The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1949 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1949
Page 16
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THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1<M9 BLTTHEVTLLIC <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE PffTEEK >UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams 3ur Boarding House with Maj. Hoople My MOTHER'LL NEVER KNOW I WAS POWKJ ts> TH' SHOP DISTRICT Vr WE KEEP IT SLOWED OFF BEFORE HE RUBS IT IK!--DON'T TOUCH IT JI5T BLOW EVERY FEW MINUTES; BORW THtRTV YEARS. TOO SOOM ~VV> ,. EGAo,3«s»i!Too8Ab NOOQ WTMKT 500*10 FITTI^, MISTAM *^ UMCL6 aOl^tCV UA6 BECOME te-{ MAJOOfMV 1>4CL£ HAPP6U To DBEPLV ATTACV4BO TO THt ^% 6E RtaOP.- 6HARP O*J 80St*)6SS VEST.' THI6 MAV 8£ EW6ARRWS-T) D6ALC, Biff FOR A SAVJBOCw: t ihis.'— VJOOLD A. »io BILL ^ FORECAST voo ktio SIT TH' <oEBsie AS A POOtTICe FOR m&FfclJGSOF . FROM IT? Rapld service,. »t timed intervals, ue to automatic dLspatchillR, fca- jres the "elevntor of tomorrow." is a system for a hank of cle- ators in a large business building which regulated up-and-dowu rvice is provided by controls act- ated by electronic devices. Political ^Announcements Subject to Municipal Election April 5, 1949 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS By Bob Wade and Bill Miller - *fc^9 H ••» *•*« ~" •«" "•«•'. 0»',*^W k> NU tElVICt. INC Third Ward .JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE I We know watches EXPERT Watch repair < • All Woik Guoronteed ; Reasonable i Prices BHEIFUS Meet HreiFus . . . Wear Ilianninds xxxv i ''PRIM mewed a hand lo the horn | •*• button and turned oft th« car lights. Then they rolled slowly down the incline toward the rambling shadow of the Bar C Ranch. Beyond the gallows-like archway, the low ranch house showed no lights. "Looks like Faye's still here," Sin said, speaking in an unnecessary whisper from the back scat. The Mercury still lowered inanimate before the house. The only cloud in the sky had floated mischievously before Die moon, a cottony mask. Trim coaxed the sedan to quiet hall. He ceased listening to night sounds from the surrounding desert. "Still want to go through with it?" he inquired, "Sure," Sin said, pretending she meant it. They opened the doors and got out. John Henry caressed the automatic pressed against his stomach. Trim Ted the way across the graveled lot. The cloud chose to drift from m front of the moon and the three furtive figure seemed to spring into focus. Sin was regretting her insistence on the expedition. Her white blous made a distinctive target unde the gleaming imoon. When John Henry veered to ward the front door f Trim caugh his sleeve with a quick hand. H shook his head. "Never mind stir ring up trouble we don't have t- Where are the horses?" "The stable, 1 suppose." "Can you two ride?" "Well—we've ridden." "Lead the way," said the Fed eral man and stood aside. Hopin he was going in the right direc tion, John Henry tiptoed cau tiously along the front of the si lent house and turned the corne He was. The boxlikw building, half-story higher than the hous loomed in sharp outline a hundrec yards away. iifi\\i:si \i\i\ Crappie or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo Slate Line HE horses in their stalls were restless. They tossed their ads and re;ired and neiglied hen the men appronched. Sin iddled on a bale of hay by Die oonvay while Trim and her hus- and first pacified and then sjid- led three mounts. John Henry nd a good deal of trouble sub- uing his steed, but the widened BI man proved surprisingly dept at the job and finished two addlings while John Henry slrug- led with one. Trim can ied the last of the sad- Le.s and bridles into the feed room nd banged the wooden door to ehind him. Then he wedged the iige rusty padlock shut and ammed it with one blow at an Id stirrup iron. "That'll slow up nybody who's Koing our wriy>" ic remarked, his smile satisfied. le tossed the stirrup iron down nd dusted his hands. They swung silently onto their lorses and moved out inln Ihe noonlit yard, the erect little pirate eading. * * • is Walking Skull," said Trim. "And that's the start of the Badlands." He gestured in:o the night. The Conovers looked it over. Walking Skull was a rough bowl- shaped depression in the desert, several hundred yards ncross. It was littered with huqe boulders and dotted with a few stunted palms. "Why?" Siti wanted to knqwy. "Good thing the Bureau made me into a guide book before I came down," Trim said. He explained that a weathered skeleton had been found leaning against one of the rocks years before, looking as if it were still trying to take the few steps thnt separated it from the tiny water hole. Of course, the bones were ail gone now—carried home as souvenirs by tourists. But the skull had never been discovered. "The legend is that the skull