The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1934
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Served by the United Press THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOKTHKA HI' AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST !> VOL. .XXX—NO. 257 Hlylheville Daily Ne\vs Ulyllu'vlliV Cruller HI YT11IVVM 1 IV A UK ANN W '\IMVK vv nmtmv ,r ".„',. _Mbisjs£lppi^l[ey_l^!j^!hM£ievlJte_Itajild lit^ I lll'.\ ILU-,, AKK.Al\!-iAh, ^IQND.'U , JANUARY lf>, I!CM HOME EDITION SINGLE COPJPS FIVE CENTS ROOSEVELT URGES 50 TO 60 CENT DOLLAR HOLD [ME [CO. Ijapimrse Royal Birlh Told lo Spirit of Ancestor Flee in Memphis Car Wi'lli Gasoline and Cash From j Register. ! Four "armed men who staged n daring hold-up within a block of police headquarters here early tills morning were being sought by officers today. Tlie bandits, all armed with .45 ra'ibre automatics, held up Frank Ashur, night attemlanl at the Siiouse-Little Chevrolet company's fervlco station aiul garage, 301 West Walnut. alxmt two o'clock in the morning. After Ashur had pumped 10 gallons of gasoline into tlioir car tank they put guns on him and proceeded to rifle the station cash register and sped [•way after binding the attendant. Ashur succeeded in working him- felf free in a short time and called the police Elation, a block cast of the motor company building. The men. said to have been traveling in a Chevrolet car with Tennessee slate and Memphis city license plates, had not been found ot noon today. Tlie description of the men, the manner in which the hold-up was conducted, and the fact that they were> all heavily anned was taken by police as an indication that the bandits probably were thwarted in their plans for a more important "job" and held up the ••service .station so their excursion. not be a complete failure. v^ rfre Wild rejoicing throughout the nation, then reverent rites, tallowed birth of an heir lo the Japanese .hrone. The scene abo\e shows tile lelnn'ous ceremony a; Mtjiji .>lmno, with celebrants boulug as news 0! he historic event- is brought to me spirit of the late Emperor Melji, great-grandfather of tile Hiram TO No Icy Dash for Mrs. Ellsworth : Home of Dr. Fred Child Fire, originating from a, defective flue, damaged the roof and attic of n house at 115 South Division street, occupied by Dr. Fred Child and family, Sunday morn- ir.B. Damage to the building was estimated at between S700 and $800 by Fire Chief Roy Head. The house is said to be the property of the Rice-Slix Dry Goods com- np.ny of St. Lonlsi l\fo., and the loss was covered by insurance. Household furnishings and personal property of the Child- family were also damaged. Wallpaper was ignited by a hot sieve fire at the Blytheville ho- ti'l. on upstairs rooming house in the 200" West Main street block evere Earthquake Takes Toll in India f'M-CUTTA. India, Jan. 15 (UPl A M-vi-n- eartlKimiki- craeked limy bullilliiKs here lodny Oe- iilJiuiis of offices mn -Into the! rci-is for .safety. HuiulreiLs were Injured In Ihe !:uii]iedp for safety ils |>ubllc uildiiiijs swuyed iihd crnckfit. Tlir i-iirih(|ii,ike occurred at a:;tO : "i r.iiK in the central telc- • «nic- i>xcli:iii|;e stuck bravely to 'i'ir i:nsts although tluj biilldlnti «s trembling violently. Kiuhi jiersons were reixirted klll- d at I'atmi and nine at Gala, ivi-nii were killed. Including wives nd children of offleiols. when the "itinlpiir railway station collaite- Governor Will Include ll !n His Call Toney Tells House. Sunday morning, .imnll. The loss was Juclee Keck. Grants Motion of Attorneys for Bpnding Company. Th§ suit brought by Roy Nel- fon. .'Receiver' for the Agricultural^eorjioratlon, against Sam "Tfiiirnrsv- former "srcretary-treasitr- er of the defunct organization, and his bondinc company wns or- rlered transferred io federal court Circuit Judee G. E. Keck here this morning on motion of siltor- nevs for the bonding comnany. The suit charges fraud on the nart of Thomas and