The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, ' CLASSIFIED Jlnppy Dispatch,' ,„ „ i»'. mis usually In the form of ills- rmixwoliiiriil ivHli « rn/.oi-slnuli 78-YeiHOW Woman until 6£ bm'all ' llidiitmliifblrd that jol fcStl-m, It is^jfo 'Ihat ot a bumblebee,' Wert Optometrist INFORMATION Daily rate per line for cbiiBecu (ive Ins'eillons: One Mine per line ; li) Two 'times per iliie per 'day....08 Vlircp tiihes per Iliie per day.. .(W iifc times 'per line per "day....05 Month rate per line COc Cards of Thanks ...50c 4s 75< , ^Minimum charge 50o , Acls 'ordered for three or si: Klines and stopped before cxjiirt tloji will be charged for the riiim her of Hints the add appeared am adjustment 9! bill h'iadb. All Classified Advertising cbp> submitted, by persons residing out ilde of the city hnis't be accom' iiaiilcd by cash. Fates muy be easily computed from above table. 'Advertising ordered for ir'regiilai insertions takes the one time rale , No responsibility will be take) for more than one Incorrect insc'r- Uon oi any classified sid. For Rtmt .room fuinlslied apaVt'mchl. 803 irciirn, Mrs. C. H. Wheeler. 13-ck-20 Nicely fnrii. Apt. Private front en trance. Reasonable. 213 W. Kentucky. Phone 044-W. 13-ck-i Unfiirnl.s)icd apartjiieiil. 811 \V Walnut. J. W. Shouso, phone 35 or 480. 13-ck-17 3 room apartme.nt and ball). New ly decorated. Call 527. Mrs. Her' berl A. Truriible. 13-ck-f' 22Q E. Davis. Stucco .bungalow will 1 likrdwbbd floors. Newly decorai- 113 w. . ki-ntiicky. Pretli- cottasse beautiful interior. Servants Hoiise etc. 4 room apartment, new and pretty interior. Tlioiiias L'aii'd 'Co. 3 room newly decorated ap'a'rt- . inent. Private bath. 719 w. Ash Phbiic 727. 10-ck'-14 Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Kea- sihable. Mrs. Siinriions, 818 Wainut: 5-ck-if 2 or 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. 9H H'carn. 3-p'k-T-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main arid Second: P. Simon, phone 764. , . 3-ck-tf Furnislicd apartment. 900 W. Wal_., mil.;'""" , . -i'-pk-H T\v6 large bedrrtdnis "for "rent, Mrs. Nolen, 310 W. VValiiiit. 24ck-tf Comforlable bcdfoom. G25 W. Main. Phone 277-J. 15-ck-G-l5 Office rooms. Sndbiiry Building. Sec Graham Sudbury. : ij For Sale . 100 A. land near Bly'llieyillc, all !n culiivalioii, well draiiiccl and improved. $ acre. 320 acres land near BlylhcvlTIc, 24_o n'cres in cliltlvnllon. 40 acres in alfalfa. Well (Trained and improved. S50.0tl acre. These pi ions only for immediate sale. Thomas Land Co. 13 ck-lf> 2-whecl trailer. 11?, E. Cherry. 9-pk-H Cans for Ju^ Fishing complete with straps. Guaranteed won't leak. 7',-J cents each. Raymond Brooks, Stcelc, Mo. O-pM-3 ~.Ve linye .1 ntniiber oi attr.ictive and desirable cottages in Blyilie- yille, well located, which we can Sell at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract it Really Co. Ilioiic 617 6-ck-tf Minnows For Sale Minnows and fishing canes. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 24-ck-S-24 , . . Goldfish Minnows B. F. Brbgrton, liiO' MINNOWS ,fe COCK ROACHES <Snn Damon Cor. RKllroncI * liy e»ttifoctory quality ahc) service In .•'. Palry,. product's. Cattle if'eb of Bang's Disease,. In best of physical PfineJltlqii. Call t,\rs Grace LovMry 902-J, for HntsciVs Grpde A Raw .*?.".£.