The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1939
Page 5
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J«™K\mjj,(AKK) COUM1EU mm UNITY USES THE WANT-AW PACE5JF1VE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consccu- (ive insertions: ' One time per line idc Two limes per line per dny....OBc Three .times per lino per day.. .Mo Six times per' line per doy.,..05j Month rate per line....'... GOc Cards p'f Thanks.. 5pc &, 75o Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six (lines and slopped before expiration will be 'charged' for flic num- licr of .times Ihc add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of tlic city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above lable. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect inser- .11911 of any classified ad.' For Rent 3 room newly uocoratcd apartment. Private bath. 719 \V. Ash. Phone 727. 10-ck-H C'opl, south bedroom. Garage. Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Walnut. 5-ck-tf 2 or 3 room furnished ripni tment. Newly decorated. OH Ilenrn. _ ' 3-pk-7-3 Modern 'J room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second, P. Simon, phone 1B4. 3-ck-tf HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis v ->S«on J ^ '-\ '—-I ill. 111 ,. .__ . ,J J lilsloiy of llih itulon nueli volume of Uic icilf, Kill tii, n ,vt bitli'nccln llonn) Archlics Wnslilngloo, -r p ( . Abonmil.y, Vjl |, ol3 tty of vr/lnta '" f Furnished apartment.. 900 W. Walnut. 2-pk-M Two large bedrooms for rent, Mrs. Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. 24ck-tf Comfortable 'bedroom.' 625 W. Main" Phone 217-J.' 15-ck-G-15 Office rooms, sudbury Building. See Graham Sudbtiry. 27tf For Sale '2-wliccl trailer. 112 E. Cherry. 9-pk-14 Cans for Jug Fishing .complete with straps/ Guaranteed won't leak. ?',<; cents each. Raymond Brooks, Stecle, Mo. 0-pk7-9 TRUCKS FOR EVERY JOB Ready to go to work '37 Chevrolet 1| llcst of Klmpe. New p;\liu. A real buy nt this price... '34 Ford Cical Tires. Motor A-l Panel $150 UOUOl h\ IUI')—'mo • omuun HntxoitllUb LouMnnn tiiitc mid UK Unluihltj ol ICMIS » " lwn-,01 (hi, iniullLiillon of n "I 1 ' <nj of tlic bouth <im|n. tho liiHod d(, m 1(07 lo lp<l) Aiilliovs of the bonk, Hceordlni; 1" Wi'iidell irolnii's Sle'plicmsoii, ''. f>. U. hLslory |jior«.sor ,uud Clmrlefl w. Uimisdcll, history professor ill Texas, will lit; 10 of the B««tcsl livlim inilliorllles on Southern lilstoiy. SU'phciison snid llml lue wi.rk for (ho flrst time would jiro- n tomptiHo and lUithoriUllve '36 Ford V-8 Pick-Up New iialut. Molor t.x- \ collcnt. Good tires .,, '37 Ford V-8 Pick-Up 'Astouiwling iiidividuyljly!" Male Help Waiited ABLE MAN to distribute samples handle Coffee Route. Up to $35 first week. MILK, 7215 Monmotith, . Cmcimiatl, Ohio. STEADY WORK—GOOD PAY RELJABLE MAN WANTED to call on farmers in Mississippi County. No experience or capital required. Make up lo $12 a day. Write McNESS CO., Dcpl. S Freeport Illinois. ~Xc have a number of allracLivc and desirable cottages in Blytlie- ville, well located, which we can sell at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract & Really Co. I'lione 617 C-ck-tf Main; St. coltagoi<rcntcd as:,£>iiple:> at $20.00. GJ corner lot. -Price 59UO.W 6 room cottage at High School. Rents at, $30.00. Price $1250. 1'rclty collage on Vine St. I>lcw roof and hi fine condition. Price $850.00 Nice lillle home on N. Fifth St. Pretty lot, \\ith shade. $850.00 Thomas Laml Co. B-ck-13 Dairy quality .and service Ui Dairy products. Cattle free pi Bang's Disease, in best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowe'ry. 902-J, for Halsell's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Blittcr, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged anytime. Halscll's Dairy Promised Land. Route 2 Minnows For S.ale Minnows and fishing caucs. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. O. O. Hawks. 