El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on January 1, 1971 · Page 13
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 13

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 1, 1971
Page 13
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Section B Friday, January I, 1971 Page B-l El Paso Herald-Post Editorials Classified-Comics Descriptions of All Floats In Sun Carnival Parade F t u. nr_i. r\:~ . -f TToKAnti Wioh S/*hnnl March. flnat arMAr! tn tho i-exoot c^ono Bank of El PaSO, CorO The unfolding of today's Sun Carnival Parade displayed a wonderland of jolly and dramatic characters that have long entertained children and adults around the world. The theme of "Story Book Heroes" delighted spectators who lined downtown streets. The parade was made up of 76 units. There were 20 floats, of which 17 were major creations depicting legendary figures. THERE WERE 19 bands, a drum and bugle corps, eight cars carrying princesses, three horse units, one horse- drawn unit, several marching units, antique cars, motorcycle units, a baton and drum corps, performing drill teams, and other entertaining groups. The units passed by in the following order: United States Immigration Service Border Patrol. Ft. Bliss Military Police. El Paso County Sheriff's Department. New Mexico State Police. Sheriff Reserve. Texas State Highway Patrol. El Paso Police. The official Sun Carnival Band, the 62nd U.S. Army Band of Ft Bliss. The 6th Artillery Group of Ft. Bliss. The Color Battery. Massed Colors from Ft. Bliss. Sun Carnival President James E. Rogers Jr. and Mrs. Rogers. El Paso Sheriff's Posse, escort of the Parade Grand Marshal Vikki Carr, Hollywood film and television star. Bel Air Highlanders. Twenty four Sun Princesses representing Southwest communities, riding in eight con- • vertibles. Miss Bonnie Lee Davis, Princess Royale. Jefferson High School Band. Two floats carrying Sun Duchesses representing various women's clubs and organizations in El Paso were sponsored by Union Fashion, American Furniture, Taylor- Sim'pkins, Sears and Roebuck, Hicks-Ponder, Empire Moving and Storage Co., Zork Hardware, Xolar Corp. Plastering Co., Inc. The Dukes of Albuquerque Junior Drum and Bugle Corps, The Sun Queen and her ladies in waiting in a royal carriage in white and gold with royal purple cushions. Sheriff's Reserve Jeeps of the El Paso Sheriff's Reserve. The Baton and Drum Corps of the Flying Eagles of Beaver Dam, Wis. Miss Paula Ann Maxwell, 1870 National Cherry Festival from Traverse City, Queen Mich. LINCOLN — Entered by William Beaumont General Hospital, the floats' approach was heralded by the dull roar of cannons and clouds of white smoke from their firing. The float was built by personnel of the Maintenance Branch, Logistics Division of Beaumont. It featured a sound system playing, "This Land Is Your Land," and "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and was highlighted by a replica of the Lincoln Memorial. A live figure of the great Civil War President was portrayed by actor Tom Neyman. A huge scroll of the G e 11 y s b u r g Address was below Neyman. "The Dating Game," couple, honored guests from a television program. Edgar Griggs and his daughter Bridget cycling on a tandem bicycle. Bel Air Highlanders Pipe Band. HAIL CAESAR — An extravaganza of a float entered by Border Steel Rolling Mills that included 42 actors, three levels of float structure, and props used in the making of two Hollywood films, "Quo Vadis," and "Kismet." The creating firm, Guy-Rex, labeled the float a "movie set." The lead portion was comprised of an Arabian white horse ridden by a Roman soldier. Two chariots with warriors and 12 marching Roman soldiers' carrying shields and wearing plumed hats. The float's main unit was a three level structure. The lower level was an orgy of eating and loving by costumed figures. Gladiators with drawn swords posed on the second level. On the upper level, the emperor Caesar sat with two Egyptians fanning him and' two dancing girls entertaining him. Two muscle men reclined on stairways with maidens feeding them grapes. Music was the "Victory March" from Ben -Hur. Sun Queen Margaret Waves from Carriage Cd. Juarez Tecnologico. Band The ROTC Color Battery from the University of Texas at El Paso with ROTC sponsors. CLEOPATRA — Split into two units, the first float, an Egyptian boat with two guards. The 60-foot main unit featured 12 slave oarsmen with a slavemaster. It was designed with a seven-foot sphinx head in the blue of a sea. Cleopatra, seated on a large platform was surrounded by purple and gold, vases emitting incense and attended by. six female servants. Southwest Displays designed and built the float.. . Austin High School's band. The Ysleta Drum Corps. JOHNNIE APPLESEED — A highly animated float entered by the Southwest National Bank featured Johnny Appleseed running to and fro watering apple seeds and trees. The trees grew magically under the application of the water. Eight actors were on the 46-foot-long float, which included three trees at the front, a large apple tree with real apples in the center, and rwo bridges. Walking alongside the float were three apple trees. The float was built by Southwest Displays. MOCTEZUMA — The float entered by El Paso National Bank depicted the golden age of the Aztec Indians of Mexico. It carried 28 persons dressed in the splendor and richness of the Moctezuma era. A pyramid atop the float featured a sacrificial maiden flanked by temple guards. An eternal flame was also flanked by guards. Temple Chieftains were in gold lame with huge headdresses of blue vulture plumes and orange Lady Am- hearst feathers. Moctezuma stood on the main pyramid with eight beautiful maidens in blue and gold lame capes and blue vulture feather headdresses lining the stairs. Dancing girls in capes and headdresses trimmed with streaming gold tassels danced on either side of the float. The Lower Valley Riding Assn. Andress High School Marching Band. The El Paso Sheriff's Reserve Jeeps. The Clyde High School band from Clyde, Texas. The Sun Carnival's first Grand Parade Marshal, Mrs. James Flavin who was Miss Lucille Browne a movie actress at the time in 1936. HANSEL AND GRETEL — The storybook charm of Hansel and Gretel was portrayed in the float sponsored by the El Paso Electric Co. A colorful gingerbread house, adorned with red candy hearts, white dripping icing and pink candy canes at each corner was the focal point. Hansel and Gretel, colorfully dressed, stood in front of the bridge that arched over a pond filled with fish and frogs. Six gingerbread men walked in time to the score from the Walt Disney score of "Hansel and Gretel." The float was 57 Jeet long, had nine persons and was built and designed by Southwest Displays. The El Maida Shrine Motor Patrol. DON QUIXOTE — The poor landowner who thought of himself as a knight in shining armor • was deplicted in the U.S. Army Air Defense Center, Ft. Bliss, float. The first feature of the two-section float was an open story book, with pages of antique satin and a cover of brown brocade. A wood and plaster windmill is featured which the deranged Don Quixote imagines to be an evil giant. The second part was Don Quixote's dream of himself as a knight in shining armor, and it ended with a cascade of angels. Animated papier mache animals add interest. Lt. Robert J. Spirko designed the float. The Pershing Rifles of U.T. El Paso. The Ysleta High School Band. SWISS FAMIDY ROBINSON — The classic tale of a shipwrecked family was presented by the E ! . Paso County Educators Association float. A two- foot wide impression of blue water surrounded the float centered by an island. Jammed into an offshore sand bar was the wrecked vessel. On the yellow shore was a brown tree house, and in and around it, the family. In the background was a purple snow capped mountain with a cascading waterfall. Sound effects were created by a tape recorder. Bob Osborne, an art teacher at Andress High School, designed the float. Teachers Rudy Griswold and Jim Russell built it. Irvin High School band. .LIL ABNER —Al Capp's •comic strip and its Dogpatch characters came alive in this float sponsored by Standard Oil Co. of Tfexas. "Jubilation T. Cornpone" played over the float's sound system. Dogpatch