The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1930
Page 9
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?•%>•< FRIDAY, NOVEMBER,,M, 1930 i . ~. ' gr-t-fer;^- r —• PAGE SWEN. IDS Two «au a word in flnt In- witlon tod out cent i wore lot etas lutatqutBt Uuer- Uon. No «lv«rtlMituat taken tor less th»n We.'' Count U* ( wwd«' uid tend the i**. 80» FOR SALE APPLES—At .Fisher's, across. from City Hall. $1.25 per bushel. UC-KW FOR SALE—New Royal Portable Typewriter. $47.50. Terms. Phone 105W. • 12C-Kr SPECIALS In Kejiosst'ssed User •iC. c ars 1920. FOHD SMMIT.. KI>STCIt $l\ 1928 CHEVROLET COACH $15 1929 FOR!) TOWN SEDAN 530 1929 FOKU IJ« TON TKUCK $39 1D30 FOKD FOKDOK SEDAN S45 1928 FORD TOURING ' ?1 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 811. LEAVING CITY—FOR SALE, A household effects." 124 W. Ken tucky, Phone 405W. 13C-K: A,, LAURA LOU BROOKMAN VV AUTMOP.OF"RASM ROMANCE" 1950 by N£A^SERVICE OUR BOARDING HOUSE UI-:CIN IIKIII: 'roiuv ci;i.r.\ MrrcilKI.l.. 17, imv« llnlllm.irr u litre . «lii- fci-i Iivr4 ui'ti IIIT nrnMlit1ri-»B MlQIht-r, MMICAIU'.T m>i:i:!ts, in Ji,!u her \lr.-illli) fulbtr, .1(111 X MlTCHi:i.l,, III .\cw Ynrk, The imrriiU lire iltviirt'ril nutl MTV. KKKCTN i* n tililmv fuLlunloi; a •vcund «iur- rl»Kr. , ll,\H\i:V SlllIvl.IlS, fuunx >IMMI- umiiv iiliutugrnplii'r. U. fu line i\Illi Iho Klrl. Mllrhrll n>,k» KVi:- 1,Y.V 1'AllhONS, henumul' vvldo\v, tu Introduce hl» duUBbffr 10 nlhri yoniitf Tropic. ' Mr». I»ur- NIIIIM af:rrr», cimKldcrlur; Crlta n iMrnnH (u win MlleZjch'x alTvclliiii*. M;i ¥ noun lit-rnnu'M Jt-nliuiK u! Hit Kirl mill Krltrmrx to [;vt ill) of (IIT hy eiirourii^liiK n rom:nic.f lu 1 - tiir.-H Cvlln Mini TOI> JOltl)A\. rnKrlnnlhiff but of Juliloui f>>nr- .lllt'chrtl- lm> forlilddi-n hli dnti£Mi-r to Krt- Jordim. Slilrliln fruirx In XIMV Yiirk ti> \vurk fur n 'lilnitii^r:i| Hvrvlrc IIKil mi'rl* (.VIlJI. Hlif (rlU lilm «!ir cilrv. Cur •.liinlnu Imt ]nt«r rcjtliicH It IK SMi'ldn \vlmin >h« Invrji, Mr.*, I'urrioal xnrfi to Mltclicl) nnil U'lU I'lul the Rlrl hnt lirrn FOB SALE—Sacks for cotton see and coal. Junk Dealers, opp< site Frisco Station. 14P-K' FOR KENT FOR RENT—Five room house 1000 block on Ash St. Call M. G. Goodwill. 4C-TF Ft>il RENT—Furnished rooms for light housekeeping, 'iOO Walnut. Also unfurnished flat, 1013 Walnut. 8C-K15 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. Garage. 305 Dougan. HP-K21 FOR REi^T- — Furnished cottage. Very attractive. Rent S23.50. Thomas Land Co. 10C-K18 FOR RENT—F-urnished apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone 683. 10P-K17 FOR RENT—Front or back bedroom 809 Chick asawbo. 11P-K17 FOR RENT—Woot room. Reason' able. Mrs. J. H. Roberts. Phone 506. 11C-K18 FOR RENT—9 room house, two baths, all newly painted and papered, locakd on corner High, way 61 and Highway 18. Ideal location fo rtourist rooms. $40.00 per month. Call L. L. Ward, 008 or €50. 12C-TF FOR RENT—Rooms. One montl rent free. OH Hearn. 13P-K20 FOR RENT- -2 rooms, furnished for light housekeeping. 625 Walnut St., Phone 521. Mrs. S. P Cavendav. 14p-kl8 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown 1M a Lake St. 17ck-tf WANTED —i House-keeper. Appl> Frisco Rooming House, opposit Frisco Station. 14P-K19 THE BEST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC. INN jtle Makes'Em Set i'l-Iin lt-nvr« fur ilulttmnrr. llrr inntlirr IH not tbrr3 anil [ill i-lewM in Mr*. ISoRrrV ivhfrealiiml* fall. -Illchi-i:. :itrlvr«. lie linil . Cclln Ijcoume rcmnrllril mid return lo IVrw'Ynrlt nftcr fce Jin« prnmUei .Mi-imivlillr. Sirs. Pnr.iiilli Invite* ShlrhN to iltiinrr mill tells lijtn I'elJii I* tt> mnrrr .furil.