24-ck-G-24 Goldfish Minnows B. F. Broaden, 310 i)ougan KINNOU'S Si COCK ROACHES iSnrl Damon. Cor. Railroad /fc iCy Notice Fishing License rou yoijit CO^VKNIENCE, \vi> A it i: rREi'AREn ' TO issiiV: FISHING OUll STORE uci;xsii AT j Pupils Demand School Movies Be Interesting PITTSBURGH (UP) —School students made ' almost btese with pictures of the latest Hollywood movie star demand pictures with "oomph" even when the film is an edtJc'.i'ional one. In an address to ihe second annual Audio-Visual Education Conference at Pennsylvania College for Women, Arch A. Mcrcey, assistant director of the United Slates Film Service and research editor ; of the film, "The River," said: ' ,. i .. \. : "A youngster who can see ; Zola' or 'Louis Pastern" for a quarter will not be satisfied with anyt'hinj less Interesting in an educational film." Merccy siitl the Federal government, pleased with "the documentary films it has produced, such as "The River" and "... One-Third of a Nation," -is extending ' its —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Phone 141 service. A IciUiUlyc program would provide for films on North American life for use lii South America the production of South American films for - use in this New pumt. Reconditioned motor. Locks ami rims like new '38 Chevrolet Pick-Up Goort HITS. Excellent motor New paint. Looks like nc w '34Chev. HTonL.W.B. Heal $345 $475. country. Such a "Pan-American' libinry would increase good neighbor relations, Mercey said, A co-s))eaker at the conference, Dr. Howard Gray, reported nearly one out of every five school children in the United Slates now uses motion pictures to supplement le.vt-book work. 'SSChcv. 1-iTonLW.B. Molor In excellent coiuiiltou A real truck for' d'o^f Ihe joli «pZ/D iMmiy Olliurs lo Sok'cl Krom PHILLIPS L. Caldwcll Ineiiiin llldif. Itlytlicvllle, AHUANSAS mill JMISSOUIU TlTl.H 01'INIONS. TITJ.i; iNSDJJANCli. COA'liltAOK. Mule For Sale MKS. DlliTJilCJl I'luuu 1 3T>, or 7(10 - <"f — IXlltlUal CIO iiunlc BuUuI ciiluiial tcllglous, dipioiiiulh mm 1 minimi Jlc t . l( . iimtul thnt (ho complete woik "°."i < - omi1 ' 11 '«<>"! U>»» 'I million ulocled bj the t\vo aic W. !•'. craven, New York University; phllip Davidson, AKIICS Scott Collcso; p, M. I'IIIII'H.,-, -me Nii- Dr. F. J. Weitz \V. AN!I Phone Duke 'imcit Clmilcs w of 'Jcxnh, p _ .,. T ., T .iivei(,ltj of Qtoitia C vmiu Woodwaui. 0ului<% of lloildu, nuiwit 11 Vuncc Uiil Mly of North Carpllnn. Kurly vcluuies nre expected he off Ihc mess In two jenis, ? " 3n ion the third of (hat day LAWN MOWERS Shiupcncd, fncloiy method, ndjusl- cd oiled—Plokcd up & dcllveicd $1 Used Ljuvn Mowers For Halo ATKINS Miidiiiie Shop & G;inii,'e PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Sto^k (•'iiiirnnlccd Itait I'ricea Kirby Drug Stows J. L GUARD Optometrist Only (irniliialc Ontiimu- Ivlpl In lilyllicvtllc. Olasscs 1'iltcd C'orifetly SKIN CANCER Thrco .itioiLMu.1 11,1,0,15 illt or way lo l nu,l rin CIHIW,- »,imi»lly, wltieii we term , i| 10 C4inn c«»|i|«, tint »kt.! CDUMC c»«o» curoit U (re»inl o»|y vvlilld tl.o .W(imo«»-ii molos n,»t tut iitriliunt |il«ni«iiteil w«l» which do nol illM|il>f. r lido oi.Uni.ty wU VM "lowly l!u'7c>, 0 nhoul,! lio Uc.,l c ,| liorore limy ilovdloii l»lo iiotelHlj! cnncori. Sk|n nucon'nio'not w)mi. ly I'rcvcinto.l \nii, « ircatoil In tlm«, ai)»cl«lly by DUD aklllwl willi lilii'slollmiai'y trftatiuoni, n u;co niny bo n»snrcil. Wllti ycsr« ot nl«ily, oxpotlouto ami liMtmojit O f li m ,,|rc,l» of «M« U'LUicul oblfgalloil, ' ' ' DRS. NJES & NJES Ollult Till Main llljlliovlllo, Atk. ' i.t. Now J.iicnlcit' j ( i 101 Nnrlli Sc'coiul ; ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAy DON KinVAUDS,' i'rnjn-lVior uf lli'U,iilji'Tj>'|io\vrU(;rs, AiWInir. ami '' Jail Seeker Diituuk MAliTINEZ, Cal.'(UP)- ..