The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1930
Page 2
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FACE TWO BLYTHEVILLE. -(ARK.) COURIER-NJjWS 10.30 I Items of ; Personal | Interest 80GIETY-CLUB8 Aclivities and 'News of Women ,., ~of Mrs. - Jess White's were guests of Kss. Hives ^_ last 'evening for a bridge pirty ; ln complimenting her sister, wSo'was betore her marriage last >Rd«y' Miss. Jessica Womack. In ukpf 'the yellow 'and white color combination very effectively there %'ere : gladioli, gypslophea and dais- , ]/& In 'floor: Baskets and low bowls- lor. the living room- and • dining room. The table covers showed trie same shade sand the honorce's place was marked with a bow of fellow'- on' the chair and tapsrs ' jlpwing for a pretty scene when she Wlis presented her gift, iced tea spoons' Vffte" refreshments ol delicious yellow.brick ice cream with wedding tills"aiokied Ui 11 and individual cakes', also carried' out.the- color pUh. i • • ^iilts Alice Mac Cannan won the hign score prize, beads, and the cut prize, -correspondence cards, went to Miss Marguerite Matthews. 'The. hostess was assisted by hei mother, Mrs. Alice Womack, and • sister, Mrs. Raymond Fow Womui's CMnmuolly Club ft Hrft »t Stady Grove '• The" women ot Shady G.-cvc wii li»ve » special Woman's cluo ir.eit ing jlonday afternoon wlwn Mis Coil. .Lee Oolcman, home demon ag«ut, ft-lll be in charge. BUs of News Mostly Personal liv r «.> Old Maids night at th Like -'Street Methodist church las evening when the Wonder Sunda scrsooi- class presented a one ac comedy "ine v> ld Malcls cluu " Tn sum 6i S25 was netted which wi teus$d for the class loom buildin iUnd. i. • '' : There were two men In the sho.v R, Slieran and fen Wiggins, vvli assisted Uic IB "old minus" In the iriuci- Mrs. L. V. Gray was pros laeutiot the club; Mrs. O. J. Roger vice president; Mis. Den Wiggins secretary; Mrs. C. A. Ettrank, trca lirer. Otner members were: Me •dames Ivan Bentiey, John H. Lon A. Beck, H.- E.' Lasnot, Harry Well mim, tiarry. Taylor, ueorgc dlianns Bonnie iicHatiey, R. Sneran, Lu-; tilie" snoud, W. J. Ulloy nnd Xonan Cnurch. ''Miss Katheryii Grear presided at the'piano »nq suitar selections were *iso ^'iayea by Mr. Ootorlh. : e : Plume. ^A picnic'supper on the banks o. toe iitssissippi river Tnurway eve- rmig 'fciucnamc'd tne 12 coupiss wiiu weru'suesls oj'Miss Jessie Uee Eng- Frank Wllhlte, of Vciwuela, South America, will arrive in the morning Icr-a visit with his-to- rs, Misses Cordelia and Josephine i id Mrs. G. G. Caudlll. He has year's leave of absence after hav- g been in that country three eats. Betore that time lie was In cntrol America In the Irult busies before going to South Ameria where he was associated with n oil company. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McCormlck avc returned from Prairie Grove ml FnyeHcvllle where they luve ecu spending the past three and halt niontns. While theye tney nderwcnt operations at the l-'ay- ttteville hospital and are now cn- Irely recovered. Miss Margupriw Matthews has re- urncd from several days visit in Memphis. Mrs. Alice Womack will leave Saturday for Equality, 111., when she will spent a month with rela- ives. Mr. nnd Mrs. Virgil Shepherd •uid daughter returned yesterday !rom Galveoton, Tex., Shrevcporl ,a., and Hope, Ark., where thes spent a ten days vacation. The motored. . Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Hudson and son, Mickey, left last night for Lake Woods, Mich., where they will spen< the remainder ol the summer on the lake. Mrs. Morris Silversteln ol St Louis and her hostess, Mrs. Pan H. Rosenllinl and son, Paul Jr., ex pect to spend tlie week-end In Memphis. Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks, Mrs. C. A. Hovcy mid Henry Humphreys arc in Memphis today. Mrs. Oliver Comxdgc, who underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Memphis Baptist hospital, Is SI'STEI?" MARY S KITCHEN 11Y SISTER MARY NE.