-ni. Wlicn <lirr mi-el nr\t Crlln Iji tmikrii-hnirli'il n* SlilHilV cool- I'CKs nnil *hv InlrrvU-vv ruilw with Ilif jjnjcrnltindlns thnt everjr- llilue H uvrr lirmern them. Nu ivord romm frnl-.l .Mrs. Hn^rrn. rrti-i IK luiu-lj nn-J uilKt-rnlilf when .Unilriii ln-i;rt forr.lo cloiie «Hh Mm. 1C In irTrrnl hiiur* laler tlir.t Mr>. I'nrxini nndflei Mltrh- t-lt Hie nlrl U iiilsilrs:. sow (iO ox \vini TUT: STORY CHAl'TEll LV J OHN MITCHELL Etrnssled to control tils voice. "Then you hnv«.'.i:a idea what time slic left Mie house?" ho , asked. "You- didn't think It Etranse slio was not here at dinner time?" Ho was standing In Evelyn Par- cons' living roiun. Kvclyn had Just told him of ColIaV disappearance. Mrs. Parsons touched a handkerchief to her eyes. • "Oh, John, you talk as though I'm to blame! I told you 1 don't know. I'm so ter- rildy upset!" ,"What lime did you say the maid saw hcr7" "Wait—I'll get Rose and she can tell you everything.'"' While he "was waiting -Mitcue'il slrode Inck and forth across tlio foor. Ills hands wore thrust deep In his pockets. The 'man's' face was while, his eyes tortured. It was more than five minutes before Evelyn returned. 13y that time Mitchell was pacing like a cagci tutmal. Ho stopped short 113 the doo? opened and the two women o'clock," llio .maid answered. "I was coining Ihrangh llio hall aud 1 saw Miss Celia standing lu (rout of tlio mirror in her room pulllug on her hat. Slio didn't eay miy- tlitug but a mtuiito later when 1 was In Mrs. Parsons' dressing room 1 heard tho door shut arid then footsteps going toward the outside door. That's all I know nbuul It." "She was alone?" Mitcliell asked. "Yes, sir. Tliero wasn't anyone else hero Lut llio cook lu Iho kllchcn." "I see. 1 suppose you know Cclia'a disappeared. Una the over tald anything to you tlint might givo you an Idea where Elio could bavc gone?" R OSK looked toward .Mrs. ; Parsons and sliook her head, "No, sir. Slic never did." "Well, this doesn't help much." Milclioll was addressing Kvelyn. "Someone else must Lave seen her. How about that doorman—(lie ono on duly atlernoons. Is ho here now?" "No," Mrs. Parsons answered. reach telephone downstairs and I'uid out wlicro to call Ihe man who was at ilie door this afternoon." Before Ilia maid could (ako up Cclla )md occupied and here, after nra yon : mucli searching, Mrs. 1'niaoiis pro- wasting • duccd a penciled memorandum. Tho slip of paper read: "Call Mr. Shields, llliink G53G." By now It was nearly one a. m. Quo glanco at tho memorandum and John Mitchell was urging tho downstairs operator lo speed Ills call. Thcro wcro tense inoiiieutB of delay before tlio man apoko excitedly: ' • ' '. "la this - Shields? Barne^' Shields?" Ttio'young uiiiu's voice came back over tho wire. "At tho phono. Vriio'a caliiug?" . ' Mitchell slralghtcncd. "You are Barney Shields'?" ho asked ngaln. 'TJils I« Slilehla. 1 ' Thero was'iiii electric Insfaiil and then Mitchell continued: "I'm sorry to disturb you, Mr. Slilelds. Tills Is John Mitchell—Cclla Mitchell';! father. You . rancmlicr we met Uio oilier day?" "Oh—Iiow do you-do!" <iCOMETHIS'0 Important has ^ lia|i|iencd," Mitchell went on. Rose, "It's something I'd liko to talk lo you about. Can I seo yon 1C 1 couio where you are at once?" "Why. yes. Certainly." / Then I'll be tliero Immediately." hero for? You'rt Tlicre could ba uo doubt ot Shields' fh'ccilly. "But OMi.'t JOH )m jel her nt tho aparliiicit—at fo.ur o'clock'!" "I li-ll \uii I l :'dIdn't..6C» her all day. K fiui .