The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 19&0 BLYTHRVILLE, (AUK.)' COURIER Political Foe Keeps Hucy at Home Huey Long Will Stick to Governor's Post Until His Term Ends. By NBA Service BATON UOUGE, La.—A seat In the United States Senate is a very fine tliiiiR, but a good fight is n good fight and an old grudge is an old grudge. That, explains why Governor Hucy P. Long in going lo wait .until his present term expires in 1932 before lie goes to Washington to begin the term as senator to which the voters elevated him ut the recent election. Senator Joseph E. Ransdell'i place in Ihe Senate becomes vacant next March, and Governor Long is technically due to succeed him then. Hut Governor Long is not going to go. He is going to stay here and finish out his term, as governor, and If that grieves Lieutenant Governor Paul N.'Cyr there is no help for it. Lieutenant Governor Cyr draws cards In the situation for two reasons: first, because he would he- come governor if Long -resigned before his term expired; second, because he and Long are the most devoted pair of enemies this state has had in a long, long lime. Murder Trial 1'artcd Them Long and Cyr .used to he good friends—very good friends.' so intimate that Cyr, who is-huge and muscular, used to threaten to whip people who had offended his friend Long. But that was some time ago. By a freak of chance, a murder trial served as the rock on which their friendship was wrecked. Ever since then they have beer, alter each other's windpipes, politically speaking. Governor Long doesn't mention this enmity in formally annonnc- *\ig his decision to stay here. He says: "My work in upbuilding Louisiana—eradicating illiteracy, reviving our domestic and foreign commerce, paving our highways, restoring the finances of our ctiies. together with the work I am helping to do for the Mississippi valley stales, is worth more to the nation than anything I might do in the Senate before May, 1932. By reason ol this fact some ol my friends in the U. S. Senate on the Republican Fide will, I am sure, accord me the right of a pair, at least on the vote to organize the Senate, until May, 1932. Our good 'old stale of Louisiana is just now •getting its place in the sun.jit will .Be" "the garden spot of (he western hemisphere in 18 months. I cannot leave this work." However, local politicians recal' that Long has often announced that he would never leave the state ,tor as much as five minutes to give Cyr the chance of becoming governor. . "Paul Cyr will never be governor of Louisiana one split second during my term of office," he has said, over and over again. And he has proved that he meant it. Dared Storm in Vlanc Once Governor Long was flying across the slate in an airplane. A storm came up nnd the pilot circled to avoid it. Long noticed that the circle was ?o:ng to carry them across the state line for a few minutes. He ordered the pilot to fly right- through the storm. The pilot- obeyed—and f/>ng escaped the possibility of being forced down outside the state and having Lieutenant Governor Cyr take charge during his absence. Long recently refused to attend the dedication of the great Mississippi river bridge, connecting Louisiana and Mississippi at Vicksburg because the program provided that • he would have to cross the bridge and stand in Mississippi for five 01 ten minutes. No telling what Cyr might do in ten minutes as acting governor! The most recent complication aro.«c when Governor Long wa: urged to attend Ihe Mississippi valley flood control meeting in St Louis on Thanksgiving week. Thej faced each other across the. table Long and Cyr. at a meeting of th Ixmi.siana State Board of Liquid!) tion, as the St. Louis trip was be ing discussed- I.on» Takes No Chances "All right." said Lieutenant Gov crnor Cyr, "iefs go to St. Louis to eclhcr." "Fine." said Scnator-Gnvenio Lang. -And I think it would be bes if we bunked together. We. don want lo get out of each other's SiRllt." All Tionlsljna chuckled at the picture of those two arch-enemies as hotel room bed-mates. But the trip was called off; Long decided not to go. There are reasons for Long's objection to leaving the state. Long ha.s built up a slrong political machine, with officeholders appointed by him in the key positions. It has been freely predict- . cd that Cyr's first act as governor, j or as acting governor, would tie to | oust every one of these people and replace ll:em with his own men. On (o ]»f this Is the fact (hat , Louisiana has recently voted S100.