The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1934
Page 2
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I two- BLYTHEVILLE. {ARK.V COURIER NEWS Social Calendar ~- :• TUESDAY'S -EVENT'S .Mrs. Murray Smart eiitci'talnlne young Matrons Bridge club. . 'Business • -.Women's circle First ft-esbyterlan church Imviiig supper at> church,' 7 p. m. Tuesday Contract club meeting with Mr6..,Harry-Kirby, - Maple ' prove cemetery association . meeting with Mrs. J. D. •Eurksdale, '2:30 pin, 1047 Ctilcka- .* Lahge P. r T. A. meeting 3:30 p. 5n. at -school. Eastern Star stated meeting, 7:30 P. Si. -• .' '. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS " Current ' Events club meeting -will) Mrs'. W. H. Mlnyard. Sire. Bob Wllfcs (•nt'crlalning Wednesday Bridge club. Central .tyard P. •etlrjg In junior high school auditorium ,3 'VDclplklan-- mcetlnfr. Hotelf.Noble, •>:3C A. ;M. . ; THURSDAY'S EVENTS ^•\-Th'ursday .Contract club, Mis. O. ^E. Keck,- hostess. 3 Mrs. B. A. Lynch having Mid^Week Bridge club. '•. fllgrim" Lutheran .church Build ^meeting at school. 2:30 p. in. I CInlrcli ot Cliriit women liav- £Mig Bibh study meeting with Mrs ..-.Howard .Gill. - Yarbro Missionary society meeting'.with Mrs. Zoa .Thompson:.' ,.*Mrs. Essie Davis entertaining avilrT- bridge, party niiii shower a )iomc of Mrs. D. Chaniblln Jr., compHmentln; Mrs. W. E Ifoddy 'i'ho was formerly Miss Elizabeth Blythe, :30 P. M. FRIDAY'S EVENTS County council P. T. A. moeiini at Osceola. Music department Woman's flu meeting at First Methodist, church 3 P. M. Bits oj News Mr/stly Personal Arkansas Stair i-ollegc at Jone.'i- IHJIO, spent Ilir wwkend with Ma parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Walton. Walter flirsk i> n-lllcally 111 at ills home on West Ash Btreel. Miss Martini llnbinson went to Joncsboro ijnnil'iy '.vherc she will H. N .Ware, Jr.. formerly of ! attend Arkiiusns fiuic college this .ere and now of Tallulah, La..: f neilcr ' «cr father. Pinlcy Rob- spent yesterday In Ihe city. Hcl 1 ' 150 "- "ccomimined her there ' Percy .Smith is seriously ill at Queen Garbol vent to Memphis tcday lo al- Hubbard, Mis. Anw Stevens Pot- Mrs. Inez Victor} Is a patient U the Memphis Baptist hospital. E. R. Mason, wlx' hns been ill "or six weeks, svent to Memphis j'e.sjerday where he will spend ieVeral days going through a clinic to determine- whether or not an Deration will bn performed. Mrs. Mason accompanied him. Misses Mamie Louise Edwards nid Jewell Lee spent the weekend in Little Roe'-, with friends. Mrs. A. W. Lanfwcll Is resting i cry well at her home on South Franklin street altci having broken her arm Saturc 1 '.:;/ in a fall. Her sister, Mrs. ».. E. Calk, and Mr. Calk, of Memphis, snonl yesterday with her. Mrs. Essie Davis and daughter, Pally June, have returned Irom Memphis where they visited Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. M. A, Portls for several days. Dr. and Mrs. Fred Child and fnmlly arc at home for the present with Mrs. Child's sister, Mrs. George GIsh, and Mr. Gtsh, at 228 Davis avenue, following the fire yesterday. Max D. Miller. Jr., manager and Paul Schwartz, office rnari- ager, of the Chicago Mill hero," lire In Memphis today for a meeting tcr and fun. lii!! have gone to Miami, Flu., fiii- uu extensive slay. They motored down. Mr. ami Mr;. Grorge M. Lee 1-ave returned Iroln two days spent In Mcmplii.' P. T. A. News The Junior hiuli school P. T. A. mel Wednesday i.'tcrnoon. Miss Hughes pre.SfiiU'cl a program con- Mslini,' of piano solos by Patty Ji:m Malthexv.s LIL:C| Sue Ramejv two vocal numbers l/y Mrs. Russell Farr. Mrs. Paul L Tipton and Mrs. Qeumt! M. Lee, accompanied by Miss Margaret Merrill, and J. Ixiuls Cherry spnke on "Safely". Plans were nmtlj for n i>ie sui)- |>2r for the benclit of Ihe basketball learn. » home service course for girls was di.sius.scd, $10 was allowed for art mulcrlals and $1.12 for a copy ol "P.obcrl's Rules ot Order". Founders Day will bp observed In February at a jr.Snt nieetlng ot r.ll P. T. A.'s. .1 Miss Hughes' room won the attendance prize ol fi for the most McDowell Music Club Has Meellnc .. Ttip. McDowell . Fcderale'd :. Junior met 1 at; i the stuitiqiOt Mlaaf.;Mliinie ,'Led tfrines with -. Aljce •jEng^'Hestfeir alsovhBSteas.