The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1930
Page 2
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THURSDAY, JULY 10, 1930 BL.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS As Drench Prepare lo Depart nd Crime or Quit Is Commissioner Alcock's Order to Captains. CHICAGO, July 10. CUF'>— End crime or quit was the order which Chicago police captains received. [from "Iron Man" John Alcock, their • acting commissioner. r Appointed as a direct result of stir that followed the murder j cf Alfred Lingle and determined; ko folie that and many other mys-1 lerlmis slayings, "Iron Man" John Emphatically told his captains ttey i oiild bring gangland to trial or | f> on trial themselves. • | j The captains, Alcock stated, will | given one chance to explain j __y gang killings such as the mur- • er of Lingle have not been clear- course at Fayeltevllle In Auguss, whloh will Include railroad (are, »nd IxxTd and lodging while there, Is ofered lo the club traveling the gr«t«t person-miles and having the largest percentage ot members present at the rally. Second prize ottered on the same bnsls will cover railroad fore only, and Hie Ililrdd prize will cover board and lodging, The clubs at lllglttower, Burdctte, Red Line, Eton-all. Hatcher, Sllll- man, West Hidge, and Kelscr will be represented. The eleven-and-a-half-year occujiatlcn of Hie Rmneland was being brought to an end as this photo taken at Mainz, Germany. It shows the guard of French poilus being changed for the last time. up and one chanc.j definitely '• Shortly afterward the French, British and Belgian colors v.ere hauled clown and the black, red and gain control of criminal ele- j gold banner cf Republican Germany floated for the first time In history over ihc Electoral Palace. iU-ih iheir territories. If the I There who cheered Ionian at the'departure or the French were the approximately 10.000 citizens of xplanatlons and results are nolj Ma(n) , who at lasl carrmove back Imo the evacuated quarters. albfactory. the captains, lie sald.i will be called belore the trial board , ind charged with inefficiency, i Huffman News A baby daughter born to Mr. and . Mrs. Hustings Monday, June W, | has been named Martha Bealc. 1 The Huffman ball team won from I promised Land July 4 In n gnmi plnyed nt Promised Lund. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pepiier en- Joyed Hie Fourih at White ( park jilcnlc ut Haytl. Elva Wulker. who Is attending summer school at Cane Glrardeau was here last week end for a vlsl with her parents. Hulou Holmes of New Madrid vis lied over the week end here. The Huffman-Rosa, tall grime played in 48 Sunday was won by Huffman. 12 to 0. Herman May called at the McKay home Tuesday evening. Wetdon and Clinton Ross attend, ed Sunday school nt Armorel Siin- Brundidce Threatened I ST. LOUIS, July 10. (UP)—Harpy Brundidge has received warnings to ."lay off" Chicago rack-1 rs, the St. I/nils Star revealed! [today. . I Long distance telephone calls to' ed persons who warned that the Star • and Brundidge had belter off", the i«>per said. The Star also said "one of the leading lights of the present Chi£; newspaper discussion sent the Sla r a telegram concerning Brundidge and his investigation" and jthat '"the publisher, who employs (this individual •showed no interest fin a protest made' by the 'Star? 1 . 1 mm CUIR m_ wo Hundred Boys and Girls Attend Meeting and Entertainment Here. |32-170.607 Worth of Ar; kftnsas Merchandise Sol .Abroad in 1929. NOTE:—Figures'given in th» fol mint ttory »re t>ased upon through export bills, of .ladtaf and do no Ipravkde a completely accurate inde lot the exact volume of export ship WASHINGTON. —Exports frpr I Arkansas during 1929 were value, •at $32,170,607. compared with |24, Il44,473 for -1928,.an Increase of 1426,134, according to figures mad [public .today by the Department o Icbmmerce. ' -Prom the standpoint of value,.un (manufactured cotton valued