still roams hose parl.s nt night searching for wJttcr." , "Oh, nol" Sin said. "You shouldn't have told her," was John Henry's reaction. To the south and to the west, the smooth desert had been carved Into & twisted labyrinth of nnr- row, deep canyons, writhing snakes that turned here ami there, joining and separating and losing themselves in the night shadows. A single canyon cracked the skie at the rough bowl on the southwestern edge, g/ I can see why you'd need a combination to find your shadow in H pi ace 1 ik c thi s," .) ohn H e n ry observed. "I feel lost already/' "That, one canyon that cuts into Walking Skull—thnt must be the starting point. From then on it's up lo your wife." "How about it, Sin? What's the first move?" Sin wrinkled her tan forehead and concentrated, summoning, the ong list of R's and L's up before lev eyes. On the ride from the Bar C Ranch, they bad all agreed that must stand for riqhi and left and the number indicated the canyon to be followed. "R dash one," she announced Iriimiphantly. Trim nudged his horse forward and the Conovers followed. At the mouth of the canyon that led from Walking Skull into the Badlands, M Her«'» some meat to»f left over from ta^t Easier! How does that appeal to you?" FttECKLES 4k HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8EB Gruati, Chum* • ' ! •' AWO i-iow, A STEAUY ume CUTTY CM.LEI HIV If, ifORYaiOWID-rt)—- * : I ME? ovftt y Ti Id RADIO t *< NOW? _ > >r-rr»/< PUISC'ILLA'S )'OP Wlml Kvcrv (firl Should Know By AL VERMEER WHY SHOULD CARRY HIS BOOKS HIM? , BECAUSE PRISCILLAr I HOPE YOU WOULDN'T THROW YOURSELF AT A BOY/ GO5K NO/ SUPPOSE HE MISSES/ VIC FLINT Instructions •By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE the pirate hnt wns outlined briefly and ludicrously against the sky for a moment. The dnrk jagged walls rost higher and higher on both sides. They rode down an incline until (he sky was a crooked slit of C(vrt~ pnratively pale blue overhead, then the canyon floor leveled somewhat. 'Here we are," Triip announced. "I'm turning right." Sin's eyes were bediming more accustomed to the reduced light. Slie could .see the bay rump of the lead horse as the little man reined it inlo the first side canyon. Vegetation was sparse and scrawny in the loilly they traveled. The floor was sand and smooth stones o[ all sizes. At the sides leaned Rreat sheets of shale that had evidently crashed down from above. (To Re Continued) Head Courier News Want Ads. SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Detler Signs • Better Service SOS North Franklin Phone 3203 THE GRAXES COMPANY nj \ITOI\S Real l-ldte- Morlaacje Loan- • [rmuan ~'~ Phone 521 BHTHEMUl Phone 3075 YOU DON T MEAN lllfKAUY, VIC, THAT K>6 CHANNEL IS A MURDERER THE TALK WAS THAT HE KIUED A MAN NAMED MM DOU, BUT NOBODY EVER PiOVtD II. LIB8Y. THAT PO(jD WOMAN AND HER AIRS.' YOUD THINK SHf WA* THE ONLY ONE THAT WAS EVER ON THE STASE. tmuit COOD.'WUUV Off HER UNTIL I C1O5E THIS DEAL WATCH YOUR TEMPER, JEAN. DON'T LET ~ 1 TALL GIRL RIDE YOU -- WHAT ? . 'AND WATCH YpUR N | PO«ET8COK,BAS- I COM.IOWR. CHANNEL LOOKS 1 WASH TUIJBS The l 'Nuws By LESLIE TURNER COTTON FARMERS Chemically rlelinled cotton seed germinate C]Ulck«r, plant and plow the same week. Reduce choppfnir expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE 1). * P. L. No. 11, V ei 50 l,b. Hag J10.00 l>. & P. L. No. 15, Ptr 50 Lit. Baj 1D.OO Sloncville li H, Per 51) Lb. B»i lO.W) Sloneville 'i C. E'er SO Lb. Baf 10.00 Rowdcn 41-B, Per 50 Lb. Baf; It.M Hall & Half IHibredt. Per 50 I.b. Hat 10.00 Coker's ICO Will Resistant. Per 50 I.b. Has 10.00 Panla, EVr SO I.b. Ban 1"- M Kmplre. Per 50 Lb. Bait '0.0» Come in and plnre voiir order or set roitr supply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 Blvtlicvillc Ark. Phone *57 Branches: I^achville. Ark.. Hornprsville, Mo. and Senath. Mo. MVIM...GIG OWCE VVKOTE PENMV TNaT ME WftS IN THE OIL PA.CDOW ME. Wli'M... I'M LOOKING FOR MR. WIUY. 1 SO AM I, MIMEE.'. HE SKIPPED.OUT i WMOT MV EEMT! RUGS BUNNY l!;i|iid AltcnitiniiH Tly FRED HARMAN TUDEBAKER. X "See, Dear —You don't haye to hide behind those false whiskers and glasses! Some of the city's most prominent citizens get loans from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORA- T/ON.'" Here's Your Truck! m There's a new kind of Operating Kconomy in every w size and wheelbase of the New 1919 Studcbaker Trucks. Come by today and look over our complelt m line of '4!)ers. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 'STUDEBAKERi HIVA, PORKY.' Y P-PETUNIA YA 6ET J MADE IT.. TH' SAGG1N' A I WISH SWEATER ? I'LL TAKE. "T WHAT CARE O' THAT IN A J1FFV. _ D-DOIN6? GEE/ TH 1 S-SW6A.T6K TT ANV- RTS SWELL NOVJ.' A THINS AI.LEY OOP By V. T. HAAIUN ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN .\ CftN HNftfcV* WAVY TO WHPS WtS4 VX> \"i \AV£ 1

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