The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on May 28, 1989 · Page 58
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 58

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 28, 1989
Page 58
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,I F Tht SUNDAY Tennwan MAY 28. 1989 Locke . ha Ms Cliti off to con t Eastwood rt 1 ; Sondra Locke, in the court docu-; ment she filed in Los Angeles against Clint Eastwood on April 26, describes ! her relationship with her husband as "tantamount to sister and brother." In . other words, she and Gordon sometimes shared board, but never bed. ' The actress and Anderson aren't N ! remembered fondly by a Nashvillian ; who knew the two when they starred ; in Circle Players' productions here while Locke worked in the promotion department for then WSM-TV. v ' The person, who asks not to be identified, doesn't care for Sondra . Locke. I'm a lady, she says, and she's ' not She adds: "I hope she doesn't get a damn penny in the palimony suit" Another Nashvillian who knew Sondra Locke when she lived here for approximately three years after attending Middle Tennessee State Universi-ty f or a year, expressed similar contempt for the actress "It's been written that that little bit player was valedictorian of her class. Well I'm here to tell you she wasn't" Excuse us for shining some light, I but unless the 1962 edition of the Shel-byville Central High School's Aquilla made a terrible misprint, Sondra Locke not only was the class valedictorian; she was voted its "Duchess of Studiousness." Her grade average was 97.72. Her ambition, then, reads the yearbook: "Always to take disappointment with a smile." Naturally, old newspaper clips show a smiling 24-year-old Sondra Locke in 1968 when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in her film-debut role of Mick in The Hearth ALonely Hunter. And in the clips, she was quoted as sayingshe didn't expect to land the Oscar (that went to Ruth Gordon in , Rosemary's Baby). Locke didn't even prepare an acceptance speech. If she's smiling through the breakup with Eastwood, no one knows. Neither Sondra Locke nor her "former" Dirty Harry will, to borrow an Eastwood classic from his cop flicks, "make my day" by airing their discontent Or dirt At least not yet , In a telephone interview, Locke's publicist Charlotte Parker, is ready to talk about the film Impulse, which Locke has just directed, but as for the The tourists find Music City and by the Parthenon. Then it's a cruise by Baptist Hospital, "where the stars go when they get sick," a tour guide says. AMERICAN EXPRESS Pit PERSON, DOUBLE OCCUPANCY 6 NTS, SIGHTSEEING, MEALS AND MORE OLE YOUR WORRIES AWAYI FROM m PEHSON, DOUSE OCCUPANCY 7 NTS, ON THI FAIR PRINCESS, DIS COUNTED IR tVAIUBU WAVE GOODBYE TO SCHEDULES! American Express Travel Service offices, located around the world, offer a full line of services and products which are available to everyone. Please call to experience the level of service and value that has made American Express the nation's largest travel service company. Why take a chance when you begin -your vacation? $50.00 OFF PER BOOKING IF ON DEPOSIT BY MAY 31STI , GUAFiANTEED LOWEST AIRFARES TO BE ADDED TO -ABOVE TRIPS. CALL NOW! 615256-0745 500 CHURCH STREET ST. CLOUD CORNER r : I split between her client and her ex ." main squeeze, she utters only: "This has been very painful for hen though she has a fond place in her heart for Tennessee, she will talk to no one about the palimony suit She was done wrong, and that's that" . Eastwood's publicist DebraKel-man,' only says: "Qint has no comment We're not trying this case in the media; it will be tried in a courtroom arena." No mention, however, of , Eastwood's new film, Pink Cadillac. Locke's parents are equally tight- ". lipped. Her father, Alfred Locke of War-trace, Tenn., says only, "We decided we don't want to talk about her. I'm finished," and slams the door. Her ; mother, Polly, In a repeated attempt ; for family comment slams down the phone after a terse, "I'm sorry, but we have nothing to say. Period!" Sondra Locke's only sibling, Don Locke, however, grants The Terms-sean theonly Interview he's given since the palimony suit sMaced.' . "I've hidden from People map- zlne, USA Today, Newsweek, all the tabloids and every newspaper in Call-' fornia," he says. "Some have offered me money, but I've told 'em all 'No, thanks ... I had no comment' and as for their money, I make an honest dollar only for an honest day's work." Don Locke and his wife Terri run a mom 'n pop air-conditioning and refrigeration business from their cozy homeinShelbyville. They're the parents of three daughters; the oldest is Dawn, salutatorian of her senior class this year at Central High School, following academically in her Aunt Sondra's footsteps. Don Locke loves his sister. He misses her, and he regrets the fact , that his three daughters don't have any knowledge of Sondra other than what they