at $21 Ii90,504, .was the -principal export I during 1929, followed by drle'd. or I evaporated'prunes, -$2,951,615,- am' [boards, planks and scantlings,. $2,|363,331. Other leading exports with com- Iparative values for 1928 were: "Other wood, paper and manu- Ifactures," $1,010.422 -and $6B1,544; (cooperage staves, $908,869 and $433.696; veneers and plywoods, $601,132 land $687,681; cooperage shooks. l$520,155 and $433.696; bauxite. $122,1600 »nd $471,435; and "other.vege- 1 table products and beverages;" 1*242,237 and $480,865. Cheese, corn meal. rice, wheat Iflour, cottonseed cake and meal I crude cotton-seed oil, rubberfoot- Iwear, tanning extracts, nonmetallic I mineral products, machinery and (vehicles, chemicals and related Iprcducts, prepared and mixed feeds land other feeds including screen- lings, and inedible animals and an- limal products were among the di- i Iverslfied products exported from the• state during 1929. 1 Total exports of merchandise llrom the United States in. 192• were valued at $5,157,083,027 com- Ipared with $5,043,973,142 for 1928, |en increase of $113,109,885. The first ten slates in order of lvalue of exports during the twelve I months were New York with for- lelgn shipments valued at $871,741. 13W; Texas, $657,559,600; Califor Inia, $377,392.437; Michigan. $355.1300,020; Pennsylvania, $340.843,339; (Illinois, $321,776,759; New Jersey ($262,699,217; Ohio, $221,916.9,. (Louisiana, $221,272,346; and Wash- (ington, $126,744,522. A white whale, declared to be •rare among the denizens of the Isea, was sighted of the Newfoundland Banks recently by a coast Iguard cutter. Exactly 200 Boys and Girls 4-H lub members of 13 groups in norlh- rn Mississippi county were .guests of Blyihevllle's - business men today for the annual entertainment sponsored by the county agents Jiss Cora Lee Coleman and J: E Jritz. The entire number present of ^93 included friends, member. 1 of th£ preparation committee '.ant .peakers. . The Pawheen club, with a perfect attendance of 21 members and two sponsors, besides nine visitors,' won the first prize for attendance and miles traveled. These winner! live 30 miles from here. The award was a free trip lo the annual Farmers' Week at Fayettevllle, ihclud-. ing all expeases while there, for one delegate. Second prize, a railroad ticket to and from Fayette ville, went to the Perry "club which had 20 members out of 2i presen: besides six sponsors. This group came 13 miles. The I*achvllle clu.j with 17 of Its 24 members present and traveling 28 miles, won third prize, a free meal ticket for the delegate while in Fayetteville. Oeorge . W. Barham, county judge, Charles S.. Lemons• and J Ixiuis .Cherry, were, visiting speak- ,ers while the three county agents. of the Manila group, made resolutions which. were presented in which. the clubs of the Chickasuw district tjmnked all who made the entertainment possible. Of the 18 clubs In this district, L3 were represented. They were: Perry 20 members and C sponsors; Manila,- 17 members and sponsor; New Liberty, 21 members and 2 sponsors; New Hope, 2 members; Dell, is members and sponsor; Lone Oak, 16 members and spoil - sor; Ekrqn, 1 members and 1 sponsor; Armorel, H members and 1 sponsor; Leachvllle, 11 members; Pawheen, 30 members and friends day. »nd 2 .sponsors; . Yarbro, seven members and 3 sponsors; Dogwood 4 members and 1 sponsor; Half Moon, 11 members and 1 sponsor picnic limcli will be served in the club rooms. • . May oil A. S. Rogers will welcome ! Ihe boys and girls on the part of! the town of Osceola and the Civ- club, and County Judge Geo. W. [ turhani of Blytheville will speak j ) them on county club projects. 