The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1939
Page 4
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FOUB "TOE BLYTHEVILL1S COURIER NEWS 5 -,. THE OOOBXBl HIWB CO. ' i " a'W.'HAMBS, PubUiher V ' * "i. GRAHAM'SUDBURY, Editor ••' SAMUB/F/NOSRIS,'Advertising Manager •'. <BoU KkUMttl Adl^rWtaf .„,—. Dallies, inc. New York, Chicago, De- Uxils, Daliai, Kansas City, Mempbif. ' Ewy Afternoon Except Sunday Atotered as •econd class matter »t the pott- > 90ice at BlytheviUe, Arkansas, under act ot -• ' - - a, October 9, 181T. Served by the rjnlUd Prea •\ .SUBSCRIPTION RATES • By'carrier In Uie City of Blythevtil*, IBo per veek, or 6Sc per month. • By mall, within a radius of 60 mUes, $3.00 per j-esr, $1.50 for six months, 75o for three month*; by mall In postal zones two to six Inclusive, 16.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, per year, payable In advance. A Happy Appointment The choice of the President of Archibald JIacLcish to be the 'Librarian, of Congress is a particularly {food one. , MacLeish is not only a poet and a darned good one, but'as well as being one of the country's outstanding men of letters, he has been an artillery captain, a lawyer, and a magazine editor. ' The Red Scare, which has become 'standard procedure in Congress.-in re- 1 garcl to almost all appointments, has been dredged up, it being charged that MacLeish has been a "fellow-traveler" with Communists in various causes. Congressmen would do well to catch up to the fact that MacLcish's most recent literary product was a'slashing indictment in the Survey-Graphic of Hie whole "united anli-Fnscist- 'front" tactic, and as powerful an exposition • as we've ever read of the growing feeling that the best defense against both Fascism and Communism is to get her hind democracy and push like—well, like all-gel-oul. This earned MacLeish a most bitter condemnation.'in-a' rc- • cent number of the New Masses, Com,- "inunist organ. MacLeish has a forward-looking, mentally-keen and searching mind which should do much to m.ike the 10,000,000'items in the Library of Congress of service to Congress and to the people. That is what they arc for. He is, as the President said, "a scho.- .- '^lar and a gentleman," as well as <iu r* gble-executive, It would lie shameful- to see his confirmation'delayed because of. uninformed opposition. • How People Talk When a submnrinc sinks, with many living souls trapped beneath 2/10 Teel of water, ,and telephone cpniniuiiicti- tion is finally established between the doomed ship and rescuers on the surface, what sort of words pass along that wire? If you are ii romantic soul or addicted to fiction, you envision some stirring business of "Courage, comrades! We shall soon rescue you from that watery grave! Bear up, be brave, help is coming!" That isn't what really happens, however. The conversation between the commander of the Sculpin, rescue ship, and the sunken Squaliis, has now been incorporated into the report of Admiral Cole on the tragic event. The first words to pass over the line, from Lieutenant Wil'-'in of the Sciil|)iii to Lieutenant Nicholas'of the Sqiudus, were brief, to the point, They were exactly the words one nnght' use in addressing an auto tourist stranded by the wayside. Said Lieutenant Wllkin to Lieutenant Nicholas: "What is your trouble2" o/ OtU&tA Publication in Uils column of. editorials from other newspapers does not necessarily mean endorsement but Ls an acknowlcdgix«nt of Interest In the subjects dlscuAscd. •SO THEY SAY BLYTIJEVILLE,'- (ABKJ-COUHIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE '13,- 19J19 What Do You Think? Some United States Sennior nplly described the philosophy of government spending when ho said, "The taxpayer gives the government, his sttlii. the government cuts a small slice off the tall, «nd returns il to the taxpayer who Joyously rushes home shouting, 'I/ook what I got out of the government'."