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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 15, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHBAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI JHlEEWflON VOL. XXVII—NO. 208 Blylhevllle Courier, Blylhcvlllc Herald, BLythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. HLYTHKVll.1,1-;. AKKANSAS. SATURDAY, -N'OVKMHKU 10, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS •IT! CHIEF Repeal Talk Will Be Answered With Dry Campaign Says Mrs. Boole. \ HOUSTON, Tex., fUP>- Opposition to the Eighteenth Amendment that "has continued for 10 year; with unabated, and increasing intensity, savoring of rebellion" will be met by the W. C. T. U. with a drive for "observance and enforcement—not repeal," according 10 Mis Ella A. Boole in her annual address as president of the National Women's Christian Temperance Unirn in Its GGth annual convention IKI-C latt night. Recalls Convention She referred to tile part prohibition and the Eighteenth Amendment have taken in national politics by recalling memories of "another convention which came to Houston two years ago and nom- I inate.1 :i candidate for President.' who rejected the dry platform ot his party and went down to defeat as the leader of the wet forces of America." "Who is making all Ihe fuss, nnyway," Mrs. Boole asked, "about, the failure of prohibition?" Antl she cited an imposing list of "those who obey tlic law," including the Safety First Campaign leaders and savings banks. "Who is responsible for the aji- latlon?" the continued. Moderate di-inkers, The Association Against the Prohibition Amendment, society leaders, derelicts, a wel press, former brewers and •••islillers, motion pictures that depict tocial drinking as a factor in social life, Lecturer Ducks, Lured to' !..! unliiig (Ground, Decline to Fly NORFOLK. Vn., (UP) — .W. E. Corey and 'Joseph P. Knapp, millionaires, are ladly disappointed over having no wild ducks to shoot. The ducks are on hand, 3,800 of them, but the tr'oubic Is that they are not wild. And It seems Impossible for the men who handle steel corporation and complex business affairs with ease to solve the problem. Hoping to do some shooting, expert duck raiseis weie secured by Corey and Knapp and were instructed to raise the fowl as future Mrs. Myra Dougan, home economist who will conduct the annual Courier News free cooking school at the city auditorium Tuesday to Friday of next week. WH.P.TI gun had fodder. Within a year been raised- Within a 1,500 year and a half there were 3,800. Then came the shooting season, and the (iling of guns and launching of duck boats But. the ducks did not fly. Instead they placidly swam around and waited for their usual meals. the Too Mudi Study, l)rl> Collapses Wtestinghousc Ele c t r i c j Range Is Grand Prize: School Orens Tuesday. ' Several hundred dollars worth of nliractlvc merchandise, the .gift ol i merchants ami food manufacUir-' ers participating In the Courier News annual free cooking 1 school, will be distributed among housewives of Blylhevlllc and vicinity who attend the school sessions next, week. Mrs. Myra Dougari, widely .known domestic science expert, who will conduct the school, will arrive here Monday. She will give her first lec- !!™ . Tll >' nflcmoo » 2;3 ° ln stopped- The ducks quacked plainly, but none of them chose to do any flying. So there was nothing else to do but order that the feeding be resumed. And now Messrs. Corey and Knapp have 3,800 gcnu- :en wild ducks by birth, almost Friday, 1 November 21. No strings are attached -to any of the gifts. The school Is' nbso- lutely free, no merchandise will be sold, and no obligation of nuy kind Muds, I tcnd their boats, and -^ .1,11 1* *1U v*«tno UJ M.**i* Uric Dead. One Dying Aft- i read >' "> e . at flom their P . A • i ready to swim near their bums, mm CV Ll'OSSing Accidents ready to do anything except fly in Near Little Rock. will be incurred by those who a't- LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 15 (UP) — The second railroad, crossing accident in the last 24 hours severed tah legs of B. J. Muckeroy. farmer residing west of Little Rock, and 1 injured him internally. Physicians at the Missouri Pacific hospital, where he was taken, held little hope for his recovery. Muckcroy's automobile was struck by a Missouri Pacific train on a grade crossing near the west List ot .Gifts anil uninformed citizens influenced I cit - v ''.'""s. The car was cte- by a wet press." . molished. She expressed surprise that so R - E. Lee. 38, was killed in- many, apparently eminent In their professions, could be interested in , lh.9- campaign against Mic -Eljfeli' eenlh Amendment as was shown during the hearings before the Judiciary Committee in Washington last uimmer. Persona! Liberty "Why their wholesale denunciation of Congress, the judiciary, the administrators of law?" she said. "All for tl.e sake of a legal right to purchase a glass of beer, wine or whiikey—all in the interest of a selfish personal liberty." She offered an answer, to many charges she said had been made against the Eighteenth Amendment. More liquor is not consumed now Him was before prohibition, die declared, citing Colonel Woodcock's estimate consumption is 35 per cent what it was in 191-1. Large sums of money given to combat prohibition, giving some people an idea a large number of persons were financially interested in that campaign, came from a few men, she said. "The actual number of contributors Is less than 10,000," she said. "Every temperance organization stantly late yesterday when his autoniobile was struck by a fast Carlos Atkins, Working Out $250 Fine, Quits City Street Gang. Carlos Atkins, who was' recently flned $250 by & jury in the criminal division of circuit court. Ark. Hie car was complctely'demolish- ed und Lee w&s dead when mem- the train crew reached grade Lev J> ] yesterday, it was reported at police headquarters. Foes of Senator Merlin Want Senate to Investigate His Charges. BIRMINGHAXf, ALA.. Nov. 15 i UP)— A senatorial investigation of ths general election in Alabama November 4 which resulted in tile defeat of Srnatcr J. Thomas Heflin was asked today by the "Jef- Terscn county Democratic executive committee.. bases Its support ot prohibition on the fact it is the only practical I red method of dealing willi the liquor traffic." Counsel Olicdicncc In the face of continued opposition "thece agencies are rendering practical support to the government through counseling obedience to Ihe lav." enforcement agencies," she declared. "W; do not deny that the law is viclatod. but we insist that every citizen should obey the laws ol his country; neither r-hould laws be i' ^:iged at the demand of law breakers." Instruction of the youth of Am- eiica in the evils ol alcoholic drink was insert by Mrs. Boole. "Teach youth the facts." she •'aid. "This must be dons in the ichools." Si^h (caching should to included in ccurios in physiolosy and hy- C-euc. rhe suggested. Tiie Wickcrsham Commission Law Observance and Enforcement sl "l the undiw prominence given prohibition and crimes rc.ultinz from prohibition were mentioned OJ Mrs. rjcole, who cltsd President ' °= l ;V s n "" lori l-y for the state- on t that 70 i,- r ceiu of tllc mcn n frn< r <> or offenses other than those caused by prohibition. Kidirnlcii Efforls She ridiculed effort to "r.-pral «itn reservations" the Eighteenth Amendment as leading ultimately to otfolutc repeal or nullification 'Women." rhe declared, "were he great :-st sufferers from the Lqisor traffic days before rrolnbllion-thcy are suffering today from the violations of the law for whatever men drink, women :>re bound to suffer. If the effork of mir opponents should rosult in the repeal of prohibition, I women would pay the price." Ihi? is the committee which bar- Hcfiin from running on the democratic ticket. The committee adopted a resolu- !on asking Senator HU30 Black Mid Congressmen George Huddleson to ivqucst- Senator Kye to in- estigate charges brought, by Sena- Atkins was fined SlOO in police court on a liquor possession charge and appealed the case to the circuit court where a, jury ineted out the heavier fine. He was turned back to the oily jail thts week. According to reports the prisoner was not wearing chains at the time of the escape, Find Huge Distillery in Abandoned Fire Barn CHICAGO, Nov. 15. (UP)—Federal agents who raided an aban- .doned fire department barn last night found an alcohol and whiskky distilling plant which they estimated would turn out $10,000 worth of liquor daily. More than 2,000 gallons of alcohol were found in the place which was said to have been operated by the gang formerly controlled by George "Bugs" -Moran. FnoJ ff) Get Freight Reduction Farmers of this county are urged to purchase their feed for livestock before November 30 as the one, third reduction in freight rates ends j on that date, according to J. E. or Heflin as a result ^pf'his de"eat by John H. Bankhead. ThejCritz, county farm agent. executive committee also went on | Cars must be in transit by this record as favoring a special ses-! date in order to receive benefit of •;ion of the Alabama legislature for' the reduction recently announced .'