The Salina Daily Union from Salina, Kansas on December 3, 1908 · Page 6
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The Salina Daily Union from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 6
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THE SALINA DAILY UNION, THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 3, 1908. 15 x 4 . -pi t 5, w t i" !.-:.:..: MRS. BELLE GUNNESS. The above is one of the latest photographs of Mrs. Belle Gunness and ier three children. It is believed they are dead. But at the recent trial or Ray Lamphere, counsel endeavored to prove -that Mrs. Belle Gunness THIS ROMANCE IS ALL ST. JOE GIRL FOLLOWED LOVER TO THE PRISON. , BUT FOUND HE WAS MARRIED. Adroit Work of the Police Prevented a Hair Pulling and a Stormy Scene. Leavenworth, Kan., Dec. -The Post says: "Take back your rings, this ends it all!" sobbed a pretty young girl as she thrust four rings into the hand that was extended through the prison tars to greet her, and with a sob she turned and fled from the jail while the prisoner, her soldier loveer, stood in open-mouthed amazement. This took place at the city jail an ! marks the ending of what might have been a pretty little romance or a tragedy. Yesterday afternoon two pretty girls from St. Joe came to The police station and asked if they could see a certain soldier who is under arrest. They were told they would have to wait a few minutes. A moment later the wife of the soldier came in and was told she would also have to wait. She went and sat down beside the two girls. Then it was that it began to dawn on the prosaic police captain that he had better get busy or there would be some hair pulled out. lie called the two girls and boldly asked them their intentions toward the sol-1 dier. One of them blushingly confessed that she loved him and that she was wearing four of his rings. "I have corresponded with him for four years," she said. "Well, young woman, that is his wife out there," said the captain. It would be folly to attempt to describe the consternation of the young woman. When she recovered her composure, she exclaimed: "Let me see him just a minute, just a minute will settle it all, captain." She tore off her rings and when Detective Glynn arrived to htake her over to the jail she had determination marked on her face. As he walked down the jail corridor, the prisoner saw her and gave a glad exclamation of surprise and pleasure. The girl's face did not show any emotion and she thrust the rings into the hand extended to greet her and with the exclamation "Take back your rings, this ends it all," she turned and fled from the jail. i The wife doesn't know how near she came to being a participant in a drama. Had the captain allowed all the women to go and see the prisoner at the same time, the chances are that some hair would have been pull- ed out. The soldier has much to be . thankful for. TRIED TO ROB BANK. But Big Safe at Simpson too Much for Robbers. Beloit. K?s.. Dec. 3 The Daily Call saws: We have just heard of an attempted bank robbery in Mitchell county on Thanksgiving night, the Farmer's. State bank at Simpson being the institution visited. The big safe was attacked with a chisel in various places . in an apparent a'-tempt to breaK into the outer covering sufficiently to insert some explosive. Luckily the safe withstood their efforts in good shape and the only loss sustained by the bank will be the injuries to the safe. 7 ? l i , ..tuji. . Lnyisfe 4. 4 wasn't dead. The jury was not convinced that she was or was not dead and brought in a charge of arson against Ray Lamphere. There is little doubt but that Mrs. Gunness is dead. She has completely disappeared. Skulls of a woman and three BRITISH DISLIKE OUR BOOKS. New York, Dec. 3. Grant Richards, a London publisher, who has arrived at the Knickerbocker, drew a gloomy picture of the literary taste of the British public. Matters have now got to such a pass over there, according to Mr. Richards, that to admit that the author of a book offered for sale is an American is to condemn it in the eyes of a possible purchaser. "When I was a boy," said Mr. Richards, "American literature used to be bought indiscriminately. Nowadays you may bring out a first class American book and shout