allesesshort- noi": of S'tAM in his accounts on which recovery is sought. Since more than 43.000 is sought re- "in-jnl to federal court was mandatory on petition of the defendants. The cnse will probably come up for iriai at the Mav term of federal .court at Jonesboro. A motion to dismiss an action, btoii2ht Into circuit court on ap- i:eal from munic.ioal court here, , , , , . on the grounds that the mnnlcl- Mrs ' LLncoln Ellswcrlh na = ca "S lu lhc exploring fever, though sne pnl court was without jurisdiction.; chooses ti warmeu clime than does her famed husband, now in Antarc- wns overruled by Judge Keck this i d c a. She prefers Honolulu and is shown here enjojin^ the zephyr.* afternoon. The case, stvlccl .7. Q. | nc!lr Diamond Head, a 'landmark of the island capital shown ns- Younti Agriculture Secret-TV lo Head Revolutionary Government. HAVANA. ,)nn. K. (UP)—Curios Hnvin. youthful secretary ot agriculture and Ammpolis graduate of 11*20, today was designated pro- "[.'ional president by the revolutionary vovi-rnmenl, the uewspa- |x>r El Pals nnnouneed. President Ramon Orau San Martin today submitted his resignation to a revolutionary committee composed of his own former supiwrtcrs. wlw had .invited .him to Men out. Members of LI'lTLE ROCK. Jan. lf> lUI'i — liepre.scntntivi' Stiiliflrjd's llquur icntrcl bill was declared "not •.vllhln Hie govcrimv's call" here this afli'tnoon by Speaker II. K. Ti.iiey. nepiTsnilalivi 1 Oooeh raised the. ]:o!iu of order Unit the bill "is not in order bccnnse It Is not williln the purvlev of the governor's call." r S]ie;iker Toncy said, however. Hint hr i is in fuvor uf passing n 1'iiuor control bill Mid that Oov- c''iior I'lilrcll has said he will In- it In lite ca!l for (ho next s]x?einl session. Slanfleld ajipcnl- Cotton Up More Than $2 a Bale NEW OHLEANS Jan. IS (UP) Encouriwd by Pu'sldcnl lioose- vtk's monetary jr.ri.Migi-, tin- rlsi In, -.old urlces. and fnrlhcr fuvor-' reiwils or ler,..<Ja(lnn dealing with I9:H produclloii, bulls donitn- iilcd the cotton murlM linlay wltn n well .si-siaini'd drjiianU that orrled prices up more than 5L> i;ale. A Kcnrc'ly of olfr-rhiijji LIS apparent at Umrs In ihc «; ul h:avy di-irrinil for future Four Armed BanditsJ^ob Local Garag^SS-- L. III utl. LINIIn) the revolutionary committee met ; throughout the ni?ht to select his successorNThere- wa.s some thicat'of trouble as radical and conservative leaders seemed I/) disapice on future Two main candidates for the vncnird presidency were considered hv the revolutionary committee- Col. Carlos Mcudleta, national lender and perhaps. the country's most popular politician, nnd Hcvln. e'l from the ruling of the rliali r.nd wns still talking against the tilling r,<, 2:40. President of the Senate Lee Cozort pleaded thii afternoon for more speed In deialhiB with tnt refunding bill as the senate bc- |!Eiu digging into 2f amendniet.7i. A resolution by Senator Gllber providing that a joint committee br> np)X)inted to study the Miluie seta moratorium lav; with a vlev. to adopting it fov Arkansas wa. adapted. The resolution said tin refunding bill wonid offer Inade (U'atc protection .to property ii oad Improvement districts. \Thc senate this afternoon considered in • amendment to the fe- tundlng bill by Senator Lcvlne which would cut trailer license fees lo half the figure provided In the bill. A concurrent resolution which would provide for i. Joint committee of five legislators to confer with the commissioner of revenues unti the highway commissioner for the purpose of tutting (he expenses of these departments and discharging all unnecessary em- ployes was held mil within the governor's call. StnrJu, drain* Itlse NEW YORK, Jilll 15 lUD — Stocks shut ahem! one to five •oijitr, lodiiy in in- heaviest trud- 'tiB In six month:., lloiuls irn- riiislastlCBlly joine: the rise in ^>rse volume. Crcmicdllios soar- d unilei' Icuci of wheat, which ro ! 