Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 18, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1896
Page 3
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"DR. MILES, T Through HI* Nervine Is a Benefactor to Thousands." •#;"<> ;• V--'; --• '$¥' M: m.. m.- • ",<-, • • *t-/ - H YFIDELY known Wisconsin publisher, ,-who roslaos' as Green Bay, writes 'March 6th, l«E. ; aa follows: „ "Piyo years a;o I became so nervons that mental work was n burden. I could not rest at night on account of sleeplessness. My attention was .called tc Dr. Miles' Koatora- tlvo Sorvino. aud I commenced to uao It with tho vary best effect. Since tnon I .havo .kept a bottio In ray house and use It . -whenever my nerves become unstrung, with always toe same good rusuit*. 51 y son ilso Tlf • MllPC' takes it lor nervousness m . muti Tith uke ncver falI [ nB NfirvinC success. I havo recommended .it to many and ReStOr£S H cures them. All who TT ij.u stiffor iTom nerve HCHllU...... troubles should try It. It is iree Irom imrcocics, perfectly harmless! and yet soothes and strengthens. Dr. ..Miles, through his Nervine Is a benefactor to thousands." A.C.LEHMAN. Editor and proprietor of DEB LANDSMAN. Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold on suiinmtee first bottio will benefit or money refunded. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Sbower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose (3 Express Ad, 25c. Prevents Wetting Heart Floor or Walls. Hornless Water Closets, Send lor Catalogue Frost .Proof .Water Closets, Self-Acting Water Closets. Kelly Stop and Waste Cock, THOS, KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. 5UflMER TOURS -VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE nOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid Vestlbuled Tralas .Witb "Wagner Sleeping Cars . . '.". to" . New York and Boston .. ,.' from Bt, Louis, Peoria, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Daytoo, Columbus, -.". .vft CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker Special/' "The SonOnvesterii Limited." Six Terminate at the'.Gi-eat Lakes. •hicago, ' Benton Harbor, Toledo Detroit, • Sandnsky,, Cleveland. Tourist Rates to all Directions. B. O. McConnlck, • ' -••?•''• pass/Traffic Manager. '*•:'-. • • D. B. Martin, •Geni. Pass and 'Ticket Agent. Greatest -Discovery of the 19th Century. One Illustration of; the Effect of .SilverFeyer. .-•.,...; AN IHPORTANT RULING General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes! Indianapolis Journal: No more, striking Illustration of the blighting effect of the disastrous results of tiro cheap money agitation tons boon Klvoii tlum occurred fit the Dculson House yesterday afternoon, when tho annum.! incotjug of tho stockholders oi' the Chicago, Indianapolis & Chattanooga Knilroad company adjourned over until Nov. 10, to await the result of tlit' election. This company was or- gi;>.nil/.ed hi 1S91, -for the purposu of bullili-ug a road from Oweiwboro; Ky., to Indianapolis. It; is composed of c:ip- •'iitalists from Now York, Columbus, 0,, •Indl'aivapoli*,. Koekport, Ind., and Louisville. Up to da 11) sibout $12,",000 has been spent;' In .constructing It, Twelve miles of tlie road has been graded iiud bridged nori.h from Koc-k- port, Ind., -and tlie ri-glit o>f w.ny li:is been secured for a distance of eighty miles. Tli-f ro.'ul litul progressed thus far last April, when the first DCMIIO- craitic State convention* throughout the country began to adopt free silver planks, and since then nothing has been accomplished. Men's :.Souu'd Money : club Wednesday nlgtit...