The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 1934 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS %iClASSIFIED SICTMIW CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate pcr. une to 1 c < )n * e 5H' Ihe IJiserUoris: iHvc average worts' to :• Uw> One time per Ur.e •• »* TI.-O times per llae per day .. 08c lurec times per lino per day ..We ws times per toe per day .... OSc 60c — charge we Ad s ordered lor three or §H fines and stopped beiore explra non will be charged tor the num tcr O f times tre ad appeared an aajusiment ol bill made. All classified Advertising cop submitted by persons residing out ->(i» of the city must be accom 1 anled by cash, Rates rnaj be easily computed Irom above tabl Ho responsibility will t* take lor more than one Incorrect In seiUon ol ap.y classified ad. Advertising irdered lor tnegu- iar insertions take liie one Unie rate, Phone 306 or 307 CABMSNfERS R. J. FtUnon—?0» N. II Si Carpenter work of all Und*. • • ' lUk2-ll SEEDS & PLANTS "Phantom Crystals" Exhibited at Museum CHICAGO (UP) — Quarts sl'S'S- Itsls containing "phantoms," the I closest approach to ghosts known i Book seed with us now for March I to the scientific world, have beta delivery. Tirey are sure to be I placed on display In Hie Field Igher. Hubbard Hdw. Co. ck2B I Museum: pp*i PftTATI!' ~ " pllanw »> crystals," said Henry fVJAh fcalAla l\v. Nichols, acting curator ol gc- ~^~i~T -ii ,- cultl lolog'y. "arc transparent crysiuls • *> """• * u ln cum Vontalntng dlaphonons. misty, crys- In '.heir interior. Some Jmi.loms arc quite dls- Uncl; others lire faint. mill wiailh- llke in appeal mice. Sometimes inliuilc lotls mill s]>;mylc.s ot oilier. "«t, H» uned With Blind Doctor , Tr\. <UP>—\V)iCti minerals replace the bubbles. 11 1 ' !•'. Huberts, blind they arc (orinctl bij-'-^-in to ills t™vo alter he had the snrtace o( the cvyMul l-i.-hul m a hotel lire, he took becomes boiled ilinlni; its growth, i v - ; -i linn the only companion lie Ills almost constant associate, even In denth. Clwrral remains ol tho . bird were pluccil In the cusket .with the body of ihe doctor. Those who vatlon. Ore mile south ot Cos ,<n. Hound or«n 6cku l QUR BOARDING HOUSE Hie soiled surface Inlcr becoming-!': enveloped In UK- growing cvyslnl."'- These crystals me ;i rurily and; lire considered a prize iiinune mln-i.- ewl collectors, Nichols said. I '•'•' UK (JO years of i>racllce ilu- dnctoi 1 never nuinied nnil, !.iv :is lie wa.s it^'ure, had no in.: rdiiltvcs. 'Hie iiarrot, was Cmie to, IM 700 fttd «UU gee i*»« we *»TB U nU E. M. Ttrry Uemied Deaki | Trrry-Wortblmtoa Title Co. Phone 617 23c kl-2a I POULTRY & EGGS WANTED POULTRY 1HUHEST PK1CES tfAlD Ciit> Feed Store 112 tut Main 10pk2-U SECOND CVMVTJUOOD? VEW , WHAT YOUPlt " Bv Ahern L '.If ' " " •-!• f '.; ^ .^ ^n&i \: n ^ h knew him said iicm hk wish. that would Imvo 1'ho Irish Free Stale does not l>crmll Importation of pcrfinuilii- lors iintr.v; accompanied by lit least, one baby i>cr vehicle. Pl»n» Steeplechase Race With Deer in Training PLAOERVILLtJ, Cal. (UP) — Racetrack followers were promised action a-plenty If 11 "deer derby" becomes a reality here. A herd of deer raised in captivity by Wllllnm Timm, rntichcr, is the animals ready ' for racetrack vilthin a few montfii.i '••'' '.' ' The deer, are . being .taught to leap steeplechase obstacles as well sis. to- follow Ihe, straightway course. • .