The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 72. _____ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTH*^ ARKANSAS AND R O,,n,)^n ,„— ^ " * * ^ 1 " House Group Favors Neutrality Measure; Filibuster Is Ahead Fascism Is Alternative C. I. 0. Leader John I. Lewis Warns ime Presldent John L. Lewi e-xecuflve board of the Industrial Organizations o !''< '""'ton faces Fascism , . ,-,,-.. Secretary oC Slate'CwdDiiYliil) Tlie bill would dls|)lace the cur- ""-" """• rent law entirely. The measure, favorably report* to the house, would repeal l)i present mandatory aims embargo It was around this point that the controversy over neutrality legislation raged. Senate isolationists have threatened a fight lasting a least to mid-August against any at empts at lifting O f the arm? shipment embargo. Other provisions: Bar American owned ships and nationals from entering combat areas. Require transfer to the purchaser of title to goods to be shipped to belligerents. This constitutes a virtual re-enactment of the cash- and-carry clause which exnired last May. He-enact the ban on loans and credits lo belligerents. Provide for close regulation of the solicitation and collection of funds In this country for use by such countries or their nationals. Re-enact the statule providing for the present munitions control board. ' Tlie committee's action overshadowed oilier developments on capital hill today. At this final session tlie house WPA commillee heard WPA Administrator p. c. Harrington cie- ,Clare that a $25,000 maximum costs restriction it plans lo impose on relief projects virtually would wreck WPA programs. | Harrington said tlie committee's IT, „ ni_ ^,, inquiry had developed certain mis- Ur ges Observance Of statements of fact and defended' r1 "•>• — WPA's record as one of "remarkable Integrity." A. P. of I,, president William j -p,^ S .? ay , wl " bc observed Green supported before the house!, I 0 loln °rroiv labor committee amendments <~(P la y lu S of n! <fe's if Mississippi valley ,*.•„„. Blythevllle Dally New* rnors Car- Has No Ciiy Tag; Receives Ticket HOCK, June 13 <UPI"^•^'•i "cease No. o, to GOV. Bnlicy holds i terrors for members o the c it ^ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI , AKKANSAS, TUESDAY, JUNK 13, li)3fl SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS British Meet Demands Morning Keliearsjtl At Walker Park h the execullve ofllce. , l rnn« rC11 '' »"s morning 1 "i wmillve mansion 1, ii ticket requesting ihut h •wear at ihe poii'cc M1 5, 0 , Bl " j'stl/lcd (he governor went t C i 10U , SC " ml lmlul «' "' (o Arch .Horvlllc, excciitlv secretary, with instructions io Ic.-vr, lie miure of the charge and settl at nil cosls, Hurylllc said II, ticket was given lo ' the gore because of his to buy ci o o uy city license costing five dollars. Of ra Cr O el "g engulfed by a wave of despair and black reaction," he told (he 43 heads •t..,, i i Minmuca internals) a) unions. Fascism is built upon sucli despair and such reaction Opening a series of meetings '• to plan an Intense organlza- lon campaign Lewis said the C 1 O. membership goal at the''20 niNion unorganized wage earners He warned tlie rival A. F of L' against organization raids in cio' iclds and hinted at passible're- !I Jury Will Pass On Ncgli gence Issue In Injury' In Store Here Flag Day Tomorrow In the dis- s Die Wagner labor relations act. Is Formallj^ Presented At Banquet At Noble Monday Night The Blylhcvitle club of Klwnnls International, which has been organized for several weeks, was olli- c ally launched on its program of civic service with the presentation or its charter at a Charier flight t M the B!lte Room of «« Noble last night Songs fnmilin,- to the 2SO who gathered for the event resounded through (he Blue Room and in the Jiotel lobby as the event got lmc!er . my. George W . K | rk or sl |. eston let! the singing. The climax of the program was reached with the presentation of the charter to C M Buck, president of the local club' by Dr. Charles B. Hoiman cf si' Louis, trustee of Kiwanis International and u, c presentation of gifts to