The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on October 25, 1995 · Page 29
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 29

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1995
Page 29
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" I' nrf- nir -p tq ir - y - "s ll"W'W!WW,S" 1 O YEAR INTO SOLO CAREER, CHICAGO AAEAABER HITS THE BY TOM ROLAND Staff Writer I Crystal Bernard. You know hen the spunky waitress with the sharp tongue on Wings who cant make it as a cello player. If she cant make it as a fictitious musician, why would she try to sing in real life? j Well, she did. And she turned in a pretty convincing rendition on (I WannaTake) Forever Tonight, a duet with Peter Cetera that's receiving significant airplay on adult pop radio. Bernard had previously recorded some smaller home demo tapes, but the duet represented her first time to seriously approach singing in a studio. Cetera, who produced the song for his current One Clear Voice album, had to coax the performance a bit "It was sort of like coaching," he assessed last week. "It's sort of like somebody singing in the shower They sing really good in the shower and you ask them to sing in front of you and it's a totally different thing. That's what it was like with her." ; Of course, Bernard also had the uncomfortable assignment of making her rookie record under the guidance of one of pop music's more identifiable and enduring voices. As a member of Chicago, Cetera started applying his voice to lead lines 25 years ago, when he shared efforts on 25 Or 6 To 4. Ten years ago, he left the band for a solo career that's kept him in the public ear. "Crystal would hand me these demos that were fantastic," Cetera continued. "But that's when there's nobody around. Even I get the chills, and I just sing in the studio with my engineer and nobody else, and it still is very unnerving at times. But to have somebody come in there the first time off and do it, I had to kind of walk her through it, but I thought it sounded pretty fantastic." Cetera is developing a reputation for his duets with women. In 1986, Amy Grant hooked her first No. 1 pop record by teaming with him on Next Time I Fall; Cher joined him in 1989 on After All for the movie Chances Are; and in 1992, Chaka Khan formed a Top 5 adultcontemporary pairing with Feels like Forever. In addition, Cetera charted a non-hit in 1988 with Agnetha Faltskog, formerly of Abba. On the current album, Cetera brought in Nashville's Ronna Reeves to do a remake of Abba's 20-year-old S.O.S. "With Chicago, there were a bunch of guys, we were together for 17 years, and I just never had the opportunity," Cetera said of his penchant for female vocal partners. "It's kind of like goin' to an all-boys school; then you go to college and you're surrounded by girls geez, it's so much nicer. "People like duets, and it's strange that out of the duets that I've done, I've taken songs that were meant for just one person to sing and changed them into duets. That's something I like to do. Next Time I t 't i ii-yy i j - y ji j".,ii ' igr-gr"' r f i-rii IN MUSIC 1974 No. 1 BillboardPop Hit Then Came You, Dionne Warwick & the Spinners. Trie song is the first No. 1 single for both Warwick and the Spinners. Dionne Warwick -N '&ftir,j.