5-8 to 4 1-8 cents a bushel mill rotlfln was tip more thnn *2 n Inle. The dollav rank in terms I foreign exchange. The spark that cj. off the roar ing mnrkets was •; boost in tin necmislructlon Flume? Corpora lion's gold price from $;i4.06 t the latter efiectlvc tomor Joseph Keenan Announces Febru- , Is Belief. i-ane. trustee, against Fate Martin, is a minor replevin action ! involving a team of mules. Tlie """''"-'fr ™s given judgment by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunnlng- ing in the background. CWA Worker Injured By Falling Tree Saturday i"'» and the question of 5 . jlion of the court over the defend- its. residents of Neal township. worker, is der injury while engaged in fell- ;np trc?s. Saturdav afternoon. His audition Is not believed to be ser- llUiS. Waller Fr.inklin of Caruthers- v.ile has been admitted to the |j,vlhe\ille hcspital suffcrins from n broken leg. He wns brought ti> Die hospital Saturday r.lBln. iudgmenl be rendered against the defendants in actual trial of the case Nelson said he might raise! the issue again a new trial. eil in overrulir.K the motion that New York Cotton NEW YORK. Jan. IS (UPi — I he might raise!., n P ' I on a motion for ;J\egvo Boy Lamed judge Keck indtrat- Yards on Under Side of! ir.K the motion that KIIVJO wn , in certain matters, particularly in- AtllOinobile. Ihe matter of a replevin suit, the I ^_ juriEdiclioi! of a municipal court . . , lh "~ fJlt of hls , )aii;s : ;or. for that matter of a Justice „ Al ^ mv ot ,.„ ol pearc court, would extend be- • ,, , t | utv ., [n were all n: yond it, own township. I V^rlo d nr'.o vouth had to • Trirtl f\t n . iw*r*rm«l inini-t* incl I " ^>.«" " *« ^ ^. ..... , __ "Broadway lo Bowery" Is Evangelist's Subject "From Broadwj.i io Bowery" nill be the subrct of the sermon this cienina '.-v the Rev. C:irl tt. trombonist, cartoonist, and evangelist, who is conducting a revival at the! Col ton closed opr-n hifsh low rlese March 111.1 1115 1140 May 1132 nr.S 1127 1151 .Inly 1147 1182 1143 1170 Orl llf.8 I1M 11C2 1)32 Dec 1184 1211 1178 1205 Spots closed firm at 1165. up 40. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. .Ian. In lUP)- C'olton closed F.traclv. Trin) of n personal injurj" damage suit growing 01 accident which occurred ahrwt a yenr and a hnlf asjo was under way this afternoon. Mr. nnd „,, H,-*IMI-IMU ni-gio ijurj and|^, o - w [m a 2C0 . y ., :(1 -ride" under! "\Minil" * «r on Highway 18 just west; at Manna , ( . . I Mrs. C. C. Bishop are plaintiffs, recking a judgment against J. P. Mooncy. The Blshnns allege Dial a car, driven carelessly by an went of Moonev's ran into thel, r nn°ou ill Manili Holland and Paiham. lr>cal jaw firm, represents, ihc plaint! If s and Claude P. Coon- ] •'' " or er i< sillorncy for the defendants. Smith. A soick nnri span courtroom fiA!>ited officials whcu thev nrriv- this mnrnin? t,i open the rej- A petition of Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham of this citv for a writ of mandamus to compel the Mississiml county quorum court to make an nporopriation for maintenance of the municipal roiirt here will be heard bv Judge Neil Kiltoiiph at an adjourned day ol circuit civil court Pt Osceoln on' February 1. il was reliably report-' ed here today. While no court nelion has us yet acluallv been instituted in behalf Judse Cunningham It is un- of the FEUR TROUBLE1H S Bombing Believed Signa for Renewal of Violence in Coal Fields. TAYLORVILLE. 111., Jail. 15 IU First Baptist ciiurcn.idcrstood that setting over The Rev. spoke Mr. yes- ij lo large audicr.ces on the nrx.n yesterday. the i vent: mini Uy Subj;cts for the v.ccfc are The escape of the negro boy ..Animals", "The £«ulheni Cross". vith ncthing more- serious iu lhcj'Q" ccr Birds" nnd "Ghosts". Svr- court term at Osccpln, which would have ended Friday, until the art- iourned day. was ordered iu anticipation of such action and with nn Informal agreement to that effect. Pilin? of the sui! to com, . 