all you please, but the English buyer says: 'Oh, it's American,' and doesn't want it. "Why is it? I do not know, unless the English are getting still more insular. It might be that the humor of Mark Twain and Max Adler struck a more nearly universal key than that of George Ade and 'Mr. Dooley,' But Londoners, for some reason, or for no reason, are not resilient. One has got to put dynamite under their chairs to awaken them to any interest in life. When they get through reading the newspapers and the cheap publications they are ready for sleep. "One cannot live in this country without having some experience that is extra normal. You cannot walk down the-street without seeing something unusual. On the other side, one may go from the cradle to the grave without a single sensation." OUT IN WIDE WORLD. Beloit, Kas., Dec. 3. Leo Bonni-field.sllarry Stoule and another youth whose name we failed to learn, were a trio of 16 year-old Glasco adventurers who were in Beloit last week, on their way from a quiet, humdrum existence in that little Solomon Valley villaye out into the wide, world to seek their fortunes. The boys had headed for Des Moines, Iowa, to make their start in life, but upon reaching Beloit, thir pockets filled with the sum total of $1.50 they found that city life, even in Beloit was not so very alluring to those with empty pocketbooks, so after spending a day of so here ruminating upon the folly of their adventurous move they on Saturday boarded the train for home well satisfied with the taste of "real life" they had ob tained by coming to Beloit. There is a time in the lives of most young men when they desire to "see th world" but the greater part of them turn out just about as this one did, and the boys get their desire easi'y satisfied and "live happy ever after." SALINA MEN IN FLORIDA. Arron Robbins and C. F. Haskins, Now Located in Sanford, Fla. J. Duncan has received a souvenir catalogue of Sanford, Florida, from Arron Robbins, an old settler of Sa- line county, who is now living there. The paper shows Mr. Robbins and a hotel of which he is the proprietor and mentions him among the coun- cilmen of the city. C. F. Haskins, also formerly of Sa-lina, is now postmaster of Sanford, and his picture occupies a space in the catalogue. Mr. Haskins, who used to be an engineer on the Union Pacific out of Salina. Mr. Robbins settled on a farm north of Brookville in the early days. He afterward conducted a butcher shop at Brookville. Later he was proprietor of the old Grand Central hotel at Salina for a number of years. He went to Florida in 1903 and went into the orange business. The frosts killed his fruit and then he engaged in celery raising at which he has been very successful. Sanford, according to the souvenir is noted for its celery. It Is located on the south side of Lake Monroe. 3 4 A S. "if'' s 4 4 1 v - - .V. n children were found in the house after it had burned. Witnesses testified that Ray Lamphere had threatened to get even with her. There was nothing about the face of Mrs. Belle Gunness to indicate that she was other than a good woman. The grave yard told a different story. DOESN'T COME N VERY FAST STORES ARE NOT FLOODED WITH COUNTRY BUTTER. INSTEAD ARE QUITE EMPTY. Creamery Sells at 34 to 35 Cents and the Poor Man is Using Lard, Now. The bad roads continue to make country butter an even scarcer article than before. Some stores report that they have been without the butter for some days. This, however, is what is often known as the butteiiess time of the year. The housewife doesn't mind it so much this year as she did last year because the cellar or the pantry is bubbling full of rich crab apple jel ly and choice peach preserves. In the fall of 1907, during the "butter-less" period, hubby had to spread lard on his bread or else nothing. Creamery butter is selling at from 34 to 35 cents, there seeming to be a range of one cent among stores. Country butter sells up to 30 cents when it can be had. The cows, the high price of f"od and the frozen roads are all worki-ig together in a conspiracy to make 'he price of country butter look like the cost mark attached to a moving picture machine. Its hard to the man who loves butter but it cannot be helped. OFF TO MINNEAPOLIS. Kirwin Man