-Mr. Ixtoinls worked toard to - make the delegation from Chicago, a •good one flucl success crowned every •effort 'he made, '•••'•' ' Charles Spitznogte of the blacksmith shop; Is'off'.duty onaocouut of sickness. Andrew .KclteJ-, engine reimJrer in tliciroiiud.house, nwsbed. ;i flngeir yes- terdriy mid will Ix; compelled to Iny off for a few daj's.as a result. Harry Miller Genc-ral Supi-'i-lruteudeut of cho Vandnlln. Uaes.-clai'Dis tiliat the now fL'.&lg-hit locomative* on that rond are the best locomotive for that service- in tills country. The company yesterday received t-\vo nioro o( tlie twcuty- t\vo contracted for with the Prttsb'urg \vorks, icav-hog tou yet to be delivered. The third auiuwil • nioeri-ug of- the Auicrk-ui. Academy of Hallway Snr- jreons will be Iveld a't Chicn.go on the 23rd. 24,th fliul 25th of Septeiulier. Dr. 11. D. Miisscy, chief sursoon of tlie lianrtltou it D;iyton, is. to paper on "Fast n.ud rresei)t Obstucliw In the K.;i(U«iJ Ciu-e of Hern,l:i.". Souic Wiii'i)) times ';)iv to be expected at the couvc'iiHon of Hie Brotherhood of Locomotive Fiireinen, uow .In- session at Galvoston. Tex. The offtclal ciireor of Eugtue V. Debs was .attacked by SocTcfiary Arnold, a.iid Mr. Debs loft for Gsilveston, it Is stated. Tuesday niglit. 10 resent 'the aitbvck. which he eiUls nnsnitel'iil uvnd iiiK-Jillcd for. CLOTHING CLOTH (NQ read .VO DEALING WITH SCALPEllS. • All ImporDiiit decision ^^•as maue yosienUiy liy the a.vhitr.iloi-s in an ;ip- ])eal from the local passenger association at Kansas City.. The case was one where a. local tigeut sold .to'a. custornci 1 of a. broker a ticket at full rates. There wii.s no underhanded operatiou'Jn th? sale of the tiicket, but the ngeiit Avas found frull'iy of a.n infraction of the association rule of prohibiting suiy deals wLtli brokers under any circumstances. The agent was fined and appealed. The arbitrator has upheld the decision of tlie local association, he finding that •the responsibility of f.he local associations to see that 'no broker is given, facilities for handling any form ot transferable -ticket. The decision is very •sweeping hi its character, and practically prohibits any member ' of any local .association in' the 'territory of the Western Passenger Association from 'having any twin-so etion whatever with any broker under any pretext. Dr.Tefigne'i NXWBEMXDT Medicated Air . forthe'Cureol Catarrh, Anthm» and all Pnlmonary Ctseasen, It tias no equal tot Slckand Nervous H«*d- Pennsylraala. .«die, .1,000.000. people die .annually trom the above named dlsealies. VOBED AGAIiXST,.REDUOED RATE. Members of the Central Freight Committee met nt Ch'icagtf yesterday and voted down a proposition to make the rate on com from Chicago to New- York 15 cents per hundred pounds. For •the nJuoty days preceding .Sept. 15 thy rate was 15 cents 'a hundred, having been reduced upon orders of the board of managers of the Joint Traffic Association from the .old twenty-cent, basis •which' lias applied for years. The restoration eame-by-llinltatlan and the board of rrmnngers submitted the matter of «galn reducing the rate at the same time the restoration was ordered. Fredgat men of, the big . trunk lines between Chicago and' Ix'ew York fayorod the ntteen-eent rate, the reason being that New Yorkers are complaining greatly that their porti irm.v Jose ground as an export c'tty. Smaller 11-nos lu the Central Frelgh'tCommlittee were ngatast the proposition to reduce, because of the reductions which.would follow In their -already small'propor- tions of the through rate. Jolm Metz of. the repair tuack gang, mashed hds hand yesterday nn'd Is-off duty. -i . E. T. Lamboru of the car shop, has returned from 1 a visit w : itli relatives in Wdy suffer and 'die, when Medicated Air H gasianteed to <wre joa Medicated Air and Druf Co., Rlclinond, Ind., U. S. A. KROEQER& STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. 