1C - inel the ouortim court to make the ", i,-.. inDpropriation is expected within ' ' c ' the next five days, since 10 rtoys notice before a hearing is required bv statute. Tlie court, composed rilbjrcl. "Groups at "" 'mormai nKrre.i: the Crofs". and iui ( ' ff , cc . t ' p '"»? of "«; Jim March ^inv Jl'lV ().>l IV c ocen I igh low close 1107 1)27 1107 1135b 1110 '.Ho 1110 1139 1131) 11S2 , ivlar two weeks Urm of the rivll '•ay of injmi.w ''as regarded as iniraculuus. but linrdly more so than the nuexpini'-i'd inaiiuer in which he c'.ims to the chassis ol Ihe car. The boy ran '"'.i" "^ highway iicut of n car i'~iven by C. L.| ?sidcnt- of Lcacluille. He '"S apparently 1-norkrd down by me machine but it'aivacid to i:r;p the t.ndergear of tile car in wine fashion and vices will be he'd each ev at 7:30 o'clock preceded at by a young people'.-, meeting. The evangelist Iws conducted revival services in SOUK- of the . •'. , of justices of the neace. refused •; " ,.jlo rr;vke the appropriation, a man-' huge dyuamito bomb blew Lome of Vcrn Irvli 1 .. mine worker to fragments tottay. :mil rocked entire town. Peace officers ffvred the be was the signal for 11 reopening o .'.nngulnnry conllicls Ix'twten riva ccnl mine union member.!. The house was not ucupted at th time of the blast. Members of the Prosresslv Millers of America union were reported convergln" en the No. 47 mine of the Peabody Coal company. Picketing of the mine r.gnlnst the United Mine Workers followers was cxjxrted lo result in violence. , Progress m ) K}rljiapiii Mystery. Wants Title to All Monetary Gold 'Vested in the Government. WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. (UP) — President Roosevelt today sent n irssngc lo congress asking for filiation limiting ultimate re- Qlinilioi] of the dollar at a point Jiwcen 50 and 60 cents. He asked also for specific leeis- itlon. to vest In the government tie to all American owned inon- tary gold, approximately $3,566,- CO.OOO of which now Is owned by ie federal reserve banks. He asked further authority for lie secretary of the treasury t» leal In foreign exchange and sug- l 12,000,000,009 from the lolcntlnl profit In gold seizure be illllml to establish a fund for inrchnses and soles of gold, for- igu exchange, and government securities. In addition he asked for amend- nent of e .'sting legislation relul- ng to purchase and sale of gold nul monetary matters- In general to make the handling of these problems more convenient. -'Mr. Roosevelt lold questioners he Te- the R. F. C. gold purchase system, for Instance, as clumsy. . . Tlie latter part of his message was devoted to silver, but said, in effect, the government woiild wait for developments under the 'London conference silver agreement before acting further In connection "with that metal. Mr. Roosevelt discussed his message at a small press conference nn hour before it was . sent to congress. The president feels Piat In general his communication is an argument tt$ttln»t,aUrtiii^; the rnottey printing presses ;5}i .green? '-' '' Ks,-' bat ' as to w;hat a greenback actually Is. BUFFALO, Jan. 15. CUP)—Joeph B. Kecnan. assistant U. S. ttorney general In charge of ln- 'estigatlon and. prosecution of kid- mplngs, said today thnt the Lhul- x-rgh kidnaping case if, "very near i solution." "The Lindbergh case Is far from closed," Kecnan told newspaper- nen. "I cannot comment on what Ines the investigation is taking at he present time, but I believe we re making progress and that Ihe case Is near ti solution." Keenan, who came here to speak at a police conference. Is being closely guarded during his stny v icre because of the numerous threats against his life which have jecn received because of his activities against kidnapers and rackc- Dancer and Her Pilot Escape Wilderness LAKE W1NNIPEGOSIS. Manitoba, Jan. 15 tUP>— Captain Wll- lir.m May. world w:ir ace and flying hero of the noiihlands. and Fay Baker, fan denccr nnd dar- ilng of the minitir camps, winged thflr way toward Winnipeg today In a patched up plane after being lost six days Captain May pished hlr, plane from Lc Pas to Lake Winnipegosis despite sub-zero temperatures. crock ups. and so'ipy fogs. Miss Baker wi.s being flown Services Held Suridav for Basset River Victim BASSETT, Arlt. — Funeral 'services for Carl Golitai, 33, who.was crowned Friday ulflit at Black Cut landing.