Airlines pilot Eddie Ricketybacker in a 1918 flying helmet was featured in an 1S18 airplane. Among the 18 Dogpatch characters, ill-fortuned Joe Btfspld stood on the float with a little cloud hanging over his head. Lil Abner and Daisy May were in the center of the float, designed by Southwest Displays. M.G. "T" Series sports cars driven by members of the Classics Sports Car Club. Fabens High School Marching Band. THE WIZARD OF OZ — A multi-colored rainbow extended from front to rear on this 60-foot float sponsored by the State National Bank. Clouds in white fleece provided a touch of aesthetic beauty on the float draped in patches of green, white and yellow. The wizard ' and other story characters including Dorothy, the Tinman, the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Good Fairy were depicted. A yellow-brick road led to the Emerald City. The entry was designed and built by Southwest Display. Trooperettes from Eastwood High School. Eastwood High School Trooper band. PINNOCHIO — A hard-rowing Pirmochio about to be' swallowed by a whale was featured in this float sponsored by the Downtown Rotary C 1 u b. The large black whale, tail upraised, mouth wide open and pink tongue poised was about to swallow the storybook puppet which was turned into a real boy through his unselfish deeds. The Cape Twirlers of Parkland High School. Jeeps from the Sheriffs reserve. The El Paso High School Tiger marching band. The Horseless Carriage Club, Inc. vehicles. ELIZA DOOLITTLE - My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle descended a suspended spiral double staircase depicting a ballroom. Suggesting approval that Eliza, the Cockney-speaking British -character from the George Bernard Shaw classic, had indeed become a lady, were numerous richly-gowned and groomed people on the stairs, all suggesting a crowded ballroom. The costumes and the characters came from the El Paso production of My Fair Lady. The entry was covered in silver foil and 30 people rode on the float. The Popular was the sponsor. Bowie High School marching band. CINDERELLA — The storybook characters, carriage and her three horses were depicted as, they, were - starting to change into a pumpkin and three mice in the float sponsored by Southern Union Gas Co. White swans located on the outside portion of the 57-foot float added to the regal scene in the tale, when at midnight Cincerella reverts to her kitchen helper status. The castle, in white with red trimmings, was designed with a clock to one side signaling the magic hour. Cinderella stepped into a pumpkin, while the Prince, standing on the stairs, held the glass slipper. DOCTOR SEUSS — The storybook world of Dr. Seuss came to life in this float sponsored by Mountain Bell and designed and built by Guy-Rex Associates. In colors of yellow, white, red, and turquoise, a Seuss island is animated with feathers and plumes. Nertle, the Searsucker, the Allimoose, and the Wrung-necked Chicken-bird were among the Seuss animal characters. Four children rode the float dressed in colorful costumes. The Coronado High School Tliunderbird Marching Band. Tin Lizzies, driven by members of El Maida Shrine Tem' pie. Gadsden High School Panther Marching Band. LITTLE OLD LADY WHO LIVED IN A SHOE — The old woman on the front unit on top of fiowers and green grass shook a spoon at the numerous mischevious children dressed in pajamas an-d nightgowns plavine in and around a 1arp°, brown 'shoe, with p.o'd and white window frames, sold eyelets and black shoe laces. Snonsor is the • Downtown Kiwanis Club, some 20 children swuriR from trees, ran on and around the float was adorned by pink and red flowes, old dead tree stuims and shrubbery. Bank of El Paso, Coronado State Bank, First State Bank, Northgate National Bank, and the Valley Bank of El Paso. THE BOY WHO KEPT HIS FINGER IN THE DIKE — The 10-year-old Dutch youth, who according to the tale put his finger in a Holland dike.to hold back the water, prevents the angry white-capped waves from floading the land below sea level. People attired in Duch dress ice skate, dance and stroll under a high bridge. In the rear, a windmill, with 15-foot