Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas on August 17, 1962 · Page 3
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Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas · Page 3

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1962
Page 3
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Mimsy Farmer Starts Thomas To Wondering r By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 17 UP) — Can lightning strike twice in the game vicinity? A starlet with the improbable name of Mimsy Farmer has high hopes that it could happen. The story is this: Mimsy is a Hollywood high school girl who -was discovered while munching a snack in a coffee shop near the campus. Now don't go away. I know you've heard this song before It's from an old familiar score that goes "way back to a starlet with the then-improbable name of Lana Turner. Only Faces Change? They say nothing changes in Hollywood, except the faces. So I went out to Warner Brothers to see if the ancient legend had truly been repeated. Mimsy was on the set of "Spencer's Mountain," in which she appears with Henry Fonda Maureen O'Hara, James MacArthur, Donald Crisp and Wally Cox. It was hard to tell whether Ehe has the attributes of another Lana, since her hair was up in rollers. But the aspects tory true, that she was dlscov- red eating a hamburger? "No," she replied. "I think I vas having soup. But the rest [ it is true. I had noticed this man looking at me in the eat- ng place. When I went outside he came up and introduced him- elf as Byron Griffith and ask- d me If I'd like to get in the business. "I said, "What business? 1 and he said, 'the movie business.' I aid yes, and he gave me :ard and told me to have his my parents call him if they were nterested. "They called him and I signed up with him as my agent. I went to his -weekly dramatic classes for four months before le started showing me around at the studios. On Option Now A few television jobs gave her some seasoning. Producer-Dlrec .or Delmer Daves tested her for 'Spencer's Mountain" and per suaded Warners to sign her. She's on a present. But visible checked out okay. She is a petite blonde with green eyes and a pert mouth in to which she sometimes puts a dainty foot. Such as when we were discussing with Maureen O'Hara the visit on the set o Gene Tierney. "She's a real old-timer, huh?' Bald Mimsy, wide-eyed. O'Hara collapsed in laughter admitting that she and Gene were contemporaries at 20th Century Fox — "and I'm no ashamed to say that I came to Hollywood 21 years ago." That was four years before Mimsy was born. Makes Apology Mimsy made an abashed apol cgy and retired to a dressing room where she talked her career thus far. abou Was the studio's publicity loyd Bridges Vill Attempt Dry-Land Role By CYNTHIA LOWBY HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Lloyd ridges will be trying something fferent this season even If no- ody else Is. He's going to act 90-day Daves option at is talking 6et the FULL FACTS about Auto Insurance to fit your needs! •>o you know all the facts about such thing* as . . . Auto Insurance discounts that may be available to you compact car savings . . . how to save when you insure a second car ... what to do if you have an accident. .. .or what to do if you plan a trip into Mexico or Canada? If you're not sure, see us for an Auto Insurance Checkup? COOPER 6 EADY AGENCY 602 State National Bank Bid* DIAL - TR 4-4760 Corsicana, Texas representing Hartford Fire Insurance Company •t THE HARTFORD Insurance Group Hartford IS, Conn. about her for "Seventeenth Summer," and studio opinion is that Mimsy is on her way up. Can she make it with a name ike Mimsy? Everybody seems to think so. Her father named her Merle, but her Mother cared ittle for it and substituted Mimsy, which stems from Lewis Carroll. Other facts on Mimsy: Born n Chicago, Feb. 28, 1945. Father was a newsman and radio writer, now is a coin dealer. She still has a semester of high school to finish, then may study at UCLA. She studied dramatics at Hollywood high and went arounc with the acting hopefuls. But no