The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1938
Page 5
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(TUESDAY, FEnHUARY., 22, BLYTfjEVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS il DETUti ON II PER CENT FHI PAGE-THRUIS Low-Priced Home Plans Must Be Submitted |'To FHA For Ils Approval WASHINGTON, a a. m. 22,- llorne builders conU-mplultni/ «s< : If ninety percent mortgage linanc- must submit thiilr plans lo the I'ederal lloasing Aclmlnlslrnlio)) kir approval prior lo the begin- lflg of construction, Federal Hou.s- Administration officials' sx- llaini'd in u statement today. An exception will be made in I lasts of dwellings, the'construction i which was begun after January] 1937 and prior to February 4, IM7 and which have not been sow |r occupied since completion. Othoi npovlant points to be kept in lifnd where SO percent, mortgage' Innncing is planned are: The mnrtgager must lie the own- |r and occupant of the properly at j Ihc lime of the Insurance, and the i Iwelling must be designed princi-', • ally for single family use, and n ' lowii-paymenl. of at least 10 per- lent of the appraised value in cash lr \(s equivalent must be made. The mortgager must be the own- lomplete amortization provisions ng periodic.payments by the eine buyer not in excess of his reasonable ability to pay, i I The federal Housing Administration must be satisfied that the |>roject is economically sound. The new Federal Housing Ad- j Infnistration program provides for leduced financing cost, representing a maximum saving of approximately one percent per annum to iome buildeis and buyers on newly lonstrucled houses carrying mort- lages of $5400 or less. On all other fnortgages insured hereafter the avings , will • be approximately Ihree-fourlhs -of one percent per Itnntun. On newly constructed houses Ippmixed at $6000 or less the Ininimum permissible down-pay- Inent- or equity requirement has een reduced from 20 percent to 10 ent; Thus, on a 5COOO," newly' l.'oristnicted house; Jhe minimum: llown -payment "}vouUl.'l>c"$600- oriel l.he d^^HR^rJffii^HeVittWtevfec >ild ~^f]e • *4500, representing 80 tfcent of (he apprais'ed value, mortgages may be paid off on li 'monthly installment basis under ••he new program over n period as |ong as twenty-five years. On newly constructed houses ap- Ijraiscd at" $10,000 or less, the ln- l:«i able limit will be ninety portent of the appraised value up to )6000 plus eighty percent of the lippraised value above $6000. For Isxample, on a newly constructed 1(10,000 house the minimum down •payment would be S1400 and the linsurable mortgage limit would be 158600. On all other homes bousing I from one to four families, the in- |<;iiraule mortgage limit will remain .at eighty percent of the appraised lvalue, but not in excess of-$l8,000 •under any circumstances. Former McCutchen Home Is Being Redecorated • lie house at 020 West Walnut sutel, which is owneo by O. W. McCutchen. is being painted white after repairs have been marie to the exterior. ' ... Tile house was redecorated on Ihe interior soon after Mr. and Mrs. McCutchen niovect to their new home. Chemically, water is composed of two parts of hydrogen to one part of oxygen. It may be broken down into these two gases by passing an electric current through It. ' This house sold in St. Louis Mo., for $3,450. A $2,100 mortgage- on the property was in- by the Federal Housing Administration and the owner will amoitize the loan over a period r,f 20 years with monthly payments of $24. This sum includes pay- aunts on taxes, insurance, and other fixed charges. The same house, without ,a basement, may be purchased for about $3.000. The healing unit of Hie basementles.s- house is located In the kitchen, as shown in the smaller picture Cnotl Chimney Construction MtiPl Have Solid Foundation A chimney | s ,„,„ O f „,„ ltv> , { ^ ,,.,,„, „,„ ,,,,, , , ,, vulneiab!,. parts of n house ,.ml i,,, .supported on wood members , core .should IIP exercised In Us L , - ' r III'IUIU t'.s SIUHIJU je 1)1 ODl'I'h consinicion Under the Modern,- i ro^nicM with ,«lc<,mUe M ok I ration Cr.dit 1%,, of the Federal' Kll ,,, V( ., s mid lar,u> symmetric' | HoiLslnt! Administration chtmnevs smoke .