-fr ' Tigs' "'rTiF . r f. h A. - v- 4 J Peter Cetera Fall was one guy singing; Forever Tonight was the same way." Reeves is on tour with Cetera, doing three of her own songs plus the duet on S.O.S. Nashvillian Dana Glover, who played sax on the Eric Carmen-penned Forever Tonight, handles the vocal parts on that song during the tour, which comes to TPAC tonight Tickets bill Cetera with "surprise guests," though he declined to say whether Amy Grant would be among them. Either way, the concert is something of a landmark for Cetera: He's performing in one of the five cities where he recorded the current album, and it's his first tour since leaving Chicago. Cetera moved to Idaho after he went solo and concentrated most of his time on being a father to his daughter, Claire, now 11, who sings on one track on the new album. Even without hitting the road, he's been a familiar presence on the radio over the last 10 years with the immensely melodic hits Glory Of Love, One Good Woman, Even A Foot Mil mil-1 rmm ii n i n i ri mMaatammtmMmmmMm n i ir h mini nin-M, Early Bird Winter Sale JLa 20-40 Off J Selected FallWinter Maternity Apparel J Oct. 25th-28th Only I GREEN HILLS 385-3430 ' 1 Jj j Clendale Shopping Center, 3748 Hillaboro Road J acrai from Green Hill Mall I f Sim. 12-5; Moa 4 Thin. 10-8; f TW, Wed, Fri, S. 1(M 1 i The Elegant 4 O -30 Off Maternity Outlet 5 ;r" rr Can See and Restless Heart. "When I first when solo, I didn't feel that I had enough of a backlog of my own material to play, and I certainly wasn't going to go on the road and do all the old Chicago things," he said. "I think now is the time. I'm with a new record label, River North in Chicago and Nashville; I have a backlog of four albums now that I can pick from; and I can intersperse some of the older songs I did with Chicago." Among the songs he wrote andor sang for Chicago are Feelin' Stronger Every Day, Wishing You Were Here, If You Leave Me Now, Hard To Say I'm Sorry, Baby What A Big Surprise, Hard Habit To Break, Stay The Night and You're The Inspiration, And he re-recorded Happy Man, a cult favorite from the Chicago VII album, for his new solo project The tour, however, almost met with tragedy. On July 2, Cetera was involved in a motorcycle accident and had to have 60 stitches in his face, leaving him with what he laughingly calls "manly man scars." 1ST FORMER ROAD no Peter Cetera performs with special guests at 7:30 tonight at TPAC's Jackson Hall, 505 Deaderick St Tickets are $25 and $1 9, available through Tfcketmasten 737-4849 or 1 -800-333-4849. "I didn't break anything," he reported, "which is pretty amazing for hittin' pavement at 55 mph on a Harley. I took about 60 stitches in the face and had surgery, had cuts and bruises, lumps and scrapes, ripped everything off me, but I did not break anything." Well, not in the accident. But he did help break Crystal Bernard as a singer. 0T SHonrv (R) SHOWGIRLS (NC1 1) 6 50-9 3(1 NOW an6 Vhen (P&ist JADE (R) 2 004 45-7 25 9 35 UAu. AAT4 (A) 1? 35-3 00-515 7 35-955 1??0?-4 45-7 00 -9 15 SEVEN (R) 1 10- 00-705-9 45 JADE (R) PHESENTEO ON TWO SCREENS SCARLETT LETTER (R) 1)1225-?M56-71M30 1 3tM 15-7 10-9 55 A WALk m hit libvbh 7 40-9 45 NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS (fl) 35-3 30-5 25-T.20-9 20 Iabe idi 1??0-40-4 55-7 35-1000 BABE (G) 2 05-4 10 1?30 ? 45 5 05 STRANGE DAYS (R) iilPtRE RECORDS (R) 9 50 SHOWING ONLY 1?4;-? 5 5 05-7 15-9 TO DIE FOR (R) 45-4 35 7 20-9 40 Tnl hit ihfkk (M) 1? 