610 -BEOADWAY. Tie Logansport Humane Society ; ...'• (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Bloe—PM». ' ' . Goo. W; Walter*—jSeo.- . . v .T, 3. HlldetoTOmlt—Trea». ' W. M. Bishop—Hunmno Officer. JL 3. Blc«, J. C.flteSey. '. F.C. Cbolboiigh. 7, Geo W Walters, J. J.' .HtlflebranUt, S'' v Fe«ked Justice, IsaahAdHma. ijt-': Sits. W. D;'Pratt ' Mt«. J. N. Kelt.' , £;;':'''•'" ' ,T«lepbona Nb.SO. '•'•,. Bepott caMn'bt crueltyto Secretarr., : UNDERTAKER N* 4H Market «>eet. . C*ll« attended .to prot'jptly, " ' ' William Gordon, night operator at .the tower.Jn- tlie yards, will leave today ;for : Humlx«lt, Kas., where he will' spend a short vucatlon,. .,,'..'• /Frank A. Baliner,, assistant; general passenger agent of .the "Wabash, who ..has lx:en seriously ill «.t-Rocliesher, N. Y., is sa.ld to be Improving,- and It IH iiow thought he ;w!lll rcco-ve'r.' About one hundred, of the shop men and a numer of the road'meu will go to Richmond tomorrow to-take'part hi th-e celebration given by the'Rltebniond Railway Meus' Sbuud : Monoy 'Club. The ladies auxiliary to tiro E. R. .1'. M, C. A. will hold a, 15 cent,supper at; the -homo of Mrs.'.John.,Truman ot No. 1312 Spear street Friday evening, Sept. 18th. All railroaders and'thelT fjiml- lies ore'mvited, "..'''' Wednesday -evening ..about. 6:30 o'clock a slight.wreck'occurred'.on-:t3«!' Flau'haiidle raid at iveimctlv. .• -A ;'fl;H cai-.broke'in the ce'utti-arid'a-iffrw-.c'firs' were derailed. The wreck" crew' wnis' ordered out.' -Tit-was seve'ral' houl-.s -before the .ira'clc wn ; s Spared ot''tliq 6b-' .sti'uctlon. , '.'''. -'•'.•..';' .!.'. :". . ,'. Too,iniich,..credit..cariudt be', given.'.I.. E. .Lpoinjs., locnl'-.frelj-ht ,ascht;>fo.r the reunsj-lvajiiii • who .'was vn'o.prfmioti? ••ognticoi -.from '•(Ci: T THE JOTJRN-iJ^S LEAFLET NO. 4. (Cut this ouit and put in your pocket for reference.) lu the last leaflet some information was promised as to what the nations of the .world. have-done with silver since tho so-called ''cvhiu:" oC 1ST:.'., and the corresponding 1 "crimes" of other iiatip>}t? ceased the -free !in<3 unlimited coiijji'go of sliver about ithe same time that tlie United States did. Among these were Germany, Belgium, Hol'- land. Norway, Sweden, Franco, Spain, Italy, Switxerlaud and Austro-Hun- g;irj-. Yet nil tliese countries continued to coin silver ou gov-ea'nineut account Just as th-e United States has done, and even auoro freely than they had done before. The result Is that "there- is more than, double the amount of sliver money in the world today tlinu there was in 1S73. Preston, the Ddrector of the Mint, show's • tliat the silver money of tlie world In 1S73 amounted to only $1,871,000,000, while today it amounts to ,54,070,500,000 of .which, SS^O,700,000 Is n full legal tender. ' ' Thus it. will be .seen that the sllrer money of: o;he' world .'has not only more than doubled since the "crime" of 1S73, but has Increased at the average rate of'$05,000,000 a year .since that time. The report of the Director of the Mint •also shows that th-e-world's coinage of silver in the last .-three .years-'has been $400,565,815, or an average of $135,531,938 .per annum,' thus showJug. that the world is even now coining more silver than ever, before.'. - • • H-ere'are ithe figures side by side: Silvei'Tnoney iathe-world in 1873 ...: ?l,SGT,OOO r OOO, Silvej money in:the'world"-- •• - . In. 1800 .-....;..-.........4,070,500,000 Auiiual average" silver coinage since 1S73...... 95,143,000 Annual average- 'Silver- • • ' i , coinage, since 1802.-,... 