The Bee from Danville, Virginia on January 26, 1973 · Page 8
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 8

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1973
Page 8
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M ' t»»i~i)^ Richardson Nomination Is Topic ; ' ' ,;'l ''ViH^ij ;.',"<'• / .'•'. ' » TM' *>M1J OH, I MAOA > vcHAWce TO MAKE IT Uft TUXWEfrg r CTPN'T HAVE AU.TW>tir I W MILLION BUCKS TD6CT UMTKO.' j WTO 'EM; HOME, CAR AW'TV.' HER06S ARC MADE-NOT BORM WASHINGTON AP) With most expected opposition erased by the Vietnam' peace agreement, the Senate today begins floor action on the nomination of Elliot L. Richardson to be secretary of defense. A vote is scheduled for Monday afternoon. Richardson, former undersecretary of state and present secretary of health, education and welfare, has the endorsement of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The committee approved Richardson 13-0 at a hearing last week, with Sen. Harold E. Hughes, D-Iowa, voting "present" as what he called "a symbolic protest" against the Vietnam war. Hughes said he considered Richardson an "excellent choice" for the post. AKIIS MAR. 21 -•&**» A f*. » fSl 8-32-48-68 1/69-75-79-81 TAURUS 20 OJ 2-21 -23-26 ^31-39-80-86 GEMINI 20 4-20-28-42 CANCER 2) 22 2-15-22-33 44-51-63 LEO •'. JULY 21 i L^AUG. 22 i- s- 9-10 l 1-46-62. VIRGO AUG - 22 vK/76-78-82-90 -By CLAY It POLLAN JK v Ypvr Oof/>; AefMfy Guid*' >< T*7;; . According to, Me Starr. : "» To' develop message for Saturday, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. 1 Diplomacy 2 Keep • 3 Some 4 Persons 5 Break ' 6 Rules 81s 9 Your 10 Best 11 Tool 12 Cooperate 13 Your 14 Nervousness 15 To .I6lf 17 You're 18 More 19 Don't 20 Lowers 21 In 22 Orthodox 23 Projects 24 Seems 25 Impromptu 26 Which 31 Aid 32Thon 33 Proceedings 34 And 35 Off 36 Free 37 Everything 38 Trip 39 Charitable 40 Consider 41 Trip 42 Pep 43 You 44 And 45 You . 46Use /. itality 29 That 30 Relax; •48 Appears 49 Now 50 Could 51 Be 52 Could 53 Should 54 Old 55 Ties 56 Expense 57 Be 58 Come 59 Exciting 60 Friend 61 To 62 It ' 63 Cautious 64 Do 65 And ,66 Relieve 67 Favorably 68 On "' 69 The 70 Up . • 71 Your 72 Worthwhile 73 With 74 Today 75 Surface 76 Mind 77 Vitamins 78 Refresh 79 Comes 80 Institutions 81 Out 82 Your 83 Too 84 Goes • 85 No. . 86 Hospitals 87 Harm 88 Wrong 89 Hastily 90 Outlook NOV. 30-34-45:5 58-61-8 Ncucal . 21 3-4-5-6, 7-13-56' ' SAGITTARIUS 19-27-35-47 CAPRICORN DEC, 22 X. JAN, 1» V^J 16-17-36-40/O 149-55-67 \° AQUARIUS JXN. 20 25-38-52-57^ 59-65-72 PISCES Agnew Qo/hgta N )c(och/na VIENTIANE, Laos CAP) — Premier Souvanna Phounria said today that he expects Vice President SpiroT. Agnew in the Laotian capital on Feb. 5 for discussion of future U.S. support of his government. Reports have . circulated in- Washington since announcement of the Vietnam cease-fire agreement that Presiden Nixon was sending Agnew to Saigon, Phnom Penh and Vientiane to reassure government leaders in' the three capitals of continued U.S. support. Prince Souvanna 's report was the first official confirmation, however. ' A solution of one cup of vinegar to one quart of warm water can be used to sponge carpets occasionally. OU* WARDING HOUSE 61VING THE MAJOR MORE TrlKN /V BC&SLEP RrVCER WttU BBOKEM 5TRETCHIN AND* FRONT JOHN' M'OVIE. LONG BEFORE. ' CRACK -UP> ITEM. YOU SOYS Watergate Case May End Soon ByDON!«cLEOD Associated Press Writer : WASHINGTON (AP) — The government presents the last of its witnesses today in the Watergate trial, which may be headed for a'rriu,ch earlier conclusion than had been expected when it began Jan. 8. • 'With the possible exception of one more witness Monday, prosecutor ; Earl J: Silbert Jr. said he hoped to wind up the government's case today. The trial was recessed Thursday because of former President Lyndon B. Johnson's funeral, but U.S. District ^ Court Judge John J. Sirica told the jury Wednesday that it could expect to receive the case by the end of next week .or early the following week. :Wh_ert : th£ trial opened, -some estimates i were that it would take several months. But only two persons remain as defendants in the case stemming from the break-in and bugging of Democratic national headquarters last June 17; ••".'