The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1944
Page 6
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BIZ BLYTHBVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOm-Jll 13, 10-14 Ewy Friday fa-thej of Farm Famines of This ^Agricultural Section. | Repair Combine Before Harvest '-. Adjustments Needed ; For Lespedeza And Soybean Crops Keitli J. Bilbrey. county agent, urged every combine owner lo place his machine in first-class operating condition before he begins to harvest his lespcdeza or soybeans, In n statement made public today. , Combines that are now set for harvesting small grains, he said, will require Horn two to five hours to Wake the adjustments necessary for harvesting soybeans." On most corn- bines the small pulley on the cylinder shaft must be exchanged wllh the larger pulley on the countershaft In order to cut the cylinder speed enough for harvesting soybeans. Two or three makes of combines operating In Arkansas, the county ngent said, are equipped with a feed oY shelling plate which the crop must pass over ns It starts under the cylinder. When adjusting the? clearance between cylinder and the concaves in the grates, the combine owner should also ad Just, tho clearance between the cylinder and . feed or shelling plate.. Combines equipped with rubber- faced cylinder bars and feed 01' shelling plates should be checked closely for wear. These bars should be replaced with-the rubber faced bars wear off, leaving metal corners exposed to the crop passing under the cylinder. Tlie shelling plate can be reversed, thus getting double service from the rulibor cover on the plate. On some machines there is n difference in the limits of adjustments of the plate after it has been reversed. • Soybeans for oil, Ihe county agent pointed o.ut, arc sold on grade, with dirt, weed seed, sticks, and stems counting against the grade. Proper adjusfment of the combine, he snid, will eliminate most, of these. Also, improper adjustment of the combine rhny'account'for the loss of a largo number ot bonns. Heavy seed losses, he said, may result from the use of dull sickles, guards being out of line, Improper adjustment of the reel. Improper adjustment of the air blast, shoe sieve closed too close, tail' board rafeed too high, and irregular cylinder speed, ^Eyery combine owner, the county agent said, should have an operator's instruction manual for his par-' titular make nnd model of combine, and the manual, he added, should be available to the combine operator, . at'nil-, times.- NS-PEA! VRES Enter the Plant-to-f'rospcr Contests sponsored by the Courier _Js'ewa ami Commercial Appeal. I Good Pastures Profitable To Demonstrate Erosion Control Use Of Wind Breaks And Other Methods Will Be Shown Cooil pastures conservo soil water, reduce l^vtitu COSH, and when opcruleil in relation with mltivulcd crops result in larger crop yields, says Iliu \Vur Food Admiil islralion. I'oMurc cstalilisliu improvement prflcilccj become dally important iti mc< food and fiber nccils. carrying out sueli praelircs IK nvai lo American farmers in miller lliu conservation program ui{. ministered by llio A&ricullnr;d ment Agency. Moil is prolcclcd iti several ways productive pasture?, WKA points oui. J-'xcclltMit insurance- agaiml mul loss of inoi&ltlro is pruvi Ilielliirk soil or cover while il is „ grazed, mid when Minted under il nets to reduce erosion lasses wliih is being tilled. The sod also tho soil more productive wben it is broken to grow crops in Higher currying cnpacily of good pasture inereascs llic farmer'* income ' making impplcnicnlal fee valcd land less ncceisary, lt\ aiMitioif, inucli less labor, power, tret), timl ferlili/er is required to ale, laml in grass and legume* cultivated crops. Good pasuiro practices ini lecding of depleted binl anil of new pasture, eontonring, v.'ee Irol by mowing or dipping cation of limu and phujplcil water development?, mid n *en system for