ore. "They're sick," said Mimsy, a girl who speaks her mind. WOLFK1LL CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE He is bitter over the cruel treatment he and the four other Am erlcans received at the hands o sadistic Red troops, 'His feet bear scars, for the prisoners were barefoot for over a year. He has tramped hund i-eds of miles through the rough est terrain in the world. Foo< was often nothing but rice and salt." In describing his experiences Wolf kill said: "The treatment we received a the hands of the Vietnamese with whom we had been in con inement for the last . . . well since April, the beginning of Ap HI, was the closest to civilized treatment we have received. 'Prior to April we were In the hands of Pathet Lao troops who were probably as cruel, a barbaric, a» primitive as any one could hope to be. 'Most certainly at no thn were we treated anywhere nea the level you expect of a huma being. We were treated more as wild animals. "We were kept for over thre months in a black roomi thre of us that went down In the hel copter together . . . "We were then transferred tc another camp where we wer kept in a 10 by 10 room wit wooden stocks somewhat rem iniscent of the old days at Sa lem (Mass.). "We spent 12 to 14 and some times even 16 hours out of eac total day In the stock. We wer released, we were allowed out o the room twice a day for a ver short period during which tim we had guards constant! prancing behind UB with fixe bayonets and loaded rifles, urg ing us to run away so that the would have the opportunity t take a shot at us. "To say the least, tt becam wearing after some months. W spent six months in this cond: tion. "Thereafter we were sent o to the Vietnamese camp wher some attempt was made to kee us within the bounds of the Ge neva Convention for the treat ing of prisoners of war. Eve' there, however, we were 'no well treated according to thos conventions." n land, and dry. After all those damp years of moting in scuba gear in "Sea unt," Bridges soon will crawl ashore at CBS with an anthol- gy series In which he will play oth host and starring role each eek. The gimmick is that Bridges lays a writer who each week ay-dreams himself into a new xperience. A dusty pair of cav- Iry boots sends him back to a tvil War story, or a newspaper eadline to a contemporary tale. Bridges is a slow-spoken, con- clentious fellow who likes to link things over carefully. Pro- ucer Aaron Spelling, close riend and partner in the enter- rise, ii an enthusiastic, fast- peaking man, bubbling with deas. He also is one of the top men at Dick Powell's bustling ur Star productions. There just aren't any new deas around in this business of urs," Spelling confessed frank- y. "Everything is in the way ou treat it." The character as originally reamed up by Spelling was to lecalled "Adam Fable," after he first man and after Spell ng's belief that most men tend o live within their own fables "But then we changed it to ^dam Shepherd," he said, "be ;ause too many people though he title meant we would do a ot of Walter Mitty stories— th ittle man with heroic dreams ihepherd sounded like a gooc name — the astronaut had jus made his flight— so we chose hat." In a season of hour-long pro rams, the show runs only 3C minutes. i m Build For The Future With Brick SEE US BEFORE YOU CHOOSE Commons Modular Romans Normans Mexican Red White Gray Pink Buff Distributors for: Texas Clay Products Reliance Clay Products Henderson Clay Products WHITESELLE BRICK & LUMBER CO. 302 East 5th Ave. Dial TR4-3771 or TR4-3773 !. F. Crocker 01 Kerens Expires KERENS, Aug. 17 (Spl.) — Benjamin F. Crocker, 70, retired armer, native of Mississippi, led in Memorial Hospital in Jorsicana early Friday follow- ng an extended Illness. He was a member of the First Assem- 1y of God church here. Crocker has resided in the Bazette and Kerens communi- ies for 40 years. Funeral services •will be held rom the First Baptist church lere Sunday at 2 p.m. with burial in the Bazette Baptist cemetery. The rites will be conducted >y Rev. J. W, Fore, pastor of he First Assembly of God church, and