-hambm with tliMlrst Hk may I*- r,>nah,lc ur rebuilt. itlli- rlMnj; m.nVm,n,.,,i,,,.h, ,i'i,.,,,,i,, lo bml<; a «MKI chimney >:os'.s ubovi' ihc in iin> ,i, . J •' -f '"' ' Ml* \ OIll'I „ JJCUiM III 111 "(tie mor,. (!,„„ to build a bad .Uie.s should he made will, Bviid- one in ihc jhM phioo. II mml cut turns uml ut not uxi Mnl nn start on a .solid foundation. Un-|i mB |,.. j ,il should i w built .so (hut no fi.m food chimney .should result jof the sirucHire rests upon it.' When chimneys are built In wilii' c r UK; strui'lmv, iwitlcutnrly in finme, J>{)0rt$ equipment eon.stnn.iion. (he variance hi, W J Ci c shrlnknt!,. mill settlement between! N«e<IS Storage opace | Ihe Huod nnd (| U . masonry will] cause pluMer cracks, iu)i-vc?i> lioo^s, A luiyi' irlw,«t nr .'.iniill iwun eraekcil hmrlhs. and mhi>r ills-[dmiicatrd in |li ( . storwue ol t,\m:(n :m.ubl<. iKiublcs. from UK; buch. 'l'lu> (iroovi'A lulo All woo<l .sliotilii ue kept :it li-isi lioii.vhnlil Inlercslcd In .siiorls mid two Inches away from the masuii-l" 1 ™ ''llrcls n inalcrial Mivlnf, b"-l ry. No Hour or celling beams iimy' c " lls '' li) e propel 1 care of such I be bnrlod in ,, r vest on the mason- <''(iil|iiueni prevent tlctcrlornllou. ry ,of a chimney, i UUCKS. huoks, und pes.s should! F.'ach lir,., stove, or nreplncuj'"' Provle'ed In the storage npaci- should have u compU'lely scpnratn I'" l'°W uolf e^lubs, lennls rncketx, I Hue light through to the lop r.f '""-'fefy slicks, .sknle.s, nle. A Im.s approved many new nclaiilior- Imods at dils lypc, While it cannot coli'ol lire oiicn- l"1 of sulKllvislons, the Federal ifousliin Admliilstrntlon can check lo .some cvlcijl u )e prcmiilure dc- vclo|)iin'ht of land through Ils rc- nisnl to hisiiic loans on houses built in new nelshlxichoods which mny bis uiiMiccossful throiiijh com- IH'tltlon of nil already established subdivision,, (ho cost of hniirovenienls has raised Ihe prices "f lots In .some neighborhoods In u vvhf'i<> lliey lire tint ;;iill:ilj|i: for inexpensive homes, in such ! cases mortgages on property in , nuw subdivisions where land cost j Is reasonable may be accepted for insurance. In other caws neiv subdivisions are oonslriefwi lo \x Jusll/led because of Ihe presence of a nalurul feature which makes the neighborhood parllculiirly (lesirnWo or Ije- finisc existing ureas contain latent sources of bllsht which eaniK.t l>c: roiiiovwl. Head CiinriiT News Wunl Ads, A?iicy Acts Under New Housing Bill Signed By Roosevelt WASHINGTON. - The Federal Housing; •; Administration slashed llie-i cost" 'of government-insured f flr>anelnt'-'"f<ar small homes 'under terms of/ the new housing legislation signed by President Roose- veli. ., Wrmillaneously. Stewart McDonald, the housing administrator, appealed for the "ivliole-henrted cn- oprralion" of lenders and the building industry. 7000 I.ellfrs Mailed The Administration sent about 7cm letters to lending institutions, notifying them new FHA. regulations would Ire issued soon. Officials were reluctant to predict ho« r much money the program might sluice into building channels, but a spokesman Kniil Ihe agency had received applications for mortgage insurance on mure than $50.000.000 or large- scale projects alone. Fxplaining reductions in the coH of financial homes will) government-insured mortgages, Mr McDonald said: "Tlie annual service charge of one-half of one per cent which Ici'ding Institutions have been .permitted to charge under FHA regulations will be discontinued on future mortgages. Saving's Analyzfd Elimination of Ihe service charge and a reduction in the cost of mr.rlgage insurance will snve a maximum or about one per cent n year to home builders carrying insured mortgages of $5400.or less. "The total maximum annual carrying charge for an FHA-insured mortgage approved for insirnincr hereafter will be S't per cent. (Formerly it