{c[t.- tho.-.iipartmcnt wllli a IM.III ll'.was'tiqliiepuji else." - MUrlidl'D H grayish llu^.'.iTho 1 doo'rman said they got ltit^'M(U;oaUstcr—".Lo began when llttuc)''Interrupted: "Mayhii [t,..Vi-j^ Jordan," h-0 s:ild. "I taw ihi.'i>i (ogollicr llio day bo- fore." . • '". • "Cclta! .\viili Jordan!" the telephone Mitchell had It in hla hand. "I'll do it," he said, and Immediately was In co'iivcrtatlon with the oncralor. . Tlio result ot 10 minutes of alternate- wailing aud. frautle con? vevsation produced -fhV/news thqt Cclia Mltcliell had left; tlio apart; mcnt in company with a tall yo'unt; man whom the doorman had seen frequently. They had driven away in a black roadster. .• • . Mitchell Blammjd down tho tele- idioue. "It's that Stilelds!" he exclaimed, "lilind fool—why didn't I guess. Good God, lliey may be anywhere! Evelyn, Evelyn—!" Mrs. Parsons sprang to her feet. "John, dearest, don't tako it so terribly! Everything may be all right. Please! For my eake!"- He pushed her aside. "Where does Shields live?" ho demanded. Mitchell asked Iho address, arid put down Hie telephone. There was litlle traffic and 111 20 minutes John Mitchell's car stopped hclore tho building \viioro Shields mado his home. .Mitchell hurried up (he steps and was addressing n young man at a the lobhy when someone touched • his arm. He swung around to confront Hur- ucy Shields. "Were you asking for me, Mr. Mitchell?" "Vcs. How do you do, Shields." Tho older man paused for an Instant. "I want lo havo a talk will! you. Is tlievo Eomcwhcro wo can sol" entered.; • "Tl.Jn "I haven't any idea!" Tho man stared at her. "You bo responsible f<fr itiy daughter," he said harshly,' "but you knov,' nothing ahout her goings and comings in tho house. You are unablo to name any of her friends v.ho might tell me wlial's become of her. Aud you say every- Except for tlio youth behind the counter the club lobby was descrl- cJ. Barney led the way Into a writing room, likewise unoccupied. Curiosity was wrillen- plainly on Hie yoiuig man's face. 1 -, "Shields, where is my daughtorl!" "Why, what do you mean?" "Juat what I Eaid. Where ' la Cella? You were scon with her leaving Iho apaiimcnt at four Bali!" away. ; Evelyn 'This is Rose," Evelyn. Parsons Mr. Mitchell you saw began. "Rose, when and vrlicro Celia lost." The maid looked sleepy. She held a long, figured robe about her, apparently slipped over a nightgown. Though .she hnrt arisen from bed Hose had been thoroughly coached by her mistress. : .^1 tutnk Ji v.-as about four thing Is all right. Mitchell, turned Parsons started and for an. instant lier 'eyes flashed -with yualloyed malice. Then she began to weep. .. Tho man apologized. He.begged her. to help him find-Criia.. : ; "But I've teeu trying to!" Evelyii sobbed. "I've been trying to do everything I can aud now I know you hate ir.e!" In desperation Jlilchcll swore he meant nothing of tho kind. He urged her to stop crying and aid him in locating Barney Shields. o'clock this afternoon. What havo you done with her? Where Is Bhe now? Young man, you'll pay—r" Shields' expression changed from blank wonder to indignation. "You don't !:NOW what you're Baying!" ho exclaimed. "You're crazy. I didn't sec Celia today! • You don't.—you can't mean slio's— gone!" '."'