The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1930
Page 4
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m.YTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS TWO ci-iits n ivord, ror tiral lii- sstttou and one c<ut & word lor each subEequtni luser- tion. No ad\x>rli£ement taken lor lew than '50c, Count the wordj and send, the tash. .Phone'306 uma . , _ iK , COKALIE STANTON and MlATH UOSKtN IQ50 6V CHEILSEA MOUSE. Just once IIIOIT--OUCO more! sevcii when Stcynn arrived. what n tier secret liearl in:r;i.\ 111:111: TOIMV JL'Dl'lll CHANT. nrllM'i nnirlrl IIIVIK .M.A.V S'ri:iM;. imhilrr 'd room 1 were on llie ton floor . He strode up to her and took licr Bbo tbousbt ot him .13 n lover now. PAGE SEVENS;-;: )UK BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru VOR SAl,B-^B:tby Cliicks. Custo:n liatchiiiB each week from HOW on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2Uck-tI Special Bargains In Used Cars I-ilc 102K Model A Coupe New faint, Gooil Huliucr, Mofur A-l—Just the Car for Business or Traveling Slan. Only S235J I.alc 11123 Whippet Coach, Looks fine, only driven 12,000 miles— Will give comrilele satisfaclioii. 'Only 5285 IKZa Model A Itcadslrr,\tiim- ble Seal, Side Slik-lds, Mo- Icr in I'trltcl Slanv. \ Very nlfly juh. Only §375. One 28 Slur Sedan, <!oocl llubbcr. l.ocis and Huns Good. Very Clieap to operate. I'nced right. Only §175 Jui;t received I.atf lU~i> Chr>slcr Ccacb. Looks and runs like new. 1'riml for 1m- mudialu Delivery §375 Above Cars carry our 30-Uay Ouarantee. Weekly, Monthly or Fall Terms. Call 811 TODA1T. PHILLIPS iMOTOK CO. Aulhcri/cd TorU Dealers silt- linJ lo tl Itisl. Jlldllll, Ju- ElK tUll> lu >.ll!!l? In:: ilnni 'K lil.AIIVH ICn.N. rMi IU ar EUT In u i. ut;!! Slrjjn- iv. ii'M rnli-ullnn-t ll^Ln irkLkln U k : '.ml. lltllt Jll 1 >-.IC, II<T cu iinj ^::J Slrjli vow 1,0 ON \\ I'M i 'I'm: siyuy UIAI'TKK -XXVI /•lillM.MY round It lianl beyond tulle! to repc-nl her i:o:m-rs:i Hun v.-llli Judy to Akin. Sho.1:1:111 :t:;tU lo lull him thru Jmly was very much cha:i;:cd. "She's :-o sc:ii.iii Alun—ygii "yO(l will come, won't you, * Judy?" Chummy asked, lier oyw-"allRJit wllh nffcctloii,' her wl-.olci jislus aslmv wllh • the thought of'llie \vninkTfo!. lh"e that was giuuhy: uut bi'fiire. licr. "Just )iic day before «u tinrt off. Alati I I!" Of cnurse I'll c.;n:o," Jmly an- r.v.-i'i-ed. "It Minnii.i hivdy. A wliolc lay Iji (lie c.nmiry. a i:iu!i:r i.n, n Iilc-nh: liiLk-h. and a il!iuic-r ami a lilay to end up v.'Uh! \Vliy. i;wi-ct. I I'.aven't done a single thins since dear old (!naivr-nins dlc:!1" "Tlu'ii It's loiuurrovv. if It's fine," said Cliutnmy. "\\VI1 call fur-ynu at 10 o'c!i:c!;, If that Isn't IM early— \\-tl want lo UQ a lona vvn!', into (lie real country,-' ' _ - _• "SpteiidiiT! Aiid-yon're really lo "A wccl: from today." s:;id Claris ha. bhisiilux. I "And I'm'not asked lo the wed "Ami yon tlihik Ciiiiiimiy went slili rfd-Ier. "It's Aba. Jmly d:n-:iu^. somehow doesn't want to asli ran look '.body — not II any- aficr be:-se!f. CiarlsiLi?" the young 11:11:1 ai-k^d. "()!:, yes. of course she eaa. She always haj." • "Tlicn vim don't think It ncccs- "I qulle uitdei sla T iO," Judy