Will Open a Dental Office There. Kirwin, Kas., Dec. 3. Dr. E. B. Hill returned to Kirwin this week to finish packing up his belongings preparatory to move to Minneapolis, Kansas, where he will open a dental office. Dr. Hill is a graduate of the Kansas City Dental College and has been practicing in Kirwin for some three years, and during that time bv his gentlemanly and professional actions has made a host of friends her? who regret very much to see him leave us. Minneapolis is a town of about 1S0O people and has two dentists but Mr. Hill is assured that there is a good opening for a third otfice and we are sure that by his native courtesy and professional skill he will certainly make good in his new location. DONT WORRY. Sages tell us not to worry: fret they say, will only hurry us into a grave untimely thus they argue. most sublimely. But the man who never worries, he whom nothing ever flurries, he who sees without emotion, trouble raging like an ocean, standing heedless as a doorpost, when things travel hind end foremost ''he is neither man nor woman, he is neither brute nor human." And the man is better buried who has never fumed or worried. Since the weary world's , beginning nothing great was done by grinning men who dodged the face of trouble, holding life a gaudy huh-; ble; they who keep the wheels a-mov-j ing, always building, still improving, j V VJ 11 U 1" i ' LI . . V 1... i-1 J-) .J UK 11 11 J , 1 1 1.1 U - up with Worry nightly. Walt Mason. I AM COMING For your SUBSCRIPTIONS. Can get. you ANY Paper, Magazine or CLUB at LOWEST RATES. Please wait for m or phone 756 for call. 144-6t ARTHUR C ANDERSON. v x 3 BEEF STEAK 10 BE A LUXURY CORN FED CATTLE ARE TOO FAR APART. HIGH PRICE OF FEED CAUSE. Cattle Usually Corn Fed in Kansas Are. Out Enjoying the Ranges in Texas. Topeka, Dec. 3. Rich, juicy, tender beefsteaks will indeed be a luxury, even for the rich, this winter. Cattle that scarce. High priced corn is to blame. Throughout the big corn belt of Kansas, as a rule, hundreds of cattle can be seen this time of year on every hill. But they are not there this time. They are down on the ranges of Texas and Southwestern Kansas, existing on buffalo grass. And they will stay there until shipped to market. There will be no half-way stop to be fed corn and fattened this season. Cattle usually have three homes to the West before they reach the slaughter pens at Kansas City. Most of them are produced on the big ranges of Texas. When 2 years old they are moved to the big ranges of Western Kansas, where grass is more plentiful, and they do not have to i travel so far to get filled up. In Tex as they run off about as much flesh as they put on, trying to find grass. But in Western Kansas they can put on a little flesh while waiting for the corn to grow, and if the markets are not exactly right, they can be wintered at small expense. They can live on the range comfortably, except in case of heavy snowstorms, which are infrequent. Enough alfalfa and other rough feed are produced to carry them through. The big feed lots where cattle are finished are located in the eastern half of Kansas, in the corn belt. Here the cattle are brought from the Southwestern ranges and housed and fed until shipped to market. These lots are empty this year. It takes sixty bushels of corn, together with rough feed, to finish a steer. Corn is now selling for 50 cents a bushel. It promises to advance to 60 cents within a month. Therefore, at present prices, a cattleman must put $30 worth of corn into a steer to get 300 pounds of additional beef. This is at the rate of 10 cents a pound. If corn goes to 60 cents a bushel, it will mean a cost of 12 cents a pound for the additional 300 pounds. Cattlemen say this is en tirely too expensive, and that they will simply lay off this season. The new corn crop is now being gathered, but instead of being consumed at home in the feed lot, it is being shipped to the market. MISUNDERSTOOD. When Mark Twain was a 5oung and struggling newspaper writer in San Francisco, a lady of his acquaintance saw him one day with a cigar box under his arm, looking in a shop window. "Mr. Clemens," she said, "I always see you with a cigar box under your arm. I am afraid you are smoking too much." '"It isn't