- , .. — And thnt /list about fils the administration of nil forms of government, city, state and federal. For some arid reason Ihe average taxpayer feels that lie lias been well compensated for the loss of his shirt with the return of a slice of the tall. And a very small slice Is about nil the taxpayers get out of their shirt taken by city, state nnd federal governments. A new nnd imposing court house, or school liousc or cily hall or n now tine highway are improvements to be appreciated, but never lose slghl of the fact thnl they nrc not sifls from tiic government, ' They nrc Improvements paid for by yon. It Is s source of satisfaction lo have nn nrtc- • qiiale slate hospital, or '.tubercular hospital bill these IJitngs are not gifts from your public of- flcinls. They represent the expenditure of yam tax money. It is n common fallacy Hint what n community gets from the government or state Ls a handout. But the events of the last few yi>urs have brought on that feeling lhat the government is n grab-bag.' Spending on n national sonic hns made Uie average citizen feel that'ns "long as the government is going to spend millions we might us well get our share." ' But, brother, you pay for lhat share. You pay whether you earn nn Income subject lo federal or -slnlc tax: You pny whether you envn n moderate salary or whether you tire on the WPA, You pay taxes hi a hundred different ways Hint are-hidden. We are not protesting public 1 spending or public works programs but it Is well to keep In mind thnt these things arc not free. That you, your children or grandchildren some day must shell out for them. , ; Someday the people of lliis country will icnl- !ze" ! ihnt the federal'' government' Is not Snntn Clous , . . that bcncIHs handed'.out In the way of public Improvements nrc not gilts from con- •grcss, or the United Stales treasury, bill are the result of taxation, direct nnd Indirect. In fuel excessive taxes that are making the- tnsk of .'earning n living or nmntng n business nn extremely 'difficult and hazardous, matter, have already heralded the approach of the "dny of reckoning." —Waller Sorrells in Pine Blufl Commercial. Some committee in Congress ought to Have something to say about sonic ? 12,000,000,000 slipping out of our hands wilhoiit any effort whatever being made to collect it.—Senator Dornh on the World War debts. * * T Our happiest thought of all is Unit we knoiv it is not loo -late for mankind to begin doing the things thai should have been done years ngo.—Attorney General Frank -Murphy, nt the New York Fair Court of Peace. * * * We wanl business to boom—but, we waul all- Ameiicn in on the business—Postmaster Geni eral James A. Farley, staling objective of the administration. • SIDE GLANCES by Gajbraith Cora, igjg >r KEA SERVICE. IKC. r. M. REC. u. s. r*r. off. "Including your equipment, license and fiosolinc, lliis Itsli > Iws cost you ai>|>ro.\iiimlcly $85!" . --•• - THIS CURIOUS WORLD Ferguson |\ST FALL DESTROYED A THIRD OF HAED> MAPLES AND T\M>-THIRD£ OF THE SVRUP- ' -TREES CDF NEW -HAMPSHIRE, U .5. FOREST 6ERV1CE ESTIMATES. OF BIRDS ON THE">£ (SROUNO... * AND BUT FEW , BIRDS USE ALL. .THREE. •- ***fey( ^P* (A/HAT is-THE O SOURCE 01= ( OOW/Sli ANSWER: Lider down comes from the breasts- of eider ducks. The birds pluck the down from their own breasts to-line their nesls. It is a valuable export of northern countries, ' NEXT: Is it alwajs cloudy somewhere? Ton Years Ago Today June 13,'1929 C. L. Johnson of San Diego. Calif., ts the guest of his brother. Dr. I. R. Johnson nnd family for .several weeks. j Operation this year.of the Bly- i thcville canning factory was assured today-after local business men hnd supplied $2,500 working capital. 0. T.. Harward of Halb Tcnn., who purchased the plai several months a?o; definllely slat cd that he would be unable t operate" it. - - • ' An earthquake "of sufficient 'in tensity to jar houses and rattl windows was felt by residents o Biythcville shortly after ntn o'clock last night.' 'Mr! and Mrs. N. P. Kni?ht an Mrs. A. B. Fnirficld spent Wednes day in Memphis. Frank SaUerficUl and his nephew, Byron Rhodes Morse, left Wed SERIAL STORY . . ,'.-.. DATE WITH DANGER BY HELEN WORDEN 19M..NCA SCRVjcr, INC. of t'ovrrfufc up fur C'trni Shfrlcy, : in (he .M H rllti cuke. .'i'lic» he kik* DH- comBitNMlnner 1^ iirrcKt her Cor I Mttrftii'* murder, CHAFfEH XXIV "TViTY dear fellow, you're talking sheer nonsense!" An incredulous expression swept over Feiielon's face as lie repeated Ladd's words in the receiver. "Arrest dfary Franklin for the murder of Duke Martin! She didn't do it any more than 1 did. I certainly won't arrest her." Obviously puzzled by Ladd's demand, Ihe police commissioner's tones took on the soothing quality he might use in addressing a child. "After all, she is your own em- ploye." Then, as Ladd continued to talk, Fenelon showed, by his manner that he was partially convinced, "You say that she phoned from Martin's apartment to lip off the Gazelle and .then hung up before she could us questioned? H'mm. 1 admit it's curious. Maybe she does'know more than we think. Well, if you insist, I'll send Jim Chase up to get her." For several minutes after Ladd phoned, the commissioner leaned back in his chair, the fingers of ' one hand carefully resting against (he 'outstretched fingers of the other. His gray eyes were thoughtful. . '.'