11 the afternoon they will be guests I f the civic club at a motion pic- ure matinee" at the Gem theater, r will be given free admission to he Oscecla hatatorlum, each club icmber being permitted to choose vliicli form of entertainment he rill enjoy. J. B. Btinn of the Civic club Is chairman 'of the committee on entertainment. A free trip for one member of the annual boys and girls short Mr. mill Mrs. S. A. I'epper had as their guests for dinner Tuesday .oou five Jonesboro men inn king lie survey for the new Arinorcl- liiffman highway. Mrs. Moss Moore was to go to femuhls Wednesday to enter a hos- Mai Her brother, Herman Paris, vas la drive her down. Mv, and Mrs. Pr»nlc Pnrk'er and Mr. and Mrs. Smlthson and family atended the funeral ot Mr. and Mrs, Barker's baby who died at ho fumlly homu near 40 and 8 Suday. Oeath wns caused by vhoophig cough, Hnrlnl was maile at Blythiwllle. Thomas Mtuhls Jr.. Miss Knlh erliie Hnynle und Mrs. I,. H. liny called nt HIP McKay home Moiidaj afternoon. Mr. Mathls wns ei route to his home In Oklahoma, Kny Gene, bsby son of Mr. one Mis,-Harvey McICnV. is HI with t-nl Ills. Gladys Marie, Infant daughter o Mr. und Mrs. Thomas Haslett. ' liuprovlng after nn attack of col Ills. Mrs. Mary Merrill has us he guests her mother and rather. Mj- and' Mrs. I'usc-iir of Klplcy. Miss. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pepper ha as their guests (lie WIM* M and Mis. Weavers of SlnllguiL und their son. Mi-. Hudlson of Ut'iivor, Col. Evurell liomars 'motlicv ami sister, who luive been visiting here, leUirned lo their .home in. New Madrid the of ,lhc week. Ernest Ncely who nrived Wi'dnt'S- PAGE THRER/ nil son who have been visiting Mr. 'eelys 1 mother since'June, left for liclr home in Texas Tuesday. . R. L. Adklsson had as her guest Sunday Mr. Wise and MlM M»» ;aret Perry ol Hlythevllle. Turner Kissel, Joe Cassldy Jr., and the Misses Lois and Jewel Mick nnd Miss linker titemled Ihe bail gnme nt H8 Sunday afterncon. ,' Ask your merchant for the Reelfoo'd Brank—Sausage— .bacon—cheese and butter. Mati£ only hy KKYNOLDS PACKING, CO. Union', City, Tenm ' dny of last week for the-July 4lh holiday, accompanied by his wife Tuck a I your vest There is fo*r fatigue ilnsk w , . Miss Cora'Lee Colemarj and-J^ 2. Crite of Blytiievjlle, and's. D. Carpenter 'of Osceola, also-spoke." Devote Afternoon t» Fun After iiearlug the;-ta!ks this morning, 'a dellcio.iis lunch was seirvec Sluart Compari Underwrites $18,000,000 Loan at 4 3-4 Per Cent LITTLE ROCK!—The state higi way note board Wednesday after noon announced acceptance of • bid of four and three-fourths per cent Interest from a sydicate headed by Ilalsey, Stuart and company for an issue of $18,000,000 In bonds to carry on the-state highway con- structjon program. The amount offered by (he syn riicate 'was $17,960,100 which, with accriied'inlerest.'wlll run above par -The - Hal5ey--Stuart - syndicate .alsc offered-a bid : 6f".5--per cent interest IS THIS r YOUR FUTURE SHADOW? at the court noilse arid.this afternoon the rural.boys and girls at. tended the Ritz theatre and went for a swim at-the Chicago' M : ' pool. • .'' .• . " All en.terlainment-' -were borne by. local firms', banks and business mm as is the:yearly, custom. Although the invitations-wefi 1 sent out. for- 10 o'clock, before : o'clock, cars and-trucks, filled with boys and girls, and their sponsors were at the court house, headquar- .ters-for the party." The.-Pawheen club made :\ striking appearance, the boys all in white trousers, marching with the girls In dohble file from the decorated Pawheei;' truck across the yard. The program was given briefly with "Keeping Records" as Mr. Cherry's subject while Mr. Lemons spoke on "Thrift." Judge Barham brought greetings from the county and talked on general club work. The trip to Payetteville next month was discussed by the agents. The lunch of sandwiches, cold drinks, eskimo pies, was prepared by Mrs. J. E. Crliz and Misses Vivian Holland, Mayme Edwards Marion Cooley, Maurine Branson, Mary Cummings, Pearl Moore and Hilda Holland and Mrs. Stephen II. Brooks, who also served, the meal in the American Legion room. For informal entertainment this n-ornlng. S. D. Carpenter, J. Louis Cherry and Mrs. J. E. Crit7 directed games and led in group singing. 