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The Courier News from , · Page 2

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Tuesday, June 13, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTIIEViLLE,' i[ARk.); TICKET This Ticket Will Admit A 6. Hndson "4? Compinlon BljlKevllle —to the— BITZ JCIIt\TER —to ^s "UNION Social Calendar , TUESDAY'S EVEN1S Order of Easieni Star haMng slated meeting, 7 30 o'clock, At Hall r WEDNESDAY'S E\>ENTS Mrs ^licldo'n Hall enlfcrtalnlng Bi^Ionthlv Lilnchcon club Werfnhdav Contract, club meeting with Mis H A Tajlor. Mrs C C Langston lia\ing Town and Country Club THURSDAY'S EVENTS Altar society, church of the Immaculate Conception, sponsoi- Ing bltigo parly, bight o'clock, at, CaUiolis 'Hall Mrs, Russell , Phillips enteitaln- ing Thursday Lunclieoii club Thursday Cdnlrael club meeting with Mrs P B Joyner • Thursday Afternoon club meeting \\lth Mis , Eddie Regcnold Mr? r M T Burr ha\h)E Double Four Birdge club Ftifcflam for Gtwjt Mr and Mrs John Miles Miller last plight entertained 15 guests nl s,upper in honor of Mrs Mlllei's sister, ^tiss darollnc D\ma>a"t, of. Memphis, who Is visiting them for two weeks Clipper which was planned krpiTnd barbecued cliickcu was sened buffet sljlc from ft table anartgcd on the la«n of the Mll- leis' stiburban Jiome Alter slipper, Ihe giiests danced and played charades The interior of liie Miller home was dcco- falcd i\lth boumlels of pansies, hasluruuins, s\\ect peas, and " Vase of pliiplc gladioli * * * National Rtlatl_oi!s biscilssfd al Me'clliis Mrs ^T I Neal Hfls leadei o. Ihe program on ' Widening Q, National Uelaticns"^hlch was prc scuted jesterday afternoon at tin meeting of Ihc Woman' 1 ; Missionary society of the Lnkc Slreei Methodist church nl tlie home 01 Mrs Alien VanWinklc FillovilUB Uo songs, Mrs read the sciip'turc lesson from Hi 34lh chapter of Matthew Mis George Disin'ger read the in'cdila tlon on ' Loyalty" and Mrs Ncal, t poem, "God's Dream " Tn'c progran. was' presented by' Mrs: W. L. Green, Mrs George Shamiiri, Mrs O J Rcdgers, Mrs A E Lewis ann Mrs Iverson Morris Piajeis wcrt offered by Mrs Morris, Mrs Neai and Mrs Green Plans .were made for n church banquet to v be given Jtme 20 at the church. FLAPPER FANNY By SytVli' wwiir Nti scuvicc. Ife.-1. A Vr« U s. fir. ifr'f;' ----- ^ - - - the wee}cciKl;-lri Willfbrd and ifnrdy. I;i v/lllford,' they were Die guests of Mrs, Sliijnks' parents, Mr- and Mrs; 'C, M. Hughes. •Mrs. J. G. Barnes and Mrs, B. A, Bu^g,' accompanied by ,Mr?. Fred Ai'cxaild'er '(if Lcicjiyille, !md Mis, Uockie Ross of Mcihphls. • left yes- lordsy. for New X° r ,' : in tlic. .absence of the Kiev will 'spemi foiir weeks. They ' chairman,. Mrs, Jl, F, Kirshtiei- 'hid i will bo llle gilesls of Mfs. ijoss' tlic Bteie stii'dy. Tlie' 16 "pre&pl! soil, 'Mortis 'CdiVlne, h'riti' Mrs. Ccr- iiicluded due • visitor, Mrs. Zal IJ.! zinc whs ' v/ete recently inanlcd Hai'VIAon, Slid 6"rie' tie*" member, and will alsp s)>ehd much time n't Mrs. Bpyd Fl.n?!!. /•' - •• » - ... Mrs.-'ndy 'Walton 'and Mrs. W. : !A. Dobyns were co-hostesses 10 .