.'.'.'..' '.". .'.' , Half an hour later Mary was facing Chase in her living room. "I don't understand," she said "You've come lo arrest me. Why?' "Commissioner's orders, Mis: Franklin." Chase's blue eyes wer< gentle and guileless, and his round face, with its undistinguished features, revealed nothing. "This is absurd," cried Mary "I'll call the office." Then shi stopped suddenly after she'd recovered from the first shack. "Bu at least you can tell me what I'm being arrested for." "The murder of Duke Martin.' She was colorless but cool now 1 "Well, anyway it's a> murder," she remarked ironically "May I get my hat and coat, p do you trust me alone? I caul escape through (lie garden." "I'll trust you, Miss Franklin, Chase smiled. "This isn't the firs time we've met." "No, that's so, and on the sam story," called hack Mary, as sh isappeat ed , in to her bedroom; Funny, that night at Janice Vench's you came to rescue me, aw you've come to'arrest rii6." Glancing back to see it Chase vas watching, Mary reached eyerishlyjn-her (op drawer and [ted out Clem's shining, sequined venlng bag. It slill bulged in the ontour of a revolver. Hastily tcpping over to her closet, she cached In for a galosh, rapidly luffed the evening bag in the toe nd tossed (he overshoe back in he corner of the closet. A moment later she joined the detective. * * » ROT her mood was not cheerful when she climbed into Ihe car vith Chase. She was very angry now. She had had time to think .he whole thing over. It was a frame-up. They did it to get her o talk. Well, she'd never talk. After one- or two attempts at making conversation, Chase lapsed nlo silence too. He wondered what the commissioner was up to now. He hoped the commissioner would not be too hard on Mary She was a good sort. For an instant he eyed her, then with a slight frown, looked away. She was too young and pretty to be mixed up iti this thing. Mary sat tensely in the car. She admitted she was nervous. The glare of the sun on Lafayette street tired her eyes. The noise of traffic was deafening. Her attention wandered. She glanced a (lie clock on the dashboard. One o'clock. At this hour yesterday Duke Martin was alive and she was lunching with him at Peter's The sun was shining brightly svhen Mary followed Chase into police headquarters. People passing on Lafayette street paid nc attention to Her. Back in his office at the Gazelle Ladd was giving rapid-fire orders "Send in Crosswell," he bel lowed to his secretary. "I've had Mary Franklin pickec up for the murder of Duke Mar tin," he announced as the nigh city editor hurried in. "Now want the story played across eigh columns, and splash it. Start you lead thus ..." Ladd began writ ing rapidly, then handed the be wildered night city editor • th story.-, 1 • ' . '• . . ' . "I want only two cbp ! imprinted Two, 1 ho more. Then we'lfgo i baci to the old story. I want two ..c'ffic boys sent each with a copy t these addresses and let 'em holler n extra. • Let 'cm holler, 'Mary 'ranklin, society editor, arrested or racketeer's murder.'" PHK managing editor of the 1 Gazette waited impatiently in :ie basement, while the presses ot he paper rolled oil (he two copies. "Hero you are, fellows," he ailed out excitedly, as lie handed i copy to each one of ihe two ilficc boys. Before they had left the- room he pressmen were rcplaling the giant presses and the real edilion was being rolled. At half-past one, a small boy appeared in the 900 block on Fifth avenue. "Extra, Extra," ha called. "Society editor held in racketeer's killing." His voice prew louder as he passed 019. 