13 Clubs Keprtsenltd A committee made up of Mis? Edna Wade, president of the Pawheen club. John Swieheart, president of the Leaciw;;;e club; Miss Ruth Ryan, sponsor of the Ekron club, and Arnold Phillips, president with" a premium . 'of" $477,000.. bu.t mernbjers.of.tbe' board said the bid accepted was preferable because the state would receive, greater benefits for the time.xthe bond issue would run. ..' ;'.'. •" .. .Nine:million dollars of the will be used .'to pay of! notes while the' remaining nine million will be carry on road construction work.' Expect 150 Boys and Girls at Entertainment Sponsored by Civic Club. Fair Stores Co. No. 7 Blytheville's Greatest Value Store Dry Goods, Clothes and Groceries Pay Cash and Pay Less Coming events cast their shadows before" Former Sufferer Tells How New Medicine Ended Kidney and Stomach Troubles # SurTer.-rs want relief, not promises: .-.Konjola. the new and dll- ferent cornpouud of 32 Ingredients, . is a medicine of deeds, not words; of performances, not promises. Consider, for example, the experience of Mrs. Effie Leslie, 541 North Sixth street. East St. "I was r iin down; weak and ner- severe , headaches and dizzy spells. I was i continually Ukir.g laxatives, and. '• my ktdvteys were so affected, that, I. When tempted to over-indulge Reach for a Lucky instead OSCEOLA, Ark.—A hundred and had to get up several times every ! fifty 4-H Club boys and girls and ' night. their sponsors representing the and indigestion caused much mis- eight organized clubs in the f.outh cry. I don't know what I should end of the county, will attend the have done had It not been for anniul club rally as guests of the Konjola, for six bottles freed me Osceola Civic club here Friday, ac- from all my ailments. Night rls- cordlng to County Agent S. D. Car- ing Is a thing 'of the past, and I penter, who with Miss Cora Lee feel better In many ways." Coleman, county home demonslra- ! isn't that the kind ot medicine tion agent, is making plans for one you want of the biggest rallies ever held here. 600 d? Asfc about Konjola; get the The club members will register in facts about the amazing record Vtr. Carpenter's office at the court (his medicine has made, house at 10 o'clock In the morning Konjola Is sold In Blytheville, and for the first hour will enjoy Ark., at Kirby Drug 1 Stores, and plays and games under the super-' by all the best druggists in ision of Rev. Grier Davis. Demon- (owns throughout this entire sec- strations will follow, and at noon a tion.—Adv. QUICKLY STOPS THAT PESKY PLAGUE OF ANTS! WHY PUT uplwilh tnti? Elicit FUg Powd« —de»dl ictt iriKCt- kille r midc—ii guirinteed to wipe them out! Blow it «round. It will destroy tlv: whole colony—quickly, turety I Also geti rid of roaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas, flies, mosquitoo and moths. P»cked in glass, it keeps its itiength. eiw,» BLACK FLAG POWDER MADB BY THE MAKIRS OF BLACK PLAQXIQUID TUNE IN-The Lucky Strika Dance Orchestra, every S»Kaday and Thunday evening, over N. B. C. network*. Lucky Strike/ the finest Cigarette you ever smoked, made,of the finest tobacco -The Cream of the Crop-'lT'STOASTED." Lucky Strike has an extra, secret heating process. Everyone knows that heat purifies and so 20,679 physicians say that Luckies are less irritating to your throat. M It's toasted Your Throat Protection—against irritation—against cough *ln his fanlous book entitled "Foods For the Fat," Dr. Yorke-Davies gives this advice: "Any system for_ reducing fat will be of no avail if the patient persists in eating between meals." We do not represent that smoking ludgf ttfHcti Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a lutky inrtead," you will thus avoid over.mdulgence in things that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. 1934. Th« A

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