Rev. Don Walker, Ernest Borgnine Is carrying . leavy work schedule while suf erlng from a stubborn and painful infection — the klni jicked up from eating under looked pork. NBC will slap together a new ;peclal quickie on the Sovie iosmonauts and their adven .ures for late Sunday afternoon Jackie Cooper, bitterly disap jointed when "Hennesey" wa pastor of church. the First Baptist Surviving are his wife, Mrs. ,ela Crocker, Kerens; six sons Eldred Crocker, Belton; A. T. Irocker, Baytown; Raymond Crocker, Corsicana; M-Sgt. Benjamin Beach, S. Rockland, Crocker, Myrtle C.; Joe N. Crocker, and Owen Crocker, larland; a daughter, Mrs. James E. Ferguson, Corsicana; 19 grandchildren, 12 great- grandchildren. Also five sisters, Mrs. Ed Freak Electric Power Reversal Creates Chaos VALDESE, N.C., Aug. 17 (AP) —Imagine that you're working in a bakery. Suddenly, the conveyor belts carrying the bread stop, reverse, and begin hurling loaves at you. It would be perplexing, to say the least. And it happened here. Suppose you're working at a hosiery mill. The machines stop, reverse, and needles became jammed with needles, gears break, socks become entangled. That happened here, too. These and other nightmarish things occurred Tuesday when machines turned on their operators because of a freak electric power disturbance. Telephone service also was interrupted, adding to the confusion. No one could find out what had gone wrong. Workmen watched wide-eyed as power boilers spewed smoke and flame as forced drafts went backwards, blowing air through the furnaces Instead of outward. A Duke Power Co. spokesman said It was all caused by a "phase reversal" In a 44,000-volt line. Li Memorial Two persons were admitted to emorial Haspltal Thursday, af- r receiving treatment at the mergeicy room. In all, six per- ns received first aid there dur- Sims, Corsicana; Abbee and Mrs. Mrs. O. E. Elmer Levi, brothers, Alvin las; Curt and both of Kerens; Mrs. Ed Jackson, Bakersfield, Calif., and Mrs. Joe Ray, California; four Crocker, Dal- Lize Crocker, both of Kerens; Robert Crocker, Malakoff; stepmother, Mrs. Henry Crocker, Malakoff, and other relatives. Two sons, the late James L. and George Walter Crocker preceded their father in death. Pallbearers will be Billy Crocker, Clifton Crocker, Dan Crocker, Johnny Crocker, Jimmy Abbee, William Abbee, Minor Melton and Leroy Crocker. Inmon direct!. The disturbance occurre: when equipment was being installed at a power company substation. It affected only three- phase motors, and not the single-phase types used In household appliances. The power company said the chances of such an occurrence are about one In a million. DOCTOR INDICTED SAN ANTONIO UP) — Dr Earl Trultt, 60, of San Antonio was indicted Wednesday on charges of performing two 11 legal abortions. He posted $10,000 bond. canceled, Is going ahead with big plans for another comedy series for 1963-64 reason. Merv Griffin may be sorry, but he's giving up his spot in well- established "Play Your Hunch" to take on NBC's afternoon edition of "Tonight" called "The Merv Griffin Show." * —Try « Want Ad and Convert It into Cash - Dial TR 4-4764 Sun Want Ads Bring Results VICTOR COOPER LIFE INSURANCE AND HOSPITALIZATION. Phone TR4-4942 610 State Natl Bank Bld(. Emergencies Two Arrested g that day. One of the admissions was orene Davis, Dawson negress nd driver of a car involved in mishap on Farm Road 709. he received severe lacerations the chin and right knee and ad a tooth knocked loose. Rld- ig In the car with her was :argaret Gibson, also of Dawin. She was dismissed after eatmcnt of a face laceration, oth received x-rays. The other admission was a 17 ear old negro girl, Jessie Mae unnell, who resides at 611 East inth Avenue. She was semlcon- cious when admitted after be- ig trampled when a group of :enagers became frightened nd ran from a dog. She was dmitted at 11:15 p.m. At 2:15 p.m. Horace Poarch •year old negro boy, who re des at 1819 East Fifth Avenue as treated for a forehead lac- ration suffered when he was ushed down and fell on a board which a nail was protruding -le was