wns 6.24 per cent). "New homes wllh mortgages of the chlmnty. All flues should be lined with Hue tile, nnd not mote lhan t»o Due Hies should be [)li,(reel side by side without n mason- iv division. Wlien I hey do run siile by side, the jolnl.s of tlie flue Ille should br. sluggered so us to - sel ! » *h« prevent any possibility of leak'iye from one Hue to another. Th?rc must be at least four Inches of I masonry m-oimel the outside of (lie flllWi. Flues must be lurgc cnoiich foi- the llrcs they serve. Tables fire iiviilable from which this Inlorm.i- llon cim be en.slly figured. All chimneys should extend two feet above the highest ridge of ilw roof, or pooi- drnfls lire liable to occur. Hearths should be canllleverod not more than $5400 will pay 4 1-4 per'cent carrying charge. "On a newly-constructed SliOOO home the minimum down payment will be $600 and on a $10,000 home, a $1400 minimum." Economizing On Sfairway Held 'False' Saving To build anything but a lirst^ class stairway is unwise and therefore poor economy. The sU.ivs in n house are Important from the .d.Mulpair.t of both use and tlcco- ratio:-.. The 1,'sults of peer stnir building are ninny, aggravating, mid conspicuous. Squeaky or. sagging treads, loose hand rails or newels, muling- iMiiisters. open jolnls. nil are the result of improper construction. In a propi-rly built stair the •.vail string (:;ii;l slopin» member at the wall against which Ihe trends and risers butt) is cut so that the treads nnd risers slip in may be repaired or rebuilt, which they fit are ta;)er»d r.o H-at wedges can be put in, driven, 'up tight, and glued to hold them securely in place. The treads and risers are interlocked where they meet by means of a tongue and groove. After all Ihe member? are in place, triangular-shaped pieces arc set under the treads where the Money Is Now Easy to Borrow For Repairs, Remodeling or Building Title One loans under provisions of the National Housing Act are again available. Terms were never so liberal. Ask us for details! LUMBER AND SUPPLIES Now Miich Cheaper Than Last Year! Composition Shingles, Genuine Ru-ber-oid. bundle n 1/3 Hex shingles, sufficient lo cover 50 square feet Roll Roofing, per 108 square feet up 1x6 Center Match, good for floors and decking. Per 100 feel East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Phone 2f) 204 N. 2nd 81. risers fit into Ihem and these, Ico, are glued. About three of these blocks are placed under «icli trend. Thus the wholo structura Is wedged and glued together Into one solid whole. Frequently, In inexpensive construction, the treads and risers are merely nailed together and to the ivjill siring, or the ' string' is cut so that the treads rest on top of it and are nailed to it. In such a stair the nalU . work loose and the sagging and stuieakinn result. Special Materials For Bathroom Use In selecting materials 'for the •bathroom, those with water-resisting qualities should be used. For the floor.' ceramic tile, ns- phalt .ttlp,. cork tile or linoleum can be used to advantage. For the walls, tile, tile wall boards, linoleum, .structural glass, waterproofed wallpaper, metal bonds to stimulate lile, and numerous olher synthetic materials are available. .Mirror Shelves Recessed mirrored shelves m a small 'dining room arc both decorative and useful and add a modern touch. Black, blue, or rose- tinted glass is particularly effective. Reail Courier News Want Ads. NEVER Never in the History of the Nation has mnney been available for construction of iietv homes under such favorable terms as are now offered. Never before has it been possible for a citizen to acquire a home with such a small down payment. Never before has the builder been assured of quality construction by rigid inspection of the job white work is in progress. Many will lake advanlajre of (his opportunity. .May we talk it over with you while prices are .still low? . of stout ivncdiMi hooks. Ilkn uld- fashioned hut racks sliming il'iwn toward the mill iiinke u good pluci- lo hold Ihc tiolf clubs. Sluw helves with nroovc.s can tie ur- for .skiiles. \Vooden |H'!