-10 members., of, Circle Tln v ec at .the Wilton-' (iptt'c. Mfe. 'M.ftttic; Allbh led .jhc Blbiij ''sU'lSi'. 'Mfe ' Dbbyris Assisted By ^ Mrs. 6. vv. bj'llanunty gayb llVe, program, . '- . ;.; 'l\lr's. ;Hugli Kdlsoh . 'j'eVVntnecT members ''of 'circle' Four nl .li'er lioijte 'last iilglit In ;)\oii'or "p.f, her rhblh'cr, Mrs. Robert, IE. L'ee King, h , former clialKiwvr'of /the glrclc.. An'fl't.licr jj'tiest was "Mi's. Kliig'.s 'dntijh'ter, Kir's. Hibt/eft Bot' tom of Eijst St. Louis. Mia. fc!n' lea 'llie Bible Slbily SKd Mii. E. i Spfhdley gave 'the program. llie World's Pajr. JVlilIe aw'&y, Ihcy plan' to Wsll other lnte*rcsliii : g places In llie Et)sl. : '.::.. O. W. DlllhnuiHy nii'cl son, George, aii(l grat'iidilauglitcr, Siis'le Taylor, have re'tiiriic'd "(rein rfolhts of Kentucky and niplcy, 'I'cnn.' Mis. M. O. Hocggcn of St. Loiils and licr riaiiglHbr, Mrs., N. J. Locli- bllilcr mid children, Mnry Jo jih'rt JliiiiiilC; of Sjiyanla, O., arrlveil Saliirday to sp'ciid two weeks here Mith Mr. and Mrs. Frank Webb six} family.. ...... : ; . Mrs. Hcri.rtcrKoi^ Hall has returned from Caruthcrsyllie where she lit I teiidcct 'the "funeral of Dr. H, T. 'TUESDAY, "JUNE 13;-193U At The Hospitals Blyllieville Hospital Mrs.' Oscar Vaviglm, Braggadocio, admitted. • . • . G. A. Banks, Bragg City, admitted. Walls Hospital Cray Tiptoii, Manila, admitt'bil. Ben JSMisoii, Manila, admitted. Mrs. C, 11. Down's, Dell,' admitted,. JWflss Anita Cowan, Manila, ad- mHlcd. .'••''. Mrs. Ethel Briie'0, Kelscr, dismissed. "••"•". Miss Wls Field, city, illshiissed. Memphis SI. Jb'.s'sph's HdsiiKal Edfar' Cliiaii, . Manila, adriilltcd. Moihjihls Baplisl Hr. J.: v.. Moore, Hnytl,,admitted; Bits ol News, Mostly Personals Byars. Miss Mildred Byars Sfiss Opal Harris "m:torcd lisinc. ' her Alabama Finds Tax Tokens G'o For Oth'er Uses Gir) Secretary Learns To Fly as Diversion , O. tUP) — Pretty 21-year-old Dorothy Schlecht — n private secretary by vocation and a photographic nicdcl in her spare time— Is taking . flyiiig lessons and ;'liiteiids to follow flyihB in the saiiie Jnaniicf as many t'ake up horeeback riding." . ned-liiiired Miss Sclileclit 'took'st less'oii from Maj. Clarence D, :Biri)hlll, n flying Instructor at the Cleveland alrpirti -••'and safd that her only 'reason in . becoming an aihate'ur pilot is ''to satisfy a personal ambition." • • Masons Will Meet On Wednesday Night Tlie Chlckasiiwba Lodge 134, will meet In regular convbca'tlorrlh Die Lodge Hall Wednesday night a i 7:30 O'clock. Visiting Masons arc cordially inylUd tp attend, Nelll ' Worshipful Master, said today. T<>b I.ATE TO fcl.ASSlFV Wanted to Rent House or apartment with 2 licd- rboiiis. In wes'tfeni section of 'city. J. M. Willlariis, phone 513. 13-ck-lG Mr..tiiid Mrs. VV. I. OsljcpnVe aiul son, Irving, vvjig jiaVe iiiade : ihelr H ' Deinoiistralioh. Club News Notes ., t^b SHbuse apartme'nt at, 811 West. Waihiit strcel, arp iiow reslriiiiB iii the 1. O. Westbrb'ok home on West. Mala street. Mr, ami Mrs. Miles Provlciice iiieWcd club to nrcit. Mrs. J. ,H. Smart Jr.. will, entertain ni'einbei'B , of t)ic Dogwdoil Home pemoiistrntion, club toriibr- "1'fn goi\n"!