• Cream, .Country Butler But- WXiillk, .extra or holiday orders, inspection encouraged anytime. ' ,, ..Promised _puid, home 2 Wtuiied CASH PA li) for good 1935, 1036 and 1337 model Fords. I'lymbiilhs and Chcvrblct-s. Phone Howard Burton at 810. Phillips Motor Co. 2Q-ck-b'-23 Notice nse FOR VOUR CONVENIENCE, \VK ARK PREPARED TO ISSliK YOUR . FISHING LICENSE AT OCR STOUE SHOUSE^HENRY HARDWARB CO. Phone So Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Personal ^ Arouss Sluggish Liter, «rbr>fr lt>c bile, to rid yourfcif of 'constipation, gas pains mid (hat so\ir, punk feeling. Take oh'c box of KIRBY'S 1 ACTIVE LIVER PILI^ i 25c at aU Kirby Stores. . . • piiiiiiit IN THE CHANCE'RV COURT CJ3ICKASAWBA DISTRICT MJSSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Waltus Garrison. PlatnlKT, vs. No. C931 Dovic L'ce Qarrlson, Dcfendiuit. llic defendant, Dovic lx;e Garrison, Is warned to appear within thirty days in (lie court named in Ihc caption lieiebf inici answer (he complaint of the plntiUfff Wailiis Garrison. Dated this 12th day of June, 1039. HARVEY MORRI5, Clerk. Atty. for pllf. Percy A. Writ-lit Atty. Ad Litem, Claude P. Cooper 13-20-27-5 as Windsor Ws numero slnmllne l)crfov,',nn"e" rarlic,! fm- him the title of Ihc tost horse since Die war, Japan Reports Suicide total Lower For '38 TOKYO (UP)-Siilcldc5 are on Hie decrease in jnp ilM . aceorcllng lo Hgiires released by tho liietro- politan ponce board. The lolhl initnber of sulcldcsaiul attcmpls In )938 rcglslcreil n drop of 492 from the previous year. Hi ---8, a total of 1,884 persons look or tried lo lake their lives. The wont, hnra-khl, literally "Mly.ciilllnss," Is almost hcvor used Ijy JaiKiiiesc. They prefer "O Sep- pukii," inciiiilng "Most Honorable Uepiirlure" or "Ihippy DJNpntcii." Majof Surgery Used To Save Famous Horse •LONDON (UW-For the second time in a year Windsor Lad, the $500,000 horse who won Hie Derby anil si. Lcgcr In 1934, has undergone a major head operation at Newmarket, the famous English racing center. For some 'days the stallion's condition was so serious Hint he hovered between life and deall'i. . Windsor Lad, one of the gfiind horses, of the turf, has suffered from .a- growth iiea'r the brain since last autumn. .. T 6 ! 1 .famous veterinary surgeons 1 summoned from all parts ojf Great ' Britain walche'd Professor O'Coh- j nor, of Dublin, brilliant brain I specialist of the horse world, op'er- ' ate oii the stallion. • He carried out one of the most delicate operations ever performed FOR SALE )>'.'> T-V " - •-..-..• 2 New Dixie Cotton jris SSOEach Dilta Implements, Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 802 . c new rircstonc Cltanipion Tire is.lhc safety iciJSalion of 1939. Never bcfo'rc in our experience has a lire met with such instant approval. Our customers tiiircsiiiricd'h word-by, nioiiih 'carnpnicti (hat is making this the biggest scllinj; tire \vc have ever bad. Look at these advantages: Stronger Cord Body The n'cvv Safety-Lock Cords nrc locked toscihcr by the new and.itnpr.ovcd l : ircslonc process of Cliiiii-Dippiii;;. This means amazingly greater, strcnglli anil 'gfcaicr S!rcugt!i riicaiis greater safety. Mare Non-Stud Milaago The .sensational new Gear- Grip ircacl with more than 3,000 sharp-edged angles, Knps tlic road with n siire-foDlecl JjbJJ to protect against' skidding. Now is the tinic to buy — gel this safety protection oa your car! LOST from my «ir «l (lie I'osl Office last Ssilur- (lay morning n s ma 11 white \vitli l)l:ie! ( spots, fcinala dog. Kxlnt slwi-l lioh (ail. Will tiivv Ton ($10.00) dollars rowtu-.l for her ruturn. L. R. Matthews Tel. JI-K-y. Man Ihnn IB.OOO.OOO p'colrtc vls- tcd the ureas ndimjiisiwcrt ^by Ili'c V- ». Nntlonnl l>ark 'Service chir- 1938 nKC ' M yCf "' c ' nttal Sc i )V - Safe - Vour Prescription Fowlfer Drug Co. lain A Virsi i,j,i, llo m 1'Milg. C'(it(lwcil iilytii'i-vlllc, . 