•;e pm-psse of submitting a road | by railroads in adiing the farmers wnd issue to the voters of Ala- j in drouth stricken sections. bama for Ihe purpose of reliev- j ;ii'_' unemployment and building •oatls while material is cheap. Bullets Flv in Loop as Police Nab Bandit CHICAGO Nov. 15. (UP)—Hundreds of persons dodged bullets in the loop today when police fired at a bandit who a moment before had threatened to bomb the First Na- electlon November 4 today gavu j tional bank unless given $1,000. Harry Woodrlng. Democrat, the | The bandit, who gave his name governorship by a margin of 317 [ as Harry Sanford of San Fran- voles over Frank Hauckc, Republican. The race between Wocdrin<; and Haucke was so close the outcome was not certain until the last of the absentee votes were counted. Democrat Named Kansas Governor on Final Count TOPEKA. ICans,,'Nov. 15. (UP)— Complete returns from the Kansas The grand prize, as last year, will be the Westlnghousc Elcctrtc ranee used in the demonstrations, the gift of the Arkansas-Missouri Power company. Other gifts will Include credits on Frigidaires, given by W. P. Veazey, local distributor. 25 sacks of Whitewater Rose ami 25 sacks of Home Quen (lour, by the Merchants Grocery company, a Gold Seal Congo- leum rug by the Hubbard Furniture company, 40 cartons of Ever- conri chill, by Ihe Memphis Pack- good chile, by the Memphis Packing company, 20 iwurds of Four Leaf Coffee, by the Central Coffee ompany, and numerous cans of K. C. baking powder and Crlsco. ' Concerns participating 'hi the ooking school, besides those, offer-' ng gifts, i are the Bennett Dairy, •hose pasteurized milk will be used y Mrs. Dougan. Borum's drug store •hlch will have an exhibit of Ellz- bcth Arden toilet preparations, he Cross Food Shop, whose prod- cts Mrs. Doujan will use in her emonstrallon, the Guard Jewelrv ompany, which will furnish silver nd glassware for a model table etting, the Clarence Saunders :ore. the Blythevillc Laundry, the Hubbard Furniture company, which ill furnish kitchen . and dining oom furniture, the Bootery, fea- uring Selby Arch-Preserver shoes. Big Attendance Indicated Every phase of culinary activity :ill be covered by Mrs. Dougan in ler series ot four lectures, actual demonstrations being followed up iy detailed explanation of' the nethods involved. Doors to the city uditorium open at 2:00 share. Lec- ures begin thirty minutes later. In 10 case will the women be kept ater than five o'clock, giving them mple time ionics and leal. A great number of out-of-town vomen are expecting to atlentl udginfe'by-the queries received at he Coupler News office. Admission s absolutely free. Detailed Information regarding the cnsuinc dav'.< program will appear daily in the Courier News, but it will be Impossible owing to the sheer volume if material involved, to present de- ailed reports of Mrs.'r ectures. While Courier News re- mrters will be In attendance, and will single out the hiohlights. women readers of the Courier News will have to depend upon the 1 persona! attendance for tV? recipes and secrets of the kilcher which will be divulged. cisco, was captured at State ant Adams streets. 'nterurban Car Crash Is Fatal to Motorman Osceola Indians Luxova Gridders, 20-0 OSCEOLA, Ark.—The Osceola Scminoles defeated the Luxora gtidders In a slow game nlavcd i I a sea of mud here yesterday, 20-0 TOLEDO. O.. Nov. 15. (UP)—one i ' rhc slippery field handicanpo.- man was h'.irned to death, six se- j ^°^ teams and rain cut down at riously injured, and eleven parsen- | tendance. gers were oruised or shaken In the collision of two lake shore electric trains here today. Will Thurston. Hessville. motorman on a Toledo bound freight was burned to death when the pilot car was single on a siding by the plevti^nd bound . passenger coach and hHret Into 1 sthe first year that Lu: ora has boasted a football team. Speeder Pays Fine Clarence Fatight was fined fiv dollars in police court this morn 'jlng on a charge of • speeding. to return to their prepare the evening Dvcr-study is believed responsible fcr a nervous breakdown suffered Miss Evelyn Jnhnckc of New Orleans, niece of