\ i-cvvi-ito it ciilirbly. I dulli't know anything about- life When 1 stili'lcd my novel Iftsl slimmer." ^ one noiiicn including one ncs member, Mrs Tern Turner, were present al the meeting Mrs Charles Shamlln, of St Louis hcuseguest of Mrs C T shamhn, Mrs. R. R.. Copfeftnd led the dc- votioiial period. Mrs. J. II. Smart Jr taught IhC' mission sliidy niVd prayers were olfcrcd by Mrs. Leslie Mo:rc and'Mrs. Jesse Seaman. Mrs. Theo'dorc'Lognh ' laugh t the mission sltfdy . at the, meeting o'f , 11 members, 'of. Circle Foiir 'at the ' home of Mrs. Shelbunie Brewer. One new .member attended this meeting...Mrs. H. 11. Bi;o;ks ami Mri. E. B. Wooslson led iti prayei'.s. Mrs. W. L. Stiic.s vvas hostess 13 \0 members o! Circle Five, Mrs, Jbtih Tyrone laiight th'c^ mission sliidy' and prayers..were ottered by iMiss C:rdclin Wilhitc ami Mrs. loiin Buchanan. Seven members of circle Six at- endcd the inceiing at the hoine 'of rs. Marlon Williams. The meeting ,as.opened with sentence prayers iltcr which tile mission study was condiicied by Mrs. Alv'lh Hiiffiiiait,' vlio vvilli Mrs. Jl. L. Chambers offered prayers. , • ^.,..•'11;, I'/..'.* • » ; ', .:i ..'' Urs. Qrgau Visits B. 'aiid 1>. W. Cliili Mrs. Jewel B. Organ, ucrsohnei director, of. the Better Homes Research Institute In Chicago, and a neuiber cf the Business and I'ro- 'csslonal Woman's ciiib. was a giiesl ast, night, at, the iiiectiug of the ecu! chapter of tlie qrgatiization guest Mrs. VariWIukle. and Mrs. Di- Einger sen-ed a salad "plate dm iin the social hour which fcllowcd. * * * 0 t S to Meet Twice This Week Members ol the Order of the Eastern slar »ill have t\\o mcel ings during tlie present week Tlie first meeting will bo Unijht at the Hall at 7 30 o'clock 1 Friday, the Weal chapter will join wjth ether orders in Hie 15th dis Irlct for an all (lay school of In- sirucUon fcllOHc'd by a night meeting 'Die morning session, \Uiich will begin at 10 o'clock, will be a study pcrhd with examinations to be given in the afternoon. Work by district officers will be put or during the night session. \V. Sf. U. Circles Stcct The six circles of the Wtxian Missionary Unioli of Ihe Tirs Baptist church met jesterdav af ternton In the holies of vaiioiK members for Bible and nnssioij stildies and social houis Mrs S M Hood was hostess U M members of Circle one Allci Mrs. E F. Blomeser had given Hit devctional, Mrs Murray Smart taught the mission study Prajcr- were offered by Mrs Otis Shepherd and Mrs Ucyd Stlcknion Mrs. E P Hardln had the ds- votio^al taken from the lllh chsp- ter of Luke for Circle T\o rhi=r. met at the home 'f Mrs Ivy W Crawford The 10 members were ted in prayer b, Mrs Alfred Cai- penter and Miss Tresslc Alien Mrs M T Burr taught the mission study Eight members of Circle Thre met with Mrs Jdell BlatXard alien man of tlic progrnm of which the theme was "Widening Olir National Outlook." Mrs. John F. ncln- miller gave Ihe scripture feadlti? after .vvhich Mrs. E; B. ^yi))inhls aiid Mrs,;H<u"ry Frissell disciisscd u'lidc'r- 'prlvllegcd groups. ..A duel by Aniiclta liuniphrey a'n'd