- •' . •'.' ' 'ftif: rne'ethig wi(sVopene(i ; bi' tlie ];res(dent. Ruby. Nell Ogle, 'who led th£>; group. -.singing.- •'.'.Piano nutnb- eri' .were g'ven : -hy Gloria .Mac Va'rbrobgh, ; Luclle Abbott, and a duct by Margaret Davis and MisS Jories. • Vocal numbers «-ere by Margkret-:-aiid Gcraldliic Bishop, uhd Eva'Berger. "R'nbi) Nell -Ogle made '4 talkXprT, "What Count Time lft:.MusIc". : a'pt! J«rries .. Alton Vlckeif l |»ead ''Ut'.'j firitihes'' In a contest: ;Riiby 'Ken Ogle of managers and otlice managers| trothers present of all plniHs In division. ' 'M^S Ro>:a (hirdy presented "The received the Two guests, , Cecil and Otlls Knlppcrs, gave t-ilks. Other guest? included Mrs. Vickcry, Mrs. Dorothy McDaniel, Mrs. D. Yarbrotigh,' Misses Mary Massey, .Mnggie ; Campbell, Eva Berger, Margaret bnd'. Geraldine Bishop and James E. Pounds. During the social hour chicken tandwiches, cake mid hot ehcKoiate were served. • • * Class rNamfs Offictrs. Officers of the Daraca Sundaj school class of the First Baptist church were elected In a meeting yesterday. They are: Bill Crow vresident; Robert Rccder. firs \ice president; But'. Wilson, secon< vice president; .A. 0 Blaylock. Jr third vice president; I,ccvn Stf.well fourth vice president; Dick Tip ton, secretary; White, reporter, teacher. John Hownrc J. P. Friend 1 J(ffkh Aid To M«l. The Jewish Ladles Aid soclet will have a special mcelln" i ihc Temple Israel this cvcnin b 8 o'clock. Misha Fciblsh, of Mem phis, will speak to the members Leonard Holt, who has been liitc 111 for. a week. Is now bet- t. Mrs. Dessie ToJd. of Arihorel, a patient at the Memphis Ba'p- 1st hospital. Dennis Malaxsis is III at the Acmplils Baptibt l.crpltal. Miss Bess Hall, who lias been II for a- week, -.1.1 slightly Improved today. Miss Marie Hainlsh, district chairman of the Arkansas Busness and Pix3fcsi,:unal Women's Uub, altenrird a meeting of the executive board- In Little -.Rock Wtcrday. . While tli'ere slic was he guest- of Miss Bcrnicc Crnf- ton «'iio formerly resided here. John Page Walton, who attends Congressional Library" to the senior and Junior high school stu- c'enls. This gift is highly ap'prec luted. The senior high P. T. A. met •Tuesday with Mrs. Paul L. Tipton fu charge of the- program: reading, Miss Martha Chambers; president's message. Mrs. L. E. Old How CarrJui Helped Lady Get Stronger "I was In ui weal; condlllon when : started .to using Cardul," writes Mrs. Oacur West, or Dayton, Texas. •I found It helped me "greatly. My ippctlle was ixx>r and I Imd lost weight. It was ah I'fTort for hie to ilo my work. I Mt (ircd all Die time. I read that other women look Cardul as a tonic, so I decided It would help me. It. strengthened me and increased my appetite, and I felt belter than 1 had In a Inng time. I think. 11 is a great medicine for weak Women. Thousands of women testify Cardui has benefited them. If it docs xiol benefit YOU, consult a physician. -Adv. BILIOUSNESS ^ Sour stomach { g 3 gas and headache^! (lite, jlo ' H CONSTIPATION I Here Is Just an enticing tafele ot wUal y«u. wlfr.ifet when you see IH» giarnoroUs Orola Giirbo In her new fllm, "Queen Ulirletln^,," She dopan't need much actlai to portray the regal splendor and power, ol lliat magnificent 4ueen_oi gw den, .doea ebel. '—"••- " '•' Will Sell 500 Roosevelt Ball Tickets at 81 'emocratic Organizations: , rhc comml ;^- |n chlirt , e o of Northeast Arkansas jtlie Birthday Bull _for ^ President Meet Tomorrow. Roosevelt, lo be held at the city auditorium on Tuesday, January ; 30, It has announced that it will Dr. Newton Brovn, professor ot! Attempt to dispose of 500 tickets :o!ojy at Arkansas Slate college, at $1 each. Proceeds from theaf- 111 be the principal speaker at; (air will go toward the endow- ie