'Extra, extra," he yelled. "Mary Franklin, society editor of the "azetie, held' for the murder ot Duke Marlin." The door of 019 opened and J llem Shirley ran wildly down (lie steps. "I want a copy of that paper," she cried. On Murray Hill, in front of the John Burden house, the same scene was being enacted. "Extra, extra," cried a small boy in front of 119 East 37th street. "Mary Franklin, society editor of the Gazette, held for the murder of Duke Martin." The door of 119 was flung violently open and Jack Burden raced down the steps, two at a time. "Here's a half dollar for your paper," he cried. He was still standing on the front steps reading it when the boy hurried off. That same second, Mary was facing the- commissioner. "There are certain aspects of Duke Martin's death which v. r c feel you can explain, Miss i'rank- Jin," Fenelor, said. He pulled up a chair for hef^ and gave Chase a nod of dismissal. "Now tell me exactly what you know. I understand you were the last person in Duke- Martin's apartment." "There's no proof of that." Fenelon offered Mary a cigaret. "Ah, but there is. Mr. Rogers, o£ your paper, tells me he recognized your voice when you phoned to tip off the Gazette." She blew a cloud ot smoke through her nostrils. "1 have nothing to say." She was on her own ground in this situation, but in the reverse role. She knew all the answers. While she was parrying another question of Jenelon's, the door opened and Ladd rushed in. Mary jumped_..up. "You've brought, all this oh me.; I. hate you," she cried. (To Be Concluded) icstlay for Princclon, Ky., where 'hey will spend the summer with •datives. .:','•:'.•: Mind Your Manners OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MajorHoople Test year knowledge of correct .social usage by answering the following questions, then ciicckiiijr against the authoritative answers llclow: 1. If yen are seeing a movie for tl>e second time, should you tell the person with whom you are seeing it how it ends? 2. If circumstances force you to .see a movie for the second time; should y:u keep still about .having seen ft before? 3. If you know someone likes a certain movie star, should you say you think he is a terrible actor? 4. If some:no lias to pass you. to take n scat in a movie theater, should yon stand uii, cr turu your knees sideways? 5. ]f you live in a cily Hint pcr- mit-s smoking In movie theaters should you smoke a strong cigar or smelly pipe? What vvnulil you do if— A friend takes you to a movie, anil ou think il WHS terrible.' Wnnh' •on— (n) Say sa (tie minute you gel Uremia, or Kidney Failure, Demands Prompt, Drastic and Skilled Treatment I DON'T &ET TH' KICK OUTA HVTTIN' SO MANY HOME RUNS AS VOU'D THINK.-- IM FACK, IT MAKES ME FEEL K.WD OF SORRY, FER SLIM, WHO WAS MAKIM 1 SUCH A' REP AS A PITCHER KM' R.U\Si\N' IT FER HIM-HE LOOKS SO PATHETIC OUT THERE! LISTEN)! UNTli. M.L OR MOST ML PEOPLE FEEL TH' WIW YOU DO, VOU JUST SLAM OUT ALL. THE HOME RUNS VOU CAN.' WHEN PEOPLE QUIT TRV1N& TO BEAT THE OTHER GUY IM SPORTS, THEY MAY S.TOP POIM& IT IM BUSINESS! SO UNTIL THE'N,WHY WATER, EGAD!/ THE VEKfSAPOF LIPE/AWIK), DID SOU EVER. PAUSE TD 'REFLECT WHAT AW UNDERESTIMATED 5LESSIKK3 >T IS? ONCE DLJRIKIG • AW ARCHAEOL061CA,L SAFARI IW -MB GOBI CHUMCLE AVOS,TH»n~ REMINDS ME—- HCV^ A8CLTT THAT MIKE M3U PROMISED TPIAKE MEOKj? IHNOW A JUICY WALK WE COULD TAKE"— TO FARLEY'S FALLS-*-IT'S OJLV FIVE'MILES THROUGH THE WOOOSj > MARCW 69 MILES A' DAY FOR 19 DAYS ~~ OUS DROP OP THIS PRICELESS RUID VVAS • >T\ Moke PRECIOUS UPOM ^\)J. - COR PARCHED TOMGUES - ; THAN FROSTED AUE-^ M6AU NECTAR'/ <3U5T T»E THIWS.' YOU'VE SEEM BLEATIWG TO THST SOVFCR MOUTHS • ABOUT TAWMS HIM FOR A HIKE AMP WOW'S MptJK CHANCE TO «AKE" GOOD/ TOMORROW WILL BE A FIME " THE FORECAST is PAIR AND WARMER.' P m -A < SINISTER STUFF , 'JW SINKS SHIPSJ' oulsidc? (b) Let -him take the lead Ir • THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. »«*. M. •. »*»- I!V nil. MORRIS FISHBEIN Edilnr, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of llyge'n,' the Health Magazine When ihe kidneys fail .to act us they should in disposing of Uie waste materials from the body, a poisoning occurs which, unless controlled. become fatal. There arc many different theories as to just how Uils poisoning is brought about. No one cause' accounts for all the varieties and symptoms of the condition. However, It becomes clear that the associated changes in (he blood pressure, the increased amount of fluid in the brain, and the accumulation in Uie'blood of various toxic substances all have some part. Because of the variations in the manner in which the condition occurs, doctors classify three kinds .lie bowel by giving suitable remedies. It may be