• For answer Mitchell llmiat out Cella's note. At the samo time.he continued threatening tho youth. Barney read tbo brief note—.in Celia'a writing undeniably—aud his bewilderment faded. "But whevo could she go?" ho erigJ. "CeKa'a just n. kid! Good Togctbor tbey went to tno roons!X*:'a—you've got to find nor, 7/hnt 'JUY- recounted tWlnc'liK'nt' ill!}', llq-'uanicd lliu llSlj. 1 ^ aiid lio'liail n,,im ijici^xu' •' mcet^ business aciiu-.iliitiuiccrc*!'!^ had Jip)icnicil ; w!ili Toil Jord:in on* ti BiS'ljV'lioiii Uiirni'y il!,l not liiiuw, "^*'VIHI know Joulau, do you?" Mllclriitl cut In iiuapMunaly. . "ik'Ha pointed lil;n out lo 11:0 ones;' I'vu never mut lilui." '"rii'at's Hie Iruth?" "My Uwl. why bliu'.ilil i rant Ij Uo to you?. If LVlln'a illEnii]'i! I I'lifuld lliink yiui'il l.-o iryliic lt> ft nil lier Instead ol standing licra uskmg mo^questlons!" '. - "You're right!" Jolm .Mlidwll'a fist landed oil.-tbo desk. "I'll go after Joidaii—IV '. ; "Lot mo come wlili you:" li.inii.-T urged. "I can't sleep unU'jS I know that Cclin'a safe." . "Como along!" . They soarclicil a directory lo Ihul tho address. Tlieii In Miirhdl'a ear they tot olt tor an can-:<Ulo address. Tlio npnrlinonl linlldlns. when llu'y reached It. was neither conspiciioiiEly omnrt nor shabby. The street lo right and left ivna deserted and llicrc w;ia no attend-, ant at (lie ilnnr, Ilarney Irlcil tbo' lock but tlic ilcior would not glvo' "Not so good!" ho muttered nnd stepped back. The whir of n muiur" car attracleil llielr attention. A tnxkab had turned ut Uiu comer and'was coming toward llio apartment. The- two men Mopped into lliu fi'iiulow licjiilc Iho doi)r\v:LV. The cab fame nearer, slowed nnd halted. A man got cut. turned Inward the driver and then ulark-tl Into the hnildlng. Shields aiiil Mllclipll followed In- toi llio vestibule. The other mii-j opcncil a socnnd diwr nnd fii^.:|^- cil. Before Iho door cU';!;t"J shut Barney had Inserted bis leu DID HIM -'-IrlA-f GUV COULP LUMP^ LUCK", r(E CM •TAKE A PICK--AXE AM 1 y HlC.kV A^ M£ ^^ ' \~f UP : -fflA-f' HE lis,-,BAPS OF VQUR eves BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHY? By Martin In-llie otienlng. "Get the aparlmcnt number," \w Eaid sbarply. Mitchell read dowu the li?t of names. ."Here it Is—:NU." Tl^cy found Ihe number on n second Hoar door. John 'MilciiuH- knocked. ."Who Is il?" a man's volca called. Mitcliell knocked :igain. Them was a Bluiiiliiij: noiso, [hen [ho door opened ami Toil Jordan appeared. "What oow ftti&i- "V-'W. "ViVE CfPE IX- uianded cro-ip;ly. da you waul?" ho do (To lie Cmillnncd) LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—Pair o* black horse- mules."Weight about 1100 pounds. J. S." Bunch, yarbro. HP-K18 .PERSONAL ./.TAXI—F. A. MCGREGOR Day- .or- Night Service, Phone 1C. 1C-K38 Friday: Misses Minnie Cell Shaw, ] of basketball at the Luxora Aline Bowlas, Amer Taylor, Lucille [Friday night Moore, Mary Fauit, Kndhryn Cox, and Mrs. Clovis Crockett; Messrs. W. O. Childs, Less Cassiday "and W. E. PIgg and Miss Tommy Sherrick Mis:i Sherrick gave an interesting talk on "Materials for Primary Arithmetic-" Miss Hanie Nichols spsnt IF YOU WANT YOUR FLUE In• 'spccted,' .Repaired or Cleaned. Call 42. ' 12P-KI5 Mothers ilcsirini; children cared • for morning, afternoon and evening coll Mrs. Wyatt Henley, 335W. 13P-K17 New YorkCotton ",NE\V. YORK, Nov. 14. (UP)-Cat ton closed easy. • Open High Low close D«c. •'now ICOO HH 1087 1100 Dec. old 1C88 1104 1088 1104 Jan. new HOC 1128 1105 111C Jan. old Mil 1125 1111 1117n r.