05-? 30-4 W-7 X-9 55 ASSASSINS (R) 1? 15-2 ?5-4 35 10 40-4 25-7 15 SEVEN (ft) HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT (Mil) 1) 121)0-2 56-71)0-8 40 2) 10 10 120-3 55-700 925 DIE fOR ih MALL RATS (R) XsHsSNTiKT 1? 10-? 35-5 00-7 25-9-50 1 20-3 25-5 307 30-9 35 GET SHORTY (R) 2 2O--7fl0 92O 17-05-300-T 20-1000 MB EBSB1 HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT (Mil, 4 45-710 9 35 THE BX3 GREEN (PO) 1:05-4 05 GET SHORTY (R) STRANGE DAYS (R) 700950 PftEStNTED IN 0TS 4 W 00-9 15 MORTAL K0MBAT(PG13) 1 15-4 15-715-9:15 NEVER TALK TO STUNGERS (K) 4 10-T y-9 30 ASSASSINS (R) JADE (R) THE TENNE5SEAN WHAT'S HAPPENING, Comedian Shirley Hemphill, star of the syndicated comedy Whafs Happening, perform at 8:30 p.m. today through Sunday at Zanies. Hemphill also has a 1 0:30 p.m. show on Friday and a 1 0:45 p.m. show on Saturday. Call 269-0221 . Shirley Hemphill V The Floating Men The Floating Men take the stage at 9 p.m. today at 12th & Porter Playroom, 1 14 12th Ave. N. Cover charge is $6. For more information, call 254-7236. Other entertainment options tonight include: An extra performance of Always...Patsy Cline has been added at 8 p.m. today. Performances also are scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday and its final show on Saturday at the Ryman Auditorium, 1 16 Fourth Ave., N. Tickets: $18, plus tax. Call 889-6611. Tareva Henderson, Doc Randolf , Tommy Riggs and the Stock-Yard Band make music at 8:30 p.m. today at the Stock-Yard, 901 Second Ave. N. Cover charge is $4. Fa more information, call 255-6464. Slickerbilly performs at 7 and 10 p.m. today at the Wildhorse Saloon, 120 Second Ave. N. Cover charge is $3. For more information call 251-1000. The Electric Glide Tour, featuring Duane Jarvis, Jeff Fmlin, Buddy Miller and Jesse Dayton, begins at 9 p.m. today at the Ace of Clubs, 1 14 Second Ave. S. A one-minute digest of views and snippets from popular culture. "They make fun of my voice and the stuff I eat. But they don't treat me differently just because I don't have chest hair." blue-grass diva Alison Krauss, on traveling with her all-male band, Union Station "I do believe in monogamy. Some people have it in their bones. It's their calling. But for others, including me, staying monogamous requires constant vigilance." X-Files star David Duchovny, whose girlfriend, actress Perrey Reeves, has appeared on X-Files "He's not the kind of guy you want to see without his shirt So V-' ii iiW au i 1 1 i i 5m; trim nuh and intit W4 2-4:307:10-ft PG13 NOW AND THEN MCM:-7:1t)-9:30 P013 EMPIRE RECORDS :15-315-5:IS-7:!5-l5 PQ13 EMPIRE RECORDS :!5-3: 1 1 S-7: 1 5-ft15 PG13 SEVEN 1:45-4:20-7:00-9:28 SCARLET LETTER 1:30-4:1S-700-'.45 SCARLET LETTER 130-4 16-700- 45 JADE t:15-4:45-7 1S-13 JADE 2:15-4:45-7: 15-9-15 or SEVEN V4S-4J0-7-00-WS ASSASSINS t:30-4 30-7-CO-fr ASSASSINS VSCM:15-7-0O-:3S DEAD PRESIDENTS 1:15-4:15-7 1035 fl HALLOWEEN 6 1:30-3:30-5:30-7 3Ofr30 fl 2:13-4:30-7:15-9:40 B I GET SHORTY NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS I 2:30-4 30-TOO-ft 15 HALL RATS 2:00-4 30-715-9:30 DEAD PRESIDENTS 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30 STRANGE DAYS MO DANGEROUS MMDS 1:45-4:30-715-ft15 NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS I 7:00-9:15 SOLITAIRE FOR TWO NOW AND THEN 7:15-9:30 PG I 2-4:30-730-930 PQ13 JADE 2:15-4:45-7:15-9:18 