- ' • .BRECKENRIDOE, Teit (UP)Dave Robereon has become & proud . , father for the 20th time. A six- being (ruined for rnciiii;. lie said, pound son was both recently to his I He exiwcts (o hnvc at least five of second wife. ALLEY OOP TI1K IMNO TRAIN lift! By Hamlin USED CARS Phillips Bargains •30 FOR)* CABllIOLti'. A Keal Buy * 1S e»gs dally, Uirett from hen- nery. Hckard's grocery, Chickasawba. RENT TWO furnished rooms, ntnts, oatn, garage. Kcasoriauie. 16ui W. Ain. 12-19 TWO furnished light housekeeping rooms. 6l» W. Main. Call aw-j. ATIRACTtVE steajn heated bedroom adjoining bath. 603 Wi Main. Call 642. lOclcH.' 'SO FORD TOWN SEDAN ... S •Pi PONTIAC COACH. Special ?li>5 '29 DURANT COACH ........ ! u5 •29 CJIEVUOI.ET COACH .... W> 'il CHEVROLET rOACH .... 5 li > TRL'CK. UAUGAINS '30 CHhVKOLEl 1 1!4 TON TRUCK. Closed Cab, Dull Wheels .............. •' ---- ? a5 STEAM HEATED BEDROOM. 514 W. Mam. Phone !•». ae •J2 FORD V/. TON TRUCK. Sloitu Can, Dual Wheels . $: •3D FOKD I'lC'K-LPi Closed . cab ....'. *»» •30 CHEVROLET P1CK-UP-- Ciojcd Cub ? la3 All Cars Over 5100.00 Guar.jntetU PHILLIPS MtffOR 2WI East-Slain Street Vh-jut SI1-810 Blylhcviile, Arkansas. FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin after 5 p. m. 29-ck-U, Furnished Apartment In 'Ward Apartments, 1031 West Ash. be vacant January l.'Call'JSU c MOpSHN Three room Apartment with bath, unfurnished, Phoni 764.^ i J-Nii-tf. ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. L. M. BuMette »nn«nnces the opfnlnj of shsrt bind, tjptwrit- ing and bookketptaj flass**, Special Prices. Call ffti-W. l(jki!-l WANtfiD "MAN OP INTEGRITY 21-45 PHYSICALLY FIT INTERESTED IN E NTERING GOVERNMENT WOKK. INFORMATION. WRITE BOX 166 COURIER NEtyS." IZpklC BUSINESS D1KECTORY WANTED—Man with vehicle to, peddle coal. Ash <fc R. R. Coal Yard. lOcIilS NEW DEAL TRADING POST Furniture, Tools, Clothes, Etc. Let's trade. 114 East Main. 6c kl-B We pay more tor pecans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, leal, batteries. Phone 1V6, Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 236 kl-23 EXPERT Typewriter and Addinc llachine Repairing. V. S. Kank- enship, 116 K. Rax. Cali 1S5-J. V ' Zlc kl-21 AUTOMOTIVE Auto Glass All Rinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k Call 308 - Red's place -118 E. Main For Auto Fainiinf Body and Fender Service 29ckl-29 LOST White bob-tailed large BULLDOG _ with brown spot over eye. WiD Richardson, Route 3, Box 85. REWARD. 12pS19 FEMALE HELP WANTED SALESLADY for Local Store Experienced in Read y-to- wear. well acquainted in Blytheville. Reply by letter in detail to Box H, Courier News. LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Bewcon Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON ALTO PARTS CO. 3c k2-3 LOW PRICES on winter car needs, heaters, alcoiio 1 , GPA glycerine, jloclcl T tops & side curtains, £133 tip. WOLF ARIAN, 128 E. Main. a3= kl-23 Call L's When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tlrcs-Baltctiw - Replacement Parts HVJISBAltlt HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dcpt. Ich2-l RELIABLE LADY can make excellent connection handling Watkins products in Blythcville. Watkins lady dealers average $15 to *2t weekly; steady work and wt Uacli you how to'sell. Write Mrs Ptoples. 70 W. Icwa, Tcnn. Memphis, IS-clc-16. SALESMEN WANTED HUSTLER WITH CLEAN RECORD. CAN FIX OWN SALARY BUT MUST EARN IT. GAY AND BILLINGS. 