- were held at the liossctt Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon. The Rev. E. K. Kuwell, Methodist .minister . ot Marion, assisted by'the Rev. .Mr. I Randall of the Joiner Methodist , church, officiated. Burial was at I'assetl cemetery. Mr. Golden's hoi';.- was recover^ .^d at 10 o'clock Saturday morning by Charles EMredgc and : sev- ere.l others. Ooldci,. a government worker, was drowned when he fell into the river while attempt- • ing to step from a barge to a brat. His father, the Hov. .H. L. Golden of Yozco City Miss., and two brothers from YOTOO City were [•ere for the [imrrnl. 'dntory duty under stnlc law. atj Anthracite Miners Strike 'Its January first session. The up- "— " — proprialion is really only a formality siiice expenses of the court Best churches in :-,c country ami nn ' 0 ^ al( , ,„', nvfmv „, ,|,c " especially widely known in tin 1 ?st. Imxing come from C.ili- ilvlsion here. Th- courtroom has| swiil 3 llis iccpntlv been rppudued by CWA! nlenl for -- • . ,, thc '- c ' labor. 1102 i-,95 i'leo 1180 jHwe's Tin for Caddies 1175 1208 1174 • 1202b Spots closed steady at. 1HO. up before •he" car "stopped- Smith, traveling I v c =r did not realise the toy had Veen .-truck or wv- under the car ' null the car traveled a'xmt ' ' from the Gate- to the curve In Moore Brother's Chicago Wheat open May 69 J,,,y 88M high low close 51 3-4 80 01 1-4 90 1-0 87 1-2 89 7-8 Whose Bosses Say "We"i'^ f ^'"TuT LONDON tUP>—A certain gov-|ihe highway « l ttiiment official went golfing. | <toro. He lolked as he played, and lie! The lillie »'T™- suffering from i.frd the official '"ve" of Whltr- tri'lit more HIAII iniylhiiig else, lull. "We Flicrd tlv drive," or "woU-.a? cnrrie<i I" the Blylhevllle has- Citglit lo have dor" that hob minimi when 1 physicians said they five." he would say rould find no injur'c.* beyond those At bst n I that will require the victim .standing for a few days. to Chicago Corn Youth, Nine, Klllfi Buck ir t c- c Upton Sinclair Seeks ' Diners Find Hibernating pon incair ees , Repti , es and Weasel Nest talitornta Executive Job; open high May 53 1-2 M low 52 1-2 53 5-8 .I.lly !••! SS 3 t 54 1-4 'he ofllcial. mashic shot, over-drove Ihe green • i.ilo n deep buitor and icinon; utliiM- things^ said: "We havol . . .. made a mess of ii now." I NEW ORLEANS. (UP)—Fisher giants where unsmployeci would «? "Yes sir," said his cadciy, who Sirr.mOTS, Jr.. nine, killed a 1GO-, provided with food, shelter, cloth-! close had had enough ol the "we" busi- pound buck deer on hU firs: iv \mg. entertainment, educational f>-' nefs. "we are a co'iple ol blinking! with a 20-gauge shotgun, on-Av-: cilities and. If possible, money in NORTH TONAWANDA. N. Y. SACRAMENTO. Cal. (UP)—Up- j <UP>—Workers on CWA "digging" ten Sinclair, author wl:o htis i projects are finding some inlerest- socialistic pol't'cs with lilsjlns things, such ns skeletons, rem- !! activities, has anno'.uro.i nonts of old buildings, etc.. hut to himself ns a Democratic candidate I a crew employed on an_ abandoned for governor of California. He switched parties because ™ feels he can gel farther as a Democrat as a Soclnli*!. Rur for crnor irri93o'."lic"rcceivck' I al1 '»'als "»d reptile,-, were numb 1 ,,.| 11C . His campaign crv this vc-ir IF i (r ?in the cold and did not move I 'slas roadway here go first honors The crew dug into a hole alongside a drainage ditch, to find It a whiter refuge for more thnn 300-^(.,-j. reported from the Scranton tile" senate hi" 1922 he" polled I snakes, numerous frogs, toads, mud hegion where pick."'' clashed with 13 votes. When he ran tor go 1 ,- tu ""t'es and weasels, Mo.n of the sln tr police at the Van Storch WILKES-BAKKE Pa., Jnn. 15 UP)—A-strike of rnlhraclte min(.'