The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1938
Page 5
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MONDAY,'FEBRUARY 2i, isss BLYTHEVILLB '(ARK.)!, COURIER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale ]>cr line lor coiisecii- ;ivc Insertions: one time per line me Two times per line per day ...08c Three times per line per day . ,06c Bix lime.s per line per day ....05c Month rate per line (iOu Cards of Thanks 5ft; & 15c Minimum charge sou Ads ordered for three or six (imes and stopped before expira- - Uon will be charged for the mr.n- i;r of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons reaidiiiB cut- side of (lie city must be accompanied Iry cash. Rales may lie easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken fur Hiore limn one incorrect Inscr- llun of any classified' nd. Business Directory HARRY UAILEVS CURVE IN CAFE d'ood Foot) at. Good 1'iiccs AIJ Kinds -Sea Food Fresh Crappic Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones (i-F-4 '& ,S78 For Rent r urnislied house. Mrs,. ,0. A. Taut. Call 428-J or 510-J. 21- For Sale Well arranged, newly decorated. 4- rooin aparlmcnt. UnfurnifihC'.l. 1'rlvatc bull i. 1129 West Ash, phone M-ck-il Comforlable bedroom, 1C17 Walnut, Call 102. iO-d:-il i'l'ivo year Jerseys, i heavy spring- ers, one fresh, llcnniin tirimes. 510 Main. CJall 822, lP-nk-23 5 room house with hall and bath. Kill und 1 learn. $1200, Terms. Immediate po.wp.s.slon. I), llain- iiicek. Torn LilUe Chevrolet c:o. 1C acres. House and barn. Adjoining Cily I'ark. Rent ?li an A. neat must be secured. Tlioimi:, Land Co, 19-c;k-«3 I 1 urnishcd ur unfiirntslicd tipmt- iiienls. Call MIS. Wendell Phillips of, m-J. 2 furnished rooms. Iteasonablu'. Phone 97-J, 3U No. till). 17-i)k£! for Kale—HWO yards good c-urlh, Used brick. Lumber. K .V. Hint C'onsliudlon Co. New Kress lildy. Good noorhu; and lumber cheap. Mrs. Henry Rddnuin. 15-pk-J-ia Living room, bedroom mid kitchen furniture, Htovcs. Phone 912-J. Mrs, Beh'le Morris jr. J4-ck-;i-S Conifordiklt' l:c(iioom lor Hcnilc- nian. I'lionc 2T1-J. oil at 625 17-fk-3-n Sleeping rooms furnished. Plenty hot water. IIS a. Division St. ' ly-pk-JI Htorc buiMlng. oood repair. So'itu Lilly. Georgia Frank. Box 23, Steclc. 17-pk-M Tlirce-rooui furnished aparimcnt 713 Cliiekasn\vb:i. E. M. E.itou. 16-ck-lf. Nicely furnished bedrooms. Stcnin lieat. Coiivcnietil to bath. Cai 580. 15-ck-a-15 Nicely Furnished stcamheated bedroom. 603 W. Main, call 642. . '14-ck-3-M Coal Ht.v Coal Is Black Kul 7 Treat You White. 'LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Bljlhcctllc, Ark. I'honc 107 Radio Service Comptetc Line Of I'ARTS, TUBES, B'TKKIES Hardaway Appftancc Co. . 11ENHV WERNEK Main & 5th Phone £ Glass Comfortable bedroom adjoining bath. Gentleman only. 713 W Main, phone. 80li-\V. 7-ck-l! or •! room furnished iiparlmciit, rent reasonable (o permanent pnrly. 