Ernest Lee Jaiincke, assistant secretary of (he navy, and 1 one' of the most brilliant members of the younger social set In New Orleans. Miss Jahncke has a growing reputation as a poet, and the New Orleans Mystic Club re- cemly voted her the most popular debutante in society. Commerce ;Uniqn Takes Over Hermitage at Nashville Today. NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 15. (UP —The Commerce Union bunk ot Nashville today, took complete charge and control ot the Tennessee Hermitage National bank as n result of agreements miched bc- Iween the two banks and member banks of the Nashville Clearing House association last night. The Tennessee Horml.tagc stood a terrific run on the bank that lasted throughout. Friday, and the merger of the two institutions was formed last night lo guarantee the stability of the Tennessee Hermitage through the strong Influence of the Commerce Union nnd the backing of practically every bank In the The run on the Liberty bank 'hursday ca'.jsed Us doors lo close estcrday and Immediately there- fter the run started on the Tcn- essce Hermitage, requiring special etails of policemen to keep the rowd in order antl to prevent liows of violence. Paul M. Davis, president of the Imerlctm National bank, now form- ng the second largest bank In the outh, announced the merger last Ight and Insured the public of the lability of the Institutions If the Labor Union Acts in Protest a t Government's Use of Police. MADRID, Spain, Nov. 15. (UP) —The Socialist labor union which controls the workers of the capital called a 48 hour general strike today in protest against government action yesterday when police and workers battled In the streets. The center of the city was under strong police guard and the Idle workers and students occasionailj came In conflict them. A young woman harrangueri a crowd in front of the medical school antl students hurled stones at guards. On the outskirts of the capita there were threats of more serious disturbances. Near Toledo bridge a motor truck and two vegetable wagons were overturned b\ a crowd which yelled "today yoi neither work nor eat." Police repeatedly charged into small groups of workers and demonstrators, arresting many of thi agitators. The street market was closed. Jankfr Lamont Scores Smoot-Hawley Tariff NEW YORK. Nov. 15. (UP)— Tr-" high tariff was criticized by Thomas W. Lamont. noted banker. In a | Rrvanf speech before the academy of po-' "- lillcal science last nHht. as h?'-<" a serious stumbling block to th? recovery of world trade. The Smoot-Hawley tariff was enacted at a'most "Inopportune tlnv School Teachers End Annual Convention LITTLE HOCK, Nov. 15. (UP)- Threc thousand public school teach ers, attending the C2nd annual con vention of the Arkansas Education association here, prepared to - de part today, following the closini sessions In the auditorium of thi Little Rock high school this morn ing. Dr. Henry G. Bennett, oreslden of Oklahoma A. ar.d M, college, an Miss Mathilde C. Geeks. St. Louis addressed the teachers. D. C. Has "ns. 'iiperintendent of schools a Crossett. Ashley county, who wa elected president of (.lie association for the coming year ^t^r'da'y, wa introduced to .the dalegMes toda alont; with other newly elected officers. did not continue the run gainst the smaller Institutions. The banking committee warned n n statement last night that con- inucd runs on the banks here would bring about economic (teaser to the cnHre city. The merge Jf the two banks is expected to >rlng a close to the financial panli hat has swept Nashville with in. ~easing momentum since the clos ng of the Bank of Tennessee Ho 'ember 6. Jacksboro Bank Closes JACKSBORO, TENN., Nov. 1 UP)—Campbell County Bank, am Trust Company of Jacksboro, Tcnn las decided to close because It ha a $28.000 deposit In Holston Unioi National Bank of Knoxvillc whlcl closed Wednesday, Winston Balrd president of the small bank, sale today. Depositors will be paid Monda .id Tuesday Balrd said. I lomcsick Girls Turn on Water; Plot. [Discovered O53ERL1N, O, Nov. 15 (UP) — loinctilck girls at Oberlln college ere well on their way, to force !c .school's closing and thus win vacation when their plan was 'iwaitcil by college and city ot- chils. Advised Ihc town was threat- ncd with a shortage of water and xhorted to assist In conserving lie supply, homesick girls at a orjnltory were discovered today vastlng water In the hope the ol|egc would have to Village waler