\ Sen lee Writer. The Inexperienced housewife wll' Ind she often can effect a worthwhile savins if the goes to marke with a flexible market-list and i lit is valuable, for it prevents over locking ol both staples and fresl noducls. . ' ' • The market ILst which -is Iroi dud permits no opportunity o choosing the fruits and vegetable which are most plentiful and h the tlncst condition. However, I he housewife is willing to buy Hi K-sl that Is offered at the mob reasonable price, after a quick re vision of her menu and markcj I is she" can serve her family the be.- In the market. A list suggesting a variety i passible vegetables Is helpful. '• green peas are llrsl choice for tl succulent dinner vegetable, n sci end choice jotted on the list- aid In a quick decision. . Meat Determine. Choice Ven r often, if Ihe meat originally planned has to be changed, the entire menu list must be remade. The selection o£ tlie meat course; Influences the dessert as well as the salad and vegetables. When making the list, the way in which vegetables, meal or fruits are' Ib be used should be kept in mind. Vegetables wanted for soups need not be ns perfect as those wanted for table service. Coarse outer stalks of celery urc quite as good lor soup as choice hearts, and are- much cheaper. A little hotaflon on Luxord Society—Personal •^•^•••••i^B^^W^^^^^WiM^M^^MMMBi^ RGAIN - thci': '.the Jiarty niem-. . c r' oliAirs, ij, sj:'3if.mbefs->riere.:lhcy danced. larje ij. bflunber rt- '-Twenty-nv.e' girls were Miss llutr. Butt'i guests Weoncsday night 101 a- sjuinoer 1 parly at tno home 01 itr. 'and Mrs. W. J. Pollard: Trw guests had a delighiful time without apy sjesplng with an a p pet 12- jng lunch served a; 2 c'ciutK in tlie morning -and they l?-<c r mo : tnred- to Barfield to see ICB ^.-irist ca irie Mississippi. .:' Music and dancing weii ;. -,-uar divertlons. •' Will' Hold Pentecostal ; i Revival at Manila MANILA,. Ark.., July 11 OIP)— Rev J W. Thomason will conduct • "luce Pentecostal revival which Is to pegln here July 13. It is to be held-'pn the site recently vacated by Rev. Hozelwood and tnc Baptist revtviHiti,' and is to continue in• definitely. The cooperation of all Christians in this vicinity has been urged in the revival a complete success. [ Services Thursday for Buchanan Intanl * Glidys Layprnc Buchanan, months old daughter of Mr. iirs ID. L" Buchanan died at th family home' on East Sycamor street Wednesday. . Funeral services were held Thurs day.f-InUrment was made at Maple Grove cemetery. The Cob TjVi(^5rt biting company was i chargt of arrangements. Tile deceased is survived by tnre brothers, Paul, Robert au; uha-lcs. ' i dally improvln = . • J. H. Fisher Is n patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Miss Mamie Blylhc, of Memphis. Is visiting her parents, Mr.. »nd Mrs. Virgil Greene. B. A. Lynch, H. 0. Rose, C. W. Allllck and W. Leon Smith spent veslevday in SI. Lonls attending to business pertaining to drainage dis- trict'No. 17. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. I'oliard returned last ills' 1 ' '""in R ia davs trip to "the Great Lakes where they were on a three day water crnlsf which took them to Canada, Niagara Falls ami other places of interest They also motored from ut- tld'.Rock to ftjrt :SmiUuatKl Okla-' homa City for a'brief stay with relattve/of Mrs. Pollard.. i Joe Fclseritlial is motoring to Brownsville, Tcnn., this allcrcotm ,'or a brief visit. . Mr and Mrs. Robert Grimes will leave Sunday for a two weeks vacation to be spent nt Nsslwlllle. Knoxville, Ashevllle, N. C., und Co- iumbus, S. C. Loy welch and A. C. Ward were business visitors In Memphis yca- '°Mr y 'and Mrs. W. I. Osborne and family returned last night Irom V/est Point, Miss., where they visited relatives for ten days. Mr and.Mrs. A. C. Ward left today for Kansas City where tncy will spend a two weeks vacation. Tom Neal Simpson, of union Ity, Teiin., attended to business iere' Thursday and today. Mrs. E. C. Palton and two sons . the list suggesting the use is helpful here. Doii'l I!uy Too Much Close calculation ns. to the amount needed is ano|her means to economical buyiny. 