said. "If a thina'a goini; to be i|ii!ct. !t had niiteli better to dead iinlet. Anil you see, all lh^ boys would want to come." • • Judy was ' decidedly more Use ot (ho litllo house. Tlio front ell- UK room was very serapplly fur- Isiiccl, luit Judy had mil up some ttlo pictures that tlio hoys nt Uio afo luicl given lier, und thero was iiiiyly striped Como ruy tlirowii vci- Uio hard couch. i Far uioro color was provided liy liitisj ot c,\[|iildlo flowers from lOthouso and garden—n verllflblo iK-dley »f roses, carnation?, lllie.i, nil all tlio vailcsak'd splendor of ho August border. They li.irt cvl- le-nlly Ireeu thrown into basins nnd uss pell-mell, and Ilielr scent made ho atmosphere of UIQ little room icavy wlVh sweetness. Judy came- Into tlio room, white Alan.Blood nt tlio window, t i; down' into Uio street. "Wliero Is-Cliuminy?" sho asked. "[ expected lo tliicl licr here," ho i.-.v.-tfocl. "Wo :;:i!d hall pasl iveu. I'c-nmc|;hl here. 1 an a little late." . "Slio won't he many minutes,' Judy said cai'olr-tsly. "What lovely d.iy wo liadl Whnl du yov. llilnV: of my room?" . I "Where do all lliese llowcra com 'from?" In asked aliruplly. "I'm sure I don't know." '•Nonsense. Judy! -Toll me, ar Imiuls. '"Judy, I'uU \s Koodiiy," ho uahi. "Yes." the breathed, "H ' 1 ins any-|berse!(. anil Clarissa, now about lo "Mo. .\l;:n— ::ot on that r.d'oiiiil." Suyic . iu. Tin-re was t'reah Milch cows lor sale. Jerseys. 'i'ernis u desired. Live b'.ccK ri- nancc' CoriKjrauoti, Bij U ' or u^'. 7u-ti FOR 3AL-K a- 'tKAUt;—O:ic ShCC- land pony. Phone iil-l UpKla FOR, SALK—Jcrecy cow, n.iljy calf- i G. D. Hedge, Route 3. Opkl-1 FOR SALE—133 pound refrigerator in ix/rfecl coiitlition. .520. 1'aui rcsPiitnal, Grand Leader. ICcklS FOK KEN1 FOli .KENT—Fnrnis!;ed rooms for bslit hcusckceping, 1W West Walnut. Call 678. " Mck FOR RENT—Five room bungalow on Dongan avenue, with hot am! I cold . water attachments. Partly' newly decorated. Vacant Jiily 1. Ike Miller. Telephone VS'f.'' Mc-tf. nu ir.l^-r :n-ro:iiit. lie knew, that It bad i-tHsiu to tbc iiojnl. II was nnw li;e end of (lic'.llrsi week .In .\n:insi. lie bail f.onsnUed .the girl ali.i,:t Ibc ilnto of ttw wtilding'a day nr tv.'u a:^ri. »3iil slie had suggested tbe >cv™iiv!!lli. her birlhil.iy. ..It Kiiist No seltlcil ik'linitfly now. TI'A-IC \v:is 1111 i;oln^ b:ick. Her [:rur-ral i-.:iis \vcro iiKulc. lie had nolle to make. The time- li^d co;no for him to Fdile bis ilfbi, to |iay fur that inorc tl:an sevcti-ycar-iilil mistake. Me ni'ivcil liiai.^lf, and they dis- cm.-:t'cl delails. Tiieio was iilcnty of time to sivo orders for the other rnouiH a; (liarncrcy Park to be nrc- iavi-il ln.foro they came back. They v.-iKsbl -write from abroad. Perhaps Uarss.m would [lick un suine Italian furnitsire. Tlieie ucre a sirall sirtin^ ro:nn for her anil annther hcdrogin. anil also a maid's rijom. to DII unmixed. -. Clarissa conjd tiiirjt of no more ideal h:ia;e. 