The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1930 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT KLVTHEVILLE. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS f?i ; iti Talkies * One of Year's Toil Best Films . • i f LTi Ci * rt pression Have Hit state. 1SV DAN THOMAS NKA Service Writer HOLLYWOOD— "Tol'nbL? David" has been brought to the .silver j !screen again, this time us a talk- ! jiiig plcliire. And unless we are; OllOteS Figures Showing isrcally mistaken it will be duwid | i rV i i r\ i amo " B tlle 10 bcsl ni"'s of iswo j .HOW Ul'OUth and 1>C- when the critics start picking ihci.i | next moth- Some years ago, Inspiration Pictures mode "Tol-able Uavid" with •.ATLANTA, Oa., Nov. 14.—Speak- jHloliard Bnrthdiiicis. That \:iuIng: on. economic developments mlduction still is remembered as U-M Arkansas during the past year. Dr. i o! (hc bl , s ( cvc ,,. 1)li( 0]1 t , )(1 Ku ,,., 1 C.'C. Fichtner, dean of the School Rlld lt ma( j e ft s!nr ollt of ij ar .j, n . of-Business Administration. Urn-|ni?ss. verslly of Arkansas, today tokl Hi? | ln t;lct D | ck w .,, s so Kr(!c | ,„ i. Southern Economics Conference In that lie refuser! to play In (lie lalk- sesfclon here that 1930 was the worst i hlg Vc ,. s i 0 ,i bcoaure he feared tie year Arkansas lias experience! ! wuu | ( | , 10 t ix- n ijle to criuat lilf. pro- since 1914." 'viims pertannoiicc. Ami he was The drouth had more ' fmm i .|» declining the role beeaiiM- ing effect on cotton In Arkan'iis , K , waj SD wcll , (k0( | | v f ofe than in any oilier cotton-proituc- ing -slate,"' Dr. Fichtner told th? southern economists. "The ylil-.l .was cut .by more than a third rs compared to the 1929 crop althcug 1 ! the planter! acreage was almost Uv same. The short crop, joined with low prices, is estimated to have reduced the cash Income from' col- ton by 65 million dollars as compared to last year, a decline of 55 per'cent. Since 1314 there have been only four yenrs In which the cotton production of the state has less, and no year in which he cruld rto loday would be ns ijood in the eyes of the pub- lie. Replacing Barlhe'.mess in . the title ro!c Li Diehard Cromwell, yo'ung Los Angeles artist, wlio;mok- es his first appearance screen In this picture, some ercal wcrk, too, far tetter llian one would expect from on the He does novice If he can continue at the pace iie set in Hits picture Cromwell already Is as good iiu n star. Bui the Columbia studios, pro- diirors c,f tills film, will do well to | the'money value of the cotton crop | cx ; el : c)s ., re . d cam io n in rusting has been.lower ihan is estimate:! j h ' 1|n f o r i,i s next two or three pro- for' 1930. Ofthtr Crops Also Short Deari Fichtner called attention to the'short, product! on of other important crops In Arkansas. "All .fruit crops except crap« are fur below normal producticn." he sn'r.l "Apples arc off 55 per cent. p?ars 40 per cent, strawberries TJ per cent and peaches 96 per cent. \ViUi the exception of n 5 per cent increase in potato production, all miscellaneous crops sustained marked declines In-production as compared to last .year: rice is off 17 per cent. peanuts 54 per cent, sugar CO pel cent, and sorgo 28 per cent. "The feed situation is critical." Dean Fichtner said. "Corn produc- 1 tlon is down 70 per cent, hay -1'i per cent, alfolfa 34 per cent, onts 2 per cent, and while fall rains have' helped the pastures, their condition on Octobsr 1 is estimated nt only 65 per cent of the average of the preceding six years. "The available data on agriculture for the past year would lend one to' conclude Hint the money Income of farming in this state will be reduced by as much as 40 p;r cent and that the real Income will be reduced by" at least 30 per cent from last year, compared to an estimated reduction of 19 psi' cent for the nation as a whole." Discussing mineral production and manufacturing activity, Dr. Fichtner said: "Mineral production in the state has been fairly well maintained. The average daily petroleum production declined about • 17 per cent during the last quarter • of 1929 but has been since kept at that level. The output of coal is no less than during" corresponding seasons last year. Lower prices, of course, obtain for both conl and petroleum. Lumbtr Mills Slack "Data on manufacturing In Arkansas would indicate about a 30 per cent decline in lumber milling, furniture manufacture and glass manufacture this fall, although acute depression seems mt , to have set In' until early summer. In certain lines such as wood parts, cooperage and veneer plans, gain? have been recorded. Textile mills are fairly active. Keports from 47-1 ductlons. They arc the impor!a:a on?s and the ones: (hat will determine his future B;ery Also Pleases Shaving ncthig honors .