Travis Williams was sung 'during the social .hour .' which followed. Hostesses for the day were Mrs. Wylle, ;Ml-s. ib A. Taylor, Mrs. J.' W. Parker,.iirs. PHsscll,' Mrs. P. E. Osolcy, Mrs. Williams, Sirs. George A. Hamilton. . * • * Have Circle Meetings. . Members of tlie Woman's Auxiliary of the First 'Presbyterian church had circle meetings yesterday afternoon and last ni?hl. Program subject for -Circles One and Three ivns "Tlie Bibjo in Education" while .the home 'mission program was discussed 'In Circles Two and Four. •. The Bible .study in. each group .had as its theme, :"Christian ; Growth.".. Social hours concluded bach meeting. •Mrs. Fl. L. Cook, of Dell, was hostess .to 11 members 'of Circle One. Mrs. . C. M. Gray was In phnrgc of the program anil Mrs. pixie Crawford In charge of liie Bible Study. .. Mrs. .j.. D. McGill was leader of and two 'children, Jean and Mar- row afiernoon at 2:30 o'clock at las, of St. Louis, have arrived lor, her. home. All .members have been n visit 'with Mr. Provicnce's par- urged by officers to attend, eh Is and other relatives., They plan to be here for two weeks.: Mrs. phjifles Siiamii'n, of St. Louis, will return-to li'er h'pnib the latter piH'of, tlie week after having visited Mr. anil : Mrs: " ~ Sliamiin. hmMINGliA'M, 'Ala: (UP)—The Alabaiiia''revenue cicjitirtihcnt IK wondering what It might 'dp 'to relieve the shbrtafje of sale's tax tokens in ['lie state. ... : Nuincrbiis.. rcqilesls for additlqn- iil tokens have had to go unfilled, 'Revenue Commissioner John. C. Curry said, because no more tokens arc available. Curry said the tokens cost $16 for ?10 worth, and the state Has not orrtcrifd n new supply 'of the one-mill pieces. Curry also said reports had been made of the. tokens being used in applying roofing pap"cr to Buildings, 'as they we're cheaper than lead washers, ' Several months ago, wlien the stale broadcast an appeal for lok- ens, more than 10,000 of them Were found hoarded In.a soda mountain In the state : capital. i.\.ui yit(i]jkbi UA inu yiuiMiicaiiuii i\" • • ' • • ' I, •:. ' : . • nt tlie home of Miss Willie NeWnit «:•,,P F °8 r V" P.rcscnlccl at the reeling .'of Circle Two al the home [Mrs. J. Nick Tlibi'nas wiih Mrs. cc P. Pride its cb-liostcss. sli'e . . .; =-— t «l».tl«<iB!ht'ie<J»Jwltb • "hiniorer" he»<facho that tacii your ntrres »hd Lnlcrtercs with bnsl- BSss. Just t»ks Uiuld Cicndino anil Jiotc how qaickly head clears, pep «f«dTrt "plti«"t "o UVe wadoem't «pset slomjch. Trr It for morntn. Mrs. Orsan discussed briefly the national cbhvbnllsu of ilVe club rtnriiiB the earlier part ol the mccllng. Miss Wanda Dnlle'y, of Wilson, wns also a guest ol llie jrciip. The animal ;;'wiilic elephant" auittoh sale was IicW lust night. Procccrfs from llie huctl.'n-'go to the Sunshine fund. Miss Nebliul served n dessert course of Ice cream and cake nl tlic conclusion, of the sale. * • • Class Has AVccU'ng N!rs,, O. M. Morgan, Mrs. Kendall Berry anil Mrs. Fitd Copc- lancl were hostesses to members of Gleaners' Sunday school class o the First B.Vpttsl church for theii monthly business and social mbct ing last iilglit. Tlie Morgan home where the class met was decorated with bouquets of summer flowers. Refreshments of [rosier! rtrinks und cookies were served after the business session and the contests. 