.•s became eiT-'Ctiv; today, closing 150 mines nnd throwing nbo'.it 30,"-CO men into idlc-iiess. Many minins: oifintioiu in District No. 1. romqrUing Luzerne end I-ackawannn counties, were at n standstill. The strike was ordered by the United Anthracite .Miners of Fen- nfylvanla, a union organized in opposition to th.' United V.'orkers of America. Picketing began it dawn. Mln- irs who desire:! to work were Instructed to return to their homes Bands of picket.' ;it3rded entrances to every mine. The first disorders of Ihe strike •outside" after a heavy billing ot dancing engagement In the mln- iiig camps. Luckv Motorist Takes To a Railroad Siding BELLAIRE. O. (UP)— A motorist, who, apparently, had mixed drinks with his gasoline, but at any rate, had a "one-track" mind. drove his automobile a half mile r.own a railroad, abandoning it on the tracks near daybreak, yet. Charge Sale of Beer Without County License The first warrant charging failure to procure a county license for sale of 3.2 per cent beer was is- . sued out of municipal court here today, naming John Abbott. Gosnell store keeper. Abbott is accused of selling the beverage, legalized by a special legislature last summer, without taking the necessary step to procure a county license. It Is understood that Abbott possesses state and federal licenses. City licenses are required instead of county licenses by retail sellers in incorporated towns or cities. Raymond Bomar. deputy constable, who has been active in collection of county beer licenses,' received the warrant. luckily, caused neither a wreck nor lost his machine. No hazard b?Wl cither passenger or freight trains or the car. Gets Month to Answer Pennsylvania Bond Suit WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. (UP)— 111;! t ,t MIU.Llk'IL I IV T IliS VI 11 •- ' , , "End Poverty in California." and \^ ^ ™' k " s intruded unonj to accomplish that aim he prcposr:! l lllolr privacy, a widespread series of state-owned I and operated fnrms and iiirV.i^trinll 1-2 duds, aren't wo?" |fry Island, near her$, jexohauge for ll'.olr services. Legion Meets Tonight The Dud Cason post of the American Legion will meet tonight, 7 o'clock at the armory. Quick Catch by Colicc FORT WAYNE. Ind. (UP) — A tccord for police r.-tilo service was believed establishcr'. here when officers caught a prowler 30 seconds after the call was broadcast. The prowler actually was in custody tefore the call hsd been completed, ,s the driver, It happened, drove i Attorney Genera i Norwood of Ar the auto along the tracks of a knnsas today was granted an ad . sidtner. police found. | dttional month in which to die In Officers believed tfcat the driver, i thc jjipreme ' cour t the state's an- mstchnp nlono an o!d road which i sv;er to llle sll i[ O f Pennsylvania crosses the track, mistook his in- seeking i 0 force Arkansas to main- tended crossroad turr —' "•fogged, turned onto tin car was found resting directly on he tracks, where railroad men had found and reported it. Tre siding parallels a busy track, which the driver, tt happened, did not choose for his rotLgh drive. Ownership of the car was traced to a B?llaire man. irn and, be- ( a | n t axes to meet sinking fund he rails. The requirements on Its 1928 state requireme highway bond issue. WEATHER Arkansas— Partly cloudy, colder in northwest portion tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy, colder In .. ^ ,_, .. T- , •• «est and north portions. He Couldn Take I , Mempriis and vicinity-Fairrto-. PLYMOUTH, M.iss^(UP)-Fred h Tuesday cloudy and colder. crick Koude, escnpcd prisoner, | ° . • . cave himself up to police because I The maximum temperature here the weather was getting too cold I yesterday was 55, minimum 27, - nnd wanted to »here It wns warm back In jail clear, according to Samuel P.. Nor[his, oBlcIol WMth«r obs*rrtr;

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