'Nearly »1 (cods arc cheaper when purchaser In large quantities, but 11 there is , danger of food selling before can be used nothing is gained bs taking the larger amount. If definite plan lias been worked on to "make use ' of the extra amount the purchase Is justified. For thi reason It is often advisable to mar kcl for two days at a I line. Th roast used hot for one meal can bt sliced for the next, the extra spin ach can be holded and sewed as salad the second day, the big oulc 'leaves of a head of lettuce- can b 'used In a cream soup— annd so o through the list of foods. Fruits bought in quantity can li used fresh as wanted, and the sm plus canned or preserved. Mrs. E. George and son I,oul3 ere Blytlievllle visitors Monday, i Mr. and Mrs. li. O.. Wilklns and \ hildrdeiv were' visitors in Osceola "tiesday. Phillip George was a business vls- lor ID Osceota Monday. Meredith and Oliviu Graham on-i crlaincd a mnnber of young p:o- ile at a parly given In the lic-mc of their aunt, Mrs. Alvln VAmdcr- Ich, Tuesday . evening, honoring their two visitors, Virginia Talley ' ol Memphis and Mary Catherine Duslnnan of Marlon. After a num- : )cr ot games,were played Ihc hostesses took the party to the drug' store for refreshments. Those at-! tending were Meredith and Oliyja Graham, Mary Catherine Cusli- man. Virvlnia Tally, Margaret, ami Mildred Richards, Mabel George, Viclau Lynch, Pauline Reviere, Howard Bowcn, Johnny Corkrah, Willis Page, Paul und Bolj Hevlerc, Thurirmn Scott', Junior Wunilei 1 -' llch and G. O. Driver. ',.• Misses Margaret and Uoris Miller ; of Slkebton, Mo., arc tlie guctts ot Mr .and Mrs. Oscar Billion. Mrs. Sidney Evans, who has bsetv visiting Mrs. .Einmn • Evans- and family of West Helena, Ark., has returned. M!r.- and Mrs. Joe Hires were vis- crs in Memphis Thursday. Mrs. Bailie Bonds nnd Miss Kathine Davis shopped In Memphis uesday. Mrs. Waller Brimllcy Is visiting er daughter in Alabama. Mrs. Bessie Corkran . visited •lends In Clear Luke over the week id. Mrs. Charles, Dunn and Claude laple of New Madrid, Mo., were Isltcrs in Luxora Tuesday. . Mr.'Real of Blytheville transacted business' in Luxora Tuesday. '' Mrs. Jim Lynch and daughter. OUIsc arc visiting the former's aughler, Mrs. W. M. Moore ami' aml|y in Crossett, Ark. MeEdanies. William, Wuniierlicli and Clarence Vollmcr o! Blythe- f\\c spent Thursday In Luxoni. Mr. arjd Mrs. Ray Graham and hildren were business visitors in ilarlon Tiuirsday. A baby daughter was born lip Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rodjjers Tuesday norning. A number of Luxorans are enjoying swimming in the river these not days. For Saturday and Monday Extra Fancy Lettuce H a 8>° y each lOc I Celery. J ™"» stalk 15c ' B IIIIIIIIIMIIII • •!!• •! Manila Scouts Cut Weeds Around Davis Memorial Lemons Size 360 SunKist Dozen Salmon Mackerel 2 cans 25c|Bread Sunny Boy Large Loaf I'Til In Cloth Bags 1A Limit With Groceries 1U mem. VvHHoMBiuKx^tj 10 bars 33c | Black Berries *°L 12c ^^ No. 2'Can, Peeled In Light Syrup ipricots 21 i Libbys 25c | Pears Ho ^ s Can 2! HAVE you HEARDg-% Last year's nccklnb'c can become the last word this summer in new choker scarfs. Siring enough heads to reach around (he neck easily,.but !>:ep- liv .anc KEW-'RUBBER SAWYEU PllOENIX,. Ariz. (UP)—Lumter- mtniin central - Oregon have invented the "rubberman." One ena ol tlie saw is tastened to a portion of Mi old inner tube altacncd tt ai iron stake driven In the ground. The'falter pulls, the saw toward; him >nd the tubberman pulls away. '.' ARJtAOILLO RACES AtJSTIN,.Tex. 'lUP)—Armadillo raclrk Is the latest sport in Texas The "ftrst events were held at Junction. •' Twenty-five armadillos were entered. The course was 200 yards Spctlitors were amazed at the speed shown by the unwieldy looking «nlm»ls with thelf small leg. and'heavy shell armor. KEipV.'TO RETIRE SYRACUSE, N. Y. iUP)-AUer 65 years of angling and hu.