The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1938
Page 4
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'(AMLJ) JURIES NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY • 21; It THE BLYTHEVILLE COUR1EB NEWS TUB COURIER NEWS CO. B. «. HAMS, PuhUdur •ok NtUonti Adrettfetas RepraenUUvea: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., NSJT York, Chicago, De- trcH, St, I/ouU, D»Jlas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sund»y entered «s second das* mater »t the port «fllc« ot Blylheville Arkansas, under act or CongKSS, October 9, 1917. Serv«f by the United Press " SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in Ihe Ctty of Blythevllle, I5c per week, or 66c per month. . By mall, within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 7Sc for three months; by mall in postal' woes two to six, Inclusive, J6.50 per year; In zones seven and eight ,$10.00 pi;r year, payable In advance. Nazis Step Backward to Try a Clergyman Probably ;<s much adverse criticism is directed at (lie American judicial system, the manner of conductinjf trials in (lie United Stales, as at any one division of Uic governmental system. The courts are scolded for their ponderous slowness, the c'ulless red tape, dockets which are years behind schedule, displays of showmanship in criminal trials and the sometimes peculiar tactics .of attorneys before a jury. A part of these criticisms have a basis of truth and some of them are more than justified. But with all Us faults and all its public spectacles, how near the acme of perfection our courts seem .when compared with trial procedure in Nazi Germany. There, in Berlin, the Kcv. Wai'tin Niemoller, Protestant minister, is on .triaKaccused;of sedition. Rev. Niemoller is no ordinary pastor, or better, no average pastor. During the World War .he commanded a German U-boat. Ho \vas repeatedly decorated for valor. He is a tall, rigid figure, uncompromising and courageous in one of Berlin's 'richest Confessional pastorates. In his congregation are former military leaders of the old monarchy, army officers of the present ' period, Storm Troop commanders, bankers, industrialists ' and diplomats. . There is no better• known nor more influential pastor in : all Germany. . ";Rev. Niemo'ilec Hias ;.heen -.yrreslctl (jct'ore, but (his time he is tried on the sedition charge and the picture of his trial will amaze those unfamiliar with the Nazi methods. His attorneys were barred from the courtroom, but later permitted to re- utiter. "All representatives of the church were likewise burred, but this rule was suspended to allow one Confessional clergyman to sit in the courtroom and hear the evidence. He had to . take a special oath of silence and will be watched by secret political police to prevent his informing Confessional Church leaders of what goes on. All possible measures have been taken to prevent the German public or the outside world from learning anything about the testimony except through official government bulletin. And contact with foreign correspondents will be constituted as an act o[ treason. These star chamber trials in Cur- many are a step backward into the OUT OUR WAY middle ai?en and the Jaquiaitiou. Trials in the United States may .fringe ou the ridiculous now and then, but it can never be said the defendant doesn't have a chance to tell his side of the story and get it judged—by jury and public alike, Reefers Go To School In Asia the natives make a drug from hemp and call it hashish, and from this word is derived the Kng- lish "assassin," Jjeiuusu observers learned long ago that hashish put its addicts into precisely the correct emotional and mental slate to commit murder and other crimes. In Mexico the natives do things simpler, after the Mexican fashion, and just smoke the leaves of the hemp* plant,.which is known in thai country and this as marijuana. And in Mexico City when the police come upon a particularly atrocious crime, a Ihroiit- cuUing or an ax murder, they look • at each other wisely and murmur: "Marijuana." In cigarots and called variously reefers, mugglcs, love-weetl and joy-smoke, this marijuana 1ms been adopted in the United Stales as an unpleasant custom. It is estimated by federal officials that there are as many as 100,000 addicts—mostly-among high school pupils. , Botn federal and state governments are taking praiseworthy, rapid steps to combat the sale of marijuana. This country has enough undesirable customs of its own without adopting any from neighboring republics. Visible Progress Many of the reforms and changes that are going on today are hard to measure, hardHo see, or to put down in black and white. They concern intangible things. But there is at least one gain being made that can Ijc seen and measured. That is iii itree planting, which is creating a national .asset for the future that can be touched .'and felt. From lf>27 to 1934'. inelnsiv!;, about !)5,000 acres of ^national forest latld were replanted with trees. Even that might have looked like quite an accomplishment • in the days when Theodore Kooscvelt was agitating for conservation. Bid in the years 1935-;i7 inclusive, 002,000 acres were planted by the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture alone. Most of this was in fire-blasted areas where natural seeding could not replace the lost trees. Five hundred thousand acres of trees! There's a tangible asset which will show up on the right side of the balance sheet of the future! 