see on TV or In print or hear from gossipmongers. "Sondra's not this kind of bad character," he says. "Maybe she's . changed, but she was my big sister who used to play baseball with me. Sondra's gonna be 45 May 28 ..." Locke's publicist claims Sondra will be 42 today. Age, and the passage of time, moves Don to nostalgic reminiscences. He goes to his office and shows the last letter his sister wrote him over 10 years ago: Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, the State Capitol and Printers' Alley also merit drive-bys. Several of Nashville's homeless population are pointed out The Ryman Auditorium earns a 20-minute stop. Those who want to tour FROM PER PERSON, DOUBLE OCCUPANCY 7 NTS, TRANSFERS, WELCOME BREAK FAST AND MORE LEI YOUR CARES ASIDE!' i 3 Travel Agency FROM PER PERSON, DOUBLE OCCUPANCY, 7 NTS, ON THE BERMUDA STAR, DISCOUNTED AIR AVAILABLE, SEA HOW GOOD IT IS! y u AMI HIIAJ 'AMPRIfAIM Inz ; ,,Ifstlme,"hesays,,,wegettobe , brother and sister agpin ... We were close as kids . . . I dont know what's really happened to her .. I suspect it's Gordon. He always thought he was better than my family . . . He used to always make Mom and Dad feel inferior. ..We didn't have the frills and , fancies his family had ... Mom didn't . like him too much, and she used to fight with Sondra over him all the time." . ' DonLockeoftenwonderswhyhls sisterseveredaJltieswtthherfamlly , and her hometown. - And because he wonders, and he Is fearful that his parents' age might, bring them ill health because they worry about their estranged movie-star daughter, he played a longshot . When Qint Eastwood was mayor of Carmel, Don wrote him a letter and asked him if he would somehow, some way, convince Sondra to phone home. 1 Sondra didn't then, and hasn't since, but Eastwood did. About a year ago, Locke says, the phone rang and tt was the man he's come to call "Qint" Eastwood's called Don quite a few times since, the last time on May 18, after the palimony suit beaime public knowledge. Terri Locke answered the phone with a "Boy, things are happening out there!" Clint Eastwood replied with, "Boy, they sure are." When Terri put her husband on the phone, Don asked Eastwood what had happened between him and Sondra. Eastwood's answer, according to Don: He gave Sondra a choice, either him or Gordon Anderson, a man who, Eastwood reportedly believed, had some kind of overwhelming power over Sondra. "Olnt had told me a time ago that he even paid for Gordon to see a psychiatrist because Gordon seemed a troubled person. I believe every word Qint Eastwood tells me, because he cared enough from the time I first wrote him to keep In touch with me and to tell me that my sister had got my letter, but that he didnt know why she wouldn't write or call "He told me once that he thought Gordon didn't want Sondra making .. contact with us, and I'm sure that's thecase." Don Locke even believes Gordon the former home of the Grand Ole Opry pay the $1 .50 admission those who don't want to part with the buck-and-a-half stay on the bus. Next stop Music Row where Studio B Is highlighted as are the major record companies. Hank Williams' . former home, now a barbecue restaurant Is singled out The bus parks behind Barbara Mandrell Country on Demonbreun for a one-hour stop. The tourists are given the choice of any number of museums or shops that dot the strip. Some opt for Shones. An hour later, it's back on the bus , for the final leg of the tour the stars' homes. First it's off to Brentwood to see where Waylon Jennings and his wife Jessie Colter call home. Their house is surrounded by a high, green wooden fence and lots of trees. A few streets over, the guide points out the home where the late Marty Robbins lived. Then, it's on to "Millionaire's Row," a strip along Franklin Road that is home to Tammy Wynette, The gate to her "First Lady Acres" is closed, but the top of the house is visible above the white brick walL Here is where George Jones lived when he and Tammy were married, the guide says. Almost directly across from Tammy's home is the house where Porter Wagoner lived. His ex-wife got the house when the couple divorced and has since moved, the guide tells the tourists. Also on the tour are the homes of Minnie Peart Ronnie Mllsap and Webb Pierce as well as the lot where Tex Rittert house once stood. This trip, on Stardust Tours cost $15; more than a half dozen companies of fer similar tours. Some tourists choose not to take one of these organized tours rather they visit museums and gift shops on their own. And it's not hard to find plenty to choose from. Most stars have their own museums from Boxcar Willie's Railroad Museum to Johnny's House of Cash where they Families really can survive vacation trips Murphy's Law seems to govern some vacations the car breaks down, it rains every day, the motel is seedy or, as in Vacation, the amusement park is closed for repairs. Sometimes the vacation, itself, Is the problem. "People