'li^frjrt 1 \ce so. -Alan, .we nin they from Gideon 1 ;" "F tell you 1 don't'know; but shouldn't he surprised.' ttiey com every few days, tiitd there's .name. Only Mr. Cildcon hnsn't nn enter Uio very, innermost elrclo ot ifrj-jntry .house, and .aren't the happiness, was elated and trims- '--ju-iicii (lowers?" lisnrccl. so llial site had nc. re ; ua|° o[ u „ sM stoyl cither for terse t or for her be- U „, .. w|l(Jr|) , 3 ( ; i( | coll? " lov<!d.little friend , , , d sorac , v l,ere-lu Kraucc, Tho future of Jmly was as rosy I - - , , k n . Mfa to aa her own. Sho would liava tlie ,....,.:_,.., , ,,.,..,.,. world nt her feet, and then in lime slio would tiiid love, and siic would knciw tuat it is Hie'greatest lliins of alL The clny l:i l!ie country was a great success. From Cliumwy's Mint of view, It was iieifc'ct. Tliey drove np lo a far corner of Conncclicul, wlicre tlioro was a swccnlng lino ut Kreat hills. Tliey climlied 0510 of tbem, leaving ilie car at tlio Inilloni. ami Alan carry- tlia Imiclieou basket. • On the top (hey were rewarded liy a sraml view and a sweet cool brcezo. They ale ami drank like £choul diildrcn. Judy wiis onti.iiicccl by the whle, open spaces, and danced about like child .of ten. Tlicn llicy Uiid tlicmselves down reduce his fat, 1 llilnk. 1 "When did you last see him?" "1 haven't seen him since clear M. Citiarvcnlua died," Judy nu- sv.-cicd. "Didn't he try lo see you?" "llcj did. If yon want lo know; but I can't seo wliy you—" "Oh, yes, Jndy, you can sec!" ."Yon aio making mo do It. U'a yum- fault. Vim Iiislbl on my marry In; l.'laribya. Ynu Insist mi y leaving yon all nlimo In llio orlil wltlioul any one lo look after on." "1 c;in look ntlcr myself." "I'orhaiis; but I w.ii'.t you (o now that It's yimr faull. your do)B. UDOilby, Jmly!" "Oooilliy!" She urcalhcd faintly. Her pallor T.s r-liaslly. S'.io swayed tiuvmcl lui. ami tlio next mouKMit she n bis arms. "Don't Icird," he salt! (U'KCly, 'you are- niakhii; me clu tbli. 1 ovo you uii'l yon Invo i:ic. I ovo C'lurlssa. 1 know I mr.-M to ell bur the truth. You won't let no. Whatever happens, It's your aulti"' "Oh. iuii'l—rtini't!", on the point nf cc Their li[i'i iui'1. All tlic ivnrlil was foiKotten in that tiaoiilziua farcwull. "Co:idby, Judy—Koodby!" *'t!tMilby, Alan-—oh, clear, clear love, Kuoiliiy!" Neither of them noticed dial the donr. was [Hiolicd open 1111 Incli or two.- Al^u tilil not know thai lio had' left It ajur; uor were lliey aware '.bSt ClnrlKsii was standing there la the clnorway, her lovely ee set Into a mask of Increduloua ondor, li?r Koldeii'lirown eyes halt oscd. as il in an instinctive effort ot lo sec. MAUfHA, 'ILL OUT" irvl BESlV\iJRAM-f SlrJce- PAYS OF - sail! Hlcync recklessly. "You know I'm madly lic.-rfci.-tly well ilnit jealous o( Hie brute!" "I tliink it's very stranKe of you lo talk like thai when you're t'ottii lo be married in n day or two. Wli> ilo you want to spoil this nice clayt' CTBYXE turned and looked at her |^ She wore a little lilac's Ores •\fi Iml sleevelets, as was. her wout . , saioked and talked — at'.lcast.. Jndy [w and (j|iummy..l'alkui. They strolled ;i. FOH KENT—I'urmsliecl apartment- Apply Jir.:iKle Lcctbstter, Sanndera Slc-re. ' Ock-tf rOK KENT— August 1st One apartment. One cilice Tnjr-.'m Building J'iiuire I'arluiKt Company. Or,-lf. WANTED WANTED-To rent 4 cr 3 -house house willi bath, uaragc and chicken yard, Irciu owner, near one of the public schools. Wctilcl consider something out. Address llcuse care Courier. - : Bsxll. WANTED—White woman to .help wi;h housework. Cail at l Broadway Barber Siiop. • • 8pkU J.'hall we ;;o into the country and !:r:ve a really nice day? I'll make ber cuuii. 