{5 he wall hold tennis tuck- ets without straining Ilio Irnmes :;: the. gut, ,. , < FHA Checking Need For New Subdivisions Although tue Federal Housing Administration Is proceeding ciin- llonsly with the ncce]ilnnce of loans for property in new neighborhood!!, it recosud/e.s the need for nileniiiUe subdivision for smnll homes nnd This Spring You Can REMODEL REPAIR OR BUILD and pay l>y the month! KlnntU'c yciur wnrli wllh n •"t'ltlo OIK" tan Hiailr uvnllalili! rerciit- ly hy the Nati«n:il Ifmislnir Act.. I.ifiiTil terms t'lmhli- you tu vqiay with n smnll sum i:ich niunfh you'll M'iirrrly miss. Tlirsp . Iniins idsu Hviillalilo fur llfw ciinstrllrliiin n(i tn S'MIIO Hill, )„„. (iitrr- , fsl. ' • Consult us- THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. I'ltone .10 A City Rejoices Over Good Water The following; Is nn excerpt fnimj a news item In tortav's issiu: nf Ihe' Arkansas Oazeitc: | ' I E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100 Apr***** v o D Th-. Rest - "Enthusiasm over the city's nciv simply of son water from Lake Winona, name given the reservoir oi) the Aliini Fork of the Saline river, reached a peak In Greater Little. Rock yesterday as the water reached practically all sections of Lilltij,. nock and North Little Rock.j Some personi; telephoned Mayor Overman lo tell,him how mMr.h Ihey appreciated the new supply, which wns turned Into the um'mii to meet ah emergency caused by the Arkansas river floor!. One deliriously happy mide who must have suffered agonies in |mt years sbayinfr n tough liwml with hard river water blurbcd Into Ihe mayor's telephone '-I got more lather on my fnce In two strokes I of the brush this morniui; than 1 did in a year of shaving with that river wiiler." The mayor said others called to tell him 'that they enjoyed their baths. One hiisbnnet said lie buried himself In a tub of suds ami enjoyed it. Housewives were heard to re-. mark that dishwashing wns easier and less expensive judging from! Ihe amount of suds lliev were iible [ to stir up with little effort yesler- I day and Sunday. Nor were domestic consumers Ihe only persons pleased with the Lake Winoiia water. Cafe operators, hotclmcn, barbers nnd laundry owners said they were "tickled | pink" about it nil." I Blytheville, With Good, Pure Water, Has No Such Experiences. Local residents who enjoy a constant supply of the purest, best water may contrast their own experiences with those of people living in many other sections. Citizens of (his community Jii"l the water from our mains suitable for every purpose, being healthful, palatable and soft" enough to produce pcncrous suds for washing Tiirl laundering. . Our purification system is the best and our efforts are :Icvoted to maintaining a faultless water service at all times. BLYTHEKILLE WATER CO. Tflurieous, Pfrso lla | Attention to Every Customer Up Tired Homes With Bright, New Color! KITCHENS MO UTHROOMS take cm glistening new beauty when you paint them with PITTSBURGH ,WATERSRAR E NAMEL. You can apply this durable finish in a jiffy, and it dricj in four hours. Un- lurpuscd for refmbbing shabby fumiturt. Available In 18 different colon. A TONIC FOR TIRED WAUS PITTSBURGH WALL- HIDE brings smart, new, soft tones to walls nnd ceilings. Perks up dismot nooks nnd shabby corners. With tliis quick-drying easy-to-use finish of long- Instinglbcauly, O r>y room can be completely redecorated in one dny rhone SO 113 So. Broadway! SCUFFED FLOORS need WATKRSPAR VARNISH. One coat is usually sufficient to give them lustrous new beauty. TM« durable finlth brushes smoothly, dries In fourhoun, and w«ar« for years. So>p»nd boiling water will not harm this glistening surface. CALL US AT ONCE FOR A FREE ESTIMATE HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 "19 Years of Service and Square Dealing" COLORS »Y NATU RE-PAINT S ' BY PITTSBURGH PITTSBURGH @) PAINK WALLHIDE . FIORHIDE . WATERSPAR -^UN-PROOF

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