thait," said Mark. "I'm moving again." From Success Magazine. NoticelThe Swanson El A Few Things We Do Repair Motors, Fans, Bells, Telephones and Switchboards. All kinds of machines. Everything Electrical I NEW STYLES Cameo Brooches, Scarf Pins, Hat Pins, Etc., $1.50 up to $25.00 Hand engraved Puff Box $4 Other styles $2.50 up. Tobacco Jars, something new, $6 and $7.50 Extra-wide fine quality Bracelets $4 up to $18 Ladies' Watches, very small, size $55 Other sixes $8 up. WEISGERBER'S JEWELRY STORE At our new location we have only nice, new, clean goods. South Santa Fe Ave, east side of street TWO LONG TIES COST $175. They'ie Not for Christmas; Raiiroacf Will Test Them. New York. Dec 3. What are b Hewd to be the two costliest uil-ioad ties have arrived in Ne-v York. They are in the possession of L. D. Cooper an Ameiican, who lives m .V'ancb'uia. Mr. Cooper is at th Hotel Aster. Mr. Cooper had engaged to sho-v VY. R. Grace & Co. samples -f railway cjoepers, and he brought, two long ones it 11 the way from VUdivcs-tock with tlm as excess baggage Their t : :o. importation via the Trans-siberian Railway, the North Express and over trie Atlantic Ocean, cost him I- American forests fail anl bo-,e of Canada give out, newspapers niav still be published in the United Sta os from paper mad ; of . d jnilp. acccid'ng to Mr. Coope who says tnai -Mcncnuna is abie ;o provide aU the wood pulp, s 'well a? much r.f Jl'c timber, this m;nt v wo'ibf be likely to need for nany ye--.: . NEW CHURCH THERE. Catholics Are Building Fine Structure at Kirwin. Kirwin, Kas., Dec. 3. The work on the new Catholic church in this city has already been commenced in earnest and a modern church building built of red streaked stone will soon adorn the site of the old frame church. The dimensions of the new building will be seventy-five feet high and fifteen feet square. The church will be built for strength and durability rather than for beauty of architecture. We are informed that the cost of the construction is estimated at about $9,000,00(1. The obi church has been moved back from the site and will be used until the new building is completed. Opti mist. You are sure of success when you use LEE BAKING POWDER It is the most popular of all because it is most efficient, absolutely Pure and never fails to make your flour foods light, sweet and wholesome. 18-oz. can 25c IT IS ONE OF THE Pure Food Products SOLD BY ALL GROCERS (8av th Coupons.) WE MAKE EYE-GLASSES Of course most all of you know it but we would like to impress upon your misd thai we make the very best that it is possible to make. S. T. STRICTER. Jeweler Optician i ;1 I; ectric Supply Co. We Give Estimates Free on Electric Wiring and Repair WorK, Etc. Shop 116 East Iron Vve. Telephone 477. ii vr laJ4 Jumim ii i ..i,.iimi ii r i mh ii.ii.ii nm. f I RUSH, The Dentist. Over Bulkley't Phona 1? First Door South of the Stair. AUTO LIVERY. WILLIAM RUSSELL, Day phones 24S and 1102. Nieht.- ' phone 669 Drs. J. W. and C. M. Jenser, Homeopathic Pnysicians and SurgKJSi SVin Diseases and RheumatUrr s Specialty. Office, 133 South Seventh Bt Office Phone 121. Calls made night and day. J. W. Jenny, M. D. C. M.ennT, fi B, Res. Phone 121. Res. Phone 84JL Good Luck Will always be with you when your horse wears a harness from our tlore. Put on a set of our handsome hames on him and he'll look like a different animal. .An old harness means a shabby turnout and a possible accidert. G. W. DIHLE, The harness min. 110 S Sarrta Fe Ave. PLEASED EXPECTANCY Real delight is what you findoii every one's face smoking the Club House Cigar. If you wish to enjoy a smoke that is really soothing, smooth and wonderfully aromatic and fragrant, try our Club House. It's made ot havana long leaf filler and Sumatra wrapper at 5c each. Spader's Smoke House Call a Plumber Phone 185 We will respond promptly. Our equipment is extensive and our em ployees are all experienced WT Our repair shop can bandle aav- thin; The Salina Plumbing Ge. 135 North Santa Fe BELL TELEPHO YOU CAN TALK ACROSS THE Street Itlia City, County, Stall and Nation. Forty thousand places included in the BELL toll system. Reduced rates since April 1. V THE MISSOURI AND KANSAS TELEPHONE CO. When You

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