The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (MM? Sport Writer Finds Connie Sti!! Has Some Pretty Nifty Players Left.' BY BII.I. BRAl'CHEU NEA Smlrc Sports F.dllor : NEW YORK.—If you are preparing to shod tears for Connie Moc'k because lie "wrecked" his ball club by selling Lofty Grove and n few other bits of baseball baggage, save them, All Is not !c«i. i The wrecking exercise conducted by Mack recently was not so disastrous as appwd al f rst - ^ ool! - ing carefully over the men he sold and those he kept, it begins to ap- .pear that he parted ullh only two ..very useful men. Grove and Cochrane. Earnsha*-. Walberg and Bishop contributed very liule to tiie success of the A's last year. Depending almost entirely upon a young team he had thrown togeth- .er last sprin?, Msck moved Into the closing month of the campaign with the. best club in the league in point, of all around performance. The first of September found the A's in fourth place, five games behind the Indians. T.-.e club gained nine full games on Cleveland, finishing third. An example of the Mack managerial acumen Is furnished by statistics which show rhat the A's Vnade 25 more runs all season than Washington, the pennant winner, while making 67 fewer hits. Jimmy Foxx's J8 home runs also must be figured in liiat reckoning. But the outlook for 1934 is nol so-bleak as It was in 1914 when Mack really did toss his team to the winds. With an infield and outfield such as he has, Mack needs only one first class pitcher to make trouble all year In the first division. There's Foxs at- first, the greatest hitter in the game. Frank Hig- glns, kid third baseman, hit .314 in his first year of big league comps- titolon and is figured to be on the way to becoming .the best third baseman in the league. McNair at short has established himself as a star, and if Williams can return to his 1931 form at second base, there simply won't be any Infield problem for the A's. T.'.e outfield is settled. Roger Cramer In center has come through as one of the best in the league. Bob Johnson, In' left, besides being a ball hawk o! the Charley Jamieson order, of the league's most dangerous and timely hltteri. Right field will be divided between Big Ed Coleman, Bing Miller and Lou Pinney. i The A's netd a first class pitcher. One. of a n'Jtmber of young men who. tolled promisingly during the last month of the 1933 season may arise to.nil this need. The hack- bone of the staff may be regarded as Mahaffey, a veteran; Big Bob Kline, obtained from Boston, and ?,Ierritt Cain, who «-on 13 and Lost 12 for the A's last year. Kline, who won seven while losing eight for 'the seventh place Red Sox last year.' shpiild win .between 15 and 20 games for a club like the A's. . Claset, McKelthah, young Ray Coombs, Dietrich and Marciim showed at intervals last year that they knew what it was all about. Mack is pretty certain to concentrate on these and other young pitchers when training begins at Port Myers. Pla.. the first of March. No less astute an authority than Babe Ruth believes that despite ihc sale of Grove and Cochrane, the A's will be the team to beat for the pennant this. year. Ruth likes the young pitchers introduced by Mack in the last few weeks of tr.e 1933 drive.' The catching corps, consisting of 3erry, Madjeski and Hayes, Is not ,»0'hot, but there are several signal departments in the league no bel- Osceola Schedule (or the Season Announced OSCEOLA, Ark-Coach Carrol Bird of Osceola high school todaj announced the following scheduh for both bovs and girls baskc! ball teams for the rest, "of thi season. The teams have already played Ciirnes against Wilson, Luxora am Shawnee and other schedule games are as follrws: Jan. 15. Shawnee. there: Jan 19 Tyronza (tentaUvel here; Jan 23 Luxora. thsre; Jan. 26. Wilson '.i>'e; Jan. 30, Mrrvon, here: Feb 3, KeUer. here; Feb. 5. Marlon trere; Feb. 9, here- Peb <2, Reiser, there; Feb 16. Kelser there; Feb. 23. MfHisslppi Count tournament; March l, Northea Arkansas District tournament. Holland Teams Split With Wardell Cager the Hol'*nd, Mo., boys and glr liasketMUl teams even In t« , Kwnes »lth the Wtrdell, Mo, ba. k«t««rs. The Holland girls wo 30 to « while the Wardell bo triumphed 23 to 7 .The .line-up 'of the girls gam Mack and Some of Stars He Retained Holland Richardson Parish . Edwards. Holder Sltten A Pis. JP RC RF- LF LO RC BI.VTHEVILLE. fARK.l