preventing <H'c; 1 WH?n plowing mid resettling oil nnd jilurUoii rotation ii larger Atttniii- tii I nnJ ic <^"pc- wartime lunrc. id volatile t Slates ram ml. j\t);tisl- ways by ints out. rrosion idi:il J>y is Ijcing ~r It ucls (he. land o itiukcs LIU it is relation. nnd pas- c.oinc liV 3)11 CLllti- uMitirjif, uipiru'til, Jo o/ic*- i I!KUI in hide rt- pUniliEig cetf conc> upiili- <?, *(oclt- isDii-lniig rgmzing Jire «''t cssory, or when new land is holng 5ji«jii;il up Tor fOCifJJii; irj pail u re, suj'J \Vl ; A, fcrlillaT nm! Jimu should Li'! nppli<:tl ficforn llic seed is to^i'ii. In nlosl iircus, nflor pasilures can Lc rciw- vnlud !>>' i]l-kiji;,', liniifip, fertilizing «nrj| ficctling nioro {iroiluclJvc grasso and lc£;iii:iL'£. LfipiUJHi.-i ri-liivii JiJtroHi.'H lo ]]»; jws- nircl.'iml, unil uinler uverngu coiuli. ItoiiH they tliinild funn idiuut oiui-tJnnl of ihu [)1;tt]lin|r, Cnvcrnnu-ht hliiuk-a blio>v\ Mixlurui of grumes nnd icj; ti tiics prodiii'o mir.-llnrd lo unc-iiull more paslurt; fccil lluiti [-rasijri ulunc. In ud dill on, ii j.i jioJJilL'ii oiu, rt-it'< JJJin it pasture with lc gumed iuid hij{i|ilc- inciihiry trusses Liiils in cro^nci oiut- trol l>y fiHing in tuirc ?pols hi tiu: turf, and lends lo Icn^llicn llic pfiSiure bX-ason. Conditions Under ^v1Jic^ piislriro %ro\vs vnry not only frojn Stale In Sttilu ucul connly lu totitdy, l)itl even from fnrru to farm and fit-Id lo Jh'M. Tht; l;ini!y tind ntnoiniU uf Icililixcr^ lime, and siTfl tint should lie n=cil, tind tl)£ /arming inulIiuiJs Ijcil sin'lcil to llm liiin], vjry in l]m same Dtaaner, snys \WA. Artificial receding of paJliiri! mil rniiRe Inntl iintlcr \}»s A|;rii-iiUiirjt Cwi- ccrvulioLi l'ro?rni!i has lici-n increased tiunrly nriy-folil since 19116. (ictunUh}; to annuat rojiort?. fn (912, tiie Jan) year fur ivhirli roinplete figure j lire fivmlnlile t 9 t ^3,OOU [»>nii(ls <,t soul uero ufi-il for rcaeedinf, rr.rtiparcil wHh Iy3j0i)0 poiniJs in ilie curlier year. Green Tomatoes Can Be Used For Pickles, Relish The thousands of tons of green tomatoes which go to waste every year can be used in place of cucumbers in making pickles nnd relishes, according to Miss Corn Lee Cole- white potatoes will shrivel, sprout or decay in such n warm spot. If How To Keep Potatoes Swcel and white potatoes will not, keep well together. Sweets keep best in n dry place around 00 degrees F. bnt white potatoes need a dark, moist, cool place from 40 to 50 degrees F. according to the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Tho furnace room in the cellar is a good place for sweet potatoes, but Variety Funk's O-40 Funk's G-4U Funk's G-lti Funk's G-40 North Mississippi County Agent KeKli lillftrey, has announced a public visiting day on Ihe George liny farm in the pinvlieen Community of this county Monday, 10 o'clock. Mr. nilbrcy announced It. as one of the most Important farm nicct- li>BS of Hie Fall season, Its purpose Is to demonstrate conclusively the better methods of wind erosion by wind breaks, strip cropping, row direction, winter cover, etc. Also '•before your very eyes" you may see some of the "deadest" sand In nil this country held down, built up, and producing 800 pounds of lint cotton per acre, he snfcl. This same land six years figo litid a five-year AAA cotton yield record of 270 pounds of lint per acre. Extension workers from Little Hock anil several adjoining counties. along, with soil conservation men and lending farmera of other counties will attend. Mr. Bilbrey sold lie urged any runner In this county, particularly owners of sandy soil to visit Mr. liny's /arm demonstrations. A. C. Owens, Lost Cane farmer, visited Mr. Ray last week and-hcl 1 ' 1 the same manner. Farmer Gets $17 More In Com For Each $2 Spent On Nitrates For each ICO pounds of ammonium nitrate D. s. Lantrip applied lo his corn this Snrins he Is now harvesting nn additional 14 bushels of owl. according to Keith Bilbrey, county ngent, U corn is worth $1.25 per bushel now end) $2.00 word) of nitrates returned to the In- vi'ytor approximately 517 worth of additional corn. , Mr. Lf^trlp is A former county agent of this county and now owner nnd operator of 160 acres of land 11 miles southwest ijf Blythevlllc. He conducted two Imrortant corn tcsti this year in cooperation with llic present county agent. The first test wii.s to demonstrate the vnlue of nitrate fertilizer on corn. 