'Ilic law should aid rather than hinder love, no matter IIOK- illegal the situation Is.—Circuit Judge J. Raymond Powell, Union, Iml. The llieiiter never will dominate the road again except In the instances ot outstanding plays In the cvcryoiic-mnsl-bce cla«i.—Helen Hayes, famous actress. By William SIDEGLANCES By George Clark 'Nn.w Judson, here, has the right s)tiril. He's sold ;i lot I" '.very one of his relatives 1 , including one who lives in Ku- ropt." THIS CURIOUS WORLD % William Ferguson TITAN BEETLE OF GROWS AS LARGE ASA HUMAN SPECIMENS HAVE NEVER SEEN CAPTURED •ALIVE BLUEBERR/ES Yankees to make it reach." To- CAST OK rol.l.Y <: II i: I..S I! V, hrrolncj Nirundod 111 J.uudou nheD \\ttr l>reafcH uul. ,li:HHV UHlTl-UXI). hrrui Ike Yankfi- IY&HJ NPPK Iter Ihrouub O A UUt<l, H.t.VKS, iirlviilerr y I'M U- 1 d u j" i } * ul 1 y IM !i t u d 1 BJJ JicruNg fh« Chutim 1 ] uh?u her dU- KUl** IM uvclilciitiiViy Jlift'Jukfit. 'Cite Niuum;ler luchui her In fet> ca hID . CHAPTER XVII r PUK brig Sunrise, British war sloop, spent several days cruising between England and the Netherlands without sighting any foreign sails worthy of her attention. She headed Ihcn for Uic Atlantic by way ot Hie Strait of Dover. At Hamsgate, a port at the Slruil's eastern enlrance, the Sunrise pul in for fresh water and supplies. This was fortunate for local farmers and produce men. Bumlwats currying fruils and vegetables, fowl and even live stock swarmed around the ship's hull like dirty undersized ducks around ;\ swan. During (heir exercise period on • deck the two American prisoners noted these things, though the presence of their guards prevented their discussing it. U was not until they were in Ihe prison hold again that Cabell Banks said confidently: "This is our lime to escape. But none of your leg-over- Ihc-laflrail sluil in broad daylight." "Nol that again," Jerry agreed. His back had healed, thanks lo youth and good blood, but caution h;id laid hold of him. >!e was determined lo escape it his heart continued to beat in his body, but he \vould not again lose precious time in abortive attempts. He now asked Cabell Banks, "Ought we try lo go together?" "Belter logclhcr than singly, I think. 11 will lake my brains anj your muscle." "Wlial have you worked out?" "A couple ol well-placed blows from your fist. Followed by bribery, of course. How much money have you got on you?" Jerry emptied his pockets and found (hat he had (ess than four pounds. This was but u fraction of what Calicll carried, hut the lallur generously decided that they must pool their resources. "It's a tidy sum we've gol be- Iwcen us," Cabell said. "We'll be lucky if it's not taken away from us. . . . Well, bribery comes high •jnd 1"<.'T .*:;wu to bargain like true BELONG, TO DIFFERENT PLANT FAMILIES'. . . VET, • IN AAANV PARTS OF THE UNITED STATES, AN OROEK. FOR GERKV /=•/£- is 7p BRJNQ BEfSJZy, OR. THE OTHER. WAV AROUND. CROCODILES AND G€£S£ LAY SIMILAR- SIZED EK3.C3 •=,. IN . the New England slates (lie distinction between huckleberries and blueberries is finely tlran-n, but In the south nnd middle wesl the names arc more or less confused by the layman. NEXT: Where did tthe "Ucsl in;ui" custom ;U • weddings orignwuv. The Fam% Doctor T. M. tut. C. «. Fac. Of- Here Is What You Should L'lat Evrry Day in Order lo Be Fil and / SET FROM THAT STOVE -THERE NAAV BE ANOTHER. ONE IM IT' THAT WAS MO TWENTV- TWO.. THAT WAS A SWOT- SUN SHELL-HOW'D IT GIT 1MTO TH 1 ^ COAU'? WELL, DON'T LOOK AT ME ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPUNS. X CAN'T HELP WMUT GITS -I TH' COAL' A. LOT OP SHOTGUN 5HELLS ON THAT SHELF NEAR TH 1 COAL SIN — X'LL BET OME ROLLED INTO TH' CO/XL, BORM THIRTY. VEARS TOO SOON 1.-U, I No. IMI BV UR. MORRIiS FISHBEUN Kditor. .Journal of Ihe i\niericau Me rile n I Association, and ot Hygcta, llir. Uf^llb ^ln<;^zinc Every time Ihe subject of quackery ntid 'extraordinary diets is discussed ii lot of people want to find out whal a normal limiirm being ought to eat anyway. A certain list cf (oods has been r.hssifipd'as "the prctectlve diet" because tfie list includes substances which will provide all of the necessary essentials in the form of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and mineral salts and vitamins. Trie protective diet includes the following: Milk—1 pint for the adult and auart for the child. Meat.