COUmEli. NE_WS_ Hooks i is li:e same man who rudely shoved Open Chitnplon Johnny Goodman out of life National Amateur . tournament nt Cincinnati last year. ^SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 1934 a/w Slides ill Braucher Wardel Kinga Tompso Bcrr Walla Cla n- r.iim KU Hal Sdtatltutloni—Kenley «nd Lai tH«]lAVlj1\. Here's.the Infield of Connie Muck's "wrecked" ball club. . . . roxx, left is hlill-i. w,i n«. cemer. will piny second. . . . Below WMimms Ls Frank Higglns. third .sacker. takhl, his'cut :hl. Is Eric .McMlr. scmntlomj lltric shorLstop. . . . The mm, S milln, ta the "wrccW"' of the A'/ An Idea im llorsfs lie-fore the closing u( inundations for the Kentucky nr-rby. T.J:!) Kearney, St. I/>uls luuire bookmaker, offered 40 lo I against such nice gallopers as Red Wnijnii. Blnck Buddy, Bonanza, Sergt. IKriii', Wise Daughter, and Collaierni . . . anc! :iC to 1 against. High Qi.e.u, Kirs; Minstrel. Discovery, Jabot, Soon Over, nadagni, and Roustabout . . . . ilata liori was ];Ls winter !:<>:>k favorite, the Fisher filly b-in-; «l- fi-red ai 15 [o 1. . . . Y<nr cor- res|joi:dciR. |j making a 5-ci-m :iiind i:c| on First Minstrel. * -f * An'Idea of Age There SCKUIH .In be some doubt nbout the. aye of n. Cluu-.dlcr K-,':m. | .'.ho is one or HID membsrs of our : Walker Cup •team t::is year . . . uiu- record book states lie wjs Iwrn in Ciilcago in lasi . . . |,LS year.; have been given as all ths'way fiorn SO (o 55 . ... but i: fccms that r remember his name inrlud- ed nmong-a group of Sunday golfers arrested in Albany, N. Y.. according to the New Netherhnd Register of May, 1811 ... wnic!: would make him nearly ns t>!d as Jack Qr.inn, Ihc-'venerable |)iwli- •.'r who wintered \vith Washington at Valley Porge. Tills II. Chandler Egan, however, THQOUGH THE BY EVERETT S. DEAN kftball Coach, Indiana University The new rule .which states thnt e official must handle all out-bounds balls in the front court, ,s robbed the game of a fast t-of-bounds play. I believe this new rule will ike the set block piny more pop- ir than ever. The alternate iy will be n pnss to guards for osscsslon. The play for posces- n can be used any time. Chicks Best Hurricane In Fast Contest Out-of-bounds plnys should re- emble the plays of the regular 'fense. Better execution can be btnlned if there is a relation bc- ween the plays. One play with uitsble variations is sufficient for he offensive end. The defense against out-of- icuncls plays 'must be very alert. efensive men should stick to leir men so closely that it will * hard to put the, ball In play. The play shown In the diagram : a typical block out-of-bounds !ay with reference to location. esign and purpose. Fl and F2 in past each other in an effort a lose F2's guard. The man out- f-bounds bounce-passes to F2 1111- er the basket. The Blvtiieville Chicks. 1333 district caee chamnlons, appeared to be possible repeaters this year wlicn thev trounced the Jonesboro Golden Hurricane, a team thnt forced the Chicks to i>a two [extra periods before annexing the chnmDionshli) last venr. 18 to H. ill n fast yanie nt Ihc nnnory here last nlpht. The Chicks displayed n closely knitted defense, forcing the visitors lo .shoot wildly time nftcr time. The Chicks .did not get ns mnny shots at the basket as the visitors but passed the ball until In fail- scoring position and .then scored with consistent, accuracy. The starting Chick five played the entire game and Joncsboro made cnlv one substitution. Dick Tiuton was high |X)tnt man i for the Biytheville team with n.i Keller the high point scorer of' the game. Keller got 12 points and Tioton 8. The QoWen Hurricane's offense never got far underway aguinst, a stalwart Biytheville defense and the visitors trailed throughout (he game. The Chicks led 6 to 3 nt the end of the first quarter and 10 to 5 at.