'Hie second was to test vr.rlous varieties, unfertilized, for be.'.t yields, \ The fertilizer tests in replications throughout the field and results •A-t'i'c ns follows: Fertilizer , Ylcltl Per Acre Ammonium Nitrate, ICOlbs.'per acre ' 82.8 bu. Cyan.nmld ISO UK. per acre 80.0 bti.' 6-8-10, 200 Ibs. per acre " 72.2 bu, N'o fertilizer 08.5 bu. Variety Yield 1'cr Acre Punk's O-4G 68.5 bu. Punk's G-fIS 07,1 bu. Funk's G-713 04.3 bu, FmiK's -j-135 eo.O bu. Funk's G-244 50.0 bu. Funk'r, G-702 47,1 bu. St. Chas. White 42.8 bu. The tests were planted May 18 nnd received only one rain about August 18, the agent said. Cotton Surplus Remedy Sought Washington NEW YORK, C:t. 13 I OP) — Dixie's while elephant, the cotton surplus, will come to the forefront, in Washington next week as discussions get under way on what, to do ivKh this enormous surplus. Next Monday and Tuesday the Cotton Advisory Committee, which is Ihe standing body named by the Secretary of Agriculture, will"confer with Commodity Credit Corporation officials on the government's proposed cxirort subsidy and crop purchase programs. Trade quarters frankly admit the conferees will have a tough nut to crack. Among ruirations likely to arise may include what steps should be taken to avoid ehnmes of "dumping" United States cotton on foreign markets, which - in lurn mfelit complicate International trade anil diplomatic relations with countries such as Brazil. Brazil has cotton for sale now at 1C cents a pound in comparison with the U. S. •Government purchase price ol nearly 22 cents a pound, and in all likelihood will be competing for business In the same world'markets. BALK CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than 11,-idfr Lumber Osceoia Tito & Culver? Co. Phoiin 8V1 OectoU, Ark. was (luolcfl as saying, "That man really lias something. It (s almost unbelievable to see such a crop on that old soft sand. It would do nny farmer good to see this." ' ' • How To Retie AMA Says Milk Needs Addition QfVitaminD ! CHICAGO, Oct. 13 (UP)— The journal of the American Medical Association says the addition of vitamins and minerals, other than Vitamin D, to ml!k does not serve a,public health need. On the other hand, by raising production costs, it can result in decreased consumption by those in the lower economic levels who need milk most., • A report of the council on foods and nutrition of the medical association, printed in the journal, says the council Kas approved the fortification of milk with vitamin D, but questioned whether "It Is in the interest of' public health to fortify milk with vitamin A, thiamine, .ribcflavin, nlachln, iron and iodine." Addition of vitamin D to milk is encouraged because vitamin 0 is not present in important amounts in a customary diet unless fish oils are. included, but addition of the other materials "does not serve a public health need sufficiently to warrant council acceptance of the fortified product," -Cereals arc much more Important as a vehicle for added thiamine than is milk and a diet containing meat, eggs, fresh vegetables and whole grain or enriched flour amply supplies the iron requirement. The council pointed out that in where iodine is deficient It nsuallj is added to table salt ana "it seems unwise to sanction the ndditUm to iodine to more than one food.' NO ASPIRIN FASTER v .