--.ig. Ccl. Charles H. 1 Mow ^ ready U. dispose of his collection of his rods undguns ahd other accessories to those '^who wil appreciate them Col.'Mowry,-widely known In this section of New York, state, said tnc biggest fisl? he ever caught was a Northern'Pik'e, about. 40 years, ago. It Ywi ¥> pounds and. 38 Inches lonj^ht.-ssKJ-'. . : -' J -•- cturnwl last night from Newport vhere they visited relatives. Jlmmie Thompson and Randolph Patton will spend the week-end in Memphis. E C. ration reutrncd last night from a Irate days visit In Memphis. Miss Cora Lee Colemnn and J. t. Critz, county agents, arc in Osceola today assisting S. D. Carpenter In the annual entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Cox who have been in Memphis for two days, have returned home. Miss Geneva Slallings hns been a visitor'in Lcact'wille for two days. Mrs. John G- Bourlnnd and daughters, accompanied by Miss Mildred Lang, are in Memphis today. C T. Tybas, of Memphis, is spending this week here and at Dell. Mrs. Willie M. Cox has roHirn- ed Irom several days visit in Luxora. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Johnson have returned from several days visit MANILA, Ark., July 11—The newly organized 13oy Scouts Troop at Manila has begun its new duties ns a civic agent In this community by cutlng the weeds and tall grass on the site of the Herman Davis Memorial Park. The following scouts were out at work at seven this morning: James \Vrlght, Herbert Poe, Buster Caraway, R. E. Fcnd- ler, Benny Fcndler, Vernie Asha- bramier, Lloyd Campbell. Bcrnis Fox, Delana Wiseman, Jack Davis, and Max Hutchens. Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the Dlylhe- ville hospital: A. D. Foster, city; Ralph Ford, Luxorn. Mrs. Pear M. McQuay, city, was dismissed. Bead Courier News want ads. No. 21 Can Libbys Sliced or Grated Ing closi- to the neck. Past™ the string carefully and to [he lasl bead attach ' tic-ends of figured printed silk, hand-blocked fabric or any other arresting matrria' you want for your scarf. To wca r this new necklace, put it around your neck, tying the scarf In a bow umler the chin You cnn wear II umv tie or Asco fashion. Either way is smart. with relatives of Mrs. Johnson at Success, Ark. They »ere accompanied by Mr. and Mrs George While, of Sikcston. who returned home yesterday after having been "iclr guests for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Evrard have as their guests, Mrs. Eula McKen- iic, of Dallas. Tex. Mrs. Evrard and son. Joe, had licen in Parago-.ild lor ten days and returned home last, night with Mrs. McKcnzie when Mr. Evrard drove over for them. Mrs. O. C. Ganske returned last night frcm several days visit ih Paragould. Mr. and Mrs Ivy W. Crawford: and family left today for a motor trip to Mariana and points of Mississippi. Mrs. Edgar Borum is convalescing' today after tevcral days illness. ' i -Mrs. C. W. Bealc of-Little Rock. ,vho has been visiting here, went [ to ^tcmphls for several day s May with her daughter, Mrs. Jack Shaffer, and Mr. Shaffer, returning here today. Francis Carpt.-'.rttc-r. Jack Girrlgan and E. B. Dickey were visitors In Memphis yesterday.. Medium Size can 15c Pabst Malt, Gail 4 24 Ib. Sack Not One But 20,000 Oflen when "selling" a customer on the floor you have spent lialf hour of your itimc, mustering every s;iK« argumtnt al your command. If the sale is closed . . . with ONE customer . . . the time is well spent. Your . advertisement in Ihc Courier News reaches 20,000 potential customers! Isn't it good business to take time to prcnare a convincing sales argument . . . and to get it in EARLY .- . to-, permit us to give it 1 Inattention it deserves! 2 1-2 Libbys 1 Q r I Mil), Van Camp DeLuxe lvl» 1 Ifllln 3 Large Cans 24 Ib. Sack Fern Leaf 24 Ib. Sack Uncle Ned Per Sack 1 flp I Knur 24 lb Sack Orris 1UC |rlOUr or Snow Wreath ISSt Brooms 4 String, Good Value Each Steaks ib.38c Spaghitti Hawk Bacon Sliced 3 Pound Limit COURIER NEWS Hog Lard 5 Pound Limit Pound Roast tt.- 221c I Hams Swi(ts a Mi c ib. 231

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