Inspectors promptly began a check of meters In an ul- ort lo ascertain the chief offend. rs. Reaches Destination Today After Spending Niglit on Ocean. BORDEAUX, France, Nov. 15 ;UP)—The Hying boat Do-X laua- ed ut 12:55 p. in. on the Olronde river near Rocque dc Toux, about 25 miles from Bordeaux. Tlie Do-X will remain at Rocque de Taux until Sunday to permit refueling and ylve the crew a rest Thousands of persons witnessed the landing. The Do-X spent last night .01 the sea in the shelter of the fortified Island of Re, opposite La Ro chellc, after motor trouble and o dense fog made completion of yes Icrdny's Intended flight from Cal shot to Bordeaux inadvisable. Motors Start Hlatlnr ' Just after making the French coast en route from England sonv of the 12 engines began'to glv troublei.iwd she'tost speed.V,. .,-. ' She needed two hdurs to fly'from Cherbourg lo Ushant and'ln utes from there to Douarrenez. Tlie DO-X held her course, how. ever, until she reached Los Barges n small coastal point near Sables D'Olonne. By that time four mo tors were giving trouble. It wai 5:50 o'clock, night was falling fas' and.a dense sea mist, dispelled b> the-bright winter sun, was again creeping over the waters. At her speed, then, the DOOs could not hope to reach Bordjaur until late at night and the fllgh would have been attended by a cer tain risk In the darkness anrt fo? The captain decided to taxi alon the coast for a way. since the sht could make a respectable speed on the surface. • Head for Coast The big plane came down ju? off Les Barges like a sea gul Jockeying gracefully over the calm sea. Thereafter she skimmed dow the coast. The drone of her' en glnes was heard by people ashor but her lights were Invisible thr the mist 'and darkness. In the she! ter of the island, where Frenc convicts spend their last night be fore being transported to the pena settlements off the South America coast, the DO-X cast anchor t ride-out the ulght. cradled gentl by the swells. Lament said, and has resulted in 111 will nnd dismay abroad antl in uncertainties sr.d dislocations to our trade. Plan Furienl Sunday for Mrs. Lizzie Smith j Gulf Service Station Bryant Stewart, re»rrsentatlve of the Pan-American Life Insurance company for the past two years, has leafed the Gulf Service station at Main and DivH-Ti streets,' assuming charge of the business today. Discovery of Arsenate in Flour and Baking Row der Brings Inquiry. HARRISBURG, 111., Nov. 15 (UP Ja.mes Grlsham will be question od today by Sheriff Thomas J Cain and State's Attorney 13. 1 liumscy in connection with tl.. death of his wife and the subse quent poisoning of 15 relatives an friendi Three of the fifteen persons wh were poisoned were In a seriou condition and authorities said they may die. The fifteen relatives and friends became ill after eating pt the Grlsham home after tie burial of Mrs. Grtsham Tuesday, the Jier- iff said. Analysis of the flour used In baking by Mrs. Grisham before her death was made last night by F. M Hart. Harrlsburg. He r,3pTtcd finding arsenate of lead In both the . flour .and the baking powder ur-ed by Mrs. 'Grisham. A solution of arsenate of lead used by Grir.ham to spray potatoes to kill insect's was ir.iwng Ir-m tli; home,' Grishsam told aulhoritie. 1 .. The Grishams lived alone and Sheriff Cain said It was doubtful that children of relatives playins; with the arsenale solution could I have resulted in ixiissnlng" o flour and baking powder, since the salvation 'Army' foT use 'in He will have associa'.cd with him the same. employes but w\ll be active manager. ' ' Funeral services-will bo held Sup- day morning at. Sandy Rick" cc - n- etery for Mrs. Lizzie Sml;h. G5. >vrn died following a long Illness fr<vn cancer, at her home near Burdette. at 6:30 o'clock this mornins. The deceased is 'Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Mattlc .John" and Mrs. Annie Roberts and a sin. F. A. Martin, all of near Burdette. of Japan Is Winning Fight for Lif> TOKYO. Nov. 15. (UP)—Premie Yuko Hamagucht appeared to b winning his fight for life today au was reported "progressing sitisfic torily" from a serious bullet woun Inflicted by a young nationalist \vh attempted to kill him. Two blood transfusions aided ! saving the life of the premier. Salvation Armv to Army-Navy Game Profit . weekly newspaper, WASHINGTON. Nov. 15. (UP)— Uharge at once. . ermcsscc • Invc s t m e n't House No Longer Inter- :V| estecl in State Says Banks • and CO—3C .....'