the' newest club by representatives of other clubs. Preceding the formal program musical miiri- uers by guests frcm Memphis. Tenn • aiitl East Prairie and Poplar Bluff Mo. received enthusiastic applause' Afterwards dancing Wa5 enjoyed Evan w, Carroll of the Memphis club was toastmaster. lie introduced Ihe presidents of Kiwanis clubs from Jonesboro, Sikeskm Comvay, Batcsvllle, Helena, Poplar . Bl\iff, Dycrsburg and Paragould Kiwamnns fipm St. Louis and Memphis nlso were on hand Carroll kept the preliminaries moving at a lively pace. A welcome to the new club was extended by Mayor Marion Wil- linms. on behalf of the City of Bythevile, James Terry for the Blythcville Chamber of Commerce, i riT\, ° Uard for llie Bo '«r5- c * M- X R ReW !or the Uo ™ Club. Miss Louise Simon for the n',r C p a " dnprof «si°<»>l Women's Club, E. A. Rice for the American Legion and the Rev. George w Patterson for the Ministerial Alliance. George D. Pollock, vice president of tlie local club, responded. Lonnie M. Standlcy of Sikeston lieutenant governor of division 13 of the Mc-Kan-Ark district of Kiwanis International officiated at the presentation of gifts to the club. Included were handsome United States and Canadian flags road signs, hotel lobby signs, a plaque and a gong and gavel. Tlie gifts were accepted by L. S. Bcnish, secreiary-treasurer, on behalf of the Iccal club. Dr. Hoiman in delivering the principal address stressed the importance of service on the part of a civic club to justify its existence. He said that citizens of the United States and Canada, should be par- icularly grateful for the opportunity to organize civic clubs and "if » fr ," ly ln such Croups and ti set their own goals without interference of the state as in dictator nations. He urged that America continue to cherish its tolerance Mnrlon Williams in HID proclamation lie asks that all business firms and residences Having nags display them Wednesday in honor of the anniversary ol Ihe adoption of the fla<* which trnri MI r "" "" "' ""•«"'' 'Iw our America,, ideals and Sftar nZU" *"" T Iu trallsiL mi<j TI,,. ., „„«!.,.:....,-. uuicr lallrond can>orat(nn« nnmnri «™L Mrs ' N ' J ' Humphrey's fh? 0 ? (lpcrFsontl1 '"Jury suit against Uie Liberty Cnsli Grocers, Inc. of Arkansas, the first jury case of the present circuit civil court term was underway here todnj- ". Mrs. Humphrey seeks damages 1 M^asrsg^j* 1038, when she allegedly sustained injuries to her right leg back and neck She charges that negligence of the slore owner in not properly safeguarding the floor and prc- veiiUng it s allegedly slippery condition caused her fall, she Is represented by c. A. Cunningham ami W. Leon smith while Rekl and Eviard represent the defendant in a trial yesterday will, i Judge Neil Killough silting as both court and jury 01 Judgment for Si 33143 was entered against the Delta Valley and Southern Railway Company and in favor of the Delia Dentist Coulclnt Stand T Sec People Suffer, Mm tiered Wi'fe and Son ' 13 <UPI- ot. Norman T, Stewart; 34, \vh •>nld ho Imd failed as a dentist be •ttusc he couldn't stand to wo -hi JfUlenUs suffer, began n life sen ence today for murdering his W ) f 1IH1 four-year-old son wllh it Jiitm ner and knife A psychlalrlsfs report Imii call cd him "ehlckoit-heartcd," i f j s at pmey Imd quoted him as saylni iiit llic niliiigs |, 0 „„(. llllo p(l lents' tcclh W! out because Iv ould not bring himself to drll locply cnouBli to put them h I'opcrly. Dr. Stewart, once-iveallhy scloi r ti prominent \Vnrren. Pa ol ninlly, told Jiidcc Frank P Pat- crson yesterday that his wife con- tmilly had nagged Him because of ts failure, after ho bud given up cnUstry for a $10-a-week labor- rf. Job This berating, he said auscd him to kill her and Inch on, Norman 3rd, In their Wllkhis- >>ig, Pa., apartment June 14 1S35 ' Judge Patterson ordered him im- risoncd for life for tlle lmlr(lcl f the child and sus|iDiuled: sen- ence for tlie murder of Mrs stew- it, after remarking thnt he was wt so sure the dcatli sentence lould hot be Imposed." Stewart, pleaded guilty four years fler the murders. He Imd fled lo