possible for him o relieve sonic of" the most serious symptoms by releasing some of the fluid from the spinal canal. Once the immediate serious symptoms are brought under control, it is possible to encourage the skin to act by the help ot heat, to keep the bowels open and to eliminate fluid and waste material through the bowel. The methods of treatment for chronic Urania arc the same. Obviously, however, these are not. methods of treatment, which 'any- J one can attempt, for himself. Ccr-^j tninly the presence of any ot the- symptoms that have been described constitutes such a serious danger that the patient should never attempt to treat a case of uremia on the basis of his own information. panning it, and say very little yourself? (c) Pretend yen thought it vyns excellent? Answers 1. No. • . ' \ 2. Yes. . 3. No. 4; Stand up. 5. No. , • Rest "Wluit Wmilrl You l>o" lutipn—(b). o[ uremia: One is a sudden form which comes out of a clear sky j _ fin with a. sudden loss of sight, and English Girls On lOUf severe conculsions frequently followed by a loss of consciousness. The second is 'a more chronic typo in which the failure of the so- More Jitterbugs Hurl Thau Boxers in Ring HARTFORD, Conn. (UP)— Swingiug It on the dance fltwr counts out more 'persons every year than swinging It in the -boxing ring, nccording to actuaries of an Insurance company. Last year the company paid claims on .34,523. accidents of. all types. For every boxer w.ho was Injured, six "Jitterbugs'. 1 collected benefits for dislocations, sprains broken legs and a variety of other hints. Mine Town Wants Defense FLIN FLON, Man. (UPl-The approval of the department ot Call Swing Exciting CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—Ameri- j b'idney Is gradual. The patient will ) can dancing, makeup, music, nutp- ! lave heartache, loss of appetite, a mobiles and department stores rc- lastc' oi bitterness or ammonia in reived the English stamp of ap- tie mouth, vomiting, shortness of proval _ when. 26 young English breath, nnd perhaps'eventual m\is- ' girls, daughters fat" Rotarians c:n- ciilar twitchings and unconscious- veiling iu America, visited here. less. In some cases of this ; kind he convulsions or unconsciousness may develop suddenly. The 'biftcr- icss or taste of ammonia may be due to • the development •• _oT toxic substances in the blood and their ixcrclion In the saliva. ' Another type of uremia occurs when the kidneys ' are suddenly Mocked, or perhaps, wiien; a.-stone blocks the flow of urine from a single kidney, the. other one .hav-j iiig been previously removed be- cnilse. of disease. In *such 'cases death occurs iu from 10 to 14 days. This type occurs also in poisoning by mercury when the 'actions of both kidneys are stbriped." "The makeup girls use in high schools here wouldn't permitted in . England," Buinij Bcnloh, attractive, hazel-eyed girl J from Yorkshire, England, said.! "I think it improves, the girls, j however." ' i Miss Benton, expressed .surprise j that "American "girls' and boys go I to schcpl together, adding that! this was not the practice in her j country. . . .,, ! Srie approved the following: ; .American swing. music—"I love It." American department stores — "Much bigger than llio cues in England/ • "Anievlcan 'automobiles—TBcltcr, Obviously nn acute attack, of .(aster,:, and, generally superior to this condition is a serious, matter arid demands .the most „ prompt possible medical attention. Tne doctor will at once pul the patient flat on his b'ack, remove any ftvlse teeth and take care that the tongue Is not bitten and that it does not El drteUTwin be sought on a mil back so as to obstruct brcalh- ttona defense will be> soughV™ a ', TJ doctor . ,, cl ,, lb io ,,_ 'Iws ortK mtmns S V \ visions by the f c of suitable HUb IIUHII*-*" "• » ...1,1.,* ' po,,serlfAC olt^ l>r]l\ lUrt Inpt-PaSR hlP .measure requested that a 'unit be formed here. militia ' reinedies and can also increase the English makes." Bogus Money Minimized LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP) .. Aboul S6«1,000 in "bogus' 1 bills and coins is circulating through the nation, according to Basil E. Newloii, secret service supervisor for Arkansas. He said this figure was far below the prevailing idoa which has been fostered bv movies flow of fluids in-the body IhrpugU and flcllon stories.

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