'l'rri,K OPINIONS. INSIIKANOH. i firatanr, /ittmtat nu-iifc N. It. C. Rcit Ntltlyri l"" "'" ° '" '"?™ u-tclly daring l[,t IliMII four PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. l51h it Walnut t 1 ho tie MU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For ami I'lompl I.nniuliy c Service Mule For Sale At«S. DICTUICll 1'liohe ,'172 «(• 7(jij Kirby Irug 'sKs J, L. GUARD Ojitdnietrist Oitiy GrAilualc 0|il»mo- 111 Hlyiliedili-. (iliissrs Mdiil Cor'fcclly 1 Bcuichc, (or M,, il !,'. i ' " lwl " 8 s1ncl! found no tmco of hei Twenty live \vi> A uoikcib on ft mineral anrvpy, Hoy Scouls ami formers Joined in (hr-wnieh Slici- iff .William .Hiirt MM u'e^mh Dr. F. J. Weilz CJi'itdiialc \V. Asl. O/c'r Joe trios' More Phone MO LAWN MOWERS ' uiw-'d—Picked up & dellveiod 11 Used U\ui MDUOII. For Stile ATKINS IV«w.[,oc'ftlcii .it iU! Nnilh Second ADDING MACHINE & ME SERVltfe BUkEAtJ HOW LONG sixcfe Yoim CAR 'HAD AX Ajijifoud Fo/d Lubrication?' inh^iM 1010 Is a r<J1 ««i5iice li ibilcallons Evc.y place doci not lime tho tarne standard* • . nor can they give you tlis special Ford Lubricant/ mlda .. , CHASES ICATIO UJBRICATION AND WHIJKL PACKING ('•'or 30 nays ; 0nly)';' : ; Ll!HWCAT|ON I'reiisliVc'aun Grease : tn hii'Wt's^ 1 Bine cum mime's. Springs,' Hood Mcliigs, Uoor Striker Ffla'-es Mixed. Door Hinges Uib'Hcited, •.-pt'cwl: Qrciiscs ..In . . [JiilVt-fsnl- Joinls. special. lubricant itrijtccr- and illstrlbul6r cam. . : I'ACk FltONT VVH^ELS W'nsh piit liiib aii(i ; u'caHiies,' l»vik with special Ford SlwH Huer,; Spdhiin Soap;• ercase^ A'd- 1 just wheel bciirhijjs'.: . ' C;. ;. All ..Aijoyii ; iSirvicfe lit ComljiiiaUori, • MAP PU22LE HORIZONTAL I Picturcid is the mapi of (he kingdom of ——. 7 Fisheries arid 7"—; are its important ih'diisfries. 11 Gi icf. 12 Molding. 15 Reseriiblihg "ore. 16 Racial type 17 Ale. 18To polish! 20 Piece ot poetry. 21 Gathered after the reaper. 23 To remark. 24 Gold'qiiariz. 25 Cow-headed goddess. Answer to Previous Puzzle SAt (his time. . D Eye part. 10 Genus of , Bairns.. 13 To c'mulnto. 14. Merciful. ISEducntioh ~- in this kingdom. 10 Shoe- lace hole, 21 LtiBricafcs. 22 Extended. 2'JOhc who 36 Sea eagtc. 3,7 Similar, 38 Disables. 39 Obese. ,40 Dogma. ill Roll qf film. 43 Nble in Scale. 44 Salamander. „-,--,. 47Pried about. 27 To wiish away 50 Chcslriut 30 Fish eggs. . , horse. ' 32 End of coat 52 Native. collar.. . SSJxihg ago. 35 Part of palate. 54 Practical. 55 Ki'rig Haakon, '•• ruler of (his land, was elected by VERTTCAi •2 Due. SFunclion assumed by anyone. ! .4 Humid. 5 To warble. .6 Spanish .lady. 7 Styles. .. 2C;Auclion. 28 Pulpy 29 Queer. SOFIoals again. 31 Coin, -33 Peg., 3.4 To piece out. 42 Tedium. , • 43 To rent again. .45 A staple. 46 Fertilizer. 48.Audi|ory. 39 Sanskrit . dialecl. SI Born. . , . All MRkn orKcbiilll ,, REM.UE How 6ER CUT OFF YODR VJ I'LL TALK 10 HIM euy HI& He WE ^EEO 1H LEFT.HER.BUT COUNTRV,. HOOTS AN)) HER 1SY .'Bi)GA'n MAilTliV . \ ft WORKEO 00\ I " SURE op HlttSEV.F / WASH TUBKS \ ShJipfcly Package COU6RWU1.ATE WE, Wft^,\|\E gfli/. IT WOPKEO rilAT LITTLE OA8 Cf PLOWIN' COMWNCEO Hft.IV LS*T I^MEW.*!A.>(. -SHE'S TAKEN ra«^ W1OSAVS JM LA-iV? WHV, I LIKES TO WORK,' i LOVES IT/ ' M ^1 •STOES.IRWM DOES IT ALL. 1 •HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS •*' — - — : — — - • WHEtJ 1 SO AV.VAY CAMT YOU COMTRWE To TELL SPEED Oixow You - e«TsrinK X3TM^ ? I-^gJtaSg, 'i'lifc Shock WHS too Grehl =^^ : rS Xi-^A^SS. . rV.-i. 1 ). ..--...i/PY, a '^! LL ^^l^ Bur TM'E STORY ' PROBAESL.Y VV COMB ddr As

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