ncksonvllle, Fta.. worked as a bar- mler, nnd remarrletl undei- the amc of Pred I,awson Flake Last ebrunry, ii c SRW; hts conscience "Ban lorliirlug hi,,,, S Q hc stolo 00 from a hotel cash register, lcli-liikc<l to Pittsburgh, nnd nfessed. ....;., uul '> institutions. The proclamation con- li.i]uos:-v.".wherens;. al : a _time' like UHs when. Democracy is stru»glinK for existence throughout tlie world it behooves us to express our fnltli and loyalty as true Americans Let, us openly show our., love for our country and our pride In Americas glorious traditions." Members of tlie Cliarlevolx chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution announced today hat they would display flags at their residences in observance the occasion. of Bailey Will Be Out Of Statejwo Weeks LITTLE ROCK, June 13 (UP) — Oov. Bailey disclosed - totlny tliai lie will be out of the stale for more (him two weeks when he leaves for iyew York tomorrow to take part in Arkansas Day at the world's fair June 17. After visiting in New York nnd Washington Bailey w l!l atlend the governors' conference at Albany June 2G to 29. - corporatt ^ >t n i-i-r : V ~V~ wcrc cl « cl "irged from liability in the'trial here.-MV. Smith represented the plaintiff ami siinhe and Pentlier the ctefeiid'ant Delta raliroiKl. The suit of A, H. Wilson against Hie c. r. r. Corporation was ordered removed to federal district court on petition of the defendant Wilson seeks damages for losses he allegedly sustained in business By reason of the purporlcd wrongful seizure of a truck by Ihe de- Ruptured Appendix Is Fatal To Manila Man Ben Jackson, of Manila, died at the Walls hospital last night i wo "ours after he was admitted He was 45. of a ruptured appendix, lie was rushed here for an operation which could not be performed because of lib dying condition. He was acc:mpanled here by Ids brother Bud" Jackson, also of Manila The remains were returned lo Manila for burial. uneral Rites Held For North Sawba Infant _ Bertie Reese died Mondayfrifter- noon at the home of; her parents' .^ff..and. Mrs. Ulyss Reese of "' ' ' Sawba, ,two days-n.ftcr.JYff bl 'Pnncral services wcrc held ll'iis morning witli the'Rev. s. A. Mcr- "II, fiastor of tiic Pull Gospel chureli, officiating, and burial was North Sawba cemetery The baby was aii only child. C'obb Funeral Home was In charge. Prospects For Early , Adjournment Fading WASHINGTON, June 13 <UP)- PraspecUs for early adjournment of congress appeared to be fading today amid Increasing' signs of n prolonged sennte debute over neutrality revision. President liooserelt, back from Hyde Park where lie bade goodbye to King George and Queen Elizabeth, has been hoping for dennilc word . on an adjournment date so he lia'd complete plans tor a sv,'in» to the Pacific coast and Alaska. Legislative leaders told him today All conleslunis In the 'bathing Iwuity contests for senior girls ami children in ihc p. E. o. second annual Water Cnrnlvn), to ba held Wednesday night at Walker Park, aw to have n rehearsal Wednesday morning, ten o'clock, nt the swimming pool, it was announced today l-'lna! iinniiKPineiits were being niiide today for ihe aquacade, which !s e.vuecled to attract at least 1000 visitors, •Mix. Charles nose Ls In .clinreo of tho bnby iieauty show, wllh Miss Kalhryn Orear as her nsslslaiil Mrs. Lloyd Sllckmon, Mrs,-l, B, O»l and MISS Virginia Simpson arrange the mlnll beauty con. .rs. W. U Uorner, Mrs. Elton W. Klvby am).Mrs. lllicy )). Jones ari! Arranging for the clown iicls. Mrs, 5!xle CrawfOKi has charge of the iudges for the beauty contests Mic reserve sent sale Ic being con- luctcd by Mrs. llnn-y Klvby. Mrs. Murray Smart, Mrs. Farmer inglnucl, Mrs. Jones nml Mrs. Stlckmon arc lo sell tickets at Iho ntes. Tho enllre program, which is to Cool Breezes Give Welcome Relief From No.vv York's Heat WlTIt KOYAl, PARTY cunad«, ™ ^ « "'>< ««e Jlznbelh arrived In Die cool jimr- lime province of New Brunswick ortny for one of their most arduous days In the Don) ,)i mse O f ihoir our lo Canada and llio unllod StillOS, begin,at eight o'clock,-will Include xhlbltlon diving