1'ifiiic l;iinrii I'l.iiincil For U. I). C. Chapter. A picnic lunch id be glvei 1 Tliiirsday afternoon for members of the Elllolt Fletcher chapter c. llie Unllttl Daughters of the Con fedcracy is being planned by mem bers of llie Children of the Confederacy. Tlie nflnir will be at one o'clock at Walker Park. In case of rain arrangements will be made for i to be held Indoors. If.ay'c Prtgraiii Mcctlnf Mcint'ers of the Woman's Missionary siclcty of the First Moth- odisl church had a program meet- Ing yesterday afternoon at church. Mrs. Charles U Wyllc was chair- mmmmmm WEST END SWIMMING POOL Special Announcement Friday Nights Admission. Ladies 100 % Attend Church Meeting At Osceola bSOEbbA. Ark., June 13..-- Arbimd 100 younir pbople from the ''' ,.,... Mr. an'd.Klrs. Floyd Tharpc aiul Mieth'ddls't'clnirclies in the northern Saiigliter.-Beve'rly je'an, aiid nieces, half of "Mississippi county arqi'cx- Beverly Jnne Hniison, Diilcia a'nct p'cctcd to 'be present at the regular Virglnih Rose Smith, spent the monthly meeting of the Mississippi vvc'ek in .fldliy 'Grove, Ark.,-, W'lth O-unty Young People's. Union al Mr. 'Fliarpe's parents: -They were the Qscebla Methodist Church here ac'comvianicd lioriic from Memphis tonight, it was announced by Steve by Mrs. Blanche 'Hanson, who spehl Ralph; who is "in charge of ar- Ihe weekend vyilli them. . Mrs. rang'eincnts. '' Springlall insects leap throu'gh (he air by menus of their spring- like tails. , Thaipe, . ' . Jean ..Tharpe, i The Rev. Harcld B. Tillinan, pas- , . . .., . . , Bcye'rly J,anc Ilansoji iuid.Miss Er- tor of the 'Osceqla Baptist church, nestlric Smith motored liei- home will be the principal Inspirational Sunday. Miss Louise Siulb'n and Miss Mabel Slihoii liiiv'e returned from. » vvcck's vn'cnU'oii spc'ni In Mcmiiliis lind Jdiiesboro where ihcy visited friends. . Robert Jonlz lias arrived home from Richmond, Va., where lie nt- tendcd Ihc ynivcfsity of Richmond. He will spend. Ills summer' vacation Jiefc .vyllh . hisy.parails, -jifi'i and Mrs. J. 'MeiTlil 'JoSYt'zV'" *'' : 'Charles W6:d, , .who . has . be'cli employed by the Liberty Cash Grocery of city,. has., been transferred to Paragmild. Ife and Mrs. .Wood, left yesterday (o,inakc thelr 0 liotiic In that city. . Mrs. Eula Rutledge, of ' is sp'eiiding a days here as ' tlie guest of Kir. aiul Ivi'rs, Frank Webb. ,, Miss Cora Lee, ColenVan is in; Jcnesborp lotlfty lor 'a iiieeting ' of Home t)erix:hstratlbn ' agents of Northeast Arkansas, . .Mr. . an'd Mrs. Wagner Adams, Mrs. Gcorg'b Sliajiks ai'l'd sons, speaker using as his subject, "The Challenge of Youth in the Christian Religion.'"-- -• Tomiiiie Tinker of Blyllicyillc will be'iiislalled as'/tlie new pves- idcnl siicceediiig Ch'arlcs I'iirlle of ill at city. Roy Ashabranner cf Manila is to be the new treasurer. Nora.Pace of Osccola is secretary. Special imisic numbers are to be' furnished by yc'imf'--people from" KetWr-'aiid-Wilson.. ' v "s-'' ?'