LAYIN' \N SUPPLIES.AN TO FAY TH'CREW IT'LL TAKE ABOUT" # 2OOOO, AN" EA.CH INVESTOR WILL ONE-"FORlltlH OP TW" <SOLt> THCT SAP IS TO "PUT \M , IS A\.L TH KNOWS . ABOUT •SHIPS CAME FKOM ^At 0VPER fAY SERVICES NAVIGATOR OP THE VOYAGE, PAYMENT TOR 1BE BALANCE 9 \rfi mmme- ACROSS "TABLE c? .r VJIW,OO(XAJ )«AO?WHV, V'WNT MW?,'/NOT.' It's NO AFFAIR OF LEW4E lELL Vl SUfAPlHf BYA RCMtrABEU HIKE,IF VOO'RE SVJEET OMWviEeCH.E.' nxtouproR HE? VI ELL 1BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES SHAME ON YOU, FEttDY! WASH TURBS SP£NI>M6 A GAY EVENING IN THt CITV, AMD EftSY MOTOR HOME. A HECK OF A BUTLER WE GOT! HE GOES OFF TO BED WITHOUT EVEN A LIGHT. SALESMANSAM OH, oJWWWCr He «Ts HOLD OFl FtcHniss IT'LL COME. IM ; DP.Y— ' COL1.6C.T r*f BILL.' Cftf\e iiM c\iT ITS •.TWETTING GISTED! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THMS VJROVIG.SOW 1 . START OUTi T^IS \IJAY: UNACCUSTOMED AS.T.AM TO SPEAWLIC PUBBING...OR!>EA 1 R-... IMEAKI...SCU3LIC SPEE8ING.'! UMAC'.ISTA«P A^.7. AM .• SUREUVHWE CSEATED A IS GOifJS To HOVBC: B.Y WAMIMS ATliREE-DECkrSR AFTER Y6U. VoUlL HWE 10 AckWOWLEDGE IT !.' f-AY.' WU WAVE ! SPD3LIC PEEKING.-I WE PEE8LIC SPUCKIK6---OR I MEAN TO SAV, SPU3LIC PEE3IWG SPEECHES, MO.V,! NUTTY ARE TWE TALK OR

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