.. UTTLE ROCK, Nov. 15.''lUP)r- group o tLlttlc Rock business .0 icn. headed by A. B. Banks, bank-. r, have acquired the stock 'j of Caldwoll and company, Noslwliie. : ' ~"eim., Investment .bankers, In 'the ' inerlcun Exchange Trust company;.! ere, It was authoritatively report-..)• :1 today. ' . ',';'-"•.*,; Resignation of J. D, Carter,'rep- i' esentatlvc of the '•;•> any as a member of the' bo'wd.qt:'jt>' (rectors of the American Exchange V iso was reported... • ' • .; ,--.-.*7--. '•'.' In a statement made ;. av. .Banks saldi ' :!. .?•"This step means that Caldwell' ;. itercsls are now completely .dl- orced from Arkansas. They dls- ' osed of their Insurance holdings , ;: n this state several months ago ;. ml have never had an Interest in- ':• any of the other banks in which. ! am interested. • ' '; "The American Exchange is now owned and managed by n strons group of local men." • . ' I*a. Ruigtu from Board - L- NASHVILLE, TENN,. .Nov. 'IB :UP)—Col. Luke Lea, publisher and - •mslncss man, today announced .Oils resignation as director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. My business engagements havo been such that I have been unable to attend recent meetings of the board." Colgr=' - T xm wired Oov. E. R. ,Black,•', - -ianta last night. - . .' '• _ • ,... Governor Black>-•'":• d member banks would votc'-xui Colonel Lea's successor at a later-date.'- . Cald wells - MEMBHI8,. TEN of' James E and Meredith Cald-' well of Nashville form the directorates of the. Union Planters National Bank and Trust Company and the Manhattan Savings Bank' and Trust Company were 1 announced yesterday by E.- P. Peacock, president. George McLeod Injured When Aoto Turns Over George McLeod received a sprained back anrfl lacerations on his face when his automobile turned over three times today. The accident occurred at 10 o'clock this morning on the Herman Davis highway near Leachvllle. When McLeod attempted to rigljtf the machine after it slipped- off the wet pavement onto the Eiiould : rr lh.3 wheels twisted Into a rut, turning the car over and over. Into a ditch- • ;,'' McLeod was removed to _his home, 113 East Kentucky avenue, after receiving first aid at ttx; Ely-. 'hsvllle hospital. --. Report Luther Miller Killed in Plane Crash: Word has boon received here that Luther Miller, son of the late. T. R. Miller of this city, was killed In an airlpane crath near Los Vegas, New Mexico Tuesday. The younger Miller visited his. father, who was a member of the (Inn of Miller and Crenshaw, and his sister, Mrs. Howard Rogers, formerly of this city, several times. John Roney Acquires • : . Newspaper at Monette MONETTE, Ark.—John Roney, for a number of years linotype operator for the Manila Sentinel, has purchased the Monette News, local and will take of the Army-Navy containers were out ct reach. FOOTBALL Final .Holy Cross 27. Harvard 0. ating unemployment conditions throughout the country, It was fuv nounced today. Electrocuted on Pole Cold Wave Follows Blizzard in Rockies DENVER, Col. N'ov. 15. (UP) — The first cold wave of the season swept eastward across the Rocky mountain region today, sending temperatures donr. near zero and •Yale, 10; Princeton. 7. St. MaryF :!0: I'ore-iam, 12. Third Period Michigan 7, Minnesota 0. Half. S. M. U. 13, Navy 7. Northwestern 0, Wisconsin 7. Iowa 0, Penn Stole 0. First Georgia 0, Tulane 0. Tennessee '6. Vnnclcrbill 0. Canzoneri Knocks Out Singer for Championship NEW YORK-A short left hook i Clipped Al Singer cm the chin in the first round of his fight with GARY, Ind,, Nov. 15. (UP)—Harry Tuent, 24, was electrocuted last night as he watched a high school football game from an electric power line pole which enabled him to see over the fence. His clothing in flames, he fell before 10,000 spectators at the game. appearance as in defender The total value cf all ot the , which he won last summer in almost the •ame manner frcm Sammy Mandell. One minute and six seconds after j.tlie Jhnrn janule of fie opening crom (rone, singer was an ex-champion. WASHINGTON, Nov. 15. (UP) — Secretary of War Hurley today ap- he allottment of $400,000 the ' tlle of river between ohl ° •»•« WEATHER leaving a heavy blanket ot show in 'grown in Florida 'last year Is cstl- |r.:id Caneoneri. Its wake. mated at $142,7^0,000. I ring, was the new; tllllst. ARKANSAS—Rain tonhht; Sunan old man of the;day rain and colder In the north- I west portion.

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