-fish, poultry. :: r equivalent amounts o( meal substitutes —-1 serving. Meat subsllcules—cheese, eggs, Ic- aumes, nuts or milk (in addition to the regular requirement of milk)— 1 serving. BuUer and other fats— M least 3 teaspoons of butter, aifti addi-' tlonal butler or olhcr fats to meet Ihe caloric requirement. Cereal and meal products — Whole grain cereal once n day: whole grain bread—.it each meal if the diet Is limited and apt to be lacking In minerals and vitamins. Veselable.s—2 servings besides talo. one ot them a raw or leafy vegetable. Fruits— 2 ierving.--. c:ic ol them of orange or tomato. Sweets—Sugar: 3 rounded Lea- spoons or to meet the carbohj-dratc hydrate requirement and (he desire of the palate, aflei sufficient amounts of other foods have 'been given to fulfill the protein, mineral and vilamin requirement:;. night, they agreed, was the time to act, There'd be enough noise on board to cover a typhoo • • » WHEN a British ship put into a home port it was customary to allow shore leave to sailors and to permit visitors to come aboard. In this way various groups managed to come on board if they were persistent enough — relatives, friends, hawkers, farmers with produce, illicit liquor dealers and other characters even less desirable. The officers of the Sunrise did nol concern themselves at ftamsgate. With war ahead, they wanted the good will of the crew and no desertions. They themselves were enjoying shore leave. On (he night in question UIK only officer remaining on board was a second lieutenant. He, with few midshipmen, had been left wilh (he remarkable (ask ol keeping order on a ship aboiil lo put (o sea for a long war cruise, its decks this night more like a county fair than a gun bi'ig. It was no fantastic mailer, then, for Jerry Whilficld with Cabell Banks' assistance lo slrikc down, bind and gag the marine who came lo lower Iheir supper lo (hem, and to exit by the open halcli; lo treat a second sentry guarding the hatch in the same well-planned manner; lo return him (o the hold and bind him securely; lo divest these two ma- vines of their outer garments and lo don them with more haste than taslc. With the hatch then shut and locked behind them they mingled with the crowd on deck ant! looked about to see what late offered them. * * * '"THEY withdrew from the crowd and began to amble aft. Three Birls passed them, giggling loudly and trying to attract their attention. The crowd thickened astern. They came ou a country girl in tears because two sailors had swindled her in a trade. She had come on board with a whole day's baking of gingerbread, nicely tied up in a basket. She had sold it lo them, asking two shillings as her mother had told her lo do, and they luid paid her only one shilling. Now they had eaten the (ion and pushed close to the dec f| outer edge. A bumboat of unp 'i chased fowl was about to mi] j oft from the brig's s(ern. leaned over the lafTrail, and (j I bell hallooed to the four menj | (he oars: '. •,'. "Wail (here! There's others iV buy iowl besides the commissa- We marines want six ducks > our mess! We're coming down!",:! The men were looking up, (IvLL oars backing water. CabeU saiw I Jerry's car. "Slide. Then JV'i I Make the boat." Without more ado, v peared lo be two very young British marines, c and well built, the other as wjj'l cned as a counting-house cl-" ' grasped the calhead and slid di (he anchor cable until .they co drop into the bumboat. Chickens cackled and t_ honked, But as the noise sij sided (he matter ceased to bei*. interest to the crowd on board i. i Sunrise. f 1 PABELL BANKS said lo ; gaping produce man in cliafl ol me bumboat, "We. want to i'I ashore for a few hours. Wdi'l been confined to rjuarters. X wouldn't begrudge an evenirj'l fun, would you, to a couple of y''l Majesty's finest, about to go •'} f and fight the Americans for yo'] [ "Would you now?" spoke'fj|' Jerry, urgently. "jjj| "You said you wanted f ducks," grumbled the disappoih} poultry man. J 1 "So we 60," replied Cabell vfl, a wink. "But you can keep thj for us. How much?' "Three crown, 'ave yoiS jj? en you?" •' "Yes And a litlle over ti celebralion ashore. . . . Pull a We don't want to be caught." The man gave orders to helpers; the bumboat put av ! f > vvardly about and made for El shore. Arrived there, Cal?' Banks drew four silver cr<r>5 from his ill-lilting trousers i? gave them to the poultry mj; "One over," he said, "for g measure. Feed those ducks ours well. We'll want the eggsj throw at