blades, added a pleating touch. Members of the Downtown Lions Club designed and built the tulip-shaped float. . -'-. Charros Assn. of Juare* and Las Nortenas. El Maida Shrine Temple'* calliope. The Sheriff's Reserve. The Burees Mustang Band. High School - PRINCE CHARMING — This-60-foot float was nrecede<l by two par>e frirls. Six pirls dressed as butterflies' in leo- tar-ds and white chiffon wines walked beside the float "Sonrviav Mv Prince Will Come" and "Dancine Amoni* the Flowers" niaved from the float's sound svstem. \ pink stairway winding from front to rear provided the distinctive feature of the float built and .n.'siune'' by Southwest Displays. Prince Charrpine, tb» lunway of a silver, blue aid white castle located on the base of the float and which rested' on a turning platform led a white horse. Float colors of yellow, pink, blue and lavender, provided a fantasy touch. The eight sponsoring banks are: American -Bank of Commerce, Bassett National Bank, Citizens State Bank, Stock Show Work Pushed As the final major El Paso promotion draws to its climax, workers for the year's first promotion are already at work preparing for the 42nd annual- Southwestern International Livestock Show and Rodeo, according to C. W. (Chuck) Mattox, president of the livestock show and rodeo. Mattox said that even amid the flurry of activity for Sun Carnival, volunteers for the annual frontier -festival are busy readying all.areas of th« livestock show and rodeo. HE CITED a meeting this week .of the Junior Auction Sale committee, which is charged with acquiring prospective purchasers for the 108 prize-winning animals that will be auctioned-during the week's activities. Ted Vogel, chairman of the committee, reported to Mattox that his group will be hard'at work during the next few weeks contacting local businesses to secure their support, either as an animal purchaser or as a contributor to the sale pool, which helps support the prices for the auction animals. Mattox also noted that young stockmen interested in entering their animals in the show must have their entries in by Jan. 11 to be eligible for the judging. MATTOX said, that season box tickets for all seven performances of the rodeo are still available, but urged rodeo fans to make haste to order, since, he said the show is "just around the corner." STARTS TOMORROW I* hire NYLON LAI/1 CO SATIN BRIEFS and BIKINIS 37* Assorted colors Sizes: 5, 6 and 7 ALUMINUM COOKWARE 7-cup percolator 4 quart covered sauce pot 3 piece range set 3 piece saucepan set,, 2-quart whistling teakettle KITCHEN PLASTICS laundry basket dish pan 11 quart pai! .rectangular waste basket Choice of co!ors:\ antique gold ,^-avocado • poppy cinnamon 14" x 10" x 2" roast pan ' CHINA CUP and SAUCER Choice of patterns METftL ALL PURPOSE PHOTO FRAMES *8"xlO". «Four'finishes:, walnut, fruitwood,' maple, sandalwoocJ. St PIECE GOODS Fresh springand summer solids and prints in fashion right cottons and blended fabrics. a yard FLORAL ED LLOWS Foam-filled 18" x 25" size REGULATION PLASTIC- COATED PLAYING CARDS 23* GIANT LIFELIKE ROSE HAIR BRUSHES. Assorted styles and x colors. Plastic, with nylon bristles. 60-INCH POLYESTER DOUBLE-KNIT PIECE GOODS a yardj FULL BOLTS PANTY Sheer Stretch 100% Nylon First Quality I - FAMOUS WHITMAN! COLORING BOOKS "Contain many favorite children's stories and characters 2 for COSTl Choose from necklaces, .earrings, pins and brooches. * each ORIGINAL COLOSSAL CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE • Christmas gift wop, novelty !i" cud boxes * •Oirishnos cotton • Bows, togs ond seels • Tree light bulbs • Christmas corsages ond flowers, Christmos wreoths • Electric Oirislmos displays • Christmas candles, tree Itims ond demotions • Christmas place mots ond toble covers PRICES GOOD WHILE QUANTITIES LAST • Christmos design cellophane tope • Chtistmos slyrofonm • Christmas chino novelties • Boxed Christmas cards • Aluminum and flocked Chrislmos trees • Christmas felt appliques • Brick crepe paper • Chrislmos candies • Revolving tree stands • Revolving spot lights ULJinns VARIETY STORES

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