200 w. Kentucky Phone 405-W." 20-ck-2-20 20.A, .8 mile.s wtst of llollnni), & barn. 35 A. cleared $1800 Ciish. . ' U A. •!» A. cloiired. House. & Hum. Where (lie 'new (own of Hive;;, Mo., was lnycd oul, J A. 1-3 cash. liit) A. u miles No, of BlylhcvUlc. HO A. cleared $10 nil A. cash. Burke Hnrdtviirc lixltire.s lor sile. . Box "13", Courier Newt;. . H-ek-3-H MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. )lny—Soybeans—Ouls Heed corn—Mllcli Cow:; And Tractor Work, See W. L, Talc, Arniorcl, Ark. Complete 10 volume set ot Standard Reference Hooks witli loose leaf binder. Call a3fl or foa. C'eclnr 1'ojils, 12',jc each. Jell M Jones, m. 2, SmUlirllle. Ark. Batteries Land For Sale ., ~ —•• • i JYloi'sc Operator Recalls Old Signals on Trains -W A, '.'. houses uiut barn. Cut- over land. 530 an A. fcMO cnsii. Biiliuicc like rent. A, Woodland at I'usi'ohl, Kmiill down paymi'til iind Icrmii. ^0 A. nil- i-leara! \ve*,l of for-' liigcvlllc, Also '10. OU, SO, Ar liiQ , nerifK pnrtly clcaicd :il. Porlagcvillt, Small down piiymeiil, Uiilnncc llk« rent. Baby Clucks I'UHMC ltATOI| I NU. Marilyn UuU-liory. Blyllicvtllc, Ark.. ll.W Nortli, I'Done 11'^. •10 A. (jn gravel road I mite Irani I'anua. Mo. li room house & biirij. Fenced. All drilled. SOS an aerc I--I rash nml (onus ovrf Id ycais,' \Ve have imnry otlicr farms Jrom •10 acres to 20W acres. H. M. H15C1C 103 SXnilh Second, Blylhcviltc, Ark. lO-ck-32 - O. <UI'( —Krtwiiiit •Sniilli, Irlpgrnpli operator, iil- '•i :<> years of .service, Iras suited lit!' M ••Itiirl.v" and retired i\t tli-j •H'.p v\ '13 lo spentl l;l« days recallii'i: tali's of the "old day,;," •'•'Illltli rirolliTlH tin- (liiy.s \viicn a triiin nrdcr was ,srnt in' tlio en- l>w:,i and relayed to (lie engine Mill lirll signals. These eords wlwh ran Mir li'iiftli of Mis train' ufli'n would ), m ,|, on liu . t |.,]| (( J Hie rinhl-ol-way. finilli ;.akl Hint uriiily nwy [armer llvlnj. i,\< m . "«<• UK: Irurks had doliu-K-liiiri. 'iiaite of llu> cord. BjnJIli 'vorlird In Lyons, HoclU's- [ur. Syracuse, and uiiiVnlo, N, y >elorc ccniinu lo Conneiml, where lie wutkni for 2fi years us n ( e | c . wrnpli operator wltli the Nickel late railroad. FOWLER DRUG CO YOUR PRESCRIPTION DIUJCGIST Main .V 1st 1'honc Itl WANTED CORN SOYHUANS So. K.K. SI. . Illyllicvlllc, Ark. Maiden Grain Co. \V. O. H«Vfs, Aceiil rtitme 5.13 Male Keiu Wanted BATTKIIY J. Ben Clune Phone 8 it! Tom Jackson';; 40 Acres luiid. Require slock, feed, tools. D. R. Gamer, Arniorcl. DUPLEX—3 & 4 room furnished apartments. Private tallis. call 280. Nicely furnished room enlering into bath. Iniiorsnring mattress. Will fiivc a meals a day. Call B3G, 818 Chiekasjnvba. L'S-dii-da C'omforlable bedroom in private home, 115 East Kenluekv. " Furnished coinfoiisible bedroom. 515 Wnlnnl. Phone 351. I0-ck-tt One comfort-able bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Stcmberg. !)84. 1209 Hollv... ->H. u k Tlie Top -til Your •Furniture .'With! Glass All designs, cut & Hublicd. CALL US Blythcville Faint & Wallpaper U'l Phone 880 111 S. 2nd Taken Up 1 bay horse mnlc. Smuotli mouth. 