.• The two are G. Gordon Liddy, ' counsel to the Finance Committee to Re-elect the President, arid James W. IricCord Jr. , who was security chief for President Nixon's campaign;';/.,;.. '/;.; . •.:•.••'. .-..-,.•: E. Howard Hunt, a former Wnite'Hoiise cprisultaht, pleaded, guilty early in the trial. And four Miami men, who were arrested with McCord during the break-in in the Watergate complex, pleaded guilty shortly .after 'Hunt; The defendants were charged variously with conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretapping; ; . Despite a lohjg string of witnesses put on by the. government in the first three weeks of the trial, many points have been brought out by Sirica, who has personally examined witnesses when he felt the lawyers weren't going far enough. ' It was Sirica who drew from Hugh W. Sloan Jr., former : treasurer of the Nixon campaign finance committee, a statement that, payments, which the government contends went to Liddy to finance illegal political spying, were approved by John Mitchell, former attorney "; general .and Nixon campaign manager, and Maurice Stans, former secretary of commerce and Nixon's chief campaign fund raiser. Deaths In The News George Graff Ivar A. F celling OSLO (AP) — Ivar A. Foell- ing, 84, winner of the Kennedy Prize in 1962 for pioneer studiei in infant brain disease, died Thursday. Earl Ebi .ENCINO, Calif. (AP) —Earl ,-v Ebi, 69, veteran radio and television producer, died Thursday He produced the Edgar Bergen- Charlie McCarthy and Lux Radio Theater shows' and in tele vision the Lux TV Theater and Kraft TV Theater. STROUDSBURG.Pa. (AP)— George Graff, 86, composer of the words to "When Irish •Eeyes Are Smiling" and 400 other songs, died Wednesday Of Dutch and German descent Graff admitted he had never been to Ireland. : William Paul Barnds FORT WORTH, Tex. (AP) — The Rt. Rev. William Paul Barnds, 68, suffragan bishop of the Dallas Episcopal Diocese since 1966, died Wednesday, apparently of a heart attack. "'Anu Seeber Green WALLA WALLA, Wash. (AP) —" Anna Seeber Green, 110, whose tenacity to life brought greetings from three presidents; died Wednesday in the valley of her pioneer parents where she spent her entire life. Six years ago she and her late husband celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. Bob Tamson Recalls 27,68 5 Car 0 w n e r s DANVILLE, VA.—Bob Tamson requests the recall of all owners of 1967,68, 69, 70 and 71 Chevrolets, Oldsmobiles, Fords, Plymouths, Dodges, Pontiacs, Buicks, AAercurys, Volkswagens, Toyotas, etc. so that his sales staff can show you the great fresh styling, unbelievable ride and handling and built-in GAA quality of the beautiful New Chevrolet line up for 1973. BOB TAMSON Recall RIVERSIDE— They're recalling prices back to 1971 and 1972 and giving you MORE CAR for your money and MORE MONEY for your car now! Over 150 Brand New 1973 Chevrolet Cars and Trucks In Stock and Ready for Immediate Delivery \ CHEVY CITY—Bob Tamson prides himself in being able to offer the public one of the largest selections of new cars in this area. For example, right now there are 42 Caprices, 26 Impalas, 18 Che- velles; 13 Novas, 22 Vegas, 14 Trucks and 12 Station Wagons on his lot. 10 Career Salesmen Offer Assistance In order to better serve you, Bob Tamson has 10 career car salesmen available to answer any, questions and show you the over 150 cars and trucks on his lot. Call any one of them at 797-1411. DOUG HARPER WILSON NEWELL .LARRY WOLFE BILL NORMAN JR/WEADON HENRY EANES JERRY WYATT RAY WILBORNE DEWEYTODD 'BOB' TAMSON CHEVY CITY 1063 Riverside Drive Dealer License No. 1823 - DANVILLE, VA. — Dial 797-1411 .3,.

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