1 ." "Vfn." he a:;i-ccd. "I'll hire a car—'.here's nut room enough in "Vi:at Rill be lovely!" Chummy wn.-s radiant. Alan wondered ai her unselfishness. He won- dcrtd buw s!ie had ever C'line to believe that he loved her; and be on tno springy. scented turf, n;iil jecl Rnrb. Around her slender wals ' as a Fjisli of fussy tulle, ncding i' blu lirj\v at one side. She wa -ryTiialc.- -The Ilcwerhku ftu:e; th Crlalil>balr,'arid,lhe erfri'pf.tiio flji w'cro riicri'iluu'Alan, could 'stand. He bad given her Uti — yes, !;e ha gi-, iMi her ap, onto and lor all, o that night in Ills stiuiio, when Imd becked- him not to- make it ayain, tcranihlinii down a .steep hillside. e::l::rislc(l with laughter ami and fresh air. TUDY wa; dropped at her' rooms kiril for her, and he was going I after six o'clock, Anil Alan and I marry Clarissa Mnrlcy In a day o Chummy made an iiiipuiuliiiciii lo.Jhvo. Uut just nov,-. at inomen fetch her at hnlf jiast mien forjin her lliiwcr-sceutcd room, after the dinner and theater, which were [day in Judy's company, drinking to; make a fitting end lo this galajlicr presence, absorlilnj; fill b da'y. . .. [usaddeninK variety, lie was 11 It was a' little after halt pMt arvater of himself. O.MK rive miniilCH laler Clarissa MorJc-i' ulitwly rcasci'iidcd tlio lairs. Slie hail dc-sremled llicin wlflly ami silently, and blonil ni he bolluiii Illto a eriivcu imam-, vllli lier bands clenched tK her Ule. What cave her Etronplli to piny lie part *hc did siic never knew. 'bis tiu:c sbc rapped nt tbc dnr>r nd c:illcii out Jmly'H name. She omul Juily and Alan wiiithi^ for icr. Judy was laughing :il r.nmo- hiiu; Ahu bad iust faiil. Htcyuo yavc ber a .smile of cordial welcome. "Late, Clarissa!" lie exclaimed. "Yes, 1 know," she answered. She wondered hi an Impersonal way what they thought of her voice, lier face, licr whole hco.ring—tlioso tw-p who h.vl iust boen i,n each othyr's jiri'.H. biiidiiiK each other '"iilhy with tears nnd 'nlsb, wit!i passiomto clestiair— liiose two wliinn slio iiad seen, but who hail nnt s.'en her. They played Ibeir parts well, loo, Life, after all, was a comedy. On with Ibo f.h::\\! A fiinslc broken lea will nnt sanp a circus. \Vliy should a Klaslis broken heart put a spoke In the si'eal \diccl of life? They sprnt a merry evening a liltiiiB encliiii; to a c'da day. '(To H-) Continued) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OH-ll-H-MHOY! By Marti*);.;' SALESMAN WANTFJ^-CrUI. • cam 525.CO to $35.03 weekly.Jon commission basis. Apply Aubrey Hoed,' Rente; 1, Box OS. . bpkll J'ESBONAl LIST your ronta! nropeTly wiilv me. | Have a number of s<:crt tenants i waiting, liill Vanwinkle, 213 N., First St. fpkll 1 NOTICE From May 1 to Sep'.cmber 1 iu r dental otfices will be closed >acli Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. 11. S. Davis. A. T. nntl T 210 Avialior Ccr|> 4 \-B Chrysler 'J3 :!