- 1137 1160 1130 1145 Mar,'.... 1137 11GO '1135 1H5 July .... 1170 1207 1178 1178 Oct 1193 1217 1198 1205 Spots steady nl 1115, up 15. V. E. WAS HAM—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special •ales on.carload loW. " ' Local Phone 851 MemphisThoue 3-03J GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE Pavinjr and Scwoi- 'faxes District No. 1. Now Duo' «. G. CAUDILL, Collector. Upstairs in Fanners Bank Bldg. NOTICE With oor recent partnership wilh Mr. Gco. Carney, we now have (lie best .ccjulplicd ' Independent shop-; In town. • CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Buildiijt -' ; "We know we know how*" Gym studcnt : .'body, »ml ot.htr Ucpart- [incut In particular.--- • week end in Blytheville as- the g'ncst of her sister, Mrs. Harry Wcidman. She was nccompaiiicd honia by her parents and Mrs. W. W. Anderson. i societies are busx • preparing pro- Miss Hopkins of O^lahoiria Cily I ju-ains. They ha'v.i c'un.rcii tlio has been sectfrcrt as dlrectrr of Vo- IFreshnicn into nu-mbrrdilp, and" cational Home EconomiCK of Coot- | liave organised llicir music griiujis, er lilgh school, Miss Emma Bald- 'The 111 Jlogul Eight" and "The win having resigned till? : i»sition |IJ,- O -MI Owl f.'ight.'-: which will .meet m order'.W leach in thc'Hawalians ^at i tlic music hours. The Browi Islands. Owls probably - Miss Hopkins comes here with Thanksgiving program nnd the HI tho iilghcrt recommendations and-Moguls will EOOII give one. • Is a graduate ot Ames, State Uni- i '. j vresity ol Iowa. Slie lias already | Keiser will play Burnelte a game-Won a, place In the regard, ot the I rtcail Courier tleivs Want Am. VH6KV" 1'lA. OO WOT .CAM ftW SOSA ,1 HME x WttERt YOU COvAt X WhNK XOO ~\0 HtR. OP. AM 1 WW\T O FRECKLES ANfrHlS FRIENDS BL6SS t^Y SO .IT QOESWY LOO* . ^J£'BE (XT i ^;£. GOT TUBOUSH ; DAQic HOLE A LOT SCXXJEB THAN i • - New Orleans Cotton •NEW. ORLEANS. Nov. ». (UP) TCoflon eloicd steady. '',• •' • " O;>cn Hipli I.^w Close 1090 1117 1000 1003 1103 1132 1105 1111 1135- 1160 '1H4 IMS 1100' 1IS7 ilfin 1170 1178 1203 1178 1189 1200 1220 1137 1201b Spots steady and unchanged al 1082. Dec. .. Jan. .. -Mar. .. May .. July .. Oct. .. Reiser News Notes Mrs. Cordia Anderi.on has bocn seriously ill for Ihe jmst week. • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hminsville of Detroit, Mitili., arc visiting tho lallcr's parcnt.s. Mr- and Mrs. Kay. ATrs. Rouusvillc w~as formerly Annie Kay. Mr. and Mrs. E W. Watson and children motored to Osccola Sunday. Mrs. Clovis Crockett of Osccola I.s leaching in (lie vacancy of .\ir. :\V. E. Pise, who with Messrs. Kirl: Chilrl.i, B. It- Moore and II. 1>. D;m- Avaul have gone lo Little Hock en biisjncss. •Jlie Kctfcr P. T- A will mc.?t a c the rchool Wednesday aftcnioon A gocd attendance Is urged. The following teachers attended lUie-teacherB-Bieetlug .at- Burdutte iM__YSTERY LAKIO! oii6Ee!"mis OP, CX)T OP 81-A.CK CAWERW AfJD OUr BEAU DAVUSlVtt.' WASH TUHKS TIIIO I'J^OKKSrjOR IS A By; Crane NO, KQ.-ONl^ .VROTECT ME. SfWg ME. wouuO cur ftW .THROW, THOSE l T^EM &,R£'WR£D -AIL \ 'K?K VSTrtKt NQO GUftRD (AY UFE ML, F£a, tiUT VOO TVXWVCNOU CKH US To BUMP OFF TrtOSE T*> UST£N--l WMT 50 EUR6 "THIS VS OH TME LEVEL. HOVI PANQER? J;ll TERRIFIED , HE \s TRwieo BV we !UO (*».'£. BF.tM STM4DIN& OU V.iS-OOOR FOR.HCXJM. V^' : - - — ' SOON RETURNS, &ND THE VUOTOOS *&»)N\ ' I ei

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