15 1-2 hands high. HigliDll-Doiii Mule Co. Room and Board Found Lenllicr folder wltli 3 "keys. Owner can have came by paying cost of tills ad. Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can liaVo same by payln» cost of tills ad Courier News. Metal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High School. Owner cai IIHVC mine by paying cost of (hi: ad. Persona] Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers llevt»« biliouantpp, connltpnl'^n Knil iu-iiiladiM. Arllm Liter I'llli get lit tlif rcaVo TOU .'oil }}\o it nnip iH'rsua. Hid 'onr jj-Blem nt mirpltn i,»i»or,i ict'ire Llr Pills. . statin. 81ur.!>. , WATK1NS ROU'l'K open in Blylhcvillo noiv for |.i« righl parly. No car or experience necessary. A chance to imike some rrnl money. Write J. K. Wntkius Company. 7C-ir> \v. lo\va Avi-nuc, Memphis, Tennessee. ABLE MAN lo distribute sampics. hiindlc Coffee lloulo. Up In $.(. r i Ilrst. woe);. Automobile 'uivm us tains. Write Albert, Mills. -H58 Moninoulli, Cincinnati, o. FARM LOANS •*••• I5W ui« Ur Arksnsiin and Miucnrt Lou'rst ratios—lowest expcnM Also oily jiwjirrtlrj UON II. KASSEUMAN Ilionias Lan<l Co. OHlco I'. O. Box 470, Phone 527. USED TRUCKS &CARS AM, TltUCKH CUAKAN- TKKI) 'I'O I'ASS STA'I'K INSPECTION. Phone 802 Delta Implements, Inc. The cotlou crop is iinmial in tlu United Slates, while in ill Ireplca rountrie.s produclnj; cotloii. It 'Is a perennial. ' Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURUBKY & GIMItANTUUU Safe, isure »nrt with Ics.i diseomrort. All ^Isi-asM and condition* of ncrvoui otlnln, cured R( nur cllidc. > font nllmcnls nnrt «kln Onccrj Irtalrd and ALLKY 001 RI.KCTRIO A Acrrit,eN« WELDING .AT am PBJQW PRPUPT BCaVIOE Bar k jdale Mfg. Co. Speeiil Prkes Arc Nn>' 'IJi'lnjf Offered on AH Winter Auto Accessories Visil our modern |i(irl h - & umvfsorlttj store, -Here you will find everything on display lo enable you to make easy Kelectioiw <»f your particular needs. Call (jy. 1 ) Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Dw.W«rtft'Wert OWT** "WK MAKE 'KM MO J.C. EVANS Box- OM . ,, - Dlytlicvllle, Ark. District -Manner IMMtl/rON TKUST fVNlt Bpojvsored By ' llnnillton Depositors Corp, Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe All l,r:i<lhi<r HiamJs of Beer, H'hlskcy, IVInc, niiu And Cordials DKA1.KR IN Coal — n» y _ & _ u u i nj I'HII.UI'S «B (JAS I3(4c TAX PAID (,'IGAHKTTKS 2 |>k, Ku ut fl.K per Uarlon 24 Hour Service II.U. 61, I'honc 17 Holland, Mo, . Now Ixwtad at 101 Notlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HOWARDS. ProprieU* Calculator*—Ktpolrlnt—S'«rt»—Kltibon, railrs of ItrbulH Tjpewj-lleri!, Aiding Mnehlnn mn< Calculators—ItcnalrUiE—1'aris— UibbDiia titeani heated rcom with k>onrd •••^•i >^<n .VH^M IMLHI i 0 4u. » 803 W. Ash,, phone 151. iack'J-12 Hie length was set at -12 inches. Bascljall lials were unlimited In their lull limslli until 1870. when •-^National Insignia V-- i HORIZONTAL. ] I Coat of arms f .tured here. S River in this country. 11 Disorganized retreat. 12-Abundancc. 