- i 000.000 in IniiKl issues for public | improvement-;, including a 45.000,-, 000 state capilol. NalurrJIy. t h c j governor who has the sending of i huge sum can consolidate lite | political power beyond cavil, and' Long has not the faintest intention of moving off to Washington jiut when this program is getting under PAGE FIVE! ping thai promise, lie won't p Ilie stale until Ills Icun ox- )iri-i. The Senate will have to get - 0r without'lilin until 1932. r Township Mini Begins 23rd Your as Officer Governor Huey P. Long, LouisUana's senator-elect,. Is shown here (right) with Lieutenant Governor Paul N. CJT (In circle) his arch political enemy,', who Is kecpliiu him out ol the United States Senate. "I'm getting a little too fat," says Governor-Senator LonJ, "but I'll soon take It oJI working on my bis program for the development of Louisiana." STKKLIO, Mo., NOV. 14.—Albert Vu-xlwanl, veteran peace olllrei of Vim-tot county, was nguln cc-:n- in.s-;i>hcd constable of Cooler town- hi;> tixlay, bCBliHilnE Ills 23rd yrur '^ an ofllcer ol the law In iviiits- '«l 'oimty. Tui'iuy years ago when Mar.ln iollius shot snd killed his sue.i- H'uit in Dcerlng, Mo., and after u .linv days man limit \vus cornered hi Maxwell's barn on- I'cmlsi-oi luyo'.i. Albeit Woodward was jnv- Ijit; a. 1 ! constable of Virginia township. The barn \\as surrounded by a crowd estimated nt 2,000 people. After an nil day ylgll the' leaders of the mob decided lo.burii Ihe bam. Mr. Woodward, • protested ntul nuicrd to climb lo the liny, loft and bring the fugitive down. When lie leached the loft lie foiind the object of a coimly-wlde smirch swinging from a rafter with u build hole through his head. Rbllliw hud committed suicide by fastening a ni|io uround Ills neck and shooting himself from one of the rafters In Ihe. toil of the biun. Six years ago. after defying Hie law of Pemlscot county for Iwo years, the career of Hammtc Shane 'the Terrible Tuik," was brought lo a close by n well directed fhol liom the rifle- of Albert Woodward "You Won't Get Bit" "If You Buy of Mr, Bowers?' KVERY i)AY 1 N T 11 K WEEK WE DELIVER ANYWHERE IN TOWN way and letting his enemy Cyr take he reins. Once Warm Friends The two men used to Ire warm friends. They campaigned together. In fnc race ror governor, Cyr carried his section of southern t/xi- siana for Long, and Long carried ills section, in the northern part of the state, for Cyr.' Once, in a hot campaign. Long tangled with a bitter enemy, ex- overnor Jared Y. Sanders, in a New Orleans hotel lobby. The two fought and Long finished with a section of Sanders' sleeve in his hand, lorn off as he parried a blow. Cyr met him and dashed down lo the lobby, vowing that he would pulverize anybody who made a pass "at my friend Huey." Political leaders managed to calm him down before he encountered Sanders. The incident, was typical of the intense friendship between the two men. Then came their break over a famous murder case. In 1021 Dr. Thomas E. Dreher and Mrs. Ada LeBouef were convicted of hilling James J. LcBouef, the woman's lusbnnd, and were sentenced to hang. Cyr, like . many others, bc- icved that James Beadle, Dr. Drc- ler's handy man, lyas really the sole guilty party. Beadle had turned state's evidence against the doc:or and the woman and got off with life imprisonment. As q, member of the state pardon board Cyr fought hard to save the condemned pair, and the board finally recommended a cam- mutation to life sentence. Long over-ruled this recommendation, and Dr. Dreher and Mrs. LeBouef were hanged. Cyr Issued a statement branding the execution as "a legal murder." Efforts to settle the quarrel failed, and when Long ran for the Senate Cyr fought him vigorously. 