dismissed after treatment. Mrs. M. E. Sykes, route 4, Cor- cana, was stung on the nose y a wasp at 6:30 p.m. and was Ismissed after treatment. D. C, Gathrlght of Purdon, 9, was treated at 8:30 p.m. for urns on both arms and hands nd on his nose. He received the urns in throwing out a pan of rease which caught on fire. He as dismissed. In Houston For Bonds Handling HOUSTON UP) — FBI Agents arrested two men in Houston .nd another In Philadelphia Thursday on charges of transporting $85,000 in stolen bonds across state lines. Allen Wright, 40, of Laurel, Miss., and Chester Zochowski, 40, of Miami, were arraigned icre. A U. S. Commissioner sot >onds of $100,000 each pending icarings next week. Edward Wuensche, about 35, of rlolland, Pa., was arraigned in Philadelphia and went free under $25,000 bond. Wright and Wuensche were charged In Houston with caus- the transportation of $80, in Treasury bonds from ng 000 Souston to Fascagoula, Miss., July 20, 1982. Robert Rlghtmey- cr 'of the FBI said the bonds have been recovered in New Orleans. Zochowski was charged In New York with transporting a $5,000 bond from New York to Hollywood, Fla., Dec. 16, 1961. Rightmeyer said the $80,000 in bonds were part of a reported $615,000 stock and bond theft April 21, 1961, from a home in Corsicana, Tex., Daily Sun. Fn., Aug. 17, 1962—3 Scout Leaders Meet Monday Cub, Boy Scout and Explorer unit leaders of Navarro county will hold their August roundtable meeting at First Methodist Church at 7:30 p.m. Monday. The fall Round-Up Program will get under way Sept. 1, and the Navarro district will seek to recru't a total of 250 new boyj n the Scouting program. 3 Grass Fires Three grass fires were extinguished Thursday afternoon by city fireman. A grass fire was put down at Angus at 1:33 p. m. and two grass fires on the Onk Valley slab were extinguished: one at 2:40 p. m. and the second 10 minutes later. New Jersey and the $5,000 bond was reported stolen last year from Sutre Bros., a Now York brokerage firm. Mrs. R. Wright Riles Pending Mrs. Ralph (Ruby) Wright, 51, formerly of Navarro county, died in a Fresno, Calif., hospital Wednesday. The body is scheduled to arrive on the Rock Island Lines passenger train Saturday nt 11 a.m. Corley 'wll direct arrangements. Surviving are her husband Fresno; two sisters, Mrs. O. M Fuller Sr., Blooming Grove, and Mrs. E. L. Finley Sr., Corsicana; five brothers, Rufus Bcuird. Corsicana; Cecil Beatrd NavaiTo; 3. B. James and Ray Bcnird. all of Dallas, and othee relatives, including two nieces Linda ami Brnncla Beaird, and a nephew, Jerry Beaird, all ol Fresno. Funeral services will be held sometime Sunday afternoon but thn tlmr h:t.q nnt hpfin .qDAClflarl Despite almost constant Allied ombing attacks, Germany's :iel Canal was blocked for only firee days during World War|| BOWDEN'S PHARMACY Call Me Anytime of Night to Fill Your Prescription Needs. Henry F. Bowden, R. fh. Night Phone TR 3-1204 127 W. Collln — TR4-S2M •^-^—-^^^^^—••••^^-^^^^^^^^^^•••^•••^^^^^^^^^•^^•^^^^^^•B LOOK REAL OLD FASHIONED PIT BAR-B-Q AT LEACH BROS. BEEF, PORK, POLISH SAUSAGE, CHICKEN CUSTOM COOKING. PLENTY GRAVY FREE ONLY GOVERNMENT INSPECTED MEATS USED. LADIES WHY STAND OVER A HOT STOVE?, DRIVE BY LEACH BROS. PIT BAR-B-Q AND PICK UP A POUND FOR ONLY $1.25 THAT'S 1210 SOUTH HIGHWAY 75 ACROSS FROM HARRY BRUTON'S GULF SERVICE OPEN 7 DAYS J.M. Otter Co. To star en every college campus.. Lingerie by Vanity Fair Nylon tricot so carefree, so smoothly fitting, so luxurious Tailored pajamas with contrast bandings and tapered pants. 8.95. Slim sheath slip with Greek key embroidery trim. A Joy under knits and ether slender, Umber clothes. 3.35. Elegant lace orchids bloom on a •lender slip of nylon tricot with lace touched scalloped hem. B.9S. Pettlsklrt prize. Just what you need (or all the skinny skirts and stringbean silhouottea you own. A nick of scallops at the hem. 3,00. Right, a slip for pure glamour - - - luuclous satin- gleaming nylon tricot laden with Alencon carnations. 8.95. LINGERIE • DYER'S SECOND FLOOR

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