jslmlenls, nn Innoc- ute race, cloivn acts, Jitterbug nuces, a comical dance specialty lumber, and the Iieauty contests. D But General Motors Plant Continues To Operate Despite Strike FLINT, Mich., June 13 (UP)—A. of L. nickels clashed twico will: C. I. O. llyliiE squadron nnd pol- c here loday but all Ocncnil otors plants reopened again nnd ere operating nl nearly normal espllc the attempted A. p. of L. rlke by Homer Martin's United utoiuablle Workers. Company o'tnctals announced that 800 men were scheduled lo work ilay In all Chevrolet divisions mljhat 8 ( 500 reported. '••'. A "c'bivjptmy i spokesman'•' said of- clally that "air proiliictloh'la'pra'c- tically normal." . ' in imci (|, 1CC11 arrived nt nt 0:20 run., visited for 10 minutes mm men bonded by imloinpWlo for fYcdeilcklon, jhe scvctit i provincial capital of their Canadian lour. The royal coii]>tc abandoned their streamlined 1,-nhi tit Newcastle lo motor Dm 120 miles over dusty nnd none too smooth rond.1 Into Ihe interior at the peninsular. Tlio cool ulr of NOW nnmswlt* was hulcned W iih Die scent of pine trees, A .spurring smishltia nmt n lomporalum of 62 gave dm klnit nml jnieei) relief from (ho opprcs- York °' Wltshlll|jt °" nm! Ncw At Newcastle, many of ine thousand*; who gathered from 'nil purls or the penliisiilnr wore overcoats Hie nornml population ot New- caslle-nlwul 4,000-was nbmit ' 20,- UUO by tiio lime the roynl couple arrived. The king Blurted Ills day by selling Ills watch ahwu) 0110 lioiir, ranking (ho I2lh lime since 'lie left, London ihut llio roynl timepiece had to bo set forward or buck- Of Japanese, Avert Crisis In Far East £ra^j^ra--£K; * n ' nto f^" 1 ^ 6all l the foreign of- lice .notified It thai the British government had decided lo. hand over to the Japanese four suspected Chinese a.isasslns wllliln the concession as demanded by Japan ' however that the situation very uncertalii. Forty Attend Lions' Club Bingo. Party Approximately 40 . members of the Lions club and' their ladles At Newcastle,-too "there win .. ""f"*'' ll'e'.olngo'.party, .gtve,, problem for Ihe newspaper corrc- lasl light al the country club. Tile spoudcnts aboard the royal nllol social, nlfalr Replaced |h c group's train, none of whom ha ITeen tho ML'flfilflir liin^Jtllr. ...l.t_l. : •' .1 . l_ . !,».._ . '"ill «»s*ll OI.IJI L1IU Abandon Knyat Ti-nln AI10ARD ROYAL PILOT TRAIN Ell Route to Newcastle, N. B, Jimu 13 (OP)~B«c!; In overcoat, weather, only a few itays removed from the oppressive heal of Washington and New York, King George am) Queen Elizabeth toured Canada's maritime region , todny, abandoning their royal train most of the duv for rides by automobile ami special train. it vwis New Brunswick Province's day to entertain |( s )<(„„ „„, queen.' ..There are so. ninny. /Blreams, mid jays that tho:royal'- IrahrwW 'bong discarded lempornrlly. Automo- ulles wore walling for the arrival Iici'D at 9:20 a. m., (cdt) and tho king and nucen were being driven to the. capita), Frcdcrlcton, for (he oinclal prbvlneJni ivelcomc In the IcglslDllvp bunding. ' At New Convict Minor Sit Down Strike Broken by Warden LANSING, Kan., June 13. (UP) •A filt down strike by .100 coiwlc miners ut the Kansas stale prlsoi was broken without violence today After extensive iiegotlnllons between Icadern of the • mutiny mit Warden M. F. Amrine, Iho prisoners bccnme convinced that Hit prison head was prepared to liso gns and guns If necessary and ac- coKlliigly they gave up. No shots were fired and no mu WHS required. Joncsboro Man Not Renamed On State Planning Board LHTLE HOOK, Jliuu 13 (UP)- Oov. Bnllcy todny named two members to the state plannm-! tomtit iiml Lwucil « new commission (Q one member. Now members named were if u Reynolds of E| Dorado succceillug Donald Murray 0 [ Jonosboro mid Col. noucrtwn of Mnrlnnna, ; replacing P. W. Bcolt. ; A new commission was Issued to Ohnrlcs U Thompson of Little Rock, \vlioilms been on (h c bonrd'l for two years. By UnKeil Tension belwceir Orwt Billaln nml jnnnn over foreign rights In Ch nn rcnelictl a grave slneo todny wilii n Japnncso decision to block- n<le tho Bilthh ami Picnch conccs- «loiH In the B rcat. northern seaport of ilcnUiin al 3 p.