-the half. Kochler olayert n good defensive game-for the Chicks while P. Keller .turned in a stellar defensive performance for the Hurricane. In a preliminary game the Dell team trounced the Blylheville high second team by a score of 23 to 18. Baren was the high point man for Dell and Johnson for Biythe- ville. A crowd of 300 sat in on the program. M. W. Melton. Shawnee school principal, officiated. The box score of the Blythevillc- Jonesboro tilt follows: B'ville (18) Pos. Jboro (14) F F C O 'G Substitutions — Greene. (Joncs- boro). J Parker's jjea of Tennis rrankle Parker, hailed as n com- J]IK champion on 111? courts, lias , very definite views . . . alter lib | finishes at Lcnvrenm'illc i:e will go ! to Princeton, where h? will con' tinue to play tennis . . . after he is throug.i with Princeton lie will go Into business . . . voting Mr. • I'arkcr docs nol think nmcli of tcn- . nls as a racket. Tlldrn's Idea of Money Hill Tlldcn, who 'did not think much of amateur tennis as a racket alter he had played H 50 years or so, says the Davis Cup is wort a Iroin £60,000 lo 5100.000 lo the possessor nailon . . . Bill offers in .substantiation the figure $50,000 as the gross intake on the Wimbledon touinamcnt, UO;IHIIIE: out thai a few yeaii ago, the sum of S300000 was refunded (o ticket npjilicnnls who could not b:- accommodated. * * » Uej of Dancer Football is it.c most dnngerous i of the games, with horse polo next land wrestling.after that, snys Floyd 1 R. Eastwood, instructor in New ' York University who lias counted bashed noses and broken limbs during the last three years ... for every million students in colleges and high schools in the United States, five are killed on the grid- i iron • . . the casualty rate for | horse polo Is about half that.-'ac- I cording to Eastwood . . . only two .college football players were killed • last year, neltiier during an actual 1 game. The late Jim Di'lcnu'y, (minor of Jim Corbctt and Jim j(.[| nes was u clever .manager, (oo. An incident during his hnnrlling of j pri .y Slattery |:ro\od it. Jerry was scheduled to fiahi June Dennis, a harrt-flgimng colored lan. Jim knew Jerry would need lots of help, and he »i nin lo gcl . for him. - - iv/ get- it, for him. nniiy rr-mod a hearse, Ijairowctl an undertaker's uniform nnn fJelni! nlshi after night drove his t'loomy outru past Dennis 1 training quarters. This went on for v.-ceks and the negro, seeins; it every night filially got rhe jitters. When June crawled into the ring; the iiighl of the fight he was nervous. He wax all attention when Slattery climbed into the ring until— Right at the ringside loomed the black coat and top hat of tlic hearse-driver. With a yell he lea|x?U from the ring and ran Into the street. Even the copers couldn't find him. Do You Remember? * conds Five Years Ago Today —Paavo Ten Yesrs Ago Today — Qua-! Nurmi, the Phantom Finn signed glin, f.imous French ice skater. Uo meet Leo Lermond, Boston dis- v.-on the 500-meter Olympic elimi- ' teiice runner, in the 2-mile event naiion event, dashing over the dis-; of the K. of C. indoor meet at tance in the record time of 48 3-5 ..Boston.. The Slirino of tho 'Llttlo Flower is at ItOYAI, OAK, MICHIGAN. The animal shown is an AllMADII.I.O. (JLUCOSK is tho chemical uume of tup* «ut'ar. G. G. Caudill General Insurance 106 N. Broadmy I'bone 797 R O X Y Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c Moscley 5 Tip ton 8 Purtle Wilson 2 Koehlc'r 3 Holman Alexander 2 D. Krliei- 12 Mctzlcr F. Keller " Tcn D . „ , --•• ... 0 .—• ... a Bar Hootn" was Head Courier News Want Ads. written by Timothy shay Arthur. IT/ t * *— r • Monday MAT. and NITK— 10c-35c • WATCH TONY*S WIVES "GO TO TOWN"! SM «fa«a bkw mauudown ta C»U. Wh» tl>«y roll thtir rfiumfc4 hip. tad Unkroll •yn, «'• aB *nt b« IbtU " JOAN aiOKDElt C1INBA fAHEll our KIIIEE r»ANK MtHUCH AlllN JENKINS lUTH DONNEllT Pint National'* newett fun- frolic with «ix great laugh-a Ur* ... Even hij bride /' Ihinki hf'i iwo /' oth*r fellows... 1 [. EDDIE mm wiiriis P'ej*ni| LILLIAN GISH ROLAND YOUNG HISD008I I'ARAMOUNT NEWS LAUREL & HARDY COMEDY NOVl-I/TY UK(-|. Colortonc Miisir.'il Ucvirv "Rhapsody in lircu" ^ ^ j-r & f e jv *:*,>.:",'* "In Reply to Your Classified Ad" Four lines or thrco lines or two in the Courier News- ' ami ,i little cafe changes hands, an agin? couple gets auto transportation south, two heart-broken «™t- ^ n > '?'''' T mls aRain - A tc '«l'lionc story, focused -TiL i ., ' ar ' ceonnr 'iical words bv a helpful ad- tnkei—and the second floor back finds a roomer, Li/ nmls n new Baragc , Johnny linds his terrier. Strange wants, everyday wants, wants urgent and trivia find a voice and an answer in the Courier News Claspi ,'Cfls-aml bring lf) cvc Collr!cr Ncws rcader a P;| f. C nnTmi'r, 1 ,v- ll ' ama " rici '-'«'ith thrill" occasionally, with OI'T'OUrUNITY always. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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