HOW TO MAKE AMERICAN QULT I 1:45-4:30-730-9:30 PG13 I ASSASSINS 1:30-4.30-730-935 SEVEN 1-48-425-730-9-38 NOW AND THEN I 710-930 POljl Wwlnwday, Ortobw 25 3D - j . t i n j e?' ENTIiRTAINMENT Cover charge is $10 at the door. For more information, call 254-ACES. Dorian Grey performs at 9 p.m. today at The Music City Mix Factory's The Zoo, 300 Second Ave. S. Cover charge for the 18 and olderr show is $5 or $3 with college ID. For more information, call 251-8899. The Sutler's Americana Series continues at 7:30 tonight with Kate Campbell. The club is at 2605 Franklin Road. Cover charge is $4. For more information, call 297-9195. The Guys in the Suits & Ties play at 9 p.m. today at The Station Inn, 402 12th Ave. S. Cover charge is $5. For more information, call 255-3307. we put him in $1,000 suits and nice glasses. He has a really commanding presence, and he comes off as 1 handsome, even though, if you take him apart, he probably isn't" Chris Carlisle, vice president of marketing for ABC, on strategizing how to sell the image of Daniel . Benzali, the unconventional star of Steven Bochco's Murder One "I kind of like the fact that , people might be judging me for what I looked like, not for my T mind." Kelly Johnson-Arbor, a 21-year-old Harvard senior biology major, on posing nude in Playboy's October Women of the : Ivy League issue. Compiled by Leigh Behrens , Tribune Media Services. ,, i"iiwwi i r SOUTAiHE FOR TWO I 1 154:46-7:1&--t30 PG I 1:4t-4;is7S0-l5 POt3 KVn TAUC TO tTRANGBtS , 1:30-4: 10-MO-920 R SCARLET LETTER 1:30-4: 1 5-70-0:45 1:45-4:30-7-0:30 PQ13 SCARLET LETTER 13O-4:15-7O-045 B JADE 1 30-4 15-5 30-9 30 DEAD PRESIDENTS t: 15-4:1 5-7: 10-36 EM NOII ID UAU AlcnCAM QUIT 1- HMO-MO rQ13 STRANGE DAYS 2:00-5:00-5:00 ES STRANGE DAYS fOO-SW-l 00 DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS 1:30-4:15-7:15-0:30 F GOSPA V48-4 15-7-iT: PG m SEVEN HH v. :46-4:25-7-tM0 fl TO DUr FOR 1:40-4:20-7: 10-ftM P KGMEM T iflO-3ao-6:30-7l KB 1-2-4:40-7:30-8.30 R r GET SHORTY i 1tt-2jO-4tK-r:10t30fl 1 I 12fl3-2:15-4:3S-710-92S PQ13 NOW AND THEN NOW AND THEN EMPIRE RECORDS 730-916 PQ1; 1230-?.2S-6-73-9:a6 PQ13 I 1230-2:10-4:25-7 15-90 MALL RATS DEAD PRESIDENTS 7:10-936 SCARLET LETTER 12:15-4:15-7 00-9-45 JADE 12:10--10-4:30-715-ft20 P I HOWTONAKEUOCIOUI.T !2:30-4aO-7fl5-9 PG13 DANGEROUS MINOS ' 730-9:20 R DEAD PRESIDENTS . 12.15-430-730-9:40 R LtiwiciiTiiio,,, 730 R a) n ASSASSINS 130-4:30-7 15-9-46 SEVEN 12:30-4:15-730-9:40 STRANGE DAYS 230-630-930 IMt GET SHORTY 144 2 00-4 30 9 30 l2-a00-7aS R 4S6-5P013 HOI AMO THEN 230-4:30-MO-93o w 13(M 30-7 30-9:45 THE BIG GREEN (PG) SCARLETT LETTER (R) 100-4 00-7 00-10 00 4 55 7 05 7:15-930 "era I ALA TO STRANGERS SEVEN (R) 4 Q 7 05-9 30 ASSASSINS 700-9:36 SEVEff 1:46-4J0-730-ta8 NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS (R) THE SCARLETT LETTEH (Ft) DEAD PRESIDENTS 730-9.25 35 '10-95 1 15-4 15-7 10-9-15 i-7:10-ft30 TO WONG FOO (PG11) HALL RATS (R) 55-7 30 "50 M8- 6-730-9ao antnii" NOW AND THEN (PG13) 1 20 25-7 20-9 35 4 0-T 15-9 ?S A WALK IN THE CLOUDS CGU) 1 05-4 05-7O5 9 20 STRANGE DAYS (R) 95 1.1 Jmkibmff - t JADE (R) NO PASSES NO DISCOUNTS EMPIRE RECORDS (R) 4 15-7 20-9 40 135-4 35-7-36-9 55 l.'t-V.'l "1 35-7 10 9 45 M AfSASSMt HA1IOWIBI6 B H 730 R 93S R blue w The face Irz: 730-930 PH I TWO GIRLS W LOVE fvm

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