'Dared Long to Say It Opening his campaign in his own part of the stale. Long made a bitter attack on Cyr.- When he came into Cyr's territory, the muscular Cyr took a front seat in the first would make Long jump through a .window if he repeated his remarks in his—Cyr's—presence; and then Cyr too ka front scat In the first audience tlmt Long addressed. Long's language that night was greatly modified. Nevertheless, Cyr's fight was an utter failure. In his race for the Democratic Senate nomination— which is equivalent to election in Louisiana—Long carried Cyr's congressional district, and even Cyr's home town of Jcanerette, by a big majority. During the campaign Cyr announced that If Long was elected to the Senalc and look his seat, and he, Cyr, became governor, he would make a clean sweep of all Long officeholders. Long retaliated by sayin, "You'll never get a chance to sweep anything." Right now the governor Is busy EDDY GKNEAOLOGY ACCEPTED BOSTON, (UP) -• A sencnology cf the Eddy family in America has lw?n accepted by the Eddy Family Association. The gcneaology, 10 years in the making, contains 1400 pages and refers to 52.000 items. Its index alone includes 130 pages. Til? work was compiled by nulli I Storey Eddy, of Providence, II I. Pile Sufferers I'.nd Your .Misery Without Salves or CHEESE Brookfield Full Cream Ib. 20c CHILLI """ <! S,25 C PIG MELTS u.!0 c PORK CHOPS,,,. 25 C BEEF ROAST Fancy Iluljy Beef Pound 15c External treatment 1 ! cannot per manently end Piles. Nor doc. cutting remove the cause. The cause Is internal—bad c!r culallon ol Ihe blood in the lowci bowel. The veins are flabby—llu bowel walls weak—the parts ahnos dead. To quickly and safely rk yourself of piles an Internal medicine must be used lo heal and strengthen the nlTccted parts. Dr. J. S. Leon^iardt, a specialist, after years of study discovered a real internal .Pile remtdy. He named his prescription HUM-ROIL), anil prescribed it for 1000 patients, with the marvelous record of success In EWO cases, nnd then decided every Pile sullcrcr shou'..! be able to Bel HEM-KOID from their own druggist. Don't, waste time on external remedies or think of the pnin and expense of an operation until you have tiled HEM-liOlD. KlflBY DRUG STORES will supply you and guarantee, jnoney-back if It does not cud all Pilo misery. —Adv. 2 PttlSNOUTS a: Iff SALT MEAT ,,,.16° PURE LARD u, 12; 3C BACON, Sliced, Ib. 29c This New BEDROOM GROUP APPLES "if 7% c CRANBERRIES 17 1C BANANAS u. 3 ! / 2c HAMS Kver-Good Whole or.iinlf Pound CELERY 5 C TURNIPS " Ul trl2 c ORANGES D «. 19 C FIG BARS New Shipment Fresh and Fine Ib.l5c APPLES ul "' k 'K: i8 3' 2c PRUNES ,., 6.1 1C APPLES "TST 1 25° CORN 1'rirtf; of Illin'ofe' No. 2 Can 2 for 25c SALMON Ch cT, 10 C a? 23 FLOUR ''"""fe, 10 C COFFEE Berkley lilend. The Aulocr;il of the Breakfast Table Ib. 31c . Quart 37 ( SOUP RAISINS SMH ,t lfl c PINEAPPLE Libfoys. No. 2'/2 can Sliced or Crushed Can 25c OLEO GINGER ALE Q ..15 C WAFERS v " n ili tt . 25 C 3 Piece Suite (Vanity, 1!«! and Chest) Gives You Latest Style High Quality . . At a Special line is (he latest stjle and finish in Imlruom furniture. This Kinup includes I'cucjit Hollywood Vanity willi liirpcr mirror—full I'oslcr lied—n rnomy Client. H is nude in ;\ cnmbinalinn nf high pr:ide rahinct wonds with two-tour. Walnut fiuMi. If wnillcd Oil terms *59 75 Only S5.00 dcror.ilcrl with Afrlrnn W.ilnul nnd Maple cffrfls. Very sturdily constructed. You «, . • . arc invited to visit our store and personally inspect, this Suite. OITcrcd at this price })o\vn. by special arrangcmcnl with one of the leading manufacturers of bedroom furniture. Hubbard Furniture Blythcville, Ark. P&G SOAPS 10 Bars 31c I'KANUT HUTTEK I.I). Jar GRAPES ili:ml u. rs 6 c GRAPE FRUIT,:, 5 C TON FLARES KollOf!{!! 2 1'kgs. 15c MEAL >,.,,„ s,,* 69 Firm niG nds. Ea./2 MUSTARD Q , 17 ONIONS New Red Ib. 2c SAl,A1) DRESSING PRESERVES 7 1C Ka./2 MILK 1'ct or Carnation 3 Tall or C Small 25c PICKLES Sw T,i. 33' PICKLES "V Pure Cane. In Cloth -Rags. Limit

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