135,52l;000 Now as to.what the United States alone, has "done.. The silver money in •the Un-ited States--today amounts .to $025,000,000. Itt 1872 It amounted,, to .?55,000,-000,' Tims It- wJU be;seen' that the silver..money.In- tlie UiiJted 'States is more than'ten times as-much .today 'as it was-prlor to thie'"cri'mc" of 1S73. " . Even; during the' first seven months of this 'year; IS96, -more-silver dollars were: coined at ithe Mints of the United States-than -were coined in the 81 yotors: prior to the act of 1S73.' 'The:: followilng- ta.ble' shows the amount in "each succeeding year down' to date./ ' •' • '••••'• .'.; - .:', . , Silver currcric.v-. year In the U. S. 1872' .. 9 55.000,000 1873 58,000.000 1874' - , 01,000,000 1875 .'..' 63,000,000 1870 72,000,000 1877 " ! . 90,000,000 1S78 ,,'. 105,000,000 ,1879 '... 132,000,000 1880 ,..,.„..-. 163,000,000 1S81 ., -. 189,000,000 1,982 '....' 218,000,000 1SS3. . .V 244,000,000 1554 209,000,000 1555 ......:... 297,000,000 18SG ...'...:....??....'.,'... 329,000,000 1887 I...'.'. 309,000,000 18SS '. '.'..:.'..'. 402,000,000 1889 '. 437,000,000 1800 485,000,000 542;ooo,opo. 59 : 2,ooo;6bp' We have no old shelf worn goods, but'everythmg new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $!2.QO Suits go for $9.OO Our $10.00 Suits go for $.: 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF ANY STRAW BAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any/of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, th«y are bargains. &cw is thi time to buy a Suic of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Go ds, and 526 Broadway is the place tD save money, These Prices are For Cash Only, JOSEPH G. GRACE & CO., 264 UROADW.AY. ANOTHER BIO SPEAKER. Roswell O. Horr to Address the People Friday, Sept. 25. - Another speaker of national reputation Is promised to address the people of Cass county before the emd of the month. Roswell G. Horr of Michigan, has been secured to make an address at the rlhJfc on Friday afternoon, September 20th.' Ex-Congressman Horr Is well known as an eloquent speaker aiid his service In Congress covered B' period -when the 'greater part of the financial legislation now on the statute books was passed, and he '• is thoroughly Informed on the question. ABOUT STUARX'S DYSPEPSIA TABLETS. They Cure Stomach Troubles and In.- digestion Any way,. Whether You— ^ Have FaJthJii Them lu Not. ,- Mere faith will not digest' your food for you,-will not give you an apeptite, .will not [increase your flesh and strengthen your .nerves and heart, but Stuart's.Dyspepsia Tablets will do these things, because they are composed of tlie el'emeuits of digestion, they contain the juices, acids and peptones •necessary to the digestion and flsslml- la.tiioii of all wholesome food. , 'Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will digest food if placed Ju a jar or bottle in •water heated .to OS degrees, and they Will do it much more cffectiyely when taken Into the stomach after meals, whether you have faith itbait they-will or not.' ...They "invigorate tlie. stomach; make pure blood and strong nerves, in the only' way that nimture can do it, 'and thnit is, from plenty of wholesome food well, digested. It Us not what .we eat, but whtit we digest that does us good. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are sold by nearly all druggists at 50 cents for full sized package, or by mail from the Stuart Co., Marshall,.Mich. All Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block , Logansport 1803 1S04 1S05 P32,ooo;ot>o bi24','o6d,obo G25,C(00;000. Do. you- tMuk that -the,.claim-.;-that_ sliver, his.