district mcctlnc of the Arkan-1 mcnt of the Georgia Springs ns Demucratlc Women's clubs In Foundation for infantile parcily- oneslioro Tilejxlay Ills subject:sis patients. Similar balls are be- ill be "Woman a^irl Her OWi'ja-iing given on the same nighl Because of numerous requests for a column on etiquette, 'Hie Courier News Is beginning such a feature under the heading "The Proper Thing." Questions will be answfred and brief discussions given on "what to do when" and otlior matters v.'hich sometimes perplex all "of us. As an authority we will use tlie 1U34 edition of "Etiquette—the Blue Book of Social Usage," by Emily Post, the recognized authority Ui all matters of good taste, and "Modern Manners." by Frederic J. Haskin. Such questions as "Should yon always speak lo fellow guests or wait to be introduced?" "When - , . [there is a gncsl prize, should Unlock, especially for this organi?a- "ions club. Mrs. O. M. Morgan, gn^t be eligible for a «corc prbe?" ion. Tickets will also be 'on sale at ["Are chaperons still necessary?" A number of Mlfslsslopl county j ! h f e Jf™ e stores: Borum's, Kir-1 and discussions on "American lumen will attcnn Ihls all day ^f- Klrb/ Bros., Robinsons, and Neigliborhood Customs and When nectlnii at I hi- F'l^ flub niin lBeUs - H ">' h Echo ° 1 students who; "ncheon ft l"«' Held C-. Mrs! »"' atso ^ lst '» «« ^ ^ ! :on to tile Ballot." throughout the United States. . Other numbers will include sc- i Organizations which have ac- crtions by the Arkansas Slate! copied ticket quotas are the Ro. ollegc and a vocal solo. "Have a tary club, B. A. Lynch; Lions club Iiart,". by Mis. Paul L. Tiplon, »'• '• Max B - Rcicl i American Legion liis City. This si>ng was urilten R- Stout and Floyd White . iy Miss Mabel Blan ol Little Business and Professional Wo MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 1931 "The Proper s Thing" Mrs. Tlncc-m-One Gives -i' p • ty." "All about weddings'. •'n'i- quette of women In busing»' ,.,,i "The interpretation of t, e 'you « moderns recognized by ivJ "„ ciety," are a few of nif m fm" things which will appear in iiVk column. • If you like It, askjis questions! The totem pole ot u u . ] n(|i . m is not Just an ornament; ( ] lc jj| s _ lory and legends oj Indian families are recorded In • these 'grotesque carvings. //) T *' STOPPED-UP ' iNOSTRILS Open the nuslrili .ind I permit free br»»lhln< ' by usin£ MentholMum night «nd moralng. '•imes n riarv- ni thu ,.i.v <lis I Jolm McDowell, Sara Jo Little,.M. I", r,h?i,±f k ',!, ™L - 1 ' p - Brownlee, Byron Morse and 10 o'clock. Call to order, by Mrs. P. M. Latourctte, of Jor.osboro. who will sell individually are L. L. I Wnrd. W. J. Wunderlich and Mrs. ' Jhnmie Fossick. Number One - ° f Pledge of allegiance lo Hag. by assembly. By reatlng their seed with radio ...„.,, , waves, a German scientist, suc- Words of v.-elcrme, mayor ot- cecded ,„ unHjucmg ccrlaln vege . . , . proucng ceran vege- Jonesboro and clKirman ol Dem- tiib ie s ln ha]f theili nbr|na , t , ccratlc central committee. Young. evm when thcV ^^ &m . j Wo- poor soil ' 'Bnslc Principle Underlying Me tal Hygiene", Miss Belma Lent "Effect of Enviroiiment—Love of Beauty—Care of Building", Miss Winnie Virgil Turner. Mrs. B. A. Lynch presided 'over the business meeting. Coriimil- tee report* were given and Mrs. Byroh Morse was announced as the new safety chalnnah. It was decided to purchase u new dictionary lor the library. Democrats and nr-mocrntic- men's club, of Joncsboro. Response, Mrs. James B. Clark,' HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE of Blythevllle, cliniiman First Con- Quick Relief, or \ou Only Pay gressional district. i . W hni Satisfied Speakers: Mrs. w. H. Arnold,; if you suffer rrom Hlgh Dloort Arkansas national commiUccwo- Pressure, dizziness ringing in the t.ian, Mrs. Laura Itavis Fitzhugli,! cars, can't sleep at nights, feel Etnte chairman; Mis. Etliel Cole v.