Americans." f "Yc're drunk, both of: .ye,", s 'J '* gingerbread to the last crumb, "he man, biting Ihe coins and what was she to do? The sailors laughed uproarously. Jerry was all for punching their noses when Cabell stopped him and drew him out of if. •' "You've not got sense enough to come in out of the rain," lie muttered. "Can't you sec a female in distress without getting involved?" dropping them into his pocK "Look sharp, or ye'll forged lot back to the brig tonight." . I; "You don't think we'd do til' dp you?" Jerry asked in a li| rifled voice. He and Cabell Barf laughing hysterically, put It'j arms about one another and wjl ashore. , ':- ! ll (To Be Continued) Son of Slain Ras Goes To English Bible School SWANSEA. Bug. (UPI — prince Professor Will Hunt Key To Laziness in Tropics CHARLOrrESVILLE. Vil. (UP) 15-> i eai--t>];l only son orj--Dr. Sydney W. Britten, professor " " ''of physiology at the University of Ethiopia's warrior. Has Kassa. and :i distant cousin of ex-Emperor Haj]e Selassie, is to become a Bible student here and later, perhaps, a missionary. Tlsc prince's father \viis (lie of the Ethiopian chiefs to fall into Italian hamls. He was executed alter he was captured. The young prince is ttf become a pupil at the secondary school belonging to Bible College and after niiKriculaticm he may enter the college to be trained as a missionary. Scabsic decided to send him to I-L- Virginia. is on his way (c Panama in an attempt lo learn what mates I i ago ' la-/,y people lazy. Dr. Brltton. in a research expedition financed by the Guggenheim Foundation, will study Hie sloth, Inzicsl of all animals, lo determine (he exact, effect of gland extracts on the sluggish beasts. He believes Ihat injections of, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary extracts will have "a definitely energizing effect" on the sloths. The studies, carried on at Ihe Barrc Colorade laboratory at Oalun Bat ol Gold UiKiirlHfrt S MELBOURNE: <UP> — vivf Ftose. 16. imearlhed a bar of « valued at SLUM while disginf licr garden at Ballarat East; .* here. It is believed the barS| stolen by a stage-coach 'roblieV bushranger and buried .therlj Announcement^] the college because ot the work j Lake, also will compare "llie efiVcts thai ^the Bible Church Missionary I O f || lc injections in the sloth with. e-... .,.., ... .,., ,...,-_ .... j.jjujij,!. jnj ec tj O |, s j,, monkeys, onef ol Hie liveliest of animals. I Scriety did in Ethiopia before the Will'. Wfpl raij.s un a Jtorlh and railway track last longer those laid east and west. .soiilh 1 Natives of (he -b'outh Sen Island.-; llian ' use a contraption known as a soul trap to "catch the souls of enemies." The Courier News lias' becnl thorized to make formal onnoift ment of the following candlil for public office, subject tof Democratic primary August For County Treasurer B. L. (BILLY) GAMES fc'or Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON t'oontr Court Clerk T. W. POTTER ,, Vat County Ta* W. W. (BUDDY) BRYANT STEWART For Ceunly and Probate ,lud DOYLE HENDERSON . For Circuit Court Clerk. KARVEY MORRIS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoo|J In addition, (he amount "f food Included will give n sufficient mini- l)er of calorics for (lie uvev;»i;c out- rut of work of Ihe ordinary hmirtn ng. Nevertheless even llir protective diet mav be modllic:! by the \ environnienlal factors and Ilio physical faclors ronccrne<l in the individual case. 11 Hie psrson cnnccrnrd is n hard worker, if his body-build differs from that ol Ihe normil person, he may require extra amounts of eateries or of i«inr of tb- ^necial constituents in this diet. The average person need not wor- rv .= to whether his diet Is acid or alkiiltnc because the prolcclive rtirt provides liberal amounts o! miU:. ; ('-"ifs nnd vczetahlcs and will take care o( the diet from the coint of view of its acidity or alkalinity. No such diet is, oi cnursc, absolute. U is quite possible to substitute for seme of the items others which i\if. person may prefer because he likw them better. He mny want If) change some of the substances lo others whirl) will .cost move or which will cost less. The nnpsrlant factor is the provision of those .subst.inces which are necessary ior hcallh. l,slaii:l Needs .Soil tor friiir bAN FRANCISCO lUPI-Hc.i:.- ,urc Island. Ihe artificial isle cic- I alcd In San FJ'anclsco bay lor Uic 11933 Golden Gate inleinational (rxpositlon, has reached the point rfier? It needs a '*'» Safins our ration. It Is in (he market lor 'lO.otiO cubic yards of top soil nec- Icssaiy for Its' $2,000,000 landswp- ' Ing program. ME YEARN rop, YGM CHOP/ I'LL, SPEAR ,~1HE MORSEL. BEFORE- PLEASE i DOWT STAB ME WITH THAT BAYOMET. SPARE THAT TP,EE

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