13.TO harden. HTo deem. IStSoutheast. 17 Tiny vegetable. 19-And. «pr. 21 x. .••;•?>. 22 Tone B. i'.. 23 People. A : ." 28 Act of : ^i twisting. J' 30 Rubber free.' 31 Recedes." 33 Poem. 34 Notice of a .. • .proposed • marriage. 36 Stepped. 3 7 Heavenly / body. 38 Duel. 40 Thing. , Answer to Previous Punic 41 Blue grass. ' 42 Exisls. 44 Market. -fA ,46 Ache. lf£ .48 Morindin dye. .49 Policeman. 151 Curved like , 3 sickle. ' 54 Queer. 56 Gap in a hedge. c 57 Finish. 58 This country's Presi- dent. 50 Mountains in ; this country. r " , VERTICAL ' ' Pair. .": 2 Aurora. '•/• I a.Rogrcls. .:•' ) '! Speaks. •''/'..'. 5 Since. '_•_• • '•'. 6 Map makers, " Strangers. « Girdle. ,-9 Native metal. 10 Northeast. '15 This country 18 tts mountains arc rich in 20 Tissued -.""' . ' 21 Touched will) the toes. 2'i Ice cream : drink-. i- 24 To rupture. 25 Either. 26 Fiber knof;. 27 Frightened, 28 Transgression. 2!) A parlicIeS^ 32 Frozen v:alcf 35 Total. 3?Male child. • 39 Simpleton. 41 Pastry. «Ulcer. , „ •15 Branches.• ,47 Devoured. . '48 Naval as- Js.'v '- sistanl. \"'v 50 PI ay on v.'o'rd! 52 Billiard rod. ; 53 Conjunction,'' .55 Parent. y 57 Half an'cm.' DRS. NTES & NIES Oslfopathlo I'iijslcUn* I'lion* 98 lUjUiovlllr, Atk. COBB FUNERAL HOME Wlial's This— BY V. T. HAM1JN OH,MB! THIS HASSURff/-^ FIRST IT A T EENV AMD ._ , ALLEY PAY.' (WPAN6LE, WRANGLE,) ^TH V ALL PAY LONG! / OOP! I WON'T STAND FOR AW MORI; or ^_ ROUGH STUFF! BRIGHT AN 1 LARLV TOMORROW/^' 1,,'felT THAT LW?V jfe TOLD OFP • SISTER H^IK^^IRTS-THIS is OUR RIG CHAMce! HOW ABOUT IT? ARE WE GOMNA. MUFF IT—OR DO WE. GET O'U' QU£EM UMPA..TDLD MEANWHILE IN A LITTLE MOONLIT GLADE NOT FAR AWAY... TOMORROW IS THE DAV! I500TS AND HER BUDDIES t( Might lie, u( Thiil ..,..-»,, AW UY EDGAR MARTIN ftocffe, MM^E fOV.K6 OW 'fto^ AC\ K I'M SORE THKV BY ROY CHAN M WASH TUBRS FIRST fT WAS TH 1 \THOSE"KIDS ARE WOCEJ OH ITCH POWOeR^Kl'l LIKE THEIR FATHER flCTt , .1^.1- ru^ucn.rvtM /Lint IHBK FATHER V" OW "• HEY»<T ::: —\EVERV DAY. ^—^ « /Nlk^kkil \ y^l^TS I DISHES WHU- ROXIE" PUTS'EW SO! ^^f»X^~^^^ Y-JJ^UoTOBtOlk ^ V attiiKr*---. v^..j< ^/JS «€OT06EO!)^O «fx^wyf|,i n^w, -—\r >, u *,- iinmiiiB ^ \ •$> • _~ j_' •uui»_... ' i I'itKCKI.BS ANDllis FRIKNUS " ~ HoV/ DID Yo ' PAPERS -M I KEAb (W <|j j I V/ASWV SURE rr^ us^uwcLe:""') IMt HAPtKh= 'WMHRE-A BABY HAD ; THE "SYLVESTER'' i ^5/ie L -' e HSC?^J • • r \ .So/Ans* ^^r—v TD INVESTIGATE:' . .^*': t^-^^. ,, —_'.... TO INVESTIGATE: .' isipi!! P^ -'^ ^ m • HEY!'OUR BEST CHIN*! ', WASH, SO^AETI^^E5 I THINK LIFE ISN'T ALL If&tEACKED UP TO BE. I ALWO&T WISH I WA& CAR.EFREE AND SlbJGLE AGAIN. "HOW GEE, y SUPPOSE S W E | -'- / I BIDW'T V/E'D /V/AWT -rbu ID kMov/ TURWED ) I WAS RICH? I YOU ( VWM7ED TO MAKE AWAY ? / SURE I V/e>ULDw'T . '.J BE WELCOMED • „ \\ OWL* BECAUSE I 1 ^—i_- WAS A RI«H RELATIOW." AMD THAT THE OHE WHO SEMT US ALL Wcfee,ROY/4LTY JWAS CHECKS ? : COULDN'T THE WOLF FROM YOUR DOOR, j THE LEAST I DO V/AS TO BUY HIM A MUZZLE: .' V ,

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