-cak and shaky, Irad taste, nerv- OTOmngham, first vice chairman cus; If your heart pounds and slate group; Mrs. John F. Wein- you fear a paralytic stroke, to mr.nn, second vice chairman state, Demonstrate Dr jiayes' prescrip- I'vaiip; .Mrs. James U. Clark, dls-'. (Ion we will send you postpaid trlcl chairman, j a regular'^'treatment, on abso- Adjourrunenl. : ;Jutely FREE TRIAL. While it is Know Ourselves Luncheon", Ho- non-specific, "many cases report lei Noble. i remarkably quick relief; olten Reports by county chairmen. i .symptoms diminish and norma Afternoon Bessie n--2 P. M. , sleep.returns within 3 days. CoH- Vocal solo "Hnv A Heart", Mrs. tains ho salts, physics, opiates or Frul L. Tipton, ot Blythevi|lc. dope. Bafe. with any diet. -PAY Address, "Women and Their Ob- NOTHING' -UNLESS : GREATLY Ifrntlpn to Hie Ballott", Dr. New- ]MPROVED.:Then send $1. If no ton Brown. j improved your report cancel Business and election of officers, charge. Write Dr. Hayes Ass'n Song, "Star SpMigled Banner", G213 Coate,, Kansas City Mo by MI. _ Adv We Thank You! The rc.spousu to our 7 d;iy dorrancc which stiiftucl lust Friday w:is very !; ; ''yiiijr. Jlauy women stocked up on bin-gains Friday and Sal- unlay and many move will do so this week. For your convenience we have decided to extend the :-ale through Saturday, Ijut you had better come early because these coats, dresses, hats, etc., won't last long at the low prices we have. Let us also remind you that Ibis is your. last chance to buy Vitality '£[) and §G Shoes for §J arid $-1.50.'-' We still have a fairly goutl line of Other Lines ol' .*5 Shoes W.SU New Economy Shop Ingvani Bldg. Phone 954-W HtOt 354 = GRADE A Raw Milk Fhonc 74 Craig*s Dairy Hospital Notes Admitted to the Blylhevillc hospital: Mrs. J. R. Litzelfelner, Ca- ruthcrsviUe, Mo.; Mrs. Boyd Buys Caruthersrille. Mo.; Ansel Alexander, Steele, Mo.; Waller Franklin, Caruthereville, Mo. Dismissed: Mrs. W. V. Walls. Senath. Mo.' 'Viola Mac Boswell, Steele, Mo. Idaho Women Be*t Auto Drivers POCATELLO, Ida. '(UP)-Contrary to general opinion, women «e safer drivers of automobiles than men. Statistics of 1933 automobile accidents in Pocatello' proves it. Of the 372 crashes, men caused H2.8 per- cent, the records sl-.ow, while women figured in 172 per cent. Seventy-one persons were sferiously injured. Most of the accidents involved persons 21 vears or age or younger. COLDS END When You Use This Anazing Salve —Never before have you uicd a cold wlvo.'that. containj the irtcJicition found in' Sfi'eddani Salve. That ii why it ii flitly. gn«rantccdi "Endj Your (2o\d or Money Back." Shcddan's S*! v ' e ":«»T«ntly-pbw<:rfuI| .yet con. ttaa no b*rtntul dragj of any nature. ••:Wjutt!ii tpuchn the skin,' a new iinrj 4UfatxH.<«tIan »»iftly comes into ,ic- • tfon; uiiii: breaking ' congestion and tnainj pain moce efftcllvely than any rjmtdrr'jvar derftei-,.T»o kindi: .; "Strong" (or Aduln, "Mild" for Chil; drtn, Scld'bp «U druggijtj, Lucki ucKies IJ quality cleaning I'd send my clothes to Barnes' Nu- W'a Cleaners — If I wore clothes!" Phone 180 THE TOBACCO DOES NOT SPILL OUT Good tobaccos... real good tobaccos., .that's the reason for Lucky Strike's fine, smooth quality. We use only the center leaves of the finest Turkish.and domestic tobacco plants. Not the top leaves—because those are under-developed. Not the bottom leaves—because those are inferior in quality. We use only the center leavcs-becausc these are the mildest leaves-fully ripe for perfect smoking. Only these choice tobaccos are used to make Luckies—so round, so firm, so fully packed—and no loose ends to spill out. That's why Luckies are always mild and smooth. That's why always "Luckies please". And don't forget — "It's toasted"—for throat protection—for finer taste. The Mrtiofiolifan Ojiera Dirr MIC RcJ jn4 Blue Ntt«-oilcj SiiLTdi)-, 2 P. M. pjMtrn SuniirJ 'firrc, l.Hl'KV STitlKE (rclcntl ihf MctnY«l:iin Opera Cooipanj in thcccii-.fktc Ofcra, "Doo Grononi" Always the Finest Tobacco LS" and only the Center Leaves 1. The Anel.-

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