$ im ,j- el ™ 1 *' run- St. Joseph Aspirin ,ttortd s largKtscllcrot 10f. NoneBnfcr .none rarer Why pay moie? Why cvo accept less? Demand St. Joseph Aspirin man, county home demonstration agent. Pickles and relishes do not store up great food value, she'ad- mitted, but their spicy tang nnd crlspncss offer.n way to bring .changes : when winter'meals seem dull. Green tomatoes can be made into dill pickles successfully, and they also make good sweet sliced pickles, relish, and canned brined pickles! They arc best pickled within 24 hours after gathering. The tomatoes should be ns near the same size as possible so the curing will >e eVen throughout. Good pickles, she explained; are rm, clear, and even in color iroughont, with no cloudy or white lots, and Imvc a tart, pungent fla- or. To obtain such a product, it is nporlant that the right ingrerii- its be nscd nnd be measured ac- irately. A good, clear, standard incgar, from four to six per cent cetlc acid, free from sediment, is tst for pickling. Utensils of enamel ware, aluml- um, or stainless steel should be scd to heat the acid pickling liquid fiss Colcnran warned against using copper kettle—as grandmother riiil —to make pickles bright green, tm- css the copper is bright nnd shiny or the ncld will rcnct with tlie tarnish on the metal and form a poisonous salts. Acid or salt vith zinc and forms a substance qirnlly harmful. Pickles should be packed in glass- op jars and sealed airtight. She warned against the use of metal ids that allow the pickles to touch :he metal. there is no cool moist storage room In the cellar lo keep white potatoes during the winter, they will keep in a barrel bxiried In the back 5'ard. 'the oldest .serviceable hand- pinnping fire engine in the world still ciin be seen at the Nnrragan- sclt Fire Station at Warren, R. I. The engine, purchased by the town in 1801, consists of a rectangular tank with rounded corners and two vortical pumps in the middle connected by two sidebars. Spring Twine ; In Upholstery With the curtailment in the manufacture of furniture nnd the dissatisfaction among consumer's with thill which Is being manufactured, keeping upholstered furniture In tt good state of repair is essential, says Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent. Explaining that springs in upholstered furniture often get loose find sage because the spring twine holding them in position has brok- lonsc. she states that it is not difficult,, even for nn amateur, ; to retie these springs. Her directions for relying the springs in n chair are as follows: ; l?emove the cushion, turn the clinir upside clown, and remove the cnmbrlc covering, or "dust catcher/' Then, remove the tacks holding the Inside arm and inside back covering in place and then remove thci-tncjts holding the covering on the sent in Place. ; Turn the chair in an upright position and remove tlie covering over the springs of the sent. Remove nny padding on the springs and last, the burlap covering over the springs. Notice very carefully the manner in which the springs were tied together, and retie thorn After tlie springs are relied into position, cover them with the burlap. If the burlap which Is on the springs is badly worn, replace it •Aitli new. Replace the padding and then the seat covering and tack it into position. Pull the Inside arm and back' coverings in place, and complete the repair Job by tacking ! the cambric covering under the ' bottom. More detailed instructions on retying springs can be obtained from the comity Extension office on the first floor of the court house i:\ Blythevllle. The tail of a pygmy flying phalanger is made like a feather. M ISSOURI FARMS For Gooil Choice Dotfom or Hill Farms at Bargain Prices S I! E T. II. VINYARI), FARMS FOIt SALE, 422 VINE ST., BLUFF, MO. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH. CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE | TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET (Every Transaction Must He Satisfactory) PHONE 3382 I I'D NEVER HAVE RAISED THEM .WITHOUT THE PURINA 'S HELP! FOR SALE —Soybean Bags— —Seed Dots, Wheat, Barley— —Spear Feeds— Govf. Support Price Paid For Soybeans. BlythevilSe Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 - We Now Have Corrugated Galvanized IRON Carload Jusf Received! * * E.G. LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service Your John Dccrc Tractor is fighting the battle on the Home Front! And, like every soldier, at home or abroad, it is entitled to the best of everything ... for the better you treat it the better will it serve. Give your SolJicr of die Soil a two or three day furlough at out service shop before you send it into action again. Let our experts go over it from end to end, do a job of inspecting, lightening, adjusting and trouble-shooting. , The time to do this is v hen you can spare yout equipment. It is a protective step to save you expense and costly delay ai a time when you need vital dependable service. Missco Implement Co. 11LVTHEVIM.E- BUY BOWDS ^ SAVE SCRAP OSCKOLA —L^^^r^*! .. helping with your problems jOur interest in you doesn't stop with your purchase of jbaby chicks and Purina Chows . . . we're interested in ' your success! We want to help you in every way to pro-' • duce to capacity and lo make money doing it! If you're bothered by feeding and management problems . . . call on us for help. Our training and experience, the information of Purina Mills is at your command. Whether it's poultry, ho;js, or cows . . . we'll do our best! looked them all over. We compared and we investigated and we reached the same conclusion you will reach if you compare. A Gnnlcls Automatic Water System Gives You the Mostjor Your Dollar You can depend upon it to give.trouble-free service year after year; Its efficient design makes it low in upkeep; Its extra strong parts prevent breakdowns, ii'a exclusive features make it outstanding. Come in and let us show you why the men who r,~r.: the most for their money buy tbe Goulds. 126 W. Main InconiorUeJ . Phone 515 Published Uy The Delta Implement Co., Jilythcville Vol. 3 Friday, October 13 Harvey Pai-rish, well known lo the farmers of fhis area, is now in charge' (if our repair department. Mr. I'arrish invites his friends' and customers to visit him Itere. -DI- Grant Collar, of Luxora, has an Oliver tandem disc,harrow for sale. Yon can call him at phone number 78, Luxora. Fee* LAY CHOW It pays lo balance your groin wilh Purina Lay Chow. Qualily Ingredienls supply what your own scratch grains lack. See us. For FULL EGG BASKETS Pep Of) APPETITES Step up appeUlea o| o|f-feed birds, Keeps 'cm ealing. Also helpful in killing large loundworms, reduces intestinal inflammation, Mix CHEK-R-TON with Mash Rid fattier LICE! Efficient and convenient for controlling poultry lice. Sprinkle direct from can, or into dust hot. Powdet slicks lo feathers. Purina LICE POWDER GOATS lite it Helps reduce feod p ,vaslc because goals lovo it all. Built !o make !olr. of milk—helps to Veep f em inilklng heavy through 6nine period. Swifcfi fo GOAT CHOW -DI- \Vc delivered new McCormick Dceritu; No. 52 combines In Leo Dormer, .1. C. Sfcclc, and \V. I.. I.ndd, i',11 of Kcachville, and Junior Tucker, of Arhyrd, Mo. \V. K. Wnllace, of Ki'iscr, bniifjhf ;i rotary hoi'. -m- We'vc a couple of used lime spreaders on our lot—first come, first served. They're both in good condition. DI Our Mr. Nash is in Chicago this week lo attend a meeting of farm implement dealers. -DI- lu our shops this week: A Farmall M for now generator for V. M. Colemfin, of Cooler; a Karmall II for overhaul for A. ,1. Donner, of Manila; and a Farmall M for minor repairs for A. Hlythcvillc. minor rc- frittain, farming Soulli of -DI- . We're getliiiff more calls (han over for used equipment. Let us know if you have anything to sell—chances arc \vc can put you in touch with someone in the market. TANK OP TOUR ALBUM OOM'f MAVI IT ITMCK HALfWAY IM* » fe* « totf TOOAY! •

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