- with j Richard '•Berry i" Criimwell is Noah Beery, who por- _ manufacturing plants on Nov. 1930, showed a general slacking In "avid, activity but .part of this Is .seasonal The depression in the lumber industry, the largest fnclor in.Ar-j 1 kansas manufacturing, will protab- i| ly continue until building shows an upturn. Renewed activity in auto- body and spoke plmHs will likewise uwalt recovery in the nulo- mobllc field. Commenting on the unemployment situation in Arkansas, Dean Fichtncr said, "The supply of farm labor is 20 per cent above normal and demand 25 per cent.below normal. The supply expressed as n percentage of demand Is ICO per cent as compared to Hi per cent In the country ns a whnie. Farm wages or the average arc 23 per cent lower 'than a year ago. "Unemployment in mining, manufacturing and mercantile enterprises is not so great. Figures from some SCO companies show only about a 10 per cent reduction in the number of employes as compared to a year ago. Wage cuts, commonly of 10 per cent, have been reported In many establishments, nnd il would renn that further reductions are In prospects. "The average weekly pay check on Nov. 1, 1930, was $20.26 os compared to S22.31 on Oct.' 15, IB29. Wages hove not fallen as rapidly as In the depression of 1920-21 nt ; which time the average weekly pay j check declined from S24.1-! on Oct. '• 15, 1920. to S15.3G on Sept. 15, 1921." RITZ THEATRE Last Time Today K Dietrich. .a«rwii>. ac'.iev iakos •!:-!' first Ansorlcdn :ip- pearnucc, anc! Adolphc Mcnjou. ^ .| . -The Old Triutigle The story |s one of those tri angular n(fsiis with two men In Jovo will! Hie same u-rman. C«i;:ir Is a private i» the Foreign l.i^:u:i. IMenJou Is :m extremely \si.ii'.liy inan-iiboiit-lom. And both aiv in love with Miss Dietrich, a tai-urc; entertainer. However, she l.ivor>. Gary and Uie night before lie is l-> leave f'-r battle she offers to ml: nawy with him-II iic, l wlll deseri. ', They make (heir plans and ihm Gary changes Ills mind and decides [ to go wllli his company, bel!.?vm'!:' that the girl will be mijoh. liappiei with Menjou,.who,can glye her i-v- • er>- luxury. Miss Dietrich thci; consents to marry'M<mJou but rt'ir- |!nif' MvHr engage"hi'eric>'dinner *1>? hears the legion returning :t:iri runs out to see If Gary Is wnli Ihein Learning that he has l> -t-u • left behind wounded she tells Mra- : Jou, that she must go. to him at • onocl. • - :' , ': ' i "Morocco" brings to the screen j I a new Gary Cooper. Instead of > the wrloiis.,bashful youth you have; khqwn hi the past yf^4 will st-e a happy-go-lucky •, soldier.-; who cures I ifoV nothing. And Marlene Diet- I ' rich comes the closest to being like ; I Greta G.arbo of anyone, we liav:.[ seen yet except, of course, Greta j herself. She is fascinating and in- ; trlgulng—but sh.2 Uiouldn't fing. Mcnjou Is Just Adolphc Mcnjou, a thoroughly sophisticated and iwl- i shed uctor. • FRIDAY, iNOVEJIBER 14, 1930 ElfJ" w ains For Saturday Onli Cromwell ;\]nl Noah scene from "Tol'ablc- trays the Villainous Luke. Beery, ways n fine, actor, do?s cxcep- onnlly well In this picture. And > does George Durycn In the role )f Cromwell's older brother, 'it is the best work George has done "hi ninny moon:) and should be Instrumental ii\ showing him several steps up the film: ladder. Joan Peers, whom we have praised IY>- forc, docs nil that could be. expected In a thankless role of thu girl who tons Httb id do. ••'•' '• •••• As far as we could determine this bit of celluloid entertainment k flawless Every scene means something and tlwy build beautifully to the climax which is a terrific fight between Beery and yomi" Cromwell. It's a great picture an< will do a tremendous business. Another of this winter's picture yen don't want tn miss is n Cooper's latest, '.Morocco," a story of the French Foreign Legion n Morocco dory ts supp-.rlcd b; SAME PRICElH 4 Pound Limit &B3BsaHaMMm Cudahays Shankless Picnic 4 io 8 Pound Average NECK BONES" 6c PIG TAILS ib. 25 BAKING POWDER It's </oub/e acting Use K C (or .fine textuie : and large volume in yout , ,'. bakingj.v... ; MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT . : Fed Milk Fed . 28c Pork Saasage Made from* ffc Country 9 $ff* Pork. U)..L&tlj For Stewing or Boiling Read Courier News i Want Ads. i CHUCK !b. 12c SPARE RiBS Ib. Ik f kwp It c«rNMl »1 »•>•».>•!?» ""Ir r-o*. Vic HOMETHEATRE Friday and Saturday Evcrctl Horton, Roth Miller, Johnny Arthur, Moron FRE During Cooking School Demonstration Spatula Pancake Turner STEAKS Round 17c SALT Jowls or PSates !b. PORK CHOPS Ib. 24c I Compound EGGS, Guaranteed Fresh, Doz BANANAS S"lb. 3k I ORANGES S limit Ib. FSX Comrdy mid News llalintc—10 anil 30c. Nig'nt—10 and 35c. Saturday — Bob Sloelc in "UNDKU MONTANA MOON." can of CR1SCO Brookfield or Clover Bloom Jumbo Stalks, Stalk Lightning Express No. G and .' ' ._ Comedy. Adm. Matinee—10 and 25c. ' ! •' 1 ! Satnvdiiy— Kob Slceie in "ILNDED T1IK 'MONTANA SKII-;S" Comedy and Fables- Matin:c—10 and 80c. Night—10 and 35e. | Coming—Sunday & Monday —Nancy Carroll in "LAUGHTER". In kitchen heat o ice box cold— • tltr<iy# creamy Mti ft if — •• At These Grocers Now —- Sbs. 49cfork& Beans Cam|li)ells 3 for MES£S&ssaass33B CRANBERRIES Ib. McMuflins Cash Cro. Clarence Sanndcrs Mr. Bowers Stores T. J. Johnson Phillips Gro. C.-A. Hovey,Cash ,Mkt. McFalls Market W. A. Pickartl U. T. Worthy /. A. McCuif-toii W. 0. Maxwell Saliba Market Helole Grocery Nahers & Naljers Pride of Hlincis Ib. 6c ONION V No - 2 2 can, Fancy l . Park Ifnr No. 2i Rose Pale, 2 for

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