sometimes don't really like vacations," Rosenblatt says. "Some people find their Identity or meaning of life in work, and on vacation they feel like they're losing them selves." What to do? Discuss expectations beforehand, involve everyone In decision-making '''" "' tr t Y -t. - , ! V "- v. . ..I it mw mvmm' lisifiii ' rrmmm in mmmm,.: msP:mmmmgm9m- Alan Arkin plays opposite Sondra Locke in The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, the film for which Locke, a Shelbyvilte, Tenn native, received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in her film debut. Anderson, a sculptor in California, Is the man behind the palimony suit He's done stranger things, Don says. Eastwood told him once about the time he and Sondra were In Europe, and Sondra spent hours in a mu seum archive researching guillotines for Anderson. "Guillotine research can be done in any library," Don says. "I asked Olnt why she did his work for him, and Qint said Sondra did anything that Gordon wanted; that she ran all his errands for him, that she took care of Gordon like a mother would a child." Her brother believes Sondra Locke's loyalty to Gordon Anderson goes beyond gratitude: In a Tennessean dip, Anderson is full of star-studded stops Music (Sty's most visited attractions Opiyland combines musical productions with mild and wild rides. The newest addition is Chaos, a $7 million, one-of-a-kind indoor coaster. Open dally at 9 a.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day and weekends through October. Closing times vary. One-day admission is $18.95. . Grand Ole Opry Is the longest running radio show. Performances are Friday and Saturday nights with matinees added during summer months. Tickets are sold in advance by mail order. Remaining tickets go on sale beginning Tuesday the week of the show. Tickets are $12 and $10.50; matinees are $10; $8.50. General Jackson offers five cruises per day during the summer months. The showboat cruises the Cumberland River while providing' musical entertainment. Prices range from $1 1.95-S32.95. For more information or cruise times, call 889-661 1. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, located on 16th Avenue, chronicles the history of country music. Admission is $7.50 and includes a trip through RCA Studio B. Summer hours are 8 a.m.-8 p.m. The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson, features a new visitor's center with a museum containing the Jacksons' personal belongings. Hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Admission is $7 for adults; $3.50 for children ages 6-18. Tht Parthenon Is a full-scale replica of the ancient temple in Athens, Greece. Open Tuesday-Sunday 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. except Thursday open 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Admission is $2.50 adults; $1.25 for children 6 and older and for seniors above 62. Twitty City, home of Conway Twitty, includes a museum of Twitty memorabilia Open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission is $8 (tax included). Attractions are not ranked. Source: The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce display everything from gold records tollngerie. Twitty City in Hendersonville is chock-full of Twitty trivia, from Conway's rock 'n' roll days (there's a clip from an appearance on American Bandstand) to his country awards. The tour consists of the Twitty showcase and a tour of the gardens and grounds, including his home and those of his family members. Rumor has it that Conway sometimes greets the visitors when he's home. While Conway has his own city, Barbara Mandrell has her own country. Unlike Twitty City, Barbara Mandrell Country contains a heavy emphasis on the entire Mandrell family Barbara's parents, husband, children and sisters. . Of course, the requisite star items (mementos from cities across the country and a bevy of keys to cities and dozens of music awards) are included. -. Among the most poignant are the displays dedicated to her children and compromise, says experts. The best vacations offer something for everybody, Pollis says. Families shouldn't feel guilty for splitting up to do their own thing. If the family must stay together, Rosenblatt suggests taking turns deciding where to go or what to da Vacations that Involve visiting relatives can be tricky, Rosenblatt says. "It seems if families go someplace far away, they feel they have to stay a long time," he says. "There's an old saying that relatives and fish start to stink after three days." He suggests breaking up the visit by going somewhere else for a few days and then returning. rMllllll swwm1 mm"'- illflll the one who played mentor to Sondra when she read for Heart. A 1968 file reads, "Gordon shelved his own (the ater) career plans, returned to Ten-nessee and personally 'designed' Sondra for the auditions ... He tackled up two dresses, ground shoe heels down for a worn effect applied glue to