•'<"•* /A Sciith Mississippi Couiily Young People's Unioii was recently organized with Belly Jenkins of Joiner, as president. lOc CAPUDINE . I'rivulc Parties $2.50 up I'honc U5 Tuesday Pal Day and Night as . assised iii tlic prcseiiiKtion laic, .Miss Emma Kale Richards. S. E.. Vail an'd Mrs. b. C. Men itiiil Gelic Siiftliks, spciit (lie . Iteid C'oui'ic'r N'bv/s want art check-', MALARIA COLDS H"" 1 ' 1 - Tib !'", i ir ',,i,,i™ s 'rir s t ,i» 'Silvt, Noso V)ro|>s MALARIA Speedy Relief of'Chills an'd Fever When your t'eotli are chnttcHng with chills and your body burning with malarialfevcr, yoiiwani Umely and reliable relief! Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, is the rr.adicinc you want, to take for Malaria. This is no new-fahglcd'ar untried preparation, but s treatment of considerable merit. G rove 1 s Ta stele s s .Chi U To rile contains tasteless quinidine arid iron. It relieves (he chills and fcvbr.due to Malaria aiid also lends to build you up. This is the double effect you want. •Thfe very next time yon feel Ma- lariarchills and fever corning oh, get a.bottle, of Grove's Tasteless-Chill Tonic biirt taking it immediately and it uill soon Riye jau relief AlldrugstorcssellCrove'sTasielcss Chill Tonic JJuy the lirge size—gives J-BU much more for j our money 79(3 SI' 00 "._ ' $1/25 tt Here's a libsc you have long wanted. One thai \vill._wear taid wear. No finbr silk nor more skillful cr'aft'smanship'c'an be put into hosiery regardless of the .price. You will iiever change from Dovedovvhs brice you have worn thciri. . range in .this number embodying all the. srrrar' "^w shades^p£ Ihdiai Pastel, Rose, Sunny and Copper Beige, .,-,-A i^ MITES More Old Tires Will End Crazy Allowances On Old Tires Best-Pay Less But Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Firestone "GutttrDipped" -- Largest in siize, Safest of all tires and Most Econortucal to run . / Open 24 Hours Phone 810 Save extra money! Wards now bring you special bargains on hundreds of things yoO'il'nee'd during summer mortihs! See our exciting new Sale Book ol the Co'toldg Order deparlment of our store. Don'i miss these Sale values! YOU CAN SAVE ON ALL YOUR NEEDS AT WARDS Besides the values in our Sale Book and on our couriers, you'd find thousands of o\her items al mbney-sdvirig prices in our catalogs! A Irain'ed clerk in our Catalog Order io'eparlnienl will help you moke your selection. She will take your entire order, arid have the ni'erchbna'ise you Want rushScf here from our Warehouse. The some 'day your order is received at bur Warehouse, your goods ore on the way here! You "can ha'vb them sent direct to your home, or to Ihe store on our Group Shipment Plan. • Our Catalog Order Service saves you money on catalog items .. . you pay no letter-postage, no money-order or C.O.D. fees. And, you can save up 16 JXj of the shipping costs'. BUY BY TELEPHONE You con do all your shopping in your easy chair, if you wish. Just call Wards and osk for Catalog Order Service. .CATALOG ORDER SERVICED

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