„ „ Hawthorne, illnentnl Negro, wanted to get in jail lor awhile, lie applied for admission but was told HOW LONG SIN'CK YOWfCAU HA» A.V Approved I'ord Lubrication'/' inh, S ti M ll0lfl ls ililcallons Eveiy place doo« not bnvc the .vime standards • . . nor can Ilicy giio you (hi special rord lubricants m$o cs pcclnlly for Ford cars. Qet tho following: ......... _ iiti SI'KCIAI, CHASSIS 4M J.UWU CATION ' ANJ) WHKBL PACKING (J->r 30 o»>s Only) UUfllUCATION I'rc.wurc dun' Grease li\ nil pressure Oun nttiiigs, Springs, Hood t'UCiiiss, Door . Striker Jila'^s wused, Uoqr lllngcs JLubricntcd, vpcclal Oicascs In univcrwl Julnls, 5|Kclnl lubricant In slccr- m«. gcnr nnd'.distributor cam. I'ACK I'RONT ^'ilEKLS Wnsli Dill imb and IjcaHiigs, pack with special I'-ard' Short fiber Sodhiin goap grease. Adjust wheel bearings. ' ; ,: , All Aliovc .Service J?<tuglU Jn Combiniifion. Only V $1,39 MOTOR CO. ihpne 811) Sill * Walnut HY FRRO HAKMAN "^, there were )>im. no charges o lie started In lo call the . officials names. He . laken before the Judge, sentenced to six months in juil— and the sentence suspended. FOR 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delta Implements, Inc. 312 South 2nd I'honc 802 SHADOW STAR HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Tunic 1,7 Pictured ply actor. '—•"•n Network. H Conscious. 16 To drain. 17 Period. IB Stop"watch. 10 Form of "be. 1 20 Measure. 21 To furnish anew with men. 22 Sofa. 24 Olcorcsins obtained from irises. 45 Golf device, — 4G Toward sea. 26 To orisirialc. 49Tosei z c. VERTICAL 1 Credit. 2 Ivy. „-_, " ;• -»y JlU 6L'J£C'. »MiW/ ?S ' 5? OnJic?! glass 3 Unaccented. SHpySE-HENRY HAUmVAJUi CO. Thonc 35 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN 29 Edibli; molltisk. • 30 Ever. 31 Frost bite, 33 Father. 35 To doze. 38 To subsist. 53IIul. 57 Female slave. 58 He impersonates a little tramp. . 3S To pblilerate, 59 He is 42 Supernatural considered a lieings. master ol 44 \Vhcel hubs. —.. . '4 To soak flax. 5 Devoured. 8 Moves fch-fashion, 1 Notch. 8 Pronoun. 9 Level land. 10 Hobgoblins. 11 To conceive. 1 2 Compass point. Personal Arouse Sluggish Uyer, work 'oft Ihc bile, to rid yoursell of constipation, gas pains and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIBBV'H ACTIVE LIVER J'ltLS Mo at all klrby Stores. CASH PAID for good 1D35, 1036 and 1037 model Fords, Plymoulhs and Chevrolets.' ' Phone Howard Burton at BID. Phillips Motor Co.' " ' 29-ck-6-29 RED RYDET? REFUSES MORGAN'S OFFER To BUY HIS •RANCH, AND At THE .SAtAE TU-IE • UITTUE "BEAVER DISCOVERS THE CREEK, RF.D'S MWN WATER SLVR1 HAS GOME ' 'DRY. SOMEBODY'S CREEK , YOU'RE OUTFIT UP K,CREEK WATER'S SHUT OFF HAVE ' WATER-- NOW AVL GONE "RED "RYDER.' top CHANGED rt C5IVIN TiY -V. T. J1AMLI5 RIVER BOTTOM THERE, M0|v! TUftTCUGIITA THE DOOR! PO-YOU AMVTH1NS on 18V 605H,ITSURe 1 HOW \S - CRAT.V; HE WRECKEP MV mc\ ^M^^K^^^ •• OR OF •T^E." 6USP1CIQ05 WASH runna Making 11 Cle;n «EU, FOB THE L OM EARTH'S COW.E OVER .HY KOY CRANK WHEE! \ BUT KEV^'SEE THIS', WI HAT you OLD ^CAIAWA6- EEGUlW'/lr'yOU DOU'f VWRK, /OU'OOVJ'T SAT, AMD THA.T tStJO BAUX ACCOl'MT A', 3UiT V1HETTIH' UP MV A.PPETITE.' STUFF AND JACKIE WAttTTS! ,„, WEVEP D01l£' A LICK OF WOBK IWVOUP LIFE.. ESPECLMLV OH', CABCW.I B'LIEVE vou ' . , . PLE^E TftkE ME BACK,) REAtLy'WEAH Vf. HOW CWI . . HELP .Lft. :i(?WM VJ\' TH . . SREAXFASr.V I TELL VA 1M A NEW I'referabfy Ihc Fnvmdr By MERRILL BLOS_SEK THAT ETCETERA PART 'fHAT X DONTT LIKE,' -•LOOK; JUNE AND SHEED OIXON.I COULDN'T W£^ SORTA •TeACH , HIM A LESSOM---' SURG TMAT JUNE WILL BE WAITING FOR WE pJ X , BACK; ive ear TO WPRSS 15 Wine vessel. 20 He gained world-wide fame in .picture;. 21 Laughable. 22 Moistens. 23 Attack of nervousness. 25 Beasts' home. 27 Parent. 32 Foollikc part. 34 Constellation. 36 Measure of area. 37 Powerful. 40 Reluctant. •11 Southeast. •13 Dog chain. 46 High mountain. 47 The deep. 48 To nwforrn. •1.1 Diarr.vK,-i.' 50 Conjunction. 51 Turkish governor. 54 Sloth, 55 Before Christ. 56 Norlh Carolina.

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