13-cfe-16 CLEANER!;. TAILORS To look your best is always essential. Let us keep your Clothes fit. L'niniic .Cleaning Service Call 17!. 20-ck-20 PLYMOUTH, N. H. (UP) —De- ipitc temperatures as low as eecrccs uelow /pro Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Macorr.hcr and their If'-year-olcl daughter. Charlotte have lived here thi.s winter in an ordinary tent. BATTERIES New orci Batteries ItcnUI - Rccb;ir s ing - Rcpairinf 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 26C kl-2S RADIOS All Radios, including R. C. A., are being closed out at cost lor CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co, 12ckl-H "COAL & WOOD 1'HONK 107 BL'CHANAS "Our Cnal n Black Hut We Treat You While" Oc M-Q FOR SALE I pair mulci—$200 1 pair mnlis—SWO ) f.irtn w^jtons—JM each. riinilvlurm Cnnslnicllon Co. I3-ck-l6 Jiloncvillo NO- 1 COrrON SEED, purr Sl.7"> luindrcd. Sro F. Black nr ChrciKn McDonnell at Blv- llicvillc Gin. 12-ck-19 FOR SALE CHEAP: Steel diuno liij; bed. Fit di=y truck, HI yards. Paul Bj-rum. GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST;* COAL? ii no co.>I, of the Alk- Moualalns, u hifh in beat and as low in ash u UK Uf REM That Is a bold KUtement, bat II ti ethical, because it'j true. We have. »nthortUUr<! »u»ly__ ._ flic on-all coil »n4 cut pron this claim. SUPREME Super-heat is only coil of Its Uttd-£Si3 only by this company. -kM-^ir, tiJMediim fJ-*7~.M She L»mp A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's Price Superior Ccal & Mining Co SURE; HE CAN \/OH,CUIZV-H«*I >0 L015MWNG5.'/ ZOOZU WONMERFUL! WKTCH 'irA-, ( vou'o \ ZOO2U! | It'S AV.'FUL 5KART- i nt Cf>N OO 1RICK5, ( yTOOfVEZZIR-UM?/ 1 SEE HIS 3U-ST UKL /^M 01 UN CUE GOONES9, EV.' MV-rAV/ VOR olV TREASURE;; ^ .zoozuM HOY-HOVM STAMQ UP.' / AROUND ON A SCOOTER, I "THE CUCKOO IN CLOCK WITU (X CORK <SUN 9-^-HE VJENVT IK) •R1KKSIN6 -CxDORBE^VS) v \N ANOTVAER hAONlHJHERt'UBE LOLLY POP \N YOLW 'P^N, OF THAT YvAS TOWARD TI-\ "THEV TO Ct^AX Vlltv\ "DOWN OUT OT- A TREE. WITH 0 AW-THAT WftS EASY FOR ME- - LOOK HOW 1 tAMEO 01NNV.' HUH.' .'M A REGULftR ^UEF.N -I 1 KIN tniLE DANCE OMT LET P^A \DVANTAGE! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 6TAV ,VtA OYHEW. DXT Mtt\«'j , CAN N VtT SUCK. T\VV WtXT WKV 7 . I DOT TO oV MXNN TH*&'b \Ki, SOUR K\TCV\t»i WASH TUBBS QEV THIS VTRAIGHl- *£ COMT BELIEVE IM SPIRITS AND VIE DOWT IKITEUD TO BE SCARED OUT. WKATS WE'RE TIRED 0' COOVJIMG OUR OWN 6ET SOME SECWAMTS IM HERt PROMTO. IM FACT, SIRi 1 -ALREADY LIBERTY TO 1ISTEM HERE, MfQUWGlE, 7HB SPOOKY duS^cSS I BEST, HAS GOT TO STOP. ,—/ BUT I FE^R, UMDERSTAMD! / SIR, THAT I HftVE VERY LITTLE A MOB THE- S.yCtfiCUl-. -1 o.ivfc. j, ^ lf ., yfiT is IMPOSSIBLE; l-n -~-' V CLASS HELP. INFLUENCE OVER SPIRITS. HOKSE ON SAM! SALESMAN SAM ,-v S£i£ f.CL. BULLIOM r.cOUT )TAK£ P. RUU OUT To ft OlU_ v fO'JR. FIRM TOOK THE KlfJDA btl^B, •~W CASHIER. OF ft BIG- CoW- IC6RU To IbE. (VT TM DUR.IMO- (iUSIWESS HOURS' f TW un^e's RI»HT —tU' iiUMseiis RIC-UT, B»JD IH BOILOIMO'S OW -W MOR-THE^T CORMEIt --tAUST BE Tvi CHAMCE. 1 . (50 OK S FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SUCCEEDS. S.CIE-MCE WILL KWE COV-PLETEtY STOPPED THE PA5SIWG 0? TIM6..' UTTLE GS OF T-iS MACH'SIE. BJT ELECTFIICAL IAEH WA'/£ TESTEP IT IM THEORY-AWP 1WE IT SCIEMTIFICALLY r. 'VIH='VI HE REALLY ACCOMPMSISS- ' A MOST STA3TLING A MACHIWE CALLED TUE IF PERFECTED, VJ1LL ASTOUND THE SCIEMTIFIC WORLD !

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