the kneecap for a tell-tale scab, painted on freckles ... created a peelingsun-burned nose." Sondra, Don Locke says, had tremendous potential. She could have reached stardom, but perhaps with a bigger struggle had Gordon not been around, on her own. "It's like he has an almost hypnotic spell on her," Locke believes. Don Locke also believes that Qint and to her mother's wedding dress. ' Also exhibited are press clippings from her near-fatal auto accident and a corresponding display which promotes wearing seat belts. Elvis Presley has a museum, too. It contains items that Elvis owned and used, many of which were given to bodyguards, girlfriends and relatives. Included among the potpourri of items are a choker, a bed headboard, bedsheets and a belt with the presidential seal (Elvis is the only non-president ever permitted to wear the seal). The Country Music Hall of Fame pulls together mementos from a variety of stars from Reba McEntyre's boots to Elvis solid gold car, gold-plated from bumper to bumper. An emphasis is placed on the history of country music with short bios of each of the hall's inductees. Also included are artifacts such as star-spangled costumes from Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner, Holly Dunn's Daddy's Hands manuscript '- In all cases, parents should establish guidelines with children and agree on rules about snacks, spending money, free time, curfews and other potential problem areas, suggests the Reader's Digest Guide to Family Vacationing. Children should be Included in decision-making, whether by choosing things to do or helping to budget or navigate, the magazine says. But even that can be a problem when children especially teenagers balk at going at all. . "Sometimes It's better to leave teen-agers home alone if you can trust them," Rosenblatt says. Pollis agrees: "It's not good to force y Eastwood still truly loves his sister, . but that he could no longer take her "addiction" to Gordon. Bill Brown, publisher of The Pine Cone newspaper in Carmel and a golfing pal of Eastwood's, agrees: "Olnt told me not too long ago that Sondra was the love J Uln ClMAAtllAflAlimAfllimiU T ui uis me oiiii-c iuc ycuuiiuiijr suii, i don't know. There was a time, though ... when it was Qint and Sondra." If the claims in the palimony suit are to be believed, where Sondra's even fighting for their pet parrot the time of Qint and Sondra, Sondra and! Qint may have come and gone. Fllmdom's Dirty Harry, it appears, is being taken to the cleaners be It rightfully or wrongfully so, by that very "love of his life." and a car from the movie Smofecy and the Bandit. Included in the $7.50 Hall of Fame admission is entrance to RCA Studio B. This tour tells the story behind the ' studio which has seen some 47,000 tunes recorded in its hallowed halls. ' The studio consists of an engineering room and the studio contains musical instruments which were used by many of the performers. Visitors can ' leave saying they performed in a studio session as they are encouraged to play the instruments at the conclusion of the tour. Many of the tourists depart from Tune Town with more than memories. Common items, Including T-shirts, bumper stickers, spoons, toothpick holders and mugs, are available as are more unusal items such as Elvis's Love Me Tender shampoo and conditioner, back scratchers, Goo-Goo bars and pillow cases, Beth Harris of Lawrenceburg, Ind, had an armful of packages from a variety of stores on Demonbreun. Included in her booty were salt and pepper shakers and T-shirts emblazoned with "Nashville." "We want everyone to know where we went on vacation," she said. The Kuehns were taking western-style shirts and country music tapes back to Germany. "We have country ' music, but it's different from what you have here," Wolfgang explained. Of course, Nashville has more to offer than country music attractions. Its antebellum Southern motif attracts v visitors to the Hermitage, Cheekwood and the Belle Meade Mansion. The Cumberland Science Museum and the Parthenon are other popular destinations. But just why do these people choose Nashville as a vacation destination? ' Danny Williams of Orlando, Fla., -has an idea "Country music is great ' here. Everybody who comes to Orlani do, we ask them, 'Why would you want to come here?' I guess you are the same way here." ' teens Into going on vacation. If they don't want to go, let them stay home -orwithfriendsorrelatives," ' The reason: Those who insist on being miserable will ruin it for every-body else. Even If your vacation turns out to be more like Chevy Chase's than noiu mcavcr s, uuu i utspair. it 3 uic lauuiuuca uuu laiiuilts it!- member best and laugh about for jr ecu s u ici woj u, says raisenDiau. nAltlnnJJn itT-' .1 miiis auua, raiiuiy vacations establish rrariitinircnnri hniM In ovrw. ttiuoDs. inereareDounatODemany i . . . . . and pleasantness outweigh the negatives." 1

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