[. ( Wt) Tlio n-c»cli conccBslcn also would bocknrfcil as it adjoins tho British concession nnd would have to be cut off lo mnkc the Isolation of Iho latter cfrcctlvc. . Tlio United Sintcs would be nf- ' cti'il, Imvlng ImpoHnnt business ntcresU In the, Brlllsli concession. n>c <llspnto niosc over n Jiip- uiese demand that the British >«nen<lcr four nllegcd Chinese ns- sa»! ls wlio look refuge In ihe British ^concession. A Japanese mllllary Btatemcnt •otlny snid the blockade Is being nslilutcd because "Ihe last limit of oiii' palicnca lins been reached " i t said Ihe blockade would be con- Imicd until the Brltisli hnnd over " the four Chinese leiroilsls , ' In Europe hosllllly telwecn Oer- nnny and Poland mounted ispid- y.amt'nt the same time unrest igiilnsl Nas-1 nilo spiend in the -Nf 01 n vlu p r o t e o I o rate In Berlin «-<is fmmed ' by •epoils In the Danzig press that Poles had mutilated a 'German here. , Pour thousamt lefUgecs 1 from the ormcr Crcch army (led for safety nto Poland In tho'face of rcpoits hat Gcimim troop movements vcre iu progress. Three former zech bombing planes also landed n< Poland. \VotJa Denes, brother f former President Benes, '.vns mong tho refugees. weekly oecn held today. which would have . The commjltco.lii charge of nr- vanecments for (he ]«irty were: Dr. Fred Child, W, J. Pollard, E, R.. Mason and Oscar Dalley, '• ' Klrcinen Use "Dry ice" BUFFALO, N. y. (UP) —The Buffalo Department has added "dry ice" to Its weapons f ur nglit- ing 'names. The "ice"— carbon 'dioxide solid at a lempera- lure of 2,800 degrees below zero and delivered at n temperature of 108 below— was used by tiie fire de- . • -• ix'UIJI HUll SUIJJI tUIJ king or miecn since they slopped out of St. James Prolestnnt Episcopal church at Hyde Park N y with President and Mrs. Uoosevcii Sunday noon. To meet the Iravel problem todny, hnlf tiic correspond-' outs' left Ihe pilot train hero to motor 011 • to Prcderlclon and watch the legislative reception there ut P. m., and the other half went on with the trainUo Saint arr I' T, ^ *" e an<1 ( "" !e1 ' arrive at 4:30 „. „,., traveling „„ ^special royal train from Preilcrlc- partment here for ihe first time at a grain bin blrr/.e. Tlieir Majesties After die Service - — __ _ CO • /Ov ft f-f -. -_-,. ~ " -- - - • Sqmre Of Hyck ParF And G msts in on the route, usually by halt 'lour or more. ' dlsclwcd ut Ihu same time thai lite' vacancy In ihc position of nssMntit,"ediicatipil . eommlssloncr would not be filled by: tho ? slain board of education until June 30 to give members time lo consider <iualtncnlions of possible appointees; Bees 'Decorate' Car Of Jame^B. Hill, Jr. Where all the bees are coming " °" e sem!> lo 'know but Gity Council Meets, In " ; >. Monthly Session-Tonight* - 'llio' Blytheville city council will meet in tegular monthly session tonight'nt Die city hail at 7:30 o clock. Only routine business Is to. come befoie liio session accoidlna to Afayor Mnrlon Williams. HI Luck Dogs Four Year Old Jerry Berry nuc. They apparently pala no allcn- l on to Xfr. inn b,i t on 8L . c()m i thought he decided not to antagonize them and let them alone while he used Mrs. Hills car Urge io work. Several hours laler tltcy had ---- ...... ""<" tcy llsnppcarcd but not before an ,1 ----- f"trn\fit uviut u till CA^client pliolograph was obtained WEATHER Arkansas—Moslly cloudy, showers In east and extreme north portion tonight 01 Wednesday. Memphis ami vicinity—Partly cloudy lo cloudy tonight and Wed-' iicsday, not much change in tern- n At 1 nli if A Anollicr Eniluisiaslic Welcome *"" •"-••***' aiv }Jik.iUl(JU OflCT tllfi SCrVltC T/>fJ ll A 1 —•—-—•—p——PwnmwmmM aXMWBM«kHiBWtSAMfl&^ , t /dttttS^3H Rev. ^ nk K. Wilson! «^Vs* Ja^" '^ * "^L^n?'<£™ P^if't » " W "™ Ywk O***''* 1 " ^^VIS" mito^, TTtl ^ *° ™° ** ^" °" " ielr * S ' tOUr ' Was ^ Sara R ooseve,t ; Mrs, E , cano r noosev^^^ko^S, ^^'T^ «* ^ ™^ ^ * »• *«• ^opat Chutch^''^ ^^^1^.^^^,^ ?£ ST ' : indicated by arrow. • ' ,'

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