-•! Cities Service 2ti7-8 . Coca Cola : 174 Fox -101-8 General Elcc'.ric C85-B General Motors 421-2 Griysuy Grunow 13 5-S 1- T. nnd T «l-2 Montsntncry Ward 3.i Packard 13!-a . Radio U71--J Simmons 217-8 • United Gas 301-2 U. H. Bter! 1597-8 Note—1 iiruuah an error in Irnns- j mission <itio:ations fur Cl'.ry^ler ar,d Cities Service have been transposed in n number of recent issues. This hns been corrected nurl the '-quota- jlions appear this lis'i- ins. ling, Blytlieville. Arkansas. Dcsrd of Directors reserve right' vicinity with !hr rllscovcry of , i Approximate estimated quantities j to reject any cr all bids. |.swifter nunrry. llrcr have brcom are as follows: • For further info'.mn:lon see or so plentiful in the foothills nortl Improvement Na. 28 62,071 Cu Yds' address J. W. Mey.-r, Engineer, 2011 of here that the do^s huve mac! Improvement No. 29 3G.5GO Cn Yds j Lynch Building, . JJlytheville. Ar- tptite a sport out of chasinj; uuck j kansas. Total 08.572 Cu Yds | h lat:.s ar.d siiecificatior.s covering j file at tlic Dis-1 from alfalfa l:c!ds. I Bor>rci cf Director?. Drainage District Number Sev- cntcen. of Mbr,:s?lppi County,! rnlr ™™'n^ Arkansas. Ockli. COLLECTOR. ; tlnu^ to yivc iia ! our home fci 1 nf LOGAN, Utah. rji'>— n=js iiave! "Yes. taki tiie work arc on trict's cilice. • A cortiliea check for '.en percent of the amount bid must accompany each hid submitted. The i abandoned chasing of shc:p"in this ! L-uslifje, Blnettcr, Berlin. '.<.', C;IVI:K Have you any lliat would do fc ,ctl fcmilcs?" my nui'.!icr-tn-!a AND - R.16WV I 1 . Vvon6oT J~ — ri ) Jj^M ^^/. : ', i-*^j-*- - h *—~^*-' ^^A^_! FRECKLES AND HIS FR1KNDS iMONBY WKLL SIMCN'T! Klossel .".T NOT5C1J \Vliy wait until cold weather? Cook ycur coal orders nov.-, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN HliUIANAN 108 N. 1!- I!. Ofticc 107 I'honc Kcs- 717 V. II. WASHA1I—Transfer llaily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special ratco on carl-iad lets. Local Plnuo 851 Memphis Phone 3-0315 New York Cotlon NEW YORK. July 10. <UP)-Cotlon clCotxl steady. Open Hinli Low Close | Mar I'Sfj 1343 1322 1311 ' IMP, 13-in 1358 1323 l:iOt 1S!0 1330 13011 ISii IS04 13S1 1302 IH41 \... 131, r ) old isofi r.rv: !','»'! old 1324 new i:£)3 old i:t>8 nc-.v 1303 :cU closed 1330. 1318 •tcady, 10 New Orleans Cotton | WERT ! jHe Makes 'Em See, Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax,. l!i.-ck keeping Systems I'honc 5! Ingrain Elds. Blyt/.evillo, Ark NKW ORLEANS. July 10 (UP) — Co'.loif ck-;cil steady. : Open High Low Clorc Mar 132G 134:>' 1324 '1344 May 1342 13GO 1342 13GO July .... 13C3 12BO 12GO !2SO Or!. ..:. 128G 1306 12ift I30!i Drc 1301 1322 1300 1321 jan 1300 130« 1324 E;x)ts cK.scd btcady, 25 up, j 1255. XOTICi: TO CON'VUACTOKS Kca!:d bids for the recapping ol ishtorn miles of levee, from Bi; I Ijkc North to State Line and iilonrj I Et.Uo I.:n;: L'.ist J-ix niile.i. will be : inc;lM-d inic.l 10:00 a. m. July 15th ! 1-Mf. a'. v,l:|cli lime bids «:il u pubHcly. cp:rieti hy Ihc^.fioar'cl ol Directors 'aj ; its office, Lynch Build SSG, I HAPPY BV DO'.US THAT \JliTH OF TJ6 / VcO COT R35 MOM'N POP- r Titl-; KYKS ll\VK IT "Bv Cuvvsia'. so. BUT vou _ *T OUT f\GMU KHD (X&KXH.UVCC

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