-been badly 'treated by r the ^United States or in the world at large founded?. ,. : '.. W. D. BYNUH'S VIEWS. He Thinks Hard Work in Necessary in Indiana and Illinois. A New. York dispatch says: Hon. W. D. Byuum, of Indianapolis, who is iu the city to organize the campaign for Palmer and Buclnier Jn the east, has arranged to open headquarters in this city ill connection with the State committee. Gen. Charles Traccy of Albany, will probably be in charge. "I am somewhat surprised ftt the result in Maine," said Mr. Bymum 1 to a reporter "I himlls believe t)iat any of our west em States .will furnish stich a com plete surprise next 'November. In fact while I believe Bryan -\vill bo hopeless ly .beaten, yet the hardest kind of work is necessary To drive the false sentiment .for which he stands out of tho public mind. A number of the western States—for instance, Illinois, Indiana Ohio, Missouri and Mictiigan-^u-e still to be classed iu the doubtful column and -sve look to the east to make Bryau's defeat certain. Mr. Bynum bas secured Madison square garden for next Tuesday night when Generals Palmer and Buckner It's an ; pld.saying.that "The proof of 'will open their wimpalgn, Iu the east. EXCURSION TO BLOTFTON, IND., Vila Vandalla IJIne, October 13th to loth.'—On October 13th to 15th the Vandalla Line will sell excursion tickets from aill stations lu Indiana to Bluffton, Ind., at one fare 'for the round trip, account Baptist Convention and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tickets good to return until October 10th, Inclusive. For full particulars cail on nearest Vandalla Line TIckel Agent, or addicess E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent; St. Louis, Mo... :. '« , tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting 1 directly upon the blood and mucou* j surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation cf the disease and giving _the patient strength by building up tne constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith £n its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to cure. ?end for list of Testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO Toledo, 1 Ohio. : -;..',- :•-.•( K7||J Sold by Druggists, 75c. •.-•'••••••';. -.At a'meetliifc of ilie^Germaiy.Mothp- tho puddlug.is iuit-hc^eatiugof it." -And '.tt'.'lS'-becanse-'-people have .'taken Sim- iuous-Liver Regulator that they-know it to be a most excellent/medicine -and; .especially 'rfor the 'Spring'-'and', Fall -when there Is so much malarla.-in :th.c- air.''; Mr. W. T: Lee, of Pendleton, N. ,C.' says, "I have used Regulator for-.twenty years, in^ place Secretary Carlisle amd other gold Democrats are also expected to speak a,t the ; meeting. $100 REWARD/SIQO. • The renders of this paper will'-be pleased to learn that'there'Is at-least :ohe•'dreaded 'disease that: science : b'as been able, to'cure' trr-all' its stages 'and: tint 1s Catairh Hall s Catarrh Cure 's the only positive cuye now known to the medical fratemitjj CaUrrh being constitutional disaase, requires a tituUocttl treatj6pnt Hall's ' MORE COTTAGES NEEDED. The -State Soldiers' Home committee of the G. A. K, has prepared an address to the Posts of Indiana, and comrades m general, which says: "Our State Soldiers' Home Is In great need of more cottages. Below we give you a list of counties which have up to the present date made appropriations. If your county does not appear'-. in the list, niaie special effort to bafi* an 'appropriation made by your county, commissioners for a cottage: TJppe- canoe. ?3,200; ^-absh, $500; • Montgomery, ?535; TTarrcn, $2,500; VIgo, : $2,500; Spencer, ?500; Lawrence,,- ?500;. Lake, ?2,100; Stark, ?5pp; Hendricks, ?373; Newton, ?700; .Floyd, 5700; Vari- dorburg, $2,100 ;"'Laporte, $2,200; Whitej ,$2,100;"pprter,. $G